This Love Is Unbreakable…

stood looking out the window. Outside everything was grey and dark, the rain was falling hard and the wind carried the leaves through the air. It was yet another cold and stormy April day and the weather reports said that there were going to be no changes anytime soon. Suddenly someone slipped their arms around her waist and pressed against her. She leaned back into the embrace and sighed contentedly. Then she felt their breath close to her ear and a small whisper followed.

“I missed you,” was all that was said.
“But , I haven’t been gone for more than a few minutes,” replied smiling.
“I know, I just miss you when you’re not around, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes.”
“I know, I missed you too.” turned around to face , her boyfriend for more than 4 years and the person she loved more than life itself.
“I love you .”
“I love you too.” And their lips met in a passionate and loving kiss.
When they pulled back took ’s hand and led her down the stairs and into the living- room. While had been upstairs in the bedroom had lit up the fireplace, which was now glowing with heat. sat down on a lot of fluffy cushions that had spread out on the floor while he went into the kitchen to get some hot chocolate.
“Hope you’re a bit cold,” said from the kitchen.
“Why?” was a bit puzzled by the question. “Are you gonna warm me up then?” A laugh escaped and a smile spread across her lips.
“Maybe I should. But it’s actually because I’ve made some hot chocolate for us,” Came the reply from the kitchen.
“Well then I’m definitely cold. You don’t even have to ask you know I love hot chocolate.”
“I know.” turned around, her back facing the fire, and saw with 2 mugs of steamy chocolate. He handed her one of the mugs and sat down next her. They drank in silence, the only sound that could be heard was the sounds from the fireplace. When had finished her chocolate she put her mug down on the floor. noticed that she had some chocolate on her upper lip. He put down his own mug and leaned in and licked her lips before he ran his tongue over her upper lip. The touch was so soft but still felt a rush running through her body. pulled back and looked at .
“You had some chocolate on your upper lip and I just wanted to remove it for you,” said touching her lips and smiling.
“You don’t have to explain cause I’m definitely not complaining,” replied, returning the smile. lay down in ’s lap and they talked about everything and nothing at the same time, while looking at the fire. ’s hand soon found it’s way to ’s hair and she began stroking it. The night soon faded away with the rain still falling endlessly outside.

A few days later…
“Yeah I know, but it’s just so soon. Do we really have to. No…yeah I understand. How long are we going to be away…okay…I’ll see you.” put down the phone. ‘How am I going to break the news to after these last days,’ thought and went out into the hall when he heard the front door closing.
“I’m home!,” called and saw entering the hall at the same time.
“Hi honey. How are the horses? Are they okay? Nothing has happened to them because of this weather we’ve had recently, has there?” asked a bit worried about his horses.
“No sweetheart, you can take it easy. Nothing’s happened to any of them. They are all well and walking happily around in their stables. Now come give me a kiss.” didn’t need to be told twice. He embraced and kissed her.
The rest of the day they stayed inside because of the weather. All day long seemed a little distant but just tried to dismiss it. But when they sat down to have supper she couldn’t dismiss it any longer and the question was out before she realized it. “Why have you been so distant today? Is something wrong?” Concern clearly evident in her voice.
“I don’t know how to tell you this, because we’ve had such a great time these last few days. But Louis called this morning just before you got in. And he said that we have to go to Asia in 2 days and do some promotion over there for our upcoming single, so we’ll probably be away for a couple of weeks but I don’t want to leave you.”
“Don’t worry about me, . We’ve been apart before because of the band. It’s part of being in Westlife. You’ve told me that yourself so many times and besides it’s not like it’s going to be forever, right?” tried to make see reason. “This is what you love and have always dreamt about. I don’t want to stand in the way of that. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself then.”
“I know you’re right. You always are. It’s just I’ve enjoyed finally having some time off and spending it with you was the best…oh my God look at us. I’m the one going but it’s you who takes all this so easy.” And they both broke out in laughter at ’s comment.
“Don’t worry, . There’s a reason why they invented the phone. If you catch my drift.” A smirk played on ’s lips at her own comment.
“I know. Now tell me what’s for dessert. You wouldn’t happen to be on the menu, would you?” said with a mysterious grin and a twinkle in his eyes.
“No unfortunately I’m not but who knows what could happen later on,” she answered with a glint in her eyes. “but about the dessert, I bought some ice-cream on my way home from work today and I even got your favourite, vanilla, and I also got some strawberries as I know how much you love them. So if you…” she suddenly trailed off when she felt two arms slip round her waist.
“I know how we could put that ice-cream and those lovely strawberries to better use. “ whispered into ’s ear, his breath on her skin and it tickling her ear was making her heart beat faster.
“How?” was suddenly lost for words and could hardly speak.
“Maybe I should just show you.” said before he turned around and captured her lips with his own. The kiss started out soft but soon grew more passionately. Clothes short after followed and they made their way to the bedroom, never once parting, and leaving a trail of clothes behind them.
When they later that night, after making love, lay in each other’s arms in their huge double bed, suddenly remembered something and looked at .
, are you awake?”
“Yes, why?”
“’Cause I’ve got something to tell you. Do you remember the demo tape I made a few weeks ago?” asked.
“Yeah, I do”
“Well, I thought about what you, the rest of the guys and our families said about sending it to a record company. Well I did so. I posted it a few days ago when I was out but I probably won’t hear anything from the companies. I mean it’s my dream but there’re so many great artist out there so why should they choose me?!?!” She looked up at the ceiling and waited for ’s reply.
“That’s great. Of course they’ll choose you. They’d have to be completely mad not to want you. You have the most amazing voice. The voice of an angel.” That compliment made turn a crimson red.
“Don’t blush, sweetheart. I’m just telling the truth.” He cupped her chin and lifted it so he could look into her beautiful baby blue orbs. He leaned closer and kissed her before they both drifted off to sleep.


