Straight Through My Heart!

”Sometimes being strong enough to stay isn’t possible”

Chapters...: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14!!

Chapter 1.

>>A week earlier<<
Letting her tears fall she looked around her flat one more time. Flashes of moments from her past kept creeping into her mind, making her heart break and tears falling like a never ending steam. This was the last time she would be there. She knew she had to leave. She had to do something. She had to make a change in her life. She just couldn’t breath anymore. She felt alone and trapped. It was time to say enough is enough.
Taking a deep breath she placed a letter on the kitchen table where she knew he would find it, if he ever turned up at all. If any of them ever did. Letting a tear fall of the thought she grabbed her suitcase and left her flat.
>>Back to present<<

- Uhhh come on let’s party tonight. Come on. I want drinks. cried at his mates.
- How can you be so hyper? I’m washed out. cried laughing at his mate jumping before them.
- One word red bulls. Their too die for! laughed
- Your insane. mumbled.
- Yeah you are. I’m going home to see my wife. stated grabbing his jacket and left to the sound of his mates buing at him making him laugh.
- Actually I might think it’s time to be checking up on . said suddenly after had left making his two mates look at him.
- Gosh we haven’t talked to her in ages. blurted out feeling the quilt flash through him.
- Yeah and you should have. She is you’re girl. said starring at his friend who now looked down into the floor.
- You heard something? interfered feeling he had.
- is worried and me to frankly. sighed
- Why? asked looking up
- She can’t get hold of her and either could I when I tried last night.
- Maybe she was out? said not quite seeing the problem
- I have a bad feeling that’s all. said finally letting them in on his feeling.
- Ah . A feeling. Come on she’s probably out having a ball. sighed
- Fine! If that’s how you see it. You sound just like . replied starting to get angry.
- ?!?! asked.
- Yeah talked to about it and she sounded just like you.
- So ’s talking? asked
- Yeah. Finally.! replied
- Finally? asked
- Yeah haven’t you noticed we haven’t heard much from her either? asked
- Well no. But we ain’t that close that I would wonder that much about it. defended himself.
- Hmm true but you should have wondered about . replied firmly.
- I did. I just didn’t feel like I could talk to her. I was... it’s just... .. you know. mumbled
- Yeah I know and I know ’s isn’t your bloody girlfriend but is. replied getting up on his feet feeling angry. Going over to the door opened it feeling slight annoyed with his friends.
- Hey where ya going? cried
- I’m checking up on even if ya don’t care. hissed smashing the door closed after him. Leaving and stunned behind him starring at each other each in their own thoughts.

>>A week earlier<<
Standing in the airport she looked around watching people walk around. She had checked in her suitcase and the rest would be send to her. She felt the nerves run around in her body. Now she really was alone.
Feeling her heart suddenly jump she felt her eyes being met by his on a magazine in the shop in front of her. Closing her eyes she counted to ten. It was like he was everywhere she looked. Why couldn’t she escape? Why did she have to be reminded of him all the time and why where mutual friends right there beside him starring up at her? She felt so alone without them but even if she had stayed they weren’t there anymore. She felt she was invisible and something that could just be missed and it wouldn’t matter. But she wanted to matter. She wanted to feel wanted. She wanted to be able to breathe again.
>>Back to present<<

Walking up the path to her flat suddenly were aware of his friend running up to him walking beside him not saying anything. A little smile crept onto ’s lips. He knew he cared even if he tried not to. After ringing the doorbell with no responce sighed and looked at his mate. He knew what meant, he had just ignored the feeling of what he did to her. Ignored the feeling lately that tried to tell him something wasn’t right anymore. Watching he saw him stick his hand into his pocket dragging a key out of it putting it into the keyhole to her flat. A ping of jealousy ran through him. He wished he where the one who had a key, yet he knew he didn’t really deserve one. He hadn’t been close friends with her for as long as had and the only reason had one where if there were an emergency then he would be able to get in.
Both watched the key turn and slowly the door went open. Looking at each other for a second before they went into the flat, they both got met by the air washing over them, air that hit them both with a cold feeling of dread. Calling her name softly they felt fear wash over them. Things weren’t right. felt her scent fading away. All her small stuff, pictures, things that were so her were gone. All that was left were the furnish. Feeling his heart start to crumble he walked to the kitchen where he walked to the table where he always would sit down and place his feet on the table and a moment later she would come a tell him off for putting them on her kitchen table. Then he would laugh and pull her on his lap and kiss her untill she gave in, but this time she didn’t come. Sitting down by the table he felt his heart ache. How could he have been so stupid? He knew he loved her and it had scared him because she wasn’t his type and yet she had captured his heart but he hadn’t been able to let her have it fully. Feeling his heartbeat fasten he felt scared. Looking at the table his eyes finally landed on the letter. Seeing his name written carefully over it. He took it into his hands dreading to open it.
Coming into the kitchen stood watching his mate stroking his finger over a letter. Feeling a lump in his throat he knew what it would say. Seeing her flat he knew she was gone.
Opening it carefully felt his eyes get blury....

Hey my love.

Never thought I would sit down and write this letter but I can’t do this anymore. I can’t wait any longer. I can’t breath.
In such a short time of space you took me by surprise. I fell in love with you, just to watch you leave me again. That’s how it felt. Not hearing from you nor my friends for ages you can’t even begin to imagine how lonely I felt. I’m tired of fighting. Tired of being pushed aside and ignored, it hurts. It takes my breath away and makes me realize I have to leave. I’ve tried to get hold of all of you but no response... I can’t do this anymore. It will break my already broken heart to leave but I see no other way out.
You made me happy for the short time I had you. You should know that. I realize I’m not what you want.... I hope you find what you’re looking for.

I love you.

All my Love

- ...but you are what I want... cried starring at the letter feeling his heart crumble. Letting his eyes drift to the date in the top his heart skipped a beat... It was dated one week ago....

>>A week earlier<<
Looking back she watched the way back to her former life flood between her fingers. Feeling tears string behind her eyes she turned and walked into the plane.

Chapter 2.

>>Present time<<
- Dated a week ago, a freaking week ago. cried at when he had returned home with . looked up at him feeling upset her friend had just left. More to the point she understood why she had done it and in a way that was the worst feeling because she hadn’t done anything in time. Looking over at she sensed his pain. Ever since he had entered the house he had had a solid hold on the letter in his hand and he was sat on a chair bended over starring at it in silence. - try and relaxe. We’ll find her. said trying to gain her composition.
- Yes yes we will. said taking a deep breath. Then he looked over at his mate.
- How can we ever find her? She could be every where? said quietly saying what they all knew.
- Well we can’t start with giving up. We’ll ask everyone what they know and put the pieces together. said determined.
Looking down at the letter felt a ping in his heart. He hadn’t got the faith had. After seeing her flat and knowing he was to late to rush after her in the airport he knew it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

>>A week earlier<<
Stepping out of the plane, she took a deep breath and looked around while she took her first few steps in what where now her new city. It was already evening and she felt tired while she grabbed her suitcase and walked through the arrivals hall. Seeing all the happy smiles when people got reunited she felt lonely. No one where there to pick her up but it was seeing the girl from her plane run into the arms of what must be her lover that set her heart to break. Closing her eyes tight a scene past her mind...

Reaching the arrivals hall in Scottland airport she saw him there waiting for her. Feeling her heart pound her eyes met his and she saw a smile creep onto his lips, a smile that made her weak at her knees. Not waisting another second she ran over to his open arms and let him hold on to her thightly.
- God baby your finally here. I missed you so much. He whispered into her ear.
- I missed you more. She replied in a soft tone pulling away looking into his eyes.
- Not possible. He smiled leaning in placing his lips on hers.
- ... she mumbled feeling his lips tease hers.
>>Flashback end<<

...letting her eyes open she romoved the tears from her eyes with her hand and shoke her head while breathing in. Let him go she whispered to her self and walked out to a taxi...

>>Back to present<<
- What’s so important? I was actually doing something. sighed walking into and ’s house a few hours later and found everyone gathered there.
- is gone. stated. Raising his eyebrow notice the awkard air between and and it made something tick in his mind.
- WHAT??!! Both and cried seeing kept starring at them, making jump out of his daze of thoughts.
- was right?! blurted out.
- , right? What, where how? mumbled suddenly fully back out of his thought by hearing her name.
- I thought you hadn’t talked to her? said
- I haven’t. Well it’s something she said last time we talked. She said and were acting wired and cold but I couldn’t understand it then. I didn’t notice but I see it now. replied trying to get control of his thoughts.
- Understand what? asked feeling confused and looked at standing beside her taking hold of her hand.
- Those two used to be flirting all the time now their just plain cold. said and made everyone glare at and .
- Oh for the sake of who ever would you just stop? cried loudly rulling his eyes.
- Why? What haven’t ya told us? asked firmly standing up crossing his arms in front of his chest.
- We’re just moving on okay? We decieded it wasn’t suppose to be us. sighed finally.
- Really? asked in utter surprise.
- How can ya be so cold about that? asked utter confused.
- Oh don’t you start too. sighed not wanting to talk about it at all.
- Too?? quested
- was on about that too. sighed
- Oh!! muttered.
- I don’t understand! said
- Me either. How can you just say quit and act like it’s no big deal? asked
- Because it’s not. said.
- Fine!!!!!!!! But it’s a big deal is gone! stated trying to get the matter of hand back in the center to be solved.
- She’ll be fine. said rulling her eyes letting herself drop down on the sofa. While all her friends starred at her in utter disbelief.
- HOW THE CRAP CAN YOU BE SO FUCKING CALM ABOUT YOUR BEST FRIEND BEING GONE???? yelled at her, getting fed up by her indifference behavior. Feeling slight taken aback by his outburst straighten herself up.
- Because she probably just left to straighten her self out and to be quite honest I’m relieved because I was fed up with her being sad. It wasn’t like I could do anything about it anyway. And seriously I have been quite busy with work. explained coldly.
- You knew she was sad and didn’t do anything at all? asked just as stunned as their other friends who all starred at her like they couldn’t believe what they were hearing.
- Well it wasn’t like any of you did either! defended her self.
- I didn’t know! cried making send him a gaze.
- Whatever! sighed
- You should have told me! said through gritted teeth trying to control his anger.
- Ah, as you didn’t know something were wrong. You know her pretty well too. said
- I did yes but we haven’t been as close lately. replied
- I know. You were busy being married. replied annoyed
- OH YOU LITTLE..... started to say but got stopped by .
- Don’t fight people!!! said trying to gain control of the situation.
- Yeah. It wont help us find her. continued his wife sentence.
- So what will, the police? asked breaking his silence.
- And tell them what exactly? That our friend is misssing but it’s on her own free will? said.
- Oh so that’s just that. No help is that what you’re saying? replied making look at him angry.
- Okay. No police. But fact’s people. Stay on topic without yelling at each other. sighed.
- But all we have is that letter to . sighed while at that moment watched how the expression on ’s face changed slightly.
- Right ? asked watching how crumbled a little under his question but she didn’t answer which made all of them look at her.
- Answer!! demanded
- It’s nothing. finally said. Letting the realization hit him starred at her feeling a slight hope raise in the pit of his stomach
- You got a letter too..... blurted out....

Chapter 3.

- Okay yes fine I got one but it’s no big deal. It doesn’t say where she is or anything. sighed and looked up beeing met by only mad and surprised faces that starred at her in disbelief.
- YOU FUCKING KNEW AND DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING?!!! screamed and jumped towards but got held back by .
- Don’t, it won’t help . told him trying to control his mate back to a calm state if possible.
- BUT SHE KNEW!! cried
- OH COME ON . IT’S NOT LIKE YOU SHOWED YOU CARED ANYWAY! screamed back getting up on her feet.
- What’s that suppose to mean? hissed
- Oh come on you gotta know how much you hurt her by suddenly pulling away with no word at all. And who had to listen to her? YEAH I HAD!!!! yelled.
- OKAY STOP IT, NOW!!!!!!!!!! yelled at them, getting annoyed by their behavior.
- Show us the letter. interrupted
- Why? It’s not like I’ve seen ’s. said offended
- It’s not liked you asked to. cried
- Just show us. sighed wacthing huff insulted while she picked up a letter from her pocket and handed it over to . Who took it and skimmed the letter before she looked up at her friends.
- Well?? asked getting impatient. Taken a deep breath started to read.

Dear .

I dont’t know if you’re surprised to receive this letter or not but here it is. I’m leaving tomorrow, I’ve had enough! I’m sending this by the mail so you get it the day after I’ve left. I see no point in leaving it at my flat for you, as I’m not sure if you would go there. I’m leaving a letter there for as I believe he will find it there but if he doesn’t then he just didn’t care enough and I would see no point for him to have it.
Tell I’m sorry for leaving like this but I see no other way. I tried to talk to him but he didn’t really listen. And for you I’m sorry it all turned out this way. You were my best friend but somehow on the road things changed. It takes two to make it work and I can’t fight for two anymore. I’m dryed out. I’ve got no more energy left.
I’ve taken care of everything so you don’t need to do anything. Except hear me out a last time. Drop your new act, friendship is what matters, push them away and you’ll end up alone and trust me that is a feeling you don’t wanna try out. Make up with . You’re wired without him. At least make up so your friends again and I don’t mean it in a shallow way. Make up so you each other’s best friends again.
I hate things has turn out this way. I hate the feeling of being alone. I hate the fact that none of you care enough to pay me any of your attention. But most of all I hate the feeling of loosing my best friends...... You all meant so much to me but I can’t stay watching it just keep going on like this. I can’t breath. I need to feel needed and wanted again. I need to be happy, to be me... So I’m leaving...

