The Dance

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>>Dance is just a conversation between two people.., speak to me!<<

Chapter 1.

Walking through the hall like in slowmotion he heard her soft giggle and his eyes got drawned to the open door. Stopping on the spot he starred in, and feelt the jealousy hit him in the face. Feeling his heart beat fasten he watched how pulled her in close to him before he let her take a swing away from him but still with his hand firmly holding on to hers. Stepping away from the door leaned up against the wall leaning his head back so it touched the wall. Sighing deeply he felt the anger boil. Moving away from the wall he looked back in now to see her hands travel down his mates body, not being able to hold back anymore he stormed in pulling her away from before she even got time to react. Seeing the look on their faces imeadiatly let her hand go and took a step back not completly knowing what was going on with him.
- ? finally said raising his eyebrow at him.
- Sorry. mumbled looking over catching her gaze with his eyes. Starring right into her eyes he felt like he was drowning.
- Okay right mate I don’t know what’s going on with you, but we were actually practiseing our new dance, but if you feel the need to talk? said wacthing slowly moving his gaze from his dance partner.
- No, I... I’ll go... mumbled turning around walking towards the door. Taking a deep sigh she looked over at and signed to him to wait a second. Running after she grabbed his hand when she cauth up with him by the door. Pulling him outside the door so no one could see them, she looked up at him seeing a hint of jealousy in his eyes.
- It just for the dance. She said.
- I DON’T... He said just a little to loud and sighed before he continued..
- I don’t like you touching him like that. He said looking down.
- It’s just for the dance. She replied softly reaching out her hand and stroke his cheek. Making him look up at once and starre into her eyes before his gaze went to her lips. Not able to stop him self he grabbed her and pulled her in and crashed his lips over hers. Moarning against her lips feeling her kiss him back. Pulling away seconds later she looked softly up into his eyes.
- , we can’t, not here... She replied in a whisper.
- I need to see you . He replied husky
- Tonight. She said seeing him nodding she started to move back to the room just to feel him grab her arm.
- Do you have to touch him like that? He asked
- You know I do, that’s how the dance work.
- Why ain’t I you partner? He complained
- You have to ask the hostest of the show that babe. She giggled before walking back into the dance studeo.

Later in the day when and had finished up the training she came past the room were training the next dance with Mal in. Stopping right on the track she watched how hands ran seductly over his body. Feeling the jealousy sting in her body, she knew exactly how he had felt earlier.
- Okay, what’s with you two? suddenly asked standing not far from her, watching the way she looked in on and .
- I... um nothing. She answered taken back. Hearing the voices stopped what he was doing with and courth starring at him. Noticing the emotionly look in her eyes. He took a second away from Mal and walked down to her. Reaching her he openen his mouth to say something when he saw her nodd towards who had now walked up to them.
- I know it’s not my business but I am not blind. stated crossing his arms on his chest.
- Didn’t say you were mate! replied wishing he would leave them.
- Then what is all the secret talk about and the glances about huhh??!! asked again not letting it go.
- Don’t know what your on about mate! replied looking at .
- you do know he has a girlfriend right? spat out suddenly making shot him a gaze with thunder at once.
- He what? She cried suddenly feeling all the danger signals in her body that she wouldn’t like this one bit.
- He has a girlfriend, her name is , funny I thought he would have off told you! said taking in all the drama he was now coursing.
- . tried not knowing what to say
- Is that true? She asked
- ... I… mumbled feeling his heart aching watching how her eyes started to fill up with tears and anger
- Is it true? She asked again backing away from him.
- Yes. He finally replied grabbing out for her hand trying to stop her from running away from him.
- Don’t. She cried not letting him take her hand. Running away from there as fast as she could.
- Thank you so much! said through gritted teeth to before running after her.
Reaching her just outside the building he grabbed her arm.
- Please sweetie let’s talk about this.
- You should have of told me from the begging, before starting something with me! She cried.
- I know baby but I couldn’t help my self. My feelings for you... You... I’m sorry...
- I know and I really didn’t mean to hurt you!
- But you knew I would find out sometime, then what?
- I don’t know. He cried trying to figure out a way to get around it.
- Sweetie, all I know is that I like you!
- It’s not enough, you lied to me. She cried watching the dream in front of her crashing down.
- I’m sorry baby but please we can figure something out. He pleaded feeling tears sting the back of his eyes.
- You can’t have us both, I wont share you with someone. This is just... no go away... she cried
- Please sweetie, I know your hurt I understand....
- Do you?! Couse somehow I doubt that. Because if you did, you would shut up, turn around and go back inside, because you would realize that I am this close to getting in my car and running you down in the PARKING LOT!!! She screamed at him before storming off.
Seeing her leave sighed deeply feeling every emotion in his body crash around. He was so confused and feeling like he had just lost something very important. Walking back in he wacthed open his mouth to say something but seeing shut him a look of thunder he keept his mouth shut. Walking into an empty room he slammed the door shut. Sulking down on a chair he burried his head in his hands, this was so not how he thought this show would have turned out.

==Flashback 3 weeks earlier==

Closing the car door walked closer to the house and starred up at it. The house that was now gonna be his new home mean while he was part of the show and who knows how long that would be. Hearing the next car being parked and someone coming up stopping beside him, he came face to face with his past.
- Hey. She replied shyly not knowing what to expect seeing him again, it had after all been a year since they had called it a day.
- Hey. He replied quietly taking all of her in. It was like the last time they saw each other only this time they would be living in the same house.
- Heeeyyyyy, does this house look cool or what? said excited suddenly joining them making them both look at him bemussed.
- It’s fab . laughed
- Well come come, they are waiting inside. replied dragging them in.
- Ah the last once to arrive welcome, I’m Chris the host of the dance show. He said smiling shaking their hands.
Shaking his hand in return then looked around the room and saw the other participants lined up talking.
- Well now that ya all here let me wish your all very welcome to ya new home and to the show of ‘couse. Before you all vanish to get checked into your rooms and to check out the house let me tell you the ground rules and of couse to annouce who each of you will be partner with. Chris grinned while everybody else looked at each other guessing on who they would be spending up close time with.
- Right so as you know this is a dance competion and each week a couple will be voted to leave the show so we at the final only have two couples left. Through the week you will learn to dance a dance choosen by the show and to learn the dances we have trainers to help you out. They will show how to do the moves but you also have to do a lot of training yourselves.Right and now to who’s with who. Chris explained.
Listening to him say their names in turn looked over and court glanse at him. Looking straight back at her he felt the rush he had felt back then when they met. It had been amazing and so complicated all at once. The timing had just never been on their side and this time he knew it wasn’t either. Hearing Chris say her name he saw in her eyes the wish to hear the name with hers that he at this moment in time wished for too. Hearing another name however he sighed and her gaze fell from his and over the owner of the name Chris announced.
- .... ...! Chris smiled and lucked eyes with and was met with a warm smile which made her feel at ease. All though she couldn’t help to feel a little disappointed it wasn’t .
The next couples to be announced were, and , and , Shayne Ward and Sofie, and and at last Duncan and .

== Flashback end==

Chapter 2.

It was now Saturday night. The night after Shayne Ward and Sofie had been voted out of the competition and everyone just needed a night of party to try and let their hair down.

