The Missing Piece!

Chapters: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13!!

Chapter 1.

She stood there shuffling her feet looking at the baggage passing her on the baggage claim in front of her. She watched happy people further down grab the baggage that drove past her while hers still hadn't arrived. Looking around she felt the weired rush of being back home. She hadn't been home for about half a year. When she left she didn't even know when she would return but she knew she would. She always did. She always loved coming back home seeing her brother and friends again but when she had been home a few weeks she always started to feel that rush that there was more for her out there to see and experience. The urge to get out there in the world had a big hold on her and it got increased by the fact that she felt like something were missing inside her. Something which she had not been able to find yet although she had a good idea to which it was she was missing. It was something that would never be hers. She had stopped crying about it and moved on. She had grabbed the one thing that made her happy for herself, that one thing that could excite her, her travelling. With her travelling something else had happened to her, she had found a bit of a wirld side of herself. The side she didn't get out and expressed when she where a teenager. That didn't get out to party all night long and let loose. She was making up for it now though. A bit to her brothers worry though. Seeing her baggage arrive she grabbed her luggage and went out to the arrivals hall of the airport. Seeing her friends jump when they saw her she quickle felt them both hug her thightly like she had been gone forever.
- Breath breath, let me breath girls. laughed at them.
- Sorry. We're just so excited to see you. How are you? How was it? rambled on
- I'm fine and it was fab! laughed
- And you didn't import any illegal animals? asked starring at her luggage.
- I was in Europe not Africa or something!
- Oh so no pet to me? pouted
- Is my brother not enough of a bear for you? asked shaking her head
- Well no. pouted making her friends laugh
- Where's my brother anyway? asked
- Oh their out doing something with the band but they'll all be there tonight to welcome you home. explained
- Oh gooddi..
- So if you need a nap there's time. said
- Are you kidding. No way. I know you like to sleep all the time but we are some that don't sleep that much. grinned
- Hey I just happen to have a good sleeping heart. muttered
- Yeah'll I'll say laughed.
- So girls are ya driving me home or what? asked wanting to see their home again or really it was her brother's home but when she wasn't travelling she lived there too. Making sure there were noice in the house her brother would say.
- 'Couse we are. Come come ya car is waiting! replied. Following them out in the car she listened to the girls all the way home. Answering questions once in a while. While she where watching the places they drove past. It was always funny to her how it could make you feel seeing the places of your home town again. It was home, it was safe and filled with memories. Good and bad memories all mixed into one feeling of home.
Seeing the house appear outside the window she smiled. She was home.
With the girls help got her luggage inside the house. Looking around for a second she noticed how the girls looked at her with an excited expression on their faces.
- Okay what's going on? asked.
- Oohh nothing! blurted out
- Yeah right, you're a bad liar. replied
- Yeah she hasn't gotten any better at it since you where here last. said
- Hehe I can tell. grinned
- Hey hey let's change subject. Don't you wanna get your stuff into your room? asked
- I do actually. replied laughing. Heading down to her room followed her. Going inside looked around. It was just like she had left it. Well almost looking over towards her bed she found a fire engine and some kind a big boat. Rasing her eyebrow she walked over and picked up the toys and then looked over at .
- Um what have you and my brother not been telling me? asked starring at .
- What? Oh no no no kids of ours! blurted out quickly
- Who's then because don't tell me my brother has gone back to childhood.
- Hehe well he is a bit of a child sometimes.
- Yeah I know that's why you to fit together so well.
- Hey hey...
- So????
- Oh their 's.
- Ah that makes better sense. Is he here a lot?
- Well sometimes. plays nanny. says that in that way can lean to be a dad.
- Really? Is this a way of you telling me you two are gonna have kids?
- What? Noooooooooooooooooooo NO! exclaimed
- Yeah okay. Hows dealing with it all? asked putting down the toys again
- Okay actually. Now anyway. Though the divorce took hard on him in the begginng. But he’s fine now. Taking care of and all.
- Good. replied seeing turn up in the door.
- Champagneeeeeeeee. exclaimed
- Anything we should celebrate? asked
- Yeah your home coming of 'couse silly! laughed pouring up the glasses.
- Ah well there could be something else too. How would I know? replied
- Well there's not. I don't think. said thinking it through if she had forgotten something.
- Well then. Cheers. It's good to see ya again. smiled.
A few hours passed while she enjoyed seeing her two mates again. She had wanted to go around taking in all off the house again but they kept her from seeing the living room. Which made her wonder what they were up too.
- Okay seriousl what's going on with that room? asked starring at the door into the livingroom while her two mates looked at each and nodded they were ready.
- This. The both giggled pushing her into the living room. With her mouth wide open she saw her friends standing in there smiling at her. Not stopping for a second she rushed over and hugged her brother.
- Hey sis, welcome home. smiled hugging her back while the others yelled welcome home. Hugging each in return she just managed to keep the tears at bay. God she had missed them.
- Ah you shouldn't have. finally smiled looking up at the big banner hanging in there with "Welcome Home" written on. Around the two words someone had been drowing doodles all over it in different colours making laugh a little.
- Um yeah wanted to help and then he got in on it too. explained
- Ah that explain it and here I just thought you and had gone a little mad with the coloured pencils. laughed
- Funny, very funny! replied
- Yeah I thought so. grinned
- Anyway it's from all of us. said
- And meeeeee. yelled running over to her from behind his father making laugh while she kneeled down so she was face to face with the little guy.
- Ah while thank you, it's very cool. She smiled while he looked at her with a shy smile and went in to hug her.
Looking from behind his father looked on shyly not knowing if he dared to do the same. Letting go of turned around and looked at .
- is back. He grinned
- . muttered not being the big talker yet.
- Hey . Thanks for the nice drawing. You're just as good at it as your dad. laughed making the whole room giggle slightly.
- Hey I happen to be very good. defended himself.
- Yeah so is your son. laughed
- I'm good. said tucking at his dad trousers.
- Yes you are. said kneeling down looking at his son with smile.
- are you back to be my nanny? asked looking at her with his puppy eyes.
- I guess I am. She smiled
- Yay yay. Then we can play hide and seek and and you have to see my new truck. said excitedly
- Uhhh you have gotten a new truck? asked
- Yeah. gave it to me. He said a boy like me need a truck to play with. rambled on excited making everyone smile.
- Ah, that was really nice of uncle . smiled looking over at for a second reciveing a smile from him.
- You know forgot some of his toys here maybe you and could play with them. said with a smile.
- Uh uh yeah where are they? asked
- Their up in my room.
- Come let's go and get them. said going off with his son and running off in front of him.
- Ah so our nanny is back. smiled
- So for how long do we keep you this time around? asked making look up at him. Starring into his eyes she knew what he meant and she looked away.
- For a while. Nothings settled. replied brushing of the subject.

Walking into her room stood still and looked around. The room was filled with her scent again. It was clear she was back. Her return had set the room alive again. Hearing his son giggle he looked over and saw how he tried to reach the toys on the bed. But his little arms couldn't reach that far. Watching on he saw how climbed up on the bed and grabbed the toys and pushed them over towards . Letting his eyes wander they fell on the big photo frame that hang on the wall filled with pictures of all of them. Like always his eyes fell on the picture of the two of them. It was from a bbq at and s. The had played a game on the lawn and he had just cort her. She was giggeling, her eyes shining and he had his arms around her and he was laughing along with her. He sighed it had been a while since he had laughed like that.
- Dad, come come. said tearing his dad back to reality.
- Yeah let's go back to the others. replied softly.

Chapter 2.

Grabbing a glass she turned around hearing him enter the kitchen.
- Hey just wanted to say bye. It’s time to get home to bed. said softly feeling the nerves hit him when she looked at him.
- Okay but you can’t stay for a moment to talk?
- Last time we talked it was awkward. He replied raising his eyebrow
- I know but.... I missed you . She finally got blurted out watching how his reaction turned into a nervous smile.
- I missed you too but I can’t .
- I know. And you know why I keep leaving.
- I know sweetie but I was married and I loved my wife.
- You weren’t married then!
- I know but it was so complicated. sighed he did remember everything alright and sometimes he wish he didn’t because it hurt. - I know it was but oh damn it. She cried. She knew all to well how it had been. She remembered everything. Every little detail. She remembered the day he made his choice and she wasn’t it.
- let’s just let it rest in the past. Friends remember. said not really sure if he meant it or not. Shaking thoughts out of her mind she looked at him and nodde. Seeing him reach out his hand she shoke her head and instead walked up close to him and hugged him. At first she felt he tensed up and then he relaxed and hugged her back. Sighing she took in his scent and for a moment she regretted hugging him now it would hunt her for the rest of the night. Pulling away slowly he looked at her with a soft smile before he left.
Sitting down by the table she rested her face in her hands and closed her eyes.

- We better be off too. said smiling at .
- No wait I just have to have a little chat with . said
- Haven’t you had that all day? asked confused
- Yes but I just have to. said leaving and a bit confused in the livingroom.
Looking into the kitchen she watched her friend sit by the table looking a bit sad.
- You okay? asked walking over to the table. Removing her hands looked up and smiled lightly.
- Yeah I’m fine. Tired that’s all.
- You sure? Nothing happened with ?
- No. Should there?
- I don’t know. Remember I know you. I know the thing.
- The thing?! laughed slightly
- Well yeah and you know I know. It was me who put an ear to you night after night when you knew it wasn’t going to happen.
- I know and it still won’t. sighed looking defeated at her friend.
- Maybe it will. He’s not married anymore you know.
- Yeah but he only wants to be friends.
- How do you know?
- He just said so. Let’s just be friends he said.
- Oh I’m sorry but you know he’s a guy sometimes they say things they don’t mean.
- Maybe but I’m not gonna do anything. I can’t find my faith in anything anymore.
- Ah sweetie you will find it again.
- I’m not so sure anymore.
- you will, I know it. So you didn’t find what your seaching for on your trip?
- No but it was amazing, wirld and memorable.
- I bet we’re heard stories from you know.
- Hehe yeah well I was just trying to live life. Trying to be happy.
- Maybe it’s time you try to settle down and be happy among us.
- I did try but being alone among a bunch of happy couples is really hard.
- I can imagine but we’re all here for you. You ain’t alone.
- But I am. I don’t have anyone to cuddle with. Are you letting me borrow ? asked with a grin on her face of the thought.
- Oh no no no, he’s not for loan. laughed
- Ah damn it. laughed
- He’s good at it though. said dreamly
- Oh don’t tell me those things now.
- Oh sorry but promise me one thing?!
- Sure depending on what?
- Stay. Don’t run away on a trip again anytime soon.
- I’ll try.
- Promise!!
- And what if I can’t breathe?
- Then I’ll let you borrow for a cuddle but a cuddle only.
- Hmm okay then, deal. laughed shaking her head.
- Good. So you’re okay?
- I’m fine. Just need a good long sleep I guess.
- Good. Well I better go, is waiting.

