When Love Goes Wrong

Parts : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9!!

Part 1

“I can’t believe your going to break up with her,” said as him and sat down in his house with some beers. “I never see her she’s always in the states working”. “ that’s not her fault and you know that”.

was upset for his younger sister . Her and had been seeing each other for less than 6 months and it was the happiest had seen her in ages.

well he was engaged to ; was married to ’s cousin . was dating ’s younger sister and, was ’s younger sister.

sat looking at across the table; they were at her parent’s house having dinner with her mum dad brothers and .He just wanted to go home and take her to bed but instead he had to smile politely and sit at peace till the meal was over and they could go home.

helped pick up the dinner plates. She looked up at and winked at him. He took the hint and followed her into the Kitchen.

can you stop looking at me. I know what you’re thinking we are at my parent’s home.” said putting the plates in the sink she took the others from and placed them on the side.

“ I can’t help it if I can’t stop it can I? Please forgive me.” “ Don’t start singing Bryan Adams.”

looked at her and gave his best puppy dog eyes. couldn’t take it any longer she wanted him as much as he wanted her. They had only been together 3 months but it was great

She took ’s hand and led him upstairs to her bedroom.

looked around the airport this was the first time in two months she couldn’t wait to see . She had phoned and asked him to pick her up and drop her at ’s. She wanted to surprise him.

So when saw him walking to her she was glad that she didn’t wait any longer to see him.

shouted running towards him and jumping into his arms.

“Hey enjoy your flight I bet your tried lets get you home.” said all at once.

looked at him hard. She knew something was up.

snuggled further into . “We should go down stairs,” she said not really wanting to move. just smiled. He looked down at her and kissed her. “We’ll go down in a minute I just want to try something” he said and flipped her over so he was on top of her. giggled this was so like him taking her by surprise it was what kept her begging for more.

looked at in the drivers seat. She leaned over and kissed him running her hand up his inner thigh. “ stop, I’m driving,” he said. looked at him to see if he was serious. When he didn’t smile she removed her hand and looked out the window. This wasn’t like him normally they had to pull over so he could have his wicked way with her.

looked at sitting watching the television. He loved her so much if anything where to happen between them he would die. “Why don’t we go to Australia for our honeymoon” he said knowing she had always wanted to go there. “You mean that” she asked her eyes lighting up at the thought. “Yeah, we’ll go and book it tomorrow” he said and sat down next to her allowing her to cuddle up in his arms.

couldn’t take it any longer. She turned in her seat and looked at .

“What is your problem you’ve been all weird since I got here. And to be honest I don’t like it.”

glanced at . He sighed he had to tell her. He pulled over to the side of the road.

“Well I” started to say but stopped he was finding this harder than he thought it would be.

don’t ballshit me. Just tell me what’s up? Please” almost begged

“ I want to break up I can’t stand the fact that I never see you we don’t have any form of relationship. Its unfair on either of us.”

was speechless. She knew it was tough with them being apart that why she was planning on staying in Sligo for good.

was a model because her agent was in LA she had to spend most of her time out there. understood it. Well that’s what she thought until now.

“ But you were fine.” said tears springing to her eyes.

“I was but I can’t stand never seeing you. So its best if we break up. See other people and stuff. I want us to be friends though .” tried to take hands in his but she pulled them away.

“Don’t you touch me. Friends I don’t want to be friends. Go to Hell .” With that opened the car door and jumped out.

and almost jumped out their skins when there was a knock at her bedroom door.

honey you in there. ’s going. What are you doing?” looked to and almost laughed her mum would die if she knew what they were really up to.

“Nothing mum ’s just helping me grab some stuff to take to his. Will be right out.”

pulled back down on the bed. “Now that was fun” “ come on. Get dressed.” pouted but just looked at him.

“ Do you know we should grab all your stuff” turned to look at him to see if he was joking. “ What?” “ Well that didn’t come out the way I wanted. I want you to move in with me.”

didn’t know what to say well she did but she couldn’t find words. “ ’s going” put her dress back on and walked out the room.

and where walking down the main street they had just booked their honeymoon and couldn’t wait. They were walking past baby gap when stopped. He was looking in the window. “I can’t wait till we have kids” he said and smiled. looked at him; the thought of kids hadn’t crossed her mind. She just smiled and walked on. caught up with her. “You ok?” “Yeah just want to get the rest of the shopping done” she lied.

woke up to the smell of ’s cooking. “Yum. Hun can you bring that up please” she shouted down. Two minutes later appeared with a tray in his hands. “Breakfast is served my lady” he said and placed the tray down on the bed next to her, giving her a kiss. “We’re going to and ’s tonight for dinner” he told her and then looked at the clock. “You eat that up babe while I’m in the shower then I’ll take you shopping.” He said and headed for the shower.

looked at her food then a thought crossed her mind. She climbed out of the bed and walked into the bathroom. She peeped around the corner had his eyes closed while he let the water run over his face.

was miles away letting the hot water run over him. When he felt two hands over his eyes he smiled.

“Guess who?” whispered sedulity in ’s ear. “Ooo I don’t know maybe Britney spears. No she’s Thursdays.”

“ Hey” said taking her hands away from his eyes and pouted when he looked at her.

“ You know I’d sooner have you any day” He winked. “Didn’t you want your breakfast?”