- HOLLY COW! spat out his beer looking over watching walk in beside gazing in the same direction as gulped on his beer, while his eyes took in every inch of her. Watching her curves being showed of in a black corsage and thight black pants, ending with her high heels. Letting his eyes move back up he met hers that seemed so more intense tonight.
- God my partner is hot tonight! whispered to not getting an response he slapped on the back....
- Sorry what? mumbled.
- Jeesss mate you gotta be careful your girlfriend is here tonight grinned shaking his head. Not taking in what said keept starring at her up and down.
- Hey beatiful! smiled leaning in kissing her cheek when he walked over and reached the two women.
- Hey you! smiled looking over catching ’s gaze.
- Your killing him looking like that, you so have him hooked! whispered to her ear.
- Good! She stated.
- Good? asked
-Yeah, the war has begun! explained him
- War? He asked again.
- The war about who get’s ! replied while walked over to . Standing right in front of him she lucked eyes with him.
- You like? She whispered
- I love. He whispred back feeling his mouth go dry while she placed her hand on his chest and leaned in stroking his cheek with her lips before she moved to his ear.
- What a shame she’s here then! She whispered in his ear before she nibbled on his ear with her lips, making him siver and wanting more. Slowly she moved away from him. breathing in deeply he tried to control him self from grabbing her. Suddenly seeing his girlfriend he watched her eyes flash with anger while passed her in the door way.
Seeing her turn around going after felt the panick raise within him knowing this wasn’t good at all.
- WHAT THE CRAP DO YOU THINK YOUR TRYING TO PULL! screamed at her but she kept walking over to the bar were all the drinks were. Nodding towards he made her a drink and handed it to her with a fade smile before looking over seeing coming into the room.
- Well if I play my cards right then I’m going to pull and you know what I’m not even going to hide that fact from you. She replied coldly seeing the woman in front of her getting more angry by the minut.
- YOUR BLOODY HELL ARE NOT! HE’S TAKEN! screamed at her.
- Well the thing is I really like him and I’m not going to give up on him.
- HE IS TAKEN, HE IS MINE! yelled again with anger flashing in her eyes.
- I don’t care. I don’t care because I don’t think you deserve him and because I don’t even like you. replied feeling her blood starting to boil up.
- Well you will lose because I’m a better woman. I can have everything I want, whoever I want and there’s nothing you can do about that. spat out.
- Yeah I know, I have seen the way you show your self of in front of everyone who want to look but guess what I didn’t know you two were still together when I met him. And after knowing you from the past well I’m sorry but I have no respect for you which means I am not going to give up the fight out of repect for you. I can’t... She trailed of looking down just for a second but it was enough time for to go over and spill the content of her drink over ’s top making gulped on the spot. Still having all ’s words running around in his head.
- Well on that note I think I’ll go and grab a tissue for this. said leaving the room. Walking down the halls towards her room she suddenly felt a hand sneak around her waist. Knowing who it was she didn’t say a word. Going into her room she heard him close the door while she walked into the bathroom to clean up her top a bit.
Watching her every move he leaned up against the doorframe.
- Did you mean that, would you fight for me? He asked softly.
- Yes. She replied looking up at him watching him smile weakly back at her.
- Sweetie... He sighed not knowing what to say
- I love you! She suddenly blurted out starring him right into the eyes. Making him froze to the spot feeling his heart poud heavily.
- You? He hardly replied in a whisper
- I love you, I’ve been in love with you from day one. I know it’s fast I know and I don’t wanna scare you away by saying this but I do love you and I don’t want to lose you. I know I’m not anything big like her and I know I’m not a lot of things you’ve gone for in the past. I know. But I would never leave you. I would never hurt you. And I will never stop loving you. She said looking at him feeling nervous in every bit of her body while trying to read his mind.
- Baby... I.... love you too.... He replied weakly watching how the smile on her soft lips broke free. Feeling her lips on his a second later he couldn’t stop him self from kissing her back. Getting court up in his feelings his licked her lip with his tongue. Feeling her lips part he slipped his tongue inside her mouth and met hers, tasting her he moaned softly. Pullling away moments later he head her gasp softly and slowly open her eyes. Watching her cute little smile he felt his heart break why did this have to be so hard?
- We could just stay here. She said in a whisper running her fingers down his chest before she heard him sigh.
- Baby I can’t! He said with a deep sigh closing his eyes for minut trying to get strength for what he was about to say but opening his eyes and watching the love in her eyes all strength faded away.
- You can... She started but he stopped her by placing a finger over her lips. Watching tears fill his eyes she took a step back feeling fear fill her heart.
- I can’t leave her. He finally blurted out feeling his heart ache seeing her lips start to trimble and eyes fill up with tears.
- But you just said you loved me too. She cried
- And I do sweetie but I can’t leave her.
- Why? Do you love her? She cried wishing he would say no.
- Yes I love her he sighed.
- No no no you don’t! She cried slapping him in the chest. Grabbing her shaken hands he made her look at him.
- It’s complicated! He said
- She doesn’t even deserve you! She cried trying to get her hands free from his grib but with no luck.
- Maybe not but she is still my girlfriend! He replied weakly
- We could change that. She said looking at him pleading with him making his heart twist even more.
- I can’t sweetie! He replied feeling her hands slip from his.
- Then leave. She cried
- Honey please. He pleaded not wanting to leave her like this.
- LEAVE! She cried.
Feeling his heart twist he took a last look at her and watched how tears steamed down her cheeks before he closed the door.

A while later reapplied her make up and took a deep breath. She couldn’t hide her red eyes completly from all the crying but there was a party out there and she was gonna join it and not let all the free drinks go to waste. Maybe the drinks could make her forget her feelings. Walking back to the party she heard laughter and smiled weakly by the sound of laugh out loud to a joke from . , seeing him stand there looking all eatable she felt her heart start to twist again. Suddenly meeting his gaze her eyes started to fill up again. Toring her gaze away from him she headed straight for the bar. Looking up at with pleading eyes he nodded and handed her a drink. Swollowing it’s contents pretty quickly made and look at her with worry.
- Easy ! blurted out
- I’m fine! She simple replied grabbing a new drink.
- ... started out just to receive a hurt glanse from her.
- Oh so the little girl is back. It suddenly sounded from the door where came walking in making shut a look of thunder that made and look at each other with worry.
- Oh and the brat is back! smirked back.
- Hey are you just gonna let her talk to me like that? asked starring at who didn’t dare to say anything knowing full well that whatever he would say would course a fight and heartache for someone and he definitely didn’t wanna couse anymore.
- maybe you should just back of! tried softly senseing if she didn’t this would end up ugly.
- Me?? Why in the world should I do that? If anyone should it should be that cow! replied through gritted treeth.
- , NO! finally said firmly making her starre up at him surprised before she shut a starre when she heard a giggle escape her.
- So you find this funny? asked angry.
- No I actually don’t. replied simply looking down taking a deep breath.
- Sweetie let it go. finally said towards trying to make her stop while he tryed to push her away gently. Hearing him call her that made ’s blod boil and she looked up starring at him hurtfull meeting his eyes he knew exactly he had said the wrong thing.
- SWEETIE? Where the crap is there anything sweet in her? cried out loud making jump lightly.
- I’m all that or didn’t you know? smirked
- YOUR NOTHING BUT A SPIOLED COW! yelled slamming the drink down on the bar making the others jump slightly by her outburst.
- And yet I’m the one who has ! replied in thunder making see red and look at shaking his head.
- DAMN I HATE YOU! I REALLY REALLY HATE YOU! yelled throwing the contents in a beercan at before she stormed towards her ready to slap her but reacting fastly pulled her back and hold her thightly in his arms while pulled back before she got to react on all the beer thrown at her.
- , please it’s not worth it! said pleadingly while she tryed to get free from his grib. Watching how said calming words to found himself wishing it was him. loosing his grib on slightly he watched how did the same. Seeing calm down a little by ’s smoothing ways met her eyes seeing them full of tears and he just wanted to rush over and hold her but knew he couldn’t.
- Alright sweetie let’s go away from here a little okay? said softly. Nodding slowly let go of her but when passing and the two women where at each other again having and pulling them apart again. Pulling away from there looked over at and shoke his head softly while his hand had a firm hold of ’s hand guiding her away from there.

