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Chapter 1

Slowly her eyelashes fluttered and her eyes came into sight. She rolled around in her bed sheets that once more were all tossed and had her body wrapped up into a triangle for the fourth night in a row. Her hand clasped over the alarm making the beeping sounds disappear out into the distance. For a moment she lay completely still as reality came crashing down upon her and the hurt came once more sneaking back into her conscious making her heart twist as she in despair tossed the bed sheets away from her body and she stumbled out of bed rubbing her tired eyes. Hopelessly she gazed up at the clock on the wall and a deep sigh escaped her lips as she realized she was going to get through another day with only 4 – 5 hours sleep. For a moment she thought about getting breakfast but as she felt her throat tie up she quickly dismissed the thought and wondered how long she would be able to keep going on with this amount of lack of sleep and food. She pulled the old worn out T-shirt over her head and threw it on her bed before grabbing her mobile as she always did to lay it over on the little table that stood just before going out into the hall of her flat. For a moment she stood still and starred at the phone as she had put it down onto the table, she was dying to text him and say good morning like she had done so many times before, but knowing she couldn’t anymore tears once more filled her eyes “God she missed him and it had “only” been four days”. She let a few quiet sobs leave her lips and staggered into her bathroom opening up the tap and let her hands splash some water onto her tired face. Letting her hands rest upon the sink she looked up into the mirror and saw the dark lines under her eyes from the lack of sleep. At least her eyes didn’t look as red from crying anymore but she could tell she still looked a picture. For a moment she closed her eyes as the message she had got four days ago washed over her again.

>>Flash back<<
Hearing the door bell she went to open up the door. Seeing a delivery guy stand there with a bunch of flowers looking at her with a nervy look on his face she started to feel a slight dread fill her body. The delivery guy handed her the flowers with an apologetic look before he quickly disappeared. Closing the door she took the flowers with her into the kitchen and slowly she moved her hand in between the flowers to get the letter. She felt her hands shake as she recognized the hand writing and gently she opened up the card and felt her hands shake as she read “To my baby, this is so hard for me to do but as you know my ex came back and I had to make an decision. I have been torn between wanting you and her but when it comes down to the facts then you and I are so far from each other every day of the year while she’s here close by and I’ve realized I still love her. I’m sorry baby..... I’ve enjoyed every minute with you, if just things were different.... I’m sorry but I can’t be in your life anymore!! All my love ”. The letter fell from her hands as tears pressed in her eyes and started tickle down her cheeks while she sank to the floor now sobbing heavily.
>>Flashback end<<

Slowly she opened up her eyelids again while she remembered how she had tried so hard to get him on the phone to talk about this and if nothing else to end it properly giving her closure but it had all been in vain. She had kept the flowers for two days until anger had taken over some of the tears and in despair and hurt she had grabbed them and walked out of the flat complex and towards the large bins outside where she had tossed the flowers in not caring in the least that some people were gazing at her concerned as tears pickled down her face. Softly she shook her head bringing her back to the present where she was starting to dream about being able to sleep for 12 hours as her body felt beaten up. starred once more at her own reflection in the mirror wondering how on earth she was ever going to trust another guy.

Groaning deeply moved her hand away from resting under the side of her face before she softly let her hand rest over her eyes while she felt her head pond like someone stood hammering on her head with a hammer. Vivid images from last night came into view in her mind making her groan ever further as she finally moved her hand away from her eyes and let her eyelids flutter open and her bathroom came into sight. She looked down her body and noticed all she was wearing was a blanket wrapped loosely around her body. With shaking legs she got up on her feet and took hold of the sink to compose herself wondering how she had ended up asleep on the bathroom floor. Suddenly she heard a snoring sound coming from the living room making her roll her eyes as she realized it certainly wasn’t from someone she knew. Staggering into the living room starred at the guy laying butt naked flat on his stomach on the floor snoring profoundly. For a moment she took in the sight of the muscular body and the ruffled spiky hair of the guy and told herself she had made a good choice of male company the night before by the looks of his body yet she had no idea who he was and she had no intention on finding out. All she actually wanted right now was to get rid of him so with a tight hold on the blanket around her body with one hand she grabbed a pillow from the sofa with the other hand and threw it at the guy hitting him with the pillow on his butt. The bare groan coming from the guy made a laugh tug at the corner of her lips as she watched him hold onto the pillow and slowly get up on his feet. - Morning baby doll. His husky hoarse voice sounded.
- I’m not your baby doll. Thanks for last night..... started but stopped as she couldn’t remember his name and watched a cheeky smile appear on the guy’s lips.
- I’m.... he started but she stopped him.
- Nooooo.... I don’t wanna know your name, I just want you to leave cause I have places to be!!
- Oh..!! But we could meet up later.
- Sorry. I’m sure we had a great time but no. She replied grabbing his pants from the floor as she had spotted them with her eyes and threw them at him. He didn’t reply but just took them and started to pull on the pants as watched him throw on his clothes before he stride out of her flat. With a deep sound she starred up at the clock on the wall and counted to three as she knew she had to get ready and leave for school.

At the very same moment at another place in the world sat a guy with his three band mates in a dressing room waiting for the time were they were doing an interview. He starred at his phone as he erased the messages he’d got four days ago from the woman he had had a secret affair with. He ignored the small space in his heart that never had wanted to let her go. It had started out like something fun but along the way feelings had sneaked in on them both, he knew that but he couldn’t face up to them and when his ex came and wanted him back he couldn’t stand up to the bit of his heart that wanted a new adventure with so instead he went back to the old with . was sure this was the right decision and even if a very small part of him was unsure, he ignored it and told himself this was the right decision.
Further away from him sat a haired guy gazing at him from the corner of his eye. was sure there had been something up with his mate the last couple of days and he was sure it all came down to a woman and he didn’t believe it was all about being back. could think he had them all fooled if he liked but knew there had been someone else than but even couldn’t deny that the only woman had been all over the last few days were indeed . let his gaze wander and smiled lightly as he watched toss around a ball that came flying back at him after hitting the wall. A bit away from them sat gazing into empty space making sigh a little knowing all too well how felt. felt the lonely felling too even though they had friends and family it just wasn’t the same as having that special someone like and had. looked back at believing at this very moment probably were the happiest of the four of them.

Chapter 2

With very slow steps had gotten herself to school and now sat just outside on a bench as there were still 15 minutes until the new school day started. She rested her head back against the wall behind her and took in a deep breath as she tried to gather some new strength for the day that lay ahead of her.
Down the path came walking with unhurried steps as she noticed her friend sitting on the bench looking worn out like herself even though it was of different reasons.
- Morning! mumbled as she sat down beside .
- Morning! Rough night? questioned still with her eyes closed.
- Mmmm think hot but rough morning! replied.
- Ah..!! I got you..!! mused as she finally opened her eyes and looked at for a moment before the next people came with cheering good morning sounds.

As they sat during the morning assembly starred into the song book with her lips closed letting the others sing. Every morning they would gather, sing one song and one of the tutors would talk about some subject before they would do sports the rest of the morning until lunch. Everybody there was going there to get some direction in their life it was a kind of a break from life to gather yourself again. At first had felt scared to start there but now she could feel it had been doing her good to be there but she still knew that getting out of this and then start on a normal 8 – 4 job like everyone else wasn’t in the cards for her. She still wanted something different and the anger from what had done to her was starting to push her out to do something different. She was going to show the world of men that she didn’t need any of them! She fixed her eyes on sat opposite her by the table and without knowing it had mixed her into her plan.

gazed around at the others in the gymnasium as they had just had a warm up an hour later and was now being told the rules of how the play they were going to do now were. They would each get three clothes pegs to tug on somewhere on their t-shirt and then they were going to try to snatch them from the others. As soon as the game had been set free found herself in a war for the clothes pegs with a guy called Seth who with the cheeky grin on his face tried to make her make a wrong move but she surprised him as she was the first of them to reach out to grab one from his shirt that sat right at his waist line. A surprised laugh came from the guy as his hands flew down covering the front of his pants like if she had hit him a sudden place which wasn’t sure if she had or not as it went so fast. They kept trying to grab the pegs from each other but even though laughter flew from their lips they didn’t succeed and so in silent agreement they ran for the others. on the other hand cheered as she had managed to filch one from one of the sporty guys and with a smile on her lips she couldn’t deny that she quit liked this game. saw from the corner of her eye that jumped around herself as a guy called Ryan nicked a peg from her shirt making her grunt, she had never been one for loosing anything. That part of fit perfectly into the plan in ’s head, though as they now ran around here among each other stealing clothes pegs from each other realized that they would need some extra persons to fulfil her plan and that’s when her eyes ran over Ryan and Seth and suddenly without their knowledge they got spin into her little plan.

At lunch that day had been watching how had been in deep conversation with Ryan and Seth and it made her mind work overtime trying to figure out what the crap was up too and more importantly it made her seriously curious. took the last bite of her lunch and tossed the food wrapper into the bin as she sighed “finally” when she watched come up to her and sit down beside her but she didn’t say anything like had thought.
- Right speak already what is going on? spoke impatiently making laugh slightly knowing wasn’t much for waiting.
- Right, are you ready for a serious talk? finally said and gazed intently at wanting her to take this deadly seriously and understand that meant every word she was going to say. Inside felt all excited and edgy at the same time as she was lightly unsure if would be up for it. thought would be but there always were a slight chance that she could be wrong and then would have to do this without her best friend and it just wouldn’t be the same.
- Of cause I am, just hit me already!! complained impatient.
- Okay. What would you say to stop on the school and move on to a new adventure?
- I would say I’m ready if it’s the right adventure. what are you up too? asked raising an eyebrow fearing the worst knowing all too well that her friend sometimes had some wild ideas.
- Let’s make a demo, let’s try to break out as singers together! replied her voice barely audible but heard her just the same and started laughing as she thought was having her on.
- Yeah good one . Now really what’s going on?
- I’m serious so please take me seriously. We could do this, we both have a great voice and you’ve always talked about wanting to be in the music industry and I know you didn’t mean as a singer but we could be so great. responded, her face deadly seriously making gulp slightly as the words made a u-turn in her head.
- You really mean it! whispered
- I really mean it and I know we’re going to need a band and that’s were Seth and Ryan comes in. Seth will be a guitar player and Ryan our key-board player. said eagerly.
- And they are up for it?
- They are, all we’re missing is you but you have to know that if we do this, if we’re going to try this for real we have to move to London. That’s where the chance is. We’re talked about it before. I know that was always as a joke but I also know that deep down you thought about it as a serious deal, just like I did so are you with me? questioned begging to hear a yes.
- I must be nuts but okay. blurted out not really believing she had just agreed to do this, yet she was so ready for a new adventure and like a normal job was not something she desired.
- YAY! screamed jumping up hugging tightly.
- Okay, please let me breathe. muttered as held onto her tightly.
- Oh sorry.
- So Ryan and Seth just said yes just like that just as me? enquired stunned.
- Yeah pretty much. Guess they want the new adventure just like us but since we’re doing this with them then there can’t be any “use them in the bedroom and loose them”!!
- Hehe well kitchen, living room or bathroom work too as I know you know too. grinned.
- Very know what I mean missy. No sex with them because we have to be able to work with them. replied firmly.
- Good point, just remember you can’t either then. threw back with a laugh.
- I know that!! huffed yet smiling happily at the new adventure lying ahead of them.

Friday night had arrived and gone while sat quietly on her bed under the duvet as tears had filled her eyes. Her mobile lay beside her gaping up at her with a silence that ringed in her head. She felt torn between wanting to call right this minute to talk her and to hurt him like he had hurt her. A sigh escaped her lips as she remembered how they used to be on the phone to each at this very minute and it twisted in her heart as she missed the sound of his voice and she wondered if he right this minute instead was with his ex. The bare thought sent daggers through the wound in her heart and she was determined to never let him hurt her again or any guy for that matter. She picked up a pen and a piece of paper and started writing:

Morning after
Still lingers
Just waking up
I see a shadow of you
Making breakfast for two
I go driving
Past our place and
I see this guy walk by
I smell his perfume
For a moment I wish it was you

I'm not gonna tell ya
I'm not gonna say that I'm okay, no
I'm tryin' to get over
I'm tryin' to get far away from our mistakes

But I see shadows
Everywhere they follow
It's you, reminding me
Of how we were
I’ve had enough
Of your shadows

Four months gone
I can't feel you
I don't understand it
Where did you go?
I hate that you're all that I know

I'm not gonna tell ya
I'm not gonna say that I'm okay, no
I'm tryin' to get over
I'm tryin' to get far away from our mistakes

But I see shadows
Everywhere that I go
It's you, reminding me
Of how we were
Of how it was
I see shadows
Everywhere they follow
It's you and memories
Of how we loved
I've had enough of your shadows

You couldn't love me
So why won't you leave me?
Alone is the only place I want to be

I see shadows
Everywhere that I go
It's you, reminding me
Of how to love
I've had enough
I see shadows
Everywhere they follow
It's you, the memories
Of how we loved
I've had enough


Chapter 3

One month had gone by and the four friends had been busy starting up on their new life. They had moved to London and they had got their hands on two flats opposite each other in an apartment complex in the outskirts of central London. They had been practicing their music and they had quickly found each other in the sense of playing together. They had even had their first few gigs at clubs but especially and were aiming as high as they could and they were both sure that they had a smash hit on their hands. Right now and stood beside each other in their shared flat and gazed at their fridge where they had just stuck a note on held there by magnet. The note starred back at them with the words “Boys are like toys, use them and lose them” which where an expression they had come to live by. They had both been hurt and the trust in guys had disappeared and they had decided to treat the guys like they treated them.
A knock on the door to the flat tore them both back to reality and for a moment they looked at each other.
- Ready? questioned at who nodded.
- Let’s knock ‘em dead!! grinned nervously before they went for the door and was meet by Seth and Ryan who was going with them into town.
In utter silence the four of them were in their own thoughts as they got through town and even when being surrounded in the metro that as usually was packed with people. The time seemed to flash by in seconds until they stood just outside a huge building that held Sony Music, the place that also held the one guy they wanted the most to manage them, his name was Simon Cowell. In and ’s eyes he was the best and if he could start as a mail man in his father’s record company and end up being what he was today, then why couldn’t they make it to. The trouble were just how would they get hold of him as he wasn’t the easiest to get in contact with but one thing was for sure, they were going to try. looked around at the other three that looked in awe at the building and for what was inside.
- Right, come on we can do this, we’re rock stars, remember?!! spoke and noticed them look at her slightly panicky.
- You do realise what you’re asking us to do? Seth muttered.
- Seth, we didn’t come this far to not take it all the way, right? suddenly said picking up some courage.
- I guess. Seth muttered as Ryan kept quiet thinking he would let them do the talking.
- Right okay, let’s go!! stated and started to march towards the building but as she got closer her steps slowed down which noticed and stepped up beside her giving her a supporting wink. When they got inside they all looked around at the posh surroundings mean while also took a deep breath knowing full well that when this was over she would need a stiff drink.
- Can I help you? A voice suddenly sounded from a reception desk making Seth and Ryan jump slightly and trying to say something but nothing came out of her mouth so took over.
- Yes please, we’re here to see Simon Cowell said politely.
- Right, do you have an appointment? The woman behind the desk enquired.
- Yes, at 12:30. replied praying to God the woman couldn’t tell she was lying.
- Okay, what’s your name hon’? The woman asked as read her name tag to be Sarah.
- !
- Hmmm I’m sorry but I can’t find you in the computer. I’m sorry but I can’t let you see him. Sarah replied letting her eyes scan over having seen through them already. Sarah let a sigh out as she hoped they soon would get a guard at the door to stop everyone from getting in that really didn’t have any appointment anyway. watched the whole thing drop between their fingers like water and she wasn’t having any of it without a decent fight. So after breathing in deeply she walked up beside and flashed a smile at Sarah.
- Listen your right, we don’t have an appointment and I know you probably get this all the time but we really are the best new thing out there and so Simon Cowel will want to see us, trust me, neither he nor you will regret this. spoke in firm but soft voice making Sarah suddenly sigh.
- Listen I can’t let you see Simon Cowel but I can catch Louis Walsh for you as he is coming right through over there. Sarah said nodding towards Louis that came into the hall and took notice of her and therefore walked over.
- Hey Sarah, what’s up? Louis questioned with a smile that was meant to be friendly but which and took as a wheedling one.
- These young once claim to be the best new things. Sarah said handing them over to Louis.
- Ah really, may I suggest ya try out one of the talent shows then? Louis said making roll her eyes.
- I’m sorry sir but we really don’t want to go that way about it but if you could please direct us to Simon Cowel we would be ever so great full. responded making Louis look at her more intensely as he wasn’t used to be talked to like that.
- Well I’m sorry but Simon Cowel is busy I’m afraid. Louis replied meanwhile Simon Cowel had heard his name standing further away behind a wall divider keeping him out of sight. A frown appeared on his face as he wasn’t that used to people turn Louis away to prefer to get to him and it intruded him slightly. Simon listened on as he heard the woman’s voice raise slightly at Louis showing she wasn’t impressed by Louis which made Simon smile slightly as Louis sometimes thought the whole world loved him but clearly it didn’t.
- Fine!! We’ll make it without your help then!! responded taking over from tired of Louis side talking and then went up to Sarah handing her a card asking her to pass it on to Simon. Sarah nodded surprised as she never heard anyway turn Louis down it was always the other way around which showed that either this group were stupid or simply amazing. As they got outside both and grunted heavily annoyed making Seth and Ryan gaze at them both stunned as they had never seen them act like this before.