“I did but then I thought of something better. You can be my breakfast” said with a glint in her eye.

smiled and pulled her towards him allowing the water to run over their bodies.

honey I have your breakfast here” her mum shouted through the door. “Go away I’m not hungry” shouted back. “But it’s your favourite, pancakes with maple syrup”. She said. “I don’t care I’m not hungry”. “Fine I’ll leave them in the fridge and you and are going to s and ’s for dinner” her mum called out and went down stairs. had yet to tell them her and had split up and that her heart was breaking. She would phone later and give him some excuse so she didn’t have to go she decided.

walked into her living room. She had been giving the cold-shoulder ever since he had said about kids. She thought with everyone coming around later that she better be honest with him.

can I have a word?” “ Have servile.” smiled. sat down opposite him and gave him a weak smile.

“You know you said about kids?” “ Your pregnant” said jumping up and sitting on the arm of the chair. “ NO hell no” said a bit to loudly.

“ Oh.” “ Look I think I better be honest with you. I don’t want kids well not yet. I’m only 22. I don’t want them to I’m at least 33.”

“ You don’t want kids to then but what about me and what I want?” “ We can have fun together. Have a life a kids will ruin that.”

“ I want kids right after were married I don’t want to wait” started to shout.

“ Well I bloody well don’t I’m the one that will have to carry it I want a life first”

just glared at her he picked up his car keys. He decided he’d go to his parent’s home and see .

was not enjoying this shopping trip mind you she wasn’t a big shopper unless it involved HMV for three hours. “I want to go in here,” pointed to an Estate agent. ’s stomach did back flips thinking of what he said last night.

“ Why? You have a house.” stopped before opening the door. “I want a new one. For us.” said hopefully.

“ What” shouted so loudly that passer bys stopped to look at her.

“ Don’t you want us to be together?” looked at him softly. “Of course I do but don’t you think it’s too soon. I told you yesterday”

“No you didn’t answer me” “ Well I don’t want to move in not yet.”

I want us to make a go of this relationship. I want to show that were committed to each other.” said taking ’s hand in his.

“We can be but we don’t need to move in with each other.”

“Whatever. We better go and will expect us in a few hours I need to drop you off home first.” turned around and stormed of ahead of .

Part 2

opened the door to be greeted by his mum who was just on her way out.
“Hey .” “Hey mum is in?” “Yeah she’s upstairs she’s not come down once can you have a word please.”

nodded and headed up to room.
heard a light tap on her door. She knew it was . Ever since they were kids they made up a knock. It was silly really but it just stuck.

got out of bed and opened the door jumping into ’s arms she started to cry.

“ He broke up with me. Said I was in LA all the rime but I wasn’t going to go back I was leaving. I was going to tell him that I’m staying in Sligo. He doesn’t want me.”
said in between sobs.

“It’s ok everything will be ok.” ’s heart was breaking for himself and his sister.

“You sure you don’t want to come tonight?” asked he had managed to get her out the room and to eat something.

“No I’ll stay here and have a chick fest I may even go for a walk later on.”

smiled and hugged goodbye.

As he pulled up to the drive he saw that was already there. He was pleased at it meant he and wouldn’t have another argument.

was sitting in the kitchen with they were talking about their problems.

“ Well if you’re not ready for kids your not. Can’t you come to some agreement or something?” said helpfully.

“ We properly could but I’m being stubborn for a change.” “ Oh well if that’s the case go ahead.”

“What about you and . I’ve never seen you so happy I thought you would have loved to move in with him and have a you say the master all to your self.”

“ I thought that I would and I do but I’m totally freaked out. I think it’s too soon.”

“I guess” said hugging her friend.

“Do you remember when our life’s were simple and we would just sit chatting about our blokes and what we would and wouldn’t do.” said laughing.

“I know I was thinking about my life without and how simple it would be without him”

“Well that can always be arranged” said from behind her.

’s eyes widened. “ I never meant that as it sounded you know.”

“Well I don’t know I just heard what you said and to come to think of it. It explains why you don’t want to move in with me. Your life is simple without me.”

stop being a jerk” shouted back at him.

“A jerk now am I. Well I tell you what. Have your simple life back and I can be a jerk with someone else.”

“ Fine like I give a damn” spate back looked to for help but he wasn’t giving any.

you don’t mean that. you know she doesn’t” said trying to make the peace.

“ I wouldn’t move in with you if you were the last man on earth pushed pass him and ran out the door.

followed behind but he didn’t go after he jumped in his car and drove off.

glared at . “You could have helped you know.” “ Its there problem let them deal with it.” “ You mean like we are.” “ You don’t want kids I do I don’t know what to say or do. I’m staying at my folks home tonight.”

walked out the door leaving a speechless standing there. “ Oh what a great night this was.” She said to herself.

was walking down the road where lived. She was debating to knock on his door and have a few words with him. She had got all the way to the gate before turning around and heading to s place.

was so mad how could he have thought that was the one. As he turned around the corner he saw a figure walking down the road. He knew who it was.

pulled his car a long side her and rolled down the window.

jumped out her skin when she heard her name she had been thinking of and didn’t even notice pull along side her.

“Want a ride?” asked opening the door for her to get in. “So how are you?” asked politely.

