Rush Over Me!

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Chapter 1.

Putting the last piece of her stuff into a box she closed it with a sigh and sat down appon it. Looking around in her dorm room she had shared through the year with another girl, memories flooded through her mind. The year hadn't gone as expected but yet thinking back about it she wouldn't have missed it. After all it had only made her stronger and showed her how people can be. However it had been a year were you could enrool the problems from all the girly movies into real life which actually were a scary thing thinking about. Hearing someone knock on the door, watched it open slowly and someone waveing a hand with a red rose....


>> One year earlier....

found herself looking up at a big old college, the Boston College build in 1913. Taking a deep breath she felt the nervousness rush over her. Being transfered to a new college to finish of the last year weren't exactly something she had expected to do. To go in and have to settle down with all the people who already knew each other because they had spent the last two years together scared her. She felt like she would be the only one who didn't know anyone. Like an alien who had fallen down from the sky who where suddenly going to drop down in the middle of all the gangs that would already had been formed. It was almost like she would be a freshman all over again.
Watching all the others hugging and cheerfull great someone they knew she prayed that there would be a lucky star watching over her to make it easy for her to blend in.

Placing her last box in her dorm room she saw the door get swunged up and in came a blonde girl with her head held high. Dressed up in her high heels, a short skirt and a thight blouse she more looked like someone who where going out in stead of just being at school. Watching her stop and starre her up and down noticed the frown on her face.
- So you're the new girl. Well I'm Laura. She said still with a frown on her face.
- Yeah I'm ... and... She replied but stopped quietly when she saw her turn around and go over starring at herself in the mirror to check her makeup.
- I know. And just so you know we might be sharing the same room but I'm not your babysitter. She said turning around starring at her.
- I know that. replied feeling taking aback by her new room mate.
- Besides I don't think you will fit into my gang. Laura smirked letting her finger run over her lips.
- But you don't even know me. blurted out.
- Oh but I do. I mean look at you! She replied waving a finger at her clothes making frown thinking what on earth where wrong with jeans and a top.
- Not to worry though I'll show you down to the gossip room. Laura said heading for the door.
- Gossip room?
- Yeah that's what I call it couse there's always someone talking gossip down there but well it's where everyone meets. It's where we relax and etc. But it is actually the students bar. She replied waving a hand.
Walking down to the so called gossip room didn't feel at ease at all. Her room mate weren't exactly acting like she had hoped. So much for my lucky star sighed inside her mind.
Finally after walking through a bunch of halls they were there. Looking around she saw a bunch of couches spred from one end to the other and some pull tables on the other side of the room. In the far end you could find the bar.
Suddenly getting torn back to reality by cheers towards Laura she looked towards what she assumed must by Laura's gang. Then it hit her, her room mate belonged to the popular gang of the school.
- Ahhhhhh Laura is back. A blonde guy grinned making Laura just shake her head.
- So your Laura's new room mate? A haired guy asked making Linda turn her attention to him. Seeing his eyes almost smile at her made wonder what he did there being in the same gang as Laura.
- Yeah well but don't get attached. Laura huffed and sat down by the black haired guy.
- Sorry about her. She's a bit weired. A blonde guy laughed
- And yet you wouldn't be able to stay popular without me. Laura huffed.
- That's true but just so you know new girl. Then I'm and that haired guy over there who just asked who you were is . And then we have , and Diane. Brian grinned.
- Well you don't have to introduce that much were just leaving to check out who else is here. Laura replied a bit harsh making the others frown sligtly and look down.
- Well I was actually but thanks for the introduction . replied and before she turned around she got eye contact with who gave her a sorry smile.
Turning away from them she rolled her eyes thinking oh my god. Suddenly seeing someone wave a hand at her she raised an eyebrow and then saw her nod. Walking over slowly she prayed they would be normal.
- Hey just thought we should rescue you. I'm . She smiled making feel more at ease.
- I'm Laura's new room mate.
- Yeah we guessed that. Well sit down. smiled
- Thanks. smiled
- Oh and I'm . The other girl smiled.
- Hey. So I take it your not in that gang over there? asked
- Oh no. No one get's in there unless you get under Laura's wings and I tell you that is not an easy job. Not that I wanna be a part of the gang. explained
- A shame is in that gang though. said dreamly making her friend laugh.
- You might as well forget it. You wont get him. laughed
- I know isn't a shame. pouted.
- Not if you have to be like Laura and Diane. replied
- True. So anyway welcome. replied grinning at .
- Yeah don't you worry just stick to us. We already talked about rescue the poor soul who had to live with Laura. Well if she was normal like us of 'couse. grinned.
- While thank you. I think I needed to be rescued. Laura and me didn't start out that great.
- Hehe I can imagine. smiled.
- Hey there's ... beamed until her voice faded away and now watched how and in shock starred at going over to Laura's gang and not just that she kissed and sat down snuggling up to him.
- What the f.... muttered
- How, Wha, why? uttered in disbelief
- I take it she's your friend? questioned
- Well yeah she used to be. cried in disbelief
- Okay I knew she had the hots for but never in a million years did I think she would leave us for him. replied feeling let down in some way
- Maybe she still is... you know... started out but stopped seeing both girls stare at her suddenly.
- Okay you're new so we let that slip. You see here you don't mix with that gang because if you do well then it's goodbye to your other friends. Because those over there wont have a good eye on you if you make friends with outsiders from the group. explained
- But that's just stupid.
- It very well be but that's how it is. replied looking over at her former friend mixing with her new group.
wacthed it all with someone coming in from the side with new eyes and though she knew this was how it where some places she still thought it was crazy. Where she came from people mixed more or less. Well at least more than here so it seemed. Looking over she saw how Laura apparently were the one in control, like the others were scared of her. didn't feel scared of her but she did feel a little taken aback and had no idea how she was suppose to live with that girl for a whole year.

She spendt the rest of the day with and who showed her around campus. She felt relieved that she had met some who she could talk too yet she couldn't quite get over the fact that she seemed to live with a snob who were pretty self-centred.
Putting her now empty bag in the back of her closet in her room she sighed and grabbed out her night top and the shorts too and let them drop to her bed. Hearing a knock at the door she starred at it thinking it was probably someone for Laura as she didn't know that many here yet.
- Hey is it free to come in or what? A guy yelled from the other side.
- Yeah... replied quietly before seeing the guy walk in smiling brightly looking around untill his gaze fell upon her.
- Hey new girl. He smiled.
- Hey right? She asked not sure if she remembered correctly.
- That's right.
- Sorry but Laura isn't here.
- Oh well I'll just wait if that's okay? He asked walking over towards her desk
- Sure but wouldn't Laura mind?
- Well you're her roommate so you and I will happen to met all the time like this. So tell me is this your laptop? He grinned
- Yeah why?
- It's um how shall I put it very pink! He laughed
- Yeah I happen to like it. It's got character.
- Yeah I'll say. Do you mind? He said opening it without waiting for her answer
- Well actually.. she started to protest.
- Trust me! He replied giving her a short glanse before he looked back on the screen. Typing in an address he waited a second before a site popped up. Then he turned his gaze at her.
- You need to know about this site. He replied giving her a little smile before walking towards the door.
- Weren't you going to wait for Laura? asked looking at him watching him stop and turn towards her.
- Naaa another time. Oh and for your sake I hope you have no skeletons in you closet because other wise the whole school will get to know them. He replied and then put his hand on the doorhandel.
- No wait. She blurted out going towards him.
- Yeah?
- Why are you telling me this and what do you mean?
- Because I'm helping you. Theres things about this school and you my girl need a guardian angel. Stroking her cheek with his finger he smiled and turned around and left. Turning around Linda walked over to her laptop and starred at the screen.
Looking at it in disbelief she saw "Boston Gossip" written with thick letters across the screen. Scrolling down the screen she read : Ah a new year with lot's and lot's of new gossip to enrool our old school. Wellcome to the new students, ya wont know what hit ya lol!! No gossip will fall without my wathcing eyes and ears so watch out couse you might find yourself in here before you know it. "Couse this is the place were gossip will be told if I find it worthy to be typed. Kissses ya Boston girl ;P". With open mouth dropped down on her chair in front of her desk not believing her own eyes. Why on earth would someone have a page like that? And more importantly her own secret could in no way end up there; she would end like the talk of the school. Taking a deep breath her eyes corth something else on the screen : Oh Oh Hot News!!! A new member has been included in the oh so popular gang (or so they think they are). A member who used to be outside with mostly and . Apparently she felt like a change couse now she will be found in the group of Laura and her tough guy . Not only that, is now dating . Ah yes , wonder what he did to make the others take her in???
With open mouth and a stunned looked on her face closed down her laptop and stayed sat there in total disbelief. Was this really her first day at a total gossip college??

Chapter 2.

