Where You Belong

couldn’t believe she was doing this. Four years ago if someone where to tell her that she would be sitting on a plane headed back for Sligo, she would have told you that you where out of your mind. The only reason why she was even on this plane was because her older sister was getting married. If it weren’t for her, (and her best friend practically dragging her on to the plane), than she wouldn’t be there.

“I still can’t believe that you dragged me into this” she whined hitting her head on the back of the seat.
“Give me a break ! It’s your sisters wedding day and you acting like a complete brat”
“Actually she’s not getting married today, you’re a week early”
“Big deal you’re still acting like a brat”
“But ! You don’t understand THEY are going to be there! There’s no way I could face them after what I did”
“Hun, it’s been four years since you last saw each other”
“Yeah I know but it still hurts”
“Yeah well you’re going to have to face them one of these days”
“Not if I can help it”

They landed it Sligo a few minutes later. knew her parents would be to busy organizing her sisters wedding to come and pick her up, so that’s why she was shocked by the reaction that she did get.

!!” her mother yelled as she ran full speed to greet her daughter.
“Hey mom what are you doing here?” asked surprised.
“Well welcoming my daughter back home of course!”
“I just thought that since was getting married in a week, that you guys would be to busy to pick me up”
“I’m never to busy to welcome my daughter home after four years”
“Well I guess in a way it’s good to be home”
“What do you mean by guess?”
“Nothing mom I’ll tell you later”

After greeting her family (which did not include her sister) and introducing them all to they made there way back to ’s parents house. The whole drive over could only think about what happened the day that she left for New York. She had hurt so many people, but it hurt her more to keep her secret from her family and friends for four years.

!!” her dad yelled.
“We’re here”
“Ok, I’ll be right in”
“Take your time sweetheart”

A few minutes later was sitting back in the room that she had grown up in. The walls were still bright pink like she remembers it. always said that the colour made him feel sick.

“Stop thinking about him !” she scolded herself
This was not the kind of way she wanted to start her week off.
A few minutes later she got dressed and made her way down stairs.
“Hello, love” her mom said as she placed a cup of hot coffee down in front of her
is going shopping for her wedding dress later on today; she wants you to go with her” said ’s mom as she took a seat across from her daughter.

noticed the glow on her mothers face. She looked so happy that finally one of her daughters would be getting married. had a feeling that her mom had hoped that she would be the first to get married, since her sister had a new boyfriend practically every week. Yet had found someone that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, and let that person slip through her fingers.
The front door slammed shut waking out of her daydream.

lets go!” screamed
“Hello to you to , What have you been up to for the last four years?” said sarcastically
“Oh my God! I completely forgot! It’s good to see that you’ve come back home, now can we go shopping?” she said jumping up and down
“Someone’s excited,” their mom laughed
“Well weren’t you excited when you got married?”
“Yes but not to the point where I was jumping out of my skin”
“So whom are you getting married to?” asked
“Ummm…. said looking at her mom for help
? who? There is more than one in Sligo”
“Actually his not from Sligo, he’s from Dublin”
“You mean ?” said surprised
“Yes that’s him”
“You mean as in my ex- best friend ?”
“Yes, I didn’t want to tell you because I knew that you would be really upset” bit her lip and replied politely “Well I hope you too are really happy”
“Do you mean that!” asked nervously
“Of course I do”
When got back to her room she collapsed on to her bed
“Hey what’s wrong??” asked when she walked into the room
“I just found out that my sister is going to marry my ex- best friend?”
“Oh I guess you’re not happy with that than?”
“Well it really doesn’t bother me?” asked
“That’s good”
“What did you do today?”
“Nothing special just went into town and stuff ”
“Well next time I’ll go with” said with a smile
“Why did you and stop being friends?” asked
“It’s along story”

~*~*~*~ The next day woke up feeling refreshed. After having breakfast with her mom and sister, decided that she would give a tour of Sligo. She secretly prayed that she wouldn’t run into anyone she knew; she didn’t feel like letting everyone know that she was back.

“So this is the place you call home” said looking around
“Actually it used to be my home, I live in New York now”
“So Sligo is still where you grew up”
“Yeah but I have nothing to keep me here anymore” snapped
They sat in silence for the rest of the ride in till they found a restaurant.
“Look, I don’t know what I said in the car that got you so upset” said concerned
“I’m sorry it’s not what you said, it’s just that Sligo reminds me of , and I don’t want to think about him” explained
one day soon you are going to have to face him, you are going to have to confront him about what happened in the past”
“I know I just don’t think I can do that yet.”

~*~*~*~ “So, where are we going?” asked while he was fiddling with his phone
“I found this really cool restaurant down the street I think we should try”
“You know that Louis said that we should be on a diet?” pointed out as the whole group burst out into laughter.

The four lads entered the restaurant and quickly where seated at a table at the back of the restaurant. was just looking around the place when he thought that he something.

“Hey said trying to be quiet
“You see those two girls over there?”
“Yeah what about them”
“Does the look familiar?”
paused for a moment and stared at the sitting across from a girl with hair.