Two days later at Dublin airport…
“Goodbye …goodbye …goodbye and bye . Have a great time over there.”
“We will and we’ll take care of your for you,” joked.
“Hey I can take care of myself!” pouted and tried to look mad but failed miserably. And that just made everyone else laugh even harder.
“Okay we believe you…NOT…well, see you .” replied, pulling one of his funny faces.
“Have a great time. Goodbye.” yelled as the 4 lads boarded their plane leaving to say goodbye to .
“I’ll see you in a couple of weeks. I love you,” whispered.
“I love you too. And don’t forget to call me.”
“I won’t.” Then followed the others and boarded the plane as well.


When the plane landed in one of Japan’s airports, all that the guys wanted to do was sleep. They were met by thousands of fans in the airport as usual but luckily their tour manager Anto and bodyguard Paul managed to get them escorted quickly out of there and make their way to their hotel. They had just entered their rooms when each of them fell on their beds and fell asleep.
Early the next morning Anto woke them and told them to be down for breakfast in 20 minutes.
20 minutes later the 5 lads all emerged from their rooms and went down for breakfast.
“Okay guys. Today we have 4 magazine interviews, 2 photo shoots, 2 radio interviews and 1 showcase. Did everybody get that?” Anto looked at the 5 half asleep lads in front of him.
“Yeah, we got it. Now when are we going?” asked, trying to stay awake.
“The car is leaving in 15 minutes so I want you out front in 10. Okay?!? And please try to be on time.” Then Anto left the lads to finish their breakfast.
25 minutes later they arrived at a huge building which they were told was where they were going to do the interviews and the photo shoots. As always , and put on their sunglasses and caps. was too tired to bother putting either on and was so hyperactive that he didn’t want either on because it would just end with him breaking his sunglasses and he wouldn’t risk that.
The first interview lasted 20 minutes and was as usual with all the same questions that they had answered at least a billion times each. Then the second one started.
“Okay, let’s start with a simple one. Could you tell us about your upcoming single ‘You Don’t Know’? What’s it about?,” the interviewer asked with a really bad accent.
“It’s about the fans and us. They, well some of them, think that they know us but they don’t, not really. They don’t really know the real us. And that’s basically what the song’s about,” came the reply from .
“Your last single ‘Bop Bop Baby’ was written by and but this new one is written by all of you. How does it feel to finally release a single that all of you have written together?,” the interviewer asked, looking at her notes and then at the guys.
“Well it’s an amazing feeling, and we’re really proud of the song. We all think it turned out great and we just knew straight away that we wanted it to be a single. And here we are now, releasing it,” said, and the others nodded in agreement.
And so went the rest of the day and in the evening they held a showcase for competition winners with new songs that the fans hadn’t heard before.


