Chapters....: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10.

Any minute all the pain will stop.
Just hold me close inside your arms tonight,
don’t be too hard on my emotions

I really wanna start over again,
I’ll try to be strong. Believe me,
I’m trying to move on,
It’s complicated but understand me.

Cause these scares run so deep,
It’s been hard,
But I have to believe

Cause I, I just need time
My heart is numb, has no feeling,
So while I’m still healing,
Just try and have a little patience

Chapter 1.

>>Flashback 1 year earlier...

- Where’s ? She asked starring blankly at and
- Hehe missing him already croop? laughed
- Not funny! She replied placing both her hands on her hips
- Awww should we tell her? teased placing his hand on ’s shoulder
- Hmmm I don’t know grinned
- Be careful, I don’t punish you two! She replied as a matter of fact
- hehehehheeee punish, missy your way out of you lead laughed
- Hmpf! She grunted
- Hehe alright croop, he’s over by the bar! laughed
- Well thank you! She replied turning around trying to get through the crowded club to find him. Seeing him leaning in over the bar her smile wided. Walking up close she placed one arm around him making him turn around by her touch smiling flirty at her when seeing it was her.
- Hey babe. He whispered pulling her close
- I couldn’t find you! She pouted at him making him laugh quietly
- Awww babes, come let me take ya to the dance floor. He smiled while taking her hand in his guiding her to the dance floor. Pulling her close, he nibbled her ear with his lips making her siver lightly.
- So you couldn’t find me sweetie? He whispered softly to her
- no! She replied quietly
- So now that ya found me what do ya wanna do? He asked starring into her eyes seeing them full of emotion. Feeling her heart beat raise no words came over her lips, in stead she found her self starring at his lips while watching his smile wided knowing he had noticed. Leaning in she brushed her lips appon his. Feeling him kiss her back right away her hands found their way to his neck and tucked at his hair. Making him react by licking her lip with his tongue asking for across. Doing so his tongue quickly found it’s way to hers and he moaned into her moth when they collieded.
Pulling away moments later she rested her head against his shoulder.
- Lovely answer ! whispered softly.

- There are.... aaarrghhh their at it too! said making a face
- Yeah really, guy’s come on! It came from when they saw and in clinch by the corner table
- Yeah pull that tongue out of her mouth ! ordered
- What’s ya problem? asked some what drunkly pulling away from
- Ya all at it... and I are getting lonely, right ?! asked while sitting down by the table...
- awww ya poor things! smirked laughing
- Yeah! pouted
- What ya mean all? asked taking a sip of his beer
- Well we came pass and they were at it in a corner, seriously gosh! made a face...
- Yeah and on the dance floor and is enjoying them selves, seriously gosh! went on. Making and laugh.
- Well guess the fun’s gonna stop soon! said nodding towards some females walking in.
- Gosh trouble just walked in! stated looking at one of the females.
- Maybe we should get everybody and find a new club? questioned
- Well it’s bond to hit the wall at some point you know! said
- Wha? asked
- Well ’s gotta make a final decision at some point... tried to explain
- He has done so! stated
- Well I’m sorry but that woman over there can still mess his head up! said honestly
- But but I don’t think knows that! It came from
- I’m sorry babe but ’s right! replied smiling weakly at his girlfriend.
- Hey’s what’s going on? asked seeing the looks on her friends faces when coming down to the table.
- Hey um nothing, where have you left ? asked
- He’s just grabbing a beer, he’ll be here in a sec! replied feeling like they were hiding something.
- Right! smiled.
- What’s going on? She asked again then notice look further down the club where she saw them. Feeling her heart beat raise seriously she turned to look at who smiled weakly at her. Shaking her head...
- She just came sweetie... said
- It doesn’t have to mean anything! stated while looked over at the female again and she was clearly flirting with and he wasn’t stopping it one bit.
looked over at sending him at look “this is not good”. Nodding towards him agreed and got up and softly grabbed ’s arm to turn her around to face him.
- Sweetie his just being polite tried
- That’s more than polite, how would you feel if was like that...
- I um I...
- Exactly! replied before walking away from them over to and the female. Seeing her coming took a step away. Looking at the female she notiched who she was it was he supposely ex. Just seeing her gloat back at her made her rage raise. Sensing the tension excused them selves and kissed the womans cheek before taking ’s hand and guiding her away from there.
- I’m not just gonna close my eyes ! stated
- Please , I don’t wanna fight! sighed
- So there is something to fight about?
- No
- She’s your ex and you were flirty with her! She replied the jealousy clearly in her voice making him smile inside.
- So it’s about you being jealous babe!
- I um I nooo it’s about you and her.
- Sweetie you know I want you! He replied seeing her calm a little
- What about her?
- She’s a friend! He replied. Closing her eyes for a second she saw the knowing looks between him and her flooting through her mind and deep down inside she knew there were more to it. Openning her eyes by his hand stroking her cheek. Tears started to form in her eyes.
- You’re more than friends, I can see it.
- Sweetie she was my girlfriend and I loved her it takes time for me to get over it and I am feeling your frustration, but baby just be patience!
- Patience, I have been but she keeps being there in the background and you ain’t pushing her away. In stead ya still flirting and...
- I know and I’m sorry....
- Do you want her back?
- No I... I’m in love with you but I loved her and it’s not just going away. He sighed just to see her lips trimble and tears filling her eyes before they found their way down her cheeks. Feeling his heart ache seeing her break he reached out to take away the tears with his thumps.
- So you might even leave me tomorrow to be with her again? She cried quietly
- , I’m sorry I don’t wanna hurt you it’s just she was such a big part of my life, and I honestly don’t know who I should be with... Stopping right on the last words he knew they shouldn’t have been said...
- God... you.... your saying you and I ain’t happening?!
- Maybe, I don’t know ...
- Well come back to me when you know! She cried before storming away from him, from the place, out!!!

A few days later, she watched the headline in the paper. “ back with his ex”. Hearing the knock on her door. She went over to open it. Finding on the other side, just the look on his face said it all...
- So it’s true....
- I’m sorry .... He replied hardly in a whisper seeing her break.

>> Flashback end... back to the present....

At a hotel in New York sat on the arm chair of a sofa when came in.
- Uh uh isn’t coming today? She bursted out
- No, sorry, why, do you miss her too? asked
- Well yeah when you guys are working here’s starting to get boring without the other girls.
- Awww hunny! said going over to hug her.
- Well if you can get over here, I would love it! stated.
- As if.... She’s like reading 24/7, so how should I manage that? replied
- Don’t know! sighed
- How about ? It suddenly came from so everyone turned their heads and looked at him.
- You wanna explain something? asked
- What? I was just saying!
- Yes, well excuse us but’s it’s been a while since you have wanted her to come stay with us since you turned her down. said
- Well I can change my mind can’t I? replied harsh
- Hey hey be easy on him, he’s single again, I’m sure he means well! butted in
- Thank you! It came from
- Sure mate! smiled.
- Anyway even so, we haven’t heard from for a few months and before you ask no either has .
- No? asked looking at ...
- Nope, but maybe I could try to get them here! suddenly smiled
- You could hun, but do you think you could get to come! asked softly turning his gaze from her up to .
- What, is it still my fault she wont come! cried
- Well you did hurt her! said quietly making turn around looking out of the window, feeling slight hurt him self.

In Florida...
- Ha, one page, you have only got one page writen today and you want to be an author! Sean smirked
- I AM an author, I did get my last book published and it sold well! yelled back at him
- Ha, and why did it happen? Oh yeah because I made sure it even got published, face it it wouldn’t have happened if I haven’t made sure of it.
- I could... she trailed of the words feeling scared of the look in his eyes.
- You could what? Face it babe ya nothing without me and you know it!
- I am... she trailed of again
- Oh if you were then why did your precious leave ya hun?! Sean smirked getting closer grabbing her by her waist pinning her up against the wall.
- You... don’t... She cried hearing ’s name was enough to make her break, together with the pain of Sean’s grib on her.
- No, no talk about precious , well then show me how greatful you are for my help in stead. He replied huskly while holding her even harder.
- Please don’t, just let me go! She cried
- Ha, no, pay back sweetie! He replied toreing at her pants. Closing her eyes shut she tried to get free, but he was to strong and a moment later she felt him push him self inside her while the tears kept running down her cheeks.

At another house in Florida heard her phone ringing.
- Heeeyy , pleaseeee come to New York and join me with the boys.
- I would love too but I have all this study for school...
- But you have time off for a while right, you said you had reading holiday or something..
- Hehe yeah or something...
- Please... pretty please...
- Okay fine... but I’m taken my books with me! stated.
- Yayyyy, sure.... Have you heard from ? I thought we could try and get her with us?
- Good idea, but I haven’t heard a word. I guess I could go around her house and see, but the last few times she haven’t even openen the door but I’ll try.

Chapter 2.

