Chapter 1

Police station, again. looked around, nothing here was untried. She stood to the side to let some officers through; a handcuffed lady was being nudged forward. couldn’t miss the look she got as the woman sized her up wondering what she’d done to end up in the slammer.
A hand on ’s shoulder made her jump. “Hey .” winked at her. “Hey” she smiled in response.
will be here in a few minutes, can I get you anything?”
“Nah, I’m alright, thank you. Has it been busy today?” asked following him to the desk where he took his seat. The clang of lockers made her quiver. She didn’t like this place. “Hey , ” His hazel eyes looked to her. “Hey baby,” he brushed her arm gently.
, you mind giving us a lift...?” asked.
“What happened to your car?” questioned.
“Looks like someone don’t like him much... that’s the polite way to put it.” explained.
“You’re not hurt are you?” turned to search him with a worried expression upon her face.
“No,” he laughed. “I wasn’t in the car, but the boss said to keep my wits about me. It happens sometimes.” He dismissed the worried look in her eye and watched rise from his seat and toss the keys to another officer as he walked on by.

The police car flashed its way through the roads. “Sorry about this , it’ll be quick.” spoke from the driver’s seat. They’d had to divert as the speakers in the car blared with instructions. His voice jolted her awake, she hadn’t realised she was asleep.
soothed her, running his fingers through her hair. “We’re here now,” they pulled up outside the block of flats which called home. was living temporarily with him as her room was being ‘re-decorated.’ So far it had been an enjoyable time.

Chapter 2

As worked in the police force, not only did feel safe, but she didn’t feel the need to look if someone was following her – a strange thing to be doing constantly even when wasn’t with her. No longer did hesitate when they were together to walk past a group of drunken teenagers. soon became too lenient.
Saturday morning; had left a note to tell her he’d gone to work early. As usual she’d meet him at the station at 12 o’clock and they’d go to lunch, would meet up with her friends to watch the latest movie at the cinema. However 12 came and went. diverted for the main reception for the third time in the last ten minutes. “ , have you seen yet?”
“No, mate sorry; try ringing her?”
“Tried – she won’t pick up. I’m going out so if she comes tell her to call me will you?” “Sure. You’re checking the burglary at the shop down the road right?”
“Yeah, you’re too lazy to do it, so someone else has to.” told him smiling. “Well... I wouldn’t call it lazy – I just prefer not to volunteer my expertises.” raised his eyebrows. “Fine, I’ll come with you then – happy?”
“Perfect.” grinned and tossed his jacket from the corner of the room. The traffic was nonexistent – there was no point in having the sirens on, but both and enjoyed the exhilaration of road control. The car pulled up at the shop and came to a halt. opened the door blocking the sun from his view. “You coming or not?” ’s impatience was clearly obvious as was ’s hesitation.
“What if took off?” A worried expression fell over ’s face. sighed and closed the door. “Have you given a reason to take off?” asked as they walked up to the till in the store. hesitated then thought back to the night before.

The night before

?” had returned back home after picking up some forgotten paperwork. He called her name again. No response came. checked the bedroom – followed by the bathroom. He found her eventually stargazing in the kitchen area. “ ? Why didn’t you answer me?” demanded standing to block her view from the window. shrugged. “Sorry, didn’t hear you.” She muttered her delayed reply.
“What’s the matter with you?” He asked roughly pouring himself a drink.
“Nothing.” hated when she said that. “I’ve just had a bad day I guess.”
“Haven’t we all...” He slumped on the sofa.
“I’m going to bed, see you tomorrow.” dismissed. Something didn’t seem right between them. Life kept getting in the way.
“Now? it's 9 o’clock. Why don’t you come and watch some tele avec moi?” His French accent was persuasive but she declined.
“Nah thanks, I just need to think ‘bout some stuff.”
“At least sleep in my room tonight?” She nodded and made her way into his room. After had changed – she pulled the duvet tight over her body. followed soon after.
“Yeah...” his voice came from the closet.
“Do you think you’d be angry if I didn’t tell you stuff?”
“No, I just think you should be more open if it’s trivial if you know what I mean. But if you’re not ready then I’ll respect that.”
“Thanks,” she murmured. His head appeared from the closet door. “What’s with the questions?”
“No reason, ‘night.” She turned over. puzzled over her responses then went to get another drink. Curiosity was overwhelming him, so instead of going straight towards the kitchen, he turned left into ’s room. The top drawer of her bedside cabinet was empty.
checked behind him to see if she was there then he opened the drawer. Neglected papers lay there. Each one had a date on, none he found significant to himself. Each date that had passed ha a cross through it, the last was last week but no lines found their way through the numbers.