The evening had arrived and the four friends were inside the pub which they were going to play a small gig in. stood further away and watched Seth and Ryan set up their gear. Her eyes scanned over Ryan’s body, he was muscular, had blonde spiky hair and deep blue eyes and he was definitely a one night material but she had made a deal with and she was going to stick to it. She moved her gaze to her side where stood and already knew had read her thoughts.
- Don’t worry, I’m not acting on it! muttered making send her smile.
- I know that but your right Ryan is bloody hot. laughed making grin.
- That’s all I’m saying. replied laughing.
- Anyway we should get over there and get ready. spoke and pattered on the back and pushed her slightly in the direction of the boys.

walked into a pub feeling in need of a drink and to be surrounded by the sum of noise that came from being surrounded by people. He had been to meetings all day with the other lads and he didn’t feel like going home to an empty hotel room just yet so he thought an Irish pub were just the place on his way home. Looking around the pub, he sensed the feeling of Ireland with decorations and the buzz that filled the pub. He ordered a beer from the bartender as he sat down by the bar. He took a sip of the beer that was handed to him while a voice seemed to fill his ear. A frown came across his face as something clicked in his mind it was like he had heard that voice before and he tried hard to place it while his eyes scanned around in the direction it came from. His gaze stopped when he realized he had found the object belonging to the voice and his gaze ran up and down the body of the woman while he grasped in the recognition of his one night stand just a week ago. He suddenly court her gaze back at him, making his heart jump just for a second and he knew she remembered him too. Her voice filled the pub as she sang with her band and suddenly felt his heart beat just a little faster while the rest of his body felt the exact same attraction towards her as last time.

- Thank you everyone, it’s been a blast!! cheered as they had sung the last song of the night. With a smile and a bow they grinned at their audience before they stepped down from the little stage place, letting the pubs cd player take over the rest of the night.
- Damn that was great!! Seth cheered on a high making the others join into his cheery state of mind.
- This recall for a drink. Ryan laughed
- I’m up for that but I think we should let loose and go to the striking delicious stranger by the bar with who she has been flirting with from stage. smirked with a grin on her lips making roll her eyes at her friend even though she couldn’t suppress the smile on her lips. She had recognized as soon as he came through the door and she couldn’t deny that her body lusted extremely after him.
sat by the bar fiddling with a drink between her hands as she from the corner of her eye watched the pure show of flirt going on between and the guy couldn’t remember the name of even though she thought that might have told her at some point. moved her gaze away and scanned the pub for possible male subject but tonight is seemed like every hot male genre had fled London either that or she wasn’t in the mood, couldn’t decide which it were. moved her gaze again just to court sight of leaving with the male stranger out of the door of the pub and then knew she wouldn’t see more to that night. She turned and glanced over at Seth and Ryan obviously having a great time; it seemed that no matter where they played their gig that females would afterwards be all over Seth and Ryan who enjoyed every minute of it. took the last sip of her drink and left the pub leaving Seth and Ryan to make sure their gear got back home safe. That was the good thing about having two guy’s in the band as they were in love with their gear so and never had anything to worry about in that sense.

and stumbled through the door to ’s hotel room while their hands frantic roamed over the other. Either one caring about anything except the others body and as felt once more plunge his tongue into her mouth she couldn’t stop a moan leave her mouth being swallowed by ’s as he curled his tongue around hers. groaned feeling his cock hardening further as he felt her hands roam over the bare skin on his chest as she had got his shirt flung over his head. fumbled at the button on ’s top to get it of needing to feel her bare skin against him but it wouldn’t go as fast as he wanted so finally he tore it up and got it thrown aside together with her bra. threw her head back as licked a wet trail of kisses from her mouth, down her neck, further down between her cleavage where let his tongue gently catch her breasts teasing her nipples while his hands got a hold of her skirt pushing it down over her hips letting it fall to the floor together with her knickers. Kissing his way back up moaned as court his lips again letting her tongue part his lips pushing her tongue inside and curl around his.
- God I want you!! ’s voice breathed husky against her lips while her hands left from being tangled into his hair down to tug at the belt on his pants. Moving her mouth from ’s she kneeled down in front of finally getting the belt open and his pants to slide down his legs. Looking up she locked eyes with ’s dark lust filled pair as he bit his lower lip when her fingers grabbed a soft hold of his boxers and moved them down his legs too. couldn’t help a groan escape between his lips when he felt his cock being set free from his tight pants. heard herself gasp slightly at seeing how big and stiff his cock already was because of her. Feeling ’s hand in her hair she looked up into his eyes feeling herself get wet as she remembered how amazing their first time had felt. felt his member twist even further by the look in her eyes and groaned heavily as he felt her tongue on the tip of his cock teasing him before taking all of him inside her sweet mouth. let her tongue curl around his tip before pulling her mouth away and felt ’s hands pull her back up on her feet where he scooped her up into his arms and carried her over to the bed where he lay her down following her. Feeling his cock push against her entrance teasing her she buckled her hips up against him not wanting to wait any longer.
- , please….. fuck me…. now…. whimpered making lean down and shove his tongue back into her mouth demanding dominance over her tongue.
- !! pleaded once more against his lips as loved hearing her beg for him.
- As you wish baby. ’s voice sounded ragged in her ear as he pushed his cock deep into her filling her up completely making them both gasp in pleasure. Finding a rhythm thrust faster and faster into her making them both groan deeply. Pushing one last time felt her walls tighten around his cock making them both cry out as they came. Collapsing on top of her felt her fingers smoothly slide down his back as he covered his face in her neck. moved to his side and wrapped her up into his strong arms as he satisfied fell asleep meanwhile still felt her heart pound heavily as snuggling up after sex wasn’t something she did anymore as she had refused any form for contact that could urge her to start feeling something for a bloke. She turned her gaze and glanced at his handsome face without realizing what she was doing she moved her free hand and let her finger gently stroke over his cheek and down over his juicy lips. Her eyes shot wide open as she realized she was starting to feel something for this man that was more than just sex, the bare awareness made her fled carefully out of his arms without waking him up and pulling on her clothes before she hurried out of the room, out of the hotel and out into the dark night.

As the morning raised reached out to wrap the woman beside him into his arms but being met by the cold air gradually let his eyes flutter open to see the empty space beside him. Slowly he sat up in bed and noticed her clothes and bag on the floor was gone. sighed heavily as he realized she had left him in the middle of the night for the second time. He wasn’t used to women having their wicked way with him and then run for the hills usually it would be the other way around and he couldn’t understand why she did it. All he knew was that there was something about her and it was more than sex. He wanted to keep seeing her, so why did she keep disappearing?

Chapter 4

staggered in through the living room to reach the kitchen which was in the end of their living room but as she staggered through her eyes kept looking oddly at sitting on the middle of the floor. sat with her legs crossed with her elbows resting on her knees as the rest of her arms was stretch out and her eyes closed as she kept repeating “Boys are like toys, use them and lose them” to herself, the mantra from their fridge. Taking out a bottle of water from the fridge took a sip as she stood glancing at who kept on doing her mantra.
- Ehhhh , what in the world are you doing?? finally spoke with a frown on her forehead watching slowly flicker her eyes open.
- Trying to get our mantra flame strongly in my head!! replied her voice slightly shaken as the fact that she had felt something laying there wrapped up into ’s arms scared her to dead.
- And why do you need to do that? I thought it was strong. enquired
- I felt something last night with !! blurted out her face showing all the petrified feelings that had erupted in her body.
- WHAT?!?! shrieked while the bottle fell from her hands and bumped onto the floor.
- I know...!!! cried out hiding her face in her hands while gathered herself again.
- Explain!! trailed off not sure how to ask or what to say at this very minute.
- We had sex and it was just as amazing as the first time but this time afterwards he wrapped me up in his arms and it felt good... it felt..... like a boyfriend would hold me... and he looked so sweet and handsome when he had fallen asleep and I let my finger stroke his face...!! blurted out meanwhile had to pull her water bottle up from the floor and take a large sip as she pretended it was something much stronger. knew her friend to well and she knew when talked like that it was the first step towards could be falling for this guy.
- Babe, you can’t go there. finally replied if a soft tone as she had regained her poseur.
- I know, okay I know!! whined wishing her feelings far far away.
- Right okay, he doesn’t have your phone number or you his? questioned.
- No... trailed off looking at .
- Well case closed then. You can’t contact each other. Problem solved. smiled by the thought that she had just solved the start of something that could end badly but didn’t reply she just glanced at as she realized was right, she couldn’t get in contact with . It was the fact she wanted so why was a tiny small part of her disappointed?

That night sat plumped into one of the sofa booths at a night club with . After seeing both and all loved up with their girlfriends that night and decided to escape the hotel but fact were that hadn’t been able to get out of his mind all day and though he hadn’t said anything he knew that right now were the only one of them that didn’t have a sudden female in his thoughts.
- Okay who is she? asked while he put a new round of beers down on their table.
- Huhh?! What are you on about?! replied somewhat confused as just pulled him out of his daze.
- Come on... I’m not stupid... you got that “love sick puppy dog look” on your face. laughed amused to see his friend like this as it had been a long time since the last time.
- Errmm remember I told you I had the same woman with me back to the hotel as last week. spoke nervously.
- Yeah?!! said raising an eyebrow.
- Well she was gone again when I woke up this morning and I don’t get it. sulked.
- Haha that is usually a dream scenario for a guy after a one night stand, this way you don’t get the problem of how to get rid of the woman. chuckled bemused
- But this is not normal. cried out
- Ah I get it, it’s a pride thing, and no woman has ever been the one leaving you through the dark night. laughed finding the whole thing rather amusing.
- Well no they haven’t but that’s not my point, I didn’t want her to leave. sulked and suddenly stopped laughing and glanced at his mate taking in the vibes was sending him and all of a sudden understood.
- You like the woman. said out of the blue making shift uncomfortable in his seat.
- I..... While yes... I don’t know .... but there’s just something there, it feels right. sighed not knowing what to do, it had been so long since he had felt something like this for someone.
- Can I make a suggestion? asked with a smile.
- Sure... murmured
- Next time ask her on a date instead. That’s what people do when they like someone. grinned slightly.
- Well I didn’t think it was going to be more than a one night stand. moped
- So you made it a second night stand instead. chuckled and took a sip of his beer.
- Funny, very funny. replied sarcastic before he held his beer to his lips.

felt ’s gaze on her as they had finished a song and knew all too well what that look in ’s eyes meant.
- Come on. whispered towards while fiddled with the micro stand feeling nervous about singing the personal she had written herself. turned and glanced at Seth and Ryan who smiled back at her and nodded, “right I can do this” told herself as she let both her hands rest on either side of her micro stand.
- This is a song I’ve written, it’s called Shadows and I hope you like it. spoke gently into her microphone. Her bare voice suddenly tore in a guy further down in the club as he realized he knew that voice. He knew the woman on stage she was the one who had left him in the dark night and here she was reappeared in his life for the third time.
- What’s wrong? questioned confused as to the expression on ’s face.
- It’s her. voice sounded barely audible as he felt his whole body react on the sound of her emotional filled voice “Morning after, Still lingers, Just waking up, I see a shadow of you, Making breakfast for two, I go driving, Past our place and, I see this guy walk by, I smell his perfume, For a moment I wish it was you”. Her words went straight to ’s heart as he got up on his feet and with in his tail he had walked over towards the little stage area and now stood watching her. saw she had her eyes closed and sensed she felt every word she sang, making a chill run down his spin. A gasp went through as he suddenly saw her slowly open her eyes and lock her gaze with his as words still came through her lips “I'm not gonna tell ya, I'm not gonna say that I'm okay, no, I'm tryin' to get over, I'm tryin' to get far away from our mistakes, But I see shadows, Everywhere they follow, It's you, reminding me, Of how we were, I’ve had enough, Of your shadows” That was the moment realized that the song had to be real, she had written it and felt every word on her own body. He had been too long in the industry to not realize when something was real or just a great song but this was both. “Four months gone, I can't feel you, I don't understand it, Where did you go? I hate that you're all that I know” felt transfixed and didn’t comprehend that was saying anything until he gently pushed.
- What? muttered still keeping his gaze firmly on although her eyes were no longer on him.
- So she’s the one who has hypnotized you, mind you her friend isn’t too bad looking herself. smirked glancing at up at .
- Of how we loved, I’ve had enough. gently let the words slip her lips as her eyes fell to the floor for a moment and as she looked back up it was with a smile on her lips taking in the applaud from the audience.
- Thank you. That was our last song for the night. Rest of the night goes to Andy the best DJ around. cheered making everyone cheer along and yelling cheers clicking their beers and glasses.

After having got their gear packed and placed safely they all four headed to the bar meanwhile kept feeling watching her from a far sending goose bumps all over her body.
- Remember: Boys are like toys, use them and lose them! whispered into ’s ear already sensing the bare presence had on .
- I know, I know. sighed trying hard to keep herself to their mantra telling herself it was for her own good.
- His coming over, yell if you need my help. muttered and followed Seth and Ryan further away by the bar.
- Hey gorgeous. voice sounded in her ear making her shiver which didn’t go unnoticed by and he couldn’t help but smile to himself.
- Hey... third time, I’m starting to think you’re stalking me. teased with a hint of flirt in her voice.
- I am, get used to it babe. winked at her before he signalled to the bartender for a beer and a Strawberry Daiquirie.
- Well if they all look like you, I guess I won’t mind. responded as she sat down upon the high chair by the bar.
- Mmm as long as I get to be you’re favourite. replied at her with a more serious look in his eyes as he held her gaze waiting for a response that didn’t come.
- Here you go Sir. The bartender said and handed the drinks over to who with a smile gave the Strawberry Daiquirie.
- You remembered. said and hinted to the drink.
- Of cause. I remember everything about you. answered smoothly and moved in closer towards her feeling the very scent of her making his heart pound that little faster.
- In fact I believe it’s destiny of love that we met again and we shouldn’t let destiny down. I know I’m doing this backwards but please will you go on a date with me? breathed close to her ear making every fibre in her body cry out to be touched by him.
- . sighed this was exactly what she was afraid of, to feel something for someone again and she’s just couldn’t.
- Babe we could be amazing. spoke now close to her lips as he felt her hesitate which only lead him wanting her to say yes even more.
- I thought we were amazing. whispered while her fingers fiddled with her drink.
- Oh we were. chuckled letting his one hand rest upon the back of her chair and the other on the bar.
- And we should let it stay with that. said in a low voice trying hard to keep strong but saw right through that.
- Destiny won’t let us. pushed on not willing to give up.
- you are an amazing guy I’m sure but I’m not worth your efforts. I don’t believe in love anymore. Love only brings you heartache. finally replied trying to make him understand.
- I could make you believe again. replied with persistence.
- Please , I don’t do love anymore, okay? responded and stepped down from the chair but before she could walk away took hold of her hand pulling her back so she stood up against the bar and his arms rested against the bar on either side of her body.
- No... I’m different, I won’t hurt you, I will be your exception. said gently feeling her inner wall crumble by his closeness.
- I can’t.... stuttered suddenly feeling unsure of her pact with and she wasn’t sure if she liked being this determined or not.
- Why do you keep running away in the dusk of the night? asked changing subject slightly wanting an answer although he was starting to sense why.
- Because you are a guy and I don’t date. now spoke more firmly and placed her hands upon ’s left arm to try and move it so she could get away.
- . whispered in his husky Irish voice that made ’s hands suddenly stop and with one hand still on his left arm she turned slightly and gazed up into his eyes that were suddenly only a few inches away from hers. Watching him close his eyes as she felt his lips linger above hers felt her knees wobble and closed her eyes as ’s lips captured hers making her inner wall come crashing down. Pulling away slightly still having his eyes closed felt his heart pound heavily by the feel of her lips so close to his.
- Go on a date with me. breathed against her lips not giving up until he got his yes.
- ...yes... found herself whisper and as she felt ’s lips on hers again she felt a smile tug on his lips.

Further away stood watching her friend losing the battle of her heart to .
- Don’t worry he is a good guy. ’s voice suddenly sounded beside and she turned her face slightly and glared at him.