Hearing Sean leave the house sighed. Trying to stand up she felt an aching pain in her body. Walking slowly into the bathroom she looked into the bathroom mirrow and saw the biting mark on her throat touching it softly she started to cry not able to stop again.
Hearing the door bell she snifted and tried to gain normal breathing again. Hearing yell if she was home, she heard her self yell “just a minute”. Splasing some water in her face she tried to get to look better. Making sure her clothes were sitting like it should she took a deep breath before she went to open the door.
- Yeah just take ya time. grinned at her when openen the door
- Sorry hey, come in!
- Thanks. said looking at her friend again she knew something were wrong.
- Don’t ask, please don’t ask. almost begged when notice had noticed something.
- um okay... I came to ask if you would go with me to spend some time with the guy’s in New York.
- ! blurted out.
- Yeah he’s there too, but you don’t have too talk him if it is, and don’t worry that woman thing she’s not there anymore, so you don’t have anything to worry about.
- I don’t know if I can go! She finally sighed knowing full well Sean would go mentel
- Why not?
- I... I have to write on my new book.
- Oohh that, well I have to study so I’m bringing my books, you could just bring yours.
- I just don’t know if it’s such a good idea..
- And I don’t think that is the problem! stated making look up.
- Come on , your eyes all red and what about that mark on your throat, has Sean done that to you? asked seeing the shocked look on her friends face she knew it probably was true.
- I don’t think he will let me go to New York . She finally replied.
- Well we’ll make him! stated right when he walked into the room.
- Oh we have a guest. Sean nodde towards Louise.
- Yeah hey Sean, it’s been to long since I’ve seen .
- Oh really?
- Yeah and too, so we decided to go for a trip to New York together.
- Did you now, well I’m sorry but is busy with her book.
- No, I’m sure she have time, besides if she wants too then how can you say no for her.
- You know your right she should go. How about you leave now and I’ll drop her off at yours later so ya can go?
- Fine! said not noticeing the look in his eyes.

Turning to after seeing out he starred at her in anger.
- So your leaving me for an entier whole week? What? You thought I would just let you go just like that? Who’s gonna take care of my needs while ya gone then huhh?!
- Please Sean I’m not your slave! pleaded.
- He, really? He laughed pushing her down on the floor.

The next day and walked into a hotel room in New York.
- Heeyyyyyyyyyyy ya here! jumped to her feet and ran over to hug her friends just to see make a quietly sound of pain when she hugged her thight so she backed out.
- I’m sorry! said quietly looking down to the floor feeling all eyes on her.
- Heeyy don’t be smiled walking over and hugged her softly yet notice her stiffen up in his arms. Rasing his eyebrows looking towards the guy’s he knew something were way wrong. Letting her go she smiled weakly at him before her gaze landed on ’s. Seeing him for the first time in a year she felt tears will up in her eyes not even notice everyone were looking at her every move she walked over to him.
- ! Was all she could get over her lips.
- ! replied surprised seeing her so frigile he put his arms around her and hugged her careful.
- On that note, ya wanna see ya rooms, I’m sure? said.
- Hey ’s living with me! stated.
- And who said I want to? laughed
- I do! grinned.
- Well we do have a perfect room for though! It came from
- Yeah you wanna see it? asked. Looking around at him nodde.
- Well then come with me! said taking her suitcase.

Placing her suitcase in her room.
- are you okay? finally asked now they were alone.
- Yeah fine. Just tired.
- Are you sure? You know you can still talk to me like in the old days that hasn’t changed!
- Thank you , really, I just need some rest.
- Okay well you know where to find us right?
- Yes.
- Good! smiled before leaving her alone for a while.

Going back to others he saw them all look at him when he came into the room.
- So? Anything? asked
- No, nothing! sighed
- Something is up? I just know it! stated
- Well I think she needs a second to herself, then meaby slowly we can figure out what. replied.
- I bet it’s Sean! stated
- Sean?! blurted out
- Yeah you know her manager and boyfriend! replied
- Right! sighed sitting down.
- But why do you think it’s him? butted in
- Because when I went there her eyes were red from crying and she had a bite mark and I’m sure that’s not all. explain
- Right, shall we kick his ass? asked firmly
- Nice one , we don’t even know if it’s true! said
- But if it is, I’m with ya . said.

Going through her clothes she sighed, there were only one option of a shirt to wear down to the hotel bar that could cover up. However it would do fine. Putting on some make up she smiled to herself lightly, it had been to long since she had been out for a drink. Hearing the knock on the door she went of with down to the bar.
- Awww , over here! grinned seeing them come into the bar.
One drink got drowned after another and by the end the only one with the sense intacked where Looking at his friends around him couldn’t help himself from laughing at them. Smiling to himself he was going to have a filled day tomorrow teasing them all.
- Ouch! blurted out landing on his butt on the floor!
- ehehheeeee having trouble finding the chair! laughed
- Hey it was you! pointed at
- What? Me noooooooo I didn’t do anything! acted
- Yes you moved my chair! stated looking at shaking his head
- Or maybe was right! laughed
- HEY you are suppose to support your boyfriend and my butt hurts. pouted
- Awww come here! replied pulling him in to kiss him.
- Hehe! A giggle came quietly from . Turning his gaze smiled at her, she was acting more like her old self tonight, and hearing her laugh again warmed his heart.
- Look even is laughing at ya. grinned
- Hmpf! smiled.
- hehe I’m gonna find a drink smiled.
- Me going with ya! It suddenly came from
- Sure! replied surprised

Waiting for the drinks by the bar...
- It’s good to see you again ! smiled at her.
- You too.! She replied starring into his eyes she got lost for words.

By the table...
- Look, look! said nodding towards the bar
- Ya babe! replied
- That’s how it should be! stated turning her gaze to
- It is! whispered close to her ear making her giggle
- Hehe ... uhh their taking their own table now! blurted out
- What? said surprised looking over towards and .
- ? then said making look two until he looked back at nodding
- We’ll keep an eye, right ? asked
- Right! grinned

Shaking his head laughing warmly looked at him.
- Their watching us ! nodde towards the table where the others were.
- Oohhh their just making sure you are being a gentleman! giggled
- Hehe I bet their are, God I missed you ! He blurted out before knowing what he said looking quickly into her eyes for any reaction, he saw she looked serious.
- I missed you too! She replied softly while feeling her heart raise while her mind were raising with thoughts about getting up from that chair and run.
- , I really never meant to hurt you, I should have stayed with you, I knew that later on but I thought it was to late, I still love you . He said softly taking her hands stroking them with his thump. Feeling nervous he took a deep breath now he had finally said it out loud. Seeing her eyes filled with tears yet with a smile on her lips he wasn’t sure what she was thinking.
- You should have comed back when you knew! She cried softly and he looked down feeling his heart break slightly by the thought that he was to late.
- I’m to late! He said in a whisper
- I wish it wasn’t! She replied making him look up again confused
- Wha’ ?
- There’s Sean! She replied barely hearable
- Do you love him? He asked not knowing if he really wanted to know but to his surprise she shoke her head.
- No I.... I don’t... she whispered
- But then why ?
- I just... I can’t leave him... I.. She replied holding on to his hands harder.
- Sweetie it’s gonna be okay, he can’t stop you! He tried to asure her
- Please , can we talk about something else, please.
- Sure! He gave in seeing the fear writen all over her face. Allthough he was going to find out was wrong later he stated in his mind.

Chapter 3.

- Okay you two bedtime! ordered walking over
- Wha? Why? cried
- Because everyone else has gone to bed, and I’m gonna make sure this lady comes safe to bed without you messing up! replied simply
- But I just got her back! cried making giggle beside him
- Your’ll see her tomorrow, right ? asked rasing an eyebrow
- Right, but I’m not scared of , he can follow me up! grinned
- Really, you don’t think is scary? asked suppressing a laughter
- HEY! It came from stumbling up on his feet
- Hehe now that’s scary, can’t stand on his feet!
- Hehe! It came from making starre at her
- Now I’m sure you can’t either so don’t you laugh.
- but but but me can! stated getting up on her feet a little shaky.
- Okay, then walk over to me! said taking some steps back. Watching while she tried to place her feet correctly he felt a laugh on it’s way seeing her stumble just to end up loosing balance and fall towards who grabbed her. Hearing her giggle softly watched on seeing them get court up in each others eyes.
- Okay guy’s you know I love you both but if ya keep starring at each other like that I’m gonna get lonely over here. said watching them finally take their gaze away from each other.
- Aaaaawwwww you must not be lonely! said turning around stumbling over to
- No couse that’s not fun at all, now come! said taking hold of her helping her walk towards the elavator while stumbled behind them singing a song.
- Hehe if I had known you too would get this wasted I would have let take ya. laughed shaking his head.
- I’m not that wasted! stated looking at a little blury
- Right, and I’m the king of New York? laughed
- You are? asked looking up at him with her mouth open putting and in fits of laughter.
- Yeah sure ! grinned
Hearing the bip from the elavator they came over to ’s room.
- Key sweetie? asked
- Here! She replied
- Um you know how about giving the key to me so we can get going? asked seeing and still fumbled with the key thing a moment later.
- Hhmm! grunted handing him the key. Opening the door they walked inside.
- Now are ya gonna be okay ? asked seeing stumble and trying to take of her high heels with no such luck.
- Ouch! She suddenly cried loosing her balance falling on the floor while her shirt feel a bit up. Making gasp and suddenly stand completly still starring at the bruise on her left side that was no longer hidden. Taking a deep breath himself had a hard time believing what he saw. Seeing them starre at her like that she suddenly realised what was happening. Starting to feel a bit scared she pulled her shirt back down covering the bruise making the guy’s snap back.
- are you okay? asked walking over helping her up sitting on her bed while notice she stiffen up under his touch.
- Babe where did you get that? blurted out making turn and look at him and shake his head.
- It’s nothing. replied hardly in a whisper.
- NOTHING?? It’s.... stopping his sentence by the look on ’s face he felt a bunch of emotions run through him.
- , will you be okay? asked softly seeing her nodding he smiled weakly to her.
- Let me help you with these heels! smiled at her.
- Thank you! She smiled
- No prob. Now just go to sleep sweetie. smiled walking towards the door hoping would follow but in stead he walked over to the bed.
- Sorry sweetie, it’s just I... I care about you! whispered. And watched her smile back at him as an reply.
- Now come on , let her get some sleep. called from the door.
Taking a last look at her walked out of the room with .
- But shouldn’t we, she’s hurt? It came from
- Listen , now is not the time, your both to drunk, let’s wait ‘till ya sober, okay? asked looking at him siously
- Yes but... She’s, if that Sean thing has done that to her, I....
- I know , I know... Now let’s go I wanna sleep.... said pushing softly in the directions of their own rooms.