Chapter 3

“So , did you give her reason to take off?” asked.
“Not intentionally no, but she was acting a bit strange yesterday. I’ll try ringing her again in a minute.” said as they approached the cashier.
“Miss Mason? Sorry to disturb you, we’re here regarding the burglary...” ’s voice rang out in the shop.
“OH yes, there was a mix up there, no robbery, it was an accident. This young girl came in this morning returning the money; she said the butcher or someone gave her. On the way out – she fell on the pavement. The ambulance took her to the hospital officer.”
“I see – well which hospital was it? Encase we need to question her.
“I believe it was...floor 2, ward 3 but you may want to check when you arrive.”
“Do you know what the name was?” asked writing down the details.
, , something like that.”
“What time did she come in?” His voice turned flat.
“9am sharp this morning.” They thanked her and left. quickened his pace till he reached the vehicle.
“What’s the hurry?” exclaimed as got back into the car with visible speed.
“It might be in the hospital. Get in...”
The car zoomed off. This time the sirens were blaring.


“Sir, I’m sorry but you can’t see her. She specifically requested no visitors with no exceptions.” The nurse told from the desk about the third time that day. “But I need to see if she’s okay – you don’t understand!” was reaching desperation.
“Miss Fyran is asleep either way – perhaps try again later officer.” He sighed and left meeting outside in the pouring rain. His hair had gone spiky with the raindrops. “How is she?” enquired as he sat down.
“They still won’t let me see her. I said I’d come back later. Apparently requested no visitors with no exceptions.” shrugged.
“Maybe later they’ll have a new nurse mate.” told him trying to be positive.
“Yeah, they better ‘cause that one ain’t seen the last of me.”
“She’ll report you to social services!” joked lightening the mood. “Besides you still don’t know if it’s her or not.”
“Did you get any more jobs to do?” asked diverting the conversation.
“Yeah actually,” got the hint. “There’s a rather interesting car chase going on through the motorway. The car’s running on or practically empty tank, it allegedly left this hospital an hour ago or like half an hour, it could be linked to the robbery they’re saying. I think that Mason woman’s getting a bit deluded bringing a butcher into this situation. The department’s saying that they’ll send some more people out; they can’t get any more cars out so if we could go it would be good. So if you want to?” smiled.
“How do we play a part in the chase?” ’s voice suggested excitement.
“They left a ransom or something; shall we go? We got nothing better than paperwork to do.” encouraged. mulled his options over.
“I’ll see when we get back.” finalised, followed and sped the car past the kerbs rolling onto the motorway entrance.
Their monitors blaring at them, they caught up; they seemed to be the only ones on the scene. A helicopter was orbiting undercover above identifying the quickest routes for them
put the car into the third gear and they soon caught up with the black Land Rover. They didn’t pull over. didn’t question how the information was correct but the Land Rover was running on an empty tank. It would have to stop at some point.
“What is the ransom exactly?” asked.
didn’t have time to respond as the car stopped and both officers exited the car, their guns threatening. None of them would kill but they’d do what they could to save an innocents life. A body hurled another out the front seat. The metal of a knife edge blinded them as a ray of sun by passed the clouds. A soft whimper left the victims mouth as the first body’s grasp tightened.
,” whispered with urgency.