Walking into the living room watched gather the glasses on a tray.
- Hey sis. Did you enjoy yourself? smiled
- Yeah I did. Loved seeing ya all again.
- We all love seeing you again particular your big brother. He grinned while he ruffled her hair.
- It’s good seeing you too .
- Hm how about some bounding time with your brother?
- Sounds nice if it doesn’t involve me doing anything. Are too tired.
- Ah but it doesn’t. I think it’s time for our simpsons session. He smiled
- Yeah that would be nice. smiled and let herself drop down on the couch. Putting on the dvd sat down beside her on the couch.
- So went back to her place tonight?
- Yeah so we could have some time alone just you and me. smiled
- That was sweet of her.
- Besides she hates our Simpsons sessions. He laughed
- Yeah don’t understand why though. Simpsons are funny.
- Totally. replied while she rested her head on his shoulder.

3 weeks on where picking up a coloured pencil from the floor in ’s room where he sat on a little chair by a little table and painted a picture. Opposite him lay a painting had left. Sitting down on the other little chair watched push out his tongue in deep concentration trying not to put paint outside the lines. The sight made smile before her eyes dotted around the room in search of . Turning around she saw him and she felt her heart jump to her throat for a second and rushed over to him where she kneeled down and immediately took the blue pencil from him.
- Didn’t you’re dad tell you not to paint on the wall? asked looking into the brown eyes of the little boy, who shaked his head in wonder.
- Well he most have forgot because you can’t do that. She replied trying to get to understand.
- But I do in my room. He replied looking at her like she was crazy.
- You paint the walls in your room? She asked shocked.
- Yes. He smiled widely
- Right okay but you can’t paint on other people’s walls okay? said watching how he looked at her to check she meant it.
- Um okay. He said sadly making her even feel sorry for him. “God help us all, he’s a charmer like his dad” said inside her head when she realized he just made her feel sorry for him when he did something wrong just like he’s dad used to be able to do with her. Taking his small hand she got him over towards the table where he sat down and painted on his paper instead.
- it’s okay, he has done it before. said looking up at her.
- He has?
- Yes and then mom told him he couldn’t and he stopped but my mom is not here now. explained and started to understand was a guy to watch out for.
- So he’s just checking if I would let him.
- Hehe I guess. grinned while she looked at him helplessly.
- You wouldn’t know how you’re mom got rid of it by any chance?
- Yes. She used some green stuff and a sponge.
- Right green stuff. She replied sitting down on the small chair again.
Having put the two boys to sleep an hour later went in search of some green stuff.While looking she suddenly heard her mobile and picked it up.
- speaking.
- . A voice screamed in the other end of the phone so she had to take it a bit away from her ear.
- Are you trying to get me deaf? She asked with a smile knowing it was her newest best friend who she had met in Liverpool. They were the same. Both on the run in search of something and both needing that rush of travelling and the peace it made them feel inside.
- Hehe sorry just so excited to hear your voice again. We haven’t talked since you left Liverpool which means you have been home for three weeks.
- Three weeks I know. replied pushing around with bottles in a cabin.
- What is that noise, are you finding booze?
- Oh no. I’m trying to find some green stuff which should be able to get rid of doodles on a wall.
- Are you telling me you have been painting on the wall? asked in wonder.
- Oh no a little boy named have. I’m babysitting and .
- Hehe oh well good luck with that.
- Gree thanks!!!
- You’re welcome. So when are the parent’s back?
- Not sure. Why?
- Want to come out taking out a club?
- Hon I’m in Florida and you’re in Liverpool remember?
- Hehe no no I just arrived to Florida yesterday.
- You wha? asked shocked while a smile spread around her lips.
- Well I decided it was time to find a new place and I have never been to Florida.
- Arrghhh really? I’m glad you decided that.
- Good. Now what do you say are you up for it?
- Sure I am. It might be late though as I have to wait for the parents to come home.
- As late was ever a problem for us. Just give me a call when ya ready.
- Sure thing. Talk later yeah?!
- Yeah bye.
- Bye. put the phone back in her pocket and finally found a bottle with some green stuff. Going into ’s room she looked at the blue doodles on the wall and prayed it was the right green stuff she had found.
A while later she looked at the wall with a happy sigh, the doodles was gone, it was magic.

Chapter 3.

At two in the night rushed home and when she got there she rushed past in the hall to her room.
- Hey where’s the fire? yelled after her. As he didn’t get a response he went after her. Opening her door he went in but turned his back around quickly finding her rushing around in tight jeans and only a bra.
- Woooohoooo, you could have warned me! uttered.
- Well you didn’t exactly give me any chance. replied pulling a blue top over her head.
- uihjlnkn hm, are you decent now?
- Yes. She replied grabbing her make-up purse and headed for her mirror.
- Good. Now what’s going on? asked again with a raised eyebrow.
- I’m going out!
- At this hour??
- Yes.
- With who?
- Remember I told you about . Well she has arrived to Florida.
- Oh yeah her. I was wondering when you would start on this. sighed
- Start on what? She asked closing her make-up purse again and looked at her brother.
- Being so wild. You used to be such a calm one.
- Yeah to calm which means I missed out on so much when I was 18.
- I think you have made up for it lately.
- You don’t understand. She replied and pulled on her jacket.
- I know he broke you’re heart and I understand you needed all this for a while but hat while has long gone.
- Say’s the happy chappy in love boy.
- Come on !!! cried after her when she reached her door and turned to look at him.
- Don’t! You have no idea how I feel. All you know is how you think I should feel and what I should do. I know okay, I know ‘cause the others agree with you but how will you ever know when you’re not the one who’s alone among happy couples.
- Is that what you think is?
- I don’t know because he doesn’t really talk to me.
- You just took care of his boy.
- Yeah but I didn’t spend time with , it was his son I spend time with.
- Still you will never be alone when you have all of us. smiled but had to shake her head.
- Yes you’re right I have you guy’s but I’m right too. And now I’m leaving is waiting and I’m sure is too. replied and rushed out of the house.

Shaking his head walked back into the living room and watched look up at him from a chair.
- What was the yelling about?
- You head us? sighed
- Well I just heard yelling but couldn’t hear what about.
- It’s starting again. I don’t know why I thought it would be different this time around.
- She’s going out to a club? asked sadly and looked down into the floor.
- Yeah. She seemed to be so calm and happy since she got back home I thought the party girl in her had toned down. sigh and let himself drop down on a sofa.
- And I believe she was. She is happy to come back and see us all. I’m sure of that. replied.
- I know but I wish she would settle down just a little bit.
- Maybe she is not ready.
- Are you sitting here defending her because you think you are to blame?
- Well isn’t that what you believe?
- I believe you hurt her but no. sighed and looked at him surprised.
- Really? I can still hear you scream at me I broke you’re sister. muttered.
- I was mad. I don’t believe you made her the wild cat she is now.
- Glad to hear that.
- But something has. said looking at his mate.

After a screaming excited happily reunion the two girls found themselves inside a posh club sitting up by the bar cheering on a few grin and tonic’s. Looking at each other they both were in fits of laughter after having bribed the doorman to let them inside.
- That’s what I call a good entering. grinned
- Yeah well I think we have leant the tips by now. smiled
- I’ll say, there have been a few and it’s been fun.
- It sure has. Funny how our flirt trick so often works. laughed
- Well their men. They can’t help it.
- Clearly not. replied with a nod and both drowned their drink.
- Think it’s time for another drink.
- A better one.
- A stronger one.
- A red one.
- Two Strawberry Daiquiries mister..... Pleaseeee. winked at the bartender who grinned back at them.
- Uh he winked at you!! said leaning into her friend.
- Hehe I did notice.
- Good good. Hey by the way what’s with the babysitting I grabbed you in when I called?
- Oh yeah everyone went out so I was left babysitting the two boys who are adorable.
- They what? asked stunned starring at her friend offended by her behalf.
- You know I have babysat before, it’s no big deal. replied trying to push the subject away.
- But it is. So they went out to party?
- Well yeah it was a band thing party kind a thing.
- But , and went too? checked still feeling so stunned she didn’t even notice the drink being placed in front of her.
- Yes that’s why they couldn’t babysit. replied smiling at the bartender giving her the drink.
- Why did they go but not you?
- Because they are their girlfriend/wives.
- And you’re their friend. ’s brother even. Did they even ask you if you would like to come?
- No they didn’t. sighed.
- That is so wrong. Honestly how do you feel about that? asked finally taking knowledge to her drink. With a sigh looked at her friend.
- It makes me feel sad, okay? They keep saying I’m not alone and that I’m one of them but they don’t even invite me along to their parties. I know it’s because I’m not a girlfriend nor a wife of theirs but how can they say I’m one of them when clearly they don’t want me to come along?!!! blurted out the one thing that had been on her mind ever since they asked her to stay at home to babysit with not even one of them thinking it could be fun to have her with them.
- I don’t know but if you want I’ll be happy to explain it to them. replied firmly with a nod of her head.
- Thanks but you better not. with a smile. With a shake of her head she pushed her feelings away and raised her glass towards her friend. It was time to laugh now her friend was in town too.

With a giggle tried to push her key into the keyhole for the third time since she got back home four hours later. Finally it turned around and with a laugh she stumbled inside the house and closed the door. Leaning her back against the door she tried to steady herself. The alcohol having worked it’s effect deeper on her once she got outside in the clean air. Focus her gaze at the door further down just made her laugh even more. Pushing herself away from the door she grinned when she stumbled lightly. With a giggle she took a spin around herself and danced down the hall while she sang “But when I hear your name, I feel rain fallin' right out of the blue sky. An' it's the fifth of May, an' I'm right there starin' in your eyes. An' nothin's changed, an' we're still same. An' I get lost in the innocence of a first kiss, An' I'm hangin' on to every word rollin' off of your lips...” Stumbling into the kitchen she noticed sit there and with a laugh on her lips she danced over towards him “An' that's all it takes, an' I'm in that place, Every time I hear your name“. After letting the last words fall over her lips she leaned towards him and kissed him softly on the lips and with a giggle she pulled away smiling at him and headed over to the fridge grabbing out a coke. however sat stunned on the chair still feeling the taste of her lips on his. He felt his heart had raised by her action and inside his head he tried to demand his heart to calm down. With a shake of his head he tried to ignore the feelings she just had roused in him.
- what are you doing? Alex managed to say and watched her turn around to face him. He noticed her eyes were a bit blury from the alcohol.
- Having fun. My friend is in town. grinned at him while she leaned her back against the fridge.
- Yeah I heard. You just kissed me! He blurted out still having been unable to shake it of him.
- I wanted a kiss. She replied like it was the most normal thing in the world.
- You got to stop this. What is wrong with you? asked with a slight ager in his tone. He might always have some kind of feelings for her but acting like she did was wrong. - Nothing is wrong with me. It’s you lot. replied more hash than she wanted and started to walk passed him.
- Oh this is getting old. What happened with you and me is ages ago now.
- God, do you think that the way I am all has to do with you? Doesn’t that make you just a little full of oneself. She blurted out starring at him while he felt a little taken aback.
- Then what is it?
- Yes you hurt me. Yes you made me need to get away and yes it is hard to see you when all you’re doing is avoiding me. Yet it’s not all you. Have it ever crossed your mind that I’m having fun?
- I’m sorry but isn’t it time for you to slow down?
- Why?
- Because you can’t keep going on partying like that all night. You got to move on!
- Ohhh is that why you lot didn’t want me to come with you to party?
- What are you talking about?
- The fact that ya all just leave for a party but never ask if I want to come and have fun with ya? Ya all say that I’m not alone, then why the fuck I’m I always the one left at home babysitting while all “my friends” are out having fun? She cried back at him.
- Never ask you?
- Never!! I know I’m no wife nor girlfriend but I am you’re friend or so you all claim.
- Well I thought you’re brother or one of the others did. You know why I don’t.
- Right whatever I thought you would be home with your son.
- No I let him sleep the night a ’s. sighed and watched her face calm slightly but she didn’t reply she just turned around and left him there in the kitchen. He still couldn’t understand what she had just told him. If none of them ever asked her, he could understand why it would hurt her. He had just assumed she always said no to go with them.

