Snow Drops at Christmas

- The hardest thing in this world is to watch the one you love, love somebody else she said out in a whisper starring at him standing further inside the room.
- , don’t! replied turning his head looking at her seeing all the pain wash through her while she keept looking at the guy laughing with friends while stading with his arm around the other woman holding her thight, smiling that cute smile of his. Feeling tears will up in her eyes she drowned the last in her glas then handing it to her friend beside her.Seeing her turn around leaving the room as fast as she could sighed before he looked towards the guy again now catching him looking back with slight worry writen in his eyes. Shaking his head to him self sighed not in a million years did he understand why his friend had choosen like he did.

Walking into the kitchen a while later he found and starring into each others eyes...
- Cheesy guy’s... smirked
- Shhhhh I’m winning stated
- No ya not! blurted out
- Winning what? asked
- Who breaks eye contact first explained
- Ohhhh... shoke his head
- Ha, I knew it, I won! laughed while grunted
- Anyway have any of ya seen ? asked
- Um no, why? asked
- You shouldn’t have to ask said raising an eyebrow
- Wha?! asked
- ’s here hun! explained shaking his head at her
- Oohhh right, but she seemed okay when I saw her last...
- Well she didn’t when I did! said
- Heeyyyyy guy’s! grinned drunkly while the others sighed under their breath
- Hey ! sighed
- Where’s ? asked
- Um don’t know right now, you know I know ya don’t like me much! She said looking up at
- Yeah I wonder why that is?! blurthed out
- Well you better get used to me around cause is mine and that wont ever change no matter how much that tart tries to take him away from me! She smirked right up in ’s face
- If anyone is A TART HERE IT’S YOU! raged at her before leaving the room to try and suppres his anger.

Stopping on the sport starred out of the open door seeing her stumble a bit around on her feet in the garden with a glas in her hand. Taking a sip every now and then just to look up into the sky the next. Taken a step out of the door he felt the cold weather hit him slightly but looking at her she didn’t seem to care about the cold. Wearing only a party top with a low-cut and bare shoulders she look stunning yet so fragile. Not able to stop him self he walked towards her until she suddenly saw him and looked right into his eyes. Feeling his heart crumble by the pain he saw in them just next to feel his heart beat like crazy when she suddenly smiled at him, that smile she used to give him. Taking a deep breath he walked towards her reaching out touching her...
- Sweetie come inside, your’ll just catch a cold out here he said almost in a whisper seeing her smile fade away, her lips tremple and tears will up in her eyes. Shaking her head slightly she looked up into the sky...
- They wont come yet he whispered knowing what she was looking for. Turning her face down looking at him....
- When will they?
- I don’t know! He replied lifting a hand tucking a strain of hair softly behind her ear feeling her shake slightly under his touch...
- I loved you, I still love you! She blurthed out and he felt his heart jump to his throat
- I love you too he replied barely hearable
- Then why don’t you want me? She cried with tears steaming down her cheeks...
- I.... I’m sorry..
- Don’t be sorry, come back to me, I love you, I need you... I... I can’t breath without you.. I... she cried while loosing power to control the hurt wrapping the arms around her self on her way to fall when someone else came running catching her in his arms holding her close. Starring over her shoulder starred angry into ’s eyes...
- What in the world do you think you’re doing? asked with a raised voice.
Unable to answer feeling his own tears close to break free. turned around leaving them.

Hours later walked giggeling after into his home.
- Oh come on Sweetie I know you want to she said grabbing at his shirt to get it of..
- I’m not in the mode...
- Couse you are... she whispered pushing her tongue into his mouth while letting her hands wander down.

- Home, love home, home, my dear dear dear home. mumbled while pouring another drink.
- Yes Sweetie home is good. smiled at her
- Have a drink?
- No thank you I’m fine, don’t you think you’re had enough by now?
- I have yes... why do we have a christmas party every year....
- Well because they suppose to be fun...
- Right well this year they ain’t
- I know babe replied smiling weakly.
- Do you wanna know what my man is doing now?
- his not....
- My man... I know... he didn’t want my anyway, I wasn’t good enough
- don’t you ever think that youre the greatest...
- but not great enough.... cause he is not with me... he’s at home probably shagging that cow....
- You gotta stop thinking like that babe
- Sorry I know he is your mate
- So are you! He replied making her look up at him and smile weakly
- Thank you!
- Are you sure your’ll be okay the rest of the night, I could stay?
- No, go home to ya girlfriend, I’m sure she miss you...
- You sure?
- Yeah...
- Okay... replied kissing her cheek before opening the door.
- Oh, thank you for following me home.
- Sure...