Take care of your self...

Love .

In utter silence they looked at each other trying to take in what the letter had said. The silence where thick and could be cut with a knife. None of them knowing what to say, looking at each other deep in their own thoughts. Finally realizing how their action had been towards their missing friend.

The next day walked up the path towards Linda’s flat. His steps were slow and his heart in pain. His hand grabbing the key he had borrowed from . Looking up towards her flat he remembered all the times he had comed there with a smile on his face. Today it was different, he knew she wouldn’t be there welcoming him with a warm smile. Grabbing the key ready to push it in, the door suddenly went open and his heart flew into his throat in shock and hope it was her.
- Oh hey Sir. A woman’s voice sounded making ’s heart fell disappointed and his mind confused. - Who are you? blurted out.
- Oh I’m Gina the realestate agent. She replied and ’s mouth dropped and the words from ’s letter clinged in his ears “I have taken care of everything”.
- And you are? Gina asked
- A friend of the woman who owns the flat. said a bit shaken.
- Oh. Hey well just take you time in there. She did say a few friends might step by to say goodbye to the flat. Gina blabbered on taking the steps out of the flat. Making stand still and stare at her. - She said that?? asked making her turn around and look at him.
- Yes she did. She smiled
- Did she say anything else? Do you know where I can reach her? asked getting so excited Gina raised an eyebrow.
- No sorry Sir she didn’t and I don’t! She replied watching how the hope flew from his eyes.
- I’m sorry Sir. She said again while composed himself.
- Did you say realestate agent? He suddenly blurted out when it finally really hit him.
- Yes Sir.
- She’s... she’s selling the flat. stammered
- Yes but it’s still her’s for a week so go in and say goodbye. She replied in a soft tone feeling sorry for him. She didn’t know what had happened but she knew something had and she wasn’t going to let her client down.
Watching the woman walk away felt his heart crumble not being able to keep up with what was happening around him. Breathing in deeply he turned around and walked into the flat.
Everything where just like when and he had been there last time. He was however not giving up untill he found something. Looking around everywhere he suddenly stood still starring at the litter bin beside her desk. Sinking down to the floor he sat down and with his heart breaking and tears finding it’s way to his eyes he took up some photoes that were torn apart.

>>A week earlier, the night before she left<<
With tears steaming down her cheeks and anger flashing through her she grabbed the photos from her desk and with the frustration filling her body she tore the photos apart and threw them into the litter bin by her desk. Feeling her heart crumble she fell to the floor and pulled her kness thight towards her body while she sobbed. Feeling her sobs control a little after a while she starred at her phone laying on the floor where she had dropped it after yet another call to her friends being dissmissed. Reaching out she grabbed it. It was time. Trying to control her voice she pushed the numbers on her phone. After a few beeps it was taken....
- I would like to book a flight... heard herself say.....

>>Back to present<<
Coming into the empty flat gasped slightly feeling the emptiness hit her. Knowing would be there she looked around for him. Finding him sitting on the floor she felt a ping in her heart by the expression on his face. Looking up felt his voice shake...
- She... she threw us out like she felt we did her. He said in a shaky low voice that made kneel down and hug him tightly.

Chapter 4.

>>A week earlier<<
After letting the driver know where to take her. starred out on the city through the window of the taxi. The streets where filled with people who looked busy and heading for somewhere. Soon she would be one of those she thought when the driver stopped by a little house. She gave him the money and walked up to the house. A woman appeared and showed her to her room. Thanking the lady for her kindness looked around the room. Letting her bag fall upon the bed she sat down and let her eyes wonder around. This was going to be her home while she looked for a flat of her own.
Taking hold of her phone in her pocket she picked it up and looked at it. The display where still showing no messages. It gipped in her heart, they still weren’t looking for her. How long would it take she wondered? She tried not to care but her heart was crying for them... for him!!! Looking sadly at her bedside table she placed it there turning off the sound. Laying back on the bed she pulled the covers over her. She was so tired. Closing her eyes she saw them smiling at her.

Her week passed her in a daze. The lose of her friends felt like a knife through her heart that wouldn’t heal. The fact that her phone told her they still wasn’t even giving her a thought to call made it worse. Today though, she was going to change. For her own shake she had to move on. It had been a week in her new city and she knew that moving city wasn’t enough. Being on her own now meant she had to work harder, she had to heal, she had to start over and cry less. Putting her phone in her bag, she gathered her things and walked out to the taxi that would take her to her new home.

Getting out of the taxi she looked up at the complex of flats where one of them would be hers. Seeing a man come towards her she smiled at him.
- Good day Miss. This is your keys. Your stuff has arrived; it’s up in your flat. If you need anything just call. He smiled and she thanked him.
Walking into her flat she looked around. It was small but hers. The living room and kitchen were in one. Then there were a room as her bedroom and a bathroom. Home she thought.

Grabbing her jacket she decided to go down to find a shop and get some stuff for her empty fridge. Looking across the street she saw a grocer and walked in there getting some stuff. Glansing over the magazines she sighed relieved she didn’t see their faces. Maybe she had run far enough away to escape.

It was that night a week after she had left she got a shock run through her entier body. She lay flat on her back on her new sofa in her living room when she heard the sound of the ringing tone on her phone. Gasping to herself she remained where she was. The sound came back and she closed her eyes trying to make the tears stay at bay. It went quiet again only to start again a half hour later. She rolled over on her stomach. Had they finally found out she was missing? Getting up on her feet she took the phone in her hand. Looking at the display she watched their names flash over it. Shaking her head while tears ran down her cheeks she felt her heart break. It was too late.

>>In Florida at the same time<<
sighed throwing her bag on a chair and letting the bags filled with stuff she had just bought from all the shiny shops down town. She remembered how had used to tease her with that, calling her a shopaholic. Smiling by the thought she forgot the truth and thought about calling her untill she realized she couldn’t.
Her gaze went to the door hearing the banging on it. Slowly she went to open it. Seeing him standing there she sighed but let him in. He looked like thunder and she didn’t wanna hear it but knowing him she knew she didn’t have a choice.
Looking at the bags smiled for a second, she was still the same in that sense. Turning his gaze he starred at her. Nothing felt right anymore.
- Are you gonna spit it out or what? ‘couse I don’t wanna guess. Either you say it or go. bursted out making him roll his eyes.
- Nice. You sound like a drama queen. said not being able to help himself
- Oh thank you very much. hissed
- Can we just talk like grown ups for once?
- Don’t we always.
- Come on . Stop. sighed annoyed
- Fine. breathed out moving her bag and sat down.
- Why are you like this? She’s your best friend. And you’re acting like you don’t even care.
- Well maybe I don’t. If she can just take up and leave then why should I care? asked getting slight angry.
- Because she’s your friend and you don’t even try to find her. You do nothing.
- If she was my friend. She would have stayed.
- Stayed for what exactly? asked making look at him shocked
- You sound like you understand her.
- I do. He sighed finally saying it out load.
- HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU UNDERSTAND IT? hissed getting up from her chair angry.
- Because she was lonely and we all just ignored her. It was too much for her. I understand it now.
- Understand that?!?!!! SHE FREAKING LEFT ME, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. JUST LIKE YOU LEFT ME!! cried at him making him sigh loudly
- No???
- No. She didn’t leave you. You left her long ago by not taking your time. For me I just told you the truth about how I feel and you said you agreed on us not being together but I’m still you friend. explained watching how she shoke her head and walked away from him into the kitchen. Wating a moment gathered his mind again and followed after her. Seeing her in there he noticed the tears in her eyes.
- I love you. She blurted out and took him by totally surprise.
- You what? He blurted out. Never had he heard her actually say the words.
- I love you.
- don’t. almost begged he didn’t wanne hear it. Not now.
- It’s too late.
- Yes. I gave you the chance ages ago but you kept having some excuse. I moved on and i don’t wanna go back. I’m sorry.
- Fine. said waving a hand in the air turning around.
- Ah don’t do this. Stop being so cold. Act when the chance is there. Don’t wait forever thinking everyone will wait forever for you because they can’t. I may not end up as your boyfriend now but is still out there and if i’m not mistaken then she is the friend you need right now.
- Maybe but she’s not here.
- No and why is that?
- Because we all let her go. finally said turning around looking into his gaze.

At and s place.
starred at his phone. His calls and messages had got through he knew that but still no answer. He felt so worried. After seeing just an hour ago he had felt him self worry even more seeing his friend in a state of helplessness. Putting the phone to his ear again he felt his heart miss a beat hearing the words “The number you have called does no longer exist”!
Walking into the room stopped on her tracks seeing her husband face turn pale.
- What happened? She asked
- Her... her number doesn’t exist anymore. cried feeling on the edge of tears. Seeing this only made jump over to him and place her arms around him.
- She’s just got a new phone. She’s alright. said feeling the need to believe that. Hearing those words though, just made push her off.
- I KNOW THAT. DON’T YOU THINK I KNOW THAT? BUT I HAVE TO BELIEVE THAT ! cried making him stop dead on his track starring at her.
- DON’T YOU CALL ME . THAT’S WHAT USED TO CALL ME! yelled feeling angy, hurt and frustrated.
- OH EXCUSE ME FOR NOT BEING YOUR BELOVED . WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST MARRY HER? She cried at him making him come back to his senses.
- Because I loved you more. I’m sorry Sweetie. I’m just so worried. sighed pulling in towards him.
A moment later stormed into the house and starred at a shocked and .
- I know what we can do. We’ll hire a detective. cried out of breath.

Chapter 5.

3 months later.

Letting his gaze run over the room sighed heavily. The woman beside him who tried her best to get his attention looked at him blazing her black eyelashes not giving up yet. This night however couldn’t have cared less.
- Listen I just want to sit here in peace having my drink. I’m not interested. Not now. said brushing her off so she turned on her heels making an offended girly sound making laugh slightly. Looking back down on the glass in front of him he tipped his fingers on it. He so wanted to just empty the whole bottle of vodka but her little voice in the back of his mind made him stop. Her voice, feeling his temper raise he got up on his feet and went outside calling a cap to drive him home.
Stumbling out of the cap moments later he walked into his house and into the bedroom. Collapsing down on his bed he breathed in deeply. Slowly he turned his face and looked at the bedside table. Taking hold of the fame he looked at her smiling face. Feeling a rush of love come over him he stroked his finger over her face. Soon after the feeling of hurt that had hunted him for three months now came crashing over him and in despair he threw the frame away from him hearing it crashing towards something but he stayed on the bed grabbing a pillow hiding his face behind it feeling his heart break.

The next day came into and ’s house and walked into the living room.
- So I’m the last one? asked scanning the room noticing weren’t to be seen.
- Well except for . sighed
- You did remember to tell him to come last night? asked
- Of ‘cause I did. replied
- Can’t we just start? sighed sitting over in the sofa.
- No, I would like for you all to be here. He’s going to want to know what I have to tell you. Chris the detective they had hired replied making them all stare at him.
- So you found her? asked getting impatient.
- Just get and I’ll tell you all what I know at the same time. Chris replied.
- Can you at least tell us if you know if she’s all right? asked again
- Listen I know you’ll have a bunch of questions and I’ll answer all of those I can but first when you’ll all here. Chris replied firmly making the whole room sigh.
- Fine, I’ll go and get him. Most likely he’s still at home in bed. sighed grabbing hold of his car keys and leaving the house again.
Standing outside ’s house kept ringing the doorbell, cursing his friend for taken so long. Finally after several minutes he heard noises on the other side of the door.
- Wha? grunted in a rough tone when he came face to face with .
- Your supposed to be at and ’s today. You can’t possible have forgot I told you last night. replied firmly
- So what? You can tell me afterwards what happen.
- NO I FREAKING CAN NOT!!! I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO FIND !! yelled at him, seeing him wake up a little by the sound of her name.
- She left me. sighed turning around stumbling into the house with following him.
- No you left her first and you very well know it.
- I have looked everywhere. It’s been three months. said quietly sitting down on a chair in the kitchen.
- I know mate. I know. replied more softly now and squeezed his friends shoulder.
- I miss her so much. blurted out hiding his face in his hands.
- I know. So come with me over to ’s and listen to Chris. I have a feeling he has found her. said softly and noticed stiffen up in his chair. Slowly turning around he starred at his mate. To scared to actually say anything in case it turned out to be untrue.
- Yeah I know how you feel. So get your butt up and take a shower and get some freaking clothes on. laughed and looked down himself before he got up and ran upstairs.