“Don’t ask” “Like that is it?” nodded setting off wherever the wind took them.

“ Tell me about it?” took his eyes of the road for a seconded. “I’ll tell you if you tell me.”

and had been talking and drinking for four hours now it was 4am. They were both out there heads.

“I’d drive you home but I’m drunk” laughed into ear.

“Oh where will I stay?” “ Here with me” “I’ll stay with you smiled he lent forward and kissed .

pushed him off then pulled him back. pushed on the floor never breaking the embrace.

was fuming. How could be so stupid? Ok him over hearing her say life was simple without him was not good but she didn’t mean it as it sounded. If he had waited he would have heard her say that.
‘Yeah life was simple without him but she was missing something in her life and that something was . She knew that as soon as she saw him. So simple it may have been but not complete.’

“Men” shouted, “Were not that bad are we?” turned around and saw walking to her.

“I didn’t know you came here as well?” asked “Yeah whenever I need to think”

” “ ” Both of them said together. “ Why is it love is so crazy” asked sadly “ I wish I knew.”

“ Why don’t I take you home? Its freezing out here” offered.

“ Thanks but I’m staying at ’s as his gone away with and he hates his house being left alone. You can stay too”

“Yeah sure.”

and walked back to ’s house grateful it wasn’t too far.

let them both in. She found a note on the side.

‘You’ll have to sleep in my bedroom as the others are being decorated.’

turned to and blushed a little bit. “Were going to have to share a bed if you don’t mind” smiled shyly.

“ If your ok with it so am I. Were both adults.” “Yes we are.”

Part 3

went into the bathroom to get changed while stripped to his pants and got into bed.

A few minutes later walked out wearing a t-shirt that remembered was ’s.

jumped into bed snuggling into the covers. “ I’m freezing.” “ You do only have on ’s top.” smiled “ What can I say I love it.” “And him?” “Of course I love him we are just both going through that lovers tiff thing. Like you and .”

“Yeah I guess. Can we not talk about them and find something else to chat about?”

“Yeah sure but can I ask a fave can you give me a hug as I’m freezing.”

opened his arms for to lie into. looked down at as she looked up not meaning to he kissed her.

found that kissed him back. He rolled her over so he was on top of her. Both wanting and needing each other.

“ You sure you want to do this?” asked her. “Yes but It doesn’t mean anything” nodded his head leaning back down to kiss while pulling her top off while she pulled of his pants off.

was sitting in the living room thinking over the night’s events. When there was a knock at the door. She got up slowly and answered it. “Hey what you doing here I thought you would be with ” she said and let him in. “No I broke it of with her, she was always in LA” he said. “Is in” he asked. “No his staying at his parents house, we had a fight over having kids” she told him. She lead him into the living room and then went a got a bottle of wine and two glasses. “She sat on the couch and gave a glass, she poured some wine for him then poured her glass.

was lying on the floor with in his arms. He looked down at her. How could want to give something so beautiful and successful up he thought. He slowly picked her up trying not to wake her but wasn’t successful. She smiled at him and he kissed her and carried her to his bed.

and where lying peaceful with in s arms. She was just what he needed right now some support and as it was sex and no feeling attached he didn’t feel guilty one bit.

looked at the clock it was late or early she couldn’t decide. “ I’m going to bed want to cone” she asked him. looked a bit shocked but slowly got up and followed “ to hers and ’s bedroom. “ closed the door once they were in and pushed onto the bed kissing him strongly as she done so. woke to the phone ringing. She looked at and cursed under her breath.

She ran to the phone and picked it up. “Hello the ’s” said as happily as she could.

Hun it’s me . and I on our way home we should be there in an hour.”

’s breath caught in her throat. “ Oh great I’ll see you then.” She hanged up the phone and ran into .

“ Get up and are on the way home. Now move.”

turned over and looked at her. “ Can’t we play first?” looked at him with a don’t mess with me look.

didn’t pay any attention what so ever. He grabbed ’s hand and pulled her back onto the bed.

didn’t have any of it. She pushed him off her and walked into the kitchen.

After a little while walked in fully dressed. “Look I’m sorry” He said sheepishly.

“Look don’t worry last night was last night. Ok” replied turning around to face him and forcing a smile.

“Want a hand tidying up?” He asked picking up a plate and putting it in the sink.
“No I’m ok go and see “ .”

stepped forward and kissed lightly on the head and walked out.

walked back into his bedroom. He was surprised that was up and dressed.

She turned and looked at him and smiled. “ Thanks for last night said laughing lightly.

“I know. Sorry about that. I think we were both so angry and just needed someone.”

“ You’ll sort things out with her she’s properly just freaked out. Talk to her later or something.” suggested helpfully.

“ I still can’t believe would give you up your beautiful and if I wasn’t so in love with maybe we could have got it together.”

smiled shyly. Yeah was hot but he wasn’t for her. “ Maybe but I don’t think there will be anyone like .”

“Tell you what why don’t we go for a coffee or something my treat.” offered holding his hand out for to take.

turned over in bed and snuggled into more. She was just drifting off again when she heard the front door open. Her eyes widened with horror.

” “ shouted out waking up in the process.

“Yeah it’s me. Do you want a drink?” He shouted up to her. “Yeah thanks”

said trying to act cool. She looked at . “Get dressed and creep into the spare room. I’ll tell you stayed the night.

