What's My Line

looked up from her paper work as Louie walked into the office. “ ” I need these press realises done by tomorrow morning. Thanks” Louie turned and walked back out into his own office.

sighed as she looked at the paper work. ‘ isn’t going to be please’ she thought to herself.

She picked up her phone and dialled his number, after three rings he picked up. “Hey how is my girl?” asked happily. “Um great apart from the work Louis just gave me. I’m going to have to cancel tonight I’ve got tons to do and Lou wants them in the morning.”

could hear the sigh at the other end of the phone. This was the third time this week she had to cancel on her boyfriend.

“I’m sorry Hun. But this work is yours and you go back into promo soon so it needs to be sorted.” said trying to explain.

“It’s fine. Call me when your leaving I’ll pick you up or do you something to eat.”

“Yeah that’s great. I’ll make it up to you the weekend. I better go love you bye”

put down the phone before even had a chance to say anything to her.

“Let me guess 's working.” said as he looked at his mate’s glum face.

“Yeah. God since she got this promotion I’ve seen her less and less and with the band I hardly ever see her.” replied flopping back down on the sofa he picked up his beer that was on the side and downed the rest of it in one go.

“It’s hard but the distance makes the heart grow fonder and all that.” replied sheepishly as he knew he had said the saying wrong.

“So what we lads up to tonight?” asked looking up from texting his girlfriend

“ Nah I’m not up for it” said and then getting looks of the lads as if to say party popper.

“So you heard from ?” asked wanting to change the subject.

“I spoke to her a week or so again but Josh came in and she had to go. I never see her or speak to her it sucks. She’s like my best friend and yet she’s like LA chick it sucks.” said pouting.

“It’s called marriage mate. And you should have asked her when you had the chance Mr were best friends when it was clear it wasn’t.” said as a matter of fact.

frowned. “I’m with lads night.”

looked around at his mates. Out of all four of them only he and was happy in their relationships. Or were with the person they wanted to be with.

was standing in the kitchen when her phone started to beep. She picked it up and saw it was from ‘ Hi Hun not spoke to you in ages. God we need a girlie chat I’ve got to come over in a few weeks to go to BMG there can we meet up?”

“Yeah sure be good” replied back. She missed all her friends back in Ireland. Married life wasn’t what she thought it would be. Since the night she and Josh got back from their honeymoon things had changed right away.

She heard the key in the door turned around and looked at the clock. She had lost track of time and now Josh was home and his tea wasn’t ready.

“Hi I’m home” Josh said walking into the kitchen. Looking tried. “Hey Hun how was filming. Why don’t you go upstairs get changed ill run you a bath and get dinner sorted.”

Josh raised his eyebrows at her. “What do you mean sort dinner out?” fiddled with her fingers

“I umm thought take out would be good.” Josh looked at her and nodded before going upstairs to have a bath.

When he was upstairs let out a huge sigh of relief and ran for the phone. Making sure she got all of Josh’s favourite things.

looked at her clock by the side of her computer. She smiled as her eyes focused on her and . She picked it up and rubbed her fingers over him and gently kissed it.

She looked at her work and sighed she still had loads to do but she wanted to see .

She turned of her computer and made her way home. She would just get up early in the morning and do it.

When she pulled into the drive the lights were out. So when she got inside and went to ’s room she was shocked to see he wasn’t there.

Although she had a key to ’s place they didn’t live together yet. They had only been together two years after he and split up once she found out and had slept together.

felt sick when he wasn’t there she knew they had a good relationship but it wasn’t perfect especially lately with all her work and his. She sat down his bed and took out her cell phone and called him.
“Hey Baby” answered sounding kind of drunk.

“Hey, where are you?” asked.

“At Click with the boys” said, “ another beer man”

, get in a cab and come home” said sweetly.

“Why would do that you’re at work?” snorted.

“I’m at your place” said getting angry “I left work to be with you but okay you stay there with the guys”

“Don’t be like that! I wanted to be with you tonight! But you said you had to work” yelled into the phone “You always have to feckin’ work”

“Yes, get mad at me! You’re the one who got me this job !” yelled back “So don’t feckin’ yell at me!”

hung up her phone not wanting to fight anymore. She hated fighting with more then anything. She felt tears coming to her eyes but she would not let them fall tonight. She was tired and now angry. She pulled one of ’s t-shirts from his drawer, she pulled it on and climbed into bed. She hoped would come home soon.

“What’s up with you mate?” asked “Why the yelling?”

“Nothing” said grabbing a beer and downing it in one go “I’m going home guys.”

“Oh come on said “Stay longer”

“No!” spat “I’m going home”

got up and walked away he felt bad for yelling at the lads but he just couldn’t help it. He was mad at himself for getting mad at . He knew it wasn’t her fault and yes he had gotten her the job. He hoped she would still be there when he got home. He really wanted to just hold her. This rough patch in their relationship was getting much too long.

is coming out for a bit” said taking bite of her food.

“You won’t have much time to see her” Josh said eating his food “You’re coming to set with me”

“Can’t I see her for a bit?” asked like she was asking her father for permission or something “I haven’t seen her since the wedding”

“One afternoon but that is all you will have time for” Josh said getting up from the table “Clean this up” finished her dinner and cleaned up the kitchen. She saw Josh was sitting in the family room watching TV. She decided to go in and sit with him.

“The bathroom needs to be cleaned” Josh said as sat down.

“Can’t it wait until tomorrow? I would really like to just sit with you” said giving him a smile.

“The bathroom needs to be cleaned ” Josh said more firmly. nodded and went upstairs.

After about thirty minutes heard Josh walk up the stairs. She had a quick look around to make sure it was perfect.
Josh opened the door and looked around. Expecting every detail. “It’s good. Well done. Now as your treat you can give me a blow job.”

stood there looking at him. “Josh can’t we have sex I want us to.” Then all of a sudden she felt a sting in her face.

She looked at josh her hand over where he had just hit her. “ What was you saying you bitch” He shouted at her. “I’d love to give you a bj thank you so much Josh for letting me do this.”

knew was still at his when he pulled into the drive he was really pleased she was still there.

