On the Run with the One You Love

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Chapter 1.

sighed as she heard her husband rabbit on about a club opening he had that night. It was always like this when he was suppose to spend time with her it was normally him on phone discussing business or her getting dragged to one of his places of business.

She was fed up with it, she felt more of a trophy for his arm when he need it than his wife. He never paid her attention any more unless he needed her for something.

When they had dated it had been different, he paid her so much attention and made her feel so special but after their honeymoon tat all stopped and by then her life had changed shed lost all her friends that she had in Italy and everywhere she went Carlos or one of his hunch men went with her.

She had met him and fell for him instantly he was 15 years her senior but she didn’t care he was tall dark handsome and charming and his physic was amazing for his age, he was everything she could ask for in a man.

She had grown to loathe shopping, which she use to love but now all she had to do was look in a shop window at an item and next thing she would have the item free of charge as compliments to her husband. And when she did go into a shop she never paid for anything and every one made a fussy over her and it was always Carlos will like that or this never what she liked.

She wanted to leave him, she didn’t love him anymore, but leaving was something she couldn’t do, she would be killed if she did, no this was how she lived now married to the most dangerous and feared man in all of Italy and other European Countries.

laughed as she watched and wrestling with each other on the grass. It was a lovely summer’s day and a day off so every one was hanging in the hotel garden.

“Why don’t you just tell him you love him” asked from beside .

“He doesn’t feel the same” replied like every time she was asked the question.

worked for westlife as their tour manager, she loved the job and loved the guys she got on with them all and to top it off she got to travel and see the world, only problem was it was long hours and also the fact she was in love with .

She had been for 3 years now but know nothing could come of it special since he wasn’t interested in her and also fact that he was her boss she didn’t want to mix business with pleasure so she watched form the side lines and had her heart broke everytime came back from a club with a girl or pulled a girl when they where out.

“Hey gals wanna go for a pizza” asked as he sat on top of .

“Yeah” said laughing and stood up, she helped up and got off and four of them went into the hotel to change,

darling have you got a new dress for tonight” Carlos asked her.

“No, I have plenty of dresses I can wear, I don’t need a new one” she replied.

“Don’t be stupid only the best for my girl, now come on well get you that dress” and with that Carlos took her hand in his and lead her out to the car to go to the dress shop.

was last one to get down to the lobby and by time she got there she had seen that , and had joined and was talking to some brunette.

“Hey guys we going” she asked forcing a smile on her face.

“ Guys this is , she going to come with us ok” said introducing to the group.

took ’s arm and they made their way outside.

They walked the short walk to pizza parlour.

“She a slut it won’t last long” she said to before they walked in.

Once in side sat down next to , which left last seat next to . took it then lifted the menu.

“Hey hun you ok” asked her.

“Fine never been better” and with that made her self-busy looking at the menu.

sighed shed tried on 3 dresses and non of them had got Carlos approval she was getting fed up of course the 3 dresses had been her choice ones she liked.

The one she had on the now was a horrible orange suit style dress it was horrible. She stepped out the changing room and forced a smile.

“Well” she asked looking at him expectantly.

“I like that one yes well get this one its very classes and you look beautiful in it” he told her.

sighed turned back and went to change out dress so the shop assistant could wrap it up for her and Carlos would offer to pay for it but never hand over any money.

After pizza parlour the group went to Click. and where getting really cosy and was feeling sick, her and where the only ones sitting at the table the rest all dancing.

“Hey you wanna dance” asked.

“Yeah sure hun”. took her hand and led her to dance floor.

Once on dance floor pressed her body up close to s and danced very sexually with him knowing was looking over at them and then turning his head back to .

They had been dancing for at least half an hour flirting lightly with each other when leaned in and kissed hard on the mouth. One thing lead to another and the pair grabbed their jackets and left. making sure seen her leaving with .

They went to the hotel and went up to his hotel room for a night of sexual passion.

got ready for the club opening her dress was really urgh and she didn’t feel attractive in it at all.

She walked downstairs to find Carlos standing waiting on her.

“Let’s go” he said and led her out the house to the waiting car.

Once at the club Carlos trapped her about all the people he had invited showing her off. It was a long night and was fed up she had managed to get away from Carlos by claiming she had a headache and saying she wanted to sit in the office until he was ready to leave.

He showed up about 3 am and found her sleeping he wasn’t happy with her he was going to make sure she knew that. He shook her awake.

“Huh what is it time to go” she asked him rubbing the sleep out her eyes.

“What you think your playing that, what you did was embarrassing. I will not stand for it ” he shouted.

“I’m sorry I had a headache and you where talking business” she said.

“Well you could have taken a couple of tablets and you would have been fine” he raged on.

“Well I didn’t want to I wanted to lie down and you don’t need me to discuss business, I fed up be treated as a trophy I’m not I’m a human a person” raged back.

She knew she had gone to far when she felt the sting in her cheek, he’d slapped her across the face.

“Now get up we’re going home and you can make it up to me he said grabbing her hand and running it over his groin.

got up and wiped tears from her eyes she refused to let him see her cry and then followed him out.

woke up with s arms wrapped around her the night before events going through her head. She smiled at the look on ’s face when he seen her leave with .