“Ok.” lent forward and kissed “ lightly on the lips.

trotted into the kitchen and smiled at her stomach doing back flips at the thought of him knowing about her and .

“So listen I’ve been thinking. Will have kids when the time is right” said with his back to “ . Not daring to look at her for fear of what he may feel.

“Thank you” “ said slightly happy it didn’t break into an argument.

came to see you he stayed the night he should be down soon.”

“Ahh said more to himself than “ .

Part 4

didn’t fancy being at ’s when he got there so she left a note saying she’ll be back later.

had been walking for ages she must have guessed. She couldn’t believe she had slept with last night. Ok it was what they both needed at the time to let of steam but it wasn’t an excuse to go ahead with it.

She finally came to a stop and looked up. Funny enough she found herself out side ’s house the one he wanted her to be apart of. decided against knocking on his door and walked back to ’s again.

was in her bedroom packing her and ’s things away when she noticed something by the side of her bed. She bent down too pick it up.

It was s wallet.

did say anything to you about her having company over?” shouted down the stairs. “No, why?” he shouted up. “Nothing just thought I would ask” she called back. She had to find out why ’s wallet was in her room and why it wasn’t Kian’s.

walked into ’s house. “Hello” she called and waited for a few minutes then appeared. “ ’s just gone up to see the horse” she said, “Why don’t you come and have a sit down” lead the way into the living room where she had left ’s wallet sitting purposely on the table.

“You better give this back to , he left it here, funny thing is I don’t know how that could have been as he wouldn’t have been in our bedroom in fact it should have been if anything that was in our house” she said looking smugly.

“Well, I, I “ stuttered. “Look you better tell you and spent the night here in our bedroom or I will,” said with a serious tone. didn’t have time to reply as had came in and he would hear every word if she said anything, she would just have to leave it.

smiled as came down the stairs. “Hey mate,” he said to . “Hey, I was round seeing last night” he told him. “Yeah how is she?” “Heart broken that you broke it off, I had to force her in to eating, go and talk to her” said with pleading eyes. “ I would but she doesn’t want to know me, she won’t even be friends with me” told him. “It’s not ’s fault isn’t eating, it’s hers, she’s been stupid and should just grow up” said. turned round and glared at her something she didn’t like one bit.

felt better talking things through with Kian seemed to have eased her pain just.
decided that she was going to stay in Sligo after all. With or without being her man. just hoped it wasn’t the latter.

As she walked up the path to s house she could help but smile. She started to think of Kian. If she was honest she did think was hot when she first saw him but then she met and everything changed that.

Anyway she really didn’t want to get on the wrong side of when it came to her man . And yet she couldn’t understand why didn’t want to move in with she thought would have jumped at the chance.

As carried on thinking stuff through she didn’t realise that she was now standing outside s door. As she pressed the doorbell, Her heart broke into a thousand pieces at the sight of there.

“Wh.. What are you doing here?” asked in a whisper.

was just as speechless he new he was going to see soon but he didn’t no how soon. It pained him not to move forward and kiss her passionately.

“I stayed the night” said walking back into the kitchen and giving a knowing look. Not realising that caught the look. Her mind started to race at what it could mean.

She decided it didn’t mean anything and pushed the thought aside.

had been sitting watching the film for about ten minutes she had to get out of there. She couldn’t help but look over at . A few times she had caught him looking at her but he soon turned back to the film as if nothing had happened.
couldn’t take it anymore she had to get out of there and fast.

“ I’m going.” said standing up and running out the door before or could stop her.

looked over at and gave him a hard look. “ This is your fault.” stood up and followed out he couldn’t let her walk home alone.

looked at and smiled at her. “ Last night was great . You’re a great girl. You’ll Make a happy man.”
“Yeah well sometimes I think he won’t make me a happy woman.” looked back to and smiled. Both thinking the same thing.

walked over to and pulled her to him and led her upstairs.

could not stand it any longer she had to tell what happened with her and how she didn’t know. All she wanted to do was push it aside. She had been standing outside ’s house for about 20 minutes and she was freezing to death. She was just about to knock when opened the door. Shock showing on his face.

“ What are you doing here?” “That’s nice isn’t it? I’ll go then.” said angrily turning to walk away.

“Don’t be silly I just thought you had the hump with me.”

followed into the living room. “ I got a text from said you wanted to tell me something.”

’s heart stopped dead. ‘Oh god what if she’s told him how was she going to explain her moment of rage turned into madness that just so happened to include his best friend.

“Ummummm ummm. I…. I. It’s like this. I don’t know how to say this but. Um well I.”

just tell me you’re not the type of gal to think before you speak.”

“Umm well I want to move in with you if that’s ok.” Doh could have hit herself she didn’t want to say that either but it was too late.
had her in his arms and kissing with all the love in the world. found herself melt into him wanting to die with the guilt.

had managed to catch up with when he did she was sobbing her heart out. “Hey Hun come here.” pulled her close to him and let her cry.

“I love him I still love him and I want him back” said in between her tears.

turned over and looked at laying peacefully in his sleep. What was she doing this just couldn’t happen.

She didn’t even know why it was happening. She couldn’t take it no more she was going to have to talk to someone and that someone was going to be as sure as hell couldn’t no.

