When You Believe

Frequently gazing at her wasn’t doing anyone any good. He chewed at his pen lid and snapped out of his daydream, getting back at his work. They had been in the same class for a few days now, and he hadn’t been able to keep his eyes off of her. removed his pen lid as the bell went. He hesitated, watching her for a few moments in time.
She dropped a pencil on the floor as she packed her back. bent to pick it up. “Thanks,” she took it from his grasp. Her body soon melted with one look in his eyes. She tore herself away and placed the pencil in her bag before leaving. He noted a tone in her voice, filled with sadness.
followed her over the threshold and went into the lunch hall. met him outside.
“How’s it going?” asked.
“Crap, hey, do you know who that girl is?” questioned as gave his distraction a friendly nod.
“Yeah, I’m training her.”
“In what?” persisted. He was the type of person, if he wanted to know something, he wouldn’t stop until he did.
“Don’t sound so surprised , I do have many expertises.” retaliated.
glared at him, still awaiting an answer.
“She plays golf mate.”
“And...?” was hoping for more.
“Well... what do you wanna know about her?”
“How’d you know her?” asked, joining the end of the lunch queue.
“I played golf with her at the club a few times, and now I’m helping her out. She’s a nice girl.” followed suit.
“What’s her name?”
, she ain’t happy at the minute , so don’t think about making any moves yet.” warned, biting into his apple as they took a seat at an empty table.
“Why not, what’s wrong with her?”
“You really need to learn to shut up.” raised his eyebrows. “No, I’m serious , zip it.” Noticing wouldn’t back down, he continued, “Do you really want to know?” nodded.
“Well she’s upset because her cousins are taking the mick out of her playing, but now they’ve started, and from what I’ve heard they’re pretty good, so she doubts if she’s good enough to play in an upcoming tournament. They didn’t know she still played and likewise didn’t know they did.” He took a deep breath.
“And you say I need to shut up?” joked.
“Well you did ask.” stated.
“Is she good though?”
“She hasn’t got a handicap yet, but she ain’t bad.” took the information in. “She seems nice,” whispered gazing over to their table.
“Shall I introduce you?” followed his stare as she rose from her seat and walked over to their table.
“Hey erm, , Katie told me to give this to you,” she handed him a piece of folded paper.
“Thanks , erm, this is , this is .” finished.
“Hi,” she smiled at him, her stomach churning like the waves in the sea. “I would shake your hand, but...” her voice trailed off as someone called her name. “I better go, see you guys later! She walked over to her giggling friends. stared after her. She left him wondering what she was all about.
“You are coming after school right?” snapped him out of his daze.
“Where?” responded.
“To the music block ! We’re auditioning the dancers, remember?” He nodded, obviously not concentrating.
“What are we auditioning them for?! inquired watching as she left.
!” exclaimed. “For the school concert, which is touring the nation for two months?!”
“Oh yeah sorry,” he replied.
“I’ll meet you with the other guys later then.” With that, he turned and left.

“Sorry Katie, I’ve got something on.” excused.
“But you’ve been away like for ages, I do wonder sometimes what you do get up to after school.” Katie was fishing now. This was how it always worked, she’d start pulling the guilty factor and would end up going out partying with her.
“I’ll have extra practise anyway, I’m really sorry, maybe later yeah?” Katie gave a disappointed nod. “I’ll call you later though,” gave a wave and left the room as the last bell of the day went.
She rushed over to the music block, climbing the stairs in haste. got changed in some toilets nearby. A short white t-shirt was pulled over her long brown hair. She pulled on some grey tracksuit and slipped on her trainers.
She mounted her way up the next set of stairs and slung her bag in some lockers on the way. Nobody knew she was there, she secretly hoped it may stay this way.
“Can all contestants enter the multi function room please?” ’s heart skipped a heartbeat. She found her way running to the top floor before finding the room. The queue was a lot shorter than she had imagined, about 10 girls stood in front of her. She hesitated before joining the end.
The person in front gave a nervous smile.
“Nervous?” asked as she gave a nod. “Me too,” whispered in return.
The assumed choreographer walked out of the two doors which led to the room which would decide.
