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The first Site with Interactive Backstreet Boys Interactive Fiction!!

It has come to my knowledge that even though there are tons of fics out  there with the guys then it seems the crowd haven't learnt about the wonders of the Interactive fics. Some would say they are more fun because you can put yourself into the stories as the main character. Well I'm now going to introduce the world of Interactive Fics for you bsb lovers. Check them out and see if you love them just as much as the westlife fans loves them.

As I don't know if this section will even take off and attract you guys then I'm going to manage it as a corner of my other Fiction site called West Words. In there you will be able to find a bunch of other stories, mainly westlife stories. I'm giving this a shut as I do write both westlife and backstreet boys fics myself and because I thought you should all learn about the Interactive Fics as well, it's often more fun to read the story when you're in it LOL but check it out and see if you agree.

And please leave feedback and tell me what you think, use the tagboard, the feedback boxes for the stories or even my mail. Now with all that being said, I hope you will enjoy your stay.

Love Linda

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