She felt move next to her and turned to look into his blue eyes.

“Morning”he smiled.

“Morning you hungry” she asked him.

“A little ill order room service” he said sitting up.

, do umm do you wanna date” asked skimming a plan in her head to make jealous.

“Look I know your in love with , last night was just some fun for both of us don’t feel you have to date me because of it” said.

“Oh you know oh sorry , I was hoping if he seen you with me he’d get jealous” said starring at ground.

“Then lets give it a shot I give you a pretend boyfriend and in return all I want is a shag from you until you have said looking at her.

though about it then decided.

“Yeah ok” she smiled and gave him hug.

pulled away and dialled room service.

woke to find Carlos sound a sleep, she slipped out bed and made her way to the kitchen where she put the coffee maker on and started to make some coffee. She sat at the table and the tears that she held back form the night before came spilling out her eyes.

Lina the maid came in.

“Sorry mama I didn’t realise you were up if you want ill bring you your breakfast up to you and you can have breakfast in bed”.

“No Lina your ok I’ll eat down here, Mr Demountgual isn’t awake yet “ said and got up when coffee was ready and poured herself a cup.

She sat and drank it in quiet when Carlos came down.

“Morning fresh coffee good” he said and sat down next to her.

“I’ve been thinking it’s about time I got an heir out of you” he said looking at .

“What” almost screamed.
“A baby I want a baby and well start today” he said with a tone telling he was in control and that was what was happening.

“ I need a shower” said and left. She couldn’t have his child she just couldn’t she had to escape and she had to do it as soon as possible. But where to go, then she remembered her mate in Ireland she would take her in.

Chapter 2.

and walked down to the lobby hand in hand.

“Ready for this” asked just before they approached the group.

“Yep thank you s you’re a gem” replied back and smiled to him.

smiled back and led her over to the group.

“Hey guys was rest last night good” s ask while holding onto Cazs hand tight feeling her shaking slightly.

“Yeah was alright you have a good night” asks giving them a look.

Couldn’t have been better, we better go” says as he heads for the door.

“So what are you to a couple” shouts after them.

“Yeah let’s go don’t want to be late” shouts.

climb in the car and smiles at him.


“Thank you you really are a gem you know” says and starts engine as , and climb into the car.

walked into the office after having had a long shower, Carlos was on the phone about how well his club opening went.

“I have to go now don’t contact me for the rest of the day I’m busy spending time with my wife” she heard him tell person on the other end of the phone before he put it down.

“Nice shower darling” he asked her smiling smugly.

“It was ok, umm hunni I was wondering you know the spa I like to go to in Austria, well could I go this weekend, it’s just if we are going to have a baby I won’t be able to go and this will be last chance I’ll get to go” She asked feeling scared.

“We are making a baby this weekend” he told her sternly.

“I know but baby I really am stressed and if I’m stressed I won’t fall pregnant if I go to the spa I come back destressed and fertile” told him putting her plight into words he would like to hear.

“Well if you are stressed and ok I guess you can go, go and pack your bags” he told her, “I’ll arrange for Paul to go with you” he added and watched as ran out the room to go get herself ready.

This what she needed once at spa she would get rid of Paul then be a case of getting a taxi to the airport and getting the first flight nearest to Ireland if not Ireland itself.

sat in the bar of the hotel doing paper when approached her.

“How long have you liked for” demand, ever since he saw and dancing in the club something inside him had came to life and he was all of a sudden jealous of .

“I think that is none of you business” answered him not even looking up from her paper work.

“Well I think it is I mean it affects the band it is very unprofessional of you” told her.

“If it unprofessional oh well I can’t help the way I feel and lucky enough feels the same now if you would excuse me I am very busy” stated back and waved him off with her hand in dismissal.

stared at her for a couple of minutes then left.

Jezzs what is his problem though to herself it was obvious was going in a right hump over her and the way he had marched over to her, her plan was working.

slipped into the office after watching Carlos leave it she had packed all her stuff that she wanted to take with her or would need which wasn’t a lot. She just needed some money for when she arrived in Ireland. She went to the safe and cracked in the code glad that she knew it was their wedding date, only time Carlos spoiled her was their wedding anniversary and he only remembered that because it was the safe code.

She lifted a wade of money out the safe and had a flip through looking in the safe she seen their was loads of wads so lifting 4 more she closed safe shoved them in her bag and ran to the door to see Carlos just about to enter the room again.

“Hunny I was looking for you I’m all packed is Paul ready” asked him.

“Yeah he is in the car you have a good time and ill see you when you get back and we can make that baby” Carlos kissed her and led her out to the car.

kissed him back got in car and drove off a couple more hours and shed be free.

Paul pulled up outside the Spa he turned around looking at Nads and smiled. “Were here” nodded her head she leant forward and gently placed her hand on Paul’s shoulder.
“Why don’t you have a break and go to see your family? I won’t tell Carlos” Paul looked at her “I, I can’t do that.” “Sure you can you need a break you’ve not seen them in ages here take this” said as she handed him some money “Thank you your great, I’ll see you in a week”.