He went inside he went upstairs he saw her lying on the bed asleep in his shirt. He stood in the doorway and smiled. He really did love her.

He climbed onto the bed after removing nearly all his clothes he just had his under pants on. Which for him was a shocker, as he liked to go commando.

felt ’s body next to her although she was asleep she just knew she turned around and cuddled into him.

woke up to her phone ringing she leant over to grab it she saw Louis name flashing on the screen. “Um hi Louis what’s wrong?” She asked

“Where are you? It’s 9.30 and I need those press realises now” he screamed down the phone.

slapped her hand against her forehead. She jumped out of bed shoving on her clothes she was cursing under her breath.

“What’s up?” asked his eyes still closed. “I didn’t finish the press realises and I’m late for work. This is your fault” snapped grabbing her bag.

shot up in bed fully awake. “My fault how is it my fault?”

“Well I left them to be with you cause I felt bad and now look I’ve got tons to do. God remind me next time not to bother, its not like I saw you anyway”

looked at her frowning. “My fault you’re the one who cancelled so I went out, blame yourself not me god just run along .” lay back down in bed covering his face with the quilt

bit her lip she was late enough as it was and she wasn’t going to have make her stress even more.

About half and hour later she was finally in work. Sorting the paper work out. She checked her emails to see one from Louis. ‘Make up the hours tonight. I’m not impressed’

sat there looking at the screen. Great just great. She was starting to hate her job and her relationship with . And that wasn’t good considering how much she used to love both. She was thinking of leaving her job though. And she had been doing so for a while now. Not that she talked to anyone about it she was planning to do that when she saw .

opened his door to see standing they’re looking pretty rough. “Come in” he said letting walk in.

When got there he stopped was sitting there talking to . He hadn’t seen her since they broke up. He had left her for and now seeing her he was wondering what it would have been like to be with her.
used to always put him first and go everywhere with him. They ever really argued just little things that they would laugh about a few hours later.

stood up and hugged . “Hey long time” said smiling

“Yeah how are things?” She asked although she did kind of know some of the things going on in his life. This was manly why she was back. She still loved and hoped he would leave and go back to her.

looked at the phone when it started ringing. She wasn’t expecting any calls. Well in fact she never had any calls Josh always made sure of that.

“Hello” She asked a little unsure. “Wow the girl lives and breaths.” said happily down the phone as he heard her voice.

. Wow shocker, how are you?” “ Grand. We were talking about you last night and I was I need to speak to .”

smiled feeling something rush threw her. She felt like she was back in Sligo.

“Nice to know you haven’t forgot me. How is the love life and everyone?

“I’m kind of seeing someone but its nothing series. Just some actress. The others are great.” and chatted for a good few hours she totally forgot the time so when Josh walked in she was suddenly stuck for words.

“Who’s that?” heard Josh ask. “Umm umm its umm it’s a sales man” stuttered.

moved the phone from his ear and looked at it. Since when did stutter and why was he as sales man all of a sudden.

“Hello. We don’t want it so piss off,” Josh said down the phone before slamming it down. He turned to look at .

“You lazy cow. You’ve done nothing as usual.” He grabbed her roughly by the arm and pushed her against the wall.

It was 11.30 in the evening when finished her work. She rubbed her eyes she looked at her phone still no calls from . So she decided to go around there and take some take away.

When she got to ’s he wasn’t there she called him on his phone but got no answer. So after about ten messages later and two hours sitting in his living room she decided to go home to get some sleep at least.

“Do you want to come back to mine for a drink?” asked once they were out the club. The two of them decided to go for a drink, which led to them, clubbing.

smiled at him. “Yeah I’d love one of your coffees.” “I bet you would” winked at her. He felt so more relaxed and at ease.

“Thanks .” He said hugging her and kissing her on the cheek. The two of them looked at each other. Both feeling and seeing the lust in their bodies and eyes.

“ Lets go to mine” said grabbing hands and leading them to the hotel just around the corner. Once they were in her room was all over her.He knew he shouldn’t be doing it but who was he kidding he and had problems and they were properly heading for a break so what was it going to matter a quick fix with .

turned off her alarm but she had not slept a wink that night. She had the worst feeling her stomach like something bad was happening. She called into work and told Louis she would be there in the afternoon because she had an appointment she had forgotten about. She got dressed and headed over to ’s hoping he would know where had been the night before.

“Hey said opening the door to let her in.

“Hey , how is ?” asked coming into the house.“She is great. is with her” said “Want some coffee?”

“Yeah that would be great” said following into the kitchen.

As was coming down the stairs someone knocked at the door. When he answered it burst into the house ranting about something.

man calm down” said repositioning in his arms.

“I slept with last night!” half yelled “I know me and are probably headed for a break but”

“Come into the kitchen I’ll get you some coffee” said heading to the kitchen and stopping dead in his tracks when he saw who else was there was “Hi

just smiled she knew if she spoke a word she would start to cry after hearing what said. just looked at her with an I’m sorry look.

“Well I better be off to work now” said grabbing her keys.

, we have to talk” said standing in front of her.

“No we don’t I understand and it is okay. You never got over her so maybe whatever happened with us wasn’t real so yeah it is okay” said fighting back the tears that were threatening to fall.

, no it isn’t okay” said looking into her eyes which were full of tears “I don’t know what to say”

“Bye , thanks for the coffee” walked out of the house and sped off to work.

“I thought you weren’t coming in until after lunch?” Louie said looking up at as she walked into his office “Oh , what is wrong?”

“I’m finished Louie. I’m sorry but I can’t do this job anymore” said her eyes red and puffy from crying “I need to get away”.

“Okay sweetheart go away for awhile but you always have a job here” Louie said “If you need anything”

“A plane ticket to LA” said “Please Louie”

“For sure Hun, for when?” Louie asked.

“Next plane out” said.

was cleaning the kitchen for the fourth time since she did not clean it well enough before when the phone rang. Josh walked into the kitchen.