Chapter 4.

Hours later woke up by a ringing sound coming from off the floor beside her bed. Moving around in her bed she finally popped her head over the bed-side and raised her hand down into her purse on the floor and got hold of her phone. With a ruffled sound she said hello into the phone.
- Oh great, you sound like I feel. voice sounded hoarse on the line.
- It was that yellow coloured drink kind a things fault I’m sure. mumbled
- Yeah what was that?
- Don’t know.
- It definitely wasn’t the Daiquiries fault.
- Definitely not.
- You remember the job I told you about? asked.
- Yeah I think. replied going through what happened that night in her head to remember.
- Well I got it for you.
- YOU WHA??!! cried sitting up in bed so fast she started to fell dizzy and had to lie down again.
- Yes. You’re going to work opposite me. It will be fun.
- Right, except I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing.
- No worries I’ve only been there a few days too and I hardly know what I’m doing either.
- Great then we’re going to run the firm down. replied sarcastic.
- Yeah it will be so much fun. cheered in a low voice.
- Hehe you’re mad.
- Yeah but it’s a pay check.
- Good point.
- Anyway you’re starting tomorrow.
- Don’t they want to talk to me first?
- No no I talked them around.
- Hmm you’re always been good at talking people into things.
- Yeah I know. Seriously I’m hungry. Talk later okay?
- Yeah sure, bye.
- Bye bye.
Letting her phone drop beside her closed her eyes and drifted back to sleep.

A knocking on her door tore out of her sleep. Opening her eyes slowly she looked towards the door and told whoever it was to come in.
- Hey sleepy head you can’t stay in bed any longer. said popping her head inside.
- Oh I must have dozed off again. replied sitting up letting her hands run through her hair.
- Had fun last night? asked carefully.
- Yes I did.
Listen I took some take away with me for you. I’d put it into the kitchen.
- Oh thanks, you’re a doll I’m actually pretty hungry.
- I thought so. Listen told us what happened when you got home. We’re all sorry about that. It’s just that we didn’t think about it as... well....
- stop I know, I’m not any ones date. I get it. I do. You only bring partners to those things apparently.
- We didn’t think you would want to go either as maybe it would make you think about how it could have been with and all. replied feeling slightly out on deep water as the one being picked to try and talk to her. With a sigh looked at her friend knowing what exactly had happened. It had happened before. They would be gathered and then they would talk about her and about what had happened with her now and then they would pick one to go and talk to her. It was starting to get old. And didn’t understand what the problem was.
- Maybe it would but I would still have liked to be asked and maybe spend a fun night out with you guys. Listen I didn’t say anything to for it to be blown up and us have a discussion about it. So please just let it go and don’t worry about it.
- Okay but still we’re sorry. Don’t think it’s like we don’t want you there.
- I don’t.
- Good. We’re just getting used to have you back and remember you promised to stay.
- I promised to try. replied and just nodded and walked towards the door. Before she walked out she turned to look at her.
- Get something to eat.
- I will. Tell everyone since you apparently see them before me that I’m starting a job tomorrow.
- Uhhhh you are. yelled excitedly and ran over to hug her.
- Easy. It’s not that big a deal.
- Oh it is. It means you’re staying and settling.
- No it means a pay check .
- What are you going to do? She asked ignoring her reply.
- I actually don’t know. It’s some office thing. and I are probably going to run the firm down.
- Hehe right. Well I think it’s great. I have to go but eat.
- Yes mom. rolled her eyes and laughed when she walked out.

The next day found herself sitting at a desk opposite . She had just met her boss and he seemed pretty bossy and not like someone you would ever wish to be stamped by in his black book. Looking at talking on the phone didn’t feel secure at all. She had no idea how she should be able to do this job and like always that fact was a fact that scared the crap out of her. When she was in a job she needed to feel safe to actually be able to do the job. She knew that seemed wired and was a big contrast to when she was living on the road travelling around where she only got excited of not knowing what was ahead of her. But that was different because then no one was depending on her except herself but doing a job like this meant people expected her to know things. Suddenly hearing her phone go off she almost jumped in her chair and looked at the phone like it was a burning thing that would only hurt you if you touched it.- Um you have to take it! laughed having just put her phone down and were watching her friend stare at the dangerous object coursing the ringing sound. Noticing she wouldn’t get any reply reached over and took the phone call while looked on like a scared rabbit. Putting the phone down a while later tried to read her friends face.
- I know you think you can’t do this and that the strange people in the other end of the line will bite you but they can’t even touch you through the phone and I know you can do this. said softly.
- Oh but they can. They can hurt me mentally and if they get really mad they can come and hunt me down. replied scared
- Hehehe of that’s crap hehe but you look very amusing.
- Oh thanks, I’m glad you’re having fun. huffed.
- Well seriously you have the computer in front of you and when they ask you something you just use the computer and it will tell you the answer and if you really don’t know then you just send them over to me. smiled
- But you just started what if you don’t know?
- Well then we run the firm down like you said. grinned
- Oh that makes me feel so much better. replied while she jumped a mile in the air hearing her phone go off again. Pushed by she picked the burning phone up but after being as polite as she could with her nerves she ended up handing the woman in the phone over to . That continued the next few hours until finally felt a little more at ease but by the end of the day she felt mentally drained from energy.
Getting home she collapsed on the sofa in the living room and lay flat on her back with her arms over her face. Suddenly hearing a slight giggle she set it out to be her brother now standing looking down on her.
- I’m so proud. My sister has settled down with a job in our home town. grinned
- I’m not settled. huffed still covering her face.
- I know but I’m still proud.
- Don’t be. I’m talking to people on the phone having no idea what the fuck they are asking me about!! She muttered finally moving her arms away from her face so her gaze met his.- What are they asking about? asked suppressing the laugh that wanted to escape his lips when he saw the sadness in her eyes and realized it wasn’t the time to laugh at her.
- Some IT crap. claims I can find the answers on the computer and I’m still looking. replied rolling her eyes.
- It will be better sweetie. You just need to try it out for a while first.
- Maybe.
- Are you okay? You look sad? asked concerned
- It’s just that job. Crappy day. She sighed
- Well I can make it end better. I have made you dinner and then we can just sit here and eat together and watch some dvd’s. He smiled watching a small smile appear on her lips for the first time since he had heard her come through the door.
- Thanks, that sounds nice. smiled feeling slightly happier.

When they finally reached Friday looked at the clock thinking only one hour left and the weekend would lie ahead of her.
- So I was thinking how about we go out tonight and celebrate you survived the first week at work? asked watching her friends face light up.
- That was the best idea I’ve heard all week. grinned looking even more forward to the weekend if that was even possible.

Chapter 5.

With a smile on her lips she starred into the eyes of the stranger in front of her. Licking her lips she couldn’t deny she was attracted to him. He had a muscular body, black spiky hair, blue eyes and a cheeky smile. What was there not to like? Watching him take a taste of his beer she smiled seeing the twinkle in his eye. She had met him a couple of times before when she had been on the road with and now he had suddenly appeared again.
- Are you stalking me? asked him with a hint of flirt in her voice.
- Oh yeah I haven’t seen you in... He grinned starting to cont the months since they last had met on his fingers.
- Funny!!! She laughed slapping him softly on his arm.
- I thought so. So this is your home town?! He stated with a look around the club.
- It is. How do you like it so far?
- It’s sunny with a hint of charming company.
- Nice line. She laughed shaking her head.
- I’m good with those.
- I’ve noticed.
- Um friends of yours? He asked leaning in close to her ear while he discreet nodded further down into the room and court the sight of her brother and .
- Brother and friend. She replied not sure if she liked them being there yet.
- Ah introduce me?
- Hehe oh you would like that. Well maybe later.
- Later sounds fine with me. Is it just me or do they look familiar?
- Well I’m being stalked by musicians.
- Ah but do you like being stalked? He asked letting a finger run down her arm.
- Only if they have your shape! She replied with a soft smile.

Watching on felt a knot in his stomach. He wasn’t used to see guys come on to her. Even more so he wasn’t used to see her flirt back. He could tell by the way she behaved that she liked the guy and it made something happen in his heart. He wasn’t sure what but he refused to start liking her again. That ship had sailed he thought but just as he thought the sentence as soon he forgot he ever thought it when he watched the guy lean in and kiss her.
- You okay? asked seeing the look in eyes. If it wasn’t for the beers had been drinking he would have sworn it had been jealousy he had seen in his eyes.
- Yeah I’m fine. Who is he?
- Um ? said looking at her with a smile well knowing she had taking hide behind them so it wouldn’t seem like she had known they would come as she had gone there with and .
- As far as told me, his name is Keith and they have met him a few times on the road. Apparently those two have some kind of chemistry going on but it’s nothing serious.
- I hope not since she haven’t told us anything about him. replied looking over at his sister.
- Well they didn’t even know he was here. said while took the information into his head.
- Where’s he going? asked seeing Keith leave and heading towards the stage in the club.
- By God you’re not telling me his a musician?! blurted out knowing all too well had a weakness for a guy who could play the guitar.
- Well um yes. mumbled.

- Hiya girlfriend! cheered stepping up beside her friend.
- Hey, you enjoying yourself?
- Are you kidding, I have Keith’s friend to entertain me, a guy with a muscular body, blond spiky hair that is just begging to be ruffled through by my hand as always and bright blue eyes and his a charmer too. How could I not have fun?? laughed.
- Good point. Ahhh he’s going to sing. replied feeling excited.
- Oh you’re so easy. All a guy have to do to win you over is to sing to you and play his guitar.
- Well yeah but it has to sound great too. grinned.
- True.
- By the way where is ?
- Good point. replied and they both started to look around.