A half hour later they were all sat in the living room looking at Chris waiting for him to tell them the news.
- So we’re all here now? Chris asked making sure.
- Yes, so have you found her? asked not able to wait another minute.
- Yes I found her. He replied softly watching them all stare at him in silence for a minute before a thousand questions were fired at him and he waited while they calmed down again.
- Listen I’ll tell you all I know and then you can ask all your questions afterwards, okay? Chris asked.
- Yes, but is she okay? asked holding on to ’s hand.
- Yes she seems okay. Now I can’t tell you how she really feels but on the outside she is fine. However she’s not quit the you guy’s told me about. She’s changed.
- What do you mean changed? cried sitting on the edge of his chair. Grabbing out a few pictures from his bag Chris placed them on the table.
- She might not look the way you remember. Chris said watching them stare at the pictures. Looking over at he noticed how he seemed to stare at one of the pictures with open mouth.
- ? Chris said
- This isn’t . said shaken his head. Getting up walked over to his friend and looked at the picture over his shoulder.
- It’s her. Look at the eyes. replied. Looking in the eyes felt his heart skip a beat. It was her. Letting his gaze fall on her lips a smile spread on his. He would recognize that smile everywhere but the rest of her looked different.
- It looks like she got a makeover. blurted out.
- She has gotten stripes in her hair. said quietly
- She looks fit. blurted out cursing to shot him a stare.
- Well she’s working out almost every day. Chris replied.
- Really? said making push him
- Well I couldn’t get myself to do that!
- Hehe no we know. laughed
- Hey! replied offended
- And God she’s got a motorcycle. said in astonishment.
- And like the sight of that. laughed noticing the look on his face.
- Mmmmmm. mumbled
- Where is she? asked next
- Well the reason it took me so long to find her is that she is no longer in the . Chris explained watching how they all starred at him in disbelief.
- Are you saying she’s flown overseas? asked with open mouth
- That’s what I’m saying, yes.
- THEN WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE? yelled standing up losing patience.
- She’s in ! Chris replied
- ! They all cried in utter disbelief.
- What’s she doing there? She doesn’t know anyone there! cried
- She lives there now and no she didn’t but she does now. She has been building up her life again.
- But she can’t, not without us. cried feeling his heart crumble by the fact that she was so far away from him. Yet knowing where she finally was gave him hope and set his mind at rest for a second.
- At least she’s not alone anymore. sighed looking down. Looking at her smiled lightly and stroked her back.
- Guess we didn’t need to worry then. said leaning back on the sofa.
- As if you were ever worried. You were freaking cold. hissed at her.
- Don’t! said rolling his eyes trying to stop a fight
- But you know I’m right. said firmly.
- Never the less it won’t change anything now. replied.
- He’s right. So tell us more. said eager to know.
- Well she has got herself a little flat where she lives. She has got a friend called and with her she’s living life in . seem to have shown her the places to be in . All though there’s a club called “Pussycat” and I think it’s who have pulled in there.
- Pussycat? What the crap of a name is that? laughed
- It’s a bar where you can sing karaoke and just enjoy a night out. Chris explained.
- I need a drink. blurted out walking out of the room. Grabbing a glass in the kitchen he filled it up with water and drowned it in one go. Resting himself up against the wall he took a deep breath. Meanwhile in the living room.
Seeing walk out Chris looked towards his friends and decided to take the chance now.
- There is something I should tell you. If you want to know now or wait a little is up to you. But as I was told he and were close so I’ll leave you guy’s up to telling him when the time is right. Chris said carefully.
- What are you saying? asked raising an eyebrow not liking the sound of this.
- There’s a new guy in her life. I don’t know how serious it is, you’ll have to figure that out yourselves. Chris explained
- WHAT? But she’s so slow to move on. So how could she just forget Aj like that and move on to a new guy? cried
- Oh come on . You’re her friend you know as well as I do that she wouldn’t just forget . She’s just… She’s trying to move on. We forced her too. said softly holding on to ’s hand, regretting for the 100 time that he hadn’t reacted sooner so she might still be there with them. - As I said I’m not sure if she’s serious with this guy.
- Who is he? asked who had sat quietly until now taking everything in that had been said. Seeing Chris turn his attention to her, she watched him smile to her.
- After what I’ve found out, his name is Don Eppes and his from Los Angeless.
- So they have the thing in common. said quietly
- So he’s moved to or what? asked
- Well no he’s just there working on a case for FBI. Chris explained
- FBI, bloody hell!! blurted out.
- Yeah so I would suggest cheating this information carefully as you don’t know what kind a guy he is and either do I really. Chris replied
- Couldn’t he just have been a normal guy we could push away? sighed making smile lightly.
- Now that was a thought. said looking at who made a face at him.
- Right well I suggest we’ll wait a little with telling about this Don fella. said watching everyone nod in agreement.
- And now I’ll go and check up on . said getting up and walked to the kitchen.
- Hey, so how you’ve holding up mate? asked carefully.
- I can’t believe she has put a whole ocean between us. said quietly.
- I know mate but she’s no more far away than what your heart tells you.
- I can still feel her.
- There you go. See she’s still with you and I know she still thinks about you.
- You think so? asked unsure.
- She had fallen for you and that means in language that you will never leave her heart. Now come on. We have a plane to book so we can go and get your woman back. grinned squeezing his friends shoulder.

Chapter 6.

Turning around suddenly by his voice her eyes got lucked to the TV. His brown soulful where eyes starring right back into hers. A lump formed in her throat. God she missed him, she hadn’t heard his voice after she left but now when she heard it again it sent shivers down her spin. She knew she should turn of the TV; it was no good for her to see him. She just couldn’t tear herself away. Seeing him disappear from the screen she felt her heart scream out for more. Her body was burning for him. Her heart was aching for him. Without thinking she grabbed her phone pushed the bottom and suddenly his voice were there. Right there on the other end.
- Who is this? replied getting frustrated there was no answer. Suddenly hearing a sob and a low voice say his heart raised to unknown heights.
- , honey is it you? Please talk to me. I’m sorry for everything. God I miss you so much. continued only to hear her cry even more in the other end.
- I miss you so much it’s killing me. She finally replied in a whisper making ’s heart melt like butter.
- Sweetie come back to me, we can work it out. He replied feeling his whole being come alive just by hearing her voice mean while his heart broke hearing her cry. All he wanted to do was pull her into his arms. Hearing her reply in something that was hardly a whisper he was sure he heard her say “I love you” and then the phone went dead.
- No no no no don’t go baby, I need you. He cried starring at his dead phone.

Knocking on the door Don almost gave up until he heard her cry on the other site. Pulling the door handle he noticed it wasn’t lucked. Rushing inside he found her on the floor curled together beside the sofa table with her phone in her hand. Trying to take the phone away and put it on the table she just hold on to it tighter so instead he bended down and pulled her up into his arms and carried her over to the sofa where he sat down and pulled her into a tight embrace.
- Oh sweetie what happened? He asked softly while stroking her back with his hand. Not able to answer sniffed trying to control her tears but she had already lost that battle. Calling had been a big mistake. Hearing the same despair in his voice as she felt only made it worse. She had told him she loved him and it was going to be the last time. She couldn’t let herself fall apart like this anymore. She had been doing okay lately and she wasn’t going to let it slip back. After all she could never have him.
Finally getting control of her tears she pulled slightly back and looked into the brown eyes of Don. Without knowing it he was helping her pull through all this. He made her feel less alone. Leaning in she kissed him softly.

- I tell you it was her! replied again firmly after they had checked in their baggage at the airport.
- I’m not telling you it wasn’t. It’s just it’s been three months so why is she suddenly calling you now? replied carefully while they walked slowly over to the others.
- I don’t know but she was crying and it’s killing me. I have to get her back. replied.
- I know but that’s why we’re going over there to get her, all right?! sighed not sure what to make of the call had been telling them about.
- Yes. replied speeding up to get quicker to the plane. He couldn’t wait to see her. Hearing her voice had set his body on fire and he just had to get to her as quickly as possible.
Slowing down her speed took ’s hand and looked up at him for a second before her gaze followed .
- He’s so excited to get there. sighed
- Yes aren’t you? asked softly.
- Of ‘course I am. It’s just that I’m afraid it won’t go as easily as has set his mind into.
- Yeah I know what you mean. As Chris said she has a new life over there and no matter how much she misses him and still love him then he and us well we still hurt her. sighed feeling a sting in his heart telling him he was right.

Looking out of the window sighed impatiently. They had finally arrived and were now checked into their hotel. They had all gathered in one room waiting for some woman called Holly who where Chris’s assistant to arrive and let them in on the last details.
- Haven’t you seen her yet? cried from the other end of the room feeling helpless just standing there waiting.
- Not yet. mumbled until his eyes widened by the site of a woman sitting on a pink motor bike driving in on the parking lot.
- But I think that is her down there now. mumbled still choked by the colour of the bike. Meanwhile came rushing to the window. Feeling his mouth drop by the sight of the big motor bike where however chocked by the colour too.
- Pink!!!! muttered stunned
- It really is pink. continued making the rest of their gang rush to the window to see who could possible get herself to drive around on a pink motor bike. Still starring out on the bike in chock they didn’t turn around until they heard a knock on the door. Looking at each other not sure on who should go and open shock her head at them and walked to the door to open it up. Letting the woman in they all starred at her making Holly roll her eyes knowing they had been standing there starring at her bike. She got that all the time so she was used to it now and really couldn’t care less.
After all the greetings Holly stood in front of them all watching them. Taking in the vibe each of them were sending out without even realizing it.
- So I gather Chris has told you everything except her address? Holly asked looking at each of them.
- Well yes but Chris did say you knew more. said carefully not wanting to step on the woman’s toes as she seemed to be a bit tough even though he knew that when you pull of a person’s mask that there could be a whole other person behind it.
Holly looked down for a second. He was right she knew more. A lot more but she didn’t know how much she actually could and wanted to tell them. Somehow this case had gotten different to her. had become a friend which normally wouldn’t happen because Holly would separate private life and work life, but this time it was different. being her friend had made it problematic when had stumbled into through work and it had reunited the two of them after they had lost contact. In the old days and had been they been the best of friends but change of events had tore them apart but like it was meant to be they had met again. That meant they would all now hang out together as Holly couldn’t tell that actually was a work case to her. That turn of events had however meant she knew fare better than probably was healthy because she couldn’t help feeling that they should have back of their own medicine. - Um Miss. said quietly tearing Holly out of her own thoughts.
- Yes sorry. I do know more than you guys know at this point but frankly I don’t know what I should be telling you that Chris hadn’t. Holly replied
- So you know something you just don’t want to tell us? asked raising an eyebrow making sure he understood what she was saying.
- Both yes and no. As Chris assistant I have been hanging out with and I have heard things as it turns out her new friend is both a friend of from her past and my friend. But no I didn’t know they knew each other. I was just meeting up with one night in a pub to catch up and in she brought telling me they had met at work and that she was taking her under her wings in . Holly rambled on.
- wow. mumbled more or less to herself
- Right but isn’t that a good thing? asked
- Not when I have to stay neutral. Holly replied
- And why is that? asked
- Because I sympathize with . Holly replied shortly making the others go quiet for a second.
- But you’re going to help us? said
- Yes but I’m also going to be honest with ya. This is not going to be easy. Holly replied
- But she called me. cried making her smile softly to him.
- I’ve heard but you can’t except it to mean she will wait for you with open arms. Holly answered.
- But she called me! cried again making put a hand on his shoulder for comfort.
- I know but you got to realize the facts . Holly replied firmly.
- Which are? interrupted.
- That even though she called it could have only meant that it was a weak moment or that she was simply saying goodbye. Holly said watching how face went pale and no words came back out as a response.
- Or it could mean she misses him that much that she’d wish he would fight for her. said firmly making his friend look up at him with hope.
- Yes it could. Holly sighed knowing far too well from other cases that friends would be putting hope into each other and supporting each other and that was how it should be. Then in the other end it would be her job to tell them the truth. Right now truth was that she didn’t know what wanted.
- And I’m gonna fight. said finally looking at Holly again.
- Okay. But when you do turn up to let her know you’re here then I suggest that only one of you do so. Otherwise you might scare her of because she won’t be ready to face all of you at once. Holly replied.
- So I’ll go. said fast.
- No. Holly replied simply
- NO? yelled.
- With you there’ll going to be too many mixed feelings, too much emotion going on inside her. Holly answered
- Oh give him a chance here? cried
- That’s exactly what I am giving him. Holly replied firmly.
- Oh come on. I know . I know how her mind works even when I ignore it. I know how she feels about and I know if he isn’t the first one to show up she’ll going to think that he didn’t care enough to rush over and see her when he found out where she where. replied firmly.
- Fine. Here is her address but I did warn you. Holly said giving the paper with the address to him.
- Surely it can’t be that bad? interfered making Holly look at her.
- I believe is right when he says he knows her but I also believe hearing you say that, that you don’t know her as well as you used to. She moved away from you. She put an ocean between you. How can that not be bad? Holly replied holding ’s gaze watching her thinking.
- Your right I don’t know her as well as I used to but there’s a reason for that. finally replied.
- I know that but it didn’t have to have been like that. Anyway anything else you need to ask? Holly said looking around at the lot watching how nobody said anything but that now stood starring at her. She could almost see a light bulb appear over his head as he realized something.
- OH MY GOD!!!! burst out as he starred at Holly.
- What, what??? Was bursting out from everyone around him but kept starring at Holly making her feel slightly uncomfortable.
- , she’s the girl knew when we met, wasn’t she? asked in shock while the others started to set their mind back to remember the friend of .
- Yes she is. Holly sighed
- What does she know?? now burst out.
- Nothing, as she never knew anything about you lot and right?
- Well no we hided it from the world. said quietly
- And as I haven’t told her anything and as would never tell about your secret world won’t know. Holly sighed
- And you won’t tell her? asked carefully
- No you’re my client so I’ve sworn secrecy. Holly replied
- It’s just we weren’t ready for the world to know about us if we didn’t last. I was trying to protect her. tried to explain
- You don’t have to explain it to me it’s not my business really. Anyway you have my number in case. Just remember that when you see her you can’t mention anything about me. She mustn’t know about me. Holly said before she left them and walked out of the door.