“You’ll be played a piece of music and asked to freestyle to it. We’ll narrow it down to five of you, and then we’ll see how you pick up choreography, and narrow it down to a further four.” caught her breath as the first five entered. She kept her eyes down to the floor until her phone disrupted her focus. It was Katie wondering if she’d finished what she was doing yet.
“Nah I haven’t Katie, I’m dead sorry, I’ll ring you after I’ve finished. I gotta go,” she said as Priscilla held the door open for the last contestants.
“I’ll take that,”” Priscilla held out her hand awaiting her mobile. reluctantly placed it on her palm.
She was led through the door and into another corridor where the people in front waited. She braced herself. Maybe last wasn’t the best place to wait. Priscilla entered the corridor. “I suggest you two warm up.” She led the girl into the other room. did some stretches, but her legs were shaking. The door opened and the girl in front of her was called in. “Good luck!” wished her the best before closing the door behind her. However it wasn’t too late to catch someone’s eye on the panel. His stare had sent shivers up and down her spine. “ ,” she whispered his name, which made it even worse, creating butterflies in her stomach.
Knowing she’d do something wrong, she turned to leave. He had something about him which made her freeze.
“Last one?” Priscilla came to the door, just as opened the exit.
“You’ll be fine,” Priscilla encouraged with a warm smile and put a hand on her shoulder leading her in.
’s face dropped, “ ?”
“Hey,” noted the shakiness in her voice.
“You told me you were training?” asked
“And you told me you were working?” She responded smiling. let her gaze fall on for a second, and then moved to the other guys due to her stomach going wild. The other guys introduced themselves.
“I’m ,” He shook her hand.
, nice to meet you,” she tried to keep breathing.
, I believe we’ve met,” he introduced; his handshake was strong and made her knees shake.
“Good luck ,” winked at her.
“Thanks,” she whispered feeling more nervous now than before. smiled at her.
“I’ll start the music, just dance how you see fit,” Priscilla instructed.
“Okay, thanks,” she say looking at her, but then realised they all were. The music began and found herself losing her thoughts within the beat.
After about a minute, the music began to fade and slowed her pace down and stopped as the music did.
She caught her breath. “Bloody hell!” seemed surprised. “I wasn’t expecting that!”
Priscilla handed her some water and led her through another door where everyone else was waiting. Everyone was quiet.
“We’ll be with you in a few minutes’ ladies.” Priscilla closed the door and made her way back to the table, whilst the others waited patiently outside.
Nobody spoke, every contestant sipped at their water sitting on the floor. It seemed an endless wait. Priscilla came out at one point, but to all the others dismay, she only handed back her phone. “It won’t stop ringing.”
“Sorry,” she said slightly embarrassed. “Do you guys mind if I take this?” someone shook their head and she pressed the answer button. It was the golf club wondering if she’d be coming to practise that night. Turning the offer down, she switched her phone off.
Priscilla began calling each individual by name into the room. Being last, found the wait horrific. Eventually Priscilla called her in. Four other people stood in the room, the table had gone, and the panel was standing too.
“One of you, have to go, we’ll see who it is after choreography. Well done , you’ve also made it to the second round.” Priscilla added forgetting to mention before. was surprised, not thinking she would have got through at all. The other girls were throwing themselves about.
came over to her, “you okay?” he asked.
“Yeah, thanks, I’m happy, don’t get me wrong, just surprised,” she replied.
“Every dancer to the centre of the floor,” came the order from Priscilla. The room was reasonably large with a mirror on one side and two doors on the other. They all faced the mirror as Priscilla led them through a series of steps. gulped not having ever tried this before. looked at her; he could see she was being earnest, by the look on her face. After a while, the panel rose from their seats. They lined themselves against the wall whilst the dancers performed to them. was normally quite timid, but she found herself getting lost with the temp, and couldn’t stop smiling throughout. Each step magically found its own way to the correct beat. After they’d finished, Priscilla took the guys aside to deliberate. Hearts were beating far from slow.
?” Priscilla called her name. Her heart sank. “Yes?”
“You’ll be partnered with , ?” She questioned to see if she’d gone off into another daydream of something or another. Feeling wide awake, she smiled and gave a nod. But Priscilla ignored her and continued, “Rachel, I’m sorry, but you didn’t make it.” Rachel left without a backwards glance. She had seemed quite full of herself without a doubt.