Sitting down in the canteen with her lunch she let out sigh. She couldn't see or anywere and none of the others seemed familiar. She had just had her first English lessons and it hadn't been the most exciting thing. She had been ordered over to sit beside by the teacher who where the only one she knew the name on. had been most to her surprise pretty quiet and when he did talk it had been to someone behind him. Maybe he had missed his gang because she hadn't seen any of the others in there.
- Hey. A guy whispered beside her ear giving her a shock making her cough slightly on her water. Turning around seeing who it was she got an even bigger shock.
- Um hey. blurted out.
- You remember my name? He asked and she went it over in her mind. She didn't but she did remember his face.
- I'm sorry no.
- It's ! He smiled and then looked around the room like he was checking if any of his mates had arrived.
- ! She said softly yet uncertain of why he talked to her.
- told me he talked to you last night. He said looking directly into her eyes.
- Oh! She uttered
- I think he was right! He said smiling and then started to walk away
- Right in what? asked confused only to see him wink at her before he headed of in the direction of and who just entered the canteen.
Looking back at her food she kept thinking what?
- Yo girly. laughed suddenly appering sitting down opposite her.
- Hey, hey I'm here too. So what's up you look like you've seen a ghost? asked sitting down by the table with her lunch tray.
- I think I did.
- Uhhhh who were the ghost? asked putting her teeth into a sandwich.
- That guy came over and said hey. I didn't think those people talked to us? questioned confused.
- They usually don't. replied surprised.
- What did you do? asked looking at with a frown.
- Nothing. replied surprised by the frown on her face.
- Don't mind her when it comes to she's a bit out there. laughed
- Ah thank you very much for that statement replied slapping slightly
- Hey no slapping, watch my food. blurted out making the two girls laugh at her.
- By the way there's something I need to ask about? asked nervously
- Sure, what's up? asked
- Well that Boston gossip site, what's up with that? asked wacthing both girls look up at her at once.
- How do you know about that? asked
- showed me last night.
- Oh no no no no, not he's trouble, you stay away from that guy. blurted out
- He was actually being nice. replied quietly
- No no no if Laura finds out you and are making friends your dead. replied again more firmly.
- But how can we not. I live with Laura and he comes there.
- Sure he does but she thinks she own him and who ever comes near something she state as hers their in for trouble. replied
- So his her boyfriend?
- No not official but they are unofficial. Okay it's confucing but just don't go there. said.
- It's the best way to keep out of the gossip line. stated
- Yeah what's with that website? asked again still feeling slight told off about .
- It's a spy that's going around campus. Nobody knows who it is but whoever it is that sudden someone always get's hold of the juiciest gossip. It's a pain in the butt if you get mention on that page because then you can be sure everyone knows about your business. explained.
- But that's just disrespectful. blurted
- It is yeah. Just pray your'll never get there. replied and then turned back to her food. Leaning back into her chair looked around at all the students in the canteen. There was no way you could tell if it was any of them that spread the rumours.

Sitting inside and 's room after end classes suddenly entered their room with an expression on her face that more then words told them she was sorry. - What are you doing here? asked with anger raising in her voice.
- I just, I'm so sorry for letting you down by joining the others. said in a sad voice
- Then why the crap did you? asked again angry while kept quiet and just watched on debatting wheter she should go or not since she weren't a part of that.
- Because I love . We met over the summer and we just clicked and we wanted to stay together. This was the only way. cried
- So you're just letting us down for a guy? cried
- Oh don't go there as if you didn't for Ben remember? said
- Wha? yelled
- Well she has a point when you were dating Ben last year you didn't let us have much of your time. said opening her mouth for the first time since came in.
- That's just, that's not the same. muttered
- Whatever it is it doesn't matter now. It's just please be happy for me. I love him and we can still see each other. begged
- Like how? asked
- Um in secret. uttered
- Have you forgotten our gossip spy? asked
- Maybe the spy won't find out?! said suddenly making them aware of her presence again.
- The spy always does. sighed
- Oh yeah, that's . We adopted her. explained suddenly remembering the two of them hadn't met.
- I know. You should be careful. said looking at
- What, why should she? blurted out
- Be carefull with the gossip spy. said but looking into 's eyes knew she meant something else.
- Oh, yeah we told her that. said.
- Good. replied simply.

Sittng by her laptop that night starring at a paper that she had to write suddenly looked up seeing come in.
- Hey, how are you? said coming in sitting down on Laura's bed
- I'm okay. You? asked
- I'm great but sorry about what I did to and .
- When in love you do strange things.
- Tell me about it. sighed with a smile.
- But how did you get in I mean Laura and Diane?
- They haven't fully accepted me but put his foot down such a speak and the other guy's stood behind us. But it aint easy trust me. I'm missing my girls sooo much. I can't laugh and have fun with Laura and Diane their like from another planet.
- Yeah I have notice that planet. A space ship is coming for Laura every night.
- Hehe yeah that wouldn't surprise me. laughed.
- You must really love him to be around them then.
- I do. But be careful.
- When you say careful you mean?
- That I've noticed how the guy's are around you.
- Their acting weired. Why are they talking to me. says it's not normal.
- She's right it's not.
- Then why?
- You want the truth? asked
- Yeah. replied a bit unsure
- Your a way for to and for to . Besides that thinks your cute so they are teasing him. explained.
- Wha? blurted out in surprise.
- But that just.. just odd...
- either you make it stop or you just let it go down the way it will.
- Oh my, that's what happen to you too isn't? asked with open mouth
- Yeah. I let it go down the way it would. All though I maneged to keep it down so no one knew anything last year.
- But how?
- I was acting like nothing was happing and oftenly I pushed them of be telling them I wouldn't say anything to and . Another thing though is acting a bit differently with you than he did with me. So I'm not to sure what's with him. He can be hard to figure out. said deep in thought.
- Okay this is too much too soon. I mean I was just starting a new college. I don't want all this gossip. How can there be so much gossip?
- There's not more gossip here than else where. The difference here is just that it's out in the open which makes it all seem so much bigger.
- Why doesn't anyone stop it?
- Because we can't. We don't know who it is that makes everyone else aware of others business.
- Hmm that someone should be found. huffed
- Indeed. If you can stop it please do. I better leave. Talk later. smiled and left.

Chapter 3.

A couple of weeks went by and was slowly settleing in. She had made friends with and which meant she wasn�t feeling alone but they weren't the only once. The guy's in Laura's group were making small comments to her when they were at the same spot as her, when Laura and Diane were no where to be seen that is. It was confusing her all the same but for a week ago it started to make a bit more sense to her of what had told her. Both and had been after her to talk her into passing on small notes to and and at last she gave in. Now she felt like she was some kind af pastman and she was starting to feel it might haven't been such a good idea to give in. How could she have said no though? She was the new girl trying to fit in. Saying no to people and go against them wasn't exactly a way to make friends and fall out with the once from a group that had the power to make your life hell at school weren't exactly something you would want now either. Then there were . That guy you would think as all tough yet he actually wasn't and he was flirting. The first few times she had just put it off telling herself she had to been seeing things but now she wasn't so sure of that at all.
Looking down the hall she was about to pass the music room when she heard her name beeing yelled. If she had been smart she would just had acting like she didn't hear anything and had walked on but no she stopped and walked to the door and looked in seeing smiling brightly towards her.
- Heeeyyyy pie. Come in. He grinned while she looked around the room. No one where to be seen in there. Telling herself to walk away, walk away. She cursed her feet for not doing what she told them. In stead they walked up to the stage where he sat on the edge.
- Don't worry it's just me. Come up sit with me. He said patting the space beside him.
- Um I don't know I was on my way to the gossip room. She replied unsure
- Ah come on I don't bite! He pouted making her smile.
- All right then. She replied softly and then got up sitting down beside him on the edge of the stage.
- So ready for the party tonight? He asked
- Yeah are you? She asked nodding towards the guitar on his lap
- I am. I'm gonna rock the house. He grinned
- I'm sure you will. She smiled
- You wanna try? He asked lifting the guitar towards her.
- Oh no no no no no not me. It will sound like pulling a cat in it's tail.
- Hehe oh really.
- Yeah. Besides I like a guy with his guitar. She blurted out without realizing what she had actually said before she saw the glint appear in his eyes.
- Oh really? He said leaning closer to her.
- I... I meant in general. She uttered
- Oh damn and here I thought you meant me! He replied with a twinkle in his eye.
- So sorry. She replied making a face at him.
- Ah you should be. He laughed. Smiling at him she turned her gaze and looked around.
- How come your here all alone?
- I don't know but I like it. It's nice being alone sometimes you know?
- Yeah I know. Maybe I should go so you could get some more alone time. She replied getting in a position to let herself jump down from the stage.
- No stay. He said quietly touching her arm making her turn her gaze back at him. Seeing his eyes starre back into hers she felt her words drift to a place far far away no were near to drift out of her mouth. Feeling her mouth go dry she let her tongue slide over her lips. which didn't go unnoticed by . Leaning in his lips touched hers sofly and shortly before he pulled back again. Still feeling the sense of his lips on hers and the look in his eyes made her forget reality so when he kissed her again she kissed him back. Feeling his tongue collide with hers she felt her stomach do catwalks. Pulling away softly she starred into his eyes getting that feeling in her stomach that told he to be careful or your'll fall.
- I should go. She managed to get over her lips
- you don't have too. He replied letting his hand stroke down her arm
- Yes I really have too. We can't do this.
- Give me a good reason why? He asked holding eye contact
- Laura, my roommate, remember?
- She's not my girlfriend.
- But you're still with her I hear.
- If you asked me too I could stop that. I'd rather be with you.
- How would I be able to share a room with Laura then?
- By not being in there!
- Oh funny replied jumping down from the stage
- . I know you feel it too. said making her stop walking away
- I don't feel anything.
- If you didn't you wouldn't have kissed me. You're not that kind a girl. replied
- How do you know?
- I can tell. He replied with a seriously tone of voice making her sigh.
- Oh was right. You are trouble. She sighed
- Hehe not on purpose I swear. He grinned laying a hand over his heart.
- Never the less I'm still going. She said turning around.
- Fine, you won't know what you missing. He yelled after her.
Leaving him behind she had a smile playing on her lips. He definitely was going to curse her trouble.