The next day in the afternoon marched into ’s room finding everyone in there.
- Yeah one more, why don’t ya all just crash on my bed? grunted
- Ohh is someone having a hangover? teased
- Oh shut it! grunted
- Hey watch ya manners! replied
- Manners, What’s that? It came from who laid flat with on a sofa.
- Think it’s were you behave nicely! explained with a coke in his hand.
- Yeah well guess I should have known you guy’s wouldn’t talk much sense today! said shaking his head
- Meaning? asked
- You ain’t up for some serious talk are ya? asked
- Depens on how serious?! said slumping on the floor beside
- Well it’s about !
- Oh, guess we can take our selves together! stated
- Where’s anyway? asked rasing an eyebrow
- He just went to see ! replied pushing to to get more space on the sofa making grunt.
- Oh man he didn’t! sighed
- Don’t very I’m sure it will be fine, he’s sober again ya know. said.
- Yeah well but something happened last night! replied and started to explain.

Taking a deep breath knocked softly on her door.
Seeing him when she openen the door her heart skipped a beat and she felt nervous, knowing what this probably was going to be about.
- Hey , can we talk? Please! He asked nervous. He knew he had to take this easy but a part him was a bit scared if he actually could. Seeing her nod softly he walked in and she closed the door. Walking over to the bed she sat down beside her laptop.
- Break silence! She said looking up at him making him smile.
- How’s the head? He asked sitting down beside her on the bed.
- It’s okay, pretty tired though, you?
- Oh a slight headache!
- Hehe you always used to get those.
- Hey be nice! grinned at her.
- Always! She smiled at him.
- I know! He replied seeing a slight blush crep up on her cheeks making his smile widen
- It’s strange you know! She blurted out nervously
- Wha?
- I thought I would still be mad at you, but seeing you again I’m not! She said softly looking away not able to look at him.
- You don’t know how happy I am to hear that sweetie. He smiled at her feeling relifed. He had been nervous when told them would come, not knowing what to expect.
- Well how could I ever stay mad at you? She grinned slightly
- You know I meant everything I said last night, do you remember? He said softly reaching his hand out lifting her gaze to met his.
- I remember. She replied quietly feeling herself siver slightly just by his touch.
- Sweetie I also remember what I saw, please talk to me sweetie! He said and felt her right away shake his touch away turning her gaze away from him.
- There’s nothing to talk about, I just fell and got hurt.
- Really so what is that? He asked careful touching the bite mark on her throat that was no longer hiden like yesterday making her gasp lightly in pain...
- That’s just, he didn’t mean to... she stumbled over her words.
- Babe I don’t believe it, Sean did this to you didn’t he? And he did mean too... asked now with a slight raised voice making her back away from him and he watched how a slight fear crept into her eyes and it ached in his heart. That anyone would even hurt her made him furious and that she was hurting made his heart ache for her.
- He... no he... no... she mumbled while leaving the bed getting away from him.
- Sweetie please, I’m here for you, I wont ever do that to you, please let me in, let me help you, talk to me. He said with pleading eyes watching her break.
Walking over to her he tried to pull her in to him and embrease her, but she pulled back.
- Sweetie please, I know I hurt you too, and I’m soooo sorry baby, but I would never lay a hand on you or even push you like he does, I would keep you safe, please sweetie would you try to trust me again? He asked with pleading eyes while watching the tears steam down her cheeks she nodde slowly. Looking into her eyes to make sure it was okay he slowly and careful pulled her thight into his arms and hold her close letting her cry it out.

Chapter 4.

Feeling him hold her tight she had billions of thoughts running through her mind. Suddenly images of the last time she saw a year ago rushed through her mind, and then came all the lonely nights she had cried herself to sleep, next to end up with images and thoughts to which had lead her to Sean. Feeling her breaking heart, all the pain washed through her she pushed away.
- Let me go she cried starring into his eyes
- ? replied confused and slightly scared of the look in her eyes
- Don’t, you hurt me, you left me, go... please leave me alone..
- , don’t do this, please!
- Go , go! She cried.
Hearing those words he felt like he had been hit in the face. Leaving the room as she asked, he stood still outside her door and heard her crying on the other side. It broke his heart, he thought for a moment he had reached her...
- !!!!!!! suddenly yelled and tore back to reality.
- What’s ya doing? demanded to know until he saw the look in his eyes.

A little later that day knocked on the door and walked in.
- Awww hun what’s ya doing down there? She asked softly finding sat on the floor with her back leaning towards the wall.
- ! replied quietly
- Yeah that would be me, heard what happened with !
- I’m sorry! She replied starting to sob again.
- Aww don’t be, he understands! replied sitting down beside her.
- Does he?
- Well kind a, he want’s to understand and he wants to be there for you .
- I was mean to him!
- Well look at it this way, then ya even! smiled lightly trying to lighten the tension.
- Not fun .
- No sorry! Seriously though, he was right wasn’t he?
- About?
- About the fact that Sean beats you?
- You don’t hide around the bush, do you? bursted out
- This is not the time for that .
- But since that’s what ya all think, then why should I answer?
- Because you need to admit it to your self.
- DAMN IT , FINE HE BEATS ME! ARE YA HAPPY NOW, I’VE SAID IT! cried and got up on her feet, making get up on hers.
- Of ‘couse not, I would wish he didn’t because you deserve one who treats you great. explained. Seeing her friend turn around to face her a moment later she saw the tears in her eyes and the truth hit her.
- That’s not all he does is it? asked quietly seeing the truth written all over her face.
- Oh my god , he force him self on you too doesn’t he? She asked again just to she her friend finally nodd softly while tears steamed down her cheeks.
- Oh ! She sighed going over and hugged her.

Seeing leave the room to give her a moment for herself sighed. Partly feeling relieved that she had told someone the truth and partly scared that she had. She knew the others might know the truth about what was going on too.
The feeling of being sorry she had snapped at was turning into slight anger now. Why should she be sorry, he was the one who had left her, he was the one who hurt her, he wasn’t there when she needed him so bad to kick the crap out of Sean. he wasn’t there to love her back. She had loved him so much and each time she thought of him she felt the ache in her heart, body and soul to be held and loved by him again. Feeling the tears sting at her eyes again she starred at the door. Going over she opened it and marched into the room where she found all of her former gang. They were there all looking serious, talking serious and looking shocked when she stepped inside the room. Looking at them see knew that they all knew by now. The sympathy, the feeling sorry for her so clearly written in their eyes.
- we’re... tried out finally breaking the silence
- Don’t, you don’t have to. I can see ya know, ya weren’t really suppose to know because there isn’t really anything to know and there’s nothing that gonna change it now, and I’m fine.
- Your not fine, and it is a big deal. bursted out not believing his ears.
- Well what ever it is, it’s to late for you to do anything about it. spat out seeing the the hurt look appear in his eyes.
- ! said trying to make her stop starting to say anything that could hurt his mate.
- What? You didn’t love me enough, you left me. I needed you. I loved you but I wasn’t good enough. So you can’t really believe you can just show up now and think you can make everything allright again. I had to move on somehow and Sean helped me.
- YES!
- Do you call he’s beating help? spat out in disbelief making ’s eyes wided hearing him actually say the words. Opening her mouth to say something she couldn’t get the words out but in stead her eyes filled up and tears started steaming down her face. Seeing her reaction was the first trying to jump in and pull her in his arms but and hold him back. Mean while walked over slowly not to scare her. Looking into her eyes making sure it was okay he pulled her in and hugged her carefully. Hearing her sobs get worse quietly got her into her own room away from everyone starring at her.