“It’s you have 5 minutes” he said handing her the phone.

“Hello said as Josh watched her.

, I’m gonna be in LA tomorrow at 5pm Can you come and get me?” sniffled.

“I don’t know just a sec” said placing her hand over the phone “Can I get at the airport at 5?” Josh just shook his head no “No sorry I have plans I cannot break”

“Oh okay then” said, “Well I will call you tomorrow again once I’m settled”

“Alright Hun” said “Bye”

Josh grabbed the phone from her “She isn’t coming here”

“Josh I think that is something wrong. She needs me” said looking Josh in the eyes.

“Needs you?” Josh asked laughing, “No one needs you sweetie, you’re not good enough to be needed”

was sitting in ’s kitchen had called the guys around. “What’s up?” asked ever the worry guts.

“I’ve screwed up my life. I slept with , came to tell was here she heard were over but now I’m like but, but, but.”

looked to to see if he was series or not. “Well I’m not saying anything cause if I do I’ll kill you. God how can you do that. First and now .”

“I know ok. Me and have got problems well we did have was there and so. But I love

“But you’ve screwed up and now you don’t know what you want” finished for him. nodded his head in agreement.

“I called her at work Louis said she had quit her job and was going away for a bit he didn’t say where” said walking into the kitchen giving an icy stare.

“She’ll go to see said right away.

“I’m going over to her” said standing up but put his hands on his shoulder.

“Firstly you don’t go no where until you’ve sorted out who you want. Then you talk to and you talk to . Give a few days ok. Will talk to her and inform you ok”

just sighed resting his head on the table wishing things was different.

As soon as was in LA she went to her parents house. They were away for the next three months she was mightily glad of it. She wouldn’t have been able to cope with her mum’s comments about the whole situation.

She switched her phone on she had loads o texts and missed calls. She just couldn’t be bothered to read or listen to them all so she deleted every single one.

went into her old room she smiled when she saw it was the same way she left it.

She lay on the bed playing words over in her head. God she knew something was wrong that morning. It was ironic. had left for her and now was leaving her for . Well ok she didn’t know he was leaving her as such but he’s slept with her and that was good enough.

She turned over on her side and cried her eyes out finally falling asleep to the taste of salty tears.

As soon as Josh was out the house was on the phone ringing . When she didn’t get threw she called who refused to speak to her so she ended up with .

“What’s up with I got a call is something wrong?” She asked in a rush in case Josh called to check on her or even came back to the house.

“Umm well slept with knows. Is she with you?” asked.

“What I’ll kill him, oh my god. And no she’s not” “I know you don’t need to say anything Hun. Look when you see or speak to her let us know”

“Yeah you know I will.” put down the phone. She looked at the clock thinking of the time keeping she had to see .

She couldn’t believe could do that to . Even when was with wouldn’t allow them to have an affair. She made him decide who he wanted and that was But now it looked like wanted . decided that she had to see , she looked at the clock and decided she had three hours to get there see and come back and make sure everything was ready for when Josh got home.

went to the hotel when he left ’s. He needed to see to sort himself out and see what he wanted.

He had a lecture of everyone about the whole thing. He felt awful; at the end of the day he had cheated on and used in some way. When was about to leave ’s hotel room she had admitted she wanted him back.

Which confused him cause his relationship with was all over the place but when he saw s face at ’s it just knocked him for six.

He loved her he did but with it was easy there wasn’t any hassle or fights or anything. And couldn’t be bothered to work for something he liked It simple.

knocked on ’s door she opened it pretty quickly. She was shocked to see him standing there but yet very hopeful.

knows about us” He said walking into her room and sitting on the edge of the bed then changed his mind and say on the chair in the corner.

looked at him confused. “You told her about us?” “Nope I was telling I didn’t know she was there she over heard.”

“Oh. I’m sorry” said kneeling down in front of and taking his hand in hers.

“I love her . But I don’t know what I’m feeling for you is real or what I’m in a pickle. I don’t know who I love and who I want.”
“Well you came to me so I say that tells you something.” looked up at her. Yes he did come to see her but he wanted to see she was his first thought. He would be in LA now if the lads hadn’t stopped him. was second best.

“I need to think.” said standing up. nodded her head. “You know where I am. Love you” said her words a lost as ran out the door.

finally opened the door after about five minutes of the buzzer going. She pressed the realise button to open the door.

“Oh my god Hun I’m sorry” said as she pulled her friend into a hug. Wincing slightly as held her tightly

“How do you know?” asked her fresh tears flowing. “I called who gave me to who told me”

nodded her head she walked to the sofa and sat down. went into the kitchen and made her a cup of tea she looked in the cupboards and grabbed some chocolate biscuits.

“Here you go” said handing her the tea and biscuits. took them and gave her a weak smile. “I thought you were busy?” asked nibbling at the biscuit.

“Umm I changed it to later so I can’t stay that long.”

nodded lightly. just looked at her, her heart breaking for her friend.

“I guess I should tell you the story” said after a long silence “You don’t have to say a word if you don’t want to” said placing her hand on her friends shoulder.

“I just I know we were having a rough patch but to cheat on me with that’s like I don’t know I feel like I was some fun until came back. Or whatever. God I quit my job”

looked at her stunned “You what.” “I quit it was getting me down and it was the start of mine and ’s problems.”

“Ok maybe you should explain” said her brain thinking.

sat and explained everything to sometimes she would break down and cry.

“I don’t want it to hurt . God I want him to come rushing to LA tell me he loves me it was all a mistake and its ok and were ok.”

“I know Hun. Maybe it happened for a reason. In some crazy way. It’ll sort itself out I promise”

glanced at her watch it was 630 Josh would be home in half an hour. She felt a wave of panic go threw her.

“Hun I have to go I’m sorry come round tomorrow. Well no call first ok got to go bye” rushed out the apartment.

When she got home she sighed with relief Josh wasn’t home. Which meant she had time to sort everything out.

She rushed inside and went straight to the kitchen stopping dead when she saw Josh sitting at the kitchen table.