That evening she found herself in the room at the same time as Laura which didn't really happen much unless it was night time and they were going to sleep. Through the day they didn't see much of each other but when they were even though they didn't say much to each other then the atmosphere were calm and they didn't argue, she just just hoped that didn't change.
- Okay ready. Wanne go down? Laura asked much to 's surprise but she didn't question it. They just walked down in their quiet silence to the students very own bar. Coming down she watched the room were already filling up. Watching Laura give her a slight nod and walk over to her gang she herself found and already having the shots on the table.
- Heeeyyyyyy. What happened did you just come down with Laura? asked in surprise.
- Year we're doing our quiet understanding of each other or something, I'm not quiet really sure. half smiled and sat down.
- Well that make so much sense. Shot? grinned
- Well yes thank you.

By the other table Laura sat herself down beside letting her hand rest on his thigh. Making raise an eyebrow at for letting her do so but just shoke his head.
- So I see you came down with ? said
- Yeah well what's the big deal we live in the same room. Besides she's over there and I'm over here so everything is fine. Laura replied simply
- Right. Well I need beers said getting up
- I think I'll go with him. blurted out
- Ah he's a big boy he can do it himself. Laura pouted up at .
- Ah but he can't always. laughed making make a face at him.
Up by the bar ordered his beers and then looked over at .
- So what's the deal? asked
- What deal? asked innocent
- vs Laura? said raising an eyebrow at his mate.
- Simple really. says no because she lives with Laura and she thinks that will course trouble.
- Ah well she has a point but still.
- Yeah but still that's what I think too. replied looking down through the room watching laugh with and and felt his heart skip a beat.

Finding herself standing in the middle of the room she looked up at the big clock in the far end of the room and got surprised realizing it was late. A moment ago had just rocked the house on stage as he would say. She had to admit he had been great and made her laugh more than once. Feeling the alkohol having it's take on her she felt like telling him he had been great but also just to be with him. She found herself missing him right now and she couldn't see the girls anywhere. Looking around the room she watched jump around trying to show something while she was trying her best to keep the facade and take him seriously which didn't go very well. Slowly she walked over to who turned to look at her shortly and smiled to her.
- Um what's doing? asked seeing him now jump up on the couch.
- Honestly, I have no idea. laughed
- Hmm!! Have you seen and ?
- Um I think is in the music room. Something about showing her he could play the guitar too. replied while looking up at .
- Okay, thanks. replied shaking her head at and started to walk towards the music room. On her way she was met by laughing drunken students who didn't know the upside down on the hall they were in. Finally finding the music room looked inside and were about to say something when she saw and in clinch beside the stage. The guitar had end it's days on the floor while and seemed to have forgot all about why they were in there. Thinking it was better to just leave them in silence and tease them tomorrow turned around and walked back out. Walking back through the hall the laughing students that couldn't figure out what were upside down of the room suddenly stood still starring at her asking her if she was up or down. She decided she was both and left them in a huge discussion wheter you could be both.
Standing still to steady herself she watched the clock reach 4 in the morning or night really and decided it was time for bed now that she couldn't find anyone. Getting up to her room she heard a noice but with the alkohol in her blood she didn't really take that much notice that it would make her stop. Opening the door she wished she had. Here he was making out with her room mate in their room. At first they didn't even notice she had appeared not untill she uttered which made them both stop and look at her and jump up.
- Can we get some alone time please. Laura cried while jumped up and walked over towards her. Watching the tears fill up her eyes started to regret what he was doing.
- you said it was a no go. He said quietly only to make her not believe her own ears and turn and ran away from them.
Cursing him and Laura while she ran off she found herself ending up inside the school art room, the room where she took art classes. Letting her herself slide down against the wall she hugged her kness towards her chest. She didn't understand how he could kiss her the same day and say those things and then now find him and Laura like that. Letting tears fall down her cheeks she felt her heart break again. How could she have thought at a new school everything would get better???

Chapter 4.

Drying her eyes she looked up. She couldn't go back to her room now. Looking over at her easel she got up to her feet and walked over to it. She starred at the empty thick white piece of cardboard that she had put up the last time she was there. Taking the brush in her hand she closed her eyes shortly getting the first of many falshbacks from the year before going through her mind like a movie. Seeing the picture of herself at the doctores she shoke her head with tears running down her face. Letting the brush run over the cardboard she painted it dark black with effects of white sprinkled lazy all over the cardboard. Having another flash run through her mind, she remembered another door, another guy, another girl. Knocking on the door nervously she openend it having taking all the courage she could find to tell him. Tell him that secret that had to be dealt with. She walked in on them. She wasn't supposed to be there with him. He was hers. Shaking her face again she felt tears never ending the stream. Taking a new colour on her brush she painted a breaking heart on one site and on the other beside it she paited some unkown signs. Letting the brush fall into a glass she stepped back and starred at the picture she had made and without another look, without another flash she walked out.

Looking at the door to her dorm room, she hesitated and took a deep breath and openened the door slowly. To her relief she only saw Laura in there fast asleep. Stumbling over to her bed. She finally fell asleep.

It was around 2 in the afternoon when she finally woke up again. Blinking her eyes she looked up in the celling before she turned around and looked over towards Laura's bed which was empty. Her laptop was left open much to 's surprise. She figured she had been reading Boston Gossip. Which she had found out were a pretty ordinary thing to do at this school when you woke up. Starring at her own laptop she grabbed it and took it with her to bed. Opening it up she starred at the screen and hesitated a moment before she typed in the address. Soon it popped up with tons of gossip from the day before. realized there were a lot more then usually. Closing her eyes for a second she thought she saw her own name there several times. Breathing in she let the entire gossip flood into her mind. : Oh oh oh what a day it was yesterday for your very own Boston Girl. Seems like one new student forgot to realize she had trasfered to this shool yesterday. Seems like she forgot about me for a moment but I can correct that. Our very one new girl were seen kissing our tough guy yesterday in the music hall, wonder what Laura will say to that? Well seems like she got her revenge later that very night. Oh what does the bird tell me? Oh yeah she walked in on Laura and a sudden making out in their room. What's that for revenge? And what's up with that music room. I was pashing the room and natural looked in and saw and in clinch. So like you all might be thinking what is happening with the schools popular gang?
Uh oh and for the biggist news of all I have done my own investigation on our new girl . Ever wondered why she did the transfer? I know some has and since I have no scruples to tell even the must juicy stuff, then let me tell you this : She was pregnant!! Oh yeah ya heard me, she lost it though.
Well that's it for me. I need sleep. Boston girl signing off.....
Feeling on the edge of tears she felt the lump in her throat. She had run away from all the gossip about her just to be catched again. All the looks, all the speaking ill of her and must of all the way Martin had cheated on her, the way he reacted to the news when she told him she was pregnant it had all been too much. She had needed a new start so a new college she thought had been the answer. Maybe she had been wrong.

In the gossip room it was flooding over with gossip everyone just seemed to wait for the persons names in the Boston Gossip that day to appear but yet was no one to be seen. Among them were and who were there mostly to help out at crisis if some of their friends actually would appear. Both looking at each other from time to time and then back to the doors into the gossip room. Resting his head on 's shoulder sighed hating his hangover at this very moment. Even the jumping around last night, which his girlfriend had told him about, he couldn't recall. Maybe he had had a beer to many he thought and let out a moan just to make giggle.
Waching the two doors go up everyone in the room gasped sligthly among themselves seeing and Laura appear. The space between them didn't go unnoticed from the many eyes watching them. Laura on the other hand enjoyed the attention allthough even her thought it could have comed with better circumstances. Getting closer to she tryed to take his hand but he pushed her off which made the whole room look on in astonishment and just made Laura annoyed.
- You could act like you actually liked me. Laura hissed quietly to
- Right now I'm not sure that I do. mumbled and walked straight over to and . Slumping down on the couches looked over at who didn't know what to say. Sitting herself down beside Laura hissed making more annoyed than he already felt.
- Would you for crying out load behave like a normal human beign for once! cried looking at Laura making her gasp and get up angry.
- AND COULD YOU FOR CRYING OUT LOAD BE THE AGAIN WE KNEW BEFORE THAT NEW WITCH CAME ALONG? Laura yelled and stormed out. Making just shake his shoulders.
- Tired of her already? blurted out sarcastic
- I shouldn't have been with her last night. replied quietly
- No you shoulden't blurted out making both and look at her.
- Well he shouldn't. defended herself
- No I shouldn't. sighed looking around the room watching how everyone were sending glanses in his direction.
- Have ya seen today? He asked quietly
- No we haven't mate. replied sympathetic.
- Not sure anyone will see her today. said quietly.
- Maybe not. whispered leaning back on the couch.
- You seen ? asked
- No. Have a feeling we wont be seeing anything to him today. You know him and hangovers. replied smiling slightly
- And a now. grinned.
- Yeah maybe wont have to play mailman for those two anymore. said in a whisper.
- Neither nor . said making both guys look at her.
- Are you telling us something actually got passed the Boston girl? asked in astonishment
- Looks like it. said quietly.
- Wow still has it in him. laughed watching laugh with him just to end up taking his hand to his head in pain.