Chapter 4

“Weapons down,” the man holding the knife spoke harshly.
“Let her go...” said.
“Weapons down or she dies,” even heard her sharp intake of breath and he was several meters behind .They dropped their weapons.
“What do you want with her?” demanded.
“Release my brother of all charges.” froze, he couldn’t do that. “Release him or your girl dies.” He aimed the remark towards whose eyes were daring around looking for a loop hole. examined her face more closely. Cuts and scars were visible on her forehead and cheek bones. He gave her a positive look as her breath pace increased dramatically. could feel the knife coming close to her.
“Let her go.” repeated coming towards her. The man merely laughed.
“One step closer and the baby will die too...” stopped in his tracks. “You know I’ll do it .” He threatened.
“What baby?” whispered.
“Aww... she didn’t tell you...?” The man kicked from behind, she whimpered in pain.
... you’ll be fine.” reassured.
“Get my brother out of that god forsaken place. Until I get a call from you, the girl stays with me, and it ain’t a fairytale castle at my place either.” He lifted with a punch and threw her in the car screaming. shot down the tyres as the man got in.
“Nice!” exclaimed rushing to the vehicle to call reinforcements.
“Drop the damn gun!” The man loaded his bullet. “You think I’m stupid, I ain’t playing games. Ring the office now!” got hustled into a new car which had pulled up by another man. They’d planned this well.
take the car and follow” said through gritted teeth.
“I’ll get my monitor, it’s in the car.” spoke slowly and walked backwards with his hands in the air. He leant in, complimented the guy’s shoes and drove off with bullets flaring in anger behind him.
The roads weren’t easy to follow. He tried not to think about why hadn’t told him she was pregnant – unless it was a fake anecdote. More police cars had blocked the road ahead. was on the Land Rover’s tail. He took a gun shot at 1 of the back tyres. He scored! didn’t want to shoot the car not knowing ’s whereabouts.

The Night Before

crept back into the bedroom. was still awake. “You still up?” had asked.
“I can’t sleep...” she whispered in slight urgency.
“Why... what’s up?”
“Nightmare... and my back really hurts.” She wiped a tear from the corner of her eye and he sat beside her.
“They won’t hurt you now I’m here.” He joked.
“Promise?” noticed terror in her voice and his face turned serious.
“Do you not want to talk about it?”
“They came to get us.” He saw her clutch her stomach but hadn’t thought anything of it.
“Who?"He held her in his arms. She shrugged obviously not wanting to commit to an answer. kissed her goodnight and stroked her face until she finally fell asleep. He was still puzzled.
Halfway through the night got up rushing to the bathroom to be sick. “ , you okay?” grumbled from bed.
“Yeah...” came the faint response.
“What are you doing...?” He could her rustling packaging of some kind.
“I’ll be there in a second...” By the time she got back, he was asleep.

Chapter 5

! !” shouted at him.
“What?” groaned from the floor coming around. His expression was in shock and confusion as what had happened came flooding back to him. “What the hell happened?”
“You crashed into the Rover and hit your head.”
“Where’s ?!” He got up with a jerk.
“She’s fine, she’s in the ambulance. The two guys took off, we couldn’t find them, seemed like your was a bit of a burden for them.” joked. didn’t find it amusing and glared at him. “Where am I?”
“I’m taking you to the hospital,” heaved him into his car. Other cars had gathered to help him but just wanted to get to . “Everything’s so bloody dramatic... what did the bastards want with her?” he proclaimed.
“You’re the one who put that guy’s brother behind bars so they probably want to beat the shit out of you...” said plainly.
leant back on the seat, he found blood on his forehead where’d he’d hit the steering wheel. “Wait!” stopped the car. “How the hell did that guy get past that nurse at the hospital?” laughed and pulled over once more at the hospital and helped ’s staggering body into the ward.
“Oh shit; man it’s the same fucking nurse! You try; she obviously doesn’t have the eye for brunettes.” smiled and walked over to the desk. couldn’t hear what he was asking her but she was smiling, he could have sworn he saw her pass him a number. wasn’t one to complain and followed and his new found companion into and through the ward.
lay there on the bed talking seriously with the doctor. went and quickly saw how she was. After, he left to give her some time with alone. He sat beside her on the bed.
“You’re bleeding,” she said softly.
“I know, and I’m sorry ,” he looked apologetic in so many ways. “Is it true?” His eyes darted to her stomach. Her eyes told him everything. ’s face lit up. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I tried ; last night you fell asleep and when I came by to see you yesterday morning you had to go to the accident and I wanted to tell you alone – not with .”
“Will you tell me when we have our next one?” said jokingly.
“Promise.” Came the response. kissed her softly on the forehead and left her to rest.

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