“The girl she talking to is cute”
“No, look carefully I think that’s !”

Now ’s full attention was on the . He sat there shocked. I couldn’t believe it. It was her. had finally come back.

~*~*~*~ “Hey I think those guys over there are checking you out!” pointed out
“Those guys over there?”
“Yeah, I like the blonde one”

After a sort silence looked over at her friend. sat there stunned. They where here. The very two people that she didn’t want to see her where in the same restaurant as her. She looked across the table and her breath caught in her throat. sat there looking as gorgeous as ever talking to some blonde guy. really didn’t want him to see her.

I think we should go” panicked
“Go! Why are we going?”
“I’ll explain later”

~*~*~*~ “That is !” finally realized after ten minutes

Noticing that the girls had caught them staring and where now leaving the restaurant, got out of his seat and ran after them.

and turned around to see sprinting towards them.
how are you?” asked trying to catch his breathe
“I’m ok, how are you?” she asked nervously
“Why don’t we meet up tonight so we can catch up?”
“Ummm …. Ok… just come by house at eight”
“Great I’ll see you than” he said as he ran back into the restaurant

~*~*~*~ A few hours later and sat in her room looking at magazines. Well was, was thinking about ’s visit. She was curious to know what knew about what actually happened between her and . She suspected that he didn’t know much.

“Day dreaming about again?” asked with a smirk
“No, I was thinking about ’s visit!”
“Wow! That’s a first?” asked curious
“I know”
“Well I’m going clubbing with your friend Trisha so I see you later?”
“Yeah ’s here anyways, see you later?”

ran down the stairs and opened the door just as was about to knock. He looked the same as he had we she left. He gave her a cheeky smirk. Some things never change, she thought.

“Hey !”
“Hey , come in”

They sat down on the couch, on one end and on the other. There was this awkward silence for a few minutes before decided to break the tension.

“So , how’s this whole boy band thing going?” asked
“Well where pretty big now, but that’s not really interesting, what I want to know is what you’ve been up to these last four years?”
“Well I live in New York where I work for this magazine, the work sucks but the pay is good”
“Do you have a boyfriend?” asked nervously
“No, I’m single at the moment, why do you ask?”
“Well I’m just curious”
“Do you have a girlfriend?”
“No I don’t”
Again there was this long period of awkward silence. didn’t know what else to say. She felt like she had affined him in some way.

, why did you leave?” asked
“You know why I left”
“No, I don’t! Ever time I asked why you left he didn’t tell me anything,” said looking into her eyes
“You should have asked
“What does have to do with this”
“He has everything to do with it, he practically destroyed our relationship” said
“What did he do?”
“It was one night at a party, when went to go get drinks, me and started talking; all of a sudden he just kissed me” explained
“What did you do?”
“I panicked and ran out of the party”
“Well do you still love ?” asked hoping that she still did
“Yes of course I do”
“Than you should be telling him that you love him, not me”
“I can’t do that, not yet”

~*~*~*~ sat on her porch looking out in to the sunset. It had been three days since she had spoken with . It was now more than ever that she wish she was back in New York, to the life that she left behind. Maybe things would have been easier if she would have never come back got out her cell phone and dialled a familiar number

“Hi, Sam it’s I was wondering if he was still awake”

~*~*~*~ The day of the wedding was finally here, and her whole house was packed with people. and had escaped all the maddest, to get ready at Trisha’s house.

“Hey hun, how are you?” Trish said as she greeted them at the door
“Well if we stayed in that house any longer we would have been crazy!” replied
“People are that stressed”
“Yeah, it’s pretty bad” giggled
“So are you looking forward to seeing ” Trisha asked when was out of earshot
“I think I am”
“So are you going to tell him”
“I will when the time is right”

Two hours later Trisha and where standing outside the church waiting for the ceremony to start. was secretly scanning the crowds of people looking for . She wondered if he would even show up.

“Where did go?” Trish asked
“I don’t know” said looking around noticing that was now running towards them
“Oh joy! Here comes
“Hey be nice !!” Trish gently scolded
“Hey , can we talk?” asked nervously

They walked towards a little garden at the back of the church where they could talk.

I just wanted to apologise for what happened before you left”
it’s ok, I’m fine, his fine, there’s nothing to be sorry about”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah…” said as she saw something out of the corner of her eye

turned around to see what she was staring at. He saw Passionately kissing at the back of the church. Before he knew what was happening was already running across the yard towards them.

“What the Hell do you too think you are doing?” She yelled angrily
“How could you do this to me, you know how I feel about !”
“You have feelings for me?” asked shocked
“I’ve always had feelings for you, not that any of that matters now”
“I had now idea”
“Well now you know,” she said, as there was a moment of silence
why did you leave” he asked
“I left because you didn’t love me any more, I left because if I didn’t you and would still be fighting, I left because…. I was pregnant… and if you didn’t want me you didn’t want our baby”

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