Chapter 5

Five hours later fiddled with the key to the flat mean while hearing loud music coming from the inside telling her was home and must probably not in bed sleeping. Cursing to herself finally got the key into the keyhole to turn it around and unlock the door while afterwards she came stumbling into the flat. Whilst she came into the living room she spotted laying flat on her back starring right up into the ceiling with the remote control for the stereo in one hand and a beer bottle in the other. The last thing making know immediately that something was off as usually hated the taste of beer and the only reason they had the stuff in their fridge was because Seth and Ryan had left it there. let her bag and coat fall onto the sofa before she let herself drop down sitting on the floor resting her back against the sofa and gazing up into the ceiling.
- What are we looking at? questioned feeling slight out of it herself.
- ..!!! piped making wrinkle her nose.
- Sorry, if you see a guy up in our ceiling you should stop drinking. winced and watched close her eyes.
- Right now he’s everywhere which makes me think I’m sick. half joked and half sulked making giggle for a moment.
- You’re not sick, you’re just going against our mantra right now which yeah could be bad or not, right now I have no idea. responded observing trying to sit up and hand over the beer towards her. As took a sip managed to sit up and as she had she starred at immediately spotting the look in eyes which she knew all too well what meant.
- So was he any good in bed? asked frankly by the affect of the night’s alcohol her body had consumed.
- Huhh?!! replied trying to act innocent although she already knew that it was a lost battle.
- Don’t give me that, I know you. spoke while trying to look straight at her friend.
- Fine, it was the best sex I’ve ever had!!! sighed feeling slightly out of it because she was afraid she would want a repeat, in fact she was sure she did.
- OH MY GOD!! That’s what I said after the first time with . erupted and pointed at who rolled her eyes at her.
- I remember but I refuse to fall into the same trap as seems to try and catch you in. Talking about trap, did you run away from his bed in the dark night? questioned noticing the look on ’s face change.
- No, at the club was determined to follow me home and as we stood at our doorstep he placed his hands on either side of my face and gazed into my eyes saying “anyone can catch your eye but it takes someone special to catch your heart and I’m gonna prove to you that I’m that someone special to catch yours” and then he leaned in and kissed me ever so softly but it felt amazing and then he went home. answered with a dreamy look in her eyes making snap her fingers in front of face which made her jump slightly.
- Stop that. shrieked
- God you falling for the bloke hun’. concluded only to see open her mouth and close it without any words came out before a quiet sigh escaped her lips. knew was probably right since she remembered the signs even if it had been a while since a guy had made her knees wobble and her heart melt but she was yet to admit to herself that it had come that far. Not knowing what to say and at the same feeling tired like shit instead stumbled to her feet and wobbled into her bedroom where she threw herself on top of her bed and fell asleep as soon as her head landed on her pillow. Mean while as left couldn’t be bothered to walk all the way into her bedroom so instead she pushed her coat and bag on the floor and crawled onto the sofa where she immediately drifted into sleep.
“He pushed her down on the sofa as his tongue pushed gently over her lips to make her give him access to her sweet mouth. Willingly she did and soon felt his tongue glide around hers starting a sweet battle making her moan in pleasure into his mouth as she felt his hand roam over her body. Slowly his mouth left hers and she felt his breath near her ear and with his husky Irish voice he told her to grab his hand and pull him close, press her hips to his, and kiss him like she meant it.” ’s eyes shot right open and in a quick reflex she sat straight up on the sofa while she felt her heart hammer wildly in her chest while she kept telling herself “it was just a dream, it was just a dream”. She knew exactly who the guy was she had been with in the dream and it scared her to dead because she never dreamt about the guys she’d had a one night stand with. Suddenly ’s words repeated themselves in Henry’s mind as she remembered her saying “OH MY GOD!! That’s what I said after the first time with ” the bare thought made cringe. She had to admit she had loved being with but she just couldn’t let herself fall for him, it wasn’t even an option, it was out of bounds. Dawdling felt her heart beat slowing down and with a shake of her head she pushed every thought of out of her mind and she lay down and took hide in the sofa again.

- HOW THE FUCK DOES ANY WOMAN DO THIS? I CAN’T FIND ANYTHING TO WEAR FOR A DATE!! screamed out in frustration the following night as she tossed yet another top on her bed. Quietly piped her head through the door to ’s room as she had heard her scream but doing so in a careful manner sensing the frustration vibe was sending out and wasn’t sure if it was completely safe to enter ’s room.
- Ermm.... I guess like we used to do it, before we skipped the dating!! uttered and saw turn around at once looking at her.
- You think I should just let him down right? snapped feeling like she was drowning.
- It doesn’t matter what I think but the offer still stands for a movie with Seth, Ryan and me if you like?! suggested while glancing around at the mess had made in her room in the attempt to find something she thought could be used date wise.
- No... thank you... I have to do this... stuttered letting the top in her hand fall to the floor.
- I know hun’. smiled back at her friend.
- It’s not only the clothes, what about make-up and hair, how much should I put in it? almost wept feeling way out of her league. gazed at her friend standing in front of her closet looking like a totally lost poppy.
- Right, I believe I have about fifteen minutes, sit down on the bed. ordered and for the first time since she had entered the room she saw a light smile on ’s lips.
- Thank you. mumbled as grabbed the make-up and did her magic with the eye shadows, eyeliner, mascara and finally grabbed ’s iron straighten to straighten out her hair before she took the hairspray and made ’s hair fall loosely around her face and down over her shoulders. Then stood back and gazed at her work whilst they heard the doorbell.
- Right that will be Seth and Ryan so you have to find the clothes yourself. grinned as she saw the fear in ’s eyes.
- Can’t they wait a little while? I can’t do this myself, what was I thinking. I’ll go with you and the guy’s. cried out and jumped to her feet but pushed her back on the bed.
- You’ll do no such thing. As you said you have to do this and I know you... you will always be thinking what if, if you didn’t and then you would blame me!! responded and left the room leaving to look around at the mess she had created.
Grabbing her coat and purse pulled the door open and greeted Seth and Ryan but as she was about to close the door she saw coming up the stairs.
- Oh hey. spoke as looked up at her.
- Hey, is ready?
- Ermm... you’re talking about a woman who haven’t been on a date in ages... replied still having her hand on the door handle.
- Guess that’s a no then. answered quietly and realized that he may have gotten to say yes to a date but maybe he had to rethink how to go about it along the way.
- But you can go in, there’s nothing you haven’t seen before, have a nice evening but don’t you dare hurt her. almost giggled as she remembered what was wearing when she had left.
- Thank you and I won’t. assured her as he watched disappear down the stairs along with Seth and Ryan. Taking a breath quietly walked inside closing the door after him.
- . called out from the kitchen making follow the sound of her voice but he felt like he lost his own for a moment as he suddenly saw her standing in the kitchen standing on her toes trying to reach up to a cupboard. swallowed hard and bit his lower lip as his gaze ran over her body as she stood there only in a pair of faded jeans and a dark red bra and suddenly realized what had meant by saying there weren’t something he hadn’t seen before.
- , you have to help.... started but her voice failed her as her eyes fell upon instead. Suddenly she felt her hands feel slightly clammy and like a bunch of crows had broken loose in her stomach while she took in the sight of him wearing a pair of dark faded jeans and black shirt where he had rolled up the sleeves and left the three top buttons open so she had a view to his chest hair. felt her breath start to fail her as her gaze finally moved up to his face where she noticed his slightly stubbled chin that only added to her biting her lower lip as she loved how he always seemed all man and masculine to her.
- Hey beautiful, sorry but said I could just go in. croaked being the first to find his voice and he couldn’t help but fell his smile tug at his lips as he noticed her eyes get a shade darker from lust towards him.
- Hey. uttered it was like his words sent a lightning through her mind and body and something inside her made her feel freaked out once more. had calmed her down an inch but now when the date was actually going to happen she felt like she was out on deep water and could actually drown any minute.
- You know I love my view but I would like to keep it to myself. chuckled in a warm friendly voice making suddenly aware of the fact that she wasn’t wearing any top.
- Well I didn’t have anything to wear. shrieked placing her hands on her hips deciding that it didn’t matter because hell he had already seen her naked anyway and at least she was wearing her jeans and a bra and maybe this could be a way to get out of the date and just go back to normal where dates where something that didn’t exist.
- You know in guy world that is a code telling him the woman has lot’s lot’s of clothes. replied slightly bemused but felt a wave of surprise as she walked up close to him and grabbed his hand pulling him with her into her room.
- See no date clothes. moaned letting go of ’s hand and instead making a lost gesture with her arms as she walked towards her clothes closet. Seeing the mess of clothes shattered around the room couldn’t help a small laugh to escape his lips, as he took notice in his head that the guy code was indeed yet proven to be true to him. Glancing at he realized she had heard him laugh and was now gazing at him with a frown on her face.
- So all this mess is because of me? questioned with a raised eyebrow feeling his heart melt by the mare thought that she had gone through so much trouble just for him. - Well yes. You always look dead sexy and I wanted to do the same but I don’t do dates, so I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. exclaimed whilst kept hearing in his head that she thought his was dead sexy and he couldn’t stop the grin on his mouth.
- First of all I’m flattered and second of all trust me I think you are dead sexy too and thirdly you just wear what you think looks good on you and I’m sure that I will think you look amazing course I already do. tried to reassure her but she looked at him like she wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not.
- Listen babe, it’s just a date you don’t have to put any pressure on yourself. continued and stepped up closer to her.
- That’s exactly my point it’s not just a date! I’m good at getting guy’s to want me, not to date me or marry me but want me!! cried out feeling her walls tumble by the loving gaze in ’s eyes. Lifting his hands let them rest upon either side of ’s cheeks and made sure her eyes were looking back into his.
- That’s because whoever you met before me didn’t deserve you but I’m not them. I told you I would do you differently, I won’t hurt you and I meant that. You may not have ended up where and with who you thought you would but you will always end up where you’re meant to be..... and right now I believe that is to be on a date with me. spoke gently not realizing he just made a part of her heart melt. Seeing the look in her eyes calm slightly down by his words leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Then he pulled an inch away letting his lips still hover over hers feeling her shiver by his touch.
- Now are you ready to pick some clothes and come with me? breathed against her lips but could only manage to reply with a nod as she felt her whole body turn to jelly between his hands.

was walking out from the ladies room and into the hall at the movies to find Seth and Ryan again. She was just thinking about calling to ask if she was still breathing when locked eyes with a pair of once further away and at once she felt her heart skip a beat and she couldn’t help but cursing her own heart for doing so. She walked a few steps as she watched him tell a friend something before he turned to look in her direction again and this time he walked over to her.
- So this is where I should find you? grinned feeling like he’d won the lottery by seeing her again meanwhile was blaming destiny for being this cruel inside her head.
- Needed a night out relaxing. simply replied as she desperately tried to locate Ryan and Seth in the hall.
- I was sorry to see you had disappeared when I woke up. whispered close to ’s ear changing the subject and sending a shiver down ’s spin.
- I don’t do that and I don’t do dates they only lead up to heartache. responded like it was just out of question and finally met his gaze again to make sure he understood that she meant it. felt to stunned to reply as he wasn’t used to women treating him like that, usually he had to push them out, not the other way around and before he found his voice again he saw her walk away with Seth and Ryan.

Chapter 6

gazed over at sitting opposite him by the table at the little cosy restaurant he had picked especially because he thought anything to big and fancy would scare her off. The situation back at her place when he had picked her up had told him he had to step carefully and that she indeed meant every word she told him. At first he had thought it was a joke when she had told him she didn’t date but now he understood that it was a fact and that he was her first date in a really long time and that it was a really big deal to her. The fact that he was the first guy she finally agreed to take her out on a date made his heart flutter and made him feel more special than any woman in his past had. couldn’t help but gaze at her and while doing so he also got the feeling that she was filled with nerves and not relaxed at all and he decided to change that as good as he could.
- , sweetie, look at me. said softly watching her move her gaze towards him and when he knew she was looking into his eyes he smiled.
- A blonde walks into a store and tells the cashier she needs curtains for her computer. Cashier asks Blonde why, blonde says.."Duuuh, cuz it has windows!!" joked and grinned as he saw the confused look wash over her face.
- Huhh?! replied thinking she must had heard wrong, or did he just tell her a joke?
- Just go with it sweetie. A blonde walks into a store and tells the cashier she needs curtains for her computer. Cashier asks Blonde why, blonde says.."Duuuh, cuz it has windows!!" repeated and finally saw a smile break lose over ’s lips.
- Hehe... I didn’t think you told blonde jokes on a date. laughed unable not to by the way ’s eyes was laughing with her while a smile was tugging at his lips.
- Well not usually but you’re special and we need to make you relaxed, so come on tell me a joke. challenged her and noticed her shift a little on her chair while thinking.
- Hm okay.. What does a glazier do when he doesn’t have any glasses? asked sending a flirty grin making laugh that kind a laugh she started to love.
- Um well I don’t know but do tell me I can’t wait to hear the answer? winked at her.
- He drinks of the bottle. laughed finally feeling more at each in ’s presence.
- Haha very good, very good. He chuckled loving the sound of her laugh and was happy to see her at last seeming more comfortable.
- Thank you. blushed quietly looking away from him and felt how his laugh slowly stopped and he gazed at her more intently.
- For what? asked tenderly almost sure he knew what for but he wanted to hear her say it.
- For all of this, for making me feel relaxed.... I couldn’t imagine anyone else being able too. replied almost in a whisper. felt his heart skip a beat and slowly he got up and moved his chair over beside hers and sat back down taking her hand in his.
- , you don’t have to thank me, I wanted to because I believe you are worth all of it and so much more. You just need to believe that too. spoke sensitively while stroking a piece of hair away from her eyes. Slowly moved her face to look into his eyes and when she did another piece of her heart melted yet she couldn’t help but feel scared.
- I’m scared. whispered looking down.
- I know but then be scared with me. answered whilst lifting her face up by putting his hand under her chin gently.
- Why are you scared? voice sounded barely audible.
- Because I don’t know if you will turn away and leave me stranded. replied truthfully and saw her eyes immediately look into his surprised.
- But... I would be scared you would do the same, I’m used to that... uttered not sure if she was hearing correctly.
- Well how about we make a deal that neither of us does that then? questioned watching her think about it like she wasn’t sure if he meant it or not.
- ...alright... replied her voice being barely a whisper but heard and smiled.

The rest of the time at the restaurant felt like she was in some kind of happy bubble which she hadn’t felt in a long time and as they had left and had held his hand on her lower back while walking to his car she had felt a million butterflies in her stomach that she didn’t knew existed anymore.
glanced down at her face now lying on his shoulder at the movies where they had gone to after the dinner and couldn’t help but smile as he felt his heart pound faster as he felt her walls towards him slowly falling down. He looked down and saw her hand resting upon his knee it had landed there after she had giggled by something on the screen but she never moved it again. let his hand slowly move over hers and for moment he felt her shiver by his touch but to his content she let him entwine his fingers with hers.

Parking his car looked over at who glanced back at him with a cheeky expression all over her face.
- What? Why are you looking at me like that? questioned as they got out of the car.
- Because I can see what you are thinking. grinned poking her tongue out at him.
- Haha oh really, and what was I thinking? questioned putting a hand on her lower back as he guided her towards her flat complex and into the stairway.
- That you have a filthy joke on your lips. responded and moved around so she faced him.
- Hmm true... I was thinking that all girls are like light switches. All you need is fingers to turn them on. chuckled whole heartedly while gently pushed him on the chest.
- Ohhhh I knew it, you have a right of dirty mind. accused him while pointing a finger at him.
- Ah and you don’t? enquired while moving her finger away by entwining his fingers with hers.
- Some people say I have a dirty mind but I say it’s just creative. responded with a mischievous expression upon her face.
- Mmm well I can only concur that I agree and that I like that side to you. replied in a more hoarse voice while pulling her into his embrace. Locking eyes with him suddenly felt her voice leave her and instead felt her heart beat a hundred times faster than it normally would.
- Thank you for the date, I had an amazing time. ’s husky voice sounded close to her making her knees wobble.
- Like wise. Meaning you’re leaving me at the door? ’s swallow voice came out sending a shiver down ’s spin.
- I have to leave. This is what you do on a normal first date. breathed wanting to just skip that part but felt he needed to stick to it.
- My band are playing tomorrow night would you come and see me? asked in a quiet tone feeling like her hands got all clammy with nerves. Meanwhile felt his heart totally melt knowing he was the first guy she had ever asked that question.
- Would love to babe but my own band have a job tomorrow but how about you wait for me at the club and I’ll come as soon as I can?
- Sounds like a good plan to me. Should I know you’re band by the way? questioned making laugh lightly.
- Not necessarily but you probably do, you just don’t realize I’m in that band. chuckled seeing her wrinkle her nose.
- Hmm you are a mysterious man.
- Well have you never been told that mythical keeps a spark between a couple? enquired while pulling her an inch closer to his body.
- Right now you could tell me anything and I would believe it. croaked feeling light headed by .
- Hm in that case I’m your prince charming. whispered leaning in capturing her lips with his. ’s tongue slide over her lower lip before he parted her lips letting his tongue glide into her mouth hearing a moan escape her lips as their tongues collided in a sweet play putting them both in a state of wanting more. Breathlessly pulled away a moment later resting his forehead against ’s as he tried to gain a normal breathing.
- I should go before I won’t be able to stop myself. whispered while feeling her hands tangled into his hair.
- You don’t have to. murmured making smile.
- Yes I do, I’ll see you tomorrow babe. spoke leaving a last kiss on ’s lips before he left.

walked into the flat in a complete daze unable to remove the smile from her lips. She noticed sitting in the living room and before she sat down beside her let her purse and coat fall on a chair. For a while they both sat in silence starring out into empty space both lost in thoughts.
- I think I’m falling for a guy!!! They both muttered at once making them both immediately turn and stare at each other.