Hearing a knock at the door covered the duvet over her head. She really didn't wanna see anyone today. Right now she feared going out facing the gossip. She feared seeing and she feared seeing Laura come back inside their room.
- Come on ! I know you�re in there.
- Please go away! cried out.
- I'm not leaving . The voice came back firmly. Sighing to herself she tossed the duvet aside and while she heard another knock on the door she counted to ten before she stumbled out of her bed. Slowly she opened the door and came face to face with him.
- Still in bed I take it. He said letting a small smile sneak over his lips, watching her in her little top and shorts.
- Well there's no better place today! She replied getting annoyed that a blush crept onto her cheeks when she notice his eyes run over her like that. Backing inside the room he followed after and closed the door.
- Well depens if I'm there with you. He grinned praying she wasn't mad at him allthough he knew that was a long shut.
- Don't even go there. She replied feeling the anger raise.
- Okay. But we gotta talk! He pleaded
- About what exactly? asked sitting down on her bed under the duvet again.
- Last night. I wouldn�t have been with her if you haven't said you and I couldn't happen.
- If you had meant what you had said you wouldn't have been with her the very same evening.
- I did mean it and you know I did.
- All I know is that if you could be with her then you weren't serious with me.
- Oh come on you can't blame me. We weren't together.
- Your right we weren't. You're forgiven. Fine are we done?
- No we're not done. Tell me what made you tansfer? said firmly wacthing her look down. Knowing full well she was upset but he wanted to know.
- I can't tell you. She replied in a whisper
- Please. I want to know what happened and I want to hear the true story from you?
- Why? She asked finally looking up facing him with tears in her eyes.
- Because I'm your guardian angel here. Remember? He asked showing her a smile that made her give him a small smile.
- I'm still not gonna tell you though.
- Ooohh come on. Pleeaaassseee.
- No. . No! She said firmly while all really heard were her saying .
- You just called me . He grinned
- Yeah well it sounds sweeter. She stated looking away from him.
- I'm sweet. He grinned
- No you aint. replied crossing her arms.
- But I am. He pouted
- You sure weren't last night!
- Oh you know the deal with me and Laura.
- Yes but I don't understand it.
- Me neither. It's your fault
- MY FAULT!!! She cried out
- Well yes. Everything has been went upside down since you started here.
- OH I'm so sorry but you guys freaking started it. She hissed
- Only because we like you. said trying to sweet talk her.
- uuuhhhhhh STOP! cried jumping out of her bed making his eyes follow her every move.
- Stop wha?
- Stop being so.... so... soo... Stop! She replied going over to the door she opened it.
- Hon you're confusing me.
- That's too bad. Please just go.
- No I wanna know?
- And I can't tell you now. So just... just go.. please. She begged looking up at him.
- Fine but you're not getting rid of me. He said firmly while letting a finger stroke her cheek. Smiling a small smile to her he left.

Chapter 5.

Next day stood outside her dorm room and starred down the corridor. She knew she couldn't stay in hide anymore. She had her English classes calling. Already now seeing some fellow students she watched how they glansed in her direction and thought their thoughts about her. Carring her shoulder bag she started the long walk to class. The further she got the more she felt their eyes resting appon her. She heard their soft whispering among themselves. Closing her eyes for a second she wished for them to dissappear but they never did. Now she really felt like an anlien that had fallen down from the sky who everyone just had to see and make their statement about.
Finally seeing her class room she quickly got in and took her seat. Yet there the eyes where on her too. It was like a nightmare that wouldn't end.
Walking inside in a daze noticed his fellow class mates act a bit odd and looked the way they were starring. Seeing the center of their attention he felt a lump of pity for her.
- Ah let her be will ya? blurted out making them all move their starre to him in surprise. just shoke it of him. Being in the gang he were he had gotton used to people looking. However there was a difference to be looked at for being popular or because you were the gossip on campus. Sitting down beside her he saw her smile a greatfull smile at him before she turned back to her books.The class began and the teacher got the glanses away from for a while.
Putting his arm around her when it was announced break time he looked at her.
- don�t let them get to you. They just don't have anything better to do. said softly
- I know how it works. I've already been there. replied feeling tears fill up hearing the gossip go round about her again. She could just feel the burning starres.
- Come! said pulling her with him. Going into a empty room he sat down beside her on the floor.
- Now come on tell me what happened? He said
- I can't. She burst.
- Look I could make up a story about what could have happened like everyone else but don't you think it's better to just tell the truth?
- The truth!! It wasn't even supposed to get out. It was my secret. This school was my run away from it. She cried bursting out in tears making pull her into a hug.
- I know sweetie. I know but it did happen. But you mustn't let it take you down. Come talk to me.
- I can't...
- Yes you can. Just open your mouth and let it all out. It will make you fell slight better. He replied. Pulling away she looked at him checking if he was sincer. Taking a deep breath she decided to tell him because maybe he was right.
- It was last year. I was with this guy Martin.
- I already don't like him. grinned lighting the mood slightly.
- Me neither.
- Scrum. He grinned making her smile slightly
- It was so not suppose to happen but it did I got got pregnant. When the doctor confirmed it my whole world crashed. I mean, I want to have kids someday but not now. Not like this. Then when I had gotten myself a bit together and went to tell Martin. He had to know. We had to figure out what to do together! She explained drying the tears away losing her voice.
- It's okay sweetie. Just keep going! said softly
- I stod outside the door to his dorm room. I knocked on it and walked in. I walked in on him and some girl. Have no idea who she was other than she's a turkey.
- Um a turkey? blurted out
- A bloody stupid one.
- Um yeah okay. replied not daring to ask for a better explanation.
- I ran away but he came after me. Apologizing over and over again untill I told him to freaking shut up and bursted out that I was pregnant. He went into total denial and kept saying it wasn't his even though he sure did know it was his. We had a fight and he pushed me. It was an accident.
- Accident?? come on? blurted out.
- It was! He didn't wanna hurt me like that.
- Fine! But then what?
- I um I fell down some stairs.
- You wha? What an ass. hissed
- I didn't think that far at that moment I just felt the pain in my stomach.
- That's how you lost the baby isn't?
- Yes. She replied letting tears flood while pulled her into a thight embrace.

Going out from her English class again sighed he couldn't find her. Getting an idea formed in his head he walked back into the class and over to her seat. Sitting down he wrote a note and put it into her book and walked back out.

Letting her go smiled at her.
- Feeling better now? He asked stroking some hair away from her face.
- Yeah, thank you.
- Your welcome.
- Your not gonna tell anyone? She asked nervously
- Of 'couse I wont but I do think you should tell .
- Maybe.
- Now come. Better get back to class. said pulling her up from the floor.
Walking back into class they sat do on their seats. Seeing her book wasn't on the same page anymore wrinkled her forhead. Turning the page she suddenly saw a note. Looking around her she didn't notice anything. Looking back down a smile formed on her lips. "When you're down on your luck and searching for your soul. When your feeling too much and start to lose control. When your down so low that even anemies don't wanna know. I still care for you, say a prayer for you and I know.... I like you hanging around. Your my favorite sound. When your lost along the way and can't face another day. And if you stumble on the road and if you can't carry the load. If you lose your faith, and kidness and gererossity. Would you let me hold your hand? Let me be your angel when you hit the ground. Feel my arms all around you when your feeling down. Lift you up like an angel when you hit your low. I wont let you go!! xx".

With a close hold on the note in her hand she walked towards his room. All the while feeling eyes resting upon her while she walked. Blocking them out the best she had leant she watched his room now in sight. Stopping up she watched his door suddenly go up and Laura come out followed by who turned and court her gaze. Seeing Laura send her an evil glare while walking past her, looked at feeling like a fool. Turning around she was about to walk off when he grabbed her arm and pulled her inside his room.
- Don't go until you're said what you came to say! said standing in front of the closed the door so she couldn't leave.
- I was just going past your room. I didn't come to see you. hissed crossing her arms in front of her.
- I'm the only one you know on his hall and don't tell me I'm wrong because we both know I'm right.
- God you're so full of it. There are others here and I could know them.
- You could but none down here in my end of the hall. Sweetie just talk to me.
- I forgot what I was going to say.
- Hehe right. That wouldn't happen to be because you just saw Laura leave my room?
- Well what was she doing here? hissed feeling somewhat jealous.
- To get a few things of hers that happened to be in here. Since she and I are through then she should have her things back.
- Hmpf.
- Oh come on give me a break. sighed
- Why should I?
- Because she has been a big part of my life the last two years. We're been ruling the school as she says with our gang. It might sound big headed and all. I very well know that but it's still happens to be the truth.
- I know that. She finally sighed and sat down on his bed.
- It's not like I put myself in that position it just happened. Even though Laura could be a pain in the butt, then our little gang had a lot of fun you know. I am trying here but our gang have just got split to pieces so give me some slack will you?
- I know all that but I can't help not wanting her near you. She replied looking down into the floor.
- Little jealous are we? smiled and walked slowly over to the bed and sat down beside her.
- A little. She replied in a whisper.
- Ah that's so sweet. He grinned while she took a deep breath and showed him the note still in her hand.
- You wrote this?! She asked and he looked at it.
- I did yes. Well you wouldn't talk to me and I had to something. So how good did it work? - Very good.
- Does that mean you'll give us a chance? He asked carefully not jumping his luck.
- Yes if you promise there won't be any Laura? She asked looking up into his gaze.
- I promise, if you promise to tell me the story about why you transferred?
- Why do you wanna know that so bad?
- Because I want to know things about you.
- Okay.... replied feeling the word roll of her tongue in a whisper.

Chapter 6.