Paul helped with her bags before getting back into the car and speeding of. waited in reception for about half an hour before grabbing her bags and heading for a life of freedom. She felt good like a weight had been lifted of her shoulders. She felt bad for lying to Paul but it was the only way out.

was sitting on ’s lap in the bar with the others. She had noticed glaring at her a few times which just made her snuggle into more.

“Hun your vibrating” said with a smile looked at him blankly “Huh” and both laughed while just rolled his eyes and grunted.” Do not tell us about your sex life mate I don’t want to know the sex games you get up to” “Why not mate you could learn a few times” joked back as he reached inside ’s jean pocket and took her phone out.

“Didn’t you feel it?” asked her “Nope I was feeling something else though” winked at him.

“Ha, ha you’re funny” “Yep that’s why you like me” said as she looked down at her phone her smile fading from her face.

“Oh god” jumped of ’s lap grabbed her bag and ran out the bar not even telling the others what was going on.

chased after her but failed to catch up as speeded out the car park.

stood by the doors of the airport, she kept looking over her shoulder, she knew no one would know that she had done a runner yet but still she was nervous she wasn’t used to not having someone there watching her every move.

She would of course stay on the low for a while before she was hundred percent sure that she was free. had in her mind that she could possibly travel with while she worked that way no one would be able to find her or if they got a clue of where she maybe she wouldn’t be there long enough. One thing was for sure was going to be herself. And a friend she could rely on.

She looked down at her phone she would have to get a new one tomorrow new look a new everything. She couldn’t wait.

walked back into the bar at a lost. “What’s wrong where go?” asked voicing what they were all thinking.

“I don’t know I went outside and she was already speeding out the car park in ’s car” spate out his drink “What, what you mean she has my car how the hell. She can’t take my car I gave her them to look after not to drive off oh god my poor car”

“I don’t care about your car loves your car so it will be fine I’m just worried what was so important she had to rush of like that.”

shrugged his shoulders and looked into his beer. He wasn’t worried about his car he was worried about but he wasn’t going to say it.

Chapter 3.

pulled up outside the airport and jumped out the car locking the door with the key lock as she walked away from it. She had just got to the door when she heard the familiar sound of Nads voice from the side of her. turned around and smiled at her friend.

rushed up to her and gave her a hug “Hey” said “Hey hun are you ok?” asked concerned. knew about life with Carolos and she knew if was here it was serious as she wasn’t allowed to see her.

“I’m so glad to see you, I hope so I’ve left Carlos but I’ll explain everything later can we just get out of her please” asked begging.

nodded her head and helped with the bags to the car. As closed the boot burst out crying. “Shhh hun its ok your going to be ok” “Thank you” said wiping her tears away.

Once they were in the car and had settled down started her way back to the hotel. Both girls were silent didn’t want to push she knew she would tell her in time.

“Have I surprised you” asked turning to look at her rather than the scenery going past

“Yes a very good surprised I was worried though. The poor lads I just left” smiled at her “I can’t wait to meet them your face and voice light up when you talk about them”

“You’ll love them there great guys” “Cool” replied and looked out the window again.

pulled up in the garage and looked at .

“We are here you ok” she asked just checking before they went in that didn’t want to talk to her.

looked at and sighed.

“No, I’ve left him he wanted to have a baby and I just couldn’t, I don’t love him any more and I can’t spend the rest of my life with him it’d kill me. Ever since our honeymoon things have been bad im a trophy more than his wife he doesn’t spend any time with me and he hits me if I do something wrong, I’m not allowed to have my own mind not even allowed to talk not really” told while holding back the tears she didn’t want to cry knowing in a couple of minutes she would be meeting the westlife boys for the first time.

“Oh god I I didn’t know aww hun come here” said pulling into a hug. “I’ll help you, you can travel with me you don’t have to go back to him and you can get a divorce the boys have a great lawyer, I’ll make sure you move on” added.

“Thanks hun” hugged her back then straighten herself out and got out the car with .

led into the bar she seen the guys all looking at her and then to .

“Guys this is , this is , , and introduced them.

“Hi” said. “Hi” the lads replied. sat down next to .

was reason I had to run out, hun do you want a drink” asked her.

“Please just a coke” answered and watch head to the bar to get a round in.

The manager of the hotel walked into the bar and had a look about spotting in the corner with a group of males and one female he went pale and walked over to the barman.

“How long has Mrs been sitting in here” he asked.

“Who boss” the barman asked and the manager pointed out.

“Oh her only a half hour boss”, “Her, her she is the owner of this hotels wife you do not call her, her” his boss scolded him and made his way over to .

“Mrs how are you I didn’t realise you where coming I’ll go and get your room organised for you, where is your husband” he asked looking about.

froze she hadn’t realised Carlos owned the hotel and let alone the manager knew her.

“Umm Hello sir no he’s not im here visiting friends you have no need to sort my room out im fine” answered shaking knowing Carlos would find out where she was she looked at for help.

“Mr Black would you mind going and checking Mr room as the mini fridge is leaking” asked him to get rid of him.

“Sure not a problem I shall do it straight away” he answered and left.The four lads looked between and they could see was distressed by her face plus the fact she was shaking.

