Biting on her bottom lip she sat on the windowsill looking down on the pavement outside the hotel where a few fans was still gathered waiting for the lads to wake up and leave the hotel. Those kind of fans where known as the hardcore once, those who where there no matter what the weather was or if it was night or day. Letting a sigh leave her lips knew she belonged to another group of fans, it was that small group they called slappers and up until now she hadn’t cared what people thought as she had always thought that they didn’t understand and just needed others to lash out at of boredom from standing and waiting on a pavement for too long. Turning her gaze over towards the bed she looked at the figure laying there in the messed up bedcovers and she had to close her eyes to calm her beating heart. Tonight something had changed within her, it used to be a game, a game she had started with her two friends whom she had met two years ago….

>>Flashback two years ago<<

- I can’t believe we’re inside Hilton Hotel at the bar!! uttered with nerves wrecking through her entire body as she gazed around the bar. A bar , and she up until now had just seen from the outside. They had just met yesterday at a concert and had hit it off right away and now in all their state of excitement and hyper mood they had dared each other to enter the hotel where only people of a sudden class went in.
- The right amount of class, flirt and cheekiness can get you anywhere. winked and sipped of her cocktail as it was the most natural thing for her to be inside a four star hotel.
- Hm how far do you think? questioned with a raised eyebrow and watched how a mischievous smile slowly erupted on ’s lips.
- All the way. grinned knowing they were probably walking on a thin line right now.
- Oh!! spoke and looked towards the door seeing the band who’s concert they had attended the previous night enter the bar. Mean while sat quietly biting her button lip, trying to gather what they were actually doing.
- Think about the challenge. whispered as she from the corner of her eye looked one of the guys up and down.
- Are you challenging me? responded already well knowing which of the guys in the band she would pick if so.
- Maybe, are you game? asked and noticed how ’s face lit up in excitement by the mare challenge.
- Game on!! murmured followed by a cheer from .

>>Flashback end<<

That’s how it a had started like a challenge on which one of them could manage to lure one of the band members to bed but it had turned out that they all could and from then on the challenge between the friends had turned into a game, a game that also included a flashing life style of designer clothes and staying at fancy hotels. All things that fell into their lap as guys in the boy bands didn’t seem to be able to resist them. For the girls it meant life had become a whirlwind of parties and fun and somehow they had always seemed to be able to push the downside away, like it didn’t exist. Like being stamped as a slapper wasn’t something that got into their heads, they were just having fun and if others couldn’t take it, it was their problem, until now that is. Pulling her knees up close to her body had started to realize the downside to their lifestyle and she could even put an exact finger on the object of the reality check that was now hitting her right in the face. Slowly pushed herself down from the windowsill and picked up her shattered clothes around the room. Finally she picked up her high heels and for a moment she gazed at the guy in the bed, his hair was ruffled, his eyes hid away behind his closed eyelids, but his muscular body was still in view and she couldn’t deny she liked what she saw but problem was was no . Just the thought of him made her heart pound heavily but at the same time it broke into a million pieces as she knew that right this minute he was tucked into bed with her friend.