Back in Dublin it was already afternoon and waited for to call. She knew that he hardly had a minute to himself but she could not deny that she already missed him and wanted to hear his voice. Then she thought about calling ’s sister and ask her if she wanted to go shopping, because they always had so much fun together. She picked up the phone and dialled ’s number. soon picked up the phone and they agreed to meet in a cafe in the city and then go shopping.
On the other side of the world the guys were fast asleep and you could even hear snoring coming from ’s room.


The next day went by quickly and they didn’t get any time to themselves and they were starting to miss their girlfriends, or those who had one.
“Anto, can’t we get just one minute to ourselves. I want to call and . I miss daddy’s little girl. I haven’t spoken to them for days.” Bryan was almost on his knees begging. He was missing his wife and daughter tremendously.
“And I miss . I just want to hear her voice even for just 5 minutes. And I’ll bet that Triggs here misses his as well,” said and pointed at .
“I’ll see what I can do but I won’t promise anything.” And Anto left to see if he could help the lads.
“Thank God I ended things with Jessica before we went here. I’m glad I’m not in your shoes right now.” said and then left the room just as Anto did a few seconds before.


2 days later had just come home from work when she heard the phone ringing. She ran into the living room and answered the phone.
“Hello, this is .”
“Hi . It’s .”
“Hi . Why haven’t you called before. I was starting to think that something had happened,” said a bit out of breath.
“Have I interrupted anything? You sound like you’re out of breath.”
“No you haven’t. It’s just that I had only just entered the door when you called and I ran to make sure that I didn’t miss it in case it was you. And it must be my lucky day cause it was you who called. Do you think you could hold on just a minute while I just take off my jacket?,” asked.
“Of course I can, you little deutz” And laughed. quickly discarded her jacket and then flopped down in a chair making herself comfortable.
“Okay, tell me everything about it. How is it going? How come you haven’t called earlier?” She was anxious to hear all about the promo tour.
“Well, we didn’t get any time to ourselves but when we all complained about it earlier Anto said he would see what he could do and luckily he managed to get us a little spare time…” went on to tell about it all.


About two weeks later they had finished their promo tour in Asia and at Dublin airport they all separated and went home to themselves.
hadn’t told that they were coming home today cause he wanted to surprise her. And he sure did. When saw him standing outside the front door she threw herself into his arms and kissed him. It was all perfect. cooked dinner and later they snuggled up in front of the TV and enjoyed the evening. But in the middle of the night suddenly woke up feeling worse than he’d ever been before. A few minutes later woke at the sound of someone throwing up. She opened the door to the bathroom and saw with his head down the toilet and today’s food showing itself again.“Oh my God, , what’s wrong? Why didn’t you wake me up? Sit still and let me help you.” She found a cloth, made it wet and held it against his forehead. “This should help you cool down.” Then she felt his forehead and immediately noticed that he was burning up. “You’re burning. I think you’re coming down with something and the best way to cure that is to sleep. Do you feel like your going to throw up again?”
“No, I don’t think so,” replied, who had been quiet until now. got back into bed. When they had finally fallen asleep woke not long after and ran to the bathroom again. And that continued the rest of the night. In the morning felt even worse, if that was possible, and the throwing up went on even though he didn’t have anything left in him to throw up. He went on like that the whole day and the next one until the 3rd Day. had just made some tea for when she walked into their bedroom and found him lying on the floor unconscious. She dropped the mug on the floor and was by his side in an instant.

Part 2.

, wake up. , wake up.” She grabbed him and shook him hard. But nothing happened. She ran to the phone and dialled the number of the hospital and explained them everything and shortly after an ambulance was at their house and took to the hospital. When they got there, nurses and doctors rushed him in and was left in the waiting room. She could not believe what had happened and it was as if it just dawned on her now and soon the tears started falling from her eyes, and she just cried. Then she remember the other lads and found a payphone.


