Sweet Revenge

I was sitting waiting for to arrive. I couldn’t believe I was doing it, I was going to lose my virginity simply because of revenge. My ex-boyfriend, , and I broke up because he said I continued to tease him. He thought I was some kind of nun who liked to tempt men, but never went all the way. I know that loved me but at times he was simply the one-tracked minded that all men are, and it was really starting to bother me. He started to say that I was insecure. He said I was acting that because I was afraid; afraid that I wasn’t good enough for him. That I probably was no god in bed. That the only reason he was going out with me was because of how I looked and nothing more. It really hurt me that he thought and felt that way. Nobody hurts a and gets away with it. I went to my best friend, , and told her everything. She was sure angry. She didn’t like much, probably because of what ’s cousin, Jason, did to her so she thought that everybody in his family was like that. Jason used to go out with and one day Jason nearly raped , thankfully I had walked in before he could get in her pants. She suggested that I slept with ’s best friend (I knew that had a crush on me) so that would tell how good I was with him and would think all night and all day, every second of the day, of what he missed, of what he could have had, and what he’d never have. I told all of this and he wasn’t very happy with it, but he accepted anyway.
I opened the door with nothing more than a black bra and a atching thong, and a robe open for to see what was in store for him tonight. It was really weird as we walked to my room. And as we arrived inside he was all over me already. I didn’t want to waste time in foreplay. I just wanted to go for it and the sooner we finish the better.
I live on my own house since my parents passed away but on occasional Fridays my Uncles came by to check on me, but as I heard the doorbell ring, I feared it was one of those occasional Fridays. We immediately got dressed, but as I opened the door instead of my relatives, there was all covered in sweat, and without breath. He came in took by the front of his shirt and threw him outside the door. Everything was so fast and suddenly he was hugging me.
“Sorry . I didn’t mean what I told you. I love you, no matter what. And if you want to wait, I’ll wait for you until you’re ready. I admire you because you want to give your body to the one you truly love and trust and I'm going to earn that love and trust. Give me one more chance please.” He said in one breath
“How did you know?” I asked
told me when I asked her about you.”
“And you aren’t angry with me?”
“She explained me everything. She said you intended to lose your virginity to because of me. I don’t want you to waste it on ; waste it on me babe.” He said laughingly. How I loved his laugh. How have I ever said no to him on the first place was a mystery, even to myself.
“Is that what you really want ?” I asked him, as if I didn’t know the answer to that. He stopped laughing and looked at me intensely.
“It’s not what I want that is important, as long as it’s what you want babe.”
“But I want my boyfriend to have my virginity not some ol’ ; I want my bebe.” I said teasingly. He did something totally unexpected. He went on his knees and pulled a ring out of his pocket. It was an engagement ring.
, will you give me the honor and privilege to be my wife?”
I was speechless. I completely froze and when I didn’t reply stared at me worriedly.“Bebe please say yes cos if you don’t I…I don’t know what I’ll do. I'm gona go crazy.”By then tears were running down my cheeks.
“Bebe don’t cry, if you don’t wanna get married we won’t just please say something.”
“I’d be the one crazy to say no to that…to you.”
“Does that really mean yes?” He said as he stood up and gently wiped my tears away.
“Yes…Yes I’ll marry you tomorrow if you want babe. No more teasing baby.” I said as I hugged him. He slipped the beautiful white gold ring with a solitary diamond in my finger and gently kissed me.
“As much as I love you and wanna get married I know you want to have a big wedding and I wanna have a great honeymoon that you’ll never forget. Especially the wedding night.” He said as he wiggled his eyebrows and smiled as I giggles.
“Baby do you wanna have the wedding night tonight. I’d be stupid for me to wait so long. And as long as you’re with me I always remember it days, night, every second of the day, you’ll be on my mind.” I said happily
“As long as my bebe, my future bride, the future mother of my children and the woman I'm gonna spend eternity with is happy and that is what she wants then I want it too… And no more teasing ok bebe…except forplay” he said as he picked me up and led me to my room as I giggled contently in the arms of the man I loved.

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