- Think they are looking for you, you better go over there. said and gave a kiss before she disappeared in the crowd trying to catch a way over there without being seen where she came from. The two guys watched being greeted of the two girls with a loud cheer.
Hearing people cheer watched the band start to play when the words he sang entered his mind and made his heart froze.”“But when I hear your name, I feel rain fallin' right out of the blue sky. An' it's the fifth of May, an' I'm right there starin' in your eyes. An' nothin's changed, an' we're still same. An' I get lost in the innocence of a first kiss, An' I'm hangin' on to every word rollin' off of your lips. An' that's all it takes, an' I'm in that place, Every time I hear your name”. Those words; it was those she sang that morning in the kitchen. The realization made his heart twist. If she was singing his song it meant he was getting to her. Letting his gaze fall on her again he realized she had that smile on her lips she had in the beginning when he was flirting around with her and he didn’t like it one bit. Suddenly new words falling from Keith’s lips rang in ’s ears and made his heart hammer, “An' there we are, parked down by the riverside, An' I'm in your arms about to make love for the first time, An' that's all it takes, an' I'm in that place, Every time I hear your name.” The look shared between Keith and didn’t go unnoticed by and he actually thought he felt sick for a second. “It’s just a song, just words, they didn’t actually do it” kept telling himself even though a little voice in his head said they could have. Truth was didn’t know much about what she had been up to out there in the world. She could have climbed a mountain for all he knew.
- He is kind a good. said getting back to reality while he danced around himself.- Good hmpf!! grunted making stand still and look at him.
- Okay not good then. mumbled looking down while his toes rocked with the music in silence.

A while later found herself standing together with Keith, his band mate Brad, and laughing.
- So what does a guy have to do to get a body shot from you? Keith asked winking at her.- He has to buy the shot himself! replied feeling a giggle wanting to escape her lips. - Deal. So may I decide which body part to choose? Keith asked
- I’ll just push you away if you decide on a wrong part. replied trying to keep a tingle in her stomach away. Keith smiled at her as a reply. Taking a wedge of lemon he softly let it slide between her lips and let it go as he felt her hold it with her lips. Kneeling down a little he lifted her top slightly and sparkled salt over her navel. With the shot glass of tequila in one hand he licked his lips and looked into her eyes and she felt a tingle in her stomach and couldn’t help but let a soft giggle escape her lips. Sending her a cheeky smile he leaned in and licked the salt of her with his tongue. Well aware of the effect he had on her he let his tongue tease her a little before he stood back up straight. Looking into her eyes he drowned the shot quickly and leaned in to take the lemon from her lips with his own. The scene where making people around them cheer except from who stood completely frozen to the spot. He hated the effect he finally realized it had on him seeing her in such close contact with someone else. He just wanted to run over and hit the guy and grab her away from him.
- That’s my sister!!! uttered not liking the sight at all.
- And that’s my... my.. whatever!!! cursed under his breath.
- That’s my sister!!! kept on saying.
- You sound like a broken record mate. Be proud. Some guy laughed walking passed and making both of them look at him while the guy headed for the bar.
- Should I be proud my sister is flirting like that?? asked confused.
- No! muttered before he stormed towards and their friends.
- Three ‘o clock, three ‘o clock, look three ‘o clock!!! said in a warning tone towards Keith and and both looked in the direction seeing come up to them with in his tail.
- !! smiled at him with a question showing in her eyes. Catching up with , pulled him in the collar of his shirt to make him cool down a little.
- What do you think you are doing? said in a harsh tone towards Keith.
- Having fun with a friend. Keith replied simply with a smile that only worked more up.
- You stay of her!!!! snarled.
- Listen I don’t even know you and I really don’t think you have anything to say in the matter. Keith replied with a firmer voice while his arm went protectively around ’s waist.
- Guy’s don’t. replied now putting a hand on each of the two’s chest which made both of them look at her.
- Yeah calm down and have a few drinks. Brad cheered making laugh.
- Drinks? said towards .
- My sister is having body shots. It suddenly came from behind and made everyone giggle slightly.
- That’s right we’re having fun. You should try it with . grinned over her drink.
- Please can we talk? asked trying to soften his voice a little.
- Fine. I’ll be right back. replied to Keith and placed her drink in his hand. While she walked away with while she heard how Brad and got talked into having a body shot with and it made her giggle slightly.
- So what’s up with you? asked when they were far enough away to be heard by their friends.
- You can’t stand there and have him literally lick your stomach.
- Why ever not? asked putting her hands on her hips.
- It’s not lady like!!! blurted out cursing himself inside for even saying it. Telling himself he sounded stupid but he just couldn’t control the words that flew over his lips.
- Hehe lady like, are you kidding me? You’re the one who used to be a bit of a wild one!- But I can’t have you doing that? replied frustrated.
- One more time. Why, give me a reason for stopping?
- I can’t. He sighed
- Well if you can’t give me a reason to stop then stop telling me I can’t. I’m out here to have fun. I can only assume you’re here for the same. So have fun.
- Maybe you have had too much fun.
- You do realize that you sound jealous right?
- I’m not jealous. defended himself still not willing to admit to himself he was anything of the sort.
- Then stop acting like it. I gave you a chance but you blew it. Now we’re friends just as you wanted it. Now start having some fun. replied letting her finger run down his chest. With a smile she watched the look in his eyes telling her he was jealous and she couldn’t help but feel slightly amused by the fact. After all he was the one who pushed her away.
Seeing her turn around and walk back to the others felt anger raise within him. With the anger only raised towards himself. He knew he was out of line and that she had every right to push him away but he wasn’t going to watch some cowboy singer steal her away. In that moment he decided how the night would end in his mind. She wanted fun so he was going to let her have it.

Chapter 6.

Getting over to the others he overheard Keith trying to sweet talk into doing something wasn’t sure what was but he soon did.
- Come on babe, you can do it? Keith winked at her while popped in almost standing between them urging to go on and do it.
- Hehe would you two stop looking at me like that. laughed while , and starred on in wonder.
- Hmm you used to be a woman up for the worst but I guess coming back home have turned you into a bit of a bore. Keith replied putting on his best straight face showing no form of laugh making pinch her eyes together slightly “no one was going to call her a bore”.
- No matter where I am I’ll never be a bore. hissed back making giggle.
- Ah then prove it to me. Keith replied.
- I’ll do it if I get your hat!!! replied firmly.
- Uhhhhh not the hat. cried shocked putting her hand in front of her mouth.
- You want my beloved black, cool, used western hat! Keith said hiding a laugh trying to escape his lips.
- Yes. replied firmly putting her hands on her hips while starring back up at him.
- Okay. Keith grinned.
- OM MY GOD!!!!!! You get Keith’s hat. screamed jumping up and down making , and looked at her all scared.
- What??? asked checking she heard correctly because usually nobody would be allowed to get his hat. Once she had managed to be allowed to borrow it for a while one night and her had been on a wild night out where he had played with his band but that was it.
- You can have it. Keith smiled.
- What, wha’, why can she have it? cried
- Because I’ve noticed that every time we’ve met out somewhere that she love to take my hat away and put it on her own sweet head.
- Ahhh that’s soooo sweet. cried making and look at whispering “how drunk is she?”.
- You’re sure? But you never let anyone have it? uttered shocked.
- I’m sure. If you come up and sing with me it’s yours! Keith smiled looking over at Brad for a second who looked just as amused as himself.
- But why? asked again.
- Because you’re special. He smiled making roll his eyes annoyed.
- Okay, right one song?! questioned
- Yes. Deal? Keith asked
- Deal. smiled letting him take her hand and guide her up to the stage.
- Well I better follow as I play with the band. Brad said kissing on the cheek but before he walked off she grabbed his hand.
- So how do I get yours? asked nodding towards his hat.
- Hehe I think you know what to do to get it. Brad winked at and walked up on the stage. Turning around feeling excited clapped her hands and looked at the stunned faces of , and .
- You guy’s okay? asked with a more calm voice than the one she used before.
- Yeah you guys just scared us!! stated making laugh.
- Hehe oh the hat thing it’s just because he has always claimed no one could have it. explained with a happy face.
- It’s not just the hat! replied.
- Oh then what? asked.
- You’ve seem so high all night like you’re on something! replied making look them over for a second and for the first time that night she pulled a serious face at them.
- The only thing we’re on are booze and our mutual spirits. said trying to focus on ’s friends after having consumed several drinks by this time. People she had only heard about but now for the first time met and she wasn’t all that impressed. She knew they worried about her friend and they probably where there because they wanted to see what a night out meant for herself and but to and her logic thinking meant that there just were a part of that they didn’t understand.
- But you’re all up there over the clouds. muttered.
- Well we have a trick and you guys should really use it too. It would make your life more fun. stated
- What trick? asked not feeling so sure about where she had .
- Forget about the world. Forget all your problems. Go out in the night to have a good time with a smile on your lips. Pretend everything is bloody fine. That way the night can only end up being fun. replied smiling at them trying to figure out if she got through to them.
- Forget??? And what if there is something that’s not forgettable? asked.
- Then you take your best friend by the arm and talk about it for a moment and then you put it away. smiled
- You make it sound so easy! said stunned.
- Well it is when you have done it as many time times as me and but look at your girlfriend she’s able to do it too. I can tell by her eyes. But now my dears this was enough serious talk for one night. said putting back on her cherry face while now stood looking at trying to see what had.
watched now leaning in over the bar making the bartender laugh and handing her a drink. He was trying to make sense of what Hens had been telling him but truth was he didn’t understand. As let go of the bar she looked at and with a sigh she walked up to him.
- Listen use the trick I told you and stop worrying about she’s fine. Just look at her. She’s up there on stage having a laugh. said to him so softly had to look at her checking if it was the same girl who a moment ago had been yelling about a hat.
- Yeah she’s fine now but she’s also filled with booze and as you said have forgotten about reality. muttered back.
- Is it reality you want? asked looking at him raising her eyebrow.
- Yes.
- Right okay here goes. She loved you but you choose another woman over her. You got married and had a kid. You destructed her but she got back on her feet. She still misses you. She feels left out among all of you guys sometimes but she loves all of you which is why she keeps coming back. Then when she have been here for a while watching all of you guys settle down while she can’t because the one guy she wanted doesn’t want her, she get’s lonely and can’t breath. So she leaves to find that special thing that is missing in her heart and she can’t settle down and breath again until she has found it. Now there you have it. That is why she is what she is now!!! explained feeling slight surprised herself that she managed to tell him all that in the state she was in. Giving him no chance to reply she walked away from him and closer to the stage to cheer on her friend.
Left back stood speechless and suddenly able to put the pieces together of what was going on with his former girl. Suddenly feeling a hand on his shoulder he knew and were right there.
- You heard? questioned.
- Yeah we heard. replied looking up at his sister suddenly understanding so much more.

- So a wild night out with you two means? asked having left and behind and now stood beside that stopped cheering loudly and looked at for a second.
- Hehe are you finally ready for it after watching us? grinned
- You noticed? asked surprised
- Of ‘cause. You’ve been watching us trying to sense what a night out meant for us mean while you haven’t got drunk because you needed you’re head to report back to those two fallows that are now starring at us. smiled to a stunned .
- You, you knew even though you’re drunk? stammered.
- Hehe would you guy’s please give us some credit. We might get drunk but we always remember what we’re doing and we do know what’s happening around us. It’s just that being drunk means we let it fly. But you know if you really wanna know what a night out with us means then you really have to join in the fun and not care what others think. You think you’re up for it? asked with a smile.
- Yeah. replied somewhat uncertain.
- Okay, now sing clap and cheer on your friend. grinned and whistled through her fingers at who laughed back from the stage.