Chapter 7.

Quietly . got out of bed leaving Don there fast asleep. With small quiet steps she walked over towards the window in her small living room. Softly she took hold of the curtain and moved it aside as she sat down on the window seat. She looked out on the darkness only lighted up by a few street lamps. Looking up her gaze got cort on the moon and she let a soft sigh escape her lips. Her world had been turned upside down since she decided to leave and move to . . In the beginning she had’t been able to breathe but now it had gone slightly better until she heard his voice again. No other voice could make her heart beat like his and she knew a part of her would never get over him. He had set his mark in her heart and there were no way she could move it. At times she wished she could but at other times she wouldn’t have changed a thing.
As she gazed at the moon her mind slipped back to the trip where it all started with her and . .


With three friends . where heading for the airport in their home country but from four different directions as they lived far apart. Each one was in a hiegh spirit of their upcoming weekend of pure fun and a bit of craziness in the mix. Even though they didn’t see each other in their daily lives they were close and each time they went out travelling together they enjoyed the time they got to spend together.
It was with butterflies in their stomachs all four of them now stood giving each other hugs in the airport because they knew when they got on the road together there were bound to happen something and if there didn’t well then they knew how to make something happen. People around them were sending smiles and a few little laughed as they watched the four friends talking excitedly to each other of their days ahead.
- Girls need to do my make up before we fly, I mean I didn’t get to do it this morning as I was suddenly in a rush. . said while putting her pas back in her handbag as they had gone through check in.
- I second that!!! All the other three agree at the same time making them set into a giggle.
- Nearest bathroom then. . smiled and all four soon found themselves in the airport large bathroom with several mirrors next to each other.
- What’s the time? . asked putting her mascara on a while later. Leaning against the wall . looked at her watch.
- OH MY GOD! Get done girls like NOW!!! . cried while nervousness rushed over all four girls as a woman’s voice ranged through the speakers “This is the last call for Aberdeen, . , . , . and . go to boarding please”
- OH FUCK!! . cried gathering her stuff dropping them down in her handbag.
- OH SHIT SHIT!! . cursed dropping her eyeliner on the floor in rush to gather her stuff and put it into her handbag. Meanwhile . and . were already at the door. . started to rush down the corridor while . held the door open while . and . rushed through the door trying to close their handbags at the same time.
- FUCK SHIT WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO US!! . laughed while they ran passed gate after gate.
- AND WHY IS OUR GATE ALWAYS THE ONE THAT IS AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE? . cried finally having control over her bag again.
- BECAUSE IT’S PRACTICE FOR LATER!! . panted making her friends laugh.
- Right we’re here!!!! . sighed throwing her ticket on the desk for boarding. The sight of the girls cursed the man and woman behind the desk to laugh slightly.
- We made it right? . panted.
- Hehe you sure did, you can relax now! The woman smiled while all three girls uttered a sigh of relief.

A relaxing plane ride later the girls now had their bags in hand and were on their way to find their rented car.
- Through here. . said going in the front.
- Um . we’re going through a bar! . informed in case her friend hadn’t yet noticed. - Maybe she gathered we need a drink before finding our car. . whispered making . and . giggle.
- I know but I think it is faster. . replied not having head . remark. Looking around the bar they walked through . noticed the guy’s standing around there with a drink in their hands were watching them with a bemused look.
- Moving into the bar ladies? A guy grinned
- Sorry not today Sir. we have better plans. . replied as they now went through the door and outside where they found a large parking lot.
- Okay look for a dark blue Ford Mondeo! . muttered while they all four looked at the sight of all the cars.
- Um remember I don’t know car talk. Can’t we just click on that car key thing in your hand and then the car will make a sound and we’ll know where it is?? . replied and . looked at her shaking her head.
- What??? I know what a Porsche is but that’s about it! . defended herself only to make . laugh even more. Mean while were . and . running around the parking lot looking at the names on the cars.
- FOUND IT!!! . suddenly yelled making her three friends rush over to her.
- Wow we’re going to drive in style. It’s actually pretty cool. . exclaimed
- ‘Cause it is. We have to drive in style! . replied.
- I would wish it was pink though. . grinned
- Ah that would bring attention. . laughed.
- As if we need a car to do that for us. . laughed
- Point taken! . grinned while they stuffed their suitcases into the back of the car.
In an atmosphere of excitement and the cd player in the car on as high volume as possible the four friends sang as loudly as they could as the car got them closer and closer out into the country side. As they drove up towards the castle that were going to be their home for the weekend all four girls got quiet as they in awe watched the old castle grown bigger as they neared it.
- Wow. . uttered as her eyes landed on the entrance. Living at a four stars hotel which the castle actually where wasn’t something she was used too, but she were in no doubt it was going to be fun.
- I second that. . replied.
- Now remember girls remember to act cool, we belong here. . said as they all four got out of the car and got their bags and walked towards the entrance. As they got there two guy’s came rushing out taking their suitcases. With a shy smile . let the one guy take hers as she walked up the stairs into the lobby. Looking into the hall as her friends talked to the woman behind the counter a shiver ran down her spin as her eyes lucked into the gaze of a guy in the hall. The . eyes staring back at her held her gaze as a shy smile appeared on her lips and made the guy grin in response.
- . come on! . said as she tore back to reality. Moving away her gaze from the guy . followed her friends upstairs to their two rooms.

>>Flashback end<<

- Hey babe you where gone. Don said coming into the living room.
- Sorry I couldn’t sleep. . replied as she felt Don tore her out of her memory.

Outside in the darkness of the street . looked up towards the flats and his gaze stopped and a shock went through him as he saw the woman sitting in the window. It was her he was sure of it, he could recognize her anywhere. He felt his heart pound heavily at finally seeing her again after three long months. He closed his eyes for a second as he felt his body scream to go up and see her to take her into his arms where she belonged but Holly’s words ranged in his head. He had to do this the right way he couldn’t just turn up there now. With a deep sigh he could have sworn she were looking up at the moon and without thinking about it his own gaze moved towards the moon and his thoughts went back to the night they first were in close contact.


Sitting in the bar . heard her giggle over from the sofas where she where sitting with her friends. Each time they had laid eyes on each other since she had arrived at the hotel their gaze got stuck together until someone would prick to either of them. He felt it in his entire being as she got up and neared him and suddenly stood right beside him trying to get the attention of the bartender. He felt her scent rush over him like a drug.
- What are you having? . asked saying the first sentence between them.
- Actually I was….. She started out but went quiet as she looked back at him and once more got captured in his eyes.
- Getting something for you and your friends? He replied finishing her sentence.
- Yeah actually. She replied feeling slightly embarrassed about how shy he made her feel.
- Well how about we send them over with the bartender and then you stay here having a drink with me? . asked raising an eyebrow at her while he watched her think for a second.
- You know what? I’ll take you up on that. A rome and coke please. She smiled as she sat down on the chair beside him and soon after a drink followed.
The chat between them flowed easily and somehow hours later he found himself in his hotel room with her. Watching her turn around to face him he couldn’t help but smile.
- You know it’s actually not fair that I’m drunk and you ain’t! . laughed as she wobbled on her high heels.
- Well trust me you’ll like it best this way. He replied in a serious tone and watched as the grin disappeared from her face.
- Sorry if I said something stupid, I’m just a bit tipsy. She replied as she sensed the thick air of electricity flowing between them.
- It’s okay no harm done. He replied as he watched her as one question still ran through his mind “did she know who he was or didn’t she?” Somehow in the end it didn’t really matter. Time and experience had learnt him to seek out who were fake and who wasn’t and what his head told him was that she wasn’t and his heart told him she was different.
- Do you mind, my feet are killing me. She pouted at him so he had to laugh as she pointed to her heels.
- Not at all. He grinned
- God thanks, they look great on but I’m telling you that you get sore feet walking in them all night. She replied as she bended slightly to push of her heels. With a deep sigh of content she felt the floor under her feet a second later not realizing she had just made his breath skip a second.
Looking into her eyes time stood still for something that felt like forever. . watched the shyness return into her eyes as he kept looking at her and it made him smile. He saw her move her gaze away for a moment as the intensity of his gaze became too much.
- Soooo you could give me a guided tour of you room. . said to break the silence just to see a grin escape his lips.
- Haha that’s a new one! . laughed before he could stop the words but knew as soon as he saw her reaction that it was the wrong thing to say.
- That came out wrong, I’m sorry. . said softly walking closer to her.
- Just a tiny bit. I refuse to be just some chick on your bedpost! She replied taken a step back feeling slightly uncomfortable.
- You know who I am? . asked carefully
- Yes but I didn’t know the real . and it’s because of him I’m standing here. I….
- . . Everybody else calls me . . . smiled
- Well . is better.
- Well it sounds better coming from you and just for the record you wouldn’t be just a chick on my bedpost. You’re different.
- Really?!
- Yes really and I know you feel it too. . replied stepping closer to her just to watch her flash him a smile and turn around walking to his bathroom where she suddenly stopped up.
- wow your shower is just as big as ours . grinned feeling the effect of the drinks run through her as she stood inside his bathroom and stared at the shower cabin.
- Hehe really? . laughed as he walked in behind her.
- You know I’ve never seen such big showers before. What do you use such a big shower for? She asked drunkly as he came behind her and let one arm slip around her as the other hand went up and softly moved hair away from her neck before she felt a trail of kisses from him there until she felt his breath against her ear.
- I could show you! He replied in a hoarse voice making her shake lightly.
- You and me in the shower?? She replied in a whisper already seeing the picture in her mind.
- What a great idea. He replied in a whisper as he turned her around in his arms before his lips crashed down on hers. As his tongue slipped in to play with hers he pushed her towards the shower cabin. He let his hands slip to her top wanting to move it but as he did she let a moan escape her mouth and pushed him softly away.
- I’m not that kind a girl. She said in a whisper and felt his hands let go.
- I know but there’s something about you. You have me put under your spell. . whispered as he neared her again.
- Yeah that’s a gift I have. To put men under my spell she grinned as she stepped away from him and opened the shower cabin door and walked in. With a smile she looked at him and really just wanted to tease him but as he stepped in close to her she lost her ability to think. He wasn’t sure what she was doing to him but he knew she had taken him to far in for him to stop. Being under her spell wasn’t just a line, he really felt like she had used her scent to bewitch him. Staring at her lips he couldn’t stop himself as he pinned her to the wall, pressing his body tightly against hers. He looked straight into her eyes
- I want you so bad! I’m telling you I don’t know how much longer I can restrain myself he said in a hoarse whisper.
- Then don’t… was all she could get over her lips as her mind of senses had just flown out of the window. Just as quickly as she had said the words she felt his lips on hers.

>>Flashback end<<

Hearing a guy come out of the apartment building . came back to reality as he watched the guy hoping he hadn’t been up to visit his girl. Suddenly . saw the guy walking over towards him, apparently he had seen him.
- Hey mister what are you doing? Don asked looking . up and down figuring out if he were something to watch out for.
- Was just looking at the moon!!
- Right, you weren’t here to visit someone? Don asked thinking back to the photo he had found a couple of hours ago in . ’s drawer. She had been sleeping and Don being an agent had felt something wasn’t right and couldn’t help himself from looking around her flat especially after having found her in tears as he arrived.
- No, why are you asking that? . wondered and tried to figure him out. There where something about his question that made . trick.
- Just making sure you’re not a bad guy making trouble for the people living here.
- Right, well no need to worry!!
- Well I’m not so sure!! I believe I’ve seen a photo of you somewhere I really didn’t want to and especially not when you appear here! Don replied with eyes that wanted to hit the guy in front of him.
- Oh, well where did you see it? . asked starting to feel dreaded about the answer.
- At my girlfriends place!!! Don replied looking back at . with a killer look while . wobbled between not knowing if he were talking about his . or a fan who could have his picture on the wall.
- And your girlfriend is? He asked begging in his head he didn’t hear the name he had a feeling he would.
- . and I don’t know why she has hid a photo of you in her drawer but she has. You care to explain?
- No I think you should ask her that! . replied not sure if he should be cheering about her actually having a photo of him or go mad as she apparently had a new guy!!!
- Yeah I might. Please go home! Don replied in a firm voice as he turned around and left . back slightly confused.

Storming into the hotel room . found his mates talking.
- Did you know there’s a guy in . ’s life??? . questioned.

Chapter 8.

Starring at his mates felt drained as they had just come clean to him about Don and didn’t know what to think.
- I’m sorry mate, we didn’t want to tell you like this. said watching the confused state his friend was in.
- It’s okay I’m glad ya told me but it doesn’t change anything. She can’t be serious with him. - Well obviously we don’t know about that. said carefully as sent him a look telling him to tread carefully with his words.
- But she can’t be she loves me, so she can’t love that Don fellow. I just have to prove to her that I deserve her, love her and beg for her forgiveness. said determined.
- That’s the spirit grinned as noticed sending him strange glances that he didn’t understand.
- Ah Oh fellows there’s bite. Holly have just texted me saying will be at pussycat tomorrow night. Haha I still can’t take that name seriously.
- Ahhhh then I can see her too. cheered as laughed at her.
- We could all go stated
- Have ya all forgotten what Holly said? Not all of us at once! sighed
- Well just say if you don’t want to see her why don’t you? huffed
- Well I don’t really! huffed back.
- You don’t mean that. She doesn’t mean that!! said always being the one to try to fix things.
- I want to see her. grinned almost jumping with nervous excitement.
- No surprise there. laughed
- Okay, right so we all go, we just stick to the background so we don’t all freak her out. said seriously.
- You mean we spy?! butted in.
- Whatever it takes. replied staring at making her sink down in the chair under his stare.
- Right so tomorrow. smiled with joy knowing three months search for their friend were soon over.