“Everything ok?” asked “Can we help?” shock her head “its ok I’ll sort it thanks” looked at with a come with me look.

led outside once they were both away from the front of the hotel broke down crying. “His going to find me his going to go mad he’ll drag me back and make my life hell, god he’ll kill me. I need to go away I need to run” sobbed on ’s shoulder.

“Hun you don’t need to I’ve got an idea. I’ll take you to the hotel down the road book you in their and I’ll go back and sort Mr Black out don’t worry Carlos won’t be finding you ok” nodded her head not really convinced but she knew Caz would help her any way possible.

walked over with another round of drinks it had been an hour since had left with they were all wondering what was going on. “Well maybe she’s cheating on her husband or something?” piped in just as put the glasses down.

“Have you seen Mr Black?” asked appearing out of nowhere. looked her up and down and frowned. “What are you wearing” He asked her as he looked at her in a long black coat and stilettos” “A coat” shock his head “What you want Mr Black for? Everything ok where’s ” “It will be I need to talk to him I’ve told reception to send him in and she will be she’s at the hotel down the road and no I’m not telling you what’s going on its between me and

sat down next to her eyes on the door she could hear the other lads talking around her but she wasn’t paying any attention.

“Finally said as she saw Mr Black walk in and go to the bar.” stood up and removed her coat. “Fuck me” she heard the lads say. She took a deep breath and headed over to Mr Black swaying her hips seductively her heels were clicking on the floor. She smiled as Mr Black looked up from pouting himself a drink.

“I tell you what you’re a lucky bastard I didn’t realise how fit was” said taking a sip from his pint. smiled at him. “Well I don’t like it, first she starts dating and now she’s walking around like she’s just stepped out of pretty woman its not good for us we need to talk to her” said frowning as his eyes never left .

shut up mate” said looking back to and wanting to know what the hell was going on. He knew it involved and for some reason he wanted to help her what ever it was. As soon as he had seen her something inside him shook. He defiantly wanted to know her better.

“Hello Mr Black I was wondering if I could have a word?” said smiling at him sweetly as she lent over the bar giving him a good look of her cleavage.
“Yes of Course Ms ” “Please ” “ what can I do?” perched herself on the stool crossing her legs as her skirt rose up a little but further.

“Well you know Mrs is here well I was hoping you could keep it between us. You see she’s here just to get a special present for Carlos. She’s been at a spa but came to see me today as I got it for him when I was away. She really doesn’t want it to get back to him as he will want to know what she was doing and it’ll give it away”

Mr Black nodded his head in understanding. “Of course I will keep it between us certainly” smiled at him she lent forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek “Thank you so much were both very grateful indeed.” got of the stool and winked at him before walking back to the boys.

When she reached the table the guys were just looking at her “What the hell was that all about??” snapped at her rolled her eyes at him. “Go and get laid maybe you’ll lose the thing shoved up your arse you’ve had the past few days” took ’s drink of him “You want to go and help me get out these clothes” smiled at her pushing her up “I’d love to help you out of what’s left if them” turned back to the lads “See you later lads” and both disappeared upstairs.

stood up “I’m going to see if wants to do something” He stormed out. and both watched him go and laughed between themselves.

Chapter 4.

jumped when she heard the knock on the door the next morning. She quietly walked to the door to see if she could listen to who was there. She was worried it was Carlos until she heard ’s voice.

hun it’s me open up.” sighed with relief when she saw standing there. “I bring good news hun” smiled.

sighed as she watched the bleach settle in had taken her to the hair dressers to get a new look except she didn’t have the guts to get rid of her long hair it was the only thing she ever had that she wanted, Carlos hated it and wanted her to get it cut straight after they got married but she had refused, so now she was going blonde and keeping her long locks, something shed never done before.

They had already been shopping that morning and had bought a whole new wardrobe of clothes she liked, and for the first time in a long time she had fun shopping. Only thing that spoiled the trip was she couldn’t shake off the feeling she was been watched and followed.

sat watching the photographer take pictures on the lads she was meeting at 4.30 at her hotel where they would then get the lads for dinner. She giggled as she watched and messing about it was good to see them like this.

“Will you two stop the carry on and be professional” snapped at the and . He had been watching them and then watching and had seen her laugh and he didn’t like it for some weird reason he wanted him to be the reason to make laugh and only him.
“Jezzus take a chill pill we are only having a laugh” said as went to join .

“What’s eating you any way you finally realised you like more than you should” he asked.

“I don’t know what your talking about now excuse me I’m needed” said and walked off.

“Ok but if you want to talk let me know” shouted after him then went to drink some water and join and .

looked over at and sighed, she didn’t know what his problem was she was going to have to talk to him at some point about his attitude.

“I need to go and see but why don’t we all go Aura tonight be fun” “Sure hun and maybe you can tell me what’s really going on?” said hugging close to him. “It’s not my place but I know what I’m doing ok” kissed him hugged and .

watched leave and frowned he was hurt she didn’t even say goodbye fine if she was going to be rude so was he. He had already booked to see Simon and Louie about and ’s relationship.

“No I can’t, I can’t leave the hotel and I can’t go clubbing what if someone there that knows me” cried in panic as told her about going out.