A month had passed when she stood inside her room dropping the last book into her bag before heading off for History class. It had been a good month. She had worked things out with and they had gotten close. Yet still today she had a nervous feeling in her stomach. If she had leant something about this school it was that there was never a dull moment and if there were then it was the quietness before the storm. And quiet was exactly how it had been lately. She had enjoyed it but she also knew it would be too good to be true in a place like this.
Grabbing her bag she headed off down the hall just to be swung around.
- Hey baby. cooed pulling her in closely and kissed her neck.
- Hey tiger. She replied unable not to smile back at the cheeky grin on his lips.
- Uh I'm a tiger now.
- Yeah don't let it get to your head. She replied shaking her head at him.
- Ah but I think I will. He smirked and leaned in for a kiss.
- AH GET A ROOM AND GET IT OVER WITH! yelled coming up to them. Pulling away slightly looked over towards his mate.
- Ah what a good idea. smirked just to receive and slap from both and .
- Heeyyy come on, classssss. said appearing and grabbed 's arm pulling her away from .
- THEN IT'S GOOD I'M ONLY STEALING MY FRIEND!!! yelled back while turned grinning back at while walking backwards.
- Hehe I see your enjoying yourself. laughed.
- Oh I am. grinned.

Settling down in their history class they waited for their teacher to appear.
- So what's up? asked
- What do you mean?
- You have that look on your face.
- What look? asked confused
- That look that says you’re wondering about something.
- Oh really you know that look. How do you know that look?
- Oh please I have history class with you. The class where you're actually listing to what the teacher is saying and sometimes he says things that makes you wonder and think. explained while placing a book on the table.
- Well history is important.
- Yeah yeah what ever. You still haven't answered my question.
- Well it's just that it's been so quiet at the school lately and it's not normal here you know.
- Yeah I know. I think it's because so much had happened so everyone is just taking time to settle into the new gangs or whatever.
- New gangs?
- Yeah our new one. The boys and us. I've even got the gang I wanted now. With my girls and my goofy boyfriend. laughed.
- Ah yeah true. Laura's just been so scary quiet.
- Well haven't you noticed she's trying to form her new popular gang with Diane?
- Oh so that's what she's doing. replied just when the teacher came in.
- Right guy's there has been an accident so everyone has been called to gather up in the assembly hall. So off you go. The teacher said.
- See I told you. It's been to quiet. said leaning towards before they both grabbed their bags and headed for the assembly.
Getting inside the assembly hall she watched it filled up with people. Everybody talking among themselves not knowing a clue about what was happening.
- Over there. nodded towards the wall where their friends stood leaned against the wall and followed her over there. Seeing smiled at him and leant her back against him while his arms wrapped themselves around her. Looking up towards the stage area she watched a few teachers and the headmaster talk.
- Okay guy's quiet please and let's get down to business at once. It seems some students have been having their own drug cave in one of their dorm rooms. Plenty of drugs to supply most of the school and it's come to our attention some even have been sniffing lighter gas. The only thing now coming to our minds is "ARE YOU GUY'S OUT OF YOUR MINDS???" The headmaster growled out of the microphone on the platform. Watching how his student's reacted. Most looking stunned and surprised, while others looked down into the floor.
- Don't you know that crap messes up your lives? He growled on.
- Catching 's gaze looked at her stunned. Miming to if she had heard anything she watched her shake her head while pulled closer and rested his head on her shoulder. Looking back up at the headmaster sighed knowing the bad feeling she had had this morning had been true. It had been to quiet.
- So right you can all settle yourselves down here because nobody is being let out before one of you have told us how bad and how many students who is enjoying themselves in this cave. The headmaster continued just to receive a loud sigh from every student in the room.
- Yes Laura?! The headmaster asked seeing her raised hand and the noise of every student turning to look at Laura was heard. Everybody thinking "what does she know?"
- Well I just want to know how exactly you know there is a rug cave because I haven't heard anything and I should know. Laura said making many roll their eyes in response.
- Well dear Laura you can't know everything. He replied making Laura huff and others laugh slightly.
- But to answer your question. I know because a student has now been brought to hospital because he was found passed out by the amount he had taken in. He is going to be okay but luckily Sally your fellow student could tell us what had been going on. And let me just add that all of you should be happy that she did. She did it to help her fellow students, just like the rest of you are going to now. So the faster you contact one of us in the room the faster you can all get out. The headmaster ended before he went to talk to Sally.
- Oh God. complained and let himself drop down onto the floor where he settled himself down and leaned his head against the wall. A loud noise could be heard when a bunch of others followed his example.
Looking around watched how everyone there that didn't have a chair settled down just like had with a deep sigh. Nobody seemed to go up and give the information the headmaster had asked for. Looking at the doors she watched how two teachers stood now in front of them making sure no one went out. Feeling let go of her she looked at him watching him sit down on the floor.
- Come. Sit sweetie. He said pulling in her hand.
- But we can't just everybody sit down. We must do something! cried.
- Do what? Do you know anything? asked letting settle down beside him.
- No. mumbled
- Well then sit down. Because then you can't do anything else unless you know someone who knows something. answered and with a sigh let pull her down on the floor to him.

Two hours later.
- Man I'm sooooo bored. cried pushing who sat beside him.
- Yeah so it helps you to push me? cried
- It does actually. replied making a face.
- UUhhh can I try that too? asked lightning up from her own boredom.
- No you can NOT! replied firmly
- Damn!! sighed and leaned back against again.
- Who is this Sally girl anyway? interrupted and watched Laura make her way towards Sally.
- Oh she's the school's quiet mouse. answered
- Meaning ya don't know who she is? replied.
- Yeah kind a. She doesn't mingle with any one we know anyway. replied.
- Why sweetie? asked.
- Well doesn't it make you wonder when she's the one telling the headmaster stuff none of us knows and now Laura has gone up to talk to her. answered just to get replies filled with mumbling and grunting showing her they didn't know.

Looking out of the window sighed. It was getting dark now and they had been in the assembly room all day. It was clearly starting to get on everyone's nerves as people were starting to ague among each other. Looking down she ruffled hair softly. He lay down on the floor with his head resting on her lap.
- How can he actually be sleeping? asked looking down at .
- Well I have learnt he can sleep almost anywhere. smiled.
- Hi, a bit like . However she can sleep all the time and everywhere. And you can say a lot about but sleep all time is a no no. grinned.
- Oh I know sometimes he’s just so filled with energy it's scary. grinned
- Hehe something you wanna share? Give me some gossip? said eagerly.
- Hehe how about you control first! replied nodding towards who were running back and forth with .
- Um what are they actually doing? asked starring at the two of them in wonder.
- Trying to see who the fastest runner is I think. mumbled coming out of his daze.
- Right that makes so much sense. replied making a face.
- I know. Think got tired and bored of the sleeping . said nodding towards who lay sleeping on the floor with her face resting upon a bag.
- Hmm rough pillow. mumbled
- Hehe yeah 's is better, I bet. grinned.
- Oh shut it. replied pushing her tongue out at him.
- Save that tongue for instead. laughed
- Oh hit him for me . sighed
- Sure. laughed.
- Hey two against one isn't fair. pouted.
- Ohhhh shut up! mumbled.
- Ohm excuses me. grinned while reached out for 's hand.
- . Sweetheart. Be quiet. mumbled with her head resting upon his shoulder.
- Am I not allowed to talk? asked just to receive a "Noooo" from everyone making him huff in response.
- RIGHT EVERYONE CONSENTRATE ON ME NOW!!! The heard master yelled out from stage making everyone go quiet and stop what they were doing and stare up at him.

Chapter 7.

- Right we have the information we need so you can all go but if some of you are still keeping information from us, then you know where to find me and you're better do it before I find out about ya. The headmaster yelled out over the assembly hall making all in the room sigh with relief off finally being let out.
Still sitting on the floor watching everyone get up and start to leave the room, listened on while all the students talked among themselves about who could have been giving on information, where had the drug cave been and which students was it in question. Her eyes finally court Laura leaving with Diane and Sally. Why was Laura suddenly taking Sally under her wings? So many questions were filling her head yet she knew it wasn't her business.
- come on! said again trying to get her attention while he notice her eyes flicker around the room watching people. Looking up at him seeing he reached his hand out to her, she smiled and let her hand slip into his. Looking around her she suddenly noticed their friends had already left.
Entering their dorm house stopped up making almost crash into someone when he felt she didn't walk with him. Looking down at their hands first he then shifted his gaze to her eyes with a confused look within his them.
- I'm going that way to my room babe. replied wanting to go down and figure out what was going on with Laura.
- Your room tonight. replied starting to smile making her shake her head laughing slightly.
- No, not unless you want to see Laura.
- I thought you didn't want me too.
- I don't. She smiled watching the confusion grow in his eyes.
- I don't get it. He replied tiredly.
- I go myself. Besides you're tired. So go to your bed and sleep hon. She replied softly.
- By myself. He asked raising an eyebrow
- Yes. You often do that sweetie. She replied unable not to smile at him.
- Yeah, but it was so nice sleeping in the assembly room with you nuzzling my hair. He pouted.
- Ah sweetie. grinned
- Besides we'll just kick my roommate out. smiled liking his own idea.
- Don't you think his tired of being kicked out of his room?
- Who cares? He replied rolling his eyes.
- You should and I'm pretty sure he wants his own bed after a day like this.
- Hm fine. replied sounding offended.
- But I'll see you tomorrow. She replied leaning in placing her lips on his feeling him pull her in tightly towards his body. Letting his tongue slip into her mouth sighed content when it met hers. Pulling away softly a moment later she looked up into his eyes seeing them shine contently before he leaned in for another kiss. With both hands on either side of her face he kissed her hungrily and both looked at each other breathlessly after pulling apart.
- I should really go now. She replied in a whisper.
- And I think you should really come with me. He replied in a whisper stroking some hair away from her eyes.
- I need to talk to Laura. finally sighed which made pull away slightly
- Why on earth for?
- I think she's up to something with Sally.
- So?
- So I should figure out what and help Sally before Laura get her into trouble.
- Sweetie. Seriously let them be. It has nothing to do with you and if you want to still be left in peace then let it go.
- I can't.
- Ohhh great my girl just loves trouble. sighed
- I do not but she's my roommate. I know what's she's like now and Sally being the quiet muse as you guy's says she are, does not. replied stubborn.
- I'm pretty sure she has gone here all her years on college so I bet she knows a thing or two about her.
- Maybe. Goodnight ! said turning around walking away from him. Seeing her leave sighed.
- Night sweetie. He finally said and watched her turn around and smiled back at him before she walked further down the hall.