“Hello, who is this?” Came ’s sleepy voice, while he was rubbing his eyes with sleep.

” It was nothing more than a small whisper but heard .

, what’s wrong? Has something happened? Is everything alright?” was already starting to panic.

“It’s . He’s been ill these last days and tonight he just passed out and lay on the floor unconscious and I – “ cut of in mid-sentence.

“Where are you now?”

“I’m at Dublin central hospital. Could you please come?” Again it was only a whisper but he heard her.

“Of course. I’ll be there in 5 minutes. Do you want me to call the others?” was already half way out the door.

“Yes please, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course not. See you in 5 minutes.” And they both hung up. collapsed into a chair and fresh tears ran down her cheeks.

Soon arrived at the hospital. He frantically searched the waiting room for and saw her slumped down on a chair in the far corner. He walked towards her and sat down beside her. She looked up when she noticed and fell into his arms. No words were needed. She just cried while he tried to comfort her. 2 hours later a doctor entered the room and stood in front of and .

“How is ? What’s wrong with him? Can I see him? Is he going to be alright?” just fired away one question after the other.

“Slow down, miss. To answer your questions, yes is going to be fine. He was poisoned. Has he been anywhere in the middle east recently?,” the doctor asked.

“Yes he was in Asia and came home only 3 days ago. Why?” was a bit puzzled that the doctor wanted to now that.

“Okay, that’s what I thought. How long has he been sick?” The doctor took some notes and looked at .

“He’s been sick since the day he came home. But what’s all this about?”

“I’ll tell you in a minute, but could you please tell me if he drank any water over there?”

“I don’t know I wasn’t with him but you were . Did he drink any water?” turned to look at .

“Well, he didn’t until the last day. We had been performing and he was so thirsty when we got home that night so he drank a lot of water then. But why is that important?” Now it was ’s turn to ask questions.

“Well the water is why he got sick. Haven’t you ever heard that you can’t drink the water in Asia ‘cause you’ll be poisoned by it. Well, that’s what happened to . If you want to see him you can go in now but he’ll still be a bit groggy.” Then the doctor showed them into his room and left them alone.

, can you hear me. It’s me, .” She sat down on his bed and took his hand. All kinds of different machines were attached to him and that made feel uneasy. She hated hospitals. opened his eyes at the sound of ’s voice.

…” it was a whisper but heard and smiled.

“Yes, it’s me. How are you doing?” She stroked his hand and looked into his eyes.

“I feel like shit. What happened to me?” tried to sit up but fell down again.

“Come here, let me help you. , could you please give me a hand?” , who had been standing silently in the corner of the room, went to help . Soon sat upright in the bed.

“I think I’ll go see if the other lads have arrived ‘cause they should be here now.” And then left the room.

“You have no idea how scared I was when I found you lying on the floor. I’m so glad you’re okay.” And a smile of relief crossed ’s lips.

“What happened to me?,” asked, and told him everything.

Later the 4 lads saw and were more than happy that nothing had happened to him. They sat around the bed when entered the room. looked up at the sound of the door opening and saw with 5 mugs of coffee. She was smiling and looked so happy and the most wonderful feeling overwhelmed him.

“I can’t believe your mine. I’m so lucky to have you. I love you so much,” whispered to her when she stood beside him.

“No, I’m the lucky one. I love you too.” She leaned in and their lips locked in a sweet kiss.

When was discharged from the hospital hated the fact that she had to go to work so she could not take care of him. But as and both lived in Dublin as well they often stopped by to see .

A week later he was back to the old and thought that it was time for her to tell him her surprise.

“I have something to tell you but I kind of forgot about it when you were sick but I think now is a good time.” could hardly keep her excitement down cause she was so happy about what she was going to tell .

“Okay, you’d better tell me then. You look like someone who’s going to burst with excitement any second.” He could hardly stop laughing.