“Hun I know your scared but I know the owner Chris I’ll be there and so will the lads I promise nothing will happen” looked at her, her eyes wide with horror. “Ok. I’ll go only cause your sure” “I am hun and you’ll get to know the guys better” “Yeah was nice the other day you’ve got a great boyfriend there” looked at when she giggled.

“What’s funny” “You are hun. I’ve got a great boyfriend you fancy him.” “No, no your boyfriend never fancy your friends guys it’s a rule. I’m saying his nice” “His nice and single. Where not really dating were well fuck buddies I guess his helping me out and we have sex that’s it so if your interested its fine.” explained.

“I don’t know I mean his helping you make jealous and I’ve only left Carlos and I don’t think he’ll be interested” said not so confidant about she had to admit that she thought he was nice and very Sexy but she thought he was ’s. Could she really think about dating someone so soon? sighed to herself. She used to be so confidant she never used to care if she saw what she wanted she’d go after it no wouldn’t be interested in her anyway.

walked down to the hotel bar and saw sitting there having a drink with . He walked over to them. “Hey I’m going to get and if you want to come with me the other two are meeting us there as ’s taking for a meal first and s getting from G.A.Y”

“Sure” got of the stool and took ’s hand and followed behind rolling his eyes as babbled on about the club the fact they were going in V.I.P and the press.

looked at herself in the mirror. She had settled on thigh boots and a Lakers top with little shorts underneath. She had left her hair loose and used little make-up.

“You look great hun” “Are you sure I’m not convinced I’m going to change” “No you can’t ’s is on his way. Do I look ok?” asked stepping out of the bathroom.She was wearing a short denim skirt with a red corset her hair up in curls and dramatic make up.

“You look fab. I’m nervous you sure it’s going to be ok” smiled at her reassuringly “Hun you’ll be fine I promise you” nodded her head and jumped when there was a knock at her hotel door. Sighing with relief that opened it and It was .

“Hey you girls ready to go, wow” said once he as in room, his eyes turned to , she looked hot. giggled noticing starring at .
quickly regained his senses and kissed on the cheek. “You look fab hun” he told her.

“Thank you, you have scrubbed up well” she said still giggling as he watched putting on some earrings.

“Love the new look , its nice” said, he was puzzled about why she had gone blonde when her dark locks suited her so much better with her tanned skin. He had to admit when he first walked in the room he didn’t realise it was her at first because of the blonde hair. What he had worked out was that the new look was to do with what ever was going on and he was determined to find out what.

“Thank you you look handsome, I’m ready when ever you two are” said and stood waiting on them.

“I’m just going bathroom be to seconds then we can go” said and made her way to the toilet.

“Ok babes hurry though cause is in car with waiting on us” said giving her the warning that was in car with another girl that wasn’t her.

“He oh ok be two seconds” said aloud, “so much for her not lasting long” she said to herself.

“How was your day , you have fun” asked he felt comfortable in her presence, yet she seemed to be on edge.

“It was good, did a bit of shopping and then went to hair dressers” replied, she was feeling unease, she wasn’t sure going out was the right thing to do and the feeling of dread and worry in her was unreal.

“It’s nice what made you go blonde, your dark locks suited you better with you tanned skin” he asked her hoping to throw her off edge a little bit.

“Thank you I decided I needed a change and I’ve never been blonde before so you know” she let out a sigh when came out and they could go, she liked but she didn’t want to answer any questions that could lead to what she had done, the less people who knew the better as far as she was concerned.

Chapter 5.

Everyone had been in the club a few hours now, and wasn’t dancing while all the others were. looked at he was trying his best to keep his eyes off her he looked at and noticed she was looking at them, he felt a bit guilty he was meant to be helping her out. kicked under the table to get his attention.

looked at her “Go and dance with her its fine if you like her go for it” mouthed. smiled at her and turned his attention back to . “Umm do you want to dance?” took her attention from the dance floor to look at him. She used to love dancing she wanted to dance now but was a bit unsure.

She couldn’t help but notice the hope in ’s eyes. So far she had been ok maybe a dance or two wouldn’t hurt. “Ok” smiled at her and took her hand leading her to the dance floor took her into his arms and they moved to the music.

looked to his left and saw and dancing turning around so he could see where was saw her sitting at the table. took ’s hand and walked to the table making sure as he pulled Jodi down on his lap he kissed her in full view of .

“I’m going to the bathroom hun” said standing up and kissing him. “I want to look good for when we leave the club to go back to your room so you can shag me senseless” rolled her eyes as walked away but inside wishing she didn’t hear that comment. Ok she had been sleeping with but to hear that was going to be sleeping with someone else. She didn’t like it one bit.

“So it’s serious then” asked “Yeah it is” he lied truth was he couldn’t stand Jodi she did his head in.

“So looks like ’s making a move on your friend can’t say I’m surprised” said looking at her seriously. “What you mean?” “Well you two are unprofessional and your not really ’s type he likes class your not really class are you. He looks better with than you if I’m honest and I’m only saying it as a friend you’re best just being our tour manager. To actually date you well no” couldn’t help himself he wanted to hurt her and he wanted her away from but seeing her face he wished he never said anything now. He didn’t even no where it came from.