“Gemma, you’ll be with , Colleen with and Angel with . Everyone to the dance floor, no slacking from anyone! First song is a fast one, so brace yourself.” To be quite honest, was terrified. She didn’t want to make a complete idiot of herself in front of . He approached her.
“You’re a rather adept dancer!” He complimented.
She grinned, “Gee, thanks.”
Pricilla showed what she expected of each person. The guys had to start from the floor and feel there way till they were upstanding. ’s stomach was in knots before they had even begun. Once Priscilla had broken down the steps into another section, everyone began to move.
took her hand at the commencement. His touch was warm. His hands lingered at her legs as the music began, and then worked their way up to her waist. It sent her legs shaking and her stomach into turbulence.
She blushed as he kissed her cheek when they were about to finish and leave.
“You guys wanna do something tonight?” suggest as everyone else left. said her goodbye and told she was going to the gym opposite. She ambled over to the end of the corridor and turned on the treadmill. Beginning at a slow pace was doing nothing for her nerves, so she turned it up, until she had to force herself to get off. took a fleeting look down at her watch, “ five o’clock ,” she muttered to herself. Deciding to pass by the open air before collecting her bags, she found her way once more down the blue spiral staircase.
Practically bumping into people, was one of her specialities. Feeling, all of a sudden self- conscious when spotting and the other guys, she almost turned to go the other way.
, is the pool still open?” asked her.
“Erm... yeah maybe, I’m not going that way, but I think Gemma was saying she might.” Rambling on was another one of her traits.
admired her curves as she turned to leave. “ ?” She received ’s voice, turning around.
“We’re watching a movie at 10, do you wanna come?” This put a smile on her face.“Yeah, that’d be great,” she grinned.
“Will you ask the others too?” urged behind her. She nodded, and excused herself for a second.
She returned within the next few minutes, “we’ll all be there at 9:30 ,” a sparkle was lit in ’s eyes which made her body tingle.
“We’ll see you later then,” tore away from her. His voice was soft it fang out in her head. looked out of the window near the lockers before retrieving her bags. So many people wanted someone in the world, and everyone deserved someone. She was scared she’d be left stranded at the end of it, if anything were to happen that was.
She strolled over to get her bags and walked back home.

As she climbed the stairs to the cinema area, anxiety began filling her mind. “Hey” ’s voice broke her silent thoughts.
“Hey,” she looked at him; he looked lovely, as per usual. thought to herself.“You look gorgeous,” he whispered to her.
“Hehe thanks,” she responded not really knowing how to speak.
“Shall we go and sit inside? I think everyone else is in there already.” told her.“Am I late?”
“Nah, you’re perfect,” She smiled and found herself moving sub consciously closer to him. He was the type of guy who could make you smile like nobody else seemed to. She pulled away before anything could happen. ’s disappointment was clear.They found Gemma and sitting together. found two seats which were out-of-the-way. She got into the corner and he took the seat beside her. could swear he’d have heard her heart beating by now. She found her leg and arm brushing against his.
“Is that what you wanna do? Dance I mean?” asked her. She shook her head.
“I’d love to improve my golf game and you know when I was little I always used to doubt myself, always. I never believed. I want to be at the stage like where I can inspire people that dreams do come true, like they did to me. Cheesy I know, but true.” She reminisced.
He enjoyed being with her, there was no doubting it. “ ?” She whispered half way through the movie. “I think there’s something on my leg?!”
He brushed her leg with his hand. “It’s nothing,” he whispered in response.
“I swear there is. You know you’ll be in trouble if it’s a spider.” She stood up, gripping her seat as a sharp pain hit her leg.
He asked glancing at her as the credits found their way onto the screen.
He offered to take her home, and she gave a positive response. On her way, she thanked the other guys for a nice day, stumbling her way into the car. “Ow,” she murmured.
His eyes were so drowning, one could lose themselves. “You okay ?”
“Erm yeah, it’s just my leg, I think so.” She examined her limb.
“I’ll take a look when we get inside.” She was about to protest, but instead hesitated.“What makes you think you’re coming in?” teased. He grinned into her eyes. “ , both eyes on the road! Honestly!” She joked as he nearly swerved the car into a bush. He pulled up outside her flat and they climbed up the stairs.