Entering her room she found it quietly. To her surprise it was only Laura there in bed.
- Your sleeping? asked waiting for a response.
- Yes. Why are you back so early? Where's lover boy? Laura mumbled.
- Just thought we could talk.
- Whatever about? We don't talk. Laura huffed.
- We could talk about today.
- If you want to talk then find lover boy and co. And leave me be.
- Laura come on. cried.
- What for? You took my friends. Laura cried and for once actually saw a vulnerable side to her.
- It didn't have to have turned out that way but you didn't even give me a chance.
- That's because you and I don't fit together. Laura replied firmly while grabbed her nightie and took it on before she crawled under her duvet.
- What are you doing with Sally? sighed changing the subject.
- Making friends.
- But Sally is not your type?
- Maybe she could end up being that.
- What do you mean? asked watching how Laura suddenly sat up in her bed with a wicked smile over her lips.
- I made a bet! Laura grinned making feel a nerve hit her.
- What kind a bet?
- A bet about Sally!
- What is that bet about and with who?
- Ah that I won't tell you. That is for you to find out or not. Good night. Laura smiled wicked and lay down in bed turning her back towards .

A week had passed and the story about the drug cave was slowly drying out. Some students had been sent home to sort themselves out while a couple had been thrown out of the school. The rest of the students had been to another big meeting in the assembly hall to hear about the situation and about how bad drugs were and the effects cursed by it. The schools Boston girl had had a filled day by telling all the rumours on her webpage for the whole school to read in the morning. still found the whole thing about the gossip girl strange but as everyone else she had gotten used to the fact that she was there by now.

Sitting in the canteen tried desperate to open up a juice carton to pour it into a glass.
- DAMN DAMN THING!! uttered frustrated
- Yeah it was only made to annoy you! laughed
- You know, I'm sure it was too. She replied pushing it towards him.
- Ah thanks but I'm not thirsty. said waving a hand in front of him.
- That means open it for me. translated making the light go up for him.
- I swear I think I almost can see the light ball over your head showing you understand. said shaking her head.
- Ah bite me! grinned putting his guy power to use trying to open up the carton.
- Uh I'd love too. Lou laughed wickedly getting ready to bite his shoulder.
- Don't you dare. I'm no vampire. huffed now pushing the open carton towards .
- Uh surprise. laughed.
- Thanks . replied finally getting her juice. Hearing Laura and Diane sit further down talking her eyes were on sticks trying to listen in on their conversation.
Suddenly hearing the words she had tried to figure out all week she sat still as a rock.
- OH MY GOD! suddenly cried when Laura and Diane left and in shock and starred at her.
- What? Is your juice carton empty? asked with wide eyes not seeing her outburst on it's way.
- No! replied rolling her eyes at him.
- Then what? Please tell us we're dying to know. acted up.
- I know what the bet is about. cried out both excited to finally know and infuriated by the whole thing.
- Okay... nice. What bet? Who's winning the football match next week? said
- Noooo silly. Um what football match? asked confused.
- just forgot it's us his talking too for a moment. replied with a sigh.
- Huhhh???!!! replied confused.
- Do I have to spell it? and I don't care of the game remember? sighed.
- Oh yeah right. So what bet?
- The Laura bet! replied eagerly.
- The Laura bet??? Both and said at the same time cursing them both to look confused at each other for a second.
- Yes. She had made a bet. I only knew it was about Sally but now I know. grinned.
- Are you sure there wasn't anything in that juice because if there were such a bet the schools gossip girl would have said something on the web. stated.
- I know, that's puzzling me too but it's true there is a bet. replied.
- And what is that bet about then? asked
- Laura has made a bet with someone that she can change Sally into the schools prom queen. replied watching how almost spill the water from his glass by her announcement.
- , come on. Sally? said not believing his ears.
- Yes Sally. Why do you say it like that? asked taken back.
- Because she's a bit like the schools nerd. I know it sounds bad but never the less it's true. said carefully to not step on any toes.
- So what? That doesn't mean she's not a great person. replied starting to get worked up.
- No it doesn't. It just sounds wired . sighed and she looked towards .
- His right but it wouldn't surprise me if Laura would take advantage of Sally like that. replied.
- Exactly and you shouldn't bet on other people like that. said.
- Well either way I suggest you let it go. sighed
- Arghh you sound like now. hissed.
- Hehe well we intend to do that sometimes. grinned
- It's not funny.
- Oh come on you don't even know who Laura is betting with maybe it's even Sally herself. sighed
- Um then Sally would have made a bet about herself. That doesn't make sense. said wrinkling her nose.
- Okay true but still... said starting to feel alone against his two mates on the subject.
- Well how would you feel if somebody just took advantage of you by betting on you for money? asked.
- That depends on the reason. replied.
- ARGH you just don't understand! hissed and got up from the table and left her two friends.
At the same time entered the canteen just to see the back of when she left.
- EHHHH over here!!! yelled out to his mate.
- Hi. Where's going? asked settling down with and .
- Think she got annoyed at . replied.
- Why? asked looking at .
- Something about a bet. replied
- Oh no. sighed
- Oh yes and now she knows what it is about. answered
- She's too curious for her own good. sighed biting on his bread.
- Yes. Seriously man, stop her from watching all those crime series. replied.

Chapter 8.

Seeing Laura down the hall talking to Diane stopped up and took hide trying to listen to what they were saying.
- So you really think you can win this thing? Diane asked
- It's as easy as stealing candy from a baby. Laura laughed
- So Sally doesn't know?
- No I sure haven't told her. She thinks we're taking her in for being so great about the drug thing that happened.
- My my my she really think that? Diane said surprised
- Yeah because we're so happy all the drug stuff got stopped that we want to show our gratitude by taken her in. Laura replied rolling her eyes.
- Oh we so are. Diane laughed
- Although my dear dear roommate is trying to put her nose in were it doesn't belong but hey when I win I'll be the one laughing.
- What actually happens if you win? Diane asked
- That's the nice thing about it. If I win I get back. Laura smiled excitedly making Diane shake her head in laughter.
Seeing them go so she couldn't hear anymore felt her blood boil. This just couldn't be happening. Looking down the hall she watched Laura say bye to Diane and walked on over towards the dorm house. Following her was dead determined to find out once and for all what this was all about. Seeing her go inside their room followed and smashed the door in once she was inside, making Laura jump in shock.
- Oh for crying out loud you almost gave me a bloody heart attack. Laura cried angry.
- Nice to get your attention. hissed.
- Ohhh you're such a drama queen. Laura sighed grabbing her hair brush.
- Now you're going to tell me what the fuck that bet is about. demanded angry.
- It's none of your business!
- Oh but it is when you put my boyfriend into it. cried angry making Laura stop what she was doing turning around starring at her.
- Why do you even think it has anything to do with him?
- What the hell for? You already know so it seems.
- Because I only know you claim to win .
- I am!
- So you're saying went along with this?
- Not yet. I didn't make the bet with him. Laura finally sighed.
- Then who with?
- It's not your business.
- WHO WITH?? yelled raising her voice again.
- OH BITE ME!! Laura yelled back throwing her hair brush on her bed heading for the door.
- You're not leaving without telling me!! hissed blocking the door so Laura couldn't get out.
- Again what's with the drama? Laura sighed
- You're gonna end up hurting people Laura.
- So what. Life is tough. Get used to it.
- I'm you're roommate and you're treating me like scrum. When I started here I had hoped I would get a nice roommate I could have fun with but look at us? cried making Laura go quiet for a second.
- Fine I'll tell you who it is but I'm not backing out of the bet. Laura finally sighed.
- I know. replied watching her every move.
- It's . Laura sighed softly.
- !!! replied in shock.
- Yes and please stop with the yelling before I go deaf.
- So if you win the bet over by making Sally prom queen, he's making sure you get ? said in shock
- Yes.
- What if you lose? - What if you do?
- Then I'll let you all be in peace. Laura sighed.
- That's all? You win more than he does. replied in disbelief.
- Yeah well he's a man. He doesn't think that far. Now let me go out. Laura ordered and moved away from the door watching her leave.