“Well thank you for being so honest with me now I no what you really think of me. I’m just the tour manager” Standing up picked up her bag and jacket walked over to and .

do you mind taking back home I’ve got a headache and want to go home.” “You sure your ok wants me to take you?” “No stay, have fun I’ll see you both later” hugged them both and left. looked around to see at the table and knew something must have gone on he’d find out later.

“You want a drink?” said looking down at who had her eyes locked on someone standing on the top floor of the club.

“Get me out of here please?” said fear in her voice lead outside she was holding onto him for dear life and he differently knew something was up. He whistled to a passing Cab taking them to hotel.

took her keys out her bag and tried to unlock the door her hands were shaking with fear. took the keys of her and opened the door letting go inside first. shut the door and looked at her.

“Are you going to tell me what’s going on as I know there is what with you and . Maybe I can help”

walked into her hotel room and threw her bag on the side. She changed and went for a shower. The words said rolling around in her head. It was obvious now that he would never look at her it was clear what he thought of her. let the tears flow as she made a choice. If he wanted tour manager then that’s all she would be. She wanted nothing more to do with . She’d speak to him when she had to and that was it. In that moment she closed her heart of to him.

looked up at she was shaking. How could she tell him she didn’t want no one else involved and why he would want to help her? Once he knew the truth he’d go and not bother no more.

let out a sigh “can I have a drink please” she asked she needed to calm her nerves.

“Sure then you can tell me what’s going on as I’m not leaving till I know , I wanna help you” said and went into the mini bar took a bottle of vodka pouring a stiff vodka and lemonade.

He handed the drink and watched her knock it back in one.

“Another please” she asked holding out her glass to him. obliged and poured her one more handed it to her this one she didn’t knock back as quick as the first.

felt really bad for how he’d spoken to he felt awful not even waiting on coming back to him she was at bar flirting he grabbed his coat and left the club. He had to clear his head have a think about what he was going to do and why he was feeling this way he had the meeting on Monday as well.

He made his way to the river and walked along it singing to himself he couldn’t believe it had taken to get with before he realised he liked her, he felt so stupid. He stopped and sunk down against a tree and started out at water.

finished her drink and looked at “ok here goes” she said to herself. She took a deep breath and then told everything when she finished she sat ready for him to getup and leave but he didn’t he just sat and looked at her thinking about what she had said.

started to feel cold so he made his way back to the hotel went up to his room and up to bed he’d talk to in the morning say sorry.

“You poor thing” said after the silence “I’m so sorry you had to go through with that. But don’t worry nothing will happen to you I promise you that. You got me and you got smiled gently at her. looked at him she couldn’t believe he was ok about it and hadn’t ran out on her she felt over whelmed and burst out crying.

was by her side in a flash holding her in his arms as she cried. He couldn’t believe she had gone through all that and was still strong he thought she was even if she hadn’t noticed it quite herself. Looking down he brushed the hair out face as he realised she had fallen asleep. Picking her up laid her on the bed pulling the quilt over her he walked over to the sofa and sat down watching sleep. Somehow deep inside him he felt content watching her.

The next morning woke up early and walked along to ’s room making sure he looked his best. He knocked on her door and frowned when he didn’t get an answer. Finally giving up he went downstairs for some breakfast and smiled when he saw her chatting to and .

“Hi all” smiled as he sat down next to smiling at her. looked at him and turned back to . “I need to talk to you please said placing a hand on her arm feeling hurt she moved her arm. “What’s it about I don’t have the time” “Well it’s about last night I” put her hand up to stop him from talking. “ I’m the tour manager I don’t have time to talk to you about your outing last night unless it’s got something to do with businesses other than that talk to someone else.” grabbed her things and stood up. “I’ll see you and later bye” with that Caz left all three of them gobed smacked.

“Well I never thought I’d hear say she never have time for you damn you much have really pissed her of big time I think she’s actually” But before could continue poked her in the ribs and looked at her.

looked at the two of them and knew something he didn’t and he didn’t think it was just the fact that he had just properly lost all chance of being with her.

started to open her eyes she could see a figure in a chair she shot up in bed her eyes wide in horror until she realised it was . Sighing with relief she sat in bed watching him. She couldn’t believe he had taken it so well and to stay all night. Realising he was properly going to have a stiff neck she climbed out of bed and walked over to him and gently shock him.

wake up your going to have a stiff neck.” stirred in the chair feeling his neck hurt he rubbed it “ouch” he looked at who was trying not to giggle.

“You could have lay on the bed with me” “No I’m not going to do that” smiled at him “You’re a gentleman most guys would take advantage.” “I’m not like that as I said I want to help you and look after you” and looked at each other when there was a knock at the door.

sat back down in the chair trying to get his neck working while opened the door for the first time not worried who was behind it as was with her.

hey hun” smiled “Hi your happy” said walking into the room and saw . She looked at then at . “You two have fun” She asked smiling “Yeah poor ’s fell asleep on sofa and got a stiff neck” “bless umm ’s can I have a quick word please.”

nodded “You talk I’m going for shower” said and left them alone.