, what happened to your leg?” He indicated the blood coming down her calf. sat her down on the bed and got a damp cloth from the kitchen. He placed it on her leg, but it didn’t stay there for long, as she kept fidgeting with the uncomforting stinging.
He let of her and realization sank in that they were alone. She followed him through to the kitchen silently. As he turned, he found her close to him. She brushed her lips against his, not able to resist, he kissed her. closed her eyes as her tongue danced with his. She pulled away seconds later.
“Sorry,” tears were filling up in her eyes. She backed off almost scared.
left moments later.

It hadn’t been just her, he did kiss her back. contemplated the thoughts in her head as she made her way to the golf club. She turned on her phone and found ten missed calls from Katie and a text which read, “SORT YOURSELF OUT !” This was also from Katie.
Shoving the metal burden in her pocket, she took a deep breath, trying to swallow the large lump that had formed in her throat.
jumped out at her from the corner.
“Don’t do that to me!” She screamed disturbing everyone about to take their shot. She mouthed an apology.
“Did you have a good time last night?” asked, just laughing at her.
She nodded, “you didn’t tell anyone about me dancing did you? Going to the audition I mean?” She quickly changed the subject from last night’s activities.
“No, course not,” he looked at her, raising her chin. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Tears were filling up in her eyes.
“Nothing, can we start now?” She dismissed.
“Yeah, erm your clubs are in the shop.” He told her looking concerned. “Thanks,” she tried to smile, but nothing happened.
“Is it about the tournament?” She reluctantly shook her head, her lower lip was trembling.
“I totally blew it with last night. I got a call from my cousins yesterday saying how I wasn’t even allowed to play here, because I wasn’t good enough for the tournament and all that crap. Then Katie started having a go at me, because I forgot to return her call yesterday.” She dried her eyes.
“Listen, about , you haven’t blown it, go and get your clubs first , and then we’ll talk.” He sent her into the shop. He hated seeing her cry.
tried to not to think about what had happened, but it was harder than she thought it would be. She returned a few minutes later. told her to meet her on the driving range. She began walking but something caught her attention. glided up to her as she placed her clubs on the ground.
“You scared me,” she whispered, jumping back slightly. He handed her a rose, then held her in embrace whilst she cried.
“Do you wanna talk?” She nodded slowly. He took her hand and they walked round to the privacy of the fire escape stairs. The metal felt cool against her skin.
“Sorry, about last night, told him. He said nothing for a moment, then also apologized if he’d done anything that hurt her. It was as if she’d known him longer than just a few days.
“Nah, you didn’t. It’s just other things have been on my mind lately, that’s all.” She admitted.
was I the reason you were crying?” She fiddled with the rose between her fingers. After a moment, she shook her head.
“Then what was?” He asked tenderly.
“There’s something about me, as far as relationships go, that I think you ought to know, but like I don’t know if I’m ready to tell you yet. I like you , like I don’t wanna mess it up already.” He heard this and looked up at her.
“I’d like to know , to be honest, but I’ll respect your decision.” He told her, his voice was calm.
– nobody else knows...” she couldn’t finish. “It’s just a past story that’s all...” her voice was shaking.
, its fine hun, honest.”
“Thanks,” she whispered to him.
“What else is up,” she explained briefly about her cousins but didn’t say much, not wanting to make him think she wanted sympathy.
“I gotta get back to training...” his lips came crashing down on hers.
“I’ll see you on the dance floor?” She nodded smiling. He saw a twinkle in her eyes, and grinned to himself. He sent electric shocks up her arm as he handed her back her rose. She took it gratefully, her knees were still unstable.
spotted her cousins getting out of the car and walking towards the shop. She walked over to the driving range, where had moved her clubs.
“I think my cousins are here,” she whispered with a fixed expression of terror on her face.
“Just ignore them, let them be shocked to how good you are.” He gave her a small smile of encouragement before placing a ball on the tee for her, and stepped back. She hit it hard, it flew over 150 yards.