Chapter 3

A while later found her self sitting on a high chair by a table in the kitchen. Having been calmed down by she felt a bit more at ease now but she knew she could easily loose it again just by a look or a word was all it would take. Taking a deep breath she looked at the girls beside her. All four nodded in agreement and drowned the shot in front of them.
- More tequila, more love, more anything, more is better! stated while all four of them made a face by the course of the strong liquid that rushed down their throats.
- More is definitely better, gimme more. replied raising her shot glas over towards where the bottle were placed.
- Round 3 of the tequila begins... or was it 4? laughed pouring a new round in the shot glasses.
- I think it was number 6! said in a blur letting her head drop down on the table making the others grin loudly.
- can’t take the heat! laughed
- Oh can you? mumbled lifting her head up again
- Oh yeah bring on the heat! laughed
- And what heat do you want? smiled
- Oh I bet it’s some heat! giggled
- Well I wouldn’t run away from that! smiled
- We know! All the other 3 girls replied at once
- Yeah yeah nice comeback. Cheers! replied raising her glass to the others.
- By the way where is ? asked after drowning her shot.
- Probably hitting on ! teased
- HEY! repiled stunned
- Just kidding. laughed.
- I’m gonna find them. suddenly said jumping down from her chair.
- don’t be like that, stay. We’re having a girly talk. sighed
- No no I’m gonna... Yes I am she mumbled heading out of the kitchen.
- Tsk tsk. Men who needs ‘em! stated
- Eehhh well I know one you need! stated at her raising her eyebrow
- True, that’s why I need more tequila. replied grabbing the bottle pouring another one.
- Well Duncan is single! grinned
- Hehe but not much longer is he? winked
- Not if I have anything to say about it. laughed
- Go get him tiger! replied
- Only if you don’t need me to stay. said looking at them with a please say you don’t smirk on her face.
- Hehe I’m fine, just go. smiled at her shaking her head.
- UUHhhhh thanks. cheered running round the table to hug her two mates before she ran towards the living room.
- So that leaves us! stated
- Yes Bambi. grinned
- Bambi? asked confused
- Yeah, don’t you know?
- Know what?
- Your Bambi, all of us has named you Bambi.
- Oh oh HEY it wasn’t my faulth I stumbled at practice was suppose to grab me! explained firmly.
- Hehe yeah yeah whatever you say Bambi. laughed
- Hm well whatever Bambi is a sweetie cutie so I must be that then.
- Hehe if you say so. laughed
- Hey I have an idea.
- Yeah, what’s that?
- Let’s play a game of who’s....
- ... has the biggest secret! suddenly said coming into the kitchen walking over to the girls.
- That was not what I was gonna say. replied quietly
- Why do you have a big secret? asked
- I’m gay! blurted out coursing a loud bump. Looking over the table down to the floor.
- Your what? It came down from the floor
- Are you okay? asked starring at trying to get back up but where stumbling somewhat.
- Hehe she’s fine, just drunk, hurt and surprised by your outburst. replied giving her friend a helping hand. Getting up on her feet rubbed her butt from pain.
- That really hurt you know, don’t you ever do that to a drunk person again. replied looking up at .
- Hehe sorry sweetie.
- So your gay? asked just to make sure she heard right the first time.
- Yes. said taking a sip of his beer.
- But but who knows, how? But.. blurted out while trying to sit back up on her chair.
- Only the people close to me knows yet but I’m gonna come out after the show and I just wanted to let you know because might need ya! explained
- She like you! replied
- I know, that’s why I told you so you could help her. said
- Um does she know? asked
- She knows. I felt I had to make it clear to her from the begining so she didn’t get any hopes up. said.
- Well that’s good. said
- So, what do you think about it? asked nervoursly
- It’s find , your still the same nice guy, nothing changed there. said with a smile.
- ? asked seeing she had gone quiet. Looking up at him she smiled
- It’s fine , your still our . It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter to me. She smiled weakly at him.
- I’m glad to hear that. smiled watching how ’s face fell and her gaze froze while a singel tear fell down her cheek.
- Sweetie. said softly watching her slowly look up at him.
- Sorry. replied weakly while place a hand on her shoulder.
- Be careful or gonna think it’s him? smiled
- It’s not. Sorry .
- Hey it’s okay, can take it. He grinned making her smile
- . whispered as to explain to and he nodded.
- You know what? asked
- No what? asked
- That to often the thing you want most is the thing you can’t have. Desire leaves us heart broken, it wears us out. Desire can wreck your life. But as tough as wanting something can be, the people who suffer the most are those who don’t know what they want. said softly while and shared a look.
- Um well said. said
- Um sweetie what’s in this stuff making you talk like that? asked pointing at the bottle.
- Don’t I’m right, and you know it! said starring at him.
- Yeah okay, just didn’t know you got wise by drinking.
- Trust me you don’t really. replied.
- Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy gang. suddenly laughed coming into the kitchen making the 3 starre at him.
- ! said politely.
- What’s ya doing! asked looking around at them.
- Talking, drinking, kissing! smirked
- What ya talking a.... Hey you said kissing, who’s kissing? asked widing his eyes making the other laugh at him.
- No one babe. laughed
- Hey, you. By the way are you just blowing me off for a bottle of tequila? Tequila’s no good for you, it doesn’t call, it doesn’t write, and it’s not nearly as fun to wake up too. stated to .
- No, but it helps! interfered.
- Maybe so but still. said grabbing hand pulling her of the chair.
- Hey what’s ya doing? asked
- Stealing . laughed pulling a giggeling with him.
- Right then. replied looking up at who was laughing.
- Let’s go into the living room shall we? asked looking at seeing her nodding.
Coming into the living room stumbled a little and felt steady her before he walked over to some of the others. Letting her gaze wander round the room. Her eyes froze watching ’s tongue almost down ’s throat. The sight making something click inside her.
- You, YOU I’m never gonna kiss you again! cried out making pull away looking over at her feeling the panick raise in him. Running out of the room she saw down the hall heading the way she was running from. Grabbing him when she reached him she crashed her lips on his. Getting court off gaurd didn’t respond at first untill he felt her tongue and kissed her back.
Running after her felt his heart get ripped out watching how she kissed his friend the way she was only meant to kiss him.
- And you think this is gonna help? blurted out watching her push away and turn to look at him.
- I’M SORRY OKAY, I DON’T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO SAY! cried out not noticing the stunned behind her anymore.
- ! sighed
- Yes I know, you can’t but I don’t get why?!
- I can’t. He sighed
- Why? Don’t you see? Don’t you understand. I love you! she cried watching how he’s eyes got filled up with tears and emotion but no respond came from him. Turning around she walked away. Leaving him and a stunned behind.

Chapter 4.