Standing beside now watched join cheering madly but letting do the singing a long part as she obviously didn’t know the lyrics. Looking at the stage couldn’t help letting a smile creep up on his lips seeing half laughing and singing while a constant smile gazed her lips. He realized it had been a while since he had seen her look this happy, actually he hadn’t seen her this happy since…. since they had been together. The relation drawn on him like a bullet, the missing piece in her heart had been talking about was him!! Or was it? She seemed happy with Keith. “Forget about the world. Forget all your problems. Go out in the night to have a good time with a smile on your lips. Pretend everything is bloody fine. That way the night can only end up being fun” the words had said echoed in his mind that was what she was doing. She was trying to move on and the only way she knew how too was to push him out of her mind. He was her missing piece or any guy who could steal her heart would be. Was Keith begging to fill that whole in her heart? The thought made heart cringe while he watched Keith put his cowboy hat on her head and kissing her cheek while grinned somewhat shyly. recognized the signs, she was begging to let Keith into her heart and found himself not liking it at all.

Chapter 7.

- Go on , go on. Don’t be a chicken. and laughed pushing up on stage to sing with Keith. Going to the front of the stage Keith leaned down towards .
- You know you were an exception being let on stage with me. Keith said raising an eyebrow at .
- Ah but she needs to do something wild. Let her make a fool of herself. pouted at him.
- Hehe did you just say you want your friend to make a fool of herself?
- Yes but only because she needs it. grinned and with a shake of his head Keith laughed.
- But does she even know the lyrics? Keith asked and and looked at once at each other as they realized their friend most probably didn’t.
- Um ah probably not but just pick a world known song. Trust us she needs to try this. said seriously.
- Right okay but you have to pay for this to Brad. Keith laughed.
- Hey I was going to anyway. laughed.
- All right then. Keith laughed and talked shortly with before he addressed the party people.

- I don’t know if they have a bad influence or if this is just plain funny. grinned watching trying to sing which didn’t sound all that good but somehow Keith had turned the song into a sing a long song so you almost couldn’t hear .
- I’m not sure either. said. At this point he was only sure of one thing, he wasn’t going to let go home with Keith and to him it looked like Keith wanted that to happen and she wasn’t really turning him down.

It was out it in the early hours the next morning and most party people had gone. Left was the crew working at the club and the band that were packing their stuff together. watched Keith kissing , it actually looked like he had his tongue down her throat and even though wanted to run over and grab her away from him he waited ‘till he got a better chance. Finally he watched stumble away from Keith letting him go on with the packing. With a bright grin she now stood in front of him and gazed into her eyes which told him what he already knew, she was drunk.
- Hasn’t this just been fun night? grinned with slurring words that only made smile. She had always been a cute drunk.
- It could be better! winked at her.
- How so? She asked clapping the cowboy hat on her head.
- If you left with me? leaned in whispering into her ear. It took a few seconds for the words to sink into her mind. Trying to compose herself starred at while she felt her heart pound faster.
- What did you say? She mutter making grin amused.
- I said it would be more fun if you left with me.
- Don’t say something like that if you don’t mean it! almost hissed at him making him put his hands on either side of her waist helping her stand steady and pulled her closer to him. Just having her this close made his heart beat faster.
- Are you only saying this because of Keith? questioned.
- Well apparently I’m jealous. sighed letting the words out before he could stop them, not sure if he should have because different to others he knew that was one of those who always remembered most things even when she was drunk.
- Good. Was all knew to reply as her vocabulary seemed to have left her mind. Starring at her lips couldn’t hold himself back anymore and leaned in placing his lips on hers kissing her softly. He let his tongue lick her lips and felt her part them giving him the access he wanted. Pushing his tongue inside her mouth it was met with hers. Letting his tongue circle hers they both let out a moan and felt a twisting sensation in his pants. He had forgotten how amazing she made him feel. He had had too forgot but right now there was no stopping them except maybe Keith. Pulling away a moment later he gazed into her eyes.
- I’m dizzy. mumbled not completely sure what was happing.
- What kind a dizzy baby? asked seeing her suddenly look at him with a shocked look in her eyes. All heard in her mind right now was baby. He had called her baby, God she had missed hearing that from his lips. Those lips that had been on hers just a moment ago and God it had felt so good. Blinking with her eyes for a few seconds she tried to gain her senses, all the drinks and now his lips, it all made her mind and body twist.
- Drinks, you’re lips. She finally mumbled just to see him grin amused back at her before she felt him push his lips back on hers.
- My place or your place? asked.
- My place. She muttered under her breath before she stole another kiss from him.
After a goodbye to Keith and a taxi ride where they barely could keep their hands of each other Linda found herself at home in her room with right in front of her. The bare thought of what was going to happen sent her heart to explode. Pulling her ever so close pushed the cowboy hat of her head letting it land on her floor before he sent his lips crashing down on hers. Never had he wanted someone as bad as he wanted her now. The want being showed in his pants were he felt his manhood begging to be set free from the confinement of his pants. Everything was happing so fast to ’s dizzy mind that she soon found herself naked on the bed with touching hands running over her body sending shivers through her.
- . She moaned begging him to fill her up. Just hearing the begging tone in her voice when she let his name drift over her lips made his manhood grow harder. Not able to wait any longer he entered her filling her up completely. Thrusting faster and faster groaned heavily with one last trust while he heard her moan out his name. Holding onto her tightly they both fell asleep with a content smile on their lips.

Waking up the next morning let out a goan reaching her arm over the side of the bedside her finding no one there. With a laugh pulled his shirt over his head while he heard the complain leave her lips.
- Morning babe. grinned
- What are you doing up? She mumbled with a ruffled voice while sitting up in bed.
- I have to go and pick up. It’s already late. smiled walking over to her side leaning down pressing his lips against hers and felt her fingers sneak up behind his head tucking at his hair.
- Stay. She muttered between his kisses.
- I’ll love to but is beginning to ask were his daddy is.
- If you leave I’m gonna ask the same. She replied cheeky.
- Hehe well how about you come by my house tonight sweetie?
- Yeah, you sure? asked starting to feel a bit of uncertainness pass through her.
- Baby I am sure. This could be a new chance for us? said softly letting a finger stroke her cheek. Watching a smile spread over her lips he couldn’t help but smile himself.
- In that case I would love to come. She grinned feeling him let her go and back of to walk away but she grabbed his hand pulling him back for another kiss. Letting her tongue run over his lip it took a few seconds before he parted his lips to let her tongue in but when he did she felt a rush run through her feeling his tongue twill around hers.
- Sweetie I have to go. See you tonight?
- Yes. She grinned and with a smile left a last kiss on her lips.
Seeing him leave collapsed back down on the bed with a happy smile on her lips.

On his way out walked passed the kitchen…
- HEY YOU, Kitchen, NOW! yelled from inside the kitchen starring out through the door at stopping on his track, taking a deep breath thought before he watched him turn around and walk towards him.
- Oh morning how are you this fine morning? asked smiling brightly at his friend.
- A bit of hangover. replied taking a sip of his coke.
- Ah that’s good. Well I have to go and pick up . See you later. grinned turning around.
- Hey hey not so fast. If it was any girl we were talking about then fine, but this is my sister. said making roll his eyes before he turned around to face his friend again.
- I know that but what happens between her and me is our business.
- Ah but that is where you’re wrong and I would think you would know that as she went wild after you dumped her the last time around.
- And here I thought we just leant the other night that it wasn’t just my fault.
- Sorry you are right but I don’t want to see her hurt because of you again. sighed.
- She didn’t look hurt when I just left her in bed. smiled.
- And as her brother I don’t want any information on bed subject.
- Really? Well it felt amazing. laughed
- Okay I think you were leaving! cried pushing his laughing friend out through the door.
Ten minutes later watched his sister walk into the kitchen with bright smile on her lips.
- A good morning I take it. asked from his sitting point on a chair with his feet resting on the table.
- A very good one. grinned pulling a coke from the fridge.
- So you and huhh?! said carefully.
- Yes. grinned unable to remove the smile that gained her lips.
- So how long have you waited for that? asked hearing the words escape his mouth before he could stop them.
- Well to your information I actually had stopped waiting.
- I know silly of me. Most importantly is that your happy and you look happy. smiled happy to see his sister content. It had been a while since he had seen her this relaxed and general happy.
- I am. I’m going to see him tonight.
- Good, sounds nice. smiled at her.

Pulling the car up in his driveway saw her sitting in front on the door before he even got there. He felt the annoyce build up inside him. He knew whenever his ex turned up like this it was always because she had some crazy idea. Getting out of the car he watched him run up to his mom grinning delighted. Seeing Sarah kneel down he watched the two of them greet each other. Walking up to them he put the key into the door and opened it.
- , Sweetie could you go in and play in your room for a second? Mommy and dad have to talk for a moment.
- Sure. smiled and walked off towards his room. When he was out of ear shut turned to Sarah.
- So what’s up? It’s not today you’re going to have him. muttered.
- No I know that but I’ve been thinking. I miss you. I miss . I miss us. She said softly while the words hit him. He hadn’t heard her say that since they were together.
- Please could we give it another try? Please I’ve realized I still love you. We could be a family again. She pleaded at him. In shock starred at her while he felt his heart pound faster.

Chapter 8.

An hour later were still in full discussion with his ex.
- You can’t just show up here all of a sudden and except me to say fine let’s give it another go. hissed
- Why not? I know you still love me too.
- God I will always love you. I just don’t know if I love you enough.
- So you won’t even give it a chance. Nice let’s go tell he can’t have the one thing he want the most, his mom and dad together.
- Oh don’t you dare play the card. yelled at her making run into the living room looking up at his dad.
- Don’t yell at mommy. cried with tears in his eyes.
- Oh sweetie. Sometimes parents just talk loudly it’s nothing you should worry about. said kneeling down in front of his son.
- Don’t. cried.
- Okay, okay. Why don’t you go in and play with your trucks. Mom and I just have to talk. Don’t worry. smiled at his son and watched the uncertain look in his eyes but finally he nodded and walked back into his room.
- Why are you like this? Once you always said you wanted a normal family life. Sarah said folding her arms in front of her chest.
- That’s because that was the dream when I choose you and married you. sighed.
- And we can have that.
- How so? All you wanted was to dig into the fame that fallowed me around. It just took me too long to figure that out.
- Ah forget the reason, it didn’t mean I didn’t love you and you loved me.
- How can I, I don’t trust you. Have you forgotten the part where you were unfaithful because you met someone that was more famous than me?
- God stop being so dramatic. You weren’t an angle yourself. I always had to fight to keep you because of that that thing of a sister of .
- Her names and besides that you’re talking rubbish. I choose you and we rarely saw her and I definitely didn’t cheat on you. hissed at her.
- Maybe so but she was always in there. Sarah cried pointing at his head making push her hand away.
- Yes I loved her. I still love her and I know she wouldn’t treat me the way you do.
- Still love her. So you are with her?
- We’re just started seeing each other.
- baby, give us a chance to be a family again. If not for us then for . Sarah pleaded placing her hands on either side of his face. Looking into her eyes seeing the pleading look felt the sting in his heart that she had left there. He felt so confused and didn’t know why he was being put into this position again choosing between two women that he loved. With a shake of his head he pushed Sarah away. There was a reason they got devoiced and the undeniable love he held for Sarah back when he married her was gone.
- Why do you want to be with me when I don’t love you anymore.
- Because we were good together and I miss it. I could make you love me again and would be the happiest boy alive. Sarah replied sending him a gaze he couldn’t stand for back in the days. Looking at her he did choose what would be best for after all he had done that since the boy was born.