“Where have you been?” He asked calmly “ and have broken up and” But Josh cut her off. “I don’t want to hear it. You know the score. You’ve broke the rules and now you have to pay”

started to back off. She turned around to run but Josh was too quick he grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her back into the kitchen and threw her on the table as she landed it broke.

“Look what you’ve done. I’ll make sure you don’t leave this house again” he shouted as he kicked and punched her. Once he was finished he picked her up and stood her against the wall as he shagged her.

On his way back to his place knew he had to see and try to explain. He called to tell him. He offered to go with him. And before knew it the other two lads were going as well.

you really think this is the best idea?” asked.

“Yes, I love her and I want to be with her” said feeling antsy being on the plane for so long “It just clicked in my head when I talked to that was the one I wanted she was my first not

“I hope everything works out for the best” said.

“Plus we can even see while we are here” said giving a smile.

The boys arrived in Los Angeles early in the morning. They could not reach so they went to see if would be at her parent’s place. After knocking and ringing the door bell for a good ten minutes answered the door half asleep and in very small pjs.

“What are you guys doing here?” asked shocked to find at her front door.

“I needed to talk to you and they decided to come along” said looking at her and thinking about how cute she looked “Can we talk?”

“Yeah sure” said “Guys if you want anything look around and the guestrooms are downstairs if you want to sleep or anything”

“Thanks said as and walked upstairs.

They went into ’s room which seemed weird to since he had never been to her real home before. He was just looking around when interrupted his thoughts.

said sitting down her bed.

“We had to call to get the address for here” said smiling “Never been here before”

“So you came to LA to see my parents’ house?” asked awaking up some more.

“No, I came here to say I was sorry” said sitting down on the bed facing her “I know I messed up , but I love you”

“You didn’t think of that the other night with did you?” was still mad and confused about the whole thing so even though she still loved she wasn’t sure if it was still right.

“No, I was mad and stupid and god I cannot lose you” said taking her hands “As soon as I heard you left I wanted to leave right away but the guys told me not to and to give you time. Then I went and saw and she said something that made me realize all I wanted was you. You had been my first thought not

“I don’t know what to say said looking at him tears starting to build.
“Say you love me” said getting closer to her “Please say you still love me”

“I will always love you said letting a few tears fall.

“So what do you think is happening upstairs?” asked the other two guys.

“Hopefully they are getting back together” said “They really do love each other”

“Yeah they do but has to have some doubts since cheated on her with his ex who he left for” said taking a bite of his toast.

“He has a point” said “But changing the subject for a bit I hope we get to see before we leave”

“Oh me too we haven’t seen her since the wedding” said “It is like Josh won’t let her see anyone anymore”

thought about what has just said and about the chat he and had had before with him turning into salesman and such.

“Guys, I think might be in trouble. I have a weird feeling Josh isn’t the good guy we thought he was” said looking worried.

“Come on , wouldn’t marry an asshole” said, “She is smart cookie”

“We are going to see her before we leave no matter what” said thinking about everything since the wedding now.

Josh had beaten up again that morning for not cleaning up the blood from the kitchen the night before. could hardly move and Josh had even cared where he hit her. He would normally only hit her so she could cover it up with her clothes but he punched her the face a few times so her nose was swelled and her right eye was black. knew he did it so she really would leave the house to see . Now she just hoped would not call to see her.

Then the phone rang making her jump out her skin. “Hello” She said her voice shaking with nerves. “ it’s me . Me and the guys are in town and we want to see you.”

“I can’t sorry.” Just then Josh walked in giving her a look. “ please come on we’ve not seen you since the wedding please.” said almost begging.

Josh pulled the phone away from catching her slightly making her yelp.

“Oh my god you ok.” Hearing the voice Josh knew it was . “She’s’ fine look she has to go were going out. Look doesn’t know how to say this to you so I’ll say it for her. She doesn’t want anything to do with you guys anymore so don’t you call here ever again or there will be trouble.”

“ What do you mean she doesn’t want to see us? Were her best friends.” spate back.

“I’m her best friend she’s got other friend so piss off” Josh slammed the phone down turning to look at .

“Why did you say that?” She asked biting her bottom lip

“Cause your mine. Bet you were arranging to run off with him wasn’t you?” Josh shouted at her.

“No. Sorry it’s fine Josh I’m glad you said that. Thanks” said trying to calm Josh down so he wouldn’t hit her again as she was pretty sure her body wouldn’t be able to take anymore.

“Josh I’ve got something to tell you.” said wishing she didn’t have to say this.
“I’m pregnant” Josh broke into a big grin he picked her up and spun her around.

For a few seconds he seemed like the old Josh who loved her and wasn’t this mean wife beater.

“it better be a boy.” He said putting her down. “I’m going out” Josh picked up his jacket and was gone.

stood there shaking. Holding a hand over her stomach. She knew it was cruel to even think it but she wished she wasn’t pregnant she wished a lot of things.

She knew if the baby weren’t a boy it would get the same treatment she got.

“What’s wrong” asked as he put the phone down. “She doesn’t want to see us. Josh said couldn’t tell us herself but she doesn’t want anything to do with us.”

tilted his head to the side. “ That’s not the we know. She was heartbroken that she would have to move to LA. Come on she called us everyday when she was on her honeymoon checking in.”

“Yeah but then she stopped.” said “ Yeah but what if its true. And she doesn’t.” said totally upset the thought of losing her again.

He was in love with her. Had been for ages now. His heart broke the day she got married it was even worse as he was giving her away as her parents were dead. But he did it cause loved Josh. Know one knew he was in love with her even though he half expected they all did anyway.

“Right get a note pad I’m writing some stuff down cause it doesn’t sound right to me.” said not believing it at all.

went to lean in to kiss but she put her hand up to his face to stop him.

. Just because I love you and you say you love me and you’ve come out here doesn’t mean I’m going to jump back into your arms. You really hurt me. And you did something to me that you didn’t even do to .”

stood up and sat on the chair opposite her. “I know I’ve got a lot of making up to do. I know that. I want to make it up to you.”