“You ok?” ’s asked her giving a hug “Yeah fine nothing to worry about. I wanted to say thanks for everything you’ve done for me I owe you a lot but its not going to work and I want you and to get together she opened the door without seeming scared and looks quite happy” looked at her “Ok what’s going on, and she told me everything that happened and yes I do like her but what about ?”

sighed and told him what happened “I’ll kill him” “No you won’t forget it ok I’ll deal no big just you be happy ok I’ll go and have fun I’ll see you later” hugged him shouted bye to .

waited for to come out the shower “Hey I thought we could go out somewhere” “Sure” said smiling at him

Chapter 6.

looked at once had gone to bathroom.

“Well”. “Well what” asked him.

“You going to tell me the stuff you know that I don’t know” he asked.

“Nope you got to work it our for yourself” told him and excused himself from table and went to the ladies to wait outside door for to come out.

wondered about the shops way was this morning had pissed her off after way he had been with her last night it was as if he had forgotten ok he had tried to apologise but she didn’t want to here it.

She walked past a stylist and seen a girl on front page with long blonde hair and it gave her an idea a new look was just what she needed.

Two hours later she walked out her hair blonder longer with bright pink streaks through it, she had a manicure, pedicure the works and she felt better now to got get some new sexy clothes and go to a bar to have some fun.

watched bite into a pizza revelling n the taste he’d never seen someone enjoy a pizza so much it made him feel fresh and revising to watch her.

you do know I’m I mean you are gonna have to tell the other lads about what’s going on, you can’t keep them in dark for much longer” he said and watched her face change her skin pale.

“It’ll be find I’ll be with you when you tell them, they’ll be fine about it I promise” he said and took her hand and stroked back of it reassuringly.

Later that night they all sat in bar waiting on to come in for to make her announcement.

walked in and felt all eyes on her.

“Wow omg” spluttered out and watched her walk over to the table with a group of guys following her like lovesick puppies, that hurt watching that and he had to force himself to breath.

smiled as she sat down at the table. “I fancied a change so what’s the crack?” “Well has something to tell the others” said knowing that will get what he meant. “You sure?” asked looking at who nodded and took ’s hand which everyone noticed.

fiddled with ’s watch “I, I can’t excuse me” jumped up and ran to the toilets. “What’s going on” sighed ok I’ll tell you filled them in on everything

“Oh god poor girl” said “Yeah I no so we have to keep an eye out so anything you tell me ok” said as a matter of fact “Ok but what has this got to do with you?” asked confused. “Because I like her a lot and I’m hoping when I ask her she’ll be my girl” looked back at then at “I’m going to check on are you guys ok with it?” “Yes of course were fine she’s one of us right” said “Thanks guys” turned around and went to walk to the toilets noticing the guys follow her turned around and held up her hand. “Stay” Smiling to herself that they did as they were told.
“I can’t believe that it explains a lot” said “Yes it does” replied. “Ok so you’re not seeing no more and your going to date asked “Yes.”

“Ok I’ll talk to Louie and ask for more security I won’t say why I’ll just ask

walked into the toilets and saw standing there she pulled her into a hug. “They know and there ok with it you can come out and we won’t even talk about it no more ok but your safe ok”

“Thank you” said hugging back tight “It’s ok. Come on” took hand and led her back to the table.

As they got back to the table held ’s hand tighter relaxing as they smiled at her “So come and join us and tell me everything about your wardrobe” smiled as she made room next to her making laugh.

I think there waiting for you god that’s some fan club” laughed “What can I say there my puppies its quite funny going to get them to buy me some drinks so if you lot excuse me”

watched her go and sighed he looked at the guys with her and hated every one of them and made a mental note to make sure she never left with any of them.

I was wondering if you wanted to go for a walk along the themes” “Sure be nice” replied feeling butterflies in her stomach she’d never had them before made her nervous in a good way.

and walked along theme he was making her laugh and he loved hearing her laugh. Suddenly he pulled her to a stop.

I know this may be a bit soon for you but I’d love it if you would be my girl, we won’t rush well just take it slow” he asked nervously.

your right it is too soon for me but I feel attracted to you, you make me feel safe and yeah I’d love to be you girl” said before leaning up and giving him a gentle kiss. kissed her back come lets get you back to your hotel and he took her hand lead her back to hotel.

was sat at the bar opposite end from having all others gone to bed he’d been drinking straight whiskey for past hour and a half and was getting more drunk by second watching and these guys all touching and kiss it made him feel sick.

He stood up to go sort hem out and fell backwards in a drunken stupor. He stood again and staggered over to them slurring his words he tried to start a fight with one of them, he took a swing but miss complete and fell down falling asleep.

cursed him then had a couple of guys help her take him to his room she got the spare key off reception and once he had been put on his bed she shoed the guys out and went about stripping him off.

“I swear to god when you wake up tomorrow I’m going to kill you when you wake up tomorrow” ranted as she took his shirt and trousers of. She debated if to take his pants of as well or to have a look to see how manly he really was but decided against it. She got a glass of water and some painkillers and put them on the side of his bed.

