Welcome Home.

He was finally home again. She hadn’t seen him for a month and she had missed him like hell. Now he was here right in there in the bath not coming on to her like he should. She leaned against the wall opposite the door into the bathroom and took a deep breath as every fiber in her body wanted to go in there and touch him. Only problem were that she were shy and always had been, she was rarely the one who made the first move although she knew loved it when she finally did. When she had gone to the airport to pick him and the lads up with the other girls he had swung her of her feet kissing her deeply turning on every bit of her body but when they got home he seemed slightly tired and had thrown his suitcase on the bed and disappeared into the bathroom to take a bath. She gazed at the door like if she gazed at it hard enough it would open and he would come and drag her to bed. It didn’t happen though so she took a few steps forward and placed her left hand on the door while every step closer to him made her heart pound harder. She took a few deep breaths and scrolled herself “he was her boyfriend, so this shouldn’t be a big deal, so why was it??” Slowly her left hand moved down to the doorknob and slowly she opened the door. She looked over towards the bath where he laid completely relaxed and hadn’t noticed her or so she thought.
heard the door go open and closed his eyes while every fiber in his body were screaming and aching for his girlfriend but he was determined not be the one who took the first step this time. He knew she were shy and had always found it cute but he wanted her to show him she wanted him. Right now he felt her gazing at him and his heart pounded like mad. felt her breath getting court in her throat as she gazed at him, his body where fit and it always amazed her how great they fit together in every sense of the word. While her heart pounded she moved away her clothes and soon stood naked and completely shy but the overpowering ache in her body for him made her walk over to him. She gazed down at him and noticed he had his eyes closed. Carefully she stepped into the bath and felt his heart get court in his throat as he felt her naked body slide into the water. She placed herself on his lap and he let his hands move up to her waist as he felt her lean into him placing her lips on his. The pressure of her soft lips made shivers run through him and he had to use all his will power not to take over the lead. He finally felt her tongue lick over his lower lip asking for access to his mouth. As he felt her tongue slide in and circle around his tongue he heard a moan escape her lips making his member tighten. The shyness slowly washed away as she felt him kiss her back and as she felt his member tighten slightly a grin rushed over her lips and for a moment she moved her lips from his and gazed into his eyes that showed her all the love she needed to see.
- Sorry baby I couldn’t wait any longer. She whispered to his lips.
- Baby I was just waiting for you to take the lead this time. He whispered back as he felt her hand slide down over his chest and down to his cock where she softly grabbed it. He gasped as he felt her small fingers grab hold of his cock which quickly tighten further as she let her hand stroke up and down its length. He let his hands move up and touch her breasts as she kept doing magic on him.
- Oh baby I missed you so much. uttered out of breath.
- And I really need you inside me now!! She whispered and slowly stopped stroking him as the bare words she said made him gaze at her with lust. He wasn’t used to hear her speak like that but he loved every word that fell over her lips.
- Then don’t wait any longer baby. He replied in ragged breath. With one hand on his chest and with his resting on either side of her waist her other hand which still had a hold on his stiff cock guided his hard on towards her entrance. They luck eyes right before she moved down on him and as his cock disappeared inside her they gasped in desire. She started slowly to move up and down his shaft with her eyes closed and head held back as watched her loving every minute of what his cock did to her making his cock stiff even more if possible as moans now flooded out of ’s lips too. He loved the feeling of being inside her and he loved the bare sight of her now as she rode him. He felt himself getting close and wanted her to come right with him so he let one hand slide down under the water and right up to the spot where his cock met her entrance. As soon as he touched her sensitive spot he heard a loud moan escape her lips and her body shutter. She opened her eyes and gazed at him and getting the hint he moved his one hand and held her tightly against his body as they rolled over in the bath so he was on top of her mean while his cock never left the heaven her body provided for his shaft. Slowly he took over and moved in and out of her as her legs slide around his body and held him close to her. Feeling him move in and out quicker she felt like doing this all night, she had missed feeling him this close like mad.
- Ohhhh baby cried out as he with one last hard trust pushed into her and spilled all of him inside her walls.
- . She moaned as she came and held on to his body tightly as they both took a moment to calm down their beating heart.
- No words can describe how much I love you right now. He whispered to her ear.
- Right back at you. I love you . Welcome home baby. She replied and softly kissed him.
- Thank you. This is the best welcome home greeting I could get. grinned at her stroking her cheek with his fingers.
- and I could be doing this with you all night. She whispered and gazed into his eyes.
- Well then I’ll just take you up on that honey. grinned and let his left hand slide down to her sensitive spot where his fingers started to rub her making her moan once more.

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