Seeing take her out. released himself from the grib of and and left the room as quickly as he could. Opening the door to his hotel room he smached the door closed so hard it made jump in the hall seeing he had followed him. Debatting with him self if he should actually go in there looked down the hall hoping would appear to help him out. Seeing it didn’t happen he knocked on the door only to hear yell inside telling him to leave. Not having any of that kept knocking untill he saw opening the door for him.
- Come on let’s talk about it! said not getting an answer but at least stepped aside and let him walk in.

- I’m sorry sobbed pulling sligtly away from
- Don’t be it’s okay you’ve been through a lot! replied softly
- But I shouldn’t be yelling at . She replied taking the tears away from face with her hands.
- Well he did hurt you, but I also know he is really sorry about that and that he want to help now, if you will let him.
- I want to but I don’t know if I can. What if I’ll end up falling for him all over again..
- Again? asked reasing an eyebrow
- Um yes...
- Sweetie if that happens it happens.
- I’m scared he will hurt me again. She sighed feeling her heart crumble.
- I don’t think he will and I know he miss you.
- Does he?
- He does but he’s scared too I believe, he doesn’t think he stands a chance.
- He did. She replied lifting her hand to take away the tears starting to form again before lifted her chin with his fingers making her look at him.
- He was right though, how Sean is treating you is a big deal. I’m not telling you that to push you, but to tell you it’s not right what he does and when you are ready to talk about it or anything I’m here, we all are. replied with a serious tone making her lips trimble again not able to speak just nodding in reply.

- She didn’t mean it! said watching the anger and hurt flash clearly in ’s eyes.
- Yeah sure! replied sarcastic
- She’s just hurt and scared, you have to be patient with her.
- I freaking know that, but I thought after last night we could at least talk without hurting each other, but then suddenly she turns around today.
- Well think about it last night she was in a state were she could forget the beating and stuff but today when everyone have found out and she can’t hide it, she get reminded about it every second. She’s not her normal self, we just have to help her get there again. answer watching the words get through to and made him relaxe a little.
- It’s just so damn frustrating. He sighed leaning against the wall.

Chapter 5.

was sitting by the window in her hotel room. Starring out in the night looking up she saw the moon shine brightly down on the city of New York. People were going down the street and some would come in and out of the hotel. Looking at some girls standing on opposite side of the hotel she watched them talking and sometimes use their arms to explain stories while they wished and hoped the boys would appear by the door. Closing her eyes shut she remembered back to when she was the young careless teenager who had done that with some of her girlfriends. They had had fun and giggled about fun accidents, small innocent accidents that really wasn’t that bad looking back at it now. Then she and her friends had got older and it wasn’t the same anymore. They looked at it a whole new way and slowly she stopped doing those things. She looked at the guy’s diffrently, they were as normal as her. She looked at the whole thing differently now but keept her memories in her heart as fun times out with her mates back then. Since then everything had changed and then one night out in town with her 2 best friends and had met the guy’s. She pictured that night. His eyes starring into hers and all the charm he had wrapped her up in. Letting a sigh out she opened her eyes and let her starre fall back on the moon. He had made her happy back then but after everything that had happened she wasn’t sure she could go back to that or if she wanted to anymore.

Knocking on the door softly opened it. Looking over at her by the window he noticed she hadn’t notice him knock. Watching her starre out on the city he saw how vulnerable she looked and it melted his heart. She wasn’t the fun loving girl always up for tricks and mischief anymore. She had used to be the one he planned cheeky tricks to pull on the others with. The only one who had gone more or less safe from them were because she couldn’t get it over her heart to mess him about. If she finally had pulled a stunt on her boyfriend it would be of the pure innocent kind. Still it would have gotten her all excited and she would jump with joy that she had actually mannged to trick him. Letting a small laugh escape his lips he watched her suddenly turn aware of his presence. Watching the scared look on her face fade away and a little smile creep up on her lips he smiled at her. Seeing her nod her head towards the window seat he walked over and sat down opposite her. Not saying a word they looked at each other taking in the others presence. Looking into her eyes it was like seeing her for the first time again yet this time it was different. She wasn’t that innocent girl anymore. There were so much more behind those brown eyes that at this moment looked back into his. He watched the pain written in her eyes but also a wish to get free and move on from that. A wish to be saved.

Getting over from the first shock of suddenly seeing someone in her room she courth herself smilling at him. Now seeing him opposite her looking into her eyes, she couldn’t help but to starre back. It was different somehow it wasn’t like back then where the two of them had been all about having fun. Now she saw more than that. There was a serious gently and warm feeling coming from him and the look in his eyes made her heart beat a second faster than it should. Seeing him crack her a smile she grinned back at him.

Seeing her grinned back at him he lost track on the words and in stead he remained silent just like she did. It was like no words should break the moment between them. Getting up on his feet a moment later he leaned in close to her slowly still holding onto her gaze making sure she still felt safe. Feeling her breath on his face he felt his heart raise with abnormal speed. With an inch between them he hesitated before he turned his face and kissed her softly on the cheek. Pulling away slowly he turned away and walked out of the room. Closing the door behind him he stood still with a smile playing on his lips. Watching down the hall going into his room he set off after him.
Hearing the door open and close fastly behind him turned and came face to face with
- What the??? exclaimed
- I went to see ! burst out
- Yeah so? asked not undestanding anything huge in that.
- What the fuck happened? exclaimed more to himself than to but still making his friend more confused just the same.

Starring into empty space for a moment while getting over what just happen she smiled to herself while she forgot everything else for a moment while she thought of . Getting up on her feet while the thought of him gave her butterflies in her stomach that weren’t suppose to be there. She felt like she had to talk to someone. Getting out of her room she looked down the hall and the first door she saw where the one into ’s room. Knocking on it nervously. She suddenly noticed voices coming from the room right before openen it.
- Not you too?! said be a mused
- Me too? She asked hoping he didn’t mean was inside but stepping to one side her eyes got lucked with ’s.
Starting to laugh slightly watched how they both got shy and and a slight red colour appear on her cheeks.
- I think I just gonna... Um go... She finally got over her lips and backed away and rushed down the hall while looked around the door corner and laughed.
- Well there you have you answer, she felt it too. grinned at who grabbed the nearst pillow from the sofa and threw it at him.

Knocking on the door she now didn’t even wait ‘till she got an answer she openen it and rushed inside where a slight shocked and looked up at her from their position on the sofa.
- just did.... and then I went to see and he laughed... was there and and... blabbred on making and starre at each other for a second.
- Um sweetie you are talking nonsense interrupted her.
- Oh sorry can I talk to ? She asked taking a breath.
- Sure just kick me out of our room. grinned walking out and headed to ’s room.
- So ?

- So make me wiser! stated crossing his arms in front of him starring at and .
- Ah yeah we’re the wise once, we know. What is it you need to you know? asked straightning himself up trying to look like the wise prophet.
- What have ya done to so I’m being kicked out of my way nice positon on my sofa so they can have a girly talk. asked as a matter of fact.
- Right this is your question. said turning around looking at before he let himself fall into a relaxing positon on the couch.

- Um what happened to our old ? asked with a frown on her face.
- I know. I know. She disappeared a year ago or through the last year. I just, I know what happened with was so inoccent and yet it made me feel alive again, does that make any sense at all? siged throwing her arms up in the air.
- I does actually yeah.
- It’s just with Sean it’s all about getting through the day really while keeping hold on the only thing I felt like I had left, my writting.
- Oh that’s not a life and you had us. I know we haven’t been around but we were just a phone call away. We would have helped you.
- It felt like ya were all gone and the only thing I had left to hold on to were the memory of . From when he made me happy and safe but I don’t think we belong together anymore. I’ve known for a while.
- But but last night you and ...
- I know that was because... I loved him once and there’s always gonna be some feelings there.
- I guess.
- Besides I don’t think he really loves me. He and his ex maybe broken up again but him and belong together. Not me and . I know he said a lot of things to me since I came here but that’s just the old feelings and him wanting to protect me from Sean. I know him you know.
- For someone who’s going through what you are, you are thinking pretty clearly. said stunned.
- Not really. The last months I haven’t thought at all really. I have avoided it because it hurt too. But tonight I was in my room starring out the window and I let myself think and feel again. Now that was huge. She replied with a slight smile.
- Yeah I can imagine. Hey wait a minute did you just say and belong together? said widing her eyes.
- Hehe yeah I know hard to believe ehh??!!
- Yeah I’ll say.
- I know. If he didn’t love her so much he wouldn’t keep going back to her. Besides I need someone new who will love me and only me.
- Ah someone like . grinned
- Well um maybe. I saw him in a new light tonight. It was strange. replied thoughtfull
- Well maybe it’s a good thing.
- Maybe. I’m not sure what to think about him right now.
- Well since the accident made you run in here then it’s something. replied laughing seeing her friend look down shyly.