“Someone’s feeling hot today, slow down .” instructed. Her ears had gone red. She seemed to be feeling more and more pressure. She really wanted this. The rest of the training went pretty well. She waved bye to her cousins who’d blatantly been watching her every move. and burst into a fit of laughter when they were out of vision. “Did you see the look on their faces?!?!” He pushed her to the side playfully. She so badly wanted to free herself; locked herself up and sometimes found it hard to find the key. It seemed as if it was easier to please the world than it was herself sometimes. So many things can change one’s perspective, but so many things can decide. “ ,” she began, “you know when you want something, you go and get it right?” She asked. gave her a look as if that was the most random question he’d ever heard.
“Yeah, why?” He looked at her with an unsure expression. Many times she felt like she was holding onto a thread about a hundred feet off the ground when it came to deciding what to dream. Especially when nothing arrived as it seemed.
“No reason, I’ll meet you in the car?” nodded with the fixed expression.
“Stop looking at me like that!” She exclaimed opening the car door. Someone brushed past her. “Are you sure you’re okay ?” Giving a brief nod she got inside the car, looking back upon her memories. Some had made her laugh, others made her cry. She didn’t let them fool her, or either stall her desires. Love never left anyone alone.
“What’s the feeling of compassion for?” began at her once more getting into the vehicle.
“Ha-ha, funny,” she said sarcastically. “ , I don’t wanna dance…” she spoke with a soft tone.
“What? Why not?” She wished she could draw a line from her past and just be true to herself.
did speak to you right?” He clarified.
“Yeah, he did,” her fists were clenched hoping to calm her nerves, but it wasn’t working. Her body was rejecting her emotions.
“Why not?” repeated.
“I just don’t feel ... erm too good.” he stopped the car on the opposite side of the school and opened her car door. She was breathing heavy, inhaling deeply. “Stop putting it on , come on.” She gave a half smile, then gave a sigh, her thoughts were blown out into the air.
They walked to the entrance, sauntered behind, obviously not too eager. was only other there when they arrived. arrived a few minutes later. just sat against the wall; her head was bowed to the ground.
“There’s no need o pray yet ,” joked. She forced a laugh then followed it by a glare as Priscilla entered flustered. If she was in this mood, it didn’t really do too good for the group. “Where are all the girls?” She asked sternly.
“The others haven’t arrived yet.” told her, entering himself. He winked at . Her ears were going red again. pushed a hand to cover them. “Maybe they didn’t know they had to come?” grunted.
“I didn’t either, till said.” piped up.
, why aren’t you changed yet?” For a split second wished she hadn’t drawn the attention to herself as Priscilla turned to face her.
“Because erm... I can’t get into my locker.” She lied.
“Go and get into it!!” , not wanting to argue made her way down the stairs. She returned about five minutes later, with her hoody pulled over her top. She resumed her position against the door.
“We’re doing the first dance today. After the guys stand, girls have to lift their leg up to a perpendicular angle….” Priscilla kept talking, but ’s mind wasn’t with them. It began to drift. Had she done the right thing to forewarn ? Or maybe now he assumed that she really wanted him, and was desperate? She hoped he didn’t think the latter!
, up” Priscilla ordered.
“I can’t honestly,” her nerves were making her feel unsteady. helped her up. She reluctantly went over to the middle of the dance floor.
“You can take that off too,” Priscilla indicated her jacket.
“But I’m dead cold,” pleaded.
“i’m not having any fun and games today . Off!” She demanded. hesitated before pulling it over her long wavy hair and threw it to the side. looked at the beautiful girl in front of her. They went through the first step and nearly stumbled forwards.
“Try again, you’re okay.” urged her on. She got back on her feet and steadied herself before beginning again, only this time determined. Some people wanted money and glamour, at the point she didn’t want anything. caught her in his arms. She could smell his aftershave which sent tingles in her fingers. “Now what?” whispered huskily.
“you put me down,” she responded smiling.
“Good, you try that with the other guys. get something to drink, she looks a little pale. Let’s go…!”
“Yes ma’am,” saluted, handing a water bottle. She took it from him slowly. “ ? You okay?” Worried, questioned her. A few moments later, she fell into his arms. panicked.
“She’s probably dehydrated or not had enough to eat.” Priscilla placed a damp cloth on her forehead. About two minutes later she came around with a bad headache. Gemma, Angel and Coleen had arrived. Priscilla and knelt beside her. “You okay babe?” Priscilla’s mood seemed to have relaxed.
“What happened?” tried to get up.