Chapter 7

- But I refuse to!! exclaimed within two seconds after and kept starring at waiting for her to response with the same words but they never came. Instead sat twisting like she sat on needles.
- Come on tell me you think the same!! continued eagerly to hear the same words.
- But I can’t. finally sighed and sat still gazing at her friend nervously but at the same time unable to remove the smile on her lips.
- OH MY GOD !!! exclaimed and jumped to her feet.
- I know, I know. sulked knowing she was going against everything they had leant but she couldn’t help it. The date had been so great and had made her feel so amazing.
- You’re basically telling me you’re falling for him and you’re just going to let it happen? I can’t believe you!! hissed frustrated and started walking back and forth in front of .
- But , he was so sweet and caring, it was the perfect date and he was the perfect gentleman!!! blushed and shrieked as she saw the state her friend was in.
- Sure for now, but do you really believe that will last. HE’S A GUY!!! You know my secret fantasy is to have three men at the same time, one cooking, one cleaning and one for sexual needs, that’s all their good for. swore making frown.
- You’re right, that’s what I thought but what if is different? Real love is not finding someone who thinks you’re perfect, it’s finding someone who knows your imperfections and loves you anyway. knows I’m hard work but he keeps trying because he likes me anyway. protested feeling the need to defend which was something very new to her before he came along she would never have defended a guy unless the guy had only been a friend.
- So because is sweeping you of your feet, you’re just forgetting how we loved the single life... we could do what we want, when we want and best of yet whom we party on single people, party on...!! Have you suddenly forgot that? mocked.
- No of ‘cause not, but you just said you were falling for too, so don’t give me that. responded and jumped to her feet standing face to face with .
- Yes but I also said that I refused too and I’m sticking to that. I am going to complain about guys ‘till one step up and think he can handle me. Until then men are all weak!! replied in a firm voice not backing of her decision at all.
- But what if is that man? questioned in a softer tone.
- Well he’ll just have to prove it then, won’t he? Because....
- You are not single and alone, you are independent and available until you find you’re equal. I know. injected continuing ’s sentence who then went quiet for a moment.
- Well I am and you used to think that too. sighed and plumped back down on the sofa finally letting herself relax knowing it was a lost battle right now to talk against .
- I still do but what if is that equal, what if?? Remember before I went on the date you told me I had to do it. spoke lightly and sat down beside who shot her a glance.
- Yeah but I didn’t think the date would make you all marshmallow.
- Me neither, at first I wanted to scream and run I was sooooooo nervous but sensed that and he made me relax with his charm and silly jokes and I’m glad you made me go. replied looking at with sincere eyes.
- You’re really happy right now aint you? heaved a sigh
- Yes but I also know you’re right, so I’m careful, I know there is a chance that he’ll hurt me because something always happens but I can’t say no to him...
- I know.... Let’s just wait and see how it plays out but is he hurts you I’ll be ready with the pink frying-pan. warned with a glint in her eye.
- Hehe I wouldn’t have it any other way. grin back at her friend.

The next morning woke up with a silly grin erupting on her lips meanwhile butterflies filled her stomach as she thought about last night. She still couldn’t believe how amazing the date had been and even how wonderful had been despite ’s faults. knew it probably hadn’t been a date you would call normal, especially not the beginning of the date with her feeling like a nervous rack not knowing what to do with herself when had arrived. A smile spread on ’s futures by the thought of not giving in but being determine to get her out on their date and even throwing around silly jokes to make her relax trough the evening. Rolling over in her bed stretched her body and let out a sleepy morning sigh as she out of the corner of her eye saw her mobile flash indicating she had gotten a text. She had deliberately turned the sound of her mobile last night to prevent anyone from disturbing her sleep. Gently she reached out and grabbed the phone and rolled back laying on her back and as she felt herself beam seeing ’s name flashing on her display she pressed the read button. “Morning babe, can’t stop thinking about you, thank you for the date last night, can’t wait to see you again. xxx ”. felt she whole body shiver in joy by the mare text and pushing another button pressed reply.

- , are you listening? questioned cutting through the world seemed to have drifted off too.
- Yeah...yeah...I’m here. uttered looking back up at his band mates all sitting around a table going through the events of the upcoming day.
- So I take it, your date went well last night by the sight of your silly mug this morning. teased him but just smiled not letting anything ruin his good mood this morning. Hearing his mobile beep looked down onto the phone in his hand and grinned seeing ’s name. Quickly pushed the read button “Morning handsome, laying in bed thinking about you too, can’t believe I’ve found someone who’s putting up with my damaged thoughts, you must be a prince, can’t wait to see you tonight. Xx ”.
- Well mate we’re glad she finally let you take her out, so we don’t have to see you mope anymore but could you please focus now? enquired with a slight serious tone although happy to see his friend smiling like a bear who’s got his honey.
- Yeah... Of cause...sorry.... grinned putting his mobile into his jeans pocket.

The evening had arrived and they were at a TV studio when court running down the corridor.
- Hey mate where are you going, we’re just having a bite to eat before the TV interview. called after him.
- Yeah I know, I won’t be long I promise. yelled back as he reached the door at the end of the corridor that lead outside to the parking lot.
- , come on, you don’t have time to leave. exclaimed with a shake of his head.
- I’ll be there, don’t worry. called back and ran out the door heading for his car. Jumping into his car knew he was acting crazy and this was probably stupid but he just had to see her and besides if he just hurried he would make it. had just told them earlier that was playing with her band that night and how had felt uttered proud to being the first guy she had actually asked to come see her so he was pretty gutted that he couldn’t make it. Yet had asked what club she would be at knowing that meant was there aswell and some force seemed to force him to head out and see her right now even if it just was for a glimpse as he couldn’t stay. It was with a beating heart walked into the club knowing full well might not greet him with open arms. Walking closer to the stage area felt his heart skip a beat as he saw getting things ready with and the two guys in their band. Seeing her suddenly turn and look in his direction felt those darn butterflies in the pit of his stomach. He watched as said something to before she made a move and walked over towards him.
- What are you doing here alone? asked as the first thing when she stepped up to him.
- Just wanted to see you but I can’t stay... responded
- How did you know I was here? frowned
- Erm said was here tonight and figuring you’re in her band I assumed you were here too. explained wishing he could just get to lose her guard towards him.
- Oh, well told me was busy tonight with his own band but would come after. replied having trouble believing was standing in front of her wanting to see her even if it just was for a moment.
- I know... is smitten... chuckled lightly seeing smile slightly for the first time since she just noticed him there.
- Well he better be because if he hurts my friend, he’ll have me on his back. snarled making ’s eyes widen for a second.
- He is one of the good guys and so I’m I....please let me take you out on a date? almost pleaded with her but was unwavering.
- I still don’t date.
- I promise you there’s good guy’s too, you just have to know how to pick ‘em. defended himself and fellow man.
- That may be but I haven’t seen it yet.
- Come on even is giving a chance. appealed.
- Yeah and I don’t get how he got under her skin but when it comes to , she apparently is weak. spoke letting her hands rest upon her hips as she watched .
- I could show you I’m not bad either.
- Listen , just because I’m single it doesn’t always mean I’m available. Sometimes you have to put up a sign that says ‘Do not disturb’ on your heart and guess what, this is what I’m doing. So you said you couldn’t stay so go do your thing and I’ll do mine here. spoke and glanced at a last time before turning around heading back to her band. felt slightly defeated seeing her leave him once more but he wasn’t going to give up. Looking at his watch quickly got a move on and headed for his car to get back to his own band in a hurry.

Chapter 8

- OH MY GOD... OH MY GOD!!!! kept stuttering as she starred right ahead of her into dead air.
- We did it... muttered in shock starring between , Ryan and Seth.
- OH MY GOD!!! repeated.
- OH SNAP OUT IF GIRLS, THIS IS HUGE!!!! Ryan yelled jumping up and down.
- I can’t believe we fucking managed to get a promise of a meeting with Simon Cowell. Seth spoke stunned
- You guys sound great, if you give me a demo CD, I’ll take it home and have a listen, and then I’ll get my secretary to call you and set up a meeting. Ryan imitated the words Simon had just told them a moment ago before he left the club.
- It must be because ya were determined to go in the Sony building and get hold of Simon. Seth beamed grasping a tight hold of hugging her so tightly she almost couldn’t breathe.
- But but.... we didn’t get hold of Simon... faltered
- Doesn’t matter, we went into the FREAKING BULDING and now Simon is hearing our stuff. Ryan shouted excitedly while grabbing hold of that slowly was getting out of her state of shock and hugged Ryan back as his arms embraced her.
- WEEEEEEEEEEEE FOR SIMON COWELL!!!!!!!!!!!! squealed and as Ryan let go of her she locked eyes with and both women set off into a high pitched scream of excitement not caring the least that people around glanced at them in wonder.
- Seriously this calls for a victory drink. Seth declared heading straight for the bar to order four drinks with a cheering Ryan at his tail.

It was late when the lads finally left the TV Studio, and after just having said bye to and , headed over towards his black BMW with on his tail. Ever since they had finished in the studio had felt walk around him like he was a caged animal desperate for something he didn’t seem able to get over his lips. When reached his car he turned around looking at who now stood fiddling with his keys for the car parked beside ’s.
- Alright I give in, spit it out mate... What is up with you? exclaimed unable to take ’s nervy behaviour anymore.
- Well....I errmmm....did you get hold of ? finally questioned glancing at for a second before once more looking down onto his car keys.
- Yeah I did, it’s pretty late now, so they are back at their flat. In pretty good spirit, it sounded like they had had a great night... She told me something amazing had happened but that she wanted to tell it to my face. chuckled as he remembered the excitement in ’s voice.
- Ohhh... was hoping they were somewhere of which I could join you. said nerves filling his voice.
- Ahhh that’s the trouble. You want to see . grinned at his friend.
- Yeah but she is impossible. cried out making a frustrated gesture with his arms.
- No just hard work mate, use your charm and work yourself into her heart. replied giving him a supporting smile.
- But she won’t even go on one date with me. sulked deeply.
- Either would with me at first. spoke trying to make understand it wasn’t a lost battle yet.
- So how did you change ’s mind.
- I kissed her. chuckled remembering the night by the bar where he persuaded her.
- THAT’S IT???!!! busted out baffled.
- Well she liked it. laughed patting ’s shoulder.
- Oh thank you for the help!!! grunted.
- , mate calm down will give in....Charm her, kiss her and make her understand that her world without you isn’t worth anything. replied gently trying his best to put some spirit into his friend.
- That’s what I’m trying to do...but she keeps saying no....Have told you anything about ? enquired looking into ’s eyes with hope, making feel sorry for him.
- Sorry mate.... and I haven’t talked about you too but I know when I met , the both of them was set on the fact that no men where worth anymore heartache. All I can say is just don’t give up. has giving me a chance now I believe but even when we went on the date she was careful about letting me get close. said quietly
- I’ve never had to work this hard to get even one date. muttered
- I know, neither had I. So be sure you really want to see before you start more than you have, because if you hurt I’m sure she will swear off all men the rest of her life. At least that is the expression I get.
- Haven’t she already? ’s voice sounded sarcastic.
- hahah yeah good point. laughed lightly
- I am sure though. There is something about her. I want to date . answered in a quite tone.
- Then go for it. I’ll talk to if you like, just not trailed off with a grin on his lips.
- Right but thank you. replied as he leaned his back against his car.
- No prob but for now mate....I have my girl too see... beamed opening his car door to set off.

Reaching his destination stood at the door ringing the bell and couldn’t help but chuckle to himself at hearing the loud music coming from the inside of the flat.
- GIRLS... the door is ringing? Ryan called out from the kitchen where he stood with Seth in deep concentration mixing various items in the blender.
- Uhhhhh it must be my man. squealed jumping up from the sofa.
- Excited much?! rolled her eyes while flicking through the cd collection to find a new album to listen too. Poking her tongue out at ran to their front door, opening it with a wide grin on her lips coming face to face with , flinging her arms round his neck and buried her face on his shoulder.
- Now that’s a greeting I like. smiled as pulled away from him linking her hand with his and dragged him with her into the living room.
- Hey , spoke while pushing the play button for the music.
- Hey, party much? questioned seeing Seth and Ryan appear with red coloured drinks they had made.
- Don’t worry we heard your voice, so we grabbed a beer along as well. Ryan grinned handing over a Guinness towards .
- Thanks mate, must admit I’m more a beer guy. replied while let go of his hand and took the red drink from Ryan.
- What is it anyway? asked hinting to the drink in ’s hand.
- Not sure, but it tastes really good. giggled and in her state of excitement she didn’t notice the frown on ’s face, who didn’t really like that some guy’s he vaguely knew served drinks that she didn’t know what was.
- Uh Uh Uh we got news. beamed locking eyes with .
- Yeah you said, what is it babe? questioned unable not to smile at her, finding her excitement endearing.
- Simon Cowell appeared at our gig tonight and he took our demo cd with him to have a listen, and promised if we called his secretary to set up a meeting with us. cheered putting down her drink on the table so she wouldn’t drop it in her excited state telling .
- Wow that’s amazing baby....guy’s... smiled sending ’s three band mates a smile as well.
- IT’S FUCKING AMAZING!!! Seth and Ryan both yelled while clicking their glasses but yet didn’t join in, instead she narrowed her eyes and starred at , watching as kissed right on the lips in front of them.
- What’s with the look? frowned getting the feeling hid something, as to her he didn’t seem all that surprised.
- What do you mean? asked glancing at as pulled away from him.
- You don’t seem too surprised to me! I mean it’s not exactly everyday you get heard by Simon Cowell, who actually might give ya a chance... exclaimed...
- , don’t... interfered thinking just hadn’t warmed up to the thought of her together with yet.
- Sorry, guess I just forgot for a second... started but stopped seeing immediately turn and stare at him, worry in her eyes.
- Forgot what? muttered letting her hands rest onto her hips looking at already on guard.
- Forgot how it was the first time Simon gave someone a chance..... I know Simon, My band and I kind a work with him....And I may have mentioned to him that he should go to the club and hear these two amazing women sing. explained, his fingers nervously fiddling with his beer, hoping they wouldn’t take it the wrong, as he glanced around him and saw four faces stare stunned at him.
- I....I thought it was because we had been into the Sony building demanding to see Simon Cowell, that he’d out on an odd chance showed up deciding to see us. rambled taking a step away from .
- Yeah, we all thought that! injected unsure of what to think.
- Does it matter? uttered quietly, having thought he had done something good.
- We thought we had made it happen ourselves, that’s all. Ryan retorted.
- Which made the feeling even better! Seth added while was all looked at, unable to read her mind, her lips wavering while her eyes had lost an inch of sparkle.
- Listen it’s really hard to get a break in this industry, so it’s good to have connections, everyone uses theirs to get their feet inside the door suck a speak... tried to reassure them.
- Good point! Ryan said giving a shake with his head, as threw him a glance before gazing back at .
- Trust me, in this business help is a good thing if you want your chance, everyone does it. I think you guys are great, so I just wanted to give ya a bit of help so I gave Simon a tip about hearing ya, but if you hadn’t been great he wouldn’t have given you the chance no matter what I had said. clarified seeing his words sink in and a small smile reappear at ’s lips.
- In that case we thank you, you talk sense. Seth grinned giving a pat on the shoulder.
- To right, thanks mate. Now I think we should stumble back to our flat, otherwise I won’t be able to find it. Ryan laughed drunken drowning the last bit of his drink, before pulling Seth with him holding him by the collar.
- Right, see ya later. Seth called out as Ryan had pulled him to the front door.
- I’m hiding the sack too, night guys. chuckled feeling like she should give and some alone time.
- Night girly. smiled towards .
- Come here you. grinned when he found himself alone with , the discussion already forgotten, as the look in ’s eyes had returned to a happy one, and pulled her tightly into his strong arms, brushing his lips against ’s. Feeling her tug her fingers into his hair sneaked his tongue out licking at ’s button lip, and felt her willingly let his wet tongue slip passed her lips into her mouth colliding with her soft tongue. Letting his hands slide down her back, they reached her firm arse where gave her buttocks a push against him, the action making moan into his mouth as she dipped her delicious tongue into his mouth, letting it lick and taste . Flickering his tongue against ’s as he let his tongue follow ’s into her mouth, couldn’t help but groan, as his jeans became tighter, the need for growing by each second. knew he had stop this before it got too far, if he was going to stick to the decision he had made with himself or else he wouldn’t be able to stop, his attraction for the woman in his arms to strong.
- Baby..!! whispered taking hold of ’s hands and breaking them apart slightly, while linking his fingers with hers.
- ... beamed her eyes twinkling as she gazed back at him with flirtatious eyes.
- We should stop before I won’t be able too... said softly.
- But I don’t want you to stop. giggled leaning in trying to catch ’s lips once more but pulled his hands from ’s and instead cupped her face in his hands, making her lock her eyes with him.
- Baby...I don’t want our next time to be wild drunken sex. I started dating you because I want us to be a real couple, to be something special, course you are special to me...So the next time we have sex I want us both to be sober, so we can feel and remember everything. Do you get what I’m saying? asked searching ’s eyes to see if she comprehended what he said. Slowly seeing her nod also noticed emotional tears will up in her eyes.
- Guy’s don’t talk like that to me.... whispered almost audible making ’s heart skip a beat.
- Well then they are idiots. I really like you babe... said seriously wanting her to understand it while he watched her lips tremble. Starring into his eyes felt something she hadn’t let herself feel for a long time, but in ’s hands she seemed to melt like butter each time he gazed at her. Closing her eyes for one second wanted to say the words back to him, the words he had just told her, the words she wasn’t used to hearing and maybe therefore they kicked into her heart even harder. Her mind kicked into the battle with her heart telling her couldn’t have meant that he liked her, it would all just lead to heart ache, yet the loving look within ’s eyes overpowered her brain.
- I really do like you baby... repeated knowing by the expression on features that she had a hard time believing it.
- I....I...I really like you too.... croaked and her heart beating frantic at hearing the words escape her lips but seeing the sweetest smile appear on ’s handsome face, couldn’t help but smile back and feel the butterflies fill her guts.
- You don’t know how amazing it is hearing you say that. beamed leaning in placing a tender kiss on her lips.
- Would it be okay if I went with you to bed, just want to hold you in my arms?! spoke feeling his emotions run away from him as his heart melted over. Noticing frown at his request chuckled...
- I meant to sleep...just sleep...all night with you in my arms... smiled stroking ’s cheek gently.
- I don’t know if I can....I haven’t....done that....for a long time...I don’t... stuttered feeling uncertainty wash over her. She wasn’t used to spoon in bed all night with a guy she liked anymore, it was like a foreign country.
- Trust me baby, you will love it...and I’ll keep you safe, you don’t have to worry. assured her seeing bit her button lip before she finally nodded and stepped away from him, taking a few steps in the direction leading to her bedroom before turning around and smiling back at with shy smile reaching out her hand for him. Grinning like he had just won a huge price quickly walked forward and linked his strong hand with ’s smaller one.