- So let me just say one thing. What happened to our trouble maker ? exclaimed
- Well actually he’s still making trouble. cut in making them both starre at him.
- Seriously! You look like someone who is splached out over the couch. frowned making laugh
- HEY! That was not nicely said. I’m just being realxed.
- I’ll say. grinned making frown.

Chapter 6.

- So how long is it going to be like this? asked with a frown on his face. Watching push around her spoon in her cereal the next morning. Letting out a soft sigh she looked up at him nodding to the empty chair by her table.
- Isn’t a bit to early for this kind a talk? She asked quietly
- No because now I know where you are.
- But I’m not a morning person.
- I know. replied more softly finally getting eye contact with her.
- Fine. I’m sorry I had a go at you but things has changed I’m not the girl you once knew. To much have happened. I know your sorry for hurting me back then but I’m not mad at you about it anymore.
- If your not mad then why are you pushing me away.
- Because I’m scared. Because I thought I still.... she paused and looked at him...
- Still what?
- I thought I still loved you but I don’t. She replied in a quiet whisper making starre at her in disbelief.
- You wha? He spat out while she closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she looked at him again.
- But I’m thankful to you, the thought of you got me through the days with Sean.
- I can’t believe what you saying.
- come on. Don’t be so shocked. You don’t even want me back.
- I haven’t said that. You don’t know how I feel.
- No but I know you don’t love me. I know you care about me and want to protect me. You might even like me somewhere deep inside but you don’t want me back. She replied leaving stunned for a moment thinking through what she just said.
- So you think you can read me? He finally asked.
- Not always. She replied letting the spoon fall from her hand into the plate giving up eating anything. She couldn’t get anything down anyway. Feeling him starre at her form opposite the table she looked up and catched his gaze.
- So we’re just friends now? He asked breaking the silence.
- I hope so. She replied quietly and he nodded softly.

Looking in from afar watched the conversation and read out what he could from their body language. Feeling a squeeze on on his shoulder he sighed.
- It will be fine. said softly to his friend while they stood still starring over by the two at the table.
- You think? asked in a whisper
- I do, now come on. I want some breakfast smiled.

- SHOPPING, SHOPPING, SHOPPING! yelled hopping up and down in front of some of her friends.
- God your addicted to that stuff. laughed shaking his head.
- Well I am a girl. stated
- Are you? asked raising an eyebrow.
- HEY, it’s a girls duty to shop! exclaimed
- Yeah I’ve noticed you seem to think that laughed.
- Hey! replied and slapped him on the shoulder.
- Hehe fine, you want me to go with you? asked.
- Yes! She replied flashing her poppy dog eyes at him.
- Fine we’re out see ya all later guys.
Seeing them leave turned around and looked at who was on the phone over by the window starring out. Listening to her voice he notice it shake lightly.
Trying to control her voice she listened to the voice in the other end of the phone thinking about hanging up on him but didn’t dare to.
- So that’s what ya doing. Shopping with guy’s. I thought you went on a trip with the girls! Sean yelled angry on the other end of the line.
- I am on a trip with the girls. sighed
- Yeah were those guy’s you call your friends just happen to be too.
- So what if they are. They are my friends and I haven’t seen them in ages.
- Yeah and why is that? Oh yeah because they counldn’t care less.
- That’s not true.
- Oh no really. Your so naive sweetheart but don’t worry you can just come home.
- No not yet. I’m here for a week.
- Fine but if I hear anything about you and one of those guy’s you know what’s coming to you. Sean replied toughly and hanged up.
Shaking her head softly she dried away the tears forming in her eyes and took a deep breath before turning around facing .
- Are you okay? He asked with a concerned look appon his face.
- Yes. She muttered
- You sure? asked again
- Yeah don’t worry about it.
- It was Sean right?
- Yeah but don’t worry about it.
- But he made you sad. Don’t think I didn’t see you dry some tears away before you turned to me. He replied softly yet felt a bit of anger raise within him.
- He’s just jealous because he found out I was with you guy’s and not only the girls.
- He didn’t know? asked stunned
- After what you now know about him would you really think I could tell him “ Hey I’m going to spend a week with my former gang who I haven’t seen in ages and yes that means the guy’s too”?
- No I guess not. He replied looking down.
- please don’t worry about it. I need a week away from it. I need a week with you guy’s. So please just make me laugh. She begged while watching him sigh.
- Fine but later we will talk about it because it is not going away and we have to do something about it. He said firmly watching her think for a moment.
- Okay. Can I ask you something?
- Anything? He replied with a smile
- You know I’m writting my second book. Would you read some of it for me and tell me if it’s good because I’m not sure if it is?
- Oh couse I will. Um but why do you pick me? He asked getting all excited making her smile over his eagerness.
- Because I think you would tell me honestly if it’s crap or not.
- Oh so you think I’m that kind a guy. He laughed
- Well yeah a honest one who wont say something less just to protect my feelings. She replied but watched how a more serious look come appon his face again.
- Your wrong sweetie. He replied sofly watching how a light blush came appon her face and it made him smile to himself.
- Wha? She manage to utter.
- All depending on what it is. I am a honest guy yes but it wont mean I wont try to protect you. He smiled
- Oh.
- Hehe but hey let me read. He said eagerly watching her smile and followed behind her when they left for her room.

Looking up at her from her laptop some time later he sat there with his mouth open and a wide smile spreed across his lips.
- So? asked looking back at him nervously
- It’s bloody fab girl! bursted out with a huged grin appon his face.
- Your serious? She asked feeling a joy fill her up just from hearing him liking what she had written.
- I sure am. He grinned jumping up and ran over to her hugging her thight. Suddenly sensing her tense up he knocked himself inside and let her go at once.
- Sorry. I know you get scared of... he trailed off when he felt her hold on to him thight. Feeling surprised by her trust in him to let her hold her his heart melted right there and then.

- ... it’s okay... I needed that... she whispered quietly leaning her cheek against his shoulder. Feeling his fingers run through her hair she sighed deeply. She hadn’t felt like this for so long. So alive. So safe. Pullling away sligthly they came face to face and their eyes connected. Both feeling the tension build up quickly between them and their eyes keept lucked it seemen like time stood still. Their lips just inches apart. Breathing in starred at her feeling his heartbeat quicken. Moving his gaze to her lips he found himself closing the gap between their lips but before he even got more than just a split feeling of touch of her lips someone knocked on her door and made her pull away from him. Hearing the door open they stepped away from each other while cursed the person inside his head for disturbing them untill he saw who it was. Seeing standing there he felt an inch of guilt run through him.
- ?! She muttered as the first one saying something before her eyes swifted back to ’s feeling her heart beat just that bit faster meeting his gaze again before her eyes feel on his lips again for a split second. Even just for the spilt noticed it and it made his heart melt again and he felt like pushing his friend out of the room.
lost track of what to say watching the atmosphere between them. Giveing a look he watched him look away quickly.
- What’s going on? blurted out wanting to know why they were acting so strange even though deep down he had a good idea to why.
- I was just reading some of her book, it’s really great by the way. blurted out trying to lighten the amosphere.
- Really, she let you read it? asked surprised and looked over at .
- Yes I needed an opinion on it. She explained looking into ’s eyes trying to read his mind.
- You could have asked me. He replied somewhat disappointed
- I know, it’s just that... you would have... She mumbled making stand still and cross his arms over his chest.
- I think she’s trying to say that with all the stuff between you too that you wounldn’t be able to be objective. explained
- Oh really and you can? replied with a frown.
- While yes couse I don’t have ya past.
- But I can see you want one. replied harshly
- Guy’s please, don’t make it a big deal please. interfered making both starre at her.
- But it is a big deal. I know what your writing mean to you.
- I know you do, but I just wanted to have it finished before you read it. She replied watching him relaxe a bit.
- Fine sweetie. I just don’t like you shutting me out. sighed.
- I’m not shutting you out. I just need to do things my way. I have done that for a long time now and I can’t just suddenly let you in to far again. Please understand. She replied softly walking over closer to him which made look away finding himself not liking the former bond they had had.
- Okay right I’ll try to understand. sighed
- Thank you. She replied.
- Though can I have a word? asked. Nodding in response gave a smile before following into his room.
Closing the door behind him watched walk around in the room before he suddenly turned around and starred at him.
- What the crap happened in there before I came? exclaimed
- Um like I said I read some of her book. replied somewhat confused
- Oh don’t give me that shit. What do you think you were doing when I came in?
- I um didn’t do anything. uttered
- Then what the crap were your lips doing on hers?
- They were saying well done. mumbled not being able to find the right reason.
- Bull shit. Then you would just have hugged her. You freaking kissed her.
- It was hardly a kiss. He defended himself making s blood boil faster.
- You touched which makes it a kiss! replied in rage making take a step back.
- So what if it were. It didn’t mean anything. Why are you so mad, do you want her back? I understand if you do. I saw you two in the bar the other night remember.
- No I don’t want her back. All that was the drunken me talking.
- Then what is the problem.
- The problem is you getting close to her.
- Seriously you can’t mean that. She needs all the friends she can get.
- That in there was a bit to friendly.
- Ah will you relaxe. You should be more concerned about that Sean guy than me. At least I’m treating her right. blurted out making take a deep breath before he plumped down on the counch.