Part 5

made a grunting sound as her phone started to vibrate then make some stupid tune. She picked it up of the side and looked at it blurry eyed.

‘We need a girl chat tonight at mine. Ill call you later don’t tell .’ made another grunting sound and threw her phone across the room. She hid under the covers again.

“So why haven’t we to tell about our girly meeting” asked as she sat down on ’s sofa after getting rid of and for the night. “Because will flip if she knew what I’m going to tell you” said and took a deep breath.

“Ok don’t speak to I tell you what happen and what I want to happen” said

There was a silence in the room until spoke again. “I slept with last night as I was mad at and now every time I see him I end up in bed with him or want to bed him and I don’t know why”. “Wow girl that’s hard I don’t know what to say, I mean you and I would have never have though about that”

you need to sort this out with cause loves him, she told and told , I over heard, Hun she wants him back” said.

She didn’t know what to say to as if she told her off and said it was wrong she would be contradicting herself, yet if she told her it was ok when it wasn’t she would be lying.

pulled into a hug. “ Your properly as you said mad at . You have to sort it out one way or another. You can’t keep doing this. Its unfair on , and you.”

“I know but I want . I think me marrying is the wrong thing to do. I don’t love him . I really don’t”

looked at stunned she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “ You what but. Can’t you think about it a bit longer.”

“I’ve made my mind up. “ said determined of her choice. She knew it was right she didn’t love .

“So anyway how are things with you and Kian?” asked wanting to change the subject.

“Were ok. I told him I’d move in with him.” replied with a sigh.

“Ok why is it you don’t seem pleased?” “Because I’m not, I didn’t mean to say it. It just came out and now I’m stuck.”

“You can always tell him you’ve changed your mind” said helpfully but deep down knowing would be really upset.

“ Yeah like that would work. Hey I’ve changed my mind again. I do want to move in with him at some point but now is too soon.”

“Now is too soon for what?” and turned around and looked at the door. Standing there was , and .

“What are you two talking about?” asked walking forward and kissed on top of her head.

“A party” said thinking fast.

“Why is it too soon for a party. is back home and she has some news as well so I say party and she can tell everyone. Right?” said looking to who smiled weakly at him.

looked at her friends. and had joined them at and place. She was grateful no . She looked at her friends all loved up she longed for it to be her. Why couldn’t it be someone else having the problems?

stood up and walked into the kitchen and grabbed a glass from the cupboard she walked over to the fridge and grabbed a bottle water.

“Hey Hun how you feeling?” smiled as she turned around and looked at .
“Ok I’m just thinking party means .” “I know but you want him back. Don’t you?” asked while sitting down at the kitchen table.

“Yeah I do but I don’t know.” ran her hand through her hair and walked over to the table and sat down opposite . “ You know us and the other night well I was thinking, and I had a funny thought if you weren’t with maybe we could have got together.” said blushing.

“We properly would have.” winked at her.

“I need to go to the bathroom” said standing up and walking outside. She heard and conversation.

She walked back into the living room her face white as a ghost.

“What’s up?” Shane asked rushing to her side. “ and slept together.”

“WHAT?” screamed. looked at her she had totally forgot where she was she didn’t mean to blurt it out what so ever it was a total accident.

Before anyone could say or do anything had run into the kitchen and had pinned against the wall.

“What the fuck are you doing shouted from behind her.

“You slept with him didn’t you. You slept with my .”

was in totally shocked and generally scared for her life.

“ What no” whispered “ Where did you get that idea from?” asked standing Next to her trying to see when he can pull off before she did some damage.

“There’s no point in saying No. Just heard you. Well tell you what. I slept with the other night.”

“What?” It was now ’s turn to shout.

“Yeah sorry . It just well you should no. Its not like you haven’t been sleeping with .

“ You slept with ?” asked shocked

turned to him. “Yes I have been. You know I said he stayed in the spare room that was a lie., He was in my bed.

“Well screw you.” said storming off.

“Hey where the hell do you think your going?” shouted after him.

let go of and slapped her around the face making her fall to the floor.

“Your nothing but a little slut.” “And your not?” snapped back at

“No I’m not. you sleep with anything male. What is it don’t you get enough attention.”

turned around and walked out the door.

looked at with a frown and she shrugged and walked over to .

walked upstairs to her room and slammed the door shut.

Part 6

was watching the football when there was a knock at his door. He grumbles under his breath and went to answer it.

was standing there arms folded and a look of pure hatred written all over it.

“What’s up?” He asked opening the door for her to enter.

“Thought I’d let you know you missed all the fun at s. Everyone knows you and have been sleeping together everyone knows me and had a one night stand and everyone knows and slept together and if he wasn’t with me he would have her.” said as a matter of fact.

“He touched my girl I’m going to fing kill him.” shouted while grabbing his coat of the side making sure his keys were in his pockets.

“Good can you kill him for me as well.”

you’ll be going to a funeral.” “Like I’d even go.”

“Why did they sleep together?” asked while opening his car door.

“Cause we were all fighting. I don’t know I didn’t stick around to ask. Can you drop me off at my please? I need to get away from here. My folks are away so I may join them.”

“Sure Hun of course I will.” looked at with a small smile he could see she was crushed even if she did sleep with someone else herself. He decided now wasn’t the time to talk bout any of it.

dropped off and headed to ’s house.