Chapter 9

wrinkled his nose, shaking his face weakly feeling something tickle his face as he slowly came out of his sleep. As he was about to move his hand to remove whatever tickled his nose he felt the sensation of warm skin under his fingertips and froze suddenly very aware of a woman’s body spooned up close to his with his arms wrapped round her slim figure. Fluttering his eyes open ’s lips curled up into a smile, realizing it was laying in his arms and images from last night flashed through his mind making butterflies in the pit of his stomach. had been so nervous she had shook slightly when they had got into bed, and he had pulled her tightly into his arms, holding her as closely as he could whispering sweet words into her ear until he felt her relax in his arms and even had entwined her fingers with his making his heart flutter knowing each small step she crossed with him was a boundary for . Placing a tender kiss on ’s hair tried to slowly slip out of bed without waken her up.

Staring into the mirror blinked her eyes letting all the events of last night wash over her tired mind. She couldn’t quite believe all the things that were happening in her life at the moment, it was a far cry from the life before London. Everything felt like they were turning around since she had agreed upon ’s plan, only one thing hadn’t changed, men were still rats and couldn’t help but still think of ’s persistence of with a frown, guy’s just weren’t like that, they weren’t that nice. She noted to herself to still keep an eye out on missing up just a tiny bit, he was a man, so he was bound to at some point. Washing her hands at the sink couldn’t help but yawn feeling tired to the bone, the mare thought of her bed made her smile and closing the water tap turned around heading to open the bathroom door. Feeling her eyelids flutter closed for a second as she opened the door noticed too late someone trying to head inside the bathroom as she was about to walk out causing the two of them to clash together.
- Urrrhhh!!! muffled in a state of shock and tiredness.
- OH....Sorry!!! muttered taking a step back quickly unable not to chuckle to himself as he had recovered from bumping into quicker than she and therefore noticed the shocked expression on her tired face as she stood there in her little pink top and small black shorts. felt her breath having failed her as her eyes seemed transfixed on the broad muscular toned bare chest right in front her, with dark scattered chest hair that had a snail trail going lower and lower down into the dark faded jeans he was wearing.
- You all right? chuckled fully aware of ’s stare making a personal note to probably not telling about the incident, already sensing the jealous gaze would held within his eyes if he knew.
- Oh....yeah!!! quickly shook her head hearing ’s ruffled morning voice forcing herself to tear her stare away from ’s bare chest and look into his eyes instead.
- Didn’t mean to startle you. said finding ’s frantic nerves pretty amusing.
-’s fine....thought you had left...not used to men staying over. uttered surprised to find a man at their flat at this hour, usually and herself would have kicked them out by now.
- Well maybe you should get used to me being around. winked at before walking passed her into the bathroom. Seeing closing the bathroom door ’s eyes widen suddenly feeling very awake and storming down the corridor towards ’s room, ripping the door open, finding curled up in bed with a smile grazing her lips as she slept.
- Damn it girl!!! muttered wanting to talk to about the incident she had just had, but seemed away in her own little world and knew would soon be back. “Damn it” repeated to herself leaving the room once more deciding not to wake with her outburst right this minute as she wouldn’t have time enough. only just reached her own room again as she saw leave the bathroom again and head back towards ’s room. Watching ’s toned back as he walked bit her lower lip, he sure was fit and if looked like that when he had just woken up, by God how wouldn’t she react to seeing like that in the morning? The mare thought sending a shiver through ’s body and making her hurry into bed hoping sleep would wash away her thoughts.

Closing the door quietly couldn’t help but laugh to himself at the shocked expression on ’s face but as he turned around watching ’s naked form curled up under the duvet he felt it twist at his groin making quickly pad over to the bed. He hastily took off his jeans letting them fall to the floor and then lifted the duvet crawling under it, letting his left leg tangle in between ’s while his left arm slid round her stomach pulling her body close to his, mean while his right hand rested above their heads on the pillows while tugging softly at ’s hair. Leaning his face into her hair breathed in her scent feeling himself get wrapped up in the amazing sensation it enrolled him in having this close to him. Shifting his face slightly placed a gently kiss on ’s bare shoulder feeling her body stirrer at the actions he had made. couldn’t help the smile erupt on her lips at the sensation of her body spooned that close up to ’s and she never wanted the feeling to stop, right this minute she felt more safe and wanted than she had in what felt like ages. didn’t want to open her eyes and spoil the moment of the sensation of placing small warm kisses on her shoulder but she couldn’t help but move her face slightly giving him better access to place kisses on her neck as well.
- Morning baby.... ’s gravely morning voice sounded by her ear as he had taken in the hint and placed a trail of kisses from her shoulder and up the her earlobe.
- Morning... croaked as in a quick move trapped her underneath his body and entwined his hands with hers on either side of her face as he locked eyes with .
- Do you know what? breathed out leaning his face down closer to making her feel his hot breath on her face and her heart raise.
- What? whispered feeling words fail her at the lust filled look in ’s eyes that seemed to get darker by each second.
- I love waking up like this, with you in my arms. responded both letting their eyes flutter closed as closed the gap between them brushing his lips over ’s enjoying each second while they shared a slow, lingering morning kiss, their tongues occasionally flickering against each other. Hearing moan into the kiss as once more dipped his tongued into her mouth, tasting her and sliding his tongue gently round hers, at the same time rubbed his growing erection against ’s pussy. felt her whole body react to the intense emotions ’s actions erupted in her and it scared her, she wasn’t used to sharing passion in a slow way that made it all seem so much more intense. Wrenching her lips from ’s and pushing her face back into the pillow fluttered his eyes open and gazed into ’s frightened once as he felt her body heave underneath him at the passion he erupted in her.
- Baby, just enjoy it... don’t be scared. breathed out leaning down resting his forehead against ’s while feeling his hard flesh throb against ’s pussy, wanting so badly to sink his hard erection deep inside her slippery canal and just be with her in a slow passionate way.
- I.... .... uttered feeling all her senses on alert as she felt ’s dark chest hair rub against her body. Lifting his face to gaze into her eyes saw how battled with her want and scared emotions of fully letting go with him.
- Babe....I won’t hurt you...I just want to be with you....To show you how amazing it is to be with someone you like and who likes you back...we’re amazing together baby.. groaned closing his eyes for a second as pushed her hips upwards, making a fiction rush through them both as ’s rock hard cock got pushed hard against ’s wet pussy.
- Biting her lower lip gazed up into dark gentle lust filled eyes that showed nothing but sincerity making her feel like the only woman on ’s mind. Unable to utter a word nodded swallowing hard as placed a kiss on her lips before trailed a trail down her throat, down her cleavage still holding onto her hands firmly. Feeling ’s body tremble underneath him, slide his tongue round the nipple of ’s left breast before sucking it into his warm mouth letting his wet tongue play with her nipple till it stood erect in his mouth. couldn’t help but moan feeling ’s tongue move over to her other breast teasing her with his talented tongue. Trying to free her hands from ’s strong grasp wanting to touch him just felt ’s hands hold onto her even stronger not letting his grip on her go. Suddenly feeling ’s solid erection slide over her slippery pussy and push against her aching hole couldn’t help a small cry leave her lips.
- Please ....need your hard cock deep inside me! pleaded, a whimper leaving her lips when gently blew warm air on her right breast.
- Not yet baby. teased poking out his tongue licking at ’s nipple, loving the feel of her firm breast under his tongue.
- ....Please.....I want you to fuck me.... begged throwing her face as far back into the pillow as she could feeling keep rubbing his hard flesh against her aching pussy. Her plead sending a shudder through ’s body and his erection felt like ready to burst of want to be sheathed to the hilt inside of . Moving back up her body, hovered slightly on top of taking in the sight of her flustered face and the lust in her deep eyes.
- Please... whispered as her heart pounded and her eyes fluttered closed when leaned down brushing his lips hungrily over hers, plodding his tongue into ’s mouth wanting to taste all of her but both wrecking their mouths apart when pushed the head of his hard dick into ’s wet hole. His breath failing him holding his action still for a moment taking in the sight of passion in ’s eyes as the head of his cock was throbbing inside ’s entrance, not being able to wait another second to be fully inside , held his eyes locked with ’s as he painfully slow pushed his rock hard cock inside ’s canal until he was fully buried inside her, making whimper underneath him as they both clutched even tighter onto each other hands as the fire shoot through them both feeling ’s erection throb constantly inside . Raising her head captured ’s lips wanting to taste his additive lips and as pushed her tongue into ’s willing mouth, started up a rhythm pushing his rigid hard cock in and out of ’s hole in a slow motion. Feeling ’s tight walls clasp tighter and tighter round his hard cock with each trust kept groaning into their kisses never wanting it to end. The shivers shooting down his spine never seemed to stop at the sweet moans leaving ’s lips as she enjoyed every emotion erupted in her. Pushing just a bit harder and faster into ’s hole felt on the brink of his orgasm, wanting to come with him, he let go of one of her hands and watched as her now free hand immediately grasped onto the pillow as pushed his cock inside her again and a groan left ’s mouth making him close his eyes for a second as pushed her hips upwards meeting his thrust, making his dick sink an impossible bit deeper inside her.
- God so amazing baby. groaned snatching another kiss from before his free hand travelled down over ’s breast, over her stomach and quickly found her erect clit.
- Ohhh ....Ohhh.... whimpered buckling her hips feeling ’s thumb kept flickering over her clit while kept pushing harder and faster into her hole making them both heave and their bodies sweaty.
- !!!! cried out when flickered his thumb over her clit one last time and slammed his dick deep inside her, her orgasm jerking through her and her walls clasp forcefully round ’s cock making him come hard and long shouting steam after steam deep inside , her name a chant on his lips as he collapsed on top on her body. Both breathing heavily as they slowly came down from their intense high, enjoying the closeness in the glow of the aftermath while still felt her body tingle all over from still being buried deep inside her, and all the emotion he created in her. She wasn’t used to have sex anymore that involved any kind of loving emotions but with everything just seemed right. The bare thought of it being right with made ’s heart skip a beat and her body shook slightly making move slightly locking his hazel eyes with her, showing her nothing but tender affection within his gaze.
- Babe... questioned noticing the emotions glaze within ’s eyes. Hearing the softness in ’s voice made flutter her eyes closed, while a tear tickled down her cheek.
-’s wrong? asked concerned as he gently wiped away the tear with his thumb.
- Sorry... murmured as gently linked his strong hands with hers on either side of ’s face.
- Please look at me. pleaded with her and watched as slowly fluttered her eyelids open, revealing the fragile emotions in her eyes.
- That’s it tell me please.... whispered holding her gaze locked with his.
- I’m....It’s just...this it felt right with you...I’m.... stuttered trailing off closing her eyes for a second before once more gazing up into ’s eyes that gazed back at her with happiness washing over his eyes.
- It felt right for me too hun’. smiled letting go of one of ’s hands to gently move a strand hair away from ’s eyes, feeling his heart flutter as he felt himself drown in her deep eyes.
- I’m scared. admitted as let go of her right hand as well and let his arms rest upon the pillows on either side of ’s face while his fingers softly tugged into her hair.
- I know...but I’ll keep you safe baby. soothed before leaning down capturing ’s lips in a slow unhurried luscious kiss.

- You sure you have to go? enquired sitting up in bed with the duvet wrapped around her watching as he buckled the belt round his jeans.
- Mmm would love to stay in bed with you all day babe.... trailed off with a laugh on his lips seeing how blushed at his words and looked down for a second before her gaze followed his every move once more.
- But I think the lads would get cross with me if I let them down. explained grabbing his shirt from the floor and watched biting her bottom lip as she stared at how ’s toned muscles flexed while he slipped his shirt back on.
- But I’ll call you tonight, that’s a promise. grinned walking over to the bed cupping ’s face in his firm hands, brushing his lips tenderly against hers. Feeling slide her hands round his neck, letting her fingers tug into his short hair deepened the kiss sliding his tongue between ’s lips and into her warm mouth flicking his tongue against ’s, receiving a moan from her at his action. Reluctantly pulled away leaving a final kiss on ’s forehead before walking towards the bedroom door where he stopped...
- By the way.... ...before you woke up this morning I headed out to the bathroom and stumbled into and I think I kind a shocked her by my presence...Just thought you should know... chuckled, looking a seeing her eyes twinkle in a giggle.
- Well she would be, we’re not used to having men around that stays over. beamed back at .
- I’m much honoured you kept me then baby. winked at just catching her lips curl up into a wide smile before he left the bedroom.

- See you later... “STUD”... called out after seeing him leave from her position in the living room. Her call making turn around shaking his head in a laugh.
- You bet...”pinky”... chuckled seeing still wearing her little pink top and he couldn’t help but grin when he saw instantly gaze down at what she was wearing.
- Have a nice day. laughed leaving the flat.

Chapter 10

“Finally, has arrived.” muttered “Our appearance on the air is only in five minutes” added when finally strode in backstage.
“Sorry mates I was a bit occupied” grinned while a woman stood beside him with powder brush and brushing it over his forehead.
“Would that have anything to do with the; I just got shagged look upon your face?” joked glancing over at his band mate.
“It might” beamed feeling like his was walking on air.
“So this woman has finally let you into her bed?” laughed, at the love puppy look in ’s eyes, not having seen him like that for a while.
“And it was bloody incredible” smirked as the woman with the powder brush shook her head at him and left them.
“Focus, focus” interfered referring to the fact that they about to go live in a second, while stared at from his position resting against a door frame, wondering about who exactly this where that was hooking up with.


Meanwhile at another place in town sat in a meeting with , Seth and Ryan round a large steel coloured table with Simon sitting across from them, discussing future possibilities for them as a band. All four was sat extremely excited and nervous at being in the centre of hope that their dream would finally be taking form, that they would get that big chance of a break they were searching for.
“Listen I got this idea, but I need you to sing for...” Simon trailed off by a knock on the door and calling out enter. Seeing the well known manager in the form of Louis walk through and into the room, made the four friends internally gasp.
“Just on cue....I need you to sing for Louis. Show us you really want this!” Simon stated.
“No problem at all, we’ll sing Shadows for you?” Ryan immediately in his eagerness declared.
“Please do” Simon agreed watching as the four friends chimed in and sang as strongly and intensely as he remembered. Glancing towards Louis at his side, Simon knew they had something here, but they needed a little undisturbed meeting first.
“...your shadowsss....” sang the last few words of the song and fluttered her eyelids open catching Simon staring at her with delighted smirk.
“Brilliant, utterly brilliant” Louis cheered and noticed them relax at his words.
“Thank you.” beamed their praises.
“So you two are normally playing the instruments and singing chorus when needed but the ladies are the lead singers?” Louis enquired looking at Ryan and Seth.
“Yes that’s right” Seth spoke, feeling nervous.
“Right, well it was as said brilliant. Now just go out and come back in an hour, Louis and I need to discuss a few things. I got something in mind but need to pull some strings. See you in an hour at my office.” Simon told, seeing them all grin back at him with sparkling excitement in their eyes.
Leaving the big Sony building they now stood just outside the four of them.
“I think that went well. That went well right?” Ryan rattled on fiddling with his fingers. “It went perfect.” cheered, beaming like the sun.
“Haha yeah but I think this one...”Seth trailed off padding Ryan’s back “Need’s a strong beer to cool his nerves. How about we meet up here right on the dot in an hour, ladies?” Seth winked making chuckle at Seth and his seemingly always charming behaviour.
“Deal, I’ve spotted a Costa, what do you say ?” said turning her gaze to ’s.
“Uh you know me, I’m always up for Costa” smiled at the thought off all the tasty things inside the coffee house.
A moment later and settled down in a couple of chairs with a little round coffee table between them, and placed their hot chocolate on the table and dipped their pinks marshmallows into the mix.
“Aww I love this” sighed sipping on her chocolate.
“Me too, nothing beats it.” agreed while she tasted her melted marshmallow with a content sigh.
“I can’t believe it’s actually happening now. Can’t help but wonder what Louis and Simon is coming up with.” spoke looking at over her big mug of chocolate.
“Me neither, feeling utterly excited and nervous at the same time, not knowing...” trailed off, just as her phone in her bag beeped, indicating she had received a text.
“By the way we never had enough time to discuss this morning” injected while grinningly had pulled out her phone and read her text “Hey Baby, last night, this morning, it was incredible, can’t wait to pull you close once more. Xxx
“Ermm what?” grinned too distracted with ’s words to gather what said.
“Just text him back first” rolled her eyes.
“Him? How do you know who texted me?” asked casting a glance.
“With that silly grin plastered on your face, it can only be declared with a laugh, causing to look down at her phone blushing and typing a text back to .
“I can’t help it” defended herself a short moment later, putting her phone back into her bag.
“Just be careful , there’s a reason we classed men as toys.” warned.
“I know, but what about , he got to you as well.” murmured.
“Yes he did, but I refuse to let him pull me under his sexy spell” admitted although feeling lightly weak by her own words, knowing deep down that if someone could make her break that rule, it might very well be .
“It will be okay.” whispered as much to herself as to .
“You’re scared, aren’t you?” asked before taking another sip of chocolate.
“Of cause I am, but I can’t seem to stop myself, is turning into a drug for me” smiled weakly.
“Oh I know, and this morning I saw why. Good god he had a body to die for....if you hadn’t taken him already....” smirked, licking her lips.
“Hey you, his taken!” blurted out with a grin on her lips.
“Just messing with ya” laughed enjoying their banter and hoping for ’s sake that it wouldn’t turn out bad for her.