Chapter 7.

A few hours later stood starring at her door. Looking down the hall he saw ’s door still closed. Sighing to himself he knew he had somehow gotten to relaxe but to be honest he wasn’t really sure how he had manage to do it. He was just glad that he had. Looking back at her door he starred at it.
- ya in there. asked knocking on the door again starting to get worried. None of the others had seen her
- Nice door huhhh??!! grinned coming up to making him jump lightly not noticeing her coming.
- Um uh huhhh??!! muttered
- Hehe you been standing there for a while haven’t you? grinned up at him.
- Um well a little. I can’t find her. He mumbled
- Well the mystery is solved. smiled seeing turn the corner.
- Oh hey. Somethings up? smiled looking at them both before lucking up her room door.
- Well I think tough guy here were worried about you, since you had disappeared. smiled.
- I wasn’t. muttered just to receive a smirk from
- So where were you anyway? asked when all three of them were inside the room.- I met up with .
- YOU DID WHAT?! and bursted out making looked at them be a mused
- I know, I’m surprised myself.
- But but why? asked
- Because there’s no need for all three of us to be miserable and I’m okay with them being together. explained
- Are you sick? I think you are sick. stated shocked
- I’m not sick . She smiled
- Well I think it’s good. blurted out making turn and starre at him
- Now I think you are sick too. stated making him pout.
- Listen , I realize it’s strange after everything that has happened but I think it’s about time that we move on and get’s our happy ending. smiled at her
- And what is your happy ending then? asked. While looked down on her hands before looking up at and then to look at while she thought.
- I’m not sure what mine will be or if I’m even going to be so lucky to have one but I hope so. sighed
- You will have one. You just have to leave Sean. said firmly.
- I second that. blurted out.
- It’s not as easy as that. He’s not someone you just leave. He has power over my author future. For whatever he is. He did help me get my book out there. She replied
- Seriously you did not just say that, you could do that without him. bursted out
- Could I? Could I really and in what world is that? Not in the one I’m in anyway? burst out taked back by his argument.
- Sweetie you’re great at that stuff you don’t need him! replied meanwhile looked at him in disblief and kept saying quietly to herself “sweetie”?
- At that time I couldn’t okay?! I was a nut case with a low self-esteem when he picked the pieces of me up.
- Fine, right but I still say you never needed him because he treats you like crap and we are your friends so you can’t make us think other wise when we know what he does to you. replied as a matter of fact making her sigh and look at him softly making him fall down a bit too. Putting the sweetie in the back of her head for a moment starred at them and waited ‘till they got quiet for her to say something.
- Hon, is right and never did I know I would ever say that. smirked at making him pull a face at her.
- Fine Sean is scrum are ya happy now. sighed
- No, we’re happy when you dump him. replied making her friend roll her eyes.
- As said. He’s a big strong guy and not someone to mess with. replied.
- So you do want to dump him? asked eagerly making raise an eyebrow at him.
- Can we just take one thing at a time. I just made up with today. She was very nice by the way. She replied making and look at each other still surprised.
- Sure. uttered.
- By the way we’re all going out tonight. replied
- We’re what? asked
- And why? Not that I don’t want to but why? asked
- Because we’re setting and up or well kind a.
- Okay I’m back to your sick and I’m going before you give me more shocks in one day. And your coming with me! replied shaking her heard and pulling with her by the collar of his shirt.

The evening had arrived and inside a club now stod chatting with who had somewhat doubts about the whole thine.
- He’s gonna know we set him up. said nervoursly
- Probably replied having a bit of second thought about this herself knowing how his temper could get when he felt tricked.
- Are you sure about this? She asked
- Yeah, you two should be happy.
- But wont it bother you. I mean him and me.
- It did but I moved on. I had too and I know he’s not for me.
- But if he were? asked seriously. Looking through the room catching a glinse of she thought for a second before turning her attention back at .
- Then I probably wouldn’t be doing this! replied honestly.
- I understand.
- Just go talk to him. She replied.
Seeing her go to him sighed to herself watching him turn to her smiling greeting her with hug.
- Are you okay? She suddenly heard ask now standing beside her.
- Yeah I’m okay. She replied softly.
- Sooooo does it mean you’re done doing good deeds now? asked close to her ear. Looking over at and she smiled and looked back into ’s eyes.
- I am. She smiled before turning around to walk away but got grabbed around the waist and pulled back.
- Hey Hey where do you think your going? He asked spinning her around to face him. seeing her smile brightly back at him he felt his heart skip a beat.
- I was going to get a drink. Good deeds make a woman thirsty.
- Really? He replied quietly pulling her closer.
- Really. She replied hardly in a whisper feeling her mouth go dry and her heart beat to fast being just that inch from him.
- How about making yourself happy now then? He whispered huskely
- And what would you suggest? She uttered feeling his breath on her.
- This! He replied leaning in crashing his lips against hers. Kissing her softly at first it quickly got more intens when he felt her kiss him back and her hands sneak up and tuck at his hair. Letting his tongue slide over her lips he felt her slowly open up her mouth giving him the access he was asking for. Slipping his tongue inside her mouth it collided with hers and a soft moan escaped her mouth making him want it even more.
Feeling her knees go weak under the kiss she leaned on him for support while she felt him hold on to her thightly. Pulling away moments later she smiled shyly up at him before she softly let herself slide out of his arms and turned around and headed for the bar where she saw and .

- So I saw you got your kiss. laughed slapping his mate on the shoulder.
- I did. grinned at his mate who smile and shoke his head.

Leaning in over the bar sighed to the bartender for a shot. Getting it right away she drowned it in one go before she turned to her two friends.
- Have I gone mentally? She asked starring at and who looked at each other before bursting out laughing.
- Yeah your a nut case. laughed
- Oh right, thank you. Then it all make sense.
- Why what you done now? asked
- Maybe got and back together and kissed . blurted out
- You done what? asked in shock and got her shot down in the wrong throat
- Yeah I saw that coming. said looking thoughtful making both girls starre at her.
- You wha? blurted out.
- Well first of all ya told me about and well he was acting all guffy earlier today. explained as a matter of fact.
- And when were ya gonna tell me all this? asked looking shocked
- Just now! replied drowning another shot.
- So was it good? grinned
- What was what good? asked confused
- The kiss! grinned
- Uuhhhh yes was it good? Is good? asked getting all eager
- Hey hey a girl doesn’t kiss and tell! grinned back
- Yeah as if. It’s a womans job to chat with her girlfriends about cheeky things. stated drowing a blue looking shut in one go.
- It is. agreed.
- Okay okay you win! laughed
- YaY.. so so so? asked grinned
- It was.... it soooo was. replied licking her lips making make a face.
- Okay I get the point. replied waving her hand in the air.
- I don’t! pouted
- Yeah well your also a little slow. laughed
- Hey I’m not. protested
- Well you are actually. agreed with .
- Hmpf. mumbled.
- But to you information when you see someone licking her lips when she tells you something like that, then it means it was damn good. explained watching a light go up for .
- Ahhh. blurted out making both her friends laugh at her.
- But but so what does it means, are you and him, what? blurted out
- I don’t know. As we just stated I’m a nut case so how should I know? replied looking to the end of the bar cathing a guy looking at her with smug on his face. Right in that second she felt the reality hit her back in her face.

Chapter 8.