Pulling on her baggy pants and jersey over her head she went in slowmotion to the kitchen. Watching how the empty bottles from last night where gathered on the kitchen table she blinked with the eyes before she slumped down on one of the high chairs by the table.
- That bad eh? He said making her come out of her slump and slowly look up at him.
- Huhh??!! I didn’t even see you! She mumbled out starring at him leaning up against the fridge
- Yrk that hurt, so I’m just a playtoy when you want me to be eh?! He laughed
- Ah, you know you not, I’m just so tired in every bit of my body today.
- Yeah, no head ache? He asked raising an eyebrow
- No, you? She asked
- Well yes a little....
- Listen about last night I’m sorry.
- Ah so you do remember. He half smiled and then looked down at the repair beer he had in his hand.
- I always remember stuff even when drunk, but I’m sorry I didn’t mean to.... I’m... your my friend... and...
- , stop it’s okay really. I understand you know and Hey, I ate everything out of the fridge last night. Everything. Indcluding a tub of butter. There’s no judgement here. laughed
- You did not? replied with open mouth
- Hey you kissed me, I needed to do something plus I was hungry. He grinned
- You sure you understand couse I...
- , stop I do. He said walking over and kissed her on the forehead.
Right after Duncan came stumbling into the kitchen...
- Right excuse me while I slam my head in the refrigerator! Duncan moaned and bumped his head on the fridge coursing to chuckle and Duncan moan even louder.
- What’s wrong with you? asked finding his action pretty strange.
- My head hurts so bad! Duncan whimped
- Hehe yeah so hitting it on the fridge make sense then? laughed
- No it didn’t actually.
- Are you still drunk couse that would explain you? asked making both guy’s look at her bemussed
- Of ‘couse I am! Duncan said looking at her like she was crazy.
- Well use the good old cure of a repair beer. grinned
- Oh so that is why your drinking. replied nodding towards ’s beer.
- Course it is. grinned
- She’s not very quick thinking today is she? Duncan said rasing an eyebrow
- No! laughed making her instinctly slap him playfully making him pout just before came stumbling into the kitchen in more or less the same state as Duncan. Looking at her notice what she was wearing and looked at her friend with a question written all over her face. Taken notice of that Duncan grinned...
- Yeah Yeah it’s my shirt I guess you can figure out the rest your self. Duncan smiled before finally finding a beer that wasn’t empty. Open and closing her mouth like a goldfish starred from Duncan to untill pushed to her a little to make her stop.
Seconds later came came down grinning from one ear to another being more cheerful than the others.
- Ah isn’t in a wonderful wounderful day. He beamed making the rest of them starre at him like he was crazy.
- How on eath can you be so cheeky after all that great booze last night? Duncan moaned rulling his eyes at him just to utter “oh” seeing come down in ’s shirt all beaming too.
- As said, it’s a great day. laughed
- have we landed in some kind of wierd shoap? whispered to making him chuckle under his breath.
Suddenly everyone went quiet the second came into the kitchen everyone starring back and forth from to . Seeing her walk around in nothing but ’s shirt felt her insides screaming to slap the woman for pushing the obvious action into her face.
- It’s this wear a guy’s freaking shirt day? blurted out making everyone stiffen before they started to stiffle their laughter looking around seeing she actually had a point.
- Yeah except you I gather! smirked
- Where’s ? interupted to stop an upcoming war.
- Oh in bed on his back all warn out with a big head ache I gather. sighed
- Ah well he was in the middle of a war last night so who could blame him. Duncan blurted out getting a starre from .
- Well I need a shower. stated and left them again with a bottle of water.
- You know if it is wear a guy’s shirt day you can always borrow one of mine! suddenly whispered to making her turn to look at him.
- Yeah?! She asked wonding in what way he meant that.
- Oh no not like that, like in a friend way! He explained himself.
- Uh uh then it should be your cozy sweat shirt. She smiled making him grin back at her.

Finally getting out of bed a few hours later moaned to him self feeling his head bombing. Looking over at his girlfriend fast into her book he sighed.
- Any asprin by any chance? He mumbled to her. Seeing her nodd towards a bag but not saying anything while being to court up in the book he found them him self. Leaving the room he headed for the kitchen to get some water. Drowning the asprin down with the water he leaned in over the sink and sighed.
- That bad eh??!! He heard say.
- Yes, not you? asked turning around to face him.
- Yeah slightly but when I attacked the fridge you attacked the beer, remember?
- Yeah that was after my girl kissed you! mumbled feeling his head spin even more by the thought.
- Your girl? asked raising his eyebrow at him
- You know what I mean! sighed
- You know why she did it?!
- Yeah, my faulth.
- True. Besides it didn’t mean anything.
- It did to me.
- I know, but it didn’t to her.
- And to you? asked dreading to know the answer
- I was just shocked, besides your my best mate and I know how you feel about her so I wouldn’t go over the line. explained
- Thanks mate. replied with a forced smile before he left the kitchen. Walking passed the living room he stopped. Seeing the tv fliker with a film he watched lay there curled up on the sofa watching it. Feeling his stomach curl he remembered the last time they had layed together watching a movie. He had hold her tightly in his arms and she had cuddled up to him closely. Feeling his heart melt by the thought he felt him self starting to walk in wanting to feel that again but felt him self stop by the hand on his shoulder. Turning he came face to face with .
- Not a good idea mate. whispered
- But I just want to... almost pleaded
- I know what you want to but after everything that happened last night and the fact that came down to the kitchen to the rest of us when you were still asleep in nothing but your shirt I gather wouldn’t be able to handle seeing you right now. explained in a whisper only to see slightly shoked and sad.
- She didn’t? whispered knowing what most have felt
- I’m sorry but she did and was already hurt so imagine how she feel. replied watching sigh deeply and walked away.

Next day inside the training room of and their coach where giving them lessons.
- Right so this week we’re doing the Rumba.
- Uh that’s the flirt dance. grinned making shake her head with a smile and their coach giving him a warning look to be quiet.
- Right it is a slow, sensuous, ramantic dance with yes a lot of flirtation. Basicly most do the dance with a “tease and run” theme in which the lady first flirts and then reject her partner. Now get up and stand next to each other. The coach told them. Getting up from sitting on the floor and took position and did as told.
- Now in Rumba there are three steps taken during each measure of music. In other words, three steps are taken to four beats of music. Your with me? The coach asked
- Um kind a but how do we count, well you know? asked looking just as confused as Linda.
- Well you’re gonna count like the step timing is sometimes counted like quick, quick, slow, quick, quick, slow. The coach explained
A few quick, quick, slow movements later...
- All right now remember all steps should be taken to the inside edge of the ball of the foot, the pointed toe of the moving foot skims the floor as it moved into place. The coach told on
- ARRhhhgg. bluted out in frustation and jumped on one foot making the two others giggle at him
- It’s not fun, my feet wont do that that inside edge thing. protested
- As if mine are?! butted in.
- Now now what does we always say? The coach went on
- Lot’s lot’s of training. and mumbled
- Exactly. Now as with all Latin dances, the footwork is ball-flat, ball-flat for all steps. Puls all steps are taken with foot turn out. The coach said and and looked at each thinking what on earth is she talking about.
A few exhausting hours later the coach had gone with the order to the couple of training lots more. Now they lay flat on their backs on the floor trying to get their breath down to normal rhythm.
- Learning these steps is just as bad as the others. pouted out
- I know, and we’re gonna end up only thinking quick, quick, slow even in our sleep sighed making him chuckle.
Suddenly the door into their training room got swipped open and stormed in making the couple sit up and starre confused at her sudden appearance.
- How in the world can I do this? bursted out
- Um do what? asked
- Dance Rumba with him? sighed
- Um I better let you to about this girl talk thing. said getting up feeling it was his cure to leave them to talk and then he could go see meanwhile. Seeing him go out looked at her friend for help.
- I have crush on him and he knows so how can I do this. cried not able to stand still on her feet.
- Well because I know you can and even though he knows he wouldn’t hold it against you.
- But his gay! blurted out
- I know.
- You know?! spat out in dissbelief
- He told me at the party, in case you would need someone to talk to. It was actually sweet of him.
- He didn’t?
- He did. I know it looks bad now but you can do this. He is still the same decent guy and his still your friend and you know what they say?
- They say? asked starting to stand still
- That a gay guy could easily be a girls best friend. His a guy and can therefor tell you all the tricks grinned a little making smile.
- But it doesn’t change my crush.
- No but at least you know for sure where you stand with him. You will never have to think what if? Couse his gay and you can’t make a gay guy straight.
- Hmm that’s true.
- Besides this dance competition is a one off. Get the best out of it learn all these weird dance steps and get as far as you can. said making slowly start to smile.
- Right I’ll do that. She grinned

Chapter 5.

It was Friday night. had a firm grib on her making her look him in the eye.
- We can do this you hear me. He said firmly
- But didn’t you just see him, how he danced with ?! replied somewhat shaken and nervous
- I did but it’s just for the dance sweetie. You know how the Rumba works now, it’s tons of flirting. Now just pretend your madly in love with me and we’ll show them the best Rumba ever of all of us. He smiled
- Madly in love with you? She asked, her face like a question mark.
- Yeah okay, then pretend I’m . replied rulling his eyes making her giggle slightly.
- And our last and final couple is up for their Rumba!!! The host Chris yelled out
- Okay? whispered. Smiling as an reply she let him guide her to the floor.

