You Wont Need Them.

Whispers were coming through the far window from the bedroom. She hugged her pillow tight. David was in the bathroom getting changed. She was scared. took the duvet and covered her head with the soft fabric. He’d hurt her. Her stomach was bruised where he’d tried to pull her back. “ ?” He called her from the bathroom. “You ready?” He asked. She gave a nod, knowing that he couldn’t see. Everyone was going to be there. She forced herself up and out of the bed, and pulled on a tight black dress, it had got shorter. Contemplating whether or not to pull on some trousers, she did her hair. “Who’s going to be there David?”
“I don’t know, we’ll find out.” She winced, as his hand brushed against her stomach. She was only staying with him through fear. took to the bathroom, wiping away the tears that were coming from her eyes. ‘I would have thought he got the idea that I don’t love him by now,’ she thought to herself. She really didn’t want to go anywhere. “ , come on, we’ll be late.” He urged, she nodded and pulled on her heels. Her hair fell to her shoulder in waves.
Without any recognition from David, she followed him out the hotel room and walked downstairs into the lobby. They walked in silence to the club down the road. The wind was blowing silently in their faces. She couldn't help but wonder if was going to be there. David’s hands brushed hers; she instantly pulled her hand up to her hair. avoided eye contact with him until they reached the door. He had a hunger in his eyes which worried her. They walked over the threshold and into the club. was there with . sat staring into the ceiling. He looked too good for words. His eyes lit up when he saw her, then they moved to David. He looked down. David kept her clear from the table.
“I’ll go and get us some drinks.” She nodded, and sat down with his friends. They weren’t exactly the politest people in the world. They began insulting her straight away. “ , you look like a slut!” She tried to keep her both shut and say nothing. When David got back, she told him she was going to the bathroom. Purposely or not, she found herself walking in ’s direction. He gripped her hand as she wandered past. Tears were forming in her eyes. “ , are you alright?”
He looked back at David’s table. They were laughing. She said hello to the rest of the table. still held her hand tight. She felt a rush fill her body. “ , I wouldn’t let him bother you.” told her. “But he is. You would have thought he’d have got the idea round about now.” She whispered scared in case he’d hear. ’s hand was moving lower around her waist. David appeared beside her. saw the fear in her eyes. He squeezed her hand. She felt more secure with him. She always had. “ , your drink is on the table.” David snarled.
“Erm, thanks, but I’ll pass.”
“What did you say?” He questioned. She backed away. “I said I’ll pass.” This was the most embarrassing thing ever. She turned to walk away. He took her hand and she felt his fingers digging into her wrists. She winced. moved in front of her. “Don’t touch her.” David warned looking into his eyes.“You don’t own her,” he defended. He let go, pulled a hand to her wrist clenching it tightly. “Never said I did.” David was angry. His hands pulled her body towards his. She winced trying desperately hard to stand on her own two feet. “ you decide, are you coming or not?” She hesitated but shook her head. With that he aimed for a hit, but moved in the way. didn’t even want to know what happened after and turned to walk away. David thankfully walked away. moved to follow her. “Sorry , I couldn’t see you like that.”
She thanked him silently. They headed for the empty store room. Her stomach was twitching with excitement. Nothing would calm it. “You look lovely tonight you know that?” She smiled. “And so do you Mr. .” He grinned. Her voice was soft. “ , I think I erm....”
Her body was moving instead of her voice. The table seemed an adequate place. His eyes danced to her body. For so long he’d want to touch her and kiss her. “ , I erm...I think ....I you.”“You think, I know.” Her body was excited, her stomach was talking another language. He pressed his lips against hers, moving them slowly. Their bodies touched. He could feel the wire of her underwear under his fingers. He put a hand down to her legs. They were smooth under his finger tips. His fingers were dancing softly. He stood up to full length. moved her fingers to the collar of his jacket and pulled it off his shoulders and off his arms. She put it down on the floor. Her fingers left a desire on his skin. He couldn’t help but act. She locked the door, her eyes sparkling with fire.
took her hand and pushed her up against the table, her fist was clenched. Her hormones were racing. He brushed his lips against hers softly. She opened her mouth to let his tongue enter with speed. His fingers were lingering on her neck. Her fingers unbuttoned his shirt and it fell to the floor with speed. Her heart rate seemed to have shot through the floor. Water had slipped from the table, she didn’t care, and let him tip her onto the bed. The surface was hard, so was his member. It brushed against her leg. Anticipation. Apprehension. Excitement. His hands moved up her dress, she tried to pull away. “It’s not just about me you know.” He teased as she pushed his trousers down slightly revealing his dick under his boxers. She smiled. Her fingers moved with haste, stopped her hands and moved his own, she was groaning as he pushed his hands into her body. His fingers moved away her straps from her shoulders. They were soon bare. stared into his eyes. They were smiling. She was hot, a rush was forming in her body, ready for what was coming. He kissed her all over her neck, she moaned for more. Her back arched against the wall. He unzipped her dress revealing two breasts neatly supported in a bra. His hands moved up her back, pulling her body towards him. His hands moved down, unbuckling her bra, her breasts heaved spreading. They felt heavy against her body. She felt wet down below. He pulled her bra off and pushed it to the side. His hands massaging them. She took to the table, he swept on top of her. She was already panting gasping for breath as his tongue got lower down her body. “If I was a sailor I’d have to decide which way. North or South?” She let out a gasp of air as he decided tugging at her nipple. She was practically soaking. “Shall I deal with that?” He whispered. She nodded giving him permission to enter.
His hands pushed down on her breasts letting out a moan. His fingers danced lower down her waist to where her body was still covered. They were getting lower. “ !” She cried as his tongue touched her breasts. His fingers were cupping them as his body moved lower. Her heart was racing. He was on top of her, kneeling beside her legs. He pulled her dress further down, and revealed her wet knickers. He wanted to see what was underneath. She was gasping for breath. His member was moving with speed trying to find an entry. She teased him and kissed him moving lower down her body. “Playing hard to get are we?” He joked tearing her knickers off. Her legs parted slightly as his mouth found its way down underneath. She felt his warmth enter her body. His fingers got higher parting her legs. She groaned thrusting her body in an upward direction. Her legs were more wet than she’s imagined.
Her breasts were heaving, his fingers entered her clit, teasing her. She found his tip with her mouth. He groaned for more. She felt a rush and gripped his shoulders. His thrusts got faster and she felt his penis enter hers. The juices from her body fell with speed covering the table. His fingers lingered down below forcing a bigger gap for his own party. It was the most sensitive part of her body, the most private, he’d just entered. She felt a warmth run through her body as he released into her. pushed herself up against him. His fingers moved up to her breast, tugging at her nipples. She found his member and pulled it towards her mouth. He released thrusting, she responded feeling a warmth within her mouth. His arm pushed up against the parting in her body. She was definitely wide enough now, he acted. They lay panting on the table top, she was gasping for breath.
He didn’t stop, she cried out his name, still wanting more, he tugged at her nipples and pushed into her, releasing more and more. This was the best feeling in the world. kissed her. “Better?” She nodded grinning. He helped her get dressed. “You know I don’t have any knickers now.”“Don’t worry, you won’t need them.” He replied huskily and led her to his Aston- Martin.

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