come on; get finished the cab will be here in a few minutes”! yelled from the hall. “Yeah I am done in a moment”! I replied, fixing the last details. We were going to the Smash Hits award and we had seats at front row, we just couldn’t wait and I couldn’t wait to see standing there on the stage.
its beginning”! “Yeah it’s amazing; I can’t believe we got these great seats”! “No it’s good I know people”! “Yeah where is the backstage passes”! I said and we laughed. “I am sorry I might get them the next time”! She said smiling.

, are you okay”! asked looking at who looked weird. “Yeah I just think I have seen one of the girls on front row before”! “You might have, she might be a huge fan of ours”! “Yeah you are right”! “Hi guys look have you seen is seated out there on front row”! said from behind. “Yeah you are right, if it’s her , then you are right, then you have seen her before”! “Yeah I know, but it’s not her it’s the girl beside her”! “Maybe you have seen her on the street”! said clapping on his back. “Yeah…no wait now I know”! “Then what”? asked. “She was the one hiding me in her dressing room”! said smiling. “She looks nice”! “She is”! replied. The lads looked at him, “So”! “I have to go to the bathroom before going on stage”! “What are you nervous, doesn’t seem like you”! “I know”! He replied and ran to the bathroom. What was she doing there, maybe she was a huge fan, but she didn’t seem obsessed in the store, she seemed so sweet and treated him like a normal lad, she didn’t even ask him for an autograph. While he walked back to the lads he heard the presenter telling the audience that they were going on, so he ran all the way, “There you are just in time”! said smiling. “Yeah”! He said. They then went on stage and the crowd went wild. Everybody in there screamed and gave applauses.

“OH MY GOD, , is hot today”! “Yeah he sure is they all are, you can’t take that away from them”! “I’m sure not going too”! She replied laughing. looked at me once in a while and smiled at me and I just smiled back. “ he is starring at you all the time, do you think he has recognised you”! “I don’t know, but I don’t mind at all, he has the most amazing lips”! “Are you still thinking of them, well nobody blames you”! She replied.