All Interactiv:

So after my decision about changeing the site, you now find a site where all the stories are Interactive. They will each be put into the category that suits the story the bedst.


Follow The Ratings:

To know if the stories are suited for you follow the stated ratings of the stories. If you read a 15+ or 18+  story and can't handle it, don't come complaining to me, as you were warned by the ratings.



All Ages: Means it's Universal/General, so everyone can read.

15 +: Parts of these stories may contain some descriptions of nudity and/or sexual acts and other more mature stuff in life.

16 +: When the rating is somewhere between 15+ and 18+.

18 +: Stories contain graphial sex scenes and sexaully-priented language.

23 +: Stories that's filthier, naughtier, hottier and dirtier...every little naughty fantazy/idea is allowed lose 'till the smallest detail