It didn’t take him too long to get there. When he pulled up outside he saw car there as well. Seeing nothing but red he stopped just outside ’s drive. Revved his engine and pressed the peddle to the floor and he smashed into ’s Porsche.

and were in his kitchen she was crying over her coffee. Then they heard a loud smash.

automatically thought it was having another one of her rages so when they ran outside and saw Nicky’s car in the back of ’s Porsche she was surprised.

“He knows” whispered at the side of her. “ must have told him,” added

“It may not have been there was servile other people there” said defensibly.

this is were talking about.” nodded. The next thing he knew had punched him in the face and he was laying on the floor.

oh my god how could you hit him” shouted at him and rushed to ’s side.

“That’s it look after your new boyfriend. Was he a good shag?” spate at her.

“For god sake do you want to know something yeah it was it was great sex. At least is there for me. God you have a cheek what about . Are you forgetting you slept with her?”

went to answer back but changed his mind thinking of something else to say.

“We not together.” said more to the floor than anything but it was loud enough for to hear.

“Exactly were not together you broke it off with me cause I’m in the States all the time. Well you’ll come unstuck now won’t you cause I’m staying in Sligo.”

looked up at her then looked at .

“Yeah and your staying for him. Well fuck you both. Maybe I’ll see if wants some more company when she goes.” turned on his heels and went back to his car.

As he drove down the road he pulled over and hit the steering wheel and cried.

helped up and led him into the kitchen where she grabbed some ice from the freezer she put it in a towel and placed it on ’s face.“Ouch that hurts” pouted. smiled softly at him. “Well yeah it will.”

“Why did you tell we slept together?” asked quietly

“Cause they obviously all think we did so why not let them think that?”

“We didn’t though did we when it came to it we didn’t my love for was too strong and it’s the same for

“Well why can’t we have sex?” “ I think you’re a great girl but no.”

“Fine whatever.” said pouting but kind of glad that did turn her down.

She started to think of ’s reaction maybe just maybe he did still care for her it sure seemed that way.

walked down the stairs to find sitting in the kitchen drinking Vodka and Red ball.

“Hey” She said almost at a whisper.

“Us isn’t going to work is it?” asked turning around and looking at her.

“No it isn’t.” “It has nothing to do with or does it?”

“No I think we both have known for a while especially with the whole kid thing. I just don’t feel anything for you anymore. Sorry”

looked at her he knew she was right but it still hurt.

“You don’t have to be sorry . We’ve had fun.” “That we have. I won’t forget you. And I want to let you know I don’t hate you or . I do understand. I’m going to see her now before I leave.”

“Leave” asked a bit shocked.

“Yeah I’ve got my flight all booked my stuffs packed. I’m going back to London I got a job offer that I turned down. I called them and they said it was still open for me. So next time your at Gatwick say hi.”

stood up and walked over to her pulling her into a hug.

“Bye.” kissed her tenderly on the lips.

opened the door to his house and stormed upstairs. stood at the bottom watching her husband storm upstairs.

“It’s not my fault .”

stopped at the top and turned and looked at her. “No it may not be your fault but did you have to blurt it out like that?”

“I was in shock. It was bad enough finding and had slept together.”“What do you mean? We found out after we found out about “ and .”

stood there while watching his wife shacking her head. “I found s wallet the day we got back in the bedroom. So I knew before and I asked to tell but all this happened today.”

’s mouth fell to the floor his wife knew his sister had spent a night with someone else and she didn’t tell me.

“ Thanks for the trust .” said now walking down the stairs.

is my cousin more than his more like a brother. So my first thought was to protect him.”

“Yeah and my thought is my sister. I’m going to see her. I don’t know if I’ll be back tonight.”

picked up his keys and stormed out the house leaving looking on. Wishing she had not known anything.

Par 7

was just placing her suitcase in her car when she saw a car pull up along hers she looked up and saw it was ’s.

“Hey ’s how did it go?” “Well admitted they slept together and there together and I hit in the face.” He said all at once. Then he noticed ’s suitcase.

“Where you going?” asked making a gesture to the suitcase.

“Well came by she’s going back to London and it got me thinking I need to get away for a bit just a few weeks so I’m going to my uncles Holiday villa in Barbados.
I know I also cheated on but I don’t know I just need to get away.”

“Can I come with you?” looked at him not sure if he meant it or not.

“You can it’ll be nice to have some company. I’ll call the airline and get a extra seat and you go and pack and ill pick you up in an hour.”

“Cool thanks .” got back in his car and went home.

On his way he went back to ’s and saw that s car was there as well as s.

He sighed killed the engine and knocked on the door.

opened the door and stepped aside.


¨ “What do you want now .”

“I just wanted to let you know I’m going away for a bit and is there a reason I shouldn’t go?”

looked at him then at the floor. “Why should there be?” She asked trying to keep her voice firm.

“I don’t know. Well I should be leaving soon if you think of something let me know.”

went to walk out but stopped him.

“Hey where you going? just in case we can’t get you on the mobile”

“Barbados.” walked out and shut the door.

“How can he go Barbados on short notice like that and get a place this time of year? its really busy” asked puzzled.

“He couldn’t unless he knows someone who knows someone.”

looked at and . “ our uncle has a villa out there doesn’t he his going there.”

got out his mobile and called .

