Show Me Your Soul

flopped himself on to the hotel chair in the guys room. He was well pissed of. He was again in the paper about him and his girlfriend but she wasn’t his girlfriend just a pr thing so people didn’t no the heartache he was going through cause he did just break up with his true girlfriend.

“Don’t worry about it mate, you know its not true. And anyhow maybe something will happen to stop it. You need to get over it, you and broke up about 7 months ago so kind of end of that.” said doing his best not to put his foot in it. But all the guys knew it was kind of the truth.

“Its not the point , I’m still not over I don’t think I will be, and me and Amy I don’t think so she’s so not my type.” said standing up and walking out the room.

“ Ok his getting on my nerves. I am going to talk to Simon about this Pr thing its not doing him any good. And we have a gig to do the weekend we need back.” said dialling Simon’s number.

turned on the music channel and went to have a shower. He could still here the TV from his room and the rest of the guys enter a little while later.

hurry up man we have to go see Simon.” shouted and sat down on the bed watching the TV.

“ Hi guys and welcome to today’s show, we have a hot new star with us today performing her New single called “ Never get over you” please welcome .” This was it was at MTV wow she’d watched this show a millions of times and now it was her turn. She felt good in her outfit. Jeans and a tight of the shoulder number. With killer boots. All very sixties. She smiled.
walked on the stage said hello she heard the backing track of the song come on and sang away. It was soon over.

“ Thanks. Will be with us next week for a interview so please email your questions in.”

“Did she say asked coming out off the bathroom. “No cause not.” said standing up. Maybe he should have told him the truth but they were trying to help not make him worse.

“Simon what do you mean I’m doing a gig this weekend its my mates birthday I can’t miss that.” said
“What’s more important to you friends or your career? Ok don’t answer that. Your mate can come its only for a bit. You need to be seen everywhere. I was thinking how would you like a Pr boyfriend? Simon said. He knew and had dated for a while but that was over so maybe it was a good way to get in the papers.

“Fine I’ll do the gig as long as can come but that’s it for the day I’ve not seen her in months.
And if you so much as think about a Pr thing I will Kill you, I’m going to get somewhere without the whole crap all the other stars do to sell records.” pouted and left the room.

walked into the office and he could have sworn he could smell ’s perfume, he had brought her a bottle from France but he couldn’t remember the name only the smell but he shock it of, what was up with him and the whole thinking of 24/7.

good news your not dating Amy anymore. I’ll sort it all out, you have a gig next week I want you to sing new tracks of the album ok, good. Anything else.” Simon said looking at them all.

Week Later.

“I can’t believe your taking me backstage wow I’ve always wanted to go back stage, this is a great birthday present.” said looking around happily.

“Oh my god there’s you never told me he was here.” said drooling. “ panicked she looked round but couldn’t see maybe it was just him, “ Come on I need to find my dressing room I’m sharing with someone what a bummer.” said looking for her dressing room.

I found it.” said pointing to the door next to her the two girls walked in to find five guys standing and sitting around.

smiled tried her best not to freak out There he was she’d not seen him in 7 months. She could feel all the same feeling she had for him plus a few more. They had broken up cause didn’t want his girlfriend getting in the biz and being known as ’s boyfriend. Even though at this time didn’t even have a record deal. didn’t want his girlfriend in the press he hated that. on the other hand wanted to stay together but keep them a secret but after a while she thought maybe it was best to break up as she didn’t want to be known as dating for her own good.

“Hi guys” said nice to see you again” said looking right at then giving a dirty look. She could feel the tension in the air.

“ Hi I think I have the wrong room.” said “ What your dressing room, your performing tonight?” asked, “ You got a deal who with what that’s great well done.” Claiming down a bit “good for you bet your well happy now. Maybe you do have the wrong room I didn’t think we was sharing considering how popular we are.” could hear the words coming out his mouth he wanted to stop them but he couldn’t.

“ She does have the right room , come in sit down and we’ll sort you out. You’re going on at 9.30. And guys your on 9.00.” “ can you learn a new dance routine in the next two hours I want you to perform a dance track as well as your new single. Which looks set to get to number one” Simon said.

spent the next four hours talking to the guys rehearsing and learning the new dance routine, She had lost ages ago to she hoped that they got together as they always suited each other.
She even chatted to it was funny it just happened; when he realised that they were so chatty he stormed off.
Now the guys were back waiting to go on stage.