“You fainted, what did you eat for lunch?” Priscilla helped her over to the wall to lean against whilst the interrogation took place. “Did you eat anything ?” She repeated“ I need some air,” said quietly trying to muster up enough energy to stand. “Take today’s practise off. Eat and drink , it’s important you’re okay.” A slight reassurance swept over which made her nod on auto pilot.
“And you , you both pick this up quite quickly.” She referred to the choreography. thanked her and supported upright. Her head was spinning. She was determined to do it alone, but it hadn’t been much of a success.
It was raining heavily outside. She didn't say anything to , instead she just walked past.
“We’re feeling rather penitent today.” Gemma joked as hurried out. followed her, taking her wrist into his hand.
, you okay?” He expected a certain response, one he didn't get it.
“yeah, fine thanks,” this wasn’t it either.
“What happened? Did you not eat lunch?”
“Erm.. I forgot, I’ve got a lot on my mind.” She pulled her good over her head and stepped into the cold. put his arms around her waist. It felt as if she had finally been found.
“Nothings’ the matter, promise,” she whispered, feeling slightly dizzy. leant back on his body. He kissed her head.
down babe,” he pulled over the bench where they both took a seat. He placed an arm around her, she could feel his heatbeat. “ , do you…” her voice trailed back into thoughts. He hadn’t appeared to have heard anyway, so she discarded the memory.
“Come on, let’s go inside, you’ll catch a cold.” said a few moments later, breaking the silence. She nodded briefly and followed him through the double doors, shivering.
“Do you need a lift home?” asked.
“My sister said she’d come, but thanks anyway .” She told him sitting on the stairs. He smiled to himself. She said his name like nobody else could.
“Feeling a bit better now ?” Priscilla asked her on the way down the staircase. “Yeah, a little thanks,” received a bottle and suggest for to drink it. The first sip made already feel like spewing. laughed at her expression. “You didn’t expect pumpkin juice did you?” Her sister rang her informing her she was outside.
“I’ll drop by later?” asked . She nodded gratefully. Then he did something, in her eyes unexpected. He took her hand, placing something cold inside it. closed her fingers quickly so she couldn’t look. Then he kissed her, leaving her smiling as she walked energy-less towards the exit. He counted the steps she took.

He knocked for the fourth time on her door. Again, no response entered his direction. Slightly worried he rang her mobile for the sixth time. ‘Perhaps she’s asleep,’ thought to himself. Her neighbour began striking up a conversation about the weather. got there first. “Is there a spare key or something?” He queried. The older woman grunted and rolled her eyes. wondered if she’d got used to that question or not. The woman returned from her room with a rusty key. It did the job. He thanked her and before she could say anything else, walked inside. The place seemed well kept, even though he didn’t look and went straight to the bedroom. The rest of the flat seemed rather desolate. The bed was made with a crumpled paper resting on the pillow. It read one solitary word, “sorry.” Beside it was the necklace he’d give to her earlier. He clasped both in his palm and hesitated no longer.
He ran through the rooms checking she wasn’t there. He even drew the shower curtain to check if she was hiding from him. All the while he ran the other guys. “ ! I think ’s runaway! She’s not here, and she’s left a note.” explained.
, calm down, she’s probably just gone out. Do you want us to come over?”“What’s with the stupid fucking questions ?!?! Aren’t you guna help me look for her?!!?”
“I’ll take that as a yes, meet us on the slip road near the Hospital .”
“It’s dark and cold outside! Shall I not like do something else?”
“You dare call the police, she’ll hate you forever. She can’t have gone far.” could hear revving up the car engine as and got in. “Okay, see you.” didn’t bother to answer and hung up, digging into his pocket until he got out his golf tee which was bothering him.
jumped the stairs 4 at a time. He rung her on her mobile again, no response. Something wasn’t right, anyone could have guessed it. He had been right, it was getting dark outside.
took the long way, just to check she wasn’t wandering the streets. He was scared of what might be happening to her. called him on his mobile.
, did she say anything to you?”
“No, not that I can remember? Should I call her sister?”
“No, just wait. Erm, what about at the golf club? Did she mention anything?”
“Erm… she said she wanted to tell me something, but that was it.”
“Tell you something, about what?!?!” seemed panicked too now. It was always the unknown that was hurt the most.