“Yeah you do. But I can’t blame you for everything. I mean we haven’t been the happy couple lately.”

laughed lightly “No we haven’t that was my fault. I didn’t like not seeing you.”

“And I did? Maybe you sleeping with is a way out for us. We can be friends but” didn’t get a chance to finish what she was saying before was disagreeing with her.

“No. Oh my god no you have it wrong. In a sick way it just made me realise I love you more than I thought I did. It helped me see what I had and what I may lose and I don’t want that.”

looked at him questionably. “ I quit my job” She said lightly. looked at her shocked. Feeling guilty as hell.

“You love that job you would never.” “I loved the job before it got between us. At the end of the day it’s just a job. To be truthful it was getting me down anyway.”

stood up and sat next to her taking her hands in his. “Look can we please try again a fresh start. I’ll do anything to get you back into my life. Can we at least work at it please.”

smiled gently thinking it through in her head not that she really needed to. As she knew what her answer would be.

“Yes I guess I can do that” was kissing her in seconds. “Thank you thank you thank you. Oh my god you won’t regret it I swear” He said kissing her face all over and hugging her tightly.

“I better not cause I’ll be gone in a flash ok.” nodded “Move in with me” He blurted out.

“Huh” said, “Move in with me. It’ll be great” thought for a moment about her answer. “Yeah ok”

“Great come on we have to tell the guys. I say we go out and party” He grabbed her hands and pulled her up and the two of them walked down to the living room where the guys were all sitting huddled together.

“What’s up guys?” asked.“Something is wrong with said not looking up until it dawned on him that is was asked “Wait, what is up with you guys?”

“Back together” said sitting down and pulling down to sit on his lap.

“That is great guys” said giving them a smile.

“It really is” said in agreement.

“Thanks, but what is wrong with ?” asked getting worried.

“Well I called because we all want to see her before we leave and Josh said she doesn’t want to see us again” explained.

“Not true, she came to see me yesterday after I arrived” stated, “She did seem off though”

“We have to go over there,” said getting up “I just know there is something wrong”

After changed they all headed over to ’s. They banged on the door and waited around for a good 20 minutes. could not take it anymore and kicked in the door.

? Where are you?” yelled walking into the house.

saw them outside and she just could not let them in when she was looking like she did. She hoped they would just go away but when she heard the bang and and voice she knew she was going to have to come out.

??” They called walking around.

“I’m here” said walking into the kitchen.

“Oh my god , what happened?” rushed over to her.

“I didn’t clean the kitchen good enough” started to cry. hugged her “You’re gonna be okay. We’re here now is here,” whispered in her ear.

“What? She didn’t clean the kitchen good enough?” asked confused.

“Josh beats her said feeling seize up from her saying it making it all too real.

The lads looked at each other in shock. made his way over to and . pulled away from and turned her towards . grabbed onto him and sobbed into his chest.

walked over to and hugged him realizing how great he was. knew something was up once she saw because the man she was with before beat her but she didn’t want to believe the man married would beat her. The man her best friend loved so much. She was so glad they were there and were going to take her away now.

, I’m gonna go and gather some things for you. Someone call to get us a flight out of here” said walking out of the kitchen.

The lads did not hear someone come the door. Josh saw his door kicked and hear the voices from the kitchen. He knew it was and the boys because of the Irish accents. He could hear though. He went upstairs to look around. He found packing one of ’s suitcase. He was going to have fun doing this. He walked into the room and softly closed the door. He stood behind covered her mouth. tried to scream.

“This room is sound proofed. So no one can hear how I beat sometimes. If you scream or try me I will beat you worse then I beat her because you’re taking her away from me.” Josh whispered in her ear as his other hand went into her pants.

“She is taking an awfully long time” said “ , go see how she is doing”

nodded and headed upstairs. As he was going to reach for the door handle the door opened and out walked Josh.

“I should have married her instead” Josh said walking downstairs and the out the door leaving shocked.

He walked into the room to find curled up sobbing on the bed. ran over to her holding her.

“What did he do to you?” asked softly. didn’t answered she just cried.

“Guys we have to go” said coming into the room “What’s wrong?”

“Josh was here” said “He raped her the feckin bastard raped her”

“Come on we need to get out of here” grabbing the suitcase had packed for . picked and carried her downstairs.

, tell the cops we are coming down there now” said walking back into the kitchen.

“What happened?” asked worried seeing and .

“Josh happened” said stoned faced he was so mad.

“Oh god” said freezing on the spot. stopped and looked at her. “ come on.” shock her hand away from ’s “ Go. Leave me its fine just go ok”

“I will bloody well not. You need to come with us” said as a matter of fact

“Come on shouted. He looked at not wanting to leave her. “I’ll be back for you.”

nodded her head. She felt awful. This was all her fault. She would never forgive herself what happened to her.

“Where’s ?” asked once was outside. “Don’t ask Lets just go ok and sort that arse out”

carried into the police station. She was holding onto him for dear life.

“Can I help you?” The officer asked “Yeah she’s been rapped” whispered

The officer nodded his head and led him and to a empty room. put down on the side of the table he stood in front her hugging her tightly.

“I’m so sorry this happened to you. God I wish I went to the room with you or something god. I can’t believe that happened and I was downstairs.” said tears in his eyes.

“Its not your fault.” said weakly. Just as a woman officer walked into the room.

“Hi. I’m Charlotte. Umm I need to talk to you about what happened and take a few pictures if there are any bruises and such”

held ’s hand tightly as she told the officer about what happened how he sneaked in. What he did etc. It took her about two hours to finally finish what she was saying. She just kept breaking down crying.

“Well will go to his house and see if his there and see if his wife will talk to us. Don’t worry will get him ok.”

“What’s taking so long?” asked pacing up and down. “It’s going to take time they need to do statement and such” replied

Just then and walked out. was holding her up she was still shaken and in shock over what had happened to her.

“Will contact you when we need to, just go home and rest.” Charlotte said seeing them out the door.