“Hello” “ its did you get the villa?”

sighed how did he know that. “Well not exactly. I got it for me I told ’s he asked if he could come I said yes.”

“You’re going together what why?” “ Cause I’m not staying around here for the time being I feel bad for sleeping with . And I cannot bare to see and together so yeah I’m going. I’ll call you.” With that hanged up her phone.

looked at it then at and .

“You’re a couple now?” shouted at them.

“What no” said in shock.

“Well thinks you are. And obviously cause his going with . “

“Were not we didn’t even sleep together,” shouted back with tears in her eyes.

looked at her confused. “Huh?” “I just told that to piss him off. We didn’t sleep together I love too much and loves .”

“So you didn’t sleep together?” “No” answered

“Ok I think I’m getting it. and broke up making him turn to who had a row with . Who found who had a row with you? You guys were together that night but didn’t do anything. Now everyone knows who slept with who or who may have slept together.
has gone back to London. And and are on their way to the airport and were standing here why?” asked shacking his head.

“ Yep” said now a bit confused herself.

“ I say we go and get them” stated making his way out the door.

and looked at each other and followed behind. They couldn’t let and go not without knowing the truth.

went to ’s first there was no luck, he then went to ’s and found him gone also.

“Call their mobiles” offered her stomach doing back flips at the thought of leaving her.

felt her phone vibrate in her pocket she got it out and saw ’s number flashing on the screen. She pressed cancel.

“She cut me off she cut me off” shouted and tried her number again to here her voice mail.

, do not get on that plane you’ll regret it and didn’t sleep together they said it to piss you off Come back now.”

Once they had reached the airport the plane for Barbados had already left.

, and were waiting in the airport for the flight from Barbados to Dublin landed.
“I don’t see them,” said at the side of . You sure she said she will be back today?” He asked impartiality.

“Yes cause she had something to tell me before anyone else.”“What?” asked again. turned and looked at him with a frown.

your sounding like a kid shut up and wait.”

“Oh my god.” and heard say they looked around and knew exactly what was talking about.

Part 8

and were walking out hand in hand not award of the others standing there.

looked at and smiled weakly at her. “ So how we going to tell them?” asked as he took ’s hand in his.

“Umm. I don’t know. We’ve been away for two months now, longer than planed. They’re properly very much together by now. And us, well who would have thought me and you would have ended up together?”

laughed lightly trying to hide her nervous at returning to Sligo.

“So do we make it known from the start or what?” “I don’t know. Lets see what happens.” kissed lightly on the lips as they continued to walk through customs at Dublin Airport.

“I can’t be here I cant see this.” whispered at the side she turned and ran off. looked at and followed after her. He was glad he had followed behind .

jumped when she heard her named called she let go of ’s hand.

“What are you doing here?” She asked with a confused tone

“You asked me” stated and pulled her into a hug while glaring at .

“You had news remember to tell me and I take it by you and its that”

looked at and smiled. She looked back at her brother she could tell something was up.

“Didn’t you get my message?” asked as the three of them walked to his car.

“No I lost my phone. I had it when I left and when we landed I didn’t have it. Why did you leave a message?”

“Yeah but now it doesn’t matter” opened the boot and put and ’s bags inside he walked around and got in the drivers seat leaving and to sit in the back well that’s what he thought would happen.

sat in the front and sat in the back. Which thought was weird.

“So how did you too get together?” asked as best he could without having a go at them.

“It just happened we were talking about and together. So I said to we should date or something. And she said why not.”

“And that’s it?” asked looking at with a disapproving look.

“Yep pretty much” smiled looking back at .

The rest of the journey was quite.

didn’t know what to say. Well he did but he knew he couldn’t now. He just wondered how and were.

was fuming really and truly. and were now together. She knew she wanted him back ok that was before the whole thing but still she couldn’t believe it.

talk to me” asked, “I know how your feeling I’m feeling it to.”

“I know you are . I just don’t get why”

“Well If they thought we were together then that may explain it.”

“Why do you stand up for them can’t you be angry and do something mad like sleep with me?”

pulled his car over and looked at her.

“Because I love and you love and I am mad trust me. When we see them we can ask them. Come on do you really think and love each other cause I sure as hell don’t.”

looked at and smiled. “I agree”

As was looking out the window she could have sworn she saw ’s car at the side. She wanted to tell to go back but she didn’t.

dropped of first then took to her place.

When he came back downstairs was standing in the kitchen with a cup of coffee for her and him.

“Your not impressed about me and are you?”

sighed and lent against the side.

“No I’m not cause I think your both doing it cause of and .”

“No.” said sharply.

“don’t take that tone of voice with me. You have the whole and thing wrong anyway.

“Do i. I don’t think so.” said tipping her coffee down the sink and placing the glass on the side with a thud.

“Yes you are and I’m not going to tell you. You can find out the hard way.”

“God you’re my brother and your taking their side” said in total disbelief.“Well I didn’t but I know the story you don’t so yeah I’m on their side. And let me tell you if something does happen it’s your fault.”

put his coffee down and walked out. Leaving totally confused.

walked into his house threw down his suitcase and walked right out again.

He couldn’t help it he had to drive pass where she lived. Just to make sure she was ok. He did want to tell her about him and anyway.