Standing beside court him self starring at the couple on the dance floor. He wasn’t surprised how fab they did though thinking about the fact that they had been training like mad this week. He had even talked a bit about it with and she thought it was a way for to avoid him. First he thought it was crazy but seeing that every time he had tried to get in contact with her she had brushed him off and when he couldn’t find her he knew she would be in the training room with . Watching them now however he could see it had payed off. Seeing how flirty they were and how close were however making him jealous. Closing his eyes for a second he heard all the cheers for the couple when ending their dance.

- Right so all five dances have been showned and the votes counted. Now we only have the result left Chris announced
Looking at the people around her felt a little sad. Tonight were another couple out off the competition which were always a little sad because somehow they had all becomed like a little family in the house. Looking over at she met his gaze and felt her heart jump for a second. Forcing her gaze away from him she looked over at who was in one big nervous smile holding on to Duncan who looked pretty serious. Hearing Chris announce the the couples she felt hold her thight.
- Right so the names I say now is the once that stays. First couple is... and ! Chirs grinned making everyone cheer and and jump around making everyone laugh.
- Right next one to stay is and . Chris yelled making go all hyper hugging thightly and smile wildly
- I told you we could do it! whispered.
- Yeah we’re damn good. grinned
- Your damn right girl. laughed
- Next up is and . Chris went on making look like a goldfish who couldn’t believe it.
- Okay so there’s two couple left and the one I mention now is the one who stays. Chris explained while everyone went quiet waiting to hear the result.
- The last couple to stay is....... and . Chris smiled.

It was late that night. There were a quiet send off party to and Duncan who took it all in brave manner. Walking over hugged thightly.
- It’s been great, ya did fab! said quietly
- Ah it has been and I got the best thing from all of this. smiled and nodded towards Duncan making shake her head smiling.
- Well he’s a catch. laughed
- You bet he is. Now good luck with it all and don’t let a sudden someone ruin anything for you. said more seriously.
- I wont. She shoke her head.
- Good.
- Now everyone it’s been a blast but now we’re going, CHEERS! Duncan yelled making everyone run over and hug them a last time before they left the house.

A few days later....
- WHATEVER!!!!!!!! screamed and stormed out of the training room with coming close behind.
- AH COME ON, GIVE ME A BREAK! yelled after her.
- MY SELF PITY? I HAVE A RIGHT TOO! He screamed back
- FINE!!! scaremed back and turned around again.
Stopping their chat and stod stunned outside the training rooms and looked on the display suddenly turning their heads they watched coming stroming out from another training room.
- COME ON WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG? cried after her.
- NOTHING!! sighed loudly
- I SECOND THAT! joined him making stop and turn around
- FINE, YOU WANT A DICTIONARY I’LL MAKE SURE YOU GET ONE! yelled turning around storming off with close by.
Watching and storm off and and slam each door closed they looked at each other stunned before taking off in the direction of and . Finding them sitting furming in over the table in the living room scribble down on a piece of paper and went over and joined them.
- Um what’s going on? asked careful
- walks around me so scared of doing something wrong so I might take it the wrong way. Oh and he keeps stepping me over my toes. furmed
- Doesn’t that just mean he’s trying to pretect you in some way? tryed out only to get a thunder look back
- And ? asked making look up at her
- Oh that one you should know!
- I should?
- Well he can’t concentrate because he keeps wonder about what you and are doing? furmed
- Hey, that was his choice, he wanted her. replied in defence
- Oh I know, but I’m sick of it. Oh and that woman drives me mad. She’s interrupting even when she’s not here! sighed
- Well that’s couse she a b-i-t-c-t-h! stated
- So we’re writing a dictionary to let off steam? asked smiling
- Exactly! replied and soon after all four were had their heads in over the table talking more or less loudly about what to put on it.
A while later stood up with a satisfied look on her face holding up the piece of paper.
- Right let’s go. said walking out of the room with the others following her. Finding all the guy’s in the kitchen walked over and slammed the paper on the table making the guy’s jump slightly before she and the others girls left again.
- What’s that? aksed watching pick it up.
- A woman dictionary. replied a little stunned looking over at .
- They actually made one. said surprised
- Tsk tsk. laughed at them and got a strange look from .
- Well what does it say? asked curious.
- Well it say’s.. mumbled laying the paper down on the table so they all four could see.

WHATEVER : This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.

FIVE MINUTES : If she is getting dressed, this is half an hour.
Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given 5 more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.

NOTHING : This is the calm before the storm. This means "something," and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with 'Nothing' usually end in "Fine"

GO AHEAD : This is a dare, not permission. Don't do it.

LOUD SIGH : This is not actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A "Loud Sigh" means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you over "Nothing".

THAT'S OKAY : This is one of the most dangerous statements that a woman can make to a man. "That's Okay" means that she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.

THANKS : A woman is thanking you. Do not question it or faint. Just say you're welcome.

FINE :'s a woman's way of saying *!#@ YOU

- Oh dear! mumbled and all four guy’s looked up and starred at each other.

Taking a deep breath walked into the kitchen seeing her clean up from the dinner.
- It was some dictionary said quietly hoping she would actually finally talk to him.
- Well maybe ya needed one! She replied simply.
- Probably. I have talked it through with through. said softly
- Good for you! sighed
- Please can we stop this act, it’s killing me you wont even talk to me! He pleaded watching her take a deep breath before she looked up at him.
- Sure, later okay. She heard herself reply and watched the grin spred on his lips before he walked back to the others.
Taking a few plates of the table to put them aside she heard someone come into the room again.
- You! Why are you here so much? sighed
- I have a right too. She replied
- So you think! mumbled
- Just thought I would tell you the good news. beamed
- Which I probably don’t wanna know. She sighed
- We’re getting married! gloated while felt all air being knocked out of her and the plates fall to the floor smashing into a thousand pieces.

Chapter 6.

The loud bang from the plates made and who were close by storm into the kitchen watching the gloated starre at who was as pale as a white sheet fighting to not let the tears fall that was filling her eyes.
- Your an evil evil calculated bitch! cried out before she stormed off leaving and to starre at . Watching the display took matters in hand and ran after while stayed.
- , stop please. yelled after her but stopping were the last thing on her mind. Reaching the door to ’s room she banged on the door.
- Sweetie he’s not here, what happened? asked finally reaching her but she didn’t answer in stead she looked behind him looking at a very confused .
- What’s going on? asked walking up to them.
- How could you? cried now letting her tears flod
- What? asked again clueless to anything.
- I would like to know too. interrupted.
- Stop playing innocent. She cried and hit in the chest.
- stop, seriously I have no idea what you talking about! replied in a serious tone grabbing her hands to stop hitting him
- How can you marry that cow? She replied with tears steaming down her cheeks
- Sweetie I’m not! He said softly watching her calm down a little
- She said you were! She cried.
- Well I’m not. sighed deeply pulling her into his chest holding her closely feeling her cry her heart out. Nodding towards he got the hint and left them alone.

Watching the girls sit around her in her room she sighed and looked down to her hands.
- What if, just this once.. life comes down on the side of the dirty mistress? cried.

Walking up and down the room couldn’t believe had actually said what she had.
- I don’t understand why your so upset about it, we are going to get married someday so what’s the deal? said
- The deal. THE DEAL IS THAT YOU CAN’T BE SURE OF THAT COUSE I HAVE NEVER ASKED YOU! yelled making her wided her eyes
- But’s that where we heading love. She replied a little taken back.
- Well I’m not so sure anymore and I thought you knew that.
- YOU KNOW WHAT, YOU JUST DID! replied angry
- There you see. She smiled getting up closer to him.
- Leave, we’re down, finished! He replied watching her face turn into an angry one.
- You don’t mean that!
- Oh but I do, LEAVE!
- Darling! tried once more.
- Get your things now, and leave. When I come back you’re gone! furmed in rage walking out the door slamming it shut.

