To Be With You

“Holy crap what the hell” jumped out his skin he was a sleep and was rudely awoken by his mobile vibrating onto the floor with a loud smash. “Whoever this is your gonna die.” As he bent down to get his phone he saw the number displayed on the side it was . He picked up the phone and put on his grumpy voice.
“You know I was asleep. I have like two days off and you call me. I hope you know your gonna die.” said trying to hold the laughter in. would think he was in a bad mood and flip out. “Fine then you go back to sleep” With that she hang up. just looked blankly at his mobile. ”Oops” was all he could say.

had meet through ’s girlfriend . They had become great mates. They would go out all the time. would always get him onto the dance floor she would make a point to do a sexy dance which got all the guys in the clubs attention. That always made him laugh. He didn’t have any feeling for her and she didn’t have any feelings for him what so ever. She was a laugh. One of the lads.

looked at his watch it was 2.30pm “Ok later than I thought”. got out of bed and went into the shower and got ready he would have to pop round to see to say sorry for being a jerk.
He put on his trainers, baseball cap, Blue jeans T-shirt and leather jacket.
As he walked past the mirror he decided not to wear the hat.
He walked to ’s house it was only 20 minutes walk he could do with the exercise anyway. For some reason was really nervous about seeing although he had seen her the night before at their concert he was fine. So how come he was wigging out big time.
’s living room window was open so he peeped inside. was sitting at the piano working on a song.
“You going to open the door or do I have to climb through here. I don’t think I’m gonna fit” said.
spun round on the chair so fast she thought she was going to have a heart attack. “You pig. Fist of all you moan at me. Mr grumpy. And then you scare me half to death. Are you mad?” got up from the piano and went to open the door to .

When she opened the door almost feel backward. She had completely changed her image since last night. Her hair was back to her natural colour as well as having it cut. Killer boots tight jeans and a little low cut pink top that did wonders for her cleavage and figure he didn’t even know she had. “Wow” he couldn’t believe this was the same girl he had known for the past three years. She would never dress like this. always dressed in combats, Tops that never really showed much. She was very much a tomboy. Baggy jeans. Not really girlie stuff
“You ok you look kind of weird” said looking at funny. She was concerned about he had gone a shade of white to a blushing pinkie red.

“What have you done? You look fab. Explain yourself. Who is he?” said walking in to the living room. When he sat down on the sofa he saw the newspaper with him and over the front page. As he looked at it he noticed that she even looked hot then he got an instant hard on. followed in afterwards. “That is why I rang you. It’s really funny. We make a great couple and it’s love. So it says,” laughed nervously.
has new girlfriend. Who is she? We can tell you it is love. Don’t they make a great couple?” said
He looked at his mind was doing over time he was starting to look at her in a new light. He would have to chat to the lads about it and find out what to do. “Sorry honey. Your life may get a bit mad if people recognize you. Is that why you changed your hair? And your look?” said.
looked down at him she was standing behind him while he was reading the paper. She couldn’t believe what he had just said she would never think that ever.
“I’m not bothered about me . I’m worried about you. You get enough crap as it is without being told your going out with me. Like scary.” said pulling funny faces at like she was going to throw up.
“And no. I wanted a new look I’ve been working on it for a while. I’m starting to find myself. I can’t believe you even said that. Do you really think I’m that low? Get out. I want you to leave now and take the paper with you. The thought of being your girlfriend makes me want to throw up.” turned and locked herself in the bathroom to she heard the door shut behind .

’s phone hadn’t stopped calling. Everyone she had ever known had called. She was now on the phone with her mum she had been trying to convince her for the past 2 hours that she wasn’t seeing
“ Really no. I’m not going out with mum. Breath. I know what it said but it’s not true we’re just friends that is it. I knwo is a nice lad. What do you mean by that. Mum you have met him like twice. No I don’t even fancy he is just . Mum I have to go out I’ll speak to you later.”

hung up the phone. She needed to go for a walk and clear her head. As she walked she couldn’t help but think what it would be really like to be with . She always thought was good looking but she never ever thought about dating him. Until now. And what she told him this afternoon she couldn’t believe it. What had she done? would never speak to her again. turned up outside ’s house. She knocked on the door when opened the door she didn’t even need to speak to led her into the living room.