The next night!
- So no Don tonight? asked as the two of them neared their destination.
- Well maybe later tonight, but for now its girls night out. replied with a cheer.
- And it’s well needed, after your fall back the other night I take it.
- I should never have called him. replied looking down into the ground.
- Well no but trust me you’re not the first to call an ex in a weak moment. You’ll be alright. Besides what can he do? I’m sure he doesn’t own his own private jet and can fly around the world to find you. I mean hey as a lawyer how would he be able to do so??? grinned stating the fact she knew as just smiled at her friend not knowing what to say. She had often since she’d been reunited with her friend wanted to tell her the truth but she just couldn’t break ’s trust no matter what had happened. They had agreed to be a secret which meant she couldn’t tell anyone and especially not now. Looking up she saw the big blinking sign on the building in front of them, they had reached their destination.
A couple of hours later the two friends were well into their favorite drink and that sevel of them later.
- A toast for this amazing drink! cheered
- To the Strawberry Daiquiries! cheered along and raised her glass with her friend.
- Uhhhhhh uuhhh listen!! suddenly said while she poked in the side to make her listen.
- THE SHORTY SONG!!! Both women cheered at each other and with an agreed nod to each other they jumped up from their stools and ran towards the stage and as soon as they got there they sent pouting glances to the guy controlling the karaoke machine.

At the table in the back a group of friends had just looked around at each other whispering “the Shorty song?” in a confused matter, until they recognized the tune, it wasn’t just any song, it was one they all knew too well. Sitting quietly watched her in a new light. He had never seen her let go of herself in the sense she were doing now. People where watching her, singing along, laughing with them but still she didn’t seem to care the least. As the girls reached the chorus he felt poke him in the side and looked at watching the all too family face showed when he saw something his eyes liked. With a shake of his head knew had taken notice of ’s friend as the two of them sang as load as they could mean while wriggling their bodies cursing some guys to whistle.

she don't know I'm a celebrity,
cause when I let her meet my fam, ain't nobody mention my pedigree.
cause every time I take her out, we're always in the VIP.
Shorty don't know who I am, but she knows me...
Make her say... Aaah
Make her say... Uhhh
Make her say... Aaahh

bout me...

As the girls finished the song looked at his mates.
- And I who thought we named the song “She’s a dream”.

As came down the little stage again she had a huge grin on her face while she let her gaze wander over the crowd. Her gaze suddenly stopped and she felt her whole body froze with only her heart beating wildly in her chest. Her gaze had lucked with a guy who looked seriously a lot like and as she tore her gaze away from him her eyes wandered over the whole table and watched everyone from the life she had left behind. As her eyes lucked with the once belonging to her breath got court in her throat and she couldn’t breathe. She knew where now staring at her but couldn’t control it. All she knew in this very moment where that she had to get away from there, so turning around she stormed out into the women’s rest rooms. With big confused eyes watched on as she stared at the people in the corner where her friend eyes had been. First she felt shocked as she recognized the four males, they weren’t just any one, they were the four had toured around to see with , and in the old days. As shocked as she felt to see them there as confused she felt over ’s reaction. She watched two of the females get up and walked in the same direction as had disappeared.

- This isn’t good! Her friend is putting the pieces together. stated as he watched the expressions change on ’s face.
- That’s what happens when we all turn up, what did you expect? She’s a fan of yours or so she used to be. sighed still thinking it was all pretty stupid but only reply she got were glances telling her she were crazy.
- She’s ’s friend she’s bound to know someday anyway. said still having ’s reaction played over and over again in his mind.

Out in the bathroom had run into the cabins and closed the door and stood gasping for air while her hands rested on the wall. As she heard the door open to the restroom she felt her heart pond even harder as she knew it would most probably be someone for her.
- , are you okay? asked now standing in front of the only cabin that had a closed door. Hearing her old friend voice only tricked ’s eyes to fill up with tears.
- Sweetie come out please, we just wanna talk. said softly.
- And it’s only us here, I promise. said but felt unable to talk as her breathing where no were near under control and now she even heard the door open to the rest room again. looked at the two women strangely and felt really confused.
- it’s me, please open the door. begged as she was afraid of the wired breathing sounds coming from her friend.
- Come on , I’m sure these two women will you no harm. said again as she looked at them strangely once more.
- She’s right hon, come out. Everything will be allright. said making look at her even stranger.
- Come on just breath in and out calmly and you’ll be fine. said while taking hold of the door handle. Closing her eyes she did as told and tried to get her breathing under control. As her breathing got slower opened her eyes and stared at the door while she heard the three women on the other side trying to calm her down.
- Right if you don’t come out now I’ll break down the door said in a firm voice that only made smile instead of being scared. Opening the door slowly took a deep breath as she saw and again.
- We’re very sorry we didn’t plan for our first meeting to be like this. Well actually we weren’t really sure how it would be. replied as still took the shock in and didn’t say a word.
- We’ve really missed you and we’ve been so worried about you! said making finally look at them again.
- You didn’t even notice I were gone until a week later. You didn’t notice me anymore. You just didn’t. replied still not believing her own eyes.
- We know and trust me we’ve been beating ourselves up about it ever since we realized. We did you wrong but we couldn’t just let you go, we had to know you were okay and we have to make you forgive us. replied in a sad voice making raise an eyebrow before she looked over at who looked like a big question mark who didn’t have a clue about what were going on in front of her eyes. Knowing , knew this were doing her friends head in.
- Listen I’m here with my friend and I can’t deal with this now!! cried as she turned around and walked back out into the club with a confused in her tale.
- What the fuck is going on? cried at her friend as they were walking.
- Good question. Were all replied making ’s head spin even more.
- When I realized who the guy’s were I was thinking about we should go over and ask for pictures with them. blabbered on making stop up and stare at her.
- No no no no pictures!
- Right right I kind a get that.
- Baby. said softly pulling ’s arm so she turned and faced him mean while the word “baby” ranged in ’s head.
- I’m NOT your baby!!! cried pulling her arm away from him and noticed the hurt in his eyes but she wasn’t able to handle it.
- I’m SORRY, I’m so so so so so so SORRY sweetie. I’ve been an complete ass I know that but please don’t push me away. Talk to me. begged as he watched anger mixed with tears in her eyes and it broke his heart.
- YOU PUSHED ME AWAY. YOU DIDN’T TALK TO ME, REMEMBER?!! exclaimed in tears as stood stunned and watched the scene unfold.
- I know and I’m sorry. You have every right to be mad at me but I just had to see you. I’ve missed you like crazy. said holding her gaze knowing she had a weakness for his eyes.
- I thought we weren’t going to tell anyone about me!! replied in a calmer tone as she felt lucked to his gaze.
- We weren’t and we ain’t we’ve made sure nothing slips out. replied as finally were able to move her gaze from his and as she looked around the club she realized that there wasn’t that many in the club and those who were was all people who wouldn’t tell and didn’t care.
- Nicely done! So what about can she finally know?? asked still with a shaky voice.
- Besides us she’s your best friend, I realized that and it’s not fair to you that you can’t tell her. You trust her and that’s good enough for me. replied with a nervous smile.
- I’m sorry I can’t do this, I just… I can’t… replied with her shaky voice and ran for the door. stood still for a few seconds and starred at who mumbled sorry to her before ran off after her friend while all her thoughts were falling over each other making her seriously confused and slightly hurt.

Running after her friend cursed her high heels under her breath, running after her friend in them were not what they were made for.
- , stop please! cried out but kept on going. As finally reached her she stepped in front of her making her stop too and just now she noticed the tears steaming down her cheeks with her mascare running with it too.
- Babe it will be all right, whatever it is that’s going on it will be all right. said and pulled her friend into a tight hug as felt her heart breaking all over again. Suddenly seeing a figure further away nearing them lifted her hand up and sign for him to stop. It all felt really strange to her, standing there with her friend who where obviously crying over and now she herself had signed for to stop. It was doing her head in, not completely understanding anything and more to the point she were in shock as this was actually their idols they went to concerts to see. With a shake of her head returned to reality knowing there were more important things to see to right at this moment than her spinning head. Pulling out of her friends hug, turned around and stood completely still as she watched starring at her. Taking a deep breath she took some small steps and after looking at her friend now walked slowly towards her too. Stopping up now standing in front of him felt her tears start to run down her cheeks again.
- . she whispered making his lips wobble in emotion.
- . He whispered losing the ability to speak. Leaning into him she hugged him and it only took him a few seconds to hug her tightly back. He hugged her so tightly she felt like she would get a breathing problem but it felt so good she buried her face in his shoulder and cried even harder cursing ’s heart to break.
- We’re so so sorry babe!! He whispered in her ear. Taking a deep breath she pulled herself away and looked at him.
- You were my close friend but you forgot me! cried
- I never forgot you sweetie, I just got blinded in my own life. I know it’s no excuse, I know we failed you, that I failed you but you have no idea how bad we feel about it or how sorry we are. We wouldn’t be here looking for you, unless we wanted your forgiveness and we do. We want you back. You’re missing in our group, nothing is the same without you. We miss you. I miss you! told her quietly but also knew by the expression on her face that she didn’t completely believe him.
- You can’t just show up here and think you can say that and all will be forgotten. She cried at him
- We don’t sweetie but we’re staying around here until you do understand that we mean every word of that. And really does love you he’s been a right mess. He said softly but with her tear faced face she took a step back and with a shake of her head she turned around walking away from him and towards and even passed her so took one last look at and then walked after again.
- I know this is a bad thing to say right about now, but you can’t walk all the way home in those heels it will kill you feet.
- Maybe that will make me forget my heart.
- Ah babe you don’t say that, come here. said and pulled in her arm while lifted her other arm in the air to signal to a cab.

Chapter 9.

After having changed into a comfy tracksuit sat curled up on the sofa in her flat as she tried to gain a normal heart beating again. Seeing them all again had broken her heart all over again because she wasn’t sure what it meant and even if she believed what they told her. She still felt her heart twist by calling her baby. Did he even mean what he said??
- Right so neither of the two of us are coffee girls and tea is NOT strong enough for the events of this night, so therefore I’m going to take advantage of the cupboard where we left some vodka in the last time we partied. said coming over from the kitchen area and headed for the cupboard. didn’t reply as she wasn’t sure what to say. She knew she had hurt her friend by not telling the whole truth but she also knew that her friend biggest problem right now where a spinning head that had been putting pieces together but wasn’t too sure if she were right and just the thought that she were put her in a state of shock.
Walking over handed a drink and walked a bit away taking a big sip of her own drink before she placed it the sofa table and then stood looking at her friend with her arms crossed over her chest.
- Right I really need to know what’s going on! said feeling her head spin as she asked.
- I know and I’m sorry I haven’t told you, but everything I told you were the truth except the guy weren’t a lawyer, but were from a boy band. replied quietly.
- Well lawyer/singer what’s really the difference? replied sarcastic.
- I know I know I’m really sorry but I couldn’t tell anyone I was dating , it was a secret and only the group of people you saw around that table knew and well of cause the bodyguards but that’s it.
- So none of your close friends knew? asked raising an eyebrow
- They were my closest friends. I had lost contact with , and you remember??
- Oh yeah, got boyfriend boring and cut her friends off, moved, I moved and you move but neither of us moved to the same country but I guess I now know why you really choose that country.
- I love you know that but as I started dating it just ended up seeming like the natural choice and that way we could get to spend more time together.
- I can’t get around my head you were dating , OF ALL PEOPLE!!! exclaimed
- I know!! replied quietly as she looked down on the drink in her hand and felt her heart start to twist again as she took a large sip of her drink trying to stop her heart from twisting in pain.
- Oh My God. sighed as she sat down on the floor after grabbing her glass on the table.
- I’m sorry I really wanted to tell you, but I love him and I had promised him.
- Wait a minute you still love him, then what about Don? asked stunned.
- I like Don, he’s really good to me but I don’t love him. replied as she looked down.
- So why are you with him?
- Because I like him and I was trying to get over , but hearing his voice the other day and now seeing him shows me that I’m clearly not over him. I love him and I don’t know if it will ever stop. replied as sobs started to leave her lips again making get up and walk over to the sofa to give her a hug.
- You know it’s crazy right? smiled a moment later as where drying her eyes.
- I know.
- I mean !! grinned making smile.
- I know. It’s crazy and in the beginning OH MY GOD you have no idea how nervous he made me but it wasn’t from the band I was with, it was my and he was the sweetest thing . replied as a smile gazed her lips from her memory.
- And here I thought it was the same guy. smiled raising an eyebrow.
- It is but at the same time it’s not. Ah you know what I mean. replied pushing to her friend gently.
- Yeah I think I do but when this all this start?
- You remember our weekend in Scotland? It was then!
- Hehe I know, it was fun. I couldn’t believe you didn’t notice as I sat in the bar with him but ya didn’t. grinned
- We must have been stuck on to many drinks or something wired. replied in awe
- Well either way and I are grateful ya didn’t notice.
- Still seriously how could you keep it from us, from me??
- It was hard, it really was but if we wanted to have a serious chance to see where it could go with us, then we needed no one to know about us.
- I guess I understand but I’m still mad at you for not telling me.
- I know and I’m sorry, really. replied and looked sorrowful at her friend.
- Well make it up to me now tell me something from the begging! replied as looked at her trying to figure out what to reply to that.
- Right okay…. In the beginning….