As he walked up her drive he heard a car beep behind him as he turned around he saw ’s Porsche stop and the two of the step out.

crossed her arms and walked up to him.

“What are you doing?” looked at then back to .

“Just wanted to say hi and see how you are.”

“How nice” snapped

“Sorry. I shouldn’t have come I just I don’t know had to see you.” said honestly.

“What about ?” asked he was still standing at the side of his car watching and listening.

“What about her?” “ We know your together we were with at the airport” added

“What why?” asked panicked

“Because we wanted to sort things out with you.” said still making sure she used her harsh tone in her voice

“Oh” Was all he could say.

looked at him she could tell he was confused,

“Don’t you want to know why?”

“Yeah I do but I’m afraid of the answer.” “Why?” asked

“Cause I just am.” “ Come in will talk.” turned around and looked at .

“Do you want to come in as well?” “Yeah I better.” locked his door and followed and inside.

sat down in the living room. He was really nervous for some reason.He couldn’t explain his feelings either.

sat down opposite him.

“Do you know what I think we need here as well.”

“What why?” shouted

“Cause she’ll have to know anyway.” continued.

By this point was thinking the worse. Their getting married she pregnant there moving and now he had to wait longer until got there.

looked at her phone and saw ’s number flashing on the screen.She picked it up then chicken out.

frowned at his phone and dialled ’s number again.

“Hello” said

“Hey look can you come to please. is here and I think we need to clear the air.”

“K” put down the phone she went to run out the door but stopped. She ran upstairs quickly and changed.

She didn’t know why she did it she just felt like she had to change.

was standing at the window when he saw ’s car pull up in the drive he couldn’t help but smiled he had missed her like hell.

He turned around and went to open the door.

killed the engine and took a deep breath it was only now she was thinking what was going on.

She stepped out the car and walked up to the door it was only when she was there she noticed looking at her.

stopped dead and looked at him. He was in his baggy jeans and a tight white top showing of his body.

are you ok?” asked her with a questionable look.

“Um what yeah fine.”

walked into the living room she looked at and half smiled.

She looked at and sat next to him.“Right she’s here now when the wedding?” asked. “What your getting married” asked shocked she could feel the tears coming to her eyes.

Part 9

“No” said, “Can you let us speak” said interrupting .

stood up and walked over to .

and looked at each other. took ’s hand for support.

“ Have you two slept together?” asked looking at take ’s hand and hating it.

“No” said sharply.

“Ok well will continue then. The thing is you think we slept together we didn’t. I know I said we did but we didn’t I wanted to hurt you.” said sighing she was grateful she got it out there in the open.

let go of hand and walked up to .

“You didn’t sleep with ” “Nope. We almost did but when it came to it I knew I loved you more and loved .”

“Oh.” turned and looked at . She was looking out into space he could see tears in her eyes but she wasn’t letting them fall.

I need a word” stood up and pulled outside.

looked at him and smiled. “Its ok I know your dying to be back with her. It was fun while it lasted right?”

smiled at her and pulled her into a hug. “ you don’t have to do this.” “Yes I do come on if were honest we only got together cause we thought they were but there not. So you can work things out cause its obvious wants to.”

and walked over to the window. “What do you think there talking about?”

“I don’t know but whatever it is is leaving the back way.” said turning around and running out the front.

Just as walked back in.

“Is everything ok?” asked concerned.

“Yeah I hope it will be. and I broke up. Not that we were really together it was more cause we thought you two were so we thought we would be too.”

“Oh” said happily. “ I do love you I still love you, I know you slept with but we weren’t together so I can’t be mad at you.”

“I no that’s true I didn’t want to hurt you.” said walking further towards .

“I no. God I died when I saw you with ” “Sorry.” placed her finger on ’s lips.

“Don’t be sorry. Look I’m staying in Sligo for good do you think there’s a chance we can try again.”

smiled he removed finger and pulled her close to him.

“Yes” He lent forward and kissed her softly at first getting to no her kiss again. Then more intensely.

“Where are you going?” stopped and looked at .

“Home. going to make it up with so there’s no point me hanging around is there?”

continued to walk to her car not daring to look at .

“Why did you sleep with ?” asked making her stop dead in her tracks

“Cause we broke up and you thought my life was simple without you. You missed the whole conversation. I was pissed off upset heartbroken. was going through a similar thing so we slept together. I regretted it ever since. He asked me to sleep with him again and I said no cause of you.

walked around the side of ’s car. “ Well is it?” “Is it what?” “Simple without me.”

“No and I didn’t mean that anyway. My life was simple but not complete”

“So say if we got back together you’d be complete again?”

looked at him. “Excuse me that was my hopeful ear.”

I’m not going to lie to you when I thought your life was simple without me it killed me and it killed me to know about you and . But the thing is I love you more I can’t stand not being with you. So yeah I want to try again.I don’t think I helped putting pressure on you to move in with me.”

“Ok I admit I freaked.” laughed. “ So what we going to do then?” asked after a pause.

“ Do you really need to ask me that .” said winking at him then smiling shyly at him.

smiled he lent forward and Kissed passionately

“My place or your?” He asked cheekily. “Mine its nearer.” laughed.

“So were together?” asked just to be on the safe side.

“Yes” said in between kissing him.