An hour later they all sat inside Simon’s office, felt like she sat on needles as she watched the smug faces of Simon and Louis, both obviously happy with what they had come up with, yet and her band still sat waiting for the magic words of what it was, to fall of Simon or Louis lips.
“So, you got a deal for us?” asked getting to impatient to wait another second.
“It so happens that we do. As you maybe know Louis is the manager of Westlife and they are preparing for their new upcoming tour, and now it so happens you have the offer to become one of their support acts.” Simon explained feeling rather amused at the shocked expressions washing over the four faces in front of him.
“It could be the break you’ve been waiting for” Simon smiled.
“Oh My God” exclaimed excitement filling her.
“We’ll get onto a huge stage in arenas?!” gasped, not completely being able to grasp that it was finally starting to happen for them. This could be the start of something...
“Haha that is the plan.” Louis laughed, always enjoying spotting new acts and giving them a chance as support acts.
“So what do you say,” Simon winked.
“YES” all four cried out.
“Where do we sign?” beamed, her eyes sparkling feeling like this day had to be the best one she’d had in ages.


“CHEEERRRRSSSS” All four yelled that evening as they stood inside a club, a place they used to play at, but tonight it was just to celebrate.
“WE DID IT!!!!!!” and screamed excitedly as they clink their glasses up in the air.
“We fucking did, a TOUR, can ya believe it, a fucking TOUR!” Ryan laughed, while he in his excitement clasped a hand onto Seth’s back, making him cough on his beer.
“Support act” pointed out with a beaming smile.
“Small fraction of difference, it’s a TOOOUUURR!!!” Seth cheered clinking his beer towards ’s glass.
“And on Simon’s order, we’re celebrating tonight!!” chuckled, clinking her glass towards ’s, both squealing delighted, unable to believe they had actually gotten a break, and was about to embrace onto another adventure.
“I bet you’re even more chipper at the prospect at touring with the boyfriend” Ryan winked at , who beamed in response.
“And when you say his name..” Seth trailed off nodding ahead of them.
“....he enters.” Ryan finished Seth’s sentence seconds after had stuffed her glass into Seth’s hand and rushed over to .
“Someone’s happy.” laughed seeing reach him with a large smile and her eyes sparkling like never before.
“Sooo excited!” grinned rushing into ’s strong embrace, his arms enveloping around her body, while dropped a firm kiss onto his lips.
“We’re going touring together” beamed as they broke their kiss.
“We most definitely am and I can’t imagine anything more incredible.” agreed with a joyful smile, loving seeing this way, finding it endearing to see her letting her walls fall for him and letting him see this side to her.
“Maybe I actually should get to know your band mates, other than then.” smiled up at .
“We can always get to that, just you concentrate on having your own band ready and on fire.” smirked.
“Hey, are you two ever coming over to drink with us?” called them over.
“Haha, yeah mate, coming” laughed as linked her fingers with his and pulled him with her over to the bar where and stood trying to catch one of the bartenders attention.
“Where did Seth and Ryan go?” asked looking around.
“I think they saw something with long legs in heels bashing their eyelashes at them!” chuckled.
“You know that did sound a little sexist. It’s not like you women doesn’t look after a well equipped male.” joked with a raised eyebrow at while cough on his beer in laughter at his mate.
“Just for your information it is scientifically proven that a woman can be satisfied with only 8.5 cm. and it doesn't matter if the card is Visa or MasterCard...” replied, staring at teasingly through her black lowered lashes, making stare back at her gobsmacked for a second before quickly shaking his head.
“Weeee good one cheered looking over at her friend, just as the bartender placed two cocktails in front of them.
“Perfect timing” said taking her drink at the same time as took the other.
“All I want is a beer. took mine!” protested.
“Only because you were too busy eyeing up” smirked while resting his right hand on ’s lower back.
“This is how you do it. Watch and learn.” injected and battered her eyelids at a male bartender, who quickly responded and placed the beer before them.
“Yeah bash your sexy girly charms and every man would come running” rolled his eyes in a statement, making both and giggle.
“As if you and don’t flirt your way through” chuckled shaking her head.
“What, never!” exclaimed acting shocked grabbing his beer and stepped over to ’s side pulling him into a conversation.
“Why is he so damn hot tonight!” muttered in a whisper to .
“Mmm well it is celebration night, all sails go.” settled sipping on her drink.
“Hmmm.....” mumbled gazing at .
“What?” asked seeing ’s mouth move but the words didn’t come out in a fashion where could tell the words, so leaning closer to , couldn’t help but giggle when she finally understood.
“I will not be a naughty girl, I will not be a naughty girl, I will not be a naughty girl, I will not be a naughty girl, I will not... Ah, hell. Who am I kidding?” blurted out to ’s amusement and before could say anything stepped up to getting his attention.
“Yes?” said staring into ’s eyes for a second before she pulled him in, crashing her lips onto his. It didn’t take more than a second to get over the surprise and melt into the kiss, loving feeling ’s warm tongue sweep between his lips into his mouth.
“I’ll say, when you two girls celebrate, you celebrate” chuckled placing his beer on the bar and enveloped in his arms, sighing as he rested his forehead against hers.
“I’m sure you do too.” mumbled resting her hands against ’s broad chest.
“So are you a bad girl too?” questioned, his eyes gazing back at her with mischief.
“I'm really a ‘good girl’, who just happens to have ‘bad girl’ tendencies!” smirked making chuckle.
“I think I like that” murmured, leaning in to claim her lips in a deep hungry kiss.


“Now that was fun, I’m sure glad I was invited to help celebrate” laughed as they hours later stumbled into ’s bedroom, both feeling merry from their good mood and the alcohol they had consumed at the club.
“Couldn’t celebrate without you, you put a helping hand in to get us this deal. I know you did” slurred slightly grabbing hold of ’s shirt and pulling him near to her body.
“You’re welcome” murmured dropping a kiss onto ’s lips.
“Guess you’re staying in my bed tonight” smiled broadly, feeling on top of the world.
“Mmm I hope so....but we should actually get onto the bed for that to happen.” smirked, grabbing a tight hold round ’s body and pushing her towards the bed.
giggled as they both fell onto her bed, her room filled with warm laughter as heaved his body, so he was hovering over ’s smaller frame, his arms framing her face as their laughter died down and tugged her fingers into his hair.
whispered while leaned he face down an inch closer to hers, they gazes locked, to .
“You make me happy.” spoke, her eyes sparkling back at him, making ’s heart flutter.
“You make me happy too.” smiled, leaning down capturing ’s lips in a sweet luscious kiss.


Glancing into the mirror in the bathroom, beamed back at her own reflexion, unable not to chuckle to herself as she a moment earlier had walked past ’s bedroom and heard the laughter spilling through the closed door. She was almost getting used to having around and by ’s assumption off telling she had to get used to it because he was under ’s spell now, slowly got used to it. Even the nagging feeling she had, had loosen up lightly, but a part of her still couldn’t help but being on guard, because how long would it last, would he hurt before long? Shaking her head, knew she still felt sceptical towards men, but seeing happy with and having constantly trying to win her over with his charm every time they bumped into each other, had made her lose her guard an inch. Opening the tap at the sink washed her hands, trying to settle her thoughts, even now when they were mixed with alcohol and she knew the mix sometimes weakened her, which was probably why she had ended up making out with at the club. Sliding her finger across her lower lip remembered the touch of his lips and she couldn’t help but grin, after all playing was alright, it was getting too attached with emotion that was dangerous. The thought made gaze at her reflection, hoping she could still hold her guard round , she still felt the need to in some way, which was why he still hadn’t got her phone number out of her. Sighing turned from the mirror and slowly moved out of the bathroom and towards her own bedroom, noticing on her way that the laughter from ’s room had dried down, just as she grabbed the door handle to her own room, opening the door and smiling at the sight of the presence on top of her bed.
“Hey baby, what took you so long?” grinned wickedly, his eyes burning into ’s.

Chapter 11

A few weeks later and stood glancing round inside a dressing room trying to brace themselves to be meeting the rest of and ’s band, both feeling a bit nerve wreaking about it.
will be in there.” finally spoke, causing to settle her gaze on her.
“I thought you said he was alright with you two not being anything serious!” wondered frowning.
“He said he was because I told him I was single and wished to stay that way, but I think he believes he can change my mind.” sighed.
“And can he?” It’s not bad, I love being with , even if I still do have my moments where I get scared and wonder when it will all collapse.” finally admitted to after having kept the truth of the fact to herself.
“You do? Cause you don’t seem too during the last few weeks” spoke raising an eyebrow.
“Of cause I do, you don’t get over all the stuff so quickly, but I don’t know, everything just feels different with , you know?” explained.
“Yeah I know that’s what scaring me.” said, watching glance at her with and an expression of understanding in her gaze.
“We can do it” murmured as an overall statement, it had been a busy time since they signed the papers to be the support act. The days had been filled with meetings and practicing for the upcoming tour, and now they stood gearing up to meet the main act of the tour for the first time.
“We should have found time somewhere and found out about the other two lads, we only know and muttered nervously. was about to reply when a knock was heard on the door and came inside.
“Hey are you two ever coming out?” grinned walking up to , planting a tender kiss on ’s cheek.
“Of cause, we’re just trying too gear us self up to meeting your mates” admitted to ’s happy face.
“Oh no worries they will love you two.” beamed.
“Well you’re biased” snorted nodding towards , making her friend chuckle at her.
“Okay I am a little tiny bit.” smiled cupping ’s face in his hands, leaning in dropping a lingering kiss on ’s lips, to ’s obvious delight.
“Ohhh Jeeezzz...” rolled her eyes with smile at the two.
“What, we are so loveable.” winked linking his right hand with ’s smaller one.
“In your dreams laughed walking towards the door. “You coming?” added, watching them both nod and follow her.
“Just in there .” spoke hinting towards the two large revolving doors ahead of them.
“Right.” replied pushing the doors open while followed still holding on to ’s hand while her eyes sparkled as she gazed back at him.
“Ahhh finally!” ’s voice called towards the three making turn her gaze from ’s and land onto the lads in the room.
“” breathed her pulse suddenly quicken up in alarm, feeling her happy bubble burst in a matter of seconds.
“WHAT THE FUCK, ARE YA JOKING?” erupted locking gaze with who on the other hand felt her heart beat ten times its normal speed, while her hand clutched ’s harder making him frown slightly.
, mate what are you on about?” asked feeling slightly embarrassed for their new supporting act seeing that side of the second they walked into the room.
“YOU KNEW DIDN’T YOU?” barked marching forward growling at now only standing one step away from her.
back off.” finally said stepping in feeling completely confused as to what was happening.
“Ohhhhh…. I forgot mate, THIS SLUT IS YOUR NEW FLING ISN’T SHE?” howled unable to control his emotions but wasn’t going to let that comment slide.
“GET A FREAKING GRIP AND DON’T YOU DARE CALL HER THAT!!!” fumed at while stood in shock trying to make her heart slow down.
“WHY? ISN’T SHE THE ONE YOU’VE BEEN SEEING SECRETLY? REMEMBER YOU ADMITTED TO US YOU WERE SEEING ONE OF THE LADIES FROM OUR NEW SUPPORT ACT?” yelled feeling jealousy hit him straight on as he saw place her hand on ’s back making cool down an inch .
“Yes she is, but how dare you act like that towards someone who has done nothing to you and who you don’t even know.” fired back.
!!” finally spoke back but she wasn’t heard. A few steps beside them stood , , , Seth and Ryan and glared at the scene unfolding in front of their eyes, although both and had gazed at each other for a moment when they had lay eyes on one another but all that got pushed to the side while they watched their friends.
“GOD… SHE HASN’T EVEN TOLD YOU!!” snarled but this time it was getting too much for and letting her arm fall from ’s back she stepped up closer towards and glared at him with her eyes flashing of hurt and anger.
“WOW WOW wait a minute, you two do know each other?” questioned gazing from one to the other.
“YES!!!!” Both cried out.
“As in???” asked not liking where this conversation were heading.
“LIKE IN I HAD HER BEFORE YOU DID!!!” shouted making everyone feel their breath get court in their throats for a second.
“You…. What??” stuttered while took a deep breath before turning away from and turning her attention to .
“I didn’t know…. I didn’t know it was the same , yes I should have known but I didn’t, after what he did to me, I erased him and became… well you know…” said more quietly towards who gazed at her in utter disbelief feeling completely out on deep water.
“HA…. AS IF!!!” snorted.
“SHUT THE FUCK UP !!!” yelled towards his friend having trouble making sense on anything.
“YOU HAD A FEELING I WAS SEEING SOMEONE BEFORE I GOT BACK TOGETHER WITH , RIGHT?” groaned with a deep sigh following his words making ease the volume of his voice.
“Yes, but you never said anything, you never would.” muttered and gazed over at who gazed back at him with eyes filled with hurt making him want to protect her.
“Well now you know.” said shifting his eyes from towards again and as he did, all the feelings he had tried to suppress came back to surface and with them the anger that she now appeared back in his life.
“HOW THE FUCK COULDN’T YOU HAVE KNOWN?” cried out in frustration.
“NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU , YES I KNEW A GUY CALLED WAS IN THE BAND BUT I’M SURE YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THAT NAME!!!” cried out feeling her new found happy world collapse around her. Listing to ’s harsh words started to make tears fill her eyes and she just wanted to get away from him and everyone’s stare.
, I’m sorry.” whispered as she gently placed a hand on his chest and his loving eyes gazed back at her full of concern. placed his hand on top of hers for a second until moved her hand and fled the room.

rushed into the nearest empty room she could find but it was with on her tail. She felt the rage coming from his entire being as he barged through the door she had just smashed closed to get away from him. Mean while it had taken a few seconds to react but as soon as he did he stormed into the same direction but instead of following into the room he stood still outside and heard every word.
“WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE?” fumed as he starred at but she wasn’t having any of it. She felt the old rage towards the world of men steaming back into her very soul as she watched react like he did.
“NO THIS IS ABOUT ME MOVING ON. THIS IS ABOUT ME LIVING OUT A DREAM TO BE A SINGER. THIS IS ABOUT ME! IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!!” yelled back frustrated and while a moment went past she realized he didn’t reply he just looked at her.
“WHAT? Stop looking at me like that, you’re freaking me out.” shrieked while did a shake of his head getting his mind back on track. For a moment in his mind he had been back before he made the decision, a decision he still believed in but that didn’t mean he could take having her around.
“Why ? Of all the worlds men, why pick one of my friends?” snarled standing with his arms crossed over his chest making him look more intimidating.
“For God sake, I didn’t know he was your friend and I tried to fight it, l tried to push him away like I’ve done with all men since you decided we were through. I was sick of men hurting me and when came along I had already met Mr. Player, Mr Psycho, Mr. Egotistical, Mr. Cheap, Mr. Lazy, Mr. User, Mr. X-box, Mr. Know it all and Mr. Stalker... but showed out to be neither of all those.” responded while counting the different men types on her fingers for who gazed back at her with disbelief in his eyes.
“And so who was I of all those types?” questioned pointing at her fingers.
“What does it matter? As you said we are through.” cried out which somehow made something click inside .
“YOU’RE DAMN STRAIGHT SO FACE IT YOU AND YOUR BAND WON’T GET TO BE OUR SUPPORT ACT!!” fired back at her and stormed out through the door passed who with calmed steps walked into the room just in time to see smash her hand into the wall in anger and cursing loudly both from anger and from the pain the wall cursed.
“Sweetie,” muttered walking up close to her trying to take her hand but in a quick reflex she backed away from him.
“DON’T.... Just don’t!!!” snapped not knowing how to be around right now. “Just breathe baby, we’ll work it out.” said bewildered by ’s outburst in reaction to ’s behaviour.
“How You saw him, is never going to let this just fly by.” cried, feeling like she was losing her grasp on everything by each second since had stepped back into her life.
“He will calm down, I know him” agued although deep down he didn’t believe it, he knew ’s temper and it wasn’t one to take lightly and by the look saw in ’s eyes he knew that she was aware of it as well.
“I couldn’t tell you about him. I know that’s what you want to ask me!” blurted out while clutching her sore hand with the other, as she looked at , his eyes telling her his obvious hurt, confusion, frustration and desperation over the change of events that seemed to have happened in the pace of a few minutes.
“Did you really not know that he was in my band, at least tell me that?” asked having a hard time coping with the news that was being pushed onto him.
“I knew a was in your band, but I didn’t know he was the guy I had had an affair with. I didn’t want to know, I was scared that my gut was right, which told me he was, but I didn’t want it to be him, so I prayed that he wasn’t. Guess what though...Love doesn’t love me, cause I never win in that department, which is why I swore of all men!” cursed as she rambled the words off, and stood stunned staring at her, feeling angry at the situation but at the same time desperately watching as ’s walls slowly was closing down once more in front of him.
“How can you say that? You and I...that’s real.” protested taking a step closer to her.
“But I can’t have you, now can I? is your friend. I didn’t know, because he wanted us to be one huge secret, he didn’t want anyone to know, and he never told me personal stuff, he kept it to a minimum, only giving me breadcrumbs. He was a jack ass, that’s what I saw afterwards, but the jack ass is your DAMN FRIEND!!” yelled backing away from , while feeling herself starting to crumble inside.
“Yes he is my friend, and I’ve never seen him like this, he has never acted like this about a woman before, but yes he is my friend and therefore he will get over this and except it. This is your big chance with your band take it, don’t let him ruin it for you. Regarding us, we’ll get him to see sense so we can be together, you and I. We’ll fix it!!” spoke determined, watching as took an intake of breath and studied his face, trying to gather her own thoughts around ’s.
“It won’t work” finally sighed after a brief moment of silence, closing her eyes to pull herself together, as she felt nearing her once more.
don’t do this, you told me that I made you happy, remember?” insisted.
“You do make me happy” sighed flickering her gaze away from his for a second “but clearly I’m not meant to be happy” spoke looking down onto the floor.
“Of cause you’re meant to be happy!” fumed frustrated while looked back into his eyes, taking a step forward, latching her left hand into his short hair and leaned into his ear “I can’t come between two friends, eventually you will both forget about me. I enjoyed every second we were together, you’re incredible” whispered into ’s ear, her voice shaking, even felt her body shake against his hand, which he had sneaked around her waist.
“I could never forget about you, we belong together.” cried out as pulled away from him.
is one of your best friends. I can’t come between’s not right” breathed, her eyes filled with tears while gazed back at her not knowing what to do as he felt his happy bobble come crashing down around him.
“I will do this tour, it’s our dream....I hope we can be friends” cried, tears now rolling down her cheeks, making take a few steps towards her but stopped as shook her head for him to stop.
“Baby please, we’ll work it out” pleaded, his heart breaking, while his eyes clouded up with tears.
“His your friend” simply sobbed before turning around and running from the room, leaving behind with a tear rolling down his cheek.