- Girls excuse me I’ll be right back. said while her two mates nodde and clinked their shot glasses involving something to pink.
- I loooooooveeeee pink. exclaimed while walked away towards the ladies room. Just as she was about to go in the guy from the bar took a soft hold of her arm and she felt his breath by her ear.
- Having fun huhh??!! Well don’t think I wont tell Sean about this. His words clinged into her ear and as quick as he had appeard as quick he was gone. Opening the door with her hand shaking she went into the ladies room finding it empty to her relief. Starring at herself in the mirror she felt tears on the brick to fall. Hearing laughter by the door and then seeing two woman stumble inside, she shoke her head lightly and suppressed the tears and put her front back on. She didn’t know how much he had seen but he wasn’t going to stop her from having a good week away from Sean for the first time in ages. Being away she felt like she could breath again although having seen Sean’s friend Mac had knocked her out. Deep down she knew something was going to happen but just for once she wanted to fell safe. Refreshing her make up she took a dreep breath and walked back out to the club. Feeling a hand suddenly grab her and turn her around she felt her heart skip a beat of scare og the thought Sean had arrived. However seeing coming face to face with she relaxed.
- So just one question how twisted are you? He asked reaising his eyebrow at her.
- A lot. She replied trying to look as serious as she could.
- Yeah I figured that. replied letting a smile break free.
- So she told you?
- Yeah she did. I must admit I didn’t see this one coming.
- I know. I just want you to be happy.
- I am and I just want you to be happy. He smiled
- I know.
- But you know this new development doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop fuss about you.
- I didn’t expect it too.
- All right then. Now come along. Our slang has overtaken the tables over there. grinned. Walking up to the others she understood why he laughed. Watching how their friends drowned one shut after another made her ligthly shake her head.
- Heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! jumped up standing on her chair reaching her arms out to hug her friend.
- Um hey . replied with a shake on her head.
- Don’t mind her, she had a few to many laughed.
- Oh and you haven’t? laughed
- Hey I never get drunk! replied sarcastic
- Yeah right your a drunkard. laughed
- HEY! exclaimed.
- Hehe um guy’s I’m gonna go and make a call. said excusing himself.
- AaAaawwwww his missing . teased.
- Well not all of us has our woman here. stated while ruffling ’s hair as he passed by.
- So sit you guys. exclaimed
- Yeah what colour of shot do ya want? We have red, pink, green, white and blue. said.
- Hey we also have my bubble yellow stuff. blurted out.
- What exactly are you drinking? asked sliding herself down on a chair beside him.
- Taste! grinned giving her his shot. Taking it from him she looked at the others but they just starred at her waiting for her responce. Taking it to her lips she drowned it in one go before she looked at in surprised and the others started laughing.
- Cider?? She replied with a smile.
- Yeah I live for the stuff. grinned
- He does actually. agreed.
- But here your more to the red once. said pushing a red shot towards her.
- Love the red once. replied clinking glasses with before they drowned it.
- By the way where are and ? asked putting down her glass.
- Um they went to talk. replied trying to dissmiss the subject.
- Talk, why? asked again.
- Guess because they wanted to replied again.
- As in how, ? said starring at her friend who looked back at her with a blurry look.
- Um um... I don’t remember. answered clearly drunk by now.
- As said don’t mind her right now. laughed making turn to who usually were the one who knew what’s where going on.
- Wha me?? Why do you look at me. Here take a new shot. blurted out.
- , talk. replied stubborn
- Here’s a secret guy’s don’t talk much. said as a matter of fact while his gaze fell from her eyes to her lips.
- Some does, I know. replied while quickly move his gaze back to her eyes.
- You know?
- Yes, so tell me.
- They just went to talk. Let them sort it out.
- Sort what out?
- , let it go. He said more firmly making her feel a little taken aback which made her break their their eye contact and turn to her drink. Fiddeling it with her fingers at first before downing it.
Seeing her response made look towards the others getting eye contact with he saw her shake her head at him softly with an you fool expression on her face. Looking down thinking crap in his heard leaned in to her and stroked her back with his hand.
- Sorry. said in a whisper and she nodde softly not looking at him which made him put his hand on the other side of her cheek and softly turn her face so he could look her in the eye. Seeing the look in her eyes it would have made him kiss her right there if he hadn’t heard laugh at something said in the background. Letting go, he instead leaned back in his chair and got a smile from .

A few hours later they all stumbled back into their hotel. Still not having seen and worried . Watching who could barely walk on her feet she knew she couldn’t get anything out of her.
- Watch up? asked when they walked down the hall to their rooms.
- and ! She replied adding and Sean in the back of her mind
- Ah wait untill she comes to you.
- I guess.
- So wanna come into mine? He grinned
- Oh you cheeky sod. She replied slapping him playfully on the shoulder.
- Hey, that hurt. He pouted
- Yeah as if. She laughed
- But I actually meant it. We could just sleep you know. He replied in a quiet nervours voice making her lay her face to one side looking up at him trying to read his mind.
- You do know I’ve had to many shots.
- I know.
- Hm cheeky.
- I know.
- You just wanna take advantage of that.
- You bet. He grinned making her flash a smile at him.
- Sometimes you think to much he replied letting his fingers slide through her hair.
- That’s true. So maybe I shouldn’t to night.
- Maybe. He whispered leaning in closer.
- So you will keep me safe.
- You bet. He replied in a whisper before his lips crashed down on hers.

Inside a room down the hall things were more heated in another direction. Throwing the vase in anger it smashed into tiny pieces beside ’s head.
- Will you stop it woman. It’s not that a big deal.
- Not that big a deal. hissed.
- No it wasn’t. I was just helping her out.
- Maybe you were. But she sure wasn’t. She was flirtling with you. With her freaking hands all over you.
- Will you stop being so jealous. Nothing happened and nothing will ever happen.
- No you got that right. She hissed back stroming into the bathroom smashing the door closed. Starring at the closed door sighed giving up the fight for a moment and slumped down on the bed. How could a simple thing turn into a drama like this. “Women” he sighed to himself.
A while later he watched her coming back out from the bathroom and quietly crawl into bed.
- So are we fine now or shall we wait untill tomorrow were you sober? sighed
- Tomorrow. She mumbled and turned away from him.

Chapter 9.

Blinking with her eyes she slowly came out of her sleep. Feeling an arm lay over her stomach she turned her face and saw him lay flat on his stomach fast asleep. Lifting her hand she stroke his stubbled cheek softly. Watching him she saw him blink with the eyes before opening them and catch her gaze.
- Morning sweetie. He mumbled with a hoarse morning voice.
- Morning. See I didn’t sneak away. She grinned
- Good course if you had I would have complained all day. He grinned pulling her closer.
- Does that mean you don’t regret anything? She asked in a whisper.
- Baby I was the sober one of us. I wouldn’t have been with you if I would regret it. He replied stroking some hair away from her face.
- Good. She replied with replief.
- Why do you?
- No couse then I would have sneaked out. She grinned
- Then I’m glad you didn’t sneak out. He replied leaning in kissing softly and then pulled back again.
- I better get up though.
- Wha... nooo. pouted.
- I have to check up on .
- But why? cried.
- Because she is my friend and that’s what girls do.
- Hmm can you come back and check up on me afterwards then. He pouted
- You bet. She laughed sitting up trying to figure out where her clothes were.
- I hid you clothes so you can’t go. He laughed
- Ah now that would be a first. She grinned suddenly notice something on the floor on ’s side. Crawling over him she heard him grunt while she got hold of a t-shirt and pulled it over head before she straddled him.
- Ah woman if you need me that much why don’t you just say so. blurted out watching her look down at him while he pushed her a little so she were sat without hurting a sudden place on him.
- Ah funny.
- Hey that’s my t-shirt.
- Well I can’t see my top anywhere. So you have to let me borrow yours for a while.
- Well okay then. He grinned.
- Good now I’m gonna go.
- You forget something. He replied with a smirk on his face letting his hands rest on her hips.
- And what’s that? She asked confused
- You can’t go without giveing me a kiss. He stated watching a smile creep up on her lips. Seeing her lean down he closed his eyes right before he felt her lips on his. Feeling her tongue sneak into his mouth he let his own met hers.
Letting a moan excape when she pulled away he pouted at her.
- You can’t go. He moaned when she crawled of the bed and finally found her pants.
- I have too. I’ll see you later babe. She replied softly before she left him sinking further down under the duvert.

Smiling to herself she lucked up the door to her own room.
- Late night huhh??!! A harsh voice met her from within her room. Feeling her heart beat speed up in fear her eyes got lucked with Sean.

Waking up the next morning reached out beside him finding the side next to him on the bed empty. Opening his eyes he blinked a few times before he fully looked at the place were Henry were suppose to lay. Calling out her name he got no responce. Pushing his face down into his pillow he found the whole thing silly. He couldn’t understand why she got so mad about him helping a woman out at the club even if she was his ex but still she should trust him enough to not let it bother her that much. Sighning deeply to himself he got up and went for the shower to get the sleep out of his body before he went to look for her.