With a bright smile that evening greeted at his door with a kiss.
- I missed you. She smiled against his lips while she felt his grip on her tighten. Feeling her lips on his was fast to press his back hard against hers. If this was going to be the last time he kissed her he wanted it to last forever. He pushed his tongue forcefully into her mouth and tasted every bit of her while he felt her tongue battle with his. Letting a groan escape his mouth relaxed a little and calmed the kiss down to a sweet play that made a moan escape her lips. Pulling away looked into her eyes he knew he had to tell her but he couldn’t get himself started.
- So we’re alone, I thought would be here? She said with a smile.
- His with Sarah so we could talk. replied in a low voice that made every alarm in ’s body ring in high tones.
- don’t do this!!! replied suddenly remembering this scene all too well and she didn’t like it one bit.

- I’ve just talked to Sarah and now she’s out so we can talk. said in a low voice hating doing what he had to do.
- So she’s coming back? replied feeling her heart already ready to burst.
- Yes. I’m sorry sweetie but I love her. whispered nervously.
- But you said you loved me! cried at him.
- I do love you, it’s just that…
- THAT YOU LOVE THAT COW THAT LITTLE BIT MORE!!! yelled while tears formed in her eyes and started their trip down her face.
- I’m REALLY sorry. I don’t want to hurt you. cried feeling his heart break by the site of her. Truth to be told he loved them both and it was just an inch that made him choose Sarah over .
- I’m so so so So SORRY baby! cried trying to move away her tears with his thumb but she pushed him of feeling her heart break into a million pieces.
>>Flashback End<<

- I don’t want too, really I don’t. replied in a firm voice.
- Then don’t. What happened, did she come back on her begging knees and pleaded you to take her back??? cried at him
- Yes but you got to know if it was just about you and her, then I would choose you. said letting his eyes burn into hers.
- SO WHAT? THIS TIME YOU’RE DUMPING ME FOR WHO? She yelled back at him. - I’m not dumping you, don’t see it like that. pleaded.
- I have to think this through she wants to be a family again and I have to think about it for ’s sake.
- I’m not someone you can just have when it’s convenient for you !! hissed while her heart was pounding so fast she felt like it would explode. She couldn’t believe this was happening again.
- I know baby but I have to put first
- is fine ! You said this could be a new chance for us! She cried at him.
- I meant that. cried not knowing how this could ever end well.
- God you’re one confusing man! What do you want? hissed at him. This was so not how she had planned the night in her head.
- I love you and I want to be with you but time have passed maybe can have his mom and dad together again. I have to check that out for ’s sake.
- AND WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO. WAIT FOR YOU TO TELL ME IT DOES WORK WITH YOU AND HER??? now yelled at him not being able to control her emotions.
- I know I can’t ask you to do that.
- You’re giving her another chance to break you and meanwhile doing that you’re giving her the chance to break me two. To break us and you’re letting her.
- I’m sorry! whispered feeling his heart break with hers.
- SORRY? YOU’RE BLOODY SORRY? WELL SO AM I. I WAS FINALLY MOVING ON AND THEN YOU COME AND TAKE ME DOWN AGAIN AND AS THE FOOL I AM I BELIEVE YOU. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! screamed while tears ran down her cheeks and she rushed towards the door.
- , please. cried not wanting her to go.
- Fuck you ! Her voice replied shaking.
Watching her go closed his eyes feeling his heart break.

Storming into the house she felt her heart beat way to fast while tears ran down her cheeks. When she got inside the house she felt safe and relieved the first few seconds until everything he said rushed around in her head so she felt like she was going mad. It was actually happening again. That witch was back and she wanted back. How could she ever fight that battle and win? The witch had far more better cards on her hands. The near thought made her gasp for air. She felt like she couldn’t breathe and all energy that should keep her up on her feet poured out of her body and she let herself fall to the floor. She didn’t even notice , , and rush into the hall until was down on her knees beside her pulling her in for a hug. Meanwhile stood still not completely knowing what to do and therefore looked towards for a moment helplessly.
- I can’t… I can’t…. breathe. got blurted out through a mix of a gasps and tears and it set off sitting down onto the floor grabbing her and forcing her to look at him.
- Sweetie, just calm down and take small breaths and everything will be fine. said firmly which just set more tears to ran down her cheeks.
- Sis just breathe. It will be fine. said with slight panic in his voice making look up at him unable to control anything. backed away a little and the three of them looked on while again forced her to look him in the eye and with a soft voice he kept talking to her until her breath got a steadier rhythm. Looking into his brown eyes she felt the calmness she found there spread over to her and she calmed down slightly.
- That’s better. smiled at her and for second closed her eyes which just made her heart twist again and more tears find its way to her eyes.
- God whatever has happened? asked not sure about what to do but instead of giving him an answer got up on her feet slowly. Looking at them she felt her lips wobble and it made her run off into her room with in her tail and the others walking slowly behind them.
Getting inside her room did the only thing she knew would make her feel better, she went to her closet and grabbed her suitcase and started to throw clothes into it.
- NO!!!! You stop that at once! cried forcing the top now had in her hand away from her.
- LET ME BE ! cried
- YOU FREAKING PROMISED ME !! cried while , and looked on stunned from the door way.
- I CAN’T DO THIS ! I CAN’T BREATH HERE!!! cried turning her back to again to grab some more clothes but pulled at her making her look at her again.
- Then talk to me. Let me help you. asked in a softer tone.
- I can’t. sighed
- What happened? You were happy. You and were finally getting things together.
- But the witch came back. cried seeing how her words now hit in on their minds and made them all four go “oh”.

Chapter 9.

Next evening stood in front of a fuming .
- I TOLD YOU TO NOT FUCKING HURT HER AGAIN!!!!!!! yelled at his friend while kept out of the war zone that was going on in the hall. She knew when the guy’s got mad it was to best stay out of their way.
- YOU BLOODY SHOULD BE SHE’S MY SISTER FOR CRIST SAKE! screamed pushing backwards.
- At least she has not run away! uttered.
- Really, it wasn’t ? muttered
- What’s that suppose to mean?
- Oh come on you know how close and are. He can look her in the eye and know how she feels.
- So what? Does it make you jealous or something? asked fuming crossing his arms in front of his chest.
- No of ‘cause not. sighed rolling his eyes.
- I can’t believe you did this. sighed
- Where is she?
- Out in some club with . Drinking herself numb I would think.
- I’ll try and talk to her.
- Oh yeah ‘cause you’re doing that so well.
- I AM TRYING MY FREAKING BEST! fumed turning around walking out of the door slamming the door shut with a loud noise that made jump and scared to face .

Walking into a club spotted her standing beside a table where a few guys were seated while she drowned a shot. Taking a deep breath he walked up to her just when she had drowned another shot and put it back down on the table where three guys were cheering on her and it made the insides of crumble.
- , please can we talk? asked taking hold of her hand watching her turn to meet his gaze and as soon as she realized it was him she pulled her hand out of his grip making a sting appear in his heart.
- What for? Go home to your bloody ex-wife. cried at him feeling her whole body ache seeing him.
- Please Sweetie. pleaded with her.
- Don’t sweetie me. hissed and realized he had to take stronger action, so he grabbed her hand again and pulled her with him to a quiet corner until he let go of her hand.
- What freaking thing do you think you’re doing? She cried at him feeling upset, mad and hurt all at the same time.
- Trying to make you listen. I didn’t lie to you. I do love you.
- Yeah right that is why you for the second time pick that oversized snob of a cow!
- Please understand I’m doing this for !!!
- DON’T GIVE ME THAT CRAP. DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE IT’S BEST FOR HIM TO SEE HIS PARENTS TOGETHER IF THEIR FIGHTING AND DOESN’T LOVE EACH OTHER??? She cried out at him and sighed. He saw the pain in her eyes and deep down he knew he couldn’t do anything now. The damaged was already done.
- For ’s shake I have to think about it. I have to see if it can work.
- Oh and what? You want me to sit here and wait for you to decide if you love me? If you loved me enough you wouldn’t even consider getting back together with her. If you were smart enough you would have realized the last time around that she can’t make you happy. If you loved me as much as I love you we wouldn’t even be standing here arguing, we would be too busy being an annoying loved up couple. She replied letting her feelings out to him and for a moment time stood still while they gazed at each other.
- , sweetie… whispered stroking her cheek with his finger snapping back to reality as she shakes him off.
- Don’t. Why are you even here? She hissed and started to walk away as he grabbed her arm to stop her.
- To make sure you know I love you and make sure you will be okay! He replied gazing at her knowing full well she wasn’t okay.
- Right, I love you too but apparently that’s not enough and no I’m not okay and you knew that already. cried at him and tore herself away from him heading up to the bar where she quickly got served with a new drink.
Left behind stood gazing at her every move feeling his heart break and at this moment with a blurred mind that wasn’t really sure why he was doing this. Suddenly he saw a guy stepping up beside her leaning in close while his hand rested upon her back and it made ’s insides raise. As he watched him place a kiss on her cheek lost the ability to control himself and rushed over and with one push he had the guy pushed of her not caring the least that guy now looked at him in disgust.
- Gosh relax would you? I didn’t know she was taken!! The guy huffed and walked off. Seeing him leave turned satisfied and gazed at who stood starring at him.
- WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?? exclaimed at him making his blood boil again.
- Saving you from that creep. hissed under his breath.
- Actually he wasn’t a creep.
- You can’t be with him!! sighed looking at her wanting to just take her home.
- Why , tell me why??!!!
- Because you’re supposed to be with me. sighed making her heart pound like mad. Biting her tongue from sending a remark right back at him a better revenge went through her mind. The look in her eyes made his heart pound and his mouth felt more and more dry as she neared him until he actually felt her breath on his face. Leaning in her lips barely touched his at first, he knew she teased him but he couldn’t bare it so his hand went straight to her neck and softly he pressed her lips onto his and hungrily he now felt her tongue go on adventure in his mouth teasing his hungry tongue. felt her entire being ache for him but as she pulled away reality stroke down in her mind as she gazed into his eyes and she felt like crying.
- Bye. She replied with her trembling lips but he grabbed her arm to stop her.
- , baby. He whispered to her ear.
- Are you still choosing Sarah? replied in a shaky voice.
- Baby I love you. He replied and she closed her eyes for a moment as tears started to tickle down her cheeks.
- That wasn’t the answer, come back to me when you are finished playing with another woman. Until then, you can’t have me!!! She replied pulling the last straight she had inside her as she looked at him. She saw the hurt in his eyes and couldn’t deal with it so she rushed away from him feeling her heart breaking.