“I’m taking her back to the her place what you guys doing?” asked once was safely in the car.

“I’m going back for . She’s not staying there,” said as a matter of fact.

“Ok the cops are going to find Josh. Just hope she speaks to them.”

and I will go with just in case” said

was sitting in the living room fiddling with her hands. She didn’t know what to do. She felt so bad after what Josh did to .

“Your still here then. See I knew you wouldn’t leave me. I hope you told them lot to piss off”

For some reason felt a bubble of anger in her stomach. Normally she would let Josh treat her anyway she liked. She was scared of him and what he would do to her but what he did to opened up something inside her she once had.

“Oh someone’s a bit cocky aren’t they.” snapped back she could tell Josh was shocked by his face.

“Excuse me do you want a back hand.” “Do I look like I care? I’m used to it. But what you did to was out of order it goes beyond that. I wanted to stick around and tell you I’m going to the cops.”

“I’ll kill your little friends if you do. And I’ll kill you.” Josh snapped back as he walked towards her.

wanted to back away but she couldn’t give up the fight now. She had to stay strong.

“ I should have married she’s a better shag than you ever were.” “Is that all you got Josh. You’re a low life. I can’t believe I let you do this to me for so long. Were finished and so are you Josh.” backed away and ran for the door as Josh charged at her. She just got to the door when he grabbed her by her hair and yanked her back. Then pushed her hard so she feel down the few steps that were outside their house that led to the door.

He grabbed her suitcase and threw it at her. “Hit me throw stuff at me all you want Josh. You don’t hurt me I don’t even feel anything anymore. You’re a loser. You need help. Do you want to know something else I never loved you. You were second best”

Josh walked down to her and kicked her hard in the stomach. felt a pain go threw her whole body then massive pain in her stomach making her scream out in pain. She knew she was going to lose the baby.

just heard you’re under arrest before she passed out on the gravel.

put to bed he laid down next to her, running his hands threw her hair.

“I love you ” He said leaning down and kissing her forehead. “I’m going to spend the rest of my life making you happy and keeping you safe.”

He saw a small smile creep on her face. “I know you will. I love you ’s” “Marry Me,” He blurted out. “Excuse me?” replied

“Yeah marry me? Make me the happiest man alive and say yes” said smiling at her “I love you so much and I want us to be together forever”

“You really mean that?” asked smiling back at him nodded “Then yes I would love to be your wife”

kissed “You have no idea how happy you make me. When we get home I will get you ring and make everything official”

“I love you” said cuddling down into ’s chest “I love you more”.

, and were waiting into the waiting room for someone to come and tell them what was going on with . None of them had spoken since they saw lying on the ground bleeding. thought she was dead but he was told she was just unconscious which still was not good but it wasn’t as bad. They had decided not to call and until they heard something because had been through enough without putting this on top. The news was on in the waiting on a small television. There was a newsflash about Josh and how he was arrested for beating his wife and raping another woman. The lads could not believe what had happened over the past day. It was like a nightmare.

“Who is here for Ms. ?” A doctor asked.

“We all are” said standing up “How is she?”

“She is going to be fine. She lost her baby but she will be fine. She is bruised and sore but she will make a full recovery. She will probably be able to go home in a couple of days” the doctor explained.

“Oh good thank god” said breathing a sigh of relief “Can we see her?”

“Not just yet but a nurse will come back when you can and take you down” the doctor said “Have a good evening boys”

The guys said thank you to the doctor and then got on their phone to call everyone to tell them what was going on and they would all be home soon as they could.

was asleep in ’s arms when his cell phone rang “Hey

“Hey , how is ?” asked.

“She is good, she is sleeping right now” said looking down at her sleeping on his chest “How is everything?”

“Well we at the hospital with . She is going to be okay but she was pregnant, she lost the baby though” explained.

“Oh god did you want us to come down there?” asked worried.

“No it is okay should sleep one of us will call if we need you” said.

“Ok give our love” said before he and said their goodbyes.

The door opened to the waiting room and the nurse popped her head in. “ Right were ready for you now.” She said smiling.

The three lads followed behind her. “Right here you go.” She said opening the door. “Thanks” said

“Hey” said walking over to the bed and taking her hand in his. “Hi” said not looking any of them in the eye.

“The doctor said you’ll be able to go home in a few days” said noticing didn’t really know what to say. “Oh ok.” pulled her hand away from and fiddled with her hair.

“What?” asked he knew only did that when she was insecure and wanted to hide.

“I umm don’t have a home. But its fine ill sort something out” she replied putting on a brave face.

“Yes you do. How can you think that? Your home is in Sligo. You can stay with me until you sort yourself out of something” offered smiling gently at her.”

“But you have a life and you know when you bring your girlfriend back and I’ll be in the way. I’ll sort something out”

gave her a don’t mess with me look. “One I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment and I’m not taking a no for an answer.”

looked at and winked at him. nodded his head to show he understood what he meant.

The door opened and two officers walked in the room. “Ms we need to have a few words with you. I’m officer Draven and this is Officer Brook”

“Umm ok I’m going to have to do this at some point. Best to get it over with.”

Officer Draven looked at the three lads. “You can stay if Ms doesn’t mind”

looked at them. “Will stay” said taking her other hand.

They all sat there listening to tell them all about Josh down to every last detail.

The lads just sat there in shock. wanted to throw up. He couldn’t believe that someone was that evil to do the things he did.
“Well with your statement and Ms we’ve got enough evidence. Will be in touch” Officer Draven said before he and his partner left the room.

“How’s ?” asked before anyone else spoke. “She’s ok considering. She was sleeping when I called” said

nodded her head. She looked at then back at the others. “You lot should go.”

“No way” said. “ Go you all look tried.” and nodded they had to admit were tried. “ They can go I’m not. No way. And don’t argue cause I’m stubborn”

nodded in agreement. and said their goodbyes and went back to s place.

had her hand in his again noticing how small it was compared to him. “I’m sorry about everything that has happened to you. I can’t believe you stayed with him for so long. You must have really loved him.”