Walking into the kitchen openen the fridge with force and took out a beer before he slammed the fridge shut again making jump behind him sitting on a chair.
- Be easy on the fridge will ya, I want to keep being able to have food when I’m hungry. blurted out making turn and starre at him.
- I dumped her. blurted out making starre at him in shock.
- You wha?
- I dumped ! said again this time more calmly
- I um I Why?
- Didn’t you hear her latest go at ?
- Well yes told me about it but I thought you loved her?
- I did, I do but I think I love someone else more. sighed
- Ah ! said leaning his head in his hands while looking at
- Yeah. He replied quietly
- But?
- But you know it’s not the right time, you know why I hold back.
- Yes but tell me again.
- You know I love .
- And you probably always will mate but you can’t stay with her if there’s someone else you want just an inch more. smiled up at him
- I know but you know what could happen now...
- Yeah you could go tell and get together with her. grinned sitting up.
- I can’t. Don’t you see if this come out now…. You know what is like... It could ruin stuff for and ’s chances... said before taking a big sip of the beer while the coin dropped in ’s head.
- Oh revenge! blurted out
- Yeah. sighed heavily leaning back against the fridge.

Next morning.
- You could still just tell her, it wouldn’t harm her. whispered stepping up to who stood leaning against the doorframe starring in on .
- I can’t. sighed watching how for a while had put a smile on her face playing a game of billiards with her and clearly giving her a chance here and there.
- OH SHIT! and blurted out in both starring at the news paper making their four friends turn their heads and starre at them. Both girls starring back and fourth from the paper to and then to .
- Okay seriously stop that and tell us what’s wrong ya creeping me out. said looking at the girls awaiting an answer but neither saying anything.
- Right fine! finally said and walked over to the girls and grabbed the paper out of their hands and with her eyes widing she starred down at the two pages. Feeling tears sting the back of her eyes she looked up at before she walked out. Seeing her responce grabbed the paper at once and reading what it said his face went pale.
- I told you this could happen! blurted out throwing the paper in ’s hands before he stormed after . Reaching her down the hall he grabbed her arm and turned her to face him.
- I’m so sorry.
- Why didn’t you tell me? She cried out pulling her arm back
- I wanted to protect you.
- Protect me? If you had told me maybe I could off have prepared my self for this crap.
- Sweetie please believe me I was trying to break it off with her at the same time stop her for having a go at you that would mean trouble for you. I’m so sorry baby. He cried pleading with her.
- But if you had told me we could have… she started but went quiet
- What sweetie? He asked softly
- We could have been together now. She replied hardly in a whisper making his heart beat just that little faster.
- I... Sweetie I just wanted to protect you.
- Is that all you wanted? She asked looking up at him dreading the answer by now feeling betraied he hadn’t told her.
- No, no it wasn’t I wanted to be with you too, I just thought this was the best way because I know how she is like when she doesn’t get what she wants. He sighed
- Yeah apparently I’m a bitch for not compromising on what my heart wants. She said looking down.
- And what does your heart want? asked softly putting his finger under her cheek lifting it up so he could look into her eyes.
- You! She said in a weak whisper making him smile weakly.
- I want you too. He whispered back before leaning in kissing her tenderly. Breaking the kiss moments later tears fell down her cheeks.
- But how can we be together now, everyone will hate me. She cried. Putting both hands on each side her face he forced her to face her.
- No they wont, none of us will and those who will are those who doesn’t know better. Your amazing and I love you, you hear me! He replied firmly. Nodding softly in reply she felt her heart boil over with emotion before she felt his lips firmly back on hers.

- Holly cow where does she get this stuff? asked looking up at with open mouth. He and had come in to hear what all the fuss happening was about.
- From her imagination I guess. replied shaking his shoulders. Starring down at the paper again read in dissbelief : >> A tearfull tells us about how she lost the love of her life to one of the particpants in the dance show going on tv where her former boyfriend also is a particpant. Miss joined the show for the only reason to break up the couple which now has happened. Her mission is done and now she has him under her spell. <<.
- But would never do that. cried out.
- We know that hun. smiled weakly at her.
- That bitch. furmed.
- So this is her revenge? asked
- I’m afraid so sweetie. said looking over at her.
- And what? Everybody will belive now? asked again
- I wouldn’t be surprised! sighed
- If they do we don’t stand a chance tomorrow night! furmed in anger
- Oh shit another couple most be voted out! spatted out.
- Yes, but damn right I’m gonna fight it. spat out and stormed out of the room.

Bliking with his eyes he saw the morning light wash in from the open in the curtain of his window. Truning around he watched the woman beside him still sleeping. Smiling he stroke a finger down her cheek before he leaned in and softly placed a little kiss on her lips. pulling back he saw her stirre sligtly before her eyelids slowly opened up and revealed her stunning brown eyes.
- Morning baby. He said quietly while letting his fingers strole down her body.
- Morning. She mumbled sleeply with a little smile. Leaning in he kissed again but this time more hungerly. Feeling her kiss him back he rulled her over so he lay on top her. Hearing her moan softly he goaned and pushed his tongue into her mouth tasting every bit of her.
Hearing a loud knock on the door grunted irritated go away to who it was disturbing them. Right now he just wanted to be alone with her. Looking up into his eyes she couldn’t help but giggle lightly when he irritated yelled at the person behind the door to go away. Thruth was she wanted that too. She wasn’t going to let go now that see finally had him. starring at his delicious lips that made her heart beat like mad every time they touched her she let her hands moved to the back of his neck and pulled his lips down to hers. Feeling their tongue almost met at once she heard him moan and it sent a siver down her back.
- Ignore him. mumbled moving his kissses down to her shoulder before kissing his way up to met her lips again.
- FINE! I’M KICKING THE DOOR, I’M NOT KIDDING! yelled again. Taking a few steps away from the door. He looked at it before kicking it with his foot cursing a loud bang. Smiling pleased to himself he heard yell at him to wait a feaking minut.
- WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM? yelled angry at opening the door.
- Right now you are! simply replied walking passed him and over towards the bed were she pulled the covers further around her to cover her self while watching .
- I’m sorry to do this but if we actually shall stand a chance tonight we have to train from now ‘till the show starts and you know it. said firmly watching her look down and sigh knowing he was right. Notice that frowned.
- Seriously that can wait an hour. said unpleased with the sitation.
- You know what? It can’t, not after your bitch of an ex pulled that stunt yesterday and you know it. frowned at his friend seeing him finally nodd knowing he was right.
- You really think they would give us a chance anyway they all most think I’m a bitch who... She started but got stopped by the finger that was put over her lips at once she tried to say the words.
- Don’t you ever say that again. Your amazing didn’t you listen to what I told you last night. said firmly yet soft.
- But they still… tried on..
- They still don’t know better but let’s at least give it our best shut. pleaded
- He’s right babe! said softly looking at her.
- Damn right, so get up now and let’s go. said waiting for her to get up.
- Um how about you go out and wait for her to get dressed then? turned and looked up at him watching him finally getting the point.
- Oh oh Oh I’m so sorry… your naked. spat out. Looking at saw the red colour appear on her cheeks and a shy look wash over her face making him grin a little to him self but suppressed the grin as he looked seriously at .
- Nice one ! replied
- Oh sorry, I better, sorry! mumbled and rushed out of the room making laugh warmly when he had closed the door.
- Not funny. She replied and slapped him lightly on the shoulder making him suppress it
- Sorry babe. He smiled
- Hm! She mumbled and felt on her cheeks with her hands. Feeling the warm from them she felt even more embrassed.
- Ah baby don’t be shy. He said removing her hands.
- But he just.... she stopped feeling shy
- He did but he didn’t see anything and trust me I would off have made sure he didn’t.
- You would?
- Of ‘couse I would I’m the only who is allowed to see you naked and the thought of you naked right now under the covers in my bed is.... he grinned but got stopped by her hand on his mouth.
- Don’t! She replied feeling the heat raise even more in her cheeks making him grin even more.
- Why baby? He cooed
- I have to go. She mumbled
- In a second. whispered and pulled her in thightly and kissed her.