Chapter 12

Being sat upon a bar stool gazed around the crowded club feeling every vision that blurred around her was of happy couples that made every heart string in her tug in pain. This was exactly why she had made a pact with , so she wouldn’t feel heartache again, a pain deep inside, you couldn’t do anything about. may not have wanted them to stop but knew every sign in the book, would eventually leave her because was one of his best friends and since was so wound up about the whole thing, wouldn’t have a choice. On the other hand it was who didn’t want her in the first place and now he was with so why couldn’t he just butt off? With a shake of her head tried to shake the thoughts out of her system but as she once more lifted her gaze and only saw happy couples sighed heavily. Apparently she now had to be stalked by the very thing she suddenly wanted the most but couldn’t seem to get and therefore had to have every other couple’s happiness thrown in her face. suddenly felt her whole body shook as she gazed through the room and locked eyes with a pair of once, unable to tear her eyes away stared back not even noticing the lone tear that tickled down her cheek.

’s hand suddenly clutched tighter round his beer bottle unable to look away from the deep pair of eyes that was gazing back into his through the crowded club. He wished he could just make his way through the place and take in his arms and convince her they were meant to be.
“Stop!” bluntly erupted ’s thoughts, stepping into ’s view blocking his eye contact with . Closing his eyes for a second counted to three before looking back at .
“I’m not exactly doing anything.” grunted before taking a sip of his drink.
“But you were thinking about it.” muttered staring at .
“You don’t know what you’ve done do you?” snarled.
“It was you suddenly doing my ex, not the other way around.” scrolled.
“How the fuck was I to know, you never told anyone of us it was .” exclaimed feeling anger raise.
“I didn’t exactly think I would ever have to...she little secret...” trailed off, taking another sip from his beer.
“Oh I bloody well know that. You freaking was the last drop to mess her up. I finally got her to open up to me and we could have been something amazing but you had to come along and have a fucking fit and scared her off.” fumed hitting his beer bottle into the table, letting it stay there as he got up from his seat and now stood face to face with .
“Oh come on, you can’t possibly be in that deep with her!” retorted slightly surprised by ’s sudden outburst.
“You know exactly how I felt about her, because unlike you I didn’t keep my mouth shut, I didn’t keep her like a dirty little secret from my best friends and yet you never said anything until you saw her!!!” fired back feeling so frustrated with his mate, in such a degree he never had before, and he just couldn’t stop the words from leaving his mouth.
“Well I couldn’t off know it was “my” . When I knew her she wasn’t running around over here trying to get a contract.” persisted unable to be rocked in his opinion of the situation.
“God you’re just too much. When you had her, you didn’t know her at all, you didn’t give her the time to show you. I don’t get why your acting like this unless you where madly in love with her.” shrieked.
“I wasn’t but....I did have feelings for her...” finally admitted after a moment of awkward silence.
“But not let her go!!” muttered throwing a last glance before making his way away from him.

“Can I get a rum and coke please?” enquired the bartender while stroking a tear away from her cheek as she had just seen the display of and talking in what seemed an unfriendly manner.
“It will get better.” The bartender smiled towards just as she saw walking towards her and she shifted her gaze back at the bartender “Can you make it quick?”
“You still sure about this?” asked molding his body up close next to making her feel uncomfortable.
“About what exactly, you standing here, close to me? No I think you should head over to your girlfriend instead. I’m sure she is thrilled to be near you on tour, now that everyone seems to know you and I had an affair.” muttered and gratefully took the drink handed her from the bartender.
“An affair, is that what you call us? You sure you can handle being around me again. You might get your feelings for me to disturb you” sneered as he got himself a new beer.
“Feelings? You got to be kidding me, the only feelings I got for you is revulsion.” retorted and slid down from the bar chair.
“You don’t fool me baby, but I give you that using against me was a bitter tactic.” all but said before ’s eyes widened and in the sheer moment of an reflex her hand connected with ’s cheek, making his eyes flash with shock for the mare second until it vanished and shifted into rage.
had NOTHING to do with you!!! And trust me when it comes to you, this time baby. I'll be bulletproof!” fumed, grabbing her drink and turned around on her heels, disappearing in the crowd. Standing afar stood and having watched the whole scene in front of them. bit her lip, understanding ’s reaction better than anyone. Casting a sideway glance at who had tried to talk her into helping him with , she felt unsure. A part of her had warmed up to but the fact that his mate was the likes of clouded the vision.
“I better go and check up on her.” mumbled to and headed off. Watching her walk off ’s glance drifted back to who looked like a volcano that could explode any minute. couldn’t believe the tour kicked off tomorrow, it was supposed to be an exciting time but instead it was a time filled with utter tension behind closed curtains from fans and press.

“So I’m impressed, that was some slap you gave !” spoke as she reached standing by another bar in the large club.
“He deserved it!” muttered.
“Oh I’m sure he did.” agreed even without knowing why had hit him she knew she wouldn’t have unless he was being a jack ass. Looking at her friend couldn’t help but inject. “By the way when someone annoys you, it takes 42 muscles in your face 2 frown. BUT, it only takes 4 muscles 2 extend your arm and bitch-slap that mother@*?!& upside the head”
Finally turning her face to stare at Henry by her strange statement couldn’t help but laugh a little, it was just like to come up with comments like that to make her laugh.
“That is good to know. Did you know then that getting wasted is an art form and tonight I am making a masterpiece!” enlightened her.
“Oh I know it is…hey handsome can I get a drink?” called over the bar counter while mumbled under her breath “Oh well looks like Mr Jack Daniels will be my date along with Mr Sambuca who will get me drunk and Mr red bull will fly me home safely”

Drowning a sip of his beer walked further into the club with by his side when they almost impulsively stopped at the sight of and , clearly both high on alcohol stood giggling by the bar, blocking out the hurt of men.
“I gotta try to talk to her” uttered making shift him a glance. “You sure cause seems like she is busy cheering up her friend”
“It will only take five minutes, tops” answered and made his way over while stood back watching ’s every move.
“Ladies!! Can I have a word ?” asked feeling his palms getting sweaty with nerves, wasn’t a woman easy to talk to like the other women that fell at his mare feet.
“You can have one minute!” frowned and looked at checking it was okay.
“It’s fine, I got my wet men here entertaining me for a minute” replied hinting to Mr Jack Daniels and Mr Sambuca. Feeling it was okay took a few steps away and then stared at “So, what is it?”
“I’m sorry about all the mess with and their triangle thing but you and I…we still belong together. You shouldn’t be alone, we were finally getting somewhere, please give us the chance.” rambled nervously trying to desperately read her signs.
“First off being single, doesn't mean to be alone. It means to wait for someone while flirting with others. Secondly I haven’t even made up my mind about you yet” admitted giving a glimpse of surprised hope.

Pouring down Mr Sambuca, grimaced as the rough taste hit her throat but it was a welcoming sensation but the sight of once more stepping up to her wasn’t.
“God, don’t you have someone else to aggravate?” spluttered and rolled her eyes.
“You know there were once were you thought I was prince charming?” muttered.
“You should have thought me slapping you would be enough for you to back the hell off” hissed as grabbed her right wrist.
“Yeah thanks for that. I am just trying to make you fucking understand why this is such a fucked up situation, and that you should back out of the tour, cause you will just end up thinking I’m prince charming again!”
“Oh trust me, with the way you are behaving that will never happen and screw Prince Charming. I can rescue myself. You had me. You lost me. So walk off cause I am done talking with you!!” fumed, her eyes narrowed with anger as she let her gaze burn into ’s making her opinion known.
Hearing ’s raised voice turned her gaze around and saw her stare at with pure hatred, that would had made any other normal bloke back off but with ’s bad temper, he was standing tall and still. To defuse ’s mood walked back with following and hearing ’s statement as she glanced between him and . “This is how you impress a woman: kiss, hug, compliment, love, tease, protect, listen, support. How to impress a man: Show up NAKED with BEER!!!” shook her head in a slight but serious laugh, making smile weakly.
“And since you clearly won’t get to do neither, leave. you could use the support part and get away from us.” smiled at making him chuckle under his breath and grab ’s arm.
“Come, you’re going back to finding your girlfriend somewhere in the crowd!” spoke and pulled away.
“Shame hasn’t got ’s sense of understanding when being unwelcome!” murmured.
“Yeah got his moments” said quietly liking him more than what she actually wanted too.

“Hey look where you’re going!” cried out as she was heading towards the exit of the club but then suddenly felt a brunette cross her path and deliberately moldered against the left side of her body making stumble slightly in her heels.
“Oh sorry I didn’t see you there.” The smirked as both and glared at her.
“The hell you did. What the hell is your problem, no one have done anything to your little blissful bubble.” hissed while she instinctively brushed a hand down her left arm.
“You happened!!” fumed, her eyes screaming of annoyance.
“As if!! It’s not my problem your boyfriend can’t seem to suddenly leave me alone, even though that’s all I repeatedly is asking him for!” muttered while stood with a sly grin watching her friend give back as good as she got.
“You know what, you’re the reason the middle finger was created. Have a nice day, Hun. snarled and was about to walk away but couldn’t resist in her all her pain and her mouth simply formed the words and spit them back. “You think I'm jealous of you, don’t you? Well think again, who has done better in her life? Me or you? I think we all know the answer to that one darling!” Her words making gasp and chuckle under her breath as casted her an raging glare.
“Say’s you, who are so broken you can’t even have a healthy relationship with a guy!” spit back making ’s eyes widen the second the words hit her ears. The silence that followed almost echoed around them as they stared each other down, neither one giving in and wasn’t about to stop the fight but someone else where.
“Right ladies I think that’s enough for one night, we’re here to celebrate, not showing the world we can’t function like one big happy family!!” suddenly interfered and grabbed round the waist to pull her away.
“Yeah that’s rich coming from you!!” cursed under her breath as dragged away.
let’s vanish from this place.” finally murmured after a moment of silence and slowly nodded.

Chapter 13

It was a week into the tour when stood back stage at the side gazing onto the stage where the lads where doing their medley. They were running around on stage like madmen fully enjoying themselves as they entertained their fans. It had been a very mixed start to the tour. She was constantly on guard with ’s snarky remarks and unable not to argue with whenever their paths crossed, and ….the tension between them was as thick as ever even though they weren’t together and she hadn’t been able to let herself be alone with him. Being near him hurt and that hurt made her take it out over who somehow was the cause of her heartache again, from being the reason she wasn’t with . Yet standing there and seeing ’s heart melting smile, felt her heart pound heavily. Suddenly loud screams echoed around the arena as the lads ran from stage to change their clothes. In the heat of the excitement that was in the air spotted and with a weak grin he ran to her side.
“You’re watching tonight…Do you like it?” beamed and knew from that smile that he more than loved his job. A job that involved him being with , a fact that made her sigh.
“I do, you’re doing amazing .” spoke honestly watching how his eyes twinkled at her answer.
“It could be even more amazing” suggested and instantly knew what he meant as he stepped an inch closer to her, causing her to feel his warm heated breath on her skin.
…I can’t get close to you because I'm afraid I will fall in love with you. So here I am, pretending to be cool and watching from afar as always, and that’s how it will be.” murmured quietly taking a step back and watched some of the spark disappear from his heated orbs.
…please…” pleaded as his voice broke making close her eyes in pain for a second to collect herself.
“Sorry whispered and was about to walk away when grabbed her arm. “But we can still hangout, right?” He asked seeing bite her lower lip and finally nod as called his name to get a move on. “I’ll catch you later” stated before running off to do his clothes change.


Sitting with her back rested fully up against soft pillows at the headboard of her bed, ’s attention was fully attached to the TV screen, completely absorbed in the drama unfolding before her eyes while she enjoyed a moment away from all her own drama and tension that was this tour she was on. A knock was heard on the hotel room door but ignored it, not willing to give up her own personal time when she was staring at ET being trapped in the bottom of an old ship after having been in a fight with a first class jack ass that had somehow managed to knock ET back so he ended up trapped beneath a large heavy pillar. Suddenly hearing the knock on the door get louder groaned deeply annoyed, grabbing the remote and pushing her dvd on pause. Stumbling of her bed in her purple long pj pants with a tight white tank top cursed while walking over to the door. Opening the door she came face to face with and , both looking her over bemused.
“That’s what I call casual.” chuckled.
“Yeah well it’s me time, what do ya want?” asked letting her gaze flicker to and she couldn’t help but curse him in her mind for looking so tasty even in dark faded jeans and a simple t-shirt. She was sure he was just put into her life to drive her insane.
“Well the show tonight was fucking amazing and we thought we could hang out and celebrate.” grinned, his eyes twinkling in delight as he tried to look over ’s shoulder to try and spot .
“Every show is amazing.” simply stated and headed back over to her bed, grabbing the remote and sitting down on the edge of her bed. Casting a glance towards and still standing in the doorway she shook her head with a small laugh, which they took as a hint and stepped into the room closing the door behind them. Seeing ’s gaze flicker round the room knew instantly what he was looking for.
is in the shower” spoke and saw instinctively stare in the direction of the bathroom.
“Yeah I’m pretty sure you are not superman so you can stop acting like you have a super vision that can burn through the wall” chuckled and pushed the button on her remote once more and lost herself once more as Nav held on tightly to ET, making the sheer scene tug at ’s heart strings.
“What in the world are you watching anyway?” asked but ignored him while grabbed the dvd case from ’s bed, noticing the picture of a big war ship and it’s crew on the case with Sea Patrol written across the case.
“I thought a series taking place on a war ship was something guy’s watched.” frowned and sat down beside , feeling the tension ooze between them at his action and even caught gasp slightly when his left hand bruised over her thigh.
“Well it’s not. When there’s hot men in uniforms, women watch it” whispered while both and stared at the screen after sharing a look over the top of ’s head.
“And I guess because of the tension thing between those two as well?” nodded towards the screen and the close up of ET and Nav.
“Yeah…” sighed making chuckle and turn his gaze to .
“So all you have to do is dress up like a hot sailor and will be ogling you like she’s doing that guy on tv.” laughed while ignored him and looked at him with a petrified look on his face.
“I’m hot enough as I am, thank you very much!” muttered just as stepped out from the bathroom wearing only a big white fluffy towel. quickly moved his face from trying to act like a gentleman “Erm sorry and hey.” mumbled while laughed quietly under her breath at his awkwardness. Yet stared like he was ready to jump his prey and couldn’t help but find the situation slightly amusing and teasing men to the border of sanity was something she kind a enjoyed.
“No worries guy’s, let me just grab my clothes and I’ll see you in a bit” smirked and grabbed something in her suitcase.
“Or…” trailed off stepping up to Henry and whispering “Or I could join you”
“Mmmm or you could not” winked and left standing there drooling as she disappeared back into her room.
“So you never answered our request.” said quietly towards while tried to shake himself out of his stunned needy state.
“What question?” murmured her face still fixed on the screen.
“If you would come out and celebrate with us.” said as finally pushed her dvd on pause once more and breathed in before shifting her gaze onto his hazel ones.
“Actually I just want to stay here tonight and watch one of my fave episodes.” replied honestly.
“Are you sure or you still determined to not be around me?” uttered nervously.
“You know why that is, I told you earlier.” murmured as their eyes locked, and ’s gaze flickered franticly round the room not sure how to act at the tension between the two sitting on the edge of the bed. Hearing the door to the bathroom crack open sighed thankfully for something to put his attention on as his gaze instantly slid over ’s form as she ventured from the bathroom in jeans and a figure hugging black jumper. Giving a smile noticed him mouther ‘tension’ with his alluring lips causing her to glance over at and on the bed but before she could react a couple of knocks were banged against their door, making all four glance up in surprise.
“Okay since you two are already here, it can only be a disturbed fan who have found our hotel room.” joked making roll her eyes as she got up from the bed.
“I bet it’s Seth or Ryan, you remember them?” laughed when she reached the door and put her hand on the door handle.
“Oh yeah, our band!” chuckled while opened the door coming face to face with looking all edgy as both his arms were stretched out and his hands clutched against the door frame either side of . His eyes were boring into hers, like he didn’t see anything else but her.
“Jeez love me or hate me, either way I’m clearly still on your mind!” blurted uncomfortable by his stare.
“Love” muttered.
“What??!!” gasped, her eyes wide as shock for a minute blazed through her.
“I don’t hate you but I hate what you make me feel. I don’t want you to be with because it fucking hurts. I never expected to see you again and that was how it was meant to be!! I didn’t think you and I belonged together. I belong with , but God damn it I got feelings for you!!” rambled on and all but noticed the dead quiet silence coming from the room behind her as ’s words flushed over her.
are you drunk?” murmured, her body still shocked by the first honest words she’d heard from him in ages.
“No I’m not drunk, I do want to be with you though” said quietly, his heart pounding, waiting for her answer, not even noticing anyone or anything around them.
“Right, your testing me is that is, cause otherwise this doesn’t make any sense. You left me remember? You left me with a note, a fucking note ! This, you and I are not real, not meant to be!” exclaimed not believing her own ears, even if the look in his penetrating blues told her he meant every word.
“Yeah I was an ass, believe me has told me countless of times already.” rolled his eyes instinctively, while the mention of ’s name made ’s brain kick back into function.
“That’s because he actually treated me right opposed to you!” hissed, crossing her arms in front of her chest.
, be with me?” pleaded keeping ’s gaze locked with his.
“Like what, an affair?” exhaled in distaste as bit his lip and finally nodded.
Behind them stood shell shocked, his dark gaze flaring with rage while held a strong hold on ’s right arm to make him stop from bursting forward. ’s hands were clutching and his heart beating on overloud while he heard every word coming from ’s mouth to the woman who held his heart in her hands and it felt like ages before she replied….