All day had been moping around. He understood why was pissed at him he couldn’t believe what he had said either.

“Hi mate how are you? Read the paper” said. He was a bit unsure to go into ’s room or not his mum had called him an hour ago telling him that he had come in without saying a word and hadn’t left his room once.

mate what have I done. I asked if she had changed her look so people wouldn’t know it was her that’s in the papers and she flipped out.”

entered the room and sat down on his chair opposite his bed. The thing was “ knew something didn’t he and the rest of the lads had a theory that and had started to look at each other differently but they just didn’t know it.

“Mate how do you feel about it. I mean you and .”
looked up at “ ever since opened the door he hadn’t stopped thinking about her what it would be like to be with her in a more to friends way. Normally when he saw the papers and it said he was with someone he wasn’t with it pissed him off. But the story with didn’t bother him one bit he liked the thought of it.

“It’s funny I really like her today when I went round to see her I almost fainted when she opened the door she’s a hottie and my best friend. I want her. Do I go for it or leave it?”

burst out laughing we knew it. It’s been there for a while now you just needed to see her for her. Go and tell her.
went over to “ and gave him a hug, he run out the door. When he got to ’s house she wasn’t in.
He wasn’t going anywhere so he climbed round the back and was lucky to find a window open he climbed inside he knew what he was going to do he had always wanted to do it but he was waiting for the right girl.

“You . Get your ass back home and call . Fine you don’t like him like that but as a friend you do. Come on I’ll give you a lift.” picked up her car keys and dropped off home. She waited to she was inside the house before she called “ Call “ and co and tell them it’s working. Get here quick.” hung up the phone and waited for everyone else.

When was inside she went upstairs to wash her face as she’d been crying her make up was everywhere. When she came back down stairs she heard the piano going and someone singing.

“Why be alone when we can be together baby
You can make my life worthwile
and I can make you start to smile
When it's through, it's through
Fate will twist the both of you
So come on baby come on over
Let me be the one to show you

I'm the one who wants to be with you
Deep inside I hope you feel it too
Waited on a line of greens and blues
Just to be the next to be with you”

turned round in the chair and looked at who was just looking blankly at him.

“I’m sorry. About today and for breaking in but I’ve been a fool.” said “No change there then” said speaking over .
“I’m sorry as well. I didn’t mean anything I just did a you.” said moving further into the room but stopped again after she thought better off it.
Just cause was sitting in her living room didn’t mean anything. Even she didn’t know how she felt about .

stood up from the piano he was now standing in front of his heart was beating fast.
“I meant it what I just said in that song I do want to be with you. Ok it took the newspaper of all the people in the world to show me that it’s you my best friend that I’m in love with. Tell me you feel the same as I’m not sure if I can deal.”

“Breath just breath ok loves you strange but true.” was saying to herself trying to calm herself down.

“ I’m sorry but I don’t feel the same.” backed away from her and headed for the door.

At this time - -“ were now at the front of the door listening in they couldn’t believe what had just said. was sure liked she was so right for him and he was right for her they even said the same stuff. What said next made sense?

“ Don’t go.” turned and looked back at he had tears in his eyes.
“I feel the same have done for ages. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve told myself I don’t like you in that way even and the rest of the guys but I can’t deny it anymore. Even just then I had to know if I could watch you leave with this lie inside me but I can’t. You’re the one I want to be with. To be with you. You said it yourself.” smiled so did .

He walked over to her and pulled her into a hug but as they touched they both got an electric shock they broke down laughing. took ’s hand and pulled her close again and kiss her she kissed him back putting her arms around the back of his neck pulling him closer she had waited a long time to kiss his lips now it was happening she wasn’t going to stop.
“Outside the guys cheered. They had been part of the plan all along. They made sure the papers took a picture of and together and told them that it was love.
It was true they just jumped ahead of and before they knew it themselves.

smiled more than and “ she had always known that and were meant to be together from the first moment they met.