Chapter 7.

- Finally! cried seeing enter the training room he had gone to waiting for her.
- Sorry, he, we got court up. She mumbled shy looking down into the floor.
- I bet but don’t wanna hear about sweet cheek but I’m sorry too. replied.
- Okay are ya both ready now?? Their trainer Graham asked stepping into the room.
- Wha, how? asked looking at .
- I asked if she would help us out for a while today and she agreed and thought it was great we wanted to train so much to get get everything right. smiled back at her.
Moments later their were training hard.
- No no no, this is Paso Doble guy’s. The kness are always readily flexed and sharp. There are a controlled squessze power of the ankels giving strong foortwork with exact timing. The feet are always worked strongly against the floor, remember? Graham explained to them.
- Right, okay come on ! told himself making and the trainer share a look.
- You know the more contact the feet have with the floor the better stability and control your’ll have. It came fra Graham watching their every move.

Looking in through the open door stood leaned against the doorframe watching her.
- So are they doing good? suddenly asked stepping up to
- Great. mumbled not really paying much attention to what he was saying.
- Or I guess your just starring at how her body moves laughed watching how suddenly looked at him.
- Huhh??!!
- Hehe oh dear your smitten. laughed just to receive a slap from .

- Yeah ya doing great now. Remember the lady always goes to the man, he never moves to her. All her shapes most be shaped up towards him and usually in a lower line that his shape because she is to complimenting him. Graham said
- Like this? asked moving towards while he took a hold of her sharply.
- Yeah like that. Good. Oh and as you know the man dominates the lady’s moves, modifying and governing her actions. He has the mastery og movement, free flowing and sometimes exaggerated with his arrogant and bragging gestures of bravado. Graham nodded and explained
- Hehe I’m, dominating you! winked at her

- Ha, he didn’t last night. grunted overhearing ’s comment making laugh beside him. Turning around Gramham heard the laugh by the door and signed for the two to dissapear. Seeing him by the door however ’s lips curled up into a smile and looked up pleadingly at .
- Fine, kick him out. laughed making her smile wided while she ran off over towards and .
- Ah I think we’re being attacked said taking a step back seeing her come running over towards them. Lucking eyes with she stopped up right in front of him and leaned in kissing him softly. Brushing his fingers through her hair ignored and kissed her back feeling her soft lips overtake his. Pulling away a moment later she looked up at him and then over at .
- I was told to kick ya out! She said
- And that is how you kick people out? asked with a raised eyebrow
- Only if ya . She grinned making smile.
- OKAY YA MOMENT IS OVER ! called out and she waved her hand in the air as responce.
- Ya have to go, I have to train if I shall have a chance to stay. She sighed and nodded sadly while placed his hand on ’s shirt and smiled to before he dragged away.
Closing the door went back to and Graham.
- Okay ya ready again? Graham asked and she nodded
- So I dominate. stated and grabbed .
- Yes and from time to time you will make a sudden spin ot enexpected stop. Your movements progress from slow and intense to an adrenaline charged syncopated change of pace. Graham replied.

The night show was in full speed. They had trained all day but Linda felt nervous she knew votes would be diffrent tonight after that paper had run ’s story. She knew many would believe what she had said even it wasn’t true and she couldn’t deny it got to her that people would think that bad of her. Looking down her dress she took a deep breath right before she felt someone pull in it roughly from behind and she heard an evil laugh. Tuning around her eyes wided seeing who she came face to face with and the quiet sound from her dress being thorn in slightly made her gasp and the woman laugh even more. Looking over at the mirrow she saw how the woman had made some stings in her dress go up.
- Now that was much better. She laughed and turned her face towards the woman again.
- Why? Was all could gather to get out of her mouth at that second.
- I’m teaching you a lesson. She smirked
- This is not a lesson, this is being mean. cried
- But not more than stealing someone else’s boyfriend.
- You have got it all down wrong, why are you even here?
- Because I’m gonna fight you, you are not going to keep him. replied almost in a sceaming tone. Making take a step back right when she heard Chris call and on the dance floor and panic overtook her now looking back at her dress.
- You might wanna get someone to look at that, or even better you shouldn’t! smirked. Looking at her felt the tears fill her eyes “this was so not happening” she thought. Starting to run as well as she now could in her dress she felt the tears start to fall.
- Yeah run away you slut! yell after her right before court her and pulled her away with anger flashed in his eyes.
- Babe what’s wrong? asked worried seeing her run passed him so grabbed her to make her stop and talk to him.
- Help me! Was all could gather her voice together to say and showed him the problem of her dress.
- Baby how did you do that? smiled
- I didn’t! she cried making him raise an eyebrow at her.
- What happen? He asked now more serious
- ! She mumbled
- Come again, she’s not here! said
- Well she just did this and called me a slut! She cried feeling tears run down her cheeks
- She what? cried out feeling anger creep up
- And I wasn’t going to keep you she said. replied and cried even more making put both his hands on each side of her face.
- Baby listen to me you most not listen to what she says. She’s wrong. She’s all wrong and you are going to keep me, I love you, you hear me! said firmly and she slowly nodded.
- She’s such a creap. mumbled making smile softly before he leaned in and kissed her softly and long.
- , you have to get ready. yelled coming over. Nodding tried to pull away but she keept hold of him.
- Sweetie, I have to go and dance with . will help you getting the dress sorted.
- I don’t want you to leave me. She replied in a whisper
- Baby you will see me later I promise you. cooed in her ear. Pulling away he looked into her eyes and kissed her softly before she let him go. Looking at his mate nodded in reply to he would take care of her.
- By the way, I got the guards to kick out your ex. whispered to making him nodd before he ran off.
- Right we don’t have much time sweetie. said grabbing hold of ’s hand dragging her of and found a stylist to take care of the dress and next getting her make up freshen up.
- Okay babes take a deep breath you can do this! stated firmly holding his hands on each side of her face a little while later when standing waiting to be called out of the dance floor.
- But they all hate me! She cried
- listen to me, they don’t all hate you and we can do this. We’ll do our best. Nobody shall come and be able to say anything else but that we did great on this dance, you hear me? He asked and she nodded slowly while taking a deep breath and gather all she had in her. He was right and she was gonna give it her all.

Watching the couple flood over the dance floor Graham smiled to himself pleased.
- So that extra training today did wonder huhh?! Chris smiled walking over to him and looking in on the dance floor from backstage beside Graham.
- It just did the extra. Graham smiled
- But still they have a cloud over their heads. Chris said
- That story shouldn’t matter if there are any justice their’ll go on. Graham stated.
- True. Chris replied watching push away just like she was suppose to.

Moments later the moment had arrived...
- Ah so with and , and safe on for another week, we have two couples left. Chris said while felt hold on to her tighter and she herself hold on to her breath. Beside them stod and just as excited and nervous.
- It was a very close vote this time but only one of the couples can stay... Chris went on dragging out the time making the whole room go in silence of excitiment. Looking over at , lucked eyes with him and hold her breath...
- .... but the couple to stay is....

Chapter 8.

- ..... and ! Congratulation guy’s, it was close. Chris yelled while and jumped up and hugged each other before turning to and .
- ... and that’s it folks. Turn in next week to see who comes into the big final and win this season of The Dance. Chris went on and closed the show for the week.

