The Brooklyn Miracle.

sighed as she picked up the photo frame standing on her desk and gazed at it with longing filling her entire heart. She let her hand stroke over the photo of her with her family and boyfriend smiling up at her. It was Christmas her favourite time of the year or until now that is as she was stuck million of miles away from them. She moved her gaze and looked around her office until her eyes landed on the window making her get up on her feet and stride over there to look out. She loved the view from there that were overlooking the busy life on Wall Street in New York and she even loved walking down there on the street among the other people while she felt the amazing buzz of the atmosphere. She had gotten offered the job in New York for 6 months by the headquarters back home in but she had always thought that she would be able to get home for Christmas and celebrate it with her family and her fiancée. She missed them dearly as she hadn’t seen them for 4 months now but everything was so crazy busy at work so she couldn’t get away. Hearing a soft knock on her door she tore her gaze towards the door where her secretary popped her heard in through the door.
- I’m leaving now, unless you need me to do anything? Maggie piped up with a grinning smile. smiled back at her as she noticed the Santa cap on her head.
- No, you go home and celebrate with your kids. smiled and saw Maggie moved further in through the door.
- Thank you, have a merry Christmas. Maggie smiled from ear to ear as she disappeared again while wished her the same. Once more ’s gaze moved to the desk and the photo frame.
- Ohhh bugger it!! cried as she grabbed her coat and hand bag before she stormed out of her office and down onto the busy street of Wall Street. Heading straight out for the main street she tried to hail a cab but just as one settled to a stop beside her some guy tore the cab door open and stumbled into the cab closing the door right in front of her nose.
- FOR CRYING OUT LOAD!!! swore at the guy and sighed deeply as the cab drove off.
- I guess that guy was in lack of Christmas spirit. A guy suddenly chuckled beside her making look up at a tall handsome guy with the kindest dark blue eyes.
- Either that or he just remembered he had a turkey in the oven. smiled at him feeling a grand of Christmas spirit being poured at her from the stranger.
- Hehe maybe. He chuckled on as he hailed another cab.
- Here take this one and merry Christmas. He smiled at her.
- Thank you and you too. smiled back as she placed herself into the cab. After having giving the driver direction to where she was going she settled down into the seat and looked out at the busy life on the streets passing her by. When they reached her destination she hurried inside the huge building that held the JFK International Airport in New York. She knew it was a long shot as she wasn’t suppose to fly home to but it was Christmas and she was acting on impulse, she wanted to go home and celebrate with the people she loved. She pushed through all the cherry travellers until she reached a desk where you could buy plane tickets. With her heart galloping with nerves she prayed to God in her head that they would have something for her just anything that would get her home.
- I’m sorry madam but we have no free seats to offer you. The woman spoke.
- Please, anything would do, as long as it gets me to . pleaded with the woman.
- I’m really sorry madam. She spoke again making all hope fall from ’s eyes and turn away from the desk. Crestfallen walked out of the airport with slow steps. She knew it had been a long shot and normally she wasn’t that impulsive but the spirit of Christmas in the air had made her feel so very homesick. Feeling even more depressed she walked into Times Square and was immediately met by the buzz of hundreds of people who were busy doing their last Christmas shopping. kept walking until she stood in the middle of the street and then she let her gaze wonder around over all the shops lighted up in Christmas lights and over all the happy smiling people. She felt a tug in her heart and pulled out her mobile phone from her pocket but heard the phone go directly to the answer machine “This is Shane but I can’t pick up right now, please leave a message after the beep”. sighed she really needed to hear her fiancées voice but apparently he was busy so instead she tried her parents phone but the same thing happened.
- Hey miss can I offer you a Christmas tree? An elderly man with a huge smile on his lips suddenly asked her pulling her back to the world around her. For a moment stood quietly and gazed at him thinking about her home in Brooklyn where she hadn’t decorated for Christmas at all as it had felt too wired but at this very second something happened inside which she wasn’t sure of was but suddenly she felt the need to have the tree.
- I would love to have the tree. smiled at him giving him the money. It was first when she stood with the tree she realized she would have a problem getting it home. She took a firm hold of the tree and pulled it with her through the street and down into the underground and further along in the train. She was well aware of the fact that people were sending her glances, some thinking she was odd and others thought it was funny and cute. Either way she got to Brooklyn that lay just outside of New York as it was too expensive to live in New York her home had been placed in Brooklyn. Although it would have been fun to live in a luxury apartment in centre of New York she found it less stressful to live in Brooklyn. With a firm grip of her tree she stumbled slightly up from the underground to the streets of Brooklyn. She started her walk home until she saw a little booth where the woman sold Christmas stuff and that was when realized she needed something to decorate the tree with.