“Something not relevant,” wanted to have some respect for her, even though might already know.
“Look in the parks, we were talking today, I think she might have gone to one of those.”
“What if you find her first?”
“It’s if she wants to be found .” He hung up and pulled over the car.
did the same about a kilometre away. It was a small park, but it wasn’t impossible. He was praying now, he could have sworn he’d hurt her cry out and the pain she must have put herself through. He winced hoping it hadn’t been too bad. Someone was swinging. The wind was blowing them forwards and back. They had a good momentum going. “ ?!?!?!” The girl turned around, she was on the phone. It wasn’t her. “Who the hell is out this late at night?!” muttered apologizing with a hand action.
He jumped back into the car and tried the park down the street. Not long had he been gone, called him.
, we think we’ve found her, but we’ve made the collective decision you should go talk to her. We think she wants you mate.”
“Where are you?”
“Go past the hospital, past the first roundabout and to your left. We’ve pulled up on the right hand side out of the way, just give us a signal if you want us.” hung up. It was silent in the car. The windscreen wipers were making their way to and fro across the screen. was going insane. “Bloody dickhead letting her leave in the first place!” he couldn’t imagine what else could go wrong.
washed the rain away with her tears. “Bring on the rain, I’m thirsty anyway. Sometimes I like to hide away.” It was as if she was fighting a single battle, it was a ‘lose lose’ situation. She’d sit on something, it would move beneath her. could have been hardly breathing but nobody would have noticed; that’s how it felt anyway. Her breath was making white fluffy clouds in front of her eyes.
A hand on her shoulder made her jump. She met ’s eyes. He could see the fear on her face and in her eyes. “Babe?” He held her in embrace, tears still dripping from her face. He wiped them away, they were lost anyway.
“Are you hurt or anything?” He asked placing two hands on her shoulders.
She shook her head, then paused, this was followed by a nod. He smiled. rolled up her sleeve to reveal an etched in cut. “Doesn’t hurt too much though,” she whispered to the wind. “Why’d you leave ?”
“You know that time today when I said I needed to talk to you.” He nodded, “that.”“Baby, come here, sit down,” She placed herself on the swing beside him. Her eyes were stinging with the tears. “If you knew you had to talk to me, why didn’t you hun?”“ , I was scared.”
“babe, you should have just grabbed me, you know I would have listened.” She shook her head and began to cry again. He cuddled her. It was enough water to make a desert a river. “Shall I start then?” She nodded as his voice woke her heartbeat once more.
“well, I guess I’ll start by saying that I love you.” Her face lit up. “I love you too, but I think you should know what I’m going to say before you make like any other comment.” Her face went back to fear and despair.
“I can’t do things other people can .” He still looked a little confused. “You’ll understand when I’m finished. Everything I just remembered to say just went out my head. Erm… I’ll be totally honest. I can’t have kids. And I know it’s like not the right time to have told you, but I wanted to before like we made a step further, if we do.” Her last words were hurried. She got up, gazing into his eyes for the first time. “Don’t run,” he took her wrist as tears began to fill her eyes Her body was trembling. This was the hardest story she had ever told. He said nothing for a moment, and then followed suit and stood holding her close to his body. She almost felt drained. “You’ve stumbled too many times babe.” Nothing was going into her mind. She was shaking and scared whether she’d done the right think or not. He then smiled at her, the news had settled. “Is this the part where we say bye?” she whispered softly. He kissed her softly on the lips. closed her eyes, it was rude to stare. “No , that’s not what I want from you.”
“What do you mean?” She was scared now, her voice was shaking.
“I love you.” A sense of relief filled her. She grinned. “Promise?” He nodded and rain began to fall onto their cheeks as their lips met once more.

Assumptions can be made, but miracles can happen if you just believe.

Two years on...

“Mrs. , you really need to push now.”
“I’m trying!!!” felt as though she could strangle the doctor.
“Well, try harder!” She squeezed ’s hand tighter than anything ever before.“Go on babe, you can do it.” encouraged.
“That’s the one. All over now. Well done .” The doctor handed her a small bundle wrapped loosely in a pink blanket.
“Congratulations,” the words faded. felt as if he was walking on air. “I love you .” The twinkle in her eyes had now returned.

Assumptions can be made, but miracles do happen.

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