- OH MY GOSH! yelled stepping into their apartment the next day
- I’ll say! replied looking around in the living room seeing an empty bottle and glas lying on the table and cushions all over the place.
- Uh! blurted out looking towards the floor by the cupboard seeing a smashed picture frame.
- Guess she got mad at ! whispered looking at the picture of him under the smashed frame...
- Think that turned to sorrow said pointing at a picture of in a hand sticking out from under some cushions.
- And guess we found too then. said walking over lifting the cushions away just to find her asleep.
- When does this stop? asked
- When she can bare the pain! whispered sitting down on the floor beside .

Two days later...
- what do you want for christmas? asked.
- Nothing sighed looking up at him, and
- Oh come on ! replied
- I don’t want any present’s, there’s only one thing I want for christmas and you can’t give me that, so just leave me alone and go on play loved up couples everyone. cried leaving the room grabbing her jacket walking out on them.
Walking down the street she watched all the happy couples walk around grinning and flirting. Feeling it get harder to breath she walked faster until she got to a park finding it almost empty for people. Walking towards a lake she starred down into it. Seconds went by and soon she saw his face before her in the water. He smiled the way he used to when he wanted to get his way with her, that smile that always melted her away. Feeling a tear find it’s way down her cheek she breathed in heavily. Noboby seemed to understand how much she missed him, how hard it was to see him with someone else, how much harder it was at christmas being alone without him. Seeing everyone else happy in love made it all worse, made her feel even more alone and she couldn’t breath watching it. She knew it was selfish and she hated her self for it, but didn’t know how to stop it.
Sitting down beside the lake she lost track of time just starring out in the blue. Closing her eyes she saw him coming towards her reaching out touching her softly.
- I’m so sorry baby, I made a wrong choice, it should have been you all along, I shouldn’t have let her get to me. I love you sweetheart, no one else, forgive me? He asked softly starring emotional into her eyes.
Feeling her heart skip over her emotions went all over the place. Not willing to let another second go by without him she leaned in and placed her lips on his kissing him softly while feeling him pull her closly holding on to her thight. Breaking away a little later she looked into his eyes seeing the love for her that she used to see..
- Do you mean it? Your not gonna leave me again? She said in a whisper
- Never Sweetie he smiled. Seeing him lean in again she closed her eyes and enjoyed his lips appon hers, just to seconds later fell his tongue asking across to hers. Giving it to him willingly she moaned when their tongues collided.
Suddenly feeling something wet hit her face she openen her eyes again still remembering how it felt having his lips appon her. Feeling something wet hit her again she shoke her head slightly getting back to reality, she was still alone. Looking up into the sky it was here, the snow was coming. Reaching her hand out in front of her, she felt the snow drops land on her hand. Feeling in the pit of her stomach the magic she smiled, snow was magic. He had to come back.
Getting up she walked back home. Seeing cars parked outside the flat she smiled to her self before she walked in. Stepping in side the living room she watched her friends decorating a christmas tree while singing.
- What are ya doing? smiled
- Aaawwww we thought you had got lost, you went of hours ago? screamed running over hugging her friend
- Really? smiled
- Yeah but we thought we would wait ‘till later tonight to call the police if ya didn’t get back. grinned
- Oh funny!
- Yep! grinned
- Are ya okay? asked
- It’s snowing! smiled...
- Yeah, so? asked somewhat confused
- It’s means something magic is going to happen! suddenly said stepping forward from his hiding making gasp.
- You know you said you only wanted one thing for christmas but that we couldn’t get ya just that, well actually we could smiled from ear to ear seeing the hopeful look on her face. Stepping over in front of her, touching her softly felt his heart raise while taking a deep breath...
- I’m so sorry baby, I made a wrong choice......

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