On the other side of the world had just turned off his phone as he waited to board the plane. His gaze wandered over to look at his fiancées parents and siblings who were talking and a smile brook over his lips as he thought about where they were going. Ever since he had met Christmas gave a whole new meaning to his life and he just couldn’t go through one Christmas without seeing her, so if she was stuck in New York he just had to go to her. He knew bringing her family along was the best gift he could give her as family was the most important thing to her.

was walking back and forth in the hall of ’s flat feeling more nervous about meeting her family than he had had with his former girlfriends. This was different because he knew in his heart that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with but he also knew that family meant everything to so he had to have her family like him or he would be in trouble. It was Boxing Day which meant it was the day where her entire family met for Christmas lunch that lasted all day and they did that every year. He heard stop and watch him and a soft giggle left her lips as she looked at him.
- This aint funny. I have to make them like me or even love me, it’s important. cried making put on a more serious face. She came up to him and placed her hands on either side of his cheeks and gazed at him with a smile.
- Babe, they will love you don’t worry. soothed leaning in placing a kiss on his lips.
>>Flashback End<<

...and they did. The day had gone better than had hoped and now he felt like he was part of her family. He smiled as he heard the plane was ready for boarding.

stood glancing at her Christmas tree as she had finished decorating it with only one exception, on top of the tree a shining gold star was missing. Looking down at her hand were she held the star her spirit gave up on finding a way to reach up and put the star on top so instead she placed it on the little table standing beside the tree. With leisurely steps she strode out into the kitchen and grabbed the Christmas presents her family and had sent her and back into the living room where she placed them under the tree. Sitting down on the floor she starred at the presents as a few tears fell down her cheeks, celebrating Christmas alone in Brooklyn wasn’t her idea of an amazing Christmas. She grabbed her mobile that lay close to her on the floor and tried once more to reach or her parents but all she heard was an answer machine. With a sigh she got up on her feet and took hold of a warm blanket which she tucked herself into as she lay down on the sofa with a book.

It was early next morning when rubbed her eyes and slowly realized she had fallen asleep on the sofa and that her book had fallen to the floor. She stayed rested on the sofa until her eyes court sight of her Christmas tree and her gaze slowly moved uphill to the top making a gasp escape her lips as she saw her gold star on top of the tree shining brightly. She shook her head and closed her eyes and tried to look again but the star was still there although she was sure she hadn’t put it up there. Suddenly all her senses was alarmed and a shock went through her as she thought she heard voices coming from the kitchen. “What the crap is going on?” she thought while she quietly as a muse got up from the sofa but stopped on her heals gazing at the mistletoe now hanging over the door frame into the living room and she was absolutely sure she hadn’t put it there. Her heart flew to her throat whilst a guy suddenly appeared standing under the mistletoe smiling brightly at her.
- Merry Christmas Baby and sorry I couldn’t answer the phone but I was on a plane. He smiled felling his heart flutter by the sight of her. To overwhelm by seeing him didn’t reply she just ran into his arms letting him hug her tightly.
- How?! uttered a moment later finding her words.
- Well I couldn’t celebrate Christmas without seeing my beautiful fiancée and as you couldn’t come to me I decided to come to you.
- You’re the best Christmas present ever. grinned as she gazed into his loving eyes.
- Well its get better yet, I brought your family along too. grinned watching the smile on her lips grew even larger if that was possible.
- You didn’t? questioned suddenly feeling all the sadness that filled her heart earlier leave her body at once.
- I did but before you go into the kitchen and see them.... whispered and nodded towards the Mistletoe over their heads. Not feeling the need to be asked twice leaned in letting her lips catch his and finally she felt the Christmas spirit flood through her.

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