Feeling his heart being ripped apart smashed the front door of his house as he got home.
- Yeah just wake up baby. Sarah cooed appearing in the hall in her nightie.
- SHUT THE FUCK UP and thank you for ruin my life AGAIN!!! shouted at her.
- Babe what’s wrong? Sarah tried asking
- Just leave me alone!! sighed rushing up the stairs.
- COME ON TALK TO ME!! Sarah cried out to him but he didn’t even care to stop and look at her. Instead he blocked her out and smashed the door shut into the bathroom. With images of running through his mind he rested his head against the shower wall and let the water run over his body cooling him down.

Chapter 10.

sat quietly and gazed at her friend over their desks at work. She knew had had another episode with and that she wouldn’t be able to cope much more. She had already broken down several times since she had got back home and in ’s mind that was a big enough reason to leave, but she also knew her friend needed closure to get on with her life. As watched her she noticed her voice where low and a bit shaky and that was when decided she where going to stop this madness for her friend, when she couldn’t herself.

As said goodbye to after work, she set of in the direction of and ’s home. When she got there she felt slightly stunned as she took in the sight of the enormous house. looked at her surprised as she let into the house.
- Sorry I realize you must be rather surprised to see me but we got to talk about ! A moment later had walked in and joined them. He had quickly figured out what was going on and it didn’t take long before he heard his wife turn her voice from calm to frustrated.
- I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU ARE ASKING ME TO DO THIS! cried as stood quietly and watched the two women knowing one of them where right. He might not like it but it was best for their friend.
- I’m not trying to take your friend away from you but your being selfish here. This is best for and you know that deep down. She needs closure and if has decided once and for all it’s over then you have to let her go and travel out and find her feet again. explained trying to get through to .
- But why can’t she do that here? She needs her friends around her.
- She will have friends around her. She will have me, Keith and Brad and we both know that is that kind a woman who believes miles can’t separate you from friends because if you want to be with someone you love you’ll already there in your heart!!
- If she’s already there then she won’t be able to escape no matter where she is. replied not wanting to give up.
- True will be with her every where she go but at the same time she needs to get away from him and out there in the world. If there’s something that makes her tick it’s the adventure of travelling. She loves it and she need to do something she loves. replied determined to get her way.
- She’s right love. finally sighed making turn her gaze and stare at him surprised.
- CALM DOWN!!! I don’t want to let her go, she’s one of my best friends but is right, this is best for and now that has made a deal with Keith and Brad about going with them she will be with friends who care about her and she’ll get a chance to breathe again. said in a soft tone while feeling his heart ache a little.

Meanwhile walked past the living room where she heard giggle about something were telling her. didn’t feel in the mood to talk to them just yet and without thinking she walked down the hall and into ’s work room. She looked at the globe standing on a bookcase and her mind flew back…

>>Flashback to Liverpool<<
- Look it’s faith! laughed as her eyes fell upon a globe and ran over towards it. She put both her hands on it and stared a with a grin across her lips.
- It’s faith you found a globe?? laughed and with slow steps walked over to her friend.
- Yeah it can tell us our next destination. We’ve done Liverpool, so where to afterwards?? - AAHHhhh good idea. I close my eyes and you make it spin and with closed eyes I point my finger somewhere on it.
- Yep. grinned and as closed her eyes made the globe spin. Both feeling excited placed her forefinger on the globe. heard suddenly start to jump beside her while she squealed.
- Where is it?? asked as she opened her eyes which she widened as she stared at the spot her finger rested upon.
- USA!!! squealed excited.
- , look closely where my finger is at!! replied quietly feeling pretty taken off guard because really what where the odds…
- It’s Florida…. Mmmm sun, beach, parties..
- IT’S WHERE I’M FROM!!!! cried seeing the dreamy look in ’s eyes disappear slightly.
- What?
- It’s my home, remember???
- So you’re going home?? asked uncertain.
>>Flashback end<<

She had gone home. The globe had made her think it was time to see her brother again, to go home to her world there, to see if everything where like she had left it. Slowly walked over towards it and placed her hands upon it.

After having left and now stood just outside the home of and talked to him. She sensed she had upset him and that he felt like she had pushed him further into a corner but she didn’t care, he had messed friend around for the last time.
- She’s not strong enough to do it so I have to do it for her. She my friend and you have messed her up for the second time but I’m here now to make sure it will never happen again. I give you the next couple of hours to make your decision. At eight sharp you turn up at hers and either you tell her you leave Sarah and want to spent the rest of your life with her or you give her closure and let her go.
- But how can I…
- , she needs this, she can’t do this anymore, she’s falling apart. So make your decision once and for all. Eight ‘o clock . said firmly and turned around walking away from him.
Seeing her leave felt his heart pound heavily knowing she was right. With a heavy heart he turned around and went inside his home. As he got inside a sense rushed over him as soon as he stood inside the hall of his home. Loud music where buzzing through the house making his heard shake. It wasn't exactly calming music, it were what would say wasn't music but just simply loud noise that would give you a head ache he thought with a smile. Heloved rock music but only liked some of it, still he didn't care that she didn't. Right now, hearing the music on high volume while not being in the mood for it, he didn't even like it to much himself. As he suddenly looked towards the stairs he watched try to crawl down them, and rage hit him, as he then noticed Sarah hadn't put up the divider on top of the stairs that would stop him from doing so.
- Daddy!! uttered as he tried to get down to the button of the stairsto his dad.
- Colin, you ain't allowed to crawl on the stairs! exclaimed as he ran over and took hold of the boy.
- Sorry daddy!! He replied softly as picked him up.
- It’s okay. Where’s your mom?
- Up stairs.
Right thought as he went up and walked into ’s playroom.
- You stay here and play okay buddy? said softly and after seeing him nod went out of the room and put the divider in front of the stairs just in case. Then he went to the bedroom and watched Sarah dance around the room singing loudly with a drink in her hand.
- WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?? yelled at her making her stop and gaze at him.
- I’m being me. She replied flashing her eyelashes at him
- Yeah that’s the problem. sighed.

After having been let into the house by , walked down the hall to find her friend. Suddenly she stopped up as she saw her inside ’s work room.
- What are you doing? asked.
- Do you remember? asked quietly not moving her gaze away from the globe to look at her friend.
- Of ‘cause I do!! smiled as she now stood beside her.
- Should we do it again? asked as her hands still lay upon the globe.
- We don’t need to. I know where we’re going! replied softly and for the first time since she came looked at her.
- What do you mean? asked raising an eyebrow at her.
- I picked Australia for us or rather Keith and Brad did. They are going touring there and I made a deal with them for us to go with them.
- And they don’t mind?
- Oh please Keith would love to have ya with them and you know it. grinned and for the first time that day saw a smile creep up on ’s lips.
- Australia sounds great. smiled
- It sure does and it has koala bear. grinned.
- Oh I would love one of those. grinned
- I know, and I’m sure you can talk the guy’s into letting you met one. laughed
- Funny but I promised I wouldn’t take off. sighed
- I talked to her and . She just needed a bit of explaining. It will be fine. I promise.
- You sure? asked feeling uncertain.
- I’m sure and um I made a deal with too. replied trailing off as she watched the look change on ’s face.

Chapter 11.

Sitting in the kitchen sat fiddling with her hands nervously as her mind worked overtime. She needed to think things through. Hens had explained to her what she had done and knew no matter what she would get her closure and move on in a matter of minutes. Closing her eyes for a second she looked up and her brother who stood by the fridge, she had made up her mind no matter what would say. She looked up at the clock as it stroke eight and she felt her heart beat like mad and she gazed between and .
- His not coming!! whispered.
- Well you know his always been a slow one, never on time! replied hoping his friend would show up and better show up now so he could decide whether to comfort his sister or not. For each second that turned into minutes that passed on the clock felt her heart break into tinier pieces. As the clock stroke 8:30 Pm the door went open and they all held their breath as a guy entered with a smile on his lips. Starring at him tried to smile back but her heart cried as she got up from the chair and stood on her feet.
- Thank you for letting us come along. uttered with trembling lips.
- I’m sorry sweetie I guess he didn’t show! Keith replied softly going over pulling her in for a tight hug.
- No the damn IDIOT didn’t!! replied as were unable to answer. As Keith let her go, she went over and took hold of her suitcase and quietly they all walked outside to the tour bus. Keith took their bags as the girls said their goodbyes. Standing in front of tried to smile.
- I’m sorry! uttered just to be pulled into a hug.
- Don’t you dare say sorry, you did you’re best and I know you have to do this but you better come back!! replied in a wobbly voice.
- Promise. replied and slowly turned to who hugged her telling her to take care and call.
- Bye , take care of my brother. replied and hugged her friend goodbye.
- Of cause I will. Bring me back a wild animal. replied trying to lighten the mood making smile lightly. As she stood in front of her brother she felt a tear run down her cheek.
- Go out and find your smile again. His NOT worth you tears and trust me I’ll give him a piece of my mind for you!!
- Thank you. I’ll miss you! She replied in a whisper as he pulled her into a tight hug.
- Me too baby sis!! Come back when you’re ready but call me! replied trying not to show the anger growing inside him too much. As he a moment later watched the bus drive off with his sister in it he felt unable to control his anger anymore and rushed into the house to pour himself a drink. The others quietly followed him. In silence they watched the clock stroke 9:05 Pm and that’s when the door flew open and rushed inside.
- Where is she? panted out of breath
- YOU DAMN BASTERD!!!!!!! yelled storming towards him knocking him to the floor.
- don’t!! cried running over to him grabbing his arm but furiously he pushed her aside where grabbed her.
- YOU FUCKING BASTERD, YOU’RE TOO LATE!! screamed at him as stroke blood from his forehead where had cursed a rift.
- YOU COULD HAVE TAKEN HIM ALONG!! yelled trying to throw a hit at again but got in the middle and took the blow making scream at them to stop.
- YES BUT DON’T YOU DARE HIT MY GUY!! cried as she pulled away from the furious .
- it’s okay! replied softly making her calm down as the battle between and where still on.
- I didn’t have enough time. I needed to end it correctly with Sarah for good before I came here. I didn’t think she would be gone when I got here. replied firmly as the reality hit him, she was gone.

Sitting on a chair in the bus stared out on the surroundings they were passing by as the city of her home faded in the distance until it was just memories and pictures in her mind that rolled together like a movie. The tears had stopped as she no longer knew how to cry, her tears were used up but inside her heart were still crying in pain.
- A new adventure. smiled as she sat down beside her friend and nodded in reply. Deep inside she were happy that had pushed and made an end come to the drama because she needed it to end but she had also needed the push she wasn’t able to take herself. She felt something being place on her head and turned her face to look at .
- It’s your Keith cowboy hat, I remembered it for you. It symbols a new start for you. smiled at her friend meanwhile feeling helpless inside. She wanted so badly to take away the pain her friend were in but knew only time and help by friends would make that happen.
- Thank you for everything!! said softly sending her friend a fade smile.

looked towards the clock seeing it now stroke 9:30 Pm while he felt his heart ached. He had finally taken the plunge and made a decision but he’d been too late and now fate where there biting his ass for being a fool. They all sat in the living room in silence even all though could tell had more than enough trouble keeping the rage in side him at bay.
- I GOT IT!!! suddenly yelled and jumped up from the sofa.
- What? questioned raising an eyebrow at her.
- We call Keith and get him to stop the tour bus and wait ‘till get there and stop . rambled on excitedly.
- Yeah just one problem babe, we don’t have his number. replied and helplessly sighed as she slumped back down on the sofa.
- But I have ’s. suddenly grinned as all suddenly gained new hope.