“No I didn’t” replied. looked up in shock. “You didn’t but you married and well.”

“I did love him to a point but the truth was if someone would have given me a reason not to I wouldn’t have.”

nodded his head. He wanted to tell her how he felt how he did back then but chickened out.


Everyone was back in Sligo had moved in with . He hadn’t made it official yet about their engagement, he had planned a party for friends and family he was going to ask properly in front of everyone.

He had sent shopping while he got the place sorted. had strict instructions not to bring back until 7 and to make sure she was ready as well.

’s bruises were gone she was starting to feel more like her old self. She was still staying at ’s every time she would look for a new place he would say it wasn’t good enough. But she loved staying with him. She loved him not that she would ever admit it. She didn’t want to admit to herself.

Josh had been sentenced to 20 years in prison. The divorce was almost threw. Which pleased . She was going to get a sum off money as well. But she was just glad to be away from Josh.

“Do you think ’s will like this?” asked holding up a black halter neck dress. “Yeah its great. Mind you anything you wear tends to send into over drive.“Good I like I have that effect on him. I never thought I’d love him more than I did before. It’s perfect with him. Everything. I know this sounds dumb but the stuff that happened with us and to me. Has brought us together even more and were just more in love. I love every moment” beamed as she picked up another dress this one white.

“What you wearing?” asked turning to look at who was sitting on the chair in a daydream.

shouted. “Oh umm jeans and my halter corset top.” “Cute you look sweet when you wear that. But why not get something knew?”

“I guess” said standing up looking at the outfits. She set her eyes on a white dress that came to the knees; it had silver at the top. “ what about this for you?”

looked at it and smiled. “It’s great I love it” looked threw the racks she was still uncomfortable wearing anything other than trousers just in case people thought she deserved what she got even though deep down it wasn’t the case.

“Look at this” said holding up a pink corset style dress. As soon as saw it she feel in love with it.

“What you getting?” She asked “The black halter neck one with slits at the side.”

looked at his watch it was 7.10 and wasn’t here yet he was just about to call when there was knock at the door. He opened it , , , and were standing there.

“Oh hi. Come in” said disappointed “Glad to see you to ’s” said laughing lightly.

“Thought it was ” “Nope not yet” said grabbing the beers and handing them out.

’s is going to kill me” said pulling in the drive. She looked at the clock 7.30

“I don’t know what the big thing is,” said stepping out the car.

smiled at her she knew the reason only cause she had forced it out of , as he was being fussy about everything.

opened the door the lights were off. Which she thought was very weird.

She walked into the living room she turned around to say something to but she wasn’t there or she just didn’t see her it was so dark.

“Ok I don’t like this hello” said with a harsh tone. “It’ll teach you to be late won’t it” said somewhere from the darkness.

’s what are you doing?” Just as said that not more than two seconds later the light came on and was standing there on bended knee holding out a white gold diamond ring.

was in shock she looked around at all family and friends everyone she knew she was in totally shock her eyes fell onto .

She was speechless she wasn’t expecting this. Yeah he asked her to marry him but that was ages ago and nothing had been said or done until now. If she was honest she thought he had changed his mind.

. Words can’t describe how much I’m in love with you. A lot of things have happened since we first met. Some good some not so good. But through it all there has only been one thing that’s stuck with me. And that’s you and my love for you. So what I’m asking you here and now with all our friends and family is. Will you give me the honour of becoming my wife? “

looked at nervously. He could feel the sweat forming on his forehead.

broke out into a huge grin. “ Wow how can a girl refuse such a thing?” She laughed lightly. smiled glad she had said yes he placed the ring on her finger and stood up wrapping in his arms kissing her then spinning her around.

“ Where’s the champagne” shouted. He kissed on the cheek, and then whispered, “You look breath taking.”

“Here you go” said handing two glasses of champagne. “I want to say a few words,” said.

“There not married yet you know shouted at him the whole room broke into a laughs.

frowned. “Well all I was going to say was and are two of my best mates and I wish them all the luck in the world they really do love each other. It may have taken them a while to get here but when love is involved its not easy. But when two people are meant to be together they will be no matter what. SO you can drink up and party now,” said smiling.

walked up to him giving him a hug. “Your such a sweetie that’s why I love you”

“Love you too . You wanna dance?” He asked dragging her to the middle of the floor.

“Who you looking for or shouldn’t I ask?” said wondering over to where was standing with a worried expression on his face.

“Huh well. Umm no ok you got me. I can’t help I’ve got this fear she’s going to be taken away from me again and I won’t be able to get her back”

shook his head at his mate. “ You need to tell her she’s not a mind reader”

took a mouthful of his drink he put it down on the side and went to look for it wasn’t long until he found her sitting outside talking to .

“So you got it threw this morning how do you feel?” “Weird. I’m finally free of him I can get him out my life completely now. It’s just I don’t know how to describe it”

put his arm around and pulled her towards him he noticed standing there looking on sheepishly. He nodded his head for him to come over.

“Someone’s here to see you” said letting go of and standing up so could sit in his place.

“ Hey” said smiling shyly at her. He was surprised that she could still make him feel like a teenage boy whenever he was around her. He felt great more alive when she was near him.

“Its great about and ’s. I’m dead happy for them. That’s one couple who won’t be heading for divorce,” said looking to the floor.

“Yeah I need to tell you something” started he opened and closed his mouth a few times making break into a giggle.

“ No I need to tell you something. You look like a fish doing that” winked.

He smiled back at her. “ I need to sort something out with you” shouted from the door.

turned and looked at her “Yeah I’m coming.” She stood up and looked at .

“ Tell me later” she bent down and kissed him gently on the forehead.

sat there and sighed. Thinking he was never going to get a chance to tell how he felt about her. It was bad enough he didn’t know how she felt. But sometimes he just thought she did by the way they were together or even the way she looked at him. So he made a mental note that if he hadn’t told how he felt by the wedding then he would do it at the wedding at some point. Then a perfect idea popped into his head.