Having knocked on the door to many times by now sanked down on the floor in front of ’s door. She so needed to talk to her so why couldn’t she just wake up and open up the door, this was so not like her. Looking down to her hands she breathed in deeply this was not like herself either. She didn’t know why it borthered her to see with his ex last night. She never usaully got jealous so why had it got to her last night? She thought if she sleept on it, it would go away this feeling of being jealous because she hadn’t nothing to be jealous about right? Looking down the hall she thought about knocking down the door into and so she could talk to her but she knew all to well what state would be in right now with the amount of alkohol she took in last nigth. She wouldn’t be able to talk any sense yet along listen properly. Well at least not untill she had sleept yet another few hours but it was different with . No matter how wasted or tired she would be then she would listen and this, this wasn’t so not like her.
Suddenly hearing a door open further down the hall she watched come out. Walking up to her with a bright smile she looked at him with a frown. Just the look in his eyes told her something had happened.
- Why are you so cheerfull? muttered
- I had a good night. grinned
- Glad someone had.
- Oh.. you didn’t make up? He asked surprised
- Not really.
- Is that way your sitting here?
- Yeah but she doesn’t freaking open up the door.
- You mean you haven’t talked to her yet? asked raising an eyebrow in surprise
- No. frowned
- That’s odd. She left me hours ago to go and talk to you. replied getting a strange feeling about this.
- She wha? asked getting up on her feet. Looking at each other for a moment both getting the sense that something was wrong. Turning their gaze away from each other they starred at the door and jumped at it at the same time. Knocking and yelling in hope she would come to the door and open it. Stopping for a moment they got met by silence which freaked them out even more.
Hearing the noice from out the hall. threw on his clothes and went out to check what was going on.
- Hey hey, stop the noice. Your disturbing everyone else. exclaimed while walking up to them.
- Well we gotta do something, she doesn’t open the door. cried.
- Well maybe, just maybe she is not in honey. replied in a calm voice.
- Well either she’s in or she is talking to , so what do you think? hissed.
- Hey calm down will ya. Maybe she is in and ’s room. replied
- I don’t think so. muttered
- Well go and check and then I’ll go down a borrow a key for her room and then your’ll stay here in case she appears babe. said taking control.
Watching and go sighed knowing something wasn’t right. A moment later came back with who looked in a bit of a bad state.
- Your able to be up . asked looking at him.
- Well apart from a banging headache I’m fine but you can’t get out of bed. muttered quietly.
- What’s taking ? muttered
- His coming there. nodded seeing him come up to them.
- So still no ? asked while putting the key in her door.
- No. replied shortly.
Opening the door all four of them went inside. Standing still in silence they looked around them. Watching the state of the room. The chair knocked over, pillows from the bed spreed all over the place, the bed covers falling restless down from the bed and the closet doors standing open. Feeling his heart crumble took himself together and looked at his mates.
- Her stuff is gone. He whispered
- She wouldn’t just leave. said hardly hearable
- Did.., have any of ya heard anything odd that would end up with this? uttered
- No, she was perfectly fine this morning. She was even smiling. cried making all three look at him.
- Okay we’re gonna have a talk about why you know this later but for now I’m sorry to say but I have a feeling this is Sean’s doing. said softly having a nervours feeling about it all.
- I’M GONNA KICK HIS FREAKING ASS! yelled storming towards the door but got gribbed by the collar of .
- No your gonna stay here and me and will go. replied firmly
- Your freaking kidding. yelled
- No I believe it’s best you stay here, your not in a state to be able to deal with this. Please stay with . pleaded
- Fine but you bring her back here you hear me! cried out
- Of couse we will and I’ll kick his ass for you. replied squeezeing ’s shoulder.

Chapter 10.

Parking the car and walked up to the house in silence. Looking at each other both nodded at the same time and ranged the bell. Looking around them all they sensed from the house was silence. A silence that sent out invisble waves of hurt.
Hearing footprints from the other side of the door they both took a deep breath getting ready for what was to come. Seeing the door open they came face to face with Sean who looked pretty pleased with himself and sent out a vibe towards them that they shouldn’t be there to mess with him.
- Not to be impolite but I don’t have time for guests. So could ya make this quick. Sean said knowing full well that at some point some of her friends would step by.
- Sure we’ll just get and we’ll be out of your way. bursted out.
- Yeah I kind a knew ya would say that but I’m sorry she’s not here. Sean smirked
- Oh don’t give us that crap we know she is here, so either you go get her or we do! stated making Sean cross his arms firmly over his chest while covering the way into the house.
- Fine she is here but she doesn’t wanna see anyone and since this is our house you have no right to come in, so just leave the way ya came.
- Listen we’re not gonna leave, so get out of our way. said with clenched teeth.
- I said LEAVE! Sean said harshly.
- And I said GET OUT OF OUR WAY! hissed pushing Sean firmly backwards into the hall.
- What the fuck! Sean said taken back before he pushed back.
- GO, find ! yelled slapping Sean back in the face.
- Watching get into a fight ’s brain got in work overtime not knowing if he should help his mate or go find her.
- But. uttered.
- GO!! I’ll take care of this creep. cried out watching then take off right before he felt a hit to his face making his head bang with his hangover and the hurt from the hit. Seeing the smirk on Sean’s face though quickly got him back in action.
Looking into each room he pashed was getting impatient untill he came to the bed room and suddenly he stood still. He looked to the window seat in shock. She sat there in silence holding her knees towards her chest while rocking back and furth. Takeing small steps towards her he talked quietly to her but she didn’t respond. Coming up close to her he put a hand under her chin and lifted it up softly and now he noticed the bad bruise on her cheek it was already getting swollen. Seeing scratches over her arms two before he finally got her to look into his eyes his heart crumbled over watching how red and puffy they were from crying.
- , come we gotta get you out of here. cried but he couldn’t get her to move. She was in shock. Finally giving up ran into hall finding giving Sean a kick.
- Where is she? cried starring at
- Bedroom. You gotta go and carry her. replied
- Fine! replied and pushed Sean away as he was about to stop him. Seeing take off stopped him for a second.
- it’s bad. yelled after his friend who replied with a wave in the air with his hand. Coming into the bedroom took a deep breath seeing the state she was in.
- Right sweetie we’re gonna get you out of here okay? He said softly watching a light nod from her. Pulling her up into his arms he hold her thight while he hurried out of there.
- Right we’re out of here and scumbag say goodbye she’s not coming back. furmed.
Getting out in the car quickly Nick stayed in the back seat holding onto while drove the car to the police station.

Hours later sat on her bed in her hotel room watching her sleep holding on to her hand. Having heard all that happened from and he had been ready to run off and kick Sean so bad he wouldn’t know what hit him but the others talked him out of it. Taking yet another deep breath and count to ten he stroked her cheek softly while his heart cried for her.

Late in the evening and were sat outside ’s room opposite each other. had her head leaned back resting against the wall having a coke in her hand. sat resting her arms over her knees pulled against her chest. Both sat in silence waiting for to come out of the room so they could go in and be there through the night. Both were in their own thoughts it had been a week filled with all such of emotion and now it seemen like it had hit the top.
Seeing and walk up to them they looked on at them with empty expressions. Without saying a word and stood leaned against the wall waiting.
Moments later the door went up and walked out. Tears spring to his eyes when he got eye contact with . Reacting walked over and hugged his friend.
- I know what he did to her. whispered with a shaken voice making stiffen a little. Backing away a little starred at his mate without saying a word.
- She woke up but she didn’t say much but I know. said still in a whisper. Not even asking just looked at him knowing what he meant. Starring at each other both thinking it was a good thing the police had him or else they would have gone and beated the crap out of him.
Taking over took ’s hand and pulled him softly with her into the room were they saw their fragile friend curled up in bed. Walking over to the bed Howie kneeled down so he was in eye sight with her. Stroking the hair away from her eyes. He looked into her red and puffy eyes.
- Hey. He said softly
- Hey. She replied in a whisper showing him a little smile before she looked over and saw and smiled to her.
- We just wanted to tell you we’re here. said.
- Thank you. uttered.
- You don’t need to be scared anymore. He’s gone and we’ll protect you. said softly.
- I know. kicked his butt. She suddenly blurted out making them smile.
- He did, did he? Well he also had to do it for all of us. smiled
- He did good.
- Good. Sweetie can we get you anything?
- No..... thank you.
- We’re gonna go to bed then but and will be in here with you tonight.
- Ya fussing. muttered
- Ah and we want to.
- I’m scared alone. She replied in a whisper making and look at each for a second.
- We know sweetie but we’re all here for you and you will learn not to be scared anymore. finally replied. Kissing her cheek they said goodnight and left.
Watching them leave a tear fell down her cheek. To many emotions had run through her body that day and she felt in no way able to cope with it. Watching the door she heard it open again and two friends she had known for so long walked in. They gave her a tight hug that only made her cry again. Holding her ‘till she calmed down again and sat down in the end of her bed. Sitting up sligtly in her bed she looked over at her two friends who looked emotionally a bit over the place. They had the same look in their eyes as the others had when they had been in to see her.
- We’re sorry about it all. blurted out. Closing her eyes for a second looked back over at them.
- It’s not ya fault. I told that too. I know he wants to kick the crap out of Sean and I find that sweet couse it means he care. replied softly
- Well he was really worried. replied
- I know. replied with a weak voice.
- But we’ll get you back on top. said trying to smile optimistic making just smile in responce.
- How are you and anyway? asked softly
- We’re fine but I’m gonna have to ask for a lot of patience. said quietly
- He’ll understand that. We all do.
- Did you make up with ? asked suddenly.
- Well um we haven’t really talked about it yet. replied nervously
- You have to. You have to make up. It’s so rare to have someone loving you back. It’s a gift. Make it work. replied with a weak voice yet with a firm statement.
- I will. said quietly.
- Good. replied softly feeling the weakness in her body wash over her again. Watching her two mates for a while she smiled. She was lucky to have her friends and now maybe she could get her happy ending with her friends and maybe out in the future with . Snuggeling down in the bed again she folded her hands for the second time that day she closed her eyes and thanked God for sending her friends to help her. For saving her but most of all for her friends. It was time for her to move on. It was time to have a future.

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