- How long are we going to stay here? asked as she walked back towards the tour bus from the kiosk with .
- Not sure actually but it did mean we could go to a real toilet instead of the one on the bus. grinned making laugh lightly for the first time that day.
As they nearer the tour bus she heard a voice that made her body froze and she stopped up right on her step. That voice could only belong to one person but it couldn’t be true. She closed her eyes as she felt the voice coming closer and closer towards her until she felt his breath on her face that sent shock waves through her entire body.
- Baby, please open your eyes and look at me. begged as he finally stood in front of her.
- You’re not here. uttered and remained her eyes closed.
- The speed limit I broke to get here says otherwise. blurted out making small smile appear on her lips as she slowly opened her eyes and came face to face with him.
- I’M SO SORRY I was late but it took longer to break it off with Sarah officially and for good plus getting someone to take care of so I could get there and talk to you without being disturbed. explained while all really head where him saying for good.
- For good, breaking it off for good? checked
- Yes I’m a damn fool I know. I shouldn’t have hesitated when she came back I should have sent her the same way as she came.
- Yes you should.
- Can you forgive me? asked with pleading eyes.
- Yes. She whispered before she even thought the word.
- Would you PLEASE give me a new chance?
- I don’t know you’ve hurt me so much. She uttered taking a step away from him
- I know and I’m so SORRY but please baby came back with me.
- No. replied and watched the shock flash over his eyes.
- Baby I love you. cried
- And I love you but you have hurt me so much, how do I know you won’t change your mind tomorrow? asked in a quiet voice not knowing where she got the strength too to turn him down when all she really wanted deep down where to rush into his arms but still the anger were too strong.
- I won’t baby, you’re the one. I know that now! pleaded knowing his happiness depended on her.
- You need time to be sure. If you still feel the same way in two months I’ll give you a new chance.
- I AM SURE. Baby listen to me! cried placing his hands on either side of her cheeks forcing her to look him in the eye.
- I’ve waited soooo long to hear you say that but right now you’ve hurt me to much I need time to mend. She replied with her lips wobbling as she moved away from him.
- Baby I’m sorry, tell me what to do to fix this!! cried
- Give me time to mend and then come back and tell me what you just told me. She replied and with a shaking body she placed a soft kiss on his lips.
- I love you but this time I need you to wait for me. She whispered to him and as she heard him tell her he loved her she turned and walked towards the tour bus disappearing inside it.

Chapter 12.

One ½ month had passed and felt better than ever. She were still on tour with Keith, Brad and and in the begging it had been really hard saying no to and she never thought she would have but it felt good for once being the one to decide where they were going as he had always been the one who decided when and where. She had only texted him a few times on her mobile although she missed him terrible but she had decided to test him to be sure he wouldn’t leave her again by the bare sight of Sarah, so she stayed true to her decision about being away for two months.

Mean while for the first time really felt how it had been to be in ’s shoes, he felt terrible without her, before he had felt like he had a piece of her even when he were married to Sarah but this time it was different, he didn’t feel her holding on to him, instead this time he was the onlooker backstage looking in on her having a great time with Keith and it killed him. Right now were sitting in the dressing room before heading on stage starring at a picture in a paper, there she were smiling happily with Keith’s arm around her, as came into the room tossed the paper over the floor. rolled his eyes at him and picked up the paper. He thought it was good for once that the table had turned and his sister seemed on top instead of , which brother wouldn’t? Still wished the whole thing would end and there would appear a closure. Watching the photo in the paper smiled as he saw his sister grinning from ear to ear.
- I bet you’re thrilled! grunted
- Meaning? asked raising an eyebrow
- She’s happy. She’s without me but she’s happy
. - And she misses you.
- Yeah I can tell!! replied sarcastic.
- She does but apparently she needs to do this. Think about it this way, you forced her to after you’ve messed her around. She needs to be sure you won’t run and leave her again and she needs to be sure she dares to give you another chance.
- I know all that but I didn’t think it would take this long.
- Do I need to remind you how long it took you?
- No you do not!! grunted as and came in.

stood backstage and gazed at Keith and Brad tossing around on stage when stepped up beside her.
- You okay? asked before she grinned at Brad slapping Keith playfully.
- Yeah I was just thinking.
- About how it would be to choose Keith instead of ?
- ?!! muttered shocked
- I know you and I can tell you like Keith and he wouldn’t make you doubt your relationship if you choose him and besides that I know he likes you. replied sensing she gazed at her out of the corner of her eye.
- I know he wouldn’t but…
- He’s not I know, but what have done to get you back?
- You know, he turned up when we left for this tour and he has called and texted me every day since.
- Yeah but where is the big I can’t live without you gesture? questioned
- I asked him to give me space.
- I know but you’ve been apart 1 ½ month now, he should do something if he really oh so love you. replied softly.

were back at the hotel sitting in the bar starring into a glass in his hand. A TV where playing on a shelf in the middle of the bottles in the bar. Hearing a name he knew all too well made him turn to the TV.
- Could you turn it up? asked the bartender who nodded. It wasn’t just a name it was her, it was his standing there joking around with Keith at some music show. She looked breath taking in a long dark blue dress. sighed deeply while came up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.
- Our huhh??!! said looking at the TV two.
- She should be here. sighed and felt a knife was put into his heart as he saw Keith lean in and kiss her on the lips.
- Maybe it’s time for you to go and get her home. replied as tore his eyes from the TV and for a moment starred at his friend before he’d in a quick movement rushed up towards his hotel room almost stumbling into on the way.
- What’s gotten into him? questioned as he sat down beside .
- That!! replied nodding towards the TV were they saw giggle and lean in and place a kiss on Keith’s lips for a short moment.

Later that evening stood in front of the door to her hotel room for the night gazing into Keith’s eyes that had turned a shade darker with lust as he leaned in once more letting his lips touch hers. His tongue licked over her lower lip asking for access to her mouth which she slowly gave and felt his tongue sneak in meeting hers. A moan escaped her mouth as he pulled her close and his tongue circled hers softly. Her mind left her as they stumbled into her room closing the door. As they got in Keith’s lips quickly found hers again.

Down the hall saw the couple disappear into the room and was in doubt if what where happening were a good thing or not.

rushed into the airport and now stood tapping his fingers against the wall his was leaning against in the departure lounge. He couldn’t wait for the flight to take off. He looked at the sigh on the wall telling him he had to turn off his phone when he went into the plane. As he took out his phone to turn it off it started ringing and a number he didn’t know turned up on the display.
- Yeah?! questioned not sure if he should have taking it.
- ?? She replied nervously not knowing if she did the right thing.
- !! replied stunned suddenly recognizing the voice.
- Yeah. What are your intentions with my friend? questioned making confused.
- I want her. I thought you knew that.
- Then what are you doing? I thought you music guy’s were all about big romantic gestures.
- Actually I’m at the airport heading out to you guy’s if that damn plane will ever turn up!!
- Oh good. Can I ask what your big gesture will be like? asked surprised that he was on his way.
- No you can’t as I don’t really know. I just know this has to stop. I miss her like hell and I want her back. Plus she really shouldn’t be kissing that other bloke!! hissed of jealousy while mind set of to what her friend could be doing right at this minute.
- Um well jus get over here. See you when you get here. replied and disappeared as stood starring at his phone now hearing the beeping tone.

Quietly walked over to the door holding her hand upon it not sure if she dared to knock on it as she wasn’t sure how far gone the two on the other side of the room had gone. Taking a deep breath she tapped the door. No reaction came, so she tapped it louder which now meant she heard footsteps on the other side. Slowly it went open and she came face to face with a topless Keith that made catch her breath for a second as she gazed at his muscular body.
- Um sorry but I really have to talk to . muttered
- Right, great timing by the way. Keith sighed stepping over leaving a kiss on ’s lips before he pulled the shirt over his head and walked out.
- What’s going on?? asked worried and surprised
- Are you sure about what you’re doing? questioned
- What? You said he would be good to me.
- And he would but don’t sleep with him unless you’re sure you and are over, don’t mess it up if it’s you want. If it’s just to hurt him then trust me he is already hurting. replied quietly.
- Excuse me what???
- I have talked to from time to time.
- You have what? cried at her friend.
- I know, maybe I should have told you, but I have been trying to help you and even though I think you would be better off with Keith then I don’t think you’re heart believes so. You love and you always have so try to fix it instead of giving up now that you finally can have him for good!!!

Chapter 13.

sat down in the lobby of the hotel it was over midnight and most guests was either drinking in the bar or had already headed up to their room but after what had told her she couldn’t find rest in her body nor her mind to stay up in her room alone. Hens had gone to bed telling her would be here soon and that she better have made up her mind by the time he would enter the hotel for all their sakes. already knew what her heart wanted, what it had always wanted but she were scared that she would get hurt all over again.

breathed in as he watched the taxi leave and he stood looking up at the hotel. He felt nervous but at least he knew she would be waiting on him as had texted him so but she had also said she had stopped her from doing something naughty which sent his mind racing with stuff about what that intended. A door man looked at him with a smile as he opened the door for who with a beating heart walked in through the door.

She sat with a view through the lobby out into the entrance so she would see when he finally came through and now that she did she felt her heart leap to her throat and her pulse go into overdrive. She closed her eyes for a second counting to ten making her pulse ease a little. Opening her eyes again she saw he had noticed her, his eyes bored right into hers like he was trying to read every thought in her head. Slowly she watched him say something to the woman behind the counter before he slowly walked towards her. With each step he took felt his heart beat even faster knowing full well it was now or never. If they couldn’t agree to figure things out now they never would. As he got up standing inches away from her they stood in silence gazing at each other for something that felt like a lifetime. Neither of them dared to start talking afraid off of what the other might say even though thought she knew what he would say. He had after all travelled all the way to see her and it was a fact that did indeed melt her heart as it was the first time he had ever done so.
- . finally whispered in a soft voice.
- . muttered not sure what to say.
- I’ve jumped on a plane to tell you I love you with every inch of my body, with every ounce of my soul, with every beat of my heart. I know I’ve done a lot of mistakes. I know I hurt you. I know I don’t deserve you. I know you’re scared I would ever hurt you again but I promise you I won’t because I need you like the roses needs rain. Like the poet needs pain. I just can’t live without you. My body and soul are yours. Baby they say a picture tells a 1000 words but when I see yours all I see is 3: I….. love… you! said softly while letting his hands rest on either side of her cheeks. With his thumbs he softly stroke away a few tears rolling down her cheeks and she felt her heart melting and her mind go blank from any thought of arguing with him. All she knew what to do were leaning into him whispering she loved him too before her lips softly came crashing down on his.

A little further down the room stood watching the scene and even she had to remove a tear from her eye as she heard a few voices in the other end of the phone demanding to know what was going on.
- Guy’s it’s a done deal. smiled as she happily watched the couple finally figuring things out.

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