“Well, while you were away a guy from BMG records in London called me and said that he loved my demo and he wanted me to sign a record deal. I’m going to record my own album and he even wanted the song ‘All in his eyes’ to be my first single ‘cause he loved it so much. It’s so amazing. I still can’t believe it, it’s unbelievable .” was jumping around the living room when she told him that.

“You’re kidding. Oh my God. Congratulations! Have you signed the deal and when are you going to start recording?”

“Yes I signed the deal while you were away and I’m going to start recording in a week. I’m so glad that you’re happy about this.”

“I couldn’t be more happy for you.” He then hugged . “That song isn’t that the one you wrote to me when I was on promotion in Europe?” asked and looked lovingly into ’s eyes.

“Yes it is. And I’m so happy about it. Now everybody, who knows I wrote the song to you, will know how much I love you, if they didn’t already. But of course to everybody else it’s just another love song but at least we will know the real meaning of the song.” Then she kissed him to seal their love.

When they parted suddenly got an idea. “I just got and idea. Why don’t we visit my parents this weekend and tell them about it and besides it’ll be a great opportunity to see them; I haven’t seen them for months.

So they spent the weekend in Sligo with ’s parents.


stood in the studio with the headphones on. She was so nervous. She wanted this to be perfect. The record company had allowed her to bring some of her friends with her and the lads but that wouldn’t have been a problem as they had the same record company. She stood in the studio singing her heart out.

She looked into ’s eyes, who was watching her, and he could tell she was singing it to him and she meant every word of it. It made him think back to that time when he was on promotion in Europe and how sad they both had been when he was leaving as he was going to be gone for 3 months. Those 3 months had been the hardest months for both of them but they had got through it. He was pulled back to reality with the sound of the producer talking.

“That’s perfect. You can take a break now,” the producer said, who brought them both back to reality. During lunch all her friends complemented her and they all loved the song.

The day of ’s birthday arrived, and friends, family and the lads had prepared a surprise party for her. They had all agreed that and would take to a football match as was crazy about football and so was and , especially , who had played professional football for Leeds United. So she wouldn’t be suspicious which was the last thing they wanted her to be.

The 2 of them stood on her and ’s doorstep at around 10am, and when opened the door she had obviously just been in the shower as she was drying her hair.

“What are you two doing here?” She let them in so she could get finished.

“Well we came to say ‘happy birthday’ and then give you our surprise for you,” said.

“Thank you guys, that was sweet of you. So what’s your surprise? I’m intrigued now.” She looked in the mirror as she said that.

“We bought 3 tickets for the football match between Manchester United and Liverpool for this afternoon,” said knowing exactly how she would react when she heard it, and he wasn’t disappointed.

“YOU WHAT…” she turned around with her mascara in her hand and her mouth wide open. “But it’s impossible to get tickets for that match. How did you manage to get them?” She was still in a state of shock.

“It helps to have a few connections…,” grinned.

She ran and hugged them. “Thank you so much guys. It’s an amazing birthday present. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Now we’d better get going or else we’ll miss our flight to Manchester and then we’ll miss the game,” said looking at his watch.


When the match had ended, with Manchester United as the winners, they left Old Trafford and headed for the airport to catch their flight back to Dublin. When they finally arrived at and ’s house, the house was dark. No light was turned on and looked at the two others strangely.

“That’s weird. It seems that no one’s home and it doesn’t seem like to forget my birthday.”

“Maybe he’s just a bit delayed. You could just call him and ask him when he’s going to be home.” reasoned.

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Do you want to come in and wait while I call ?” took out her keys and unlocked the door.

“Yeah, why not?!?!” They both replied, trying to act as normal as possible cause they both new that when opened the door all the guests including would be there ready to surprise her. The door opened and they went inside. found the light and turned it on. In an instant the guests jumped up from everywhere and yelled “SURPRISE”. dropped everything she had in her hands because of the shock. But she immediately recovered and hugged everyone.

All the guests had a wonderful time and they partied all night long. People danced, ate and talked and to top it all, got everything that she wished for.

At 4am the last guests were leaving.

“Thanks for the surprise. I really enjoyed it and thanks for the presents.” opened the door for them.