>>Flashback – In the beginning of and <<
took a deep breath as she looked out through the window and down on the street where a bunch of girls stood. She was so very confused. Having to live as a secret and on the other hand as one of the girls down on the street as she used to where messing her mind up, as she didn’t know what was real anymore.
Suddenly she heard chaos break loose down on the street in front of the hotel as girls went mad over the guys that were coming back to the hotel. Her eyes cort the site of who had a firm hold of ’s hand as to make sure none of the fans got to close to her boyfriend. As she watched she also watched the faces of the fans telling her they liked just as much as she did which were not at all. was a woman who scared her as she didn’t trust her at all. In both ’s eyes and the girls standing on the street she was what were called a gold digger. Plus knew it was just one word from and would end up being the one talked about just as where and when that happened the life as she knew it would be gone. Yet it was changing already, she could feel it in every bit of her body. She had come that far that there were no going back. The problem was that she was scared. Scared of what all his fans would say and even more to the point if he would keep loving her or someday dump her. He was completely different from her in some ways. He was the one with the tattoos, she wasn’t, he was the outgoing one, she wasn’t but instead she was a shy woman who felt like she was fighting for his love against millions of women who wanted him for all their different reasons. Her own reason were the fact that, when he looked at her, her knees would go weak as jelly and her heart would pound heavily. Day by day she fell more in love with him yet she wasn’t ready for the world to know about them and neither was he.
I silence she notice the girls on the street giggle as they had got photos taken with the guy’s who by now had left to go inside except . watched the girls show him a magazine and ask him questions. She could tell by his body language that they had asked him something he wasn’t ready for, and it made a chill run down her spin. She didn’t move although she saw go inside she kept looking at the girls talking about something and something told her a new rumour had been set off. For a moment she closed her eyes as she heard the door open to the room. She could feel him even before he stood behind her pulling her close to his body placing a kiss on her neck.
- Hey baby. He said in a soft voice.
- Hey. She replied as he turned her around to place a kiss on her lips.
- ….
- Sshhhhhh… whispered as he kissed her again, making her forget right until banging where heard on their door.
- Ah bad timing!! grunted making giggle.
- Warning!! said entering the room throwing a paper on their bed. looked over at with a hopeless look for a moment as walked over and took the paper in her hands and sighed as she saw a big picture of on the front and right beside her picture stood the dreaded words “ s girlfriend tell us the latest gossip as she was out on the town with her hunky boyfriend”. Just by reading those words sent chills down ’s spine. She felt both and ’s eyes on her as she turned the pages until she found what she was looking for: “On a night out in town we met as stands further away laughing with friends and we ask her what’s new in the camp? She could tell us that apparently the last single guy in the band isn’t single anymore. Sorry ladies but keep the faith as told us she didn’t think they were that serious as the woman named wouldn’t be able to keep her hold on for long”. Throwing the paper on the bed, felt anger raise inside her and she looked towards but before he got a chance to speak she grabbed the paper again and stormed inside and ’s room where looked up stunned at her as smirked at her.
- WHEN DO YOU LEARN TO KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT??? screamed at her throwing the paper at her.
- What? I haven’t said anything that wasn’t true. She replied as and both sent her shut it glanses.
- What’s going on? asked as he grabbed the paper to figure out what was going on.
- You’re tart of a girlfriend has a problem with me apparently.
- You got that right. You have absolute NOTHING in common with but does. cried back.
- Oh so that is what this is about. You want me out and your friend back inside the camp?! cried.
- Of cause at least they fitted together. smirked.
- SHUT IT! I DON’T WANT YOU’RE FRIEND, I’M SORRY. yelled at as he grabbed ’s hand.
- I’m really sorry, I didn’t know about this! replied
- Of ‘cause you didn’t you too blinded by . hissed making turn slightly mad.
- Sweetie come let’s go, this won’t solve anything. pleaded with her. He knew it was a bad thing to happen but he also knew that he’s girl and ’s couldn’t talk in normal voice to each other. With a sigh he tried again and got to look him in the eye as he had found out that was the way to get her attention the best. It took a moment but he got her to leave the room and go back to their own.
- She’s ruining us! cried as they were alone again.
- She won’t. Nobody knows who is and doesn’t know you’re last name. We’re still safe baby. We can still have our own sweet little secret to ourselves. smiled as he pulled her close placing kisses on her lips.
>>Flashback end<<

- OMG how cute is he? grinned as stopped talking.
- Very. He was very cute. replied in a quiet whisper as she remembered how it used to feel like when he kissed her. She closed her eyes as she prayed for the pain in her heart to go away.
- But and . I remember them but I never knew what really happened. What happened? asked excited to hear gossip as she made open her eyes again.
- met a girl called who managed to push outside in the cold but and couldn’t get things to work out between them. I think he have started to talk to a bit again but I’m not too sure.
- ??? Was she one of the girls there tonight?
- Yeah, she was one of my best friends, but she changed.
- Wow lot’s of secrets in the camp. replied still getting her mind under control.
- You have no idea and you know who is?
- Yeah she was the one was dating but he dumped her. The fans believed it was because of some other girl but we were never sure. OMG THAT WAS YOU! exclaimed and moved her hand in front of her mouth in shock.

Chapter 10.

Don drowned the whisky in his hand as he stood in the corner having watched the drama unfold before his eyes. It hadn’t taken him long to recognize the guy from the photo and as he watched the scene between his girl and that guy and his friends, he felt the anger raise as he saw the pain written all over her. That guy and his mates had hurt her and he wouldn’t let them just jump in and think they could just take her back with them.

As got up to leave the bar he saw Don from the corner of his eye and felt worry in the pit of his stomach. He recognized him from their meting outside ’s flat building and he wasn’t sure what to make of him. heard call him to get a move on and followed his friends out as he felt Don’s gaze on him and knew from that moment he would curse him trouble in getting his girl back.

watched on the phone talking to someone who she assumed to be . cursed the ground walked on. She was always there in the background trying to get her dirty little hands on but even though Lou desperately wanted to blame for everything that made the reason as to why it didn’t work out with she couldn’t. Truth where they just didn’t fit together even if they loved each other and knew that deep down but yet she didn’t want to have him. was a destroyer and she tried to get rid of everyone that didn’t fit into her little world and both and hadn’t fitted in. closed her eyes for a second as she thought of her friend, had never giving up on no matter what had thrown at her and had secretly been impressed by that she just had never told her.
- Hi. said quietly as she appeared beside who jumped a little in shock as she hadn’t noticed her.
- Oh hey, I thought you were with ? replied.
- I was, I just thought I would check up on but is in there so I’m going back to my man and oh then I saw you. smiled.
- Oh I was just… mumbled as she watched disappear into his room and followed her gaze.
- You miss him don’t you? asked quietly.
- No.
- come on. You’ve gotten so angry and quiet lately, it won’t help you anything.
- I know, fine I miss him but we don’t fit. We tried but it just doesn’t work. sighed
- I’m sorry.
- It’s okay but it just doesn’t feel right to be in this clan when I don’t date him!
- What do you mean?
- The only women tracking along with the boys has always been their better half and I’m not.
- Oh it doesn’t matter, you’re our friend and you belong in our clan besides this is a mission to get back and she’s you’re friend.
- Is she? sighed making look at her concerned.
- Of ‘cause she is. She’s mine too but what we did to her wasn’t right and we have to show her we’re sorry to make her forgive us.
- I don’t get why we go to so much trouble, I mean we even jumped on a plane. We could have waited ‘till she got back. replied and watched a worried look appear on ’s face.
- Don’t say that. In our clan we have a close bond and when someone is in need we all stand up because we don’t let one of our own fall and now when it has happened we stand together to mind the wound. said in a soft firm voice making Lou smile at her.

looked at his mate sitting on the bed looking shattered.
- Mate it will be okay? said softly and sat down beside his mate.
- How? All she did was cry and yell at me. whispered quietly.
- Well you didn’t expect anything less when we would meet her for the first time here did you?
- No not really but I just hoped she would have giving me a chance to talk to her.
- We just have to fight for her. You have to fight. said as nodded gazing on the display on his phone where she where grinning back up at him making his heart flutter.

The light started to shine through into the flat as pulled the blanket up over her eyes trying to block the light out. had just left a few hours ago and she had only slept a few hours. She felt like blocking the world outside and stay like this forever. Turning around on the sofa images from the night entered her mind again and with an aching heart she fell back to sleep.

Don rested his hand on the door as he closed his eyes feeling his heart beating. He knew what was happening to him but he couldn’t believe how fast he was falling for her. She was on his mind 24/7 yet he also knew her heart didn’t belong to him yet but he couldn’t let her go and he wouldn’t. He heard his phone beeping and took it out reading the message “Yay, so great we solved the case and can go back home”. As he had read it he felt a lump in his throat, he did feel great about solving the case but the thought of leaving her in were breaking his heart. Softly he knocked on the door. He knew she would be a mess but he couldn’t give her more space, he needed to see her. As he didn’t get any reply he knocked harder on the door and rang the doorbell but there were no answer. Finally he sat down on the ground in front of her door. Leaning his head back he rested it against the door.
- You know you can sit there the whole night when she is feeling like she is now. A voice told him as Don got ripped out of his daze and looked up at the three women standing in front of him carrying stuff.
- Who are you?? Don asked gazing at them confused until he realized he’d seen them last night.
- Friends of or at least trying to be. I’m .
- And I’m .
- And I’m
- Oh hey I’m Don.
- Hey, do you mind me asking but how long have you been sitting here? asked.
- A couple of hours. Don replied getting up on his feet.
- Oh that I call determined. replied stunned.
- I just really need to see her that’s all.
- Well trust me, we’re women and I tell you when a woman’s heart aches she won’t allow a guy inside unless his no more than a close friend. replied
- So why do you think she will let you three in? She sounded mad at ya. Don said raising an eyebrow at them.
- Because we know her better than anyone and because we brought aching heart candy. replied making Don smile.
- So you better go home and sleep. We’ll let her know you where here. said and Don looked at them uncertain but something told him they were right so he gave in and left. As they had seen him leave they started banging on her door and yell through it.
Inside groaned loudly begging for them to leave but she knew them all too well and knew they would never leave. “ COME ON WE’VE BROUGHT ACHING HEART CANDY GODDIES” heard yell and she couldn’t help but let a small smile out. Slowly she stumbled over to the door and opened it seeing three concerned faces stare at her.

Lots of girl talk and a couple of movies later once more found herself in the middle of the night having had to talk about resent events. As she sat on the sofa with the blanket tucked over her she looked over at who had dozed off to sleep an hour ago, she had never been one to stay awake late in the hours of night and had followed ’s example a moment ago. Turning her gaze to she noticed her look at her.
- Yeah you and I are still the once being able to keep our eyes open the longest. smiled at knowing this were the best time at night to get stuff out of as she would be tired and sentimental and easier to talk to, so it was best to stay awake and be the only one besides her being awake to talk.
- We always were. is pretty good at it too. replied
- Yeah I can imagine. She’s a lot like you isn’t she?
- Yeah, all of this shocked her pretty badly. Her head is spinning around so bad you wouldn’t believe.
- Well I wouldn’t be surprised it’s a lot to suddenly take in. replied and watched nod but keep quiet.
- , are you okay about us being here really? asked starting to ask questions that were nagging at her.
- I love that you came back after me but I’m confused. I didn’t think you would and I didn’t think cared and I’ve started to settle down here knowing I had to start a new life again but then suddenly you’re all standing there. replied quietly tucking at her blanket with her fingers.
- I know. We were discussing how we should do this when we found out where you where but truth were that we all wanted to see you and so we thought that maybe we could show up and just stick to our corner seeing you but leave you be until you were ready but then you saw us and actually I am happy you did. We need to fix this . She replied seriously making gaze at her.
- And does care. In fact he loves you. We couldn’t have stopped him going after you even if we tried. said softly as felt tears sting in her eyes.
- I don’t know if I want to go back, what if it just happens all over again! replied as the tears now found their way down her cheeks making look at her concerned.
- It won’t I promise you!!
- How do you know that?
- Because you just teached us the lesson about what happens when we act like that and truth is we don’t like it one bit. Our clan is missing our laughing, warm loving . Give us a new chance sweetie?!
- I just did, you came into my flat. replied making a face at
- True you did. Step one has been taken to the right goal!! smiled
- The right goal? sniffed drying her tears away. Feeling a smile on its way as always knew what to say to her.
- The goal to get you back into our clan. grinned and couldn’t help but smile. No matter how it had made her head spin and her heart twist deep down she were thrilled to see them again. She didn’t fell whole without them.

Chapter 11

- Right you should really talk to this guy he’s sitting by your door again. laughed as they were leaving the flat.
- Are you stalking her? we can get you a bodyguard to take care of him? grinned
- Even I could get her one. Don replied glad to see them leave as he looked past them and saw her again and as he did he felt his heart flutter at once.
- No, no bodyguard for me! replied with a half laugh.
- Oh right, but remember what I said. told her as she left with and and nodded as an reply.
- Finally, hey baby. Don sighed as he leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. Pulling away she looked him in the eyes.