“What’s up gal?” asked once she was in the kitchen. “We need to wedding shop we want to get married in four months in time for New Year”

“Ok cool. I like that starting a life together like that. I want one” smiled.

“Maybe I should get on designed” moaned as she flicked threw yet another wedding catalogue. Her and had been to every wedding shop in London, Dublin and Sligo and still she hadn’t found anything that she wanted. Yeah she had seen dresses she liked and what would do but the dress she wanted was still out there and she only had two months left now to sort that out.

was just glad she wasn’t working or it would never get done. She had planned to see Christian Dior designers to see if they had any ideas for her wedding dress and two bridesmaids’ dresses but she wasn’t hopeful. went to Dior by herself since no one else really wanted to go. They all wanted to help but this dress shopping was tiring everyone out. said he would go but he was the one not allowed. She was walking by another shop that had just opened and looked in the window and saw her dress. She walked inside and asked to try it on. It fit like a glove had found her princess dress. It was strapless, fitted to the waist with crystals all around and then it puffed out. She felt like a princess.

“It looks wonderful on you” the working they’re said “I designed it myself”

“It is beautiful” said, “I’ll have it”

“Aren’t you marrying from Westlife?” the girl asked.

“Yes I am” said smiling.

“You glow in this dress and especially when you say you’re getting married” the girl said.

smiled at the girl and paid for the dress. It was perfect everything was going to be okay now.

Two Months Later

It was the wedding day and was almost in mental breakdown mode even though she could not have been happier. All the girls were at the hotel and the men stayed at ’s place. The girls were getting ready when there was a knock at the door. went to answer it.

“Oh hey said smiling.

“Hey, wanted me drop off this gift for said handing her the box and card “And can I talk to you?”

“Sure just one second” said putting the gift and walking out of the room with “What do you need to talk about?”

‘I want us to have what and have” blurted out ‘That isn’t how I had it planned’ he thought.

“You what?” asked shocked.

“I want us to be together. you make me feel like a silly kid with a crush whenever I’m around you and you always have. When you married Josh my heart broke” said getting a little teary eyed “I can’t let you go. All the girls I dated even had a chance because I always wanted you more”

“Oh said, “I don’t know what to say”

“Say we can try this” said holding her hands in his.

“Yes we can” said giving him a smile. smiled back and pulled her into a hug “I have to get back to the bride”

“Yeah I have to get back to the groom. See you soon” said placing a kiss on her cheek.

smiled and went back into the hotel suite. She grabbed the gift and went to give it to . was just finishing getting her hair and make up down. Her make up was soft and her down in many curls.

“Oh , you look amazing” said handing her the gift “From

“Thanks smiled and opened the gift which was a Louis Vinton bag had been eyeing and inside was a stunning diamond tennis bracelet. put it on as she read the card, which made her cry, and the make up artist had to redo her eyes.

wanted to tell what had said but she didn’t want to take anything away from and ’s day. She would tell later. Today was about her best friend and her marrying her prince charming.

Everyone was gathered at the church with press and fans all waiting outside. was waiting the bridal suite when walked in. Her family was not around for her so she picked to walk her down the aisle.

“You look so beautiful said hugging her.

“Thanks for everything” said hugging him back “I don’t know what I would do without you”

“Yeah I know you would be lost” joked “But come on time for you to get hitched”

and walked from the bridal suite to see , , , , Lauren and Jason all lined up to walk down the aisle. smiled at her and mouths don’t cry too much. The music started to play and they started down the aisle the girls went to one side and the guys went to stand by . and appeared at the back and the whole church rose to their feet. just stared at her with such a feeling of love in his heart. Once their eyes met there was no way their stares would leave each other. kissed cheek and gave her away to before taking his spot as best man. The service was beautiful and touching. and were alone for the first time when they were waiting for everyone to leave the church so they could come out as the couple.

“You look so amazing I cannot put it into words” said kissing her.

“You look pretty good yourself Mr. said kissing him back.

“You’re Mrs. now! I like that” said leaning in and kissing his wife

“And your not running to catch the bouquet?” asked standing over with two drinks in his hand for them both.

“No. I think I’ll leave that to the others” said smiling up at . Who then sat down next to her. “Hey” he said shyly smiling at her.

“You ok?” He asked her noticing she was in a bit of daze. “Yeah sorry. Was just thinking the last wedding I was at was my own. You want to go for a walk around the lake? ” asked changing the subject.

“Your just scared you may catch the flowers” winked

The two of them had walked for about ten minutes neither one had spoken a word. They were both enjoying just walking although neither one knew that.

can I be honest with you” said stopping so she was facing him. nodded feeling a little bit nervous. He just hoped she hadn’t changed her mind about them.

“Well I just want you to know that you have the same effect on me as I do you” said looking deep into his eyes.

cupped her face in his hands and moved forward and gently brushed his lips over hers. “I love you” “I love you too

“Where is she? I’m not leaving ’s until I’ve seen said as her and ’s stood by the exit.

“I don’t know. I can’t see either. we don’t move will” was cut short by .

“There she is.” walked up to her “Were off Hun” She said hugging her friend tightly.

“Enjoy yourselves. Send a postcard that’s if you leave the hotel room.” winked.

“Where are you going?” asked. “I’m taking my wife to Caribbean”

turned around totally shocked. It was the one place she had always wanted to go to.

She jumped into ’s arms hugging him tightly. “I love you so much oh my god. How did you know oh my god” said never feeling this happy before.

“Cause I just know. Come on will be late” said taking s hand. When they got outside stopped.

“One more thing to do. She turned around so her back was facing everyone. She threw her bouquet.

wasn’t even paying attention to the flowers when they landed in front of her. She heard laugh next to her. “I’m not touching them she said with a pout.”

bent down and picked them up and handed them to her. frowned but she took them of him in the end.

smiled when she saw that and . Her and got in the car after saying their goodbyes and headed off on their two-week holiday.

Three weeks after and came back from their honeymoon found out she was pregnant. They ended up having a little girl called . And a boy a few years later called .

didn’t move out of ’s. After three years of being together they got married. They had four children two boys and two girls.