“Don’t thank us for the surprise. That was ’s idea,” Allison, one of ’s friends, said pointing at who was cleaning up. “we were just happy to celebrate your birthday with you. Goodnight,” she said and left with 3 of ’s other friends. closed the door behind them and went to find .

“I hear it’s you I have to thank for this amazing surprise.” She found him in the dinning room removing the dishes. She walked up to him and slipped her arms around his waist. “Thanks, honey.”

“How did you know it was me who planned it?” put down the dishes he had in his hands and slipped his arms around ’s waist just like she had done to him.

“I have my sources. Now shut up and kiss me.” And so he did. His lips caressed ’s, the touch so soft and gentle yet full of passion. A rush ran through making her light-headed. ’s fingers slowly slid up around the back of her neck, twisting into her hair before pulling her closer to him so that their lips were pressed firmly together. Then his hands ran down her back and grabbed her bottom, lifting her up onto the table, so she was sitting down, but they never parted. The kiss deepened and a moan escaped from . The kiss was very deep and lingering and when they both pulled back, their eyes locked.

“Maybe we should finish this somewhere else?” asked, and nodded. He lifted her up and carried her up the stairs to their bedroom. He lay her on their bed and looked down at her. He saw nothing but trust and love, which made his heart flutter. She looked absolutely beautiful with the moon casting it’s light on her which shone through the window. thought it made her look like an angel. His angel. And their lips met again.

“Honey, you won’t believe this…” swung around.

“What happened, ?,” she tried to say in between giggles.

“Our new single has just reached the number one spot in both the UK and the US. Isn’t it fantastic. We’re finally making it big over in the US.”

“Congratulations. Why aren’t you out celebrating with the other lads already?” sat down again.

“I didn’t want to celebrate without you.” He said.

“Don’t be stupid. You should be with the other lads celebrating this. Now go. And that’s an order!” She pointed at the door.

“Aye aye, sir.” laughed and grabbed his car keys and drove off. The lads partied till the early hours and they stayed by ’s so they wouldn’t wake anyone up when they got home, because and , ’s wife and daughter, weren’t home and so it was perfect.

But when they woke the next morning, they regretted that they had drunk as much as they did. They felt awful, and worse was that they were going to perform on Top Of The Pops 5 hours later. They drank a lot of coffee and tried to look their best or as good as possible.“They’ve done it again. It’s their 15th number one single. It’s the kings of pop. It’s Westlife.” Jamie, The Top Of The Pops presenter, said. Then the music kicked in and they started singing.

sat in ’s house together with his girlfriend and ’s wife . They were watching the guys performing on Top Of The Pops on TV. Afterwards changed channels and stopped when she saw a program with the Irish prime minister, Bertie Ahern.

“Hey , look. That’s your father.” pointed at the TV and came into the living room again. “why is he on TV again?”

“It’s because of the Nice treaty that we’re going to vote about. And then he has to do all these kind of different TV shows and all that.” And then she went into the kitchen to get 3 mugs of tea.

It was the day before the lads were flying to the States to promote their forthcoming album, and the day of and ’s 5 year anniversary. They had planned to go out for a romantic dinner that evening but what didn’t know was that was going to pop the question. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and knew she felt the same way. They said goodbye that morning when went to work and when she had left went to his closet and took out his tuxedo and packed it together with a few of his other things. He was going to buy a ring with while was at work and then change at ’s and pick up .

He drove to ’s place and took his things inside.

“Are you ready ?,” asked when he entered the house.

“Yeah, I’m coming. I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” He kept his word. He was out in the car in 2 seconds and then they drove off.

They had been looking at rings all day now but still had not found the right ring. Suddenly stopped dead in his tracks and grabbed ’s arm.

“That’s the one,” he said pointing at a ring. They went into the shop and when he held the ring in his hand the only word that came to his mind was “perfect.” And so he bought it.

When they got home to ’s house it was already 6pm and he was supposed to pick up at 6.45pm. He hurriedly got his tuxedo on, with a little help from and then styled his hair. He was just about to go when said, “haven’t you forgotten something?” and held up the little box with the ring in. “Thanks . I would have made a total fool out of myself if I had forgotten the ring. Thanks for all the help today.” “you’re welcome!,” and was out of the door.