As neared the door to and hers hotel room she couldn’t help but laugh as she noticed sitting beside the door.
- Right if I see one more guy shattered in front of a door it’s going to put me in serious fits of laughter.
- What? asked confused finally seeing the girls back. He looked down the hall and saw stumbling into her hotel room and gazed at him from the door opposite and ’s.
- Well it’s the 3 time we see a guy crashed in front of a door the last 24 hours, it’s getting wired. grinned making laugh with her. didn’t see the fun in it and instead got to his feet and starred at them.
- What do you mean 3 time??
- Oh I’ll leave you to it, I’m knackered, goodnight ya. sighed and let herself into her and ’s room leaving gazing at who stifled her laughter.
- We saw Don sitting in front of her door when we arrived, she wouldn’t let him in. explained watching start to grin.
- But before you start to get all your hopes up, we did send him home but when we left this morning he was sitting there waiting again and I believe she let him in when we left. said as ’s smile disappeared again.
- Is this your way of saying I don’t have any chance in getting her back? cried
- No, because she did let us in and we talked and I believe that’s a step forward and I believe she will give us a chance but I’m not sure what’s going to happen with that Don guy. replied and felt a knife being twisted around in his heart.

- Babe I know those people hurt you, I saw the drama at the bar. Don sighed as she had let him inside.
- You did what? I never saw you? Where you spying on me? exclaimed suddenly feeling slightly mad at him.
- No no no NO sweetie I came in as hell broke lose and it seemed like I shouldn’t interfere but trust me I wanted to. I wanted to hit that guy for hurting you. I know you like him, maybe even loved him, but baby I would never hurt you like he did. I would spoil you, love you forever. Don replied softly taking hold of her hands.
- Stop Don, I’m not ready for all this, take it slow okay? replied pulling her hands back not seeing the sad look in his eyes. Taking her hand again he pulled her over to sit on her sofa with him.
- Do you still love him?
- Don don’t. replied in a whisper looking down.
- Do you still love him. Don repeated letting his hands rest either side of her face to make her look at him.
- Yes. A soft whisper escaped her lips and she watched the hurt in his eyes making her feel sad.
- And me? Don whispered.
- Why are you doing this? asked feeling tears sting in her eyes.
- Because I need to know what I’m up against. I need to know if you even want me!
- I do want you. She whispered and before she got a chance to say anything else his lips crashed down on hers and she felt his tongue slide in to play with hers. He pulled her so close against him it felt like he was afraid to let her go. She felt his hands move her clothes away and now slide over her bare skin as his tongue kept on caressing hers. Don felt his heart pound heavily, if this was going to be the last time he would have her this close he had to make it go on forever. As he trust inside her he heard a groan escape her lips setting him off.
As they lay panting in the glow she felt him hold onto her body closely. She closed her eyes unable to believe that she had just had sex with him on her sofa when all her thoughts where on . She felt tears in her eyes and her heart break as she realized she had just slept with Don imagining he was and she had sworn she would never do that to him.

looked over towards sitting in his own thoughts and felt his head being a little dizzy.
- Hey babe. whispered in his ear walking up beside him.
- I swear if doesn’t take him back soon he will break. sighed
- She will. smiled
- How do you know? When I talked to her she was really hurt. replied stunned
- Did you forget I spent last night talking with her? She still loves him. He’s the love of her life just like you are mine and I can’t imagine her giving up on that when he has flown over here as to prove to her he still loves her. replied quietly as she too watched .
- I hope you are right. sighed hoping deep inside she would forgive him too.
starred at his phone, he really wanted to call her. He wanted to make everything right. It couldn’t go fast enough until he had her in his arms again. Holly had finally giving in and giving him ’s phone number but she had advised him not to use it. She thought he should wait until she gave it to him herself but felt his whole body ache for her and the thought that Don was in her flat with her at this very moment where killing him. He scrolled down to her number on his phone and as he found it his finger rested above the button and his heart pounded of the thought of pushing the button and hearing her voice in a short limit of time.

Don had managed to make a picnic on the floor in her living room and tried to win her over knowing he had lost a piece of her.
- You’re absolutely crazy you know that laughed as she sat on the blanket having had a light lunch with Don.
- I know but when it comes out of your lips in that sound it’s a good thing. He smiled cheekily at her making her shake her head at him.
- I’ve been wondering about asking you something and I’m not sure how to say this but here goes. I’ve solve the case I came here to do with the group. Don said and took in a breath.
- Oh congratulation. cheered at him and got a light smile from him.
- Thanks but it means I’m going back to . He said quietly and watched to expression on her face change he just wasn’t sure to what it meant.
- You’re leaving me! She gasped not sure if she felt relieved or sad.
- I want you to come with me! He said softly and watched to expression on her face turn to shock.
- You want what? She blurted out before she even thought the sentence.
- I love you , I know it’s quick and I know you can’t say it back right now, but I know you like me and if you will just give us the chance I know we would be amazing together for the rest of our lives. So will you come with me? Don asked with nerves running through his body while his heart pounded like mad. starred at him in shock and felt torn, she did like him and he would treat her like a princess but he wasn’t .
- will you come with me? Don asked again.

Chapter 12.

Gazing back at him she felt her heart pound this wasn’t like she had imagined it. It was too soon and he where too fast. Her heart wasn’t ready to say those words to another man and she didn’t know when she would be and she didn’t know if she would ever be able to say them to Don. She lifted her hand up and let it softly rest upon his cheek while she watched the sprinkle of hope in his eyes.
- Sweetie! Don questioned and felt dreaded rush run through him as he watched tears enter her eyes.
- You’re amazing. Everything I’ve ever wanted. You’re a gentleman, sweet, funny and make me feel safe. I like you and I love spending time with you. I love being with you like this but I can’t leave with you it wouldn’t be fair on you nor me. You deserve someone amazing, someone who can say she loves you back, someone who would go to the end of the world and back. I’m sitting here touching you and you make me feel like a princess but I don’t deserve you. I wish I could give you my heart but I don’t have it to give to you. I still haven’t gotten it back. I’m not ready to leave . Right now this is right for me, to be here and find my feet again. I am so sorry. said in a soft voice as she watched the hope disappear from his eyes.

Sending the receptionist killer looks starred at him as he called up to check if it was okay he gave her their room number. As he put down the phone and finally gave her the number rushed towards the elevator and tapped her fingers in rage against the wall in there as she waited for the beeping sound. She closed her eyes and saw Don again as the hurt rushed through him and he had told her about the guy’s having put a spy on her. Dating one from the FBI sure meant things were put on the table. As she opened her eyes again a tear rolled down her cheek, she hated she had hurt him and she already missed him but how could she give him her heart when she didn’t have it? Finally she heard the beep as it stopped at the 7th floor. Almost running she came over to room 725 and knocked on it. When it opened she came face to face with , and just the bare sight of him twisted her heart and set tears to sprinkle down her cheeks. He was about to pull her into a hug when she avoided him and snaked beside him and inside the room where she found everyone looking at her. With her hand she dried away her tears, and as she looked at them she felt a new wave of anger rush through her. She could tell they weren’t sure what to do and she had noticed the hurt look in ’s eyes that she wouldn’t let him touch her. The truth was if he did she wouldn’t be able to do what she was planning too. She needed to yell and scream at them and none of them where going to stop that.
- So where is the job you’re doing in ? asked and they all looked at her confused.
- What do you mean? There’s no job. replied as the first one to speak of them.
- Right, so you’ll have me to believe you came here to just for me?? replied sarcastic.
- It’s the truth baby! replied softly making her gaze at him in a way that may him feel uncomfortable.
- Ha, you couldn’t even pick up the phone and talk to me and now you claim to have flown all the way over here just for me, do you get my picture?? hissed
- Sweetie we understand that it sounds wired and yes it’s stupid but we did you wrong we all know that and flying over here is our way of trying to make things right. tried to explain and as he talked he sensed a part of her tried to forgive and say it was all right but the other part was to mad and hurt.
- Fine, let’s say that’s the truth. You know I was told something earlier today and it made me wonder. It appears you guy’s put a spy on me, are you denying that? asked looking around at them but mostly at which made feel hurt.
- No we don’t deny that. What else could we have done? You had sunk down into the ground and we couldn’t find you. exclaimed making her cast a gaze at him.
- So my next question, how close did he go? Did he tell you all my inner secrets?? hissed crossing her arms in front of her chest.
- No he didn’t. He told us where you were and what you were doing but that’s all? sighed
- THAT’S ALL ? THAT’S ALL ??? THAT’S A LOT!!! screamed
- Sweetie calm down. tried.
- AS IF!! huffed making take firm steps so he was standing right in front of her and with a firm hand he hold her chin forcing her to look at him!
- I DID CARE !! He replied loudly making it get through into her mind. As he saw the tears start to tickle down her cheeks he loosen his hand and moved the other hand up so both his hands rested upon her face.
- I did care and I still care. I may have been an ass but I did care. We all cared . If we didn’t care we wouldn’t be here right now. said as he dried her tears away with his thumbs. Looking into his eyes hearing those words made her rage cool down but as he let his soft hold her go and she looked around at them again she felt rage hit her again.
- , as I told you we really want to fix this! said carefully stepping forward and closed her eyes for a moment before she looked at her again.
- How ? How do we fix this? You don’t even know what I went through. That spy guy may have told you things but he will never know nor understand what I went through. cried at her.
- Then tell us sweetie. said softly saying something for the first time since she had got into the room. He wasn’t used to see her yell and felt a bit taken back.
- I was alone . I knew I would be alone when I moved to but I figured that I already were so what would really be the difference?
- You… started.
- Don’t . Don’t tell me I wasn’t because I where. replied finally looking at him yet all thought about were that she had said her nick name for him through her lips.
- We know and we want to change that. replied making look at her
- To want something doesn’t mean you can have it. replied in angry tone
- Come on , you’re still here. Still going strong. You’ll deal. replied making see red.
- God what happened to you ? We used to be so close but I can’t even recognize you anymore. Why are you like this? exclaimed
- YES! hissed back as the others starred back and forth from the two.
- YOU LEFT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- AS IF??!!!
- Um girls, do you have to yell about me like that, I’m right here!! exclaimed but got ignored.
- AND THEN I FINALLY TELL HIM I LOVE HIM LIKE YOU SUGGESTED ME TOO BUT HE WON’T TAKE ME BACK!!! cried now being the one with eyes filled with tears.
- Could it be that you were too late? I told you to tell him how you felt before you decided it was completely over. replied in a calmer voice.
- YOU ALWAYS HAVE A COME BACK DON’T YOU!! hissed but this time grabbed her arm and told her to calm down.
- So basically you are blaming me for loosing , is that it? asked with smirk thinking it was completely bullshit.
- Well it is!!! huffed
- STOP!!! finally exclaimed making everyone stare at him.
- What happened between you and me has NOTHING to do with . It was us and yes the fact that you always had a reason to not come along when we took off. No you didn’t have to be there all the time but sometimes would have been nice. Seriously though, it doesn’t matter anymore. sighed
- FINE. huffed and sat down with crossed arms on her chest.
- Anyway!! Why did you choose ? asked looking at .
- because I love , always have and I needed to go somewhere far away but ya faces seemed to pop up everywhere even though I had put water between us. I learned to ignore it most of the time.
- Ignore us? replied with hurt showing in his voice.
- Yeah a lot like ya did me. replied making a sad look appear in ’s eyes.
- How did you cope? asked and moved her gaze towards him.
- I didn’t. God, coming here was hard. Finding a job was a NIGHTMARE!!
- You should have called me, I would have been you’re rock!! whispered but loud enough for her turn and luck eyes with him. As she did she noticed all the sadness in his eyes and it twisted her heart and made tears fill her eyes.
- My rock? My rock…. You stopped being my rock and gave that title to Don! replied quietly as a tear fell down her cheek.
- Oh you can’t be serious with Don?? cried feeling his own heart twist with the thought of her with another guy.
- WHY NOT ? HE HAS BEEN THERE FOR ME. HE PICKED ME UP IN PIECES ONE NIGHT WHERE I COULDN’T DEAL ANYMORE AND HE HAS DONE SO EVER SINCE!!! cried back at him as she watched the hurt even clearer in his eyes now.
- YES ME!!
- BECAUSE I LEANT MY LESSON. BEING WITHOUT YOU HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE! cried as he stepped forward closer to her.

Chapter 13.

Three months later sat on the bed in a hotel somewhere in Europe and for a moment she had forgotten where. She had been flying around on Tour with the guys for a month. After the incident at the hotel where she had run off from them had done anything to prove to her how sorry he was and finally after a month of begging from him she agreed on trying again but only if they took it slow and while they figured everything out she would still call for her home. Then the Tour had come up and had asked her to come along to really give their relationship a go for to get back on track with the rest of the gang. Everything had turned out great, she was back on track with them and they had learnt from the mistake but there was still one thing wrong she hadn’t been able to make up with and it pained her. gazed at the clock standing on the bedside table and sighed slightly she wanted to call but knew she would be fast asleep at the moment. So instead moved her gaze and starred at the clothes laying beside her on the bed ready for a night out with the gang.