Stumbling down into the kitchen late in the evening sighed and sat down by the table with a bottle of water in his hand starring at .
- You couldn’t sleep either? asked
- No but I would have of thought you would be in bed with ya lady with a smile on your face knowing she’s still here. replied taking a sip of his own bottle.
- I was. I just got thirtsy.
- Yeah right. Spell it what’s wrong?
- Nothing mate.
- Right have you forgotten I can read you like an open book? asked watching fiddle with his bottle.
- It’s just. mumbled with a sigh
- What?
- I can’t believe turned up here.
- Well you knew she wouldn’t just let it go.
- I know but I thought her stunt with the paper was hard enough and enough revenge for her even.
- Look mate. We’re talking about and even you knew how she would get which is why you stayed with her.
- I know. I just wish it was easier. She upsets my girl. I can’t let her get away with this.
- What are you saying? asked feeling he was up to something.
- I have to go and talk to her. Make her stop her revenge. It’s no good for anyone.
- She’s trying to get you back.
- I know that but she can’t have me back.
- She can’t???
- No. Hey why do you even ask that?
- I’m sorry mate but she had her cloves well down in your skin such a speak.
- I know but look at her. She’s a stunner.
- And so is , and she’s inside too. I know who I would pick.
- Hey Hey she’s not yours to pick. replied getting worked up.
- Sorry sorry didn’t mean it like that. But if you are going to talk to Jodi then make sure she understands it this time. Don’t give her an excuse to try something else. said with a serious voice.
- I know. I know. Think I’ll go back to bed. sighed leaving behind in the kitchen. Walking back into his room he crawled down into bed quietly not to wake her up. Feeling her snuggle up to him in his sleep he pulled her in thight in his arms. “I’m gonna make her leave us alone. I promise sweetheart” whispered kissing her head softly before he drifted of to sleep.

Pulling his shirt over her head looked around trying to find but he was no where to be seen. Finally looking over the night stand she saw a little note : “Morning baby. Just gone out for a walk. Will be back soon. Love you. Xxx ”. Feeling a rush of love run through her just by reading the note she placed it back down on the table and with a smile on her face she headed out to the kitchen to grab some breakfast.
Sitting down by the table with a bowl of cornflakes she sighed content.
- Someones in a better mood this morning. said with smile sitting down with her breakfast too.
- I am. Me and got through, it was thight but we did which means that some doesn’t let what Jodi said interfere with the show. Plus I have and he loves me which is the most important thing.
- And he made sure you knew that last night I take it. giggled
- Well yeah. laughed feeling her cheeks go red making laugh even more.
- Well showed me too. laughed sticking out her tongue
- Good I take it.
- Ah better than good.
- Yeah I’m awsome. laughed walking into the kitchen making go bright red and laugh.
- To much information there mate. replied walking into the kitchen throwing his jaket on a chair.
- Ah ya just jealous. laughed
- Yeah how did you guess. laughed rolling his eyes.
- Because I’m the master. replied in a serious tone.
- Has anyone been putting something in his breakfast? asked
- UMMmmmm. grinned
- Yrk don’t answer that. replied wrinkling her nose.
- Hehe morning babe. grinned walking over behind her kissing her cheek.
- Morning. She replied looking up at him with a bright smile.
- So you look happier today. said looking at her.
- Yeah she claims it’s because she has you but how can that be? giggled
- Because I’m awsome. laughed sending a look who just laughed.
- Well Me and are going to go. said getting up grabbing ’s hand.
- Hey hey I was just teasing my mate. protested
- Yeah but now we’re going.
- But why? pouted
- Because your going to go and tease me. blurted out making giggle.
- Sorry mate I have to go. ginned over to .
- Yeah you just do that. laughed shaking his head.
- So you had a nice walk? asked when and had gone.
- It was fine yeah. replied quietly.
- Something wrong? She asked sensing a vibe.
- No everything is fine. You have nothing to worry about anymore baby. smiled softly.
- You mean? asked looking into his eyes.
- wont bother us anymore. said softly wathcing her confused eyes look back into his.
- You went to see her? suddenly spat out getting all worried.
- You don’t need to worry baby. He replied taking her hands in his.
- How do you know?
- Because I sat her straight once and for all. replied softly stroking his thumb over her hand.
- What happened? She asked shocked
- I just didn’t want her to upset you anymore and now she’s going to leave us alone.
- But but how?
- Baby I love you. I will do anything for you. All you need to know is that she is out of our life. She will move on with hers and we will move on with ours together. Okay? asked seeing a bit of insecurity in her eyes.
- Okay.... I love you. She replied in whisper. She didn’t know why he didn’t tell her the details but maybe she didn’t need to know. Maybe it was best to just move on and let it be in the past. After all she had all she wanted now. She had him. Just the way he looked at her at this momont in time made her stomach fill up with butterflies.
- And I love you. Just trust me baby. He said sweetly. Feeling his heart jump by the smile she send him.
- I trust you. You know what?
- What? He smiled
- It doesn’t matter if and I win this dance competition because to me I have already won. I have you and as long as I have you I don’t need anything else. She smiled making his heart flutter. Leaning in he kissed her. Feeling her soft lips kiss him back he knew he had done the right thing.

==Flashback early that morning==

starred at . He had gone over to her house to set things straight. He was fed up with the mess. He was fed up with the triangle and all he wanted was to be left alone with .
- Your finally here and all you can talk about is . You really think I’ll just let that slip. hissed
- Your’ll have to because this has to stop. said firmly
- Your right. It has. So go on tell that slut she was a mistake and you belong to me. She replied simply making his blood boil.
- I WILL DO NO SUCH THING AND YOU WILL NOT CALL HER THAT EVER AGAIN!! yelled making take a step back in surprise of his outburst
- I will do as I please.
- HOW COULD I NOT. YOUR YELLING! yelled back while took a deep breath and lowered his voice.
- Sorry but it seems to be the only time you listen to me.
- No I do listen I just choose to ignore it when you talk silly.
- Well it’s good to have an effect.
- Whatever. I’m here to stop all this crap. Either you stop your bull shirt or I will pull you through the papers and tell them the truth of what you are really like. How you told them lies. And really who do you think they will believe? The girl who couldn’t accept the guy didn’t love her anymore or the girl who made things hell for their idol???
- Their idol? Huhh.... someone has high thoughts of himself.
- You know that’s not true. I don’t see myself like that but the bottom line is in the end you know who they will believe. I know that you know.
- Your just full of it.
- If that’s what I am. Then why do you wanna stay with me because it’s not because your head over heels in love with me.
- That’s where your wrong. I love you.
- No you don’t. You don’t look at me like someone who’s in love does. You just want what being with me could do for you.
- Don’t be silly.
- Silly. sweetheat your acting like I’m just a trophy for you to show around. So much so you put lies in the papers just to get people to notice you and feel sorry for you so I will either feel pushed to take you back or realize how much I loved you, but guess what neither one is going to happen.
- Oh but it will. replied firmly not giving up yet.
- NO IT WILL NOT! cried
- This you and I would have happened either way down the line.
- Not if you haven’t met her again. She hissed and sighed
- Whatever. What shall it be? Me dragging your durty laundry through the papers or you leaving us alone??? asked anger clearly flashing through his voice. Starring at her he watched how the words went through her mind and how she tried to think of a way out but he knew he had her where he wanted her.
- FINE YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT! She cried grabbing a glass standing on a table beside her.
- I’m glad and just one advise, don’t trick guys like you did me. No guy is gonna stand for that. Bye sweetheart. replied reaching the door and stepped aside just in time to watch the glass smash into the wall beside his face. Turning around he saw the anger flash in the eyes he used to love once appon of time. Turning back around he walked out closing the door and got back into his car. Letting his hands rest on the steering-wheel he closed his eyes letting out a deep breath. Letting her face creep into his mind he smiled knowing he had done the right thing.

==Flashback end==.

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