Chapter 14

“You know, at one point I wanted revenge over what you did to me but then I realized when I saw you again for the first time that you were already battling with yourself but I also realized that I didn’t love you. I am so over you and frankly you will NEVER get to fell my hands on you, feel my lips, feel my skin….I’m sure you get the drift!” mused with a little smile finally feeling the closure from she needed.
, please, come on.” retorted, his gaze flickering for the first time since he’d been standing there.
“No, ! Listen, wait for it , wait for it, hang on, nope it’s gone, well sorry I tried to care about your feelings but I stopped caring the day you hurt mine!” smirked and turned around and the second she did finally saw the three people in the room behind her staring at him in stunned silence.
Leaving at the door walked up to , placing her hand on his chest while his hands instinctively slid to her waist. Feeling her warm breath by his ear felt his rage ease up and replaced by a rush of love blazing through him that only increased at the words leaving her lips in a whisper “After countless debates and arguments with myself, I have come to the conclusion that I am slowly falling in love with you and there is nothing I can do about it.”
Letting the admission fled her lips unconsciously bit onto her lower lip while she took a step back and nervously stared into ’s shining eyes.
“Me too” murmured making a weak smile spread on ’s lips and yet the oozing raging male standing by the door reminded her that the problem still existed. She couldn’t come between the two men. The truth of that made her smile vanish and she shook her head and took an intake of breath.
“But we can’t be together.” whispered making ’s grin immediately disappear.
“Babe please!” spoke quietly, cupping ’s face in his hands, ignoring the curious ears around them.
, that creature in the door, you need to make peace with him before anything more can happen between us.” explained saying the words she didn’t want to say but deep down knowing if they just ignored the problem that was now that it would just grow into a much more hurtful problem along the way.
“Now go, and I are having a girly night” said and even though didn’t agree on her decision he knew now was not the time to argue and especially since grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the door “Come on mate, I think you and I should take to bar and have a chat!” stated but as they reached the door let go of ’s arm and pushed himself passed in the door way leaving to stop up and glare at “It must suck to know that you lost the best thing that ever happened to you and it’s all your fault and she’s not coming back to you!” snarled at before called his name in a warning tone. Shifting his glance towards , grunted in reply, feeling ’s words sting him like a bee.
Seeing the tensed glare shook herself out of her stunned trance at the scene having unfolded before her eyes and strode over to the door. Giving a bitchy smirk grabbed the door handle and smashed the door closed before she turned to .
“Men!!! Jeez!!! Now what where you watching again?!” smiled trying to shake out of her haze of emotions and relax. Dragging down sitting on the edge of the bed, put her arm round ’s shoulder and pushed play on the remote control and soon both eyes were fixed on the screen.


A couple of hours later turned off the dvd with the remote and both and giggled as they let themselves fall backwards and collapsed on top of ’s bed.
“So you like men in uniforms” chuckled as glanced up into the roof above them.
“Well what woman doesn’t?” smiled as a thought accrued to her “We need ice cubes and a cold cold drink”
“What?!” laughed while watching stumble of the bed and grab a glass and poured coke into it “You want one?” asked raising an eyebrow.
“No but I’ll go with you to search for the cubes”
“Cool” spoke and headed for the door.
“And you’re going like that?” chuckled hinting to ’s pj pants.
“Yeah, why not, who’s up at this hour anyway?” answered while she made her way into the corridor with . Both of them stopping at the voices heard close by.
“You were saying?” whispered over ’s shoulder when they spotted and in close proximity.
“Like my coffee like I like my men.... strong, sweet, and very hot!!” leered towards with her fingers tugged into his short strands.
“God may I puke?” murmured at the sight of them.
“You may.” rolled her eyes and put her hands on ’s shoulders to urge her to move in the other direction of the ice cube machine.
“You know I'm wild and I'm only single cause no one is brave enough to tame me!” stated just as the elevator to their left side went open and walked out glancing at with a smirk.
“That’s only because you haven’t let me tame you yet!” winked making laugh while she put her glass into the ice cube machine.
“Is that a challenge?” questioned putting her hands on the hips “Because if it is, I dare you to try.”
“Is she serious?” asked leaning in to who shook her head at him and said “Well I dare you to figure it out”
“Seriously, you two are devilish tonight.” injected looking between the two while suddenly cheered as her glass got filled with ice cubes.
“Thirsty much?” joked nodding to ’s glass as she took a delighted sip. “Cause if you were, you should join in the bar”
“Are you saying you left in the bar, alone?” asked her attention suddenly fully on searching his eyes.
“Yeah but I was gonna go back, well that was until challenged me and well I can’t say no to a challenge, so maybe you can go and get him?” enquired while glanced at , watching her bite her lip at the prospect of spending the night with .
“Fine” shrugged “but I can’t be bothered to change my clothes”
“Haha I’m sure the men in the bar won’t complain” laughed as he grabbed ’s hand.
“Right” mumbled taking another sip of her glass before handing it over to “Take this, I have a guy to throw into his bed, apparently”
“Ohh will love that!” grinned and chuckled when slapped his shoulder. “Alone, he will be sleeping in his bed alone, as will I in mine!”
“I guess that means we’re going to my room.” smirked while got into the elevator and stroke her fingers through her hair to try and fix it’s slightly tussled state. Hearing the ping a moment later glanced into the lobby seeing it being quiet except from the woman behind the lobby counter. Starting to walk through the lobby glanced down over her own clothes and made a slight grimace, it wasn’t exactly bar clothes material, but she couldn’t be assed to change it. It was 2 at night and it’s been one long day and with both and ’s admissions that night she just couldn’t be bothered to change, so lifting her chin she strode into the hotel bar and instantly spotted by the bar drowning a Guinness. She could feel all the glances on her from the other men in the bar, it was like they were looking her up and down and they clearly didn’t mind what they saw as she watched a few sly smiles. Shaking her head reached and planted her hand on his arm.
“Come on , let’s go!” said gently and saw him slowly shift his gaze to hers.
?” The surprise was clear in his voice while his orbs washed over her with need.
“Yeah, met up on the floor and he went of with , so I said I would come down and get you. If you could make it quick I would appreciate it as I’m clearly not dressed to be down here” grimaced and saw a sly smile spread over ’s lips as he looked her up and down.
“Your beautiful baby” cooed turning around on his chair and lifting his hand, tugging his fingers into ’s hair and stroking his fingers through the soft s.
…we’re being watched” sighed loving his touch and yet feeling nervous with the stares that fell upon them.
“I don’t care, screw them and screw snorted leaning in closer, his face only an inch from hers.
“I need to kiss you!” mumbled but pulled away.
“No you need to leave this bar.” determined and grabbed his hand, but let link their fingers as he finally slid down from the bar chair. Pulling him with her, heard the whispers behind her as they passed by two women on their way to the elevator. Glancing at when they stood by the elevator couldn’t help but let slip “I don’t hope they were any fans of yours?”
Seeing frown and cast a glance at the two women over his shoulder gave them a grin, causing them to melt into a pool of jelly and shook her head in a chuckle. “You seriously are a threat to all women’s health”
“I don’t remember them” gushed and grinned at when she pulled him into the elevator.
“That doesn’t mean they don’t know you. They definitely love the sight of your body!” mused as the door closed behind them.
“I only care about you loving my body” cooed moving forward and pushing ’s smaller frame back against the wall, trapping her with his own.
we can’t!” whispered, her heartbeat rising at the sensation of ’s body slushed against her own.
“Why? I had a chat with and in the bar. I told it wasn’t up to him if you and I were going to be together. He doesn’t deserve that right.” mumbled with his gaze fixed on ’s lips as he trapped her hands either side of her face against the wall.
“You’re trouble.” sighed while her breath seemed to skip a beat at the intensity in ’s eyes.
“No I’m in love.” argued and leaned in but turned her face making ’s lips bruise over her cheek instead of her lips.
, please” almost begged for to behave, feeling completely conflicted, both wanting it but unable to let have his way.
“Baby give in, I know you want me too.” groaned as his lips planted a gentle kiss on her cheek just as they heard the ping of the elevator and eased his hands on ’s. Feeling his grip loosen pulled her hands out of ’s grasp and dug under his strong flexed arm beside her face and escaped into the corridor and turned to look at him, waiting for him to join her in the corridor. Striding into the empty corridor cracked a devilish smile knowing just how much that effected every time and this time was no less. watched as ’s lips trembled and her fingers fiddled with each other just for a mare second until she shook her head to gather herself.
don’t do that!!” ordered only to see wink at her, making her heart flutter. “Do what?” asked innocently and taking a few steps closer to her.
“Oh you know what you’re doing, now give me your key. You need to sleep!” protested holding his sparkling gaze.
“No I need to kiss you like I said but if you’re taking me to my bed, I actually need to sleep with you as well.” stated while sighed heavily and without replying she stepped up to holding his gaze as her hands reached behind him and dug her fingers into ’s pant’s pockets causing a grin to widen on his lips.
“Don’t get any ideas , I’m just showing you to your room. You need sleep!” smiled as she slid out the key card from his left back pocket and turned around heading for his hotel room.
.” called following her steps over to his room.
?” questioned when she put the key card into the lock.
“You may be following me to my room but we both know I’m not going to sleep and we both know you’re not going back to your room!” said calmly in a hoarse tone.

Chapter 15

“No we don’t.” replied quietly as she with a shaken voice pushed the door open and dragged into his hotel room. Taking an intake of breath watched as he dropped his phone and wallet onto a table before he shook his head annoyed and glanced at her.
“I don’t get it. Why the fuck are you so damn stubborn? You told me today that you were falling in love with me and damn it I’m already in love with you, so why don’t you give in to it?” fumed frustrated taking of guard as she stared back at him wide eyed.
“And don’t you dare use as an excuse. I actually dealt with him earlier in the bar with ’s help. It won’t be easy, it will be hard on but I don’t give a fuck after the way he treated you.” rambled on making even more stunned and barely able to move her lips. She felt her hands shake as she stared at suddenly feeling scared.
“You dealt with ?” finally stuttered making stop still and glare at her, his searching her s.
“I did, so are you going to give us a fair chance?” asked holding his breath noticing the flare of running in the depth of her eyes.
“I’m….I’m….” whispered feeling every nerve in her body screaming at her to run. ‘Men are like toys, use them and lose them’ the old sentence from their fridge back home in the apartment echoed round her head while she looked at and with trembling lips uttered “I should go back to my room, I need to sleep.”
“THE HELL YOU ARE!!!” barked walking passed and smashed the door closed behind them “No more running babe, I know what you’re doing. You’re afraid, I get it but I refuse to let you give in to that, so tell me what the fuck is wrong now that you can’t use as an excuse?” demanded while swallowed a nervous lump in her throat.
“I don’t deserve you.” breathed barely audible.
“GOOD DAMN IT , STOP SAYING THAT!!!” exclaimed in utter frustration. “You ARE meant to be HAPPY, and you ARE MEANT TO BE WITH ME!!” yelled staring back at who looked back at him wide eyed by his outburst, yet feeling her pulse race by the mare second.
....I..” breathed only to close her mouth at ’s flaming eyes burning into hers, as he stood in front of her, his hands clutching into fits by the sides of his heaving body. couldn’t even control himself anymore, all his frustration over losing while knowing she deep down felt the same about him, made him aggravated beyond any hope of getting back on track unless he told her exactly how he felt. Closing his eyes for a brief moment took a deep breath before locking eyes with ’s orbs, and reading the love in her eyes behind her stubbornness, he just let his feelings out.... “....” breathed ragged, unclenching his fits. “I LOVE YOU DAMN IT”
felt his heart pound heavily as the words finally had left his mouth and saw ’s eyes fill up with tears of emotion.
“What?” breathed barely audible, but the tenderness and love that seemed to come forward within her eyes, like her walls had crashed down at hearing his declaration, made take a step forward and cup her face into his strong hands.
“I love you , and I’m not going to give up on you. I want us to be together. We are meant to be.” whispered, his breath tickling over her skin, making her shake at being this close to him. Gazing back into his eyes felt her knees going weak beneath her, she could hardly believe had told her he loved her.
“You love me?” murmured, her hands sliding up grabbing hold onto his upper arms, making sure this was really real.
“I love you more than anything” smiled, his heart pounding, unsure of where this would actually go, until he saw the little smile creep onto ’s lips.
“I love you too” said quietly, saying the words she hadn’t used in ages, and just knowing that made it even more special to . His heart bursting off happiness knowing he had just won the heart of the woman he loved, as he was more than certain she would never have said the three little words unless she meant them. Not being able to wait another second leaned in, claiming ’s lips with his own. His lips so hungry for her touch, after feeling deprived for too long. Slipping his tongue into her willing mouth, both moaned into the kiss as they finally felt themselves connected once more.


Leaving ’s room early the next morning glanced franticly both ways trying to spot if anyone saw her sneaking out of his room only wearing ’s shirt as she couldn’t find her own clothes. Suddenly hearing a chuckle all nerve endings in her body went on alarm but instantly settled at the sound of ’s voice.
“I guess no one slept in our room during the night then.” giggled stepping out of ’s room in a more decent appearance in her jeans and shirt.
“Ermm yeah and I really hope you have a key card for our room?” grimaced as she quickly tip toed over to their room edging to get a move on.
“Oh so there’s no room for a key card in ’s shirt?” giggled walking up to .
“No and he hid my clothes somewhere I’m sure cause I couldn’t locate them.” complained.
“Aww I bet he just wanted you to stay in his bed” winked and unlocked their door.
“Well me too but we actually have an interview like….well soon..” muttered.
“I know that’s cause people actually like our band” smirked “and by the way I think I got a boyfriend.”
“What?!” blurted staring at stunned.
“Yeah I know it’s shocking but won the challenge….a few times during the night actually.” grinned.
“I’m….I think I got a boyfriend too.” uttered biting her lower lip and saw chuckle at her “Oh hun, you’ve had a boyfriend for a while, you both just needed to fight for it.”
“And I’m happy. It’s shocking.” spoke.
“Actually it’s been a shocking night” stated.
“Yeah, I guess our pact doesn’t work anymore, the ‘men are like toys, use them and lose them’ pact”
“Let’s say we’ve tossed the pact in the bin for recycling” smirked just as a knock on the door sounded making both of them frown.
“You take it, I’m going for a shower” quickly spoke striding towards her suitcase.
“While thanks for that” said sarcastically until she slowly cracked the door open and saw smiling at her brightly with sleep still smouldering in his shiny eyes.
“You forgot to give me a morning kiss baby” beamed as laughed in the background and headed for the bathroom.
“No I didn’t.” frowned.
“Well my mistake then.” mumbled cupping her face in his hands and instantly crashed his lips onto hers. Claiming what was his.

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