As she stood looking over the crowd her eyes landed on her boyfriend and a smiled spread on her lips but it soon faded as she realized what was happening before her eyes. The anger in her raised and she quickly put the glass in her hand away before she smashed it to the floor.
By the bar moved ’s hand away with a smile as he felt slightly wired about what was happening right in this second.
- Come on you know you want to. winked and moved her hand up on his back to stroke him - stop it you’re drunk!! said moving her hand away again.
- Come on you don’t really want . She left but guess who were here all along I were. whispered leaning in closer to him
- I went to to find her and get her back for a reason and you know it.
- I know what? whispered close to his ear.
- You know I love .
- Yeah but it would be sooo much easier with me.
- That’s not the point. Please stop this. sighed as he was about to push her softly away but shocked he watched step up and push away from him.
- What the fuck do you think you are doing??? hissed as thought “Oh Crap”.
- I’m taking . said seriously
- The hell you’re not! cried now in a higher voice that noticed made strangers turn to watch them.
- Baby honey not here. whispered placing a hand softly on her back and watched turn her gaze to him. He watched the anger flash clearly in her eyes and he knew if he didn’t get her out of there that there were a big chance she would blow up on her friend right there and then. - But she’s.. She started but stopped her with a finger on her lips where he let it be for a few seconds until he was sure he got her attention.
- It doesn’t matter, it’s you I want. whispered in a serious tone and watched a calmer look appear in her eyes.
- As if. You brook his heart by leaving even if he broke yours first. blabbered on and in a fast move before could get a chance to respond pulled her away from there and towards the entrance.
- Baby go back to the hotel, I’ll be right there are just going in to say goodbye to the guys, okay?? said looking at her seriously.
- Or so you can talk to ?? huffed with the jealousy clear in her voice making heart flutter.
- You don’t have anything to worry about. is just drunk and doesn’t know what she’s saying. Now go. Love you. said kissing her cheek before sat down into a cap.
As soon as he was back into the room looked around but everything seemed normal and no one took notice of him. Seeing still at the bar he walked up to her.
- What are you doing? She’s you’re best friend. said towards as she looked at him.
- It’s been a while since she’d been that. replied and felt her knees wobble as she looked into his eyes.
- I know but if you tried you could fix it.
- As if!!
- I know wanted to but now you have just official messed that up and for what exactly? exclaimed crossing his arms in front of his chest.
- For you!
- sweetie, you have to stop this. You don’t love me, so why are you doing this. Is it to get back at ?
- This has nothing to do with . It has to do with you, I’m falling for you.
- Oh . sighed
- I am, you’re amazing. You’re funny, sweet and make my heart pound. said pulling a serious face.
- I’m sorry sweetie but I’m not the one for you and I think you know that too if you look closely into your heart. I’m sorry. said and left her with a smile that said sorry.

Arriving at the hotel watched fans standing outside and felt wired about coming back alone. Stepping out of the cab she smiled to the girls who asked her when the guys would be coming back. With a smile she told them she didn’t know but that she was beat so she would head up to bed.
As she got into her and hotel room she threw her high heels and collapsed on the bed with a deep sigh. A while later she looked at the clock and didn’t understand why he wasn’t back yet. Crawling out of bed she walked over the floor with her bare feet as a sudden thought suddenly hit her. With her heart pounding she left their room and walked past a few down the hall until she stopped and let her hand move onto the door resting there for a moment. As she slowly knocked on the door she closed her eyes for a second already knowing in her heart what was behind the door. As the door went open she came face to face with who glared back at her. Looking behind she saw him, he was actually in there. She already felt the tears in her eyes and was about to run off as in a quick move pulled her inside the room past who slowly closed the door.
- How can you be in here? You said you would be right back with me. You said… cried at him.
- SShhhh it’s okay, I just had to talk to and so do you, but you have to understand that there’s nothing between me and ! said forcing her to look at him with his hands on either side of her face.
- But you’re in her room at the crack of night!!
- It doesn’t mean anything. Trust me sweetie. said softly cursing to grunt.
- I do trust you but she’s… what are you doing? asked and looked towards as let her go.
- I’m sorry but I’m falling for and I’m taking him!!!! said seriously.
- You’re joking right. You’re not hitting on my man!!! replied still unable to believe would do that to her.
- I’m not joking. He makes me feel alive. explained as saw red as she heard the words.
- I guess the same way as he does you!!! grinned as quickly stepped up and pulled back from behind placing his arms around her preventing her from jumping on .
- Easy baby she’s just talking nonsense. I can’t make her feel the way I do you.
- But you can. said just to receive a shut it glance from .
- YOU JUST BACK OFF!!!! yelled at as had trouble holding her close and away from .
- OH YEAH BECAUSE WE ALL TREATED YOU LIKE CRAP AND YOU COULDN’T DEAL. GET OVER IT ALREADY!!! yelled and as the words ranged in ’s mind she went quiet as she starred at unable to believe what she’d just heard.
- let me go!! said in a whisper as starred at her still looking like a bomb.
- Only if you don’t run away!! He whispered to her ear not sure if he should let go as he knew what had just said had been a way to wrong button to push.
- I’ll just go back to our room. replied feeling the tears finding their way to her eyes as she still held gaze with .
- You promise? whispered softly.
- I promise, now let me go!! said in a voice that sounded wobbly and slowly moved his arms and with a last look at she walked quickly towards the door and left. Seeing her leave he moved his gaze back to .
- You know why she left. You know we broke her so why on earth do you keep throwing it into her face. She has moved on, she took me back and she’d been trying to make things right with you too, so why on earth are you making things worse?
- I’ve told you, I want you!! sighed
- And you wanna risk losing a best friend for something you know never will happen?
- I already lost her ages ago!!
- So did I, but I took up the fight and got her back, so could you.
- What if I want you more!!
- But you don’t, you want !!
- AS IF!! He makes me pissed off and now he’s even dating a golddigger.
- She won’t last!!! sighed
- It doesn’t matter I don’t want him besides someone else besides is getting his attention and it aint me.
- !! replied in a whisper.
- Yeah but it’s okay, I’m over him, why don’t you believe me? asked stepping up closer to him.
- I do believe you’re over him but I don’t believe you’re falling for me. I’m everything you’re not attracted too. You’re type has always been the tall blonde once, and I am the exact opposite.
- Opposites attracts, just look at and you!!
- That’s different, she didn’t go from liking blondes to dark once like me.
- No maybe not but she hasn’t liked someone who looks like you before. replied firmly making sigh deeply.
- We’re not getting anywhere tonight, go to sleep. replied stepping over towards her kissing her cheek before walking over to the door.
- , stay! replied making him stop and look at her.
- !! replied with a shake of his head.
- Please.
- Sleep thight I’m going back to , she needs to see me.
- So do I!!
- , go to sleep!! replied and put his hand on the door handle as walked over to him.
- She doesn’t need you like I do! said placing her hand on his.
- No she needs me more as she loves me.
- come on!!
- stop! replied now in a firmer voice moving her hand away from his and pushed her lightly away so he could open the door.
- Sweet dreams!! He replied as he walked out the door and closed it leaving mad and confused behind it.
Relieved he saw no one in the hall as he walked back to his own room. Opening the door he walked in and saw still in her party clothes laying curled together on the bed.

Chapter 14.

As woke up the next day her mouth felt dry and her body felt like it was aching from a night of drinking all though she knew she hadn’t drank that much the previous night. She let her hand fall beside her but felt the space beside her empty and instead her hand fell over a note. Grabbing it she read “morning babe, I went down for breakfast with the guys, didn’t want to wake you looking like the angel you did. Xx”. let out a content sigh her heart was already healing from being back with him again and she didn’t regret giving him a second chance but for her own sanity she kept telling herself they had to keep taking it slow. A sudden banging on the door tore her back to reality and she jumped out of bed grabbing her jeans and a top pulling them on as she walked over towards the door.
- Yeah, Yeah hold your horses. cried as she finally pulled the door open and as she did a smile erupted on her lips.
- ?? exclaimed hugging her friend tightly.
- Hey . grinned feeling slightly tired from the plane ride yet happy to see her friend.
- Where did you come from? Why didn’t you tell me? beamed happily
- Well from obviously and because I agreed with to surprise you. smiled while let her inside the room and closed the door.
- Well I am really glad that you are here.
- Me too, though you look rough. spoke raising an eyebrow.
- I know, party out last night, long story. sighed remembering the incident.
- If it’s the thing, I know. said quietly
- You know? uttered surprised.
- Yeah texted me earlier explaining in case you would be a mess when you woke up but you don’t seem all out of it. said sensing her friend had calmed down from how upset had told her she was earlier.
- I guess it’s because I’m no longer surprised when does something but the most stupid thing is that as for the incident last night that I don’t believe she wants , I believe something else is wrong. sighed fiddling with the hem of her top.
- You two should talk it out hun and you should do it now. Get rid of the old crap. You have worked so hard on getting your life back on track and I admit that in the beginning I wasn’t sure it was a good idea for you to take back but I understand that you had to take that chance but now… take a last chance and go sort things out with . told her softly while watching the uncertain look spread over ’s face.
- Come on, you both want to sort it out and even if it should turn out that won’t then at least you know you gave it all you had. I know was wrong in what she’d done but sometimes it’s the one who it’s done too that in the end is the strongest and you’re strong even if you don’t know it yourself. continued and sensed took it in.
- Can I at least take a shower and go change first? finally spoke thinking was right.
- Hehe no why wait, will probably look even rougher than you from all the alcohol told she had consumed last night.
- You sure about this? enquired feeling slightly nervous about this.
- Yes, go on. You and I will have plenty of time afterwards because I’m planning to tag along with you guys for the upcoming week. grinned and pushed out the hotel room door satisfied with her own good doing. After closing the door turned around and watched the sofa in the room calling her name and it didn’t take her long to collapse upon it. She didn’t however get more than fifteen minutes peace before she heard someone knocking on the door. Uncertainly she got to her feet and walked over opening the door and as she did she a felt a smile erupt over her lips.
- Hey stranger, nice to have you back.
- While thank you. grinned taking in the sight of who she had come to develop a bit of a crush on.
- I was wondering about something and just thought that right now would be a good time to ask as I knew you would probably be here alone.
- Oh really and how would you know I was alone? enquired raising a flirty eyebrow
- Well I heard about the plan of you sending of to make up with and I just eat with . replied leaning up against the door frame.
- Hmmm right…. So you’re question would be?
- If you would want to have a private dinner with me tonight? asked feeling a thousand butterflies roll around in the pit of his stomach.
- Deepens, what about ? asked not willing to let herself go with him if there was a chance would still be somewhere in the picture even though had told her she wasn’t.
- She’s the past. You’re the present and hopefully the future. answered truthfully flashing her one of his cheeky smiles.
- In that case I would love too. smiled unable to resist the charm from .
- Wonderful, I’ll pick you here at around seven?
- That’s a date. beamed and watched walk off again.
- Yaaayyyy cheered as she where spinning around herself forgetting to even close the door again.
- Hum hum laughed as he suddenly appeared back again and grinned at through the opened door.
- Oh um I was just catching a fly mumbled embarrassed
- Right! laughed
- Um you wanted anything?
- No I just wanted to see you spin grinned as he turned around again leaving a much embarrassed behind. As he left looked down into the floor just to get another shock two seconds later.
- By the way babe can’t wait to see you tonight. grinned making jump one more time but this time leaving her with a bright smile on her lips.

Meanwhile had just opened the door further down the corridor and stood face to face with . Both women feeling on guard like they had towards the other for a very long time and both wanting it to end but neither knew how to make up. In silence stepped aside after a while deciding against yelling at like she normally would the second she would open a door and see her but this time it was different. Firstly felt a banging hangover from last nights drinking and secondly she saw something had changed in ’s eyes that told her to give it a chance. on the other hand felt nervous and didn’t know what to say because what could she say that she hadn’t already? She watched grab a bottle of diet coke and plump down upon her bed sighing heavily cursed by her hangover.
- Can we start over, I mean completely over? finally muttered leaning against the wall opposite the bed lay crumpled upon.
- And forget everything that has happened? questioned not feeling sure if meant it as she knew couldn’t just forget things like could. was a master in putting up a wall against things she needed to forget, she used to be anyway.
- Yes. we have to stop hurting each other, it’s no good, it just ruin things and all I want to be is happy and how can I be that if we’re fighting all the time?.
- I want to be happy too but it won’t be easy getting over everything that has happened. grumbled taking a sip of her coke.
- I know but if I can make it work again with , then I as hell as well can make it work with my former best friend. stated in a firm voice making shut her a stare.
- Even though I hit on your boyfriend last night? asked even though she couldn’t remember she had but had been to her room earlier informing her of the night events.
- Well…..yeah….because I know you don’t want him…not really…..not deep down…you were just drunk and may I guess lonely?! spoke softly feeling glad that they could actually talk in a normal voice to each other for once.
- It get’s lonely being the only one in the gang being single. admitted with a sigh.
- But you won’t be forever we’ll find someone amazing for you. smiled and saw smile back at her for the first time she could remember in ages.
- Yeah but he won’t be , he’s falling for . sulked
- Yeah but how much do you really want him deep down ? If you really loved him, you would have been fighting harder for him but you let him go. replied carefully trying to not step on any feelings.
- Honestly I don’t know but I do know that I’ve missed all the fun times. Lately it’s just been downhill while I’ve been watching everyone making sure you were okay so you wouldn’t leave again making me feeling left out.
- No one wants to leave you out but you’re making it hard for us to be around you when you just seem to want to argue all the time. said and sensed tense up slightly but instead of telling off took a deep breath and glanced at .
- So you where saying…… put the past behind us and let’s make a new beginning. responded not wanting to spend any more time arguing.
- Yes a new begging. agreed with a smile tugging at her lips.


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