That night in the gossip room.
- Any one seen today? asked sitting on the couch with and watching her boyfriend play pull.
- Not since lunch where she got annoyed with . replied.
- Oh yeah I heard about that. giggled.
- You find that funny? asked
- Well made it sound like we had gotten our own little crime detective. giggled on.
- Hehe well as long as she doesn't have to open up juice cartons. laughed.
- Um um girls. said nodding towards the doors seeing enter.
- Uh, she look likes a thunder cloud. said watching as she walked over towards the pull table where and where playing.
- Someone is in trouble. whispered under her breath.
Seeing him reach in over the table, taking his turn, felt her heart raise just by seeing him but at the same time the anger had a big hold on her. Going up to him she let her hand slide over his waist waiting while he send the ball over the pull table with the stick.
Starting to giggle watched how the ball didn't hit a thing.
- Ah baby why did you do that for? moaned making laugh even more.
- Oh. What did I do? She asked acting innocent.
- You distracted me. moaned.
- Well I'm so sorry. replied not feeling sorry at all while she moved the stick from hand placing it up against the pull table while moaned, watching her every move and kept laughing. Letting her hand slide into with his she looked up at him with a firm look in her eyes telling him not to dare to protest.
- I need to talk to you! replied keeping his gaze lucked with her eyes.
- Sure sweetie but can't it wait a little? Me and are playing. pouted
- No it can't!!! She replied raising her voice and hold on to his hand tighter making look closer at her trying to figure out if he had done something wrong or if it was just the stupid bet thing that still made her act wired.
- Sweetie just five minutes and I'm all yours. tried again.
- No now!!! hissed making even look at her uncomfortably.
- Okay okay sweetie. Just calm down alright? said feeling slightly nervous about the look in her eyes all though she calmed down a little by him giving in. Stroking her cheek with his free hand, he smiled at her trying to make her relaxed.
- Then who shall I play with? asked carefully as to not being yelled at.
- Play with !!! replied moving her gaze away from .
- Uh yeah then I'll definitely win. laughed.
- Yeah you wouldn’t have if I had stayed. laughed while he let pull him away. Going past the girls, looked at them.
- By the way go play with , he needs a playmate. said making a face at them.
- Hey hey I'm his only playmate. protested making laugh.
- Yeah don't worry I DON'T want to be his play bunny! blurted out in defence.
- Whatever just go play. replied and started to walk away from them while looked at the girls for a sign to tell him what was wrong with but they just shake their shoulders not knowing making sigh.
Finally alone inside room started to feel she could no longer hold on to how upset she was. on the other hand watched her not having a clue about what was going on.
- So we're here. So what's wrong sweetie? asked not sure if he actually wanted to ask.
- Why did you tell me to back away from founding out what the bet was about? asked trying to keep her voice at bay.
- Because everything with Laura always turn into trouble and I didn't wanna know because I am happy with you. Happy with the peace we have. explained with a sigh hoping she would just drop the whole matter already. The look in her eyes told him however that it was not going happen.
- Really! You're sure you don't know what it's about? You're sure you're not just trying to keep me away from finding out the truth? She hissed
- Of 'course I'm sure!! replied starting to get annoyed.
- Do you know who made a bet with her? asked crossing her arms in front of her chest.
- No I don't know and I don't care because it has NOTHING to do with me!!! He replied in a firm voice only to make her anger raise.
- IT'S YOUR BLOODY MATE!!! She yelled
- What?? He asked confusion hitting him for a moment again.
- IT'S ! She hissed watching how the look in his eyes turned from confusion to disbelief.
- Why in the whole wide world would make a bet with Laura?
- Because he thinks he can win and if he does he has made Laura promise to leave all of us alone.
- Oh but isn't that what you want, her leaving us alone?
- Yes but not like this, because he is not going to win!
- , sweetie maybe he will. replied softening his voice going over so he stood in front of her.
- But he won't. You know Laura. She's gonna turn Sally into a prom queen and she is going to win. won't be able to stop her. She hissed and noticed the hurt flashing in her eyes while he suddenly got a bad feeling.
- And what's gonna happen if he lose? asked watching how she stopped talking for a second and took a deep breath.
- Then I'm gonna lose you. She replied feeling tears sting her eyes.
- What are you talking about?
- He promised Laura she could have you if she won and she is going to win. She cried.
- HE'ED WHAT?? replied stunned realizing why she was so upset by the whole thing.
- You heard me.
- Yes but it's so absurd sweetie and there's no way she's going to have me. replied trying to calm her down. Feeling his fingers stroke over her face she closed her eyes for a second wanting to give in and trust him but she felt too insecure. Instead she backed away from him.
- She's going to win. She's one of those who always get's what she wants and she wants you!! cried before she stormed out of the room.
- , come back here. yelled down the hall seeing her run off.

Chapter 9.

Back inside her own dorm room stroke the tears away from her eyes with her fingers looking over towards Laura’s side of the room. Luckily she wasn’t there at the moment. Turning her attention to her pink lap-top took hold of it and sat down on her bed. With the lap-top resting on her lap she turned it on feeling nerves hit. She typed in the all too well known address and watched how the Boston Girl’s website appeared in front of her eyes. She breathed in before she scrolled down on the site. There just had be something on it about Sally suddenly being so much with Laura and Diane, it just didn’t make sense that there wasn’t. Ten minutes later she had to admit that there simply wasn’t anything on the new turn of events and she just couldn’t understand it, not unless...... Letting the end of the thought cross her mind starred out into the air, it couldn’t be true. Sally couldn’t be the Boston Girl, or could she???

Standing still in the door way even though he no longer could she her felt so confused. To him the bet didn’t make sense at all. wouldn’t even be able to fulfil the end of the deal if he lost. Somehow must have convinced Laura he could or maybe the other way around, either way wasn’t going to let them decide who he should be with. Seeing the image of his upset girlfriend in his mind again, he felt the rage raise within him. Stepping out he closed the door firmly and with firm steps he walked down the hall.

- I WON! I WON! I WON!!! cheered jumping up and down while fumed.
- That’s only because you were lucky! hissed
- My, my, my. Can’t you stand losing? laughed coming into the gossip room.
- NO! huffed.
- It’s sooooo nice to win! laughed making take the pull stick and hit him with it.
- Eh easy misses! said taking the sick away from while now jumped around saying “ouch”.
- But I’m supposed to win! huffed
- Say’s who? asked now standing still with a smile gazing his lips.
- ME! hissed.
- Ah yeah because everything you say is law. replied shaking his face.
- YES! replied firmly starring madly at who just smiled back at her.
- Anyway you two nut cases, have you seen ? smiled
- Yeah she was here but she left with a moment ago talking about finding , I think. replied.
- Ah, finding our crime detective. laughed.

Knocking on the door marched into the room shared with a guy called Clive. Watching them yelling and laughing playing a car game on their computer against each other he noticed they didn’t even hear him come in.
- . said but got not response.
- !!! yelled making both guy’s turn around looking at him in shock just for second a crash sound was heard. Both Clive and moaned loudly looking back at the screen and watched how their cars had crashed.
- Thank you for that! hissed
- AGH my awesome BMV is totally smashed. Clive cried.
- Yeah I’m so sorry for your lose. said and rolled his eyes.
- You should be. Clive whined.
- I second that. agreed
- Argh get over it! I need a word. said
- Sure my car is smashed anyway now. grunted and sat back in his chair starring at .
- Private please. sighed making raise his eyebrow in wonder.
- Well I had to go anyway. Clive said and left.
- You just threw my roommate out! half laughed.
- I did not. He left on he’s own will. protested
- Right. So what’s up? asked letting his feet fall down on the table.
- Have you or have you not made a bet with Laura? asked watching crumble slightly under he’s sudden question obviously not expected the question. Knowing he was bad at lying to his friend sighed.
- I have but it’s nothing you should wonder about.
- Really? Not even when you have put my relationship on the table as the winning price? hissed at his friend making him crumble even more under his stare.
- I gather you know then? sighed taking his feet of the table and look up at his mate.
- I tried not too but as Laura is my girlfriend’s roommate then what exactly did you expect?
- I expected for Laura to keep her mouth shut.
- would have found out either way.
- Oh. Well maybe I should have taken a bit more seriously when he said had turned into a detective. smirked getting anger raise.
- That has nothing to do with it!!!!
- Then what has? asked calmly even though he already knew.
- Well be happy it at least isn’t you she’s mad at.
- IF YOU DON’T STOP THIS BET, I’M GONNA SHOW YOU HOW MAD I CAN GET!! yelled leaving the room smashing the door closed.

- , open the door. said knocking on the door.
- Maybe she’s not there. said leaning in towards the door to listen.
- Well someone is. replied right before the door went up and stumbled a little trying to gain balance.
- She’s not here. Laura replied suddenly turning up in the door.
- Oh. You wouldn’t by any chance know where she is then? asked.
- No I don’t, so would you mind leaving again. Nice to see you. Laura smirked before she backed herself back into the room and closed the door.
- Ah such a good mate she’s always been. said sarcastic making laugh.
- Hey have ya seen ? asked walking quickly down the hall towards them.
- Nope Laura claims she’s not in. replied.
- Oh crap. grunted.
- , what’s going on? asked watching look at them and sigh.