“ So as a girl what do you think?” asked giving her his best smile.
“ Well as a girl I say you look ok fine even, the fans will love it.” Trying not to laugh they looked great they always did she wasn’t going to let them know it. “Just fine,” said back taking ’s hand and dancing with her.
They were laughing and joking when came in he didn’t say anything at first he was just looked. “ Were on in five so when you’ve finished.” He said and turned away.

and watched the guy’s from the wings was so happy had asked her out after the show. always knew they were right for each other. always wanted to be happy even before her self.

The lads finished on my shoulder. They wished her luck apart from . got into place. It was her turn to give as well as she got, She was so pissed off with she changed the dance routine. Simon wouldn’t be happy but who cares. It would get the audience going mad. She succeeded in doing so.

was watching on the other side she could see watching her. Never taking his eyes off her. So did what every best friend would do. She walked round and stood next to him.
“If you still like her like I know she likes you you’ll do something about it before its too late. Think about it what have you gained since you broke up? nothing think about all the good things you’ll get if you got off your stubborn Irish butt and did something.” said

left standing while she walked off to meet the other side.

that was great, I know it’s my birthday but would you mind if came along.” asked pouting. nodded but when it came to it went home she had a TV show the next day,

and the lads were in Simon’s studio. Simon wanted them to come along and watch his new act on TV to give him their thoughts but they didn’t know it was .

“Welcome this weeks new number one .” Cat said.
came on stage and performed her new single. “ Never get over you.” Boy could feel the emotion in the song she thought she was going to cry. It didn’t help that she saw the day before. When she finished Cat asked her to come over for a chat.

“ So congrates on the single getting number one. Tell me a bit about the song.”
“Well I wrote it a few months ago, it’s about a break up with someone, your in love with and no matter what you do you can’t get over them they stay in your heart forever. It’s a deep meaningful song and relates to everybody at sometime.”

“Good sounds like you had a bad break up.” “Believe me when I say yeah.” “ So are you seeing anybody new? “ “ No I’m not Cat, I’ve very much with the singleness.”

“Hum well we have a caller on the phone, David.” “ Sorry to hear that about your break up, I take it your not over your ex then. So my question is do you still love him?”

Everyone turned and looked at it was him on the phone.
” Well David not to sound rude that is a bit of a private matter, The song is about him but it doesn’t mean I want to get back with him.” “ Well David thanks for the call. So cause we haven’t scared you enough, Will you answer one more question for us? “ “Yeah sure.” said smiling just wishing the show was over with she wanted to cry and kill that David guy.

“Lets have the next call Emmie. “Hi , I’m your number one fan. I wanted to know you were on the same show yesterday with Westlife what are they like Especially his my fave and who is your fave and why? “ “Kill me kill me kill me for gods sake kill me already” thought.

“Yes I was the lads are great, really funny mad. My fave is properly too fave too, why cause his not like the other 4 his has this side to him that he don’t like to show his funny, sweet the most amazing guy I’ve ever meet in my life. All of them. ” stopped after she caught Cats look. Damn she didn’t mean to sound like a crazy person. Oops.

“ Do you love ?” Emmie asked. “No Yes Well as a friend” was freaking out damn what had she done her life was over she just said on TV that she loved people were going to think she’s a crazy person.

“Well thanks for your time. Yeah have to agree those lads are fab. And will be here Thursday with presenting the show.

“ So what you going to do now?” asked. Simons phone rang ’s number came up. He put her on loudspeaker. “ honey great show. “ Great show great show are you stupid I’ve just done the most stupidest thing in the world I said I loved and that the stupid song was about him his gonna find out his going to kill me I’ve messed his career up can you imagine what’s going to happens now, Damn. Help.” ranted finally taking a breath.

“ Come to the studio will sort it out. “ Simon turned to ; she’s on her way.

ran through the studio she went to take the lift but it was taking too long, so she ran up the stairs straight into Simon’s office and straight into .

“ HI” He said, didn’t know what to say what if he saw the show what if he didn’t what if he saw it and Simon called him here to get it sorted cause of the press. “ Can I ask you something? What if the guy still loves you and wants to say sorry and he loves you and wants you back,” “Huh, I’d say get lost you had your chance you blew it.” shot back, “ I saw the show, you can’t deny it.” “ Well I didn’t say I did and its wishful thinking on your part. I said friend as I do think of you as a friend. Look can we forget it.”
“No I guess I’ll be the one who will never get over you.”

thought about it for a second. She walked over to and kissed him. went to say something. “You even think about it I’ll kick your butt.” smiled and Kissed again,”