He got into his car and drove off. He called just to make sure that she new that he would be 5 minutes late.
“I’m going to be about 5 minutes late, so don’t worry, I’ll be there.”

“Okay, I’ll just wait here. See you in 5. Love you!,” said down the phone.

“I love you too. More than anything. Bye” and he disconnected the call. When he put down the phone he looked away for just a split second but when he looked up again he saw a car coming directly towards him. He didn’t have time to do anything before the other car smashed into ’s car.


was putting the finishing touch to her make-up when she suddenly felt a pang in her heart. But it was over in an instant. “I must be more nervous than I thought.” She said to herself and went on with what she was doing.

Half an hour passed by and still had not picked up . She was starting to get nervous but told herself that he was probably just stuck in traffic. But when 3 hours had passed by she was panicking. She called on his mobile but no one answered. She tried several times but each time without luck. Then she called everyone else she knew but no one knew where he was. Suddenly she heard a knock on the door and hoped to God that it was . As she opened the door she saw a police officer standing outside.

“Are you ?,” she asked.

“Yes, that would be me.”

“I’m Sgt. Karen Jones,” She said and flashed her badge.

Her heart was beating so fast and she was sure that the officer had noticed how nervous and uneasy she felt.

“We found your name in a ’s wallet. I’m sorry miss but he’s been killed in a car accident.”

“No…no…it can’t be. We were going out tonight and he was going to pick me up. He CAN’T DIE…we were going to be together forever, we promised each other that…he can’t leave me…NOOOOOOOO!” and then she broke down in tears. She flopped down on the floor and cried her heart out. She felt her heart breaking with every breath she took and every minute that passed by.

The day of ’s funeral came too soon and the church was filled with all the people who loved . turned her head and saw ’s parents and 6 siblings sitting beside her, all crying. The last few days had been the hardest in ’s life. She still remembered when she had been told about his accident and when his family and friends had been told. The press had found out pretty quickly and it had been the headlines on all the papers and that made it even harder cause was reminded of it all time. The fans around the globe had send cards, flowers and it had come as a shock to them as well.

When they carried his coffin out of the church remembered the day she met and he changed her life forever. It was a cold October day. They had met in a lift. They had been trapped inside it for 4 hours when the power went. And those 4 hours had changed it all and they agreed to meet again and soon they became an item! She could still remember as if it was yesterday how scared she had been in that lift and how ’s smile, comforting voice and his warm eyes had calmed her down. It was those 3 things that made her fall in love with him in the first place.

She walked outside with everyone else. When they lowered ’s coffin she knew that this was the last goodbye.


A few days later came back to the cemetery and found ’s grave. It had been a lovely autumn day. The sun had been shining and there had been no wind. She looked at the tombstone which said: . 07.05.1979 – 11.01.2002. beloved son, friend and fiancée. You will stay in our hearts forever…

She went down on her knees and ran a finger across the word fiancée. had told her that had planned to propose to her that fatal night. So they had all agreed in the memory of they would write the word fiancée cause that was what he wanted to be. She lay a single red rose by the tombstone and stood up while tears streamed down her face. She looked down at the tombstone and said “I miss you . You’ll always be in my heart no matter what. I’ll see you in heaven. Please wait for me cause one day I know we’ll be reunited. Our love was too special and strong to just die like you did. I love you.” She kissed her fingers before letting them touch the stone. Suddenly a wind came out of nowhere. ‘I love you too’ could swear that she had heard ’s voice. And then it dawned on her that maybe, just maybe, it was who had said I love you and not just her imagination. And then the wind came again ‘it was me. I’ll wait for you I promise and remember I love you’ and then it was gone again. Now was sure and somewhere deep down it made a huge difference to her. Cause now she knew that was fine where he was now and that he still loved her. She looked at the tombstone one more time and then she slowly walked away. Behind her the sun was going down, casting a red and orange gleam over the sky. The most beautiful sunset that had been seen that year.