- SALLY COME ON AND LISTEN TO ME! cried feeling helpless. She had gone to tell her what was going on but it didn’t have the effect had thought it would have.
- Look it’s nice of you to suddenly want to help me and all but really you don’t need to. Sally said calmly.
- But Laura is just using you to get back. cried.
- Well maybe I’m using her too. Ever thought of that? Sally asked stopping typing on her lap-top to look up at her guest.
- You wha? asked stunned.
- I’m not so dumb that I wouldn’t think Laura had her own reason for doing this.
- I didn’t say you were dumb!
- I know a girl like Laura wouldn’t take a girl like me under her wings without a reason. She thinks I believe it’s the drug reason but I know it’s not. I just didn’t know why. Sally sighed
- But then why are you letting her? cried not getting the point.
- Because for once I’m not the nerd Sally, I’m in with the cool and I’m leaning to actually look like it too.
- There’s another way Sally?
- Is there? Is there really? Sally replied putting up a laugh.
- Yes. It’s not about being cool. It’s about feeling great in a group of friends and trusting them.
- Yeah well I thought I would just try this out. Sally replied getting up on her feet going into the bathroom closing the door. Standing still couldn’t really believe her ears. Starring at the lap-top and then towards the closed bathroom door she couldn’t stop herself and walked up to it. Clicking down on one of the closed down taps she watched a website come up onto the screen and her breath got court in her throat.
- OH MY GOD!!! uttered under her breath.

Walking into ’s room looked at him sitting on the chair with his face resting in his hands starring into emptiness. Looking at him didn’t know what to do and felt a little bit uncomfortable. Going towards him slowly she placed her hand on his shoulder and squeezed it softly.
- Sweetie what’s wrong? She asked in a soft whisper.
- I messed up. I totally messed up. replied in a whisper not sure what to do with himself.

Chapter 10.

- GET OF THAT!!! Sally yelled coming out of the bathroom catching Linda in what she was doing before she had time to get away from it.
- Sorry. mumbled still in shock that her suspicion actually was true.
- You have no right to snoop around in MY stuff. Sally hissed
- I know. I’m sorry.
- Sure you are. Sally said suddenly stopping up from hiding the stuff on her lap-top and stare at suddenly aware of the fact that she might not had been fast enough.
- So you’re the Boston Girl?! uttered still in shock that she had found out who it was when no one else had.
- No. I have no idea what you’re talking about! Sally replied trying to hide it while her mind worked over time to find an excuse but nothing seemed to come to her.
- Don’t lie to me Sally. We both know that I know. I just saw proof of it.
- I don’t know what you’re talking about. Sally kept saying getting frustrated.
- Stop it. DAMN IT!!! I’VE HAD IT WITH ALL THIS GOSSIP SHIT CRAP ON THIS SCHOOL! yelled feeling the frustration rush over her again and a part of her wished herself back to her month of quiet before the storm such a speak.
- Well if that’s how you feel about it, then stop being in the fire of it. Sally simply said cursing too curse her under her breath.
- FINE!!! But when you get back to your senses then maybe we can talk about it. You can keep denying it but I know I’m right and if you don’t stop this freaking bet I’m gonna tell everyone what I know. hissed and left Sally behind thinking.

Back outside in the hall closed her eyes for a second taking in a deep breath. She felt like all the energy was taken out of her body and all she wanted to do was sit down and block everything out.
- Finally. said softly seeing her stand there with her eyes closed. Opening them Linda looked up at not sure where he came from as he wasn’t there a minute ago but she didn’t care to question it, she was too tired. Her mind went blank while she starred into his eyes. Instead of replying him she leaned in and kissed him. Feeling her hands slide up and tuck at his hair he pulled her close and kissed her back. Pulling away moments later gazed into her eyes, seeing the love she held for him in there and he knew he wouldn’t let her go no matter how the bet ended.

A few days had passed and Sally still hadn’t turned off the bet. Sitting in the gossip room that night watched how it was filled up with students, everyone were talking about the latest rumour. Apparently Diane and Laura had had a big fight outside the building of the dorm rooms but no one agreed on what it was about. Sitting alone down in the end of the room, watched everyone who came in and went. Her friends were sitting further down the room but she wanted to be alone for a second while she breathed in some courage to what she was about to do if Sally didn’t turn up soon. Looking up at the big clock in the room she watched it strike 9 in the evening. Time was up. Looking over at her friends except from who didn’t dare to sit with them at the moment and therefore where over in a corner talking to Clive and Clive’s gang, she watched them laugh. Looking towards the door, still seeing no sight of Sally, she went over to her friends. Leaning down she kissed hard on the lips. Pulling away she saw the surprised look in his eyes.
- For good luck. She whispered to him just to see the confusion flash over in his eyes. Pushing to and who sat beside him they moved slightly thinking she wanted to sit down, but instead she crawled up and stood up on the couch. Grabbing her hand made her look down at him.
- Babe what are you doing? asked
- What I have too. replied softly feeling the nerves in her body. Looking over the room she suddenly got eye contact with . She sensed the regret in his eyes but just in this moment she couldn’t deal with that.
- EVERBODY CAN I GET YOUR ATTENTION!!!! yelled and while everyone turned their attention towards her, Sally came into the room starring at her slightly nervous. Seeing Sally walk in towards her got quiet and for a while they just starred at each other in a complete silent room. Everyone was in wonder of what was going on. Suddenly the sound of a book falling to the floor disturbed the silence and everyone’s gaze fall upon the person who had dropped it. With a scared look the girl twisted slightly under everyone’s gaze. Shaking his head came back to reality and grabbed ’s hand again trying to get her attention. Looking down at him shoke her head at him and her gaze landed back at Sally.
- Please don’t. Sally whispered towards , while everyone’s gaze moved from the poor girl back up at . Taking a deep breath looked around her for a second feeling all the nerves hit her again, she had always hated being the centre of attention like that. Everyone watching her. Waiting for her to make her presentation. Reaching out her hand towards she locked her gaze with his. Understanding she needed his support he let his hand slide back into hers, watching a great full smile appear on her lips.
- Um you got to talk. whispered from her other side and she nodded and looked at Sally.
- Just to put everyone at ease. Laura and Diane just had a little disagreement, nothing for you all to spend your whole night debating. said seeing Laura and Diane stare at her with complete confused faces. Looking down at Sally she saw her sigh relieved. Hopping down from the couch Sally walked over to her.
- I’m surprised you didn’t tell them. Sally said stunned.
- I promised you I wouldn’t if you did what I asked. said.
- Uuhhh did you black mail her? blurted out the curiosity getting the better of him. Hearing that Sally looked worried at .
- Don’t worry your secret is safe with me, just stop the bet. said.
- I will. Thank you. Sally replied and with a smile she turned around walking over towards .
- Tell tell tell what the crap was all that about?? asked almost jumping on his seat.
- Well someone had to stop the stupid bet when none off you guy’s could pull your act together and do something. replied with a serious face.
- Argh that hurt. acted holding his hands to his heart.
- Af if. grinned
- So tell us. said
- I just said that if she didn’t stop the bet that I would tell everyone her secret tonight when the clock stroke nine, and God was I nervous about that. replied shaking her face. - Yeah I could tell. smiled.
- Yeah yeah but what was her secret?? asked excited like a little boy.
- I’m not going tell you because I actually keep my promises. laughed while grabbed her and pulled her down beside him.
- I’m glad to hear it. smiled before he leaned in for a kiss.
- Well I’m not. I want to know. pouted crossing his arms in front of his chest with a frown on his lips.


>> Back to present....

Looking at the red rose being waved in the air as a peace offer she smiled seeing enter her room.
- I heard you love roses. He smiled
- Oh I do but shouldn’t you give those to ? asked from her sitting position on the box she just closed with her stuff in.
- She won’t miss this one. I gave her a whole bouquet.
- Well in that case thank you. She replied taking hold of the red rose before she reached her arms out and with a smile bended down to give her a hug.
- Thank you for forgiven me. said with a serious face standing back up.
- Well I couldn’t be mad at you forever. laughed.
- Ah tanks. He replied and pulled a face.
- Well I could tell you were sorry and you kept telling me so and really I didn’t want to ruin anything by keep being mad at you. Besides it all went well. smiled just when came into room.
- Heeeyyyyy Babe.... Oh hey ! said suddenly seeing him there.
- Hey. Um I’ll leave ya alone. said excusing himself. Seeing him go turned her attention towards .
- Your set? asked with a smile.
- Yeah have packed all my stuff as you see.
- So this is it. Well almost your gang decided that we’re going to the beach as a farewell to college. He replied sitting down on his knees in front of her, placing his hands on her thighs.
- Oh you did. That sounds nice.
- Yes it does. He mumbled leaning in placing his lips on hers while feeling her hands slide to his neck. Pulling away for a moment he starred into eyes.
- By the way baby, what was Sally’s secret and why wasn’t it on the Boston girl’s website? He asked in a whisper.
- That’s a secret that’s going to stay with me. She replied in a whisper leaning in kissing him again, making him forget he ever asked. For a while anyway...

In another room in the dorm house sat Sally pushing the last key on her laptop putting an end to the Boston Girl.

Only one life to live
We’re trying our best to make it through
There’re no mistakes, just lessons
It’s all about what they mean to you

No matter what you’ve gone through
You can pick up the pieces, move on with your life
We had to accept the wrong and try to make them right
It may be hard to look at youself and see the truth
You’ve got to realize it takes time to become you

Take what you’re been given
Gotta take a chance while we can
To find our place in the world
We had to understand the plan

Put the past behind you
And pick up the pieces and move on with your life
‘Couse we had to accept the wrongs and try to make them right
You can look at the truth and see the truth
Realize it takes time to become you

We’re know we’re changed but we’re still the same
Getting closer to what we’re suppose to be
As life goes on, your’ll have your time
‘Cause everything is suppose to be moving on

Living day, by day, by day, everything must change
But in a way everything stays the same

This is your Boston Girl Signing off for the last time....

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