She looked around for a piece of paper and wrote a quick note to him. what the hell is wrong with you? I don’t like it and I don’t like this I like the old one the one I used to.
Since you’ve been with you’ve been an ass and what was tonight over you better have excuses for me in the morning and bloody good ones. And bloody hell if you’re hung like that drunk wonder what it looks like sober xx P.S. I’m not happy with you.

Chapter 7.

opened her door and stepped inside. “Umm can you maybe stay the night with me, I don’t like being on my own” said looking to the floor. “I’ll stay if you want me to” looked up at him innocently “I would” “Then I’ll stay” walked in and put his coat on the side. “Umm one more thing. I don’t want you sleeping on the chair you can share with me I trust you”

smiled at her “I’m glad you do hun I won’t let nothing happen to you I swear” he kissed her lightly on the lips. wrapped her arms around his neck pressing herself closer to him. held her tightly as he deepened the kiss letting his hands run up and down her back he led her to the bed and climbed on top of her. “ said breathless pulled away “God sorry got carried away” “No don’t stop” pulled him back down on top of her

woke up with a start his head was banging he looked to his right saw a note and glass with tablets. He was confused he grabbed the drink and drank it then read the note his eyes wide in horror as he remembered what had happened.

got up and got dressed his head was pounding but he had to find . He tried her room but she wasn’t there he then went downstairs to find , , and eating lunch.

“Have you seen , I’m and idiot and I need to talk to her asap” he asked looking about for her. “She went to hotel to see how she is, but she told us to tell u Starbucks at 2.30 she wants to have a chat” told him and watched run out to go get ready to go to Starbucks.

“I can’t believe he done that omg is he stupid, hope you give him hell hun” said to as she told her what had happened with the night before.

“I now don’t worry hun I will, men ggrrr but he is well hung and that was him drunk” said and both girls killed over laughing.

“So tell me news of asked wanting to know what had happened between them the smile had not left face all day and it had taken her ages to get to leave the room so her and could chat.

“Well” blushed then went into details but not the juicy stuff she was keeping that to her self.

“So your a westlife gal now cool, he makes you happy I can see then any one can” told her smiling for her friends.

“I feel safe with him, like no one is going to hurt me or get me” said then jumped when a knock came at her door.

opened door to then made her excuses and left.

sat in Starbucks keeping an eye out for he was thinking what to say but he couldn’t come up with a good excuse so he decided that telling her the truth would be best.

He stood up when she walked in and waited till she had approached the table.

“Hey” he said.

“You better have a good excuse now go get me a coffee” she told him and watched him walk to counter.

pulled into his arms and kissed her gently. “I want to take you out on a date if you’ll let me” smiled up at him “Ok where you taking me?” “That’s for me to know and you to find out later, but wrap up warm”

smiled she was excited and nervous all at the same time “Can’t wait”
“Good” replied and kissed her.

looked at over the top of the cup as she took a mouthful. “Are you going to tell me what the hell is going on then?” said bluntly

rubbed the back of his neck trying to take deep breaths to calm his nervous down.

“Well I ok the thing is I was well. Ok I was worried about you with the guys and I some how got drunk got pissed of you were with them and wanted to punch them so you’ll see I’m manly” said cursing himself inside at how stupid he sounded and still it wasn’t what he wanted to say.

“Manly, manly you couldn’t have been any more manly if you had tried” screeched she did not find this funny, and why did he want to be manly in front of her.“Well I though if I tried that maybe, that maybe you would like me and I don’t know want to date me, but I made a fool of myself” said looking into his coffee cup.

“Your right about making a fool of yourself, if you want to date me why didn’t you just ask me” asked looking at him.

“Because you were with then all those other guys, well I didn’t and don’t stand a chance and the way I’ve been treating you” said looking up into ’s eyes. “ I’m sorry ok” he said and stood up to leave.

“Where you going”. “Back to the hotel I’m going before I make an even bigger fool of myself” told her.

“No before this” stood up and grabbed and snogged him the kiss been passionate. “Now where you taking me on our date” she asked once she had finished kissing him.

“You mean, are you sure oh god this is great” stuttered then grabbed and kissed her.

“I won’t let you down and I won’t hurt you I swear thank you ” he cried excitedly.

“You better not said then kissed him back.

That was 3 months ago now the group where sitting in ’s house getting ready to go out clubbing. felt more relaxed now had been three months and Carlos had not appeared she was finally free of him or so she thought.

Carlos knocked on ’s door getting impatient at how long it was taking her to answer. He knew she was in and she knew she wasn’t alone, of course he knew everything that was going on and had been going on, which his darling wife and her friends didn’t know, until now when he’d make his grand entrance and tell them all, let know he had been watching her, following hr ever since she had left the spa.

“Hello” said once she had opened the door to a man who had his back to her.

“Miss a pleasure” Carlos spoke as he turned round to greet , noticing how she paled apoun recognising who he was.

“What do you want” asked trying to act cool when she was freaking out in the inside.

“I thought it would be obvious what I want” he said pushing her aside and walking into her hall way, his henchmen following him.

“Now lead the way to your sitting room and my wife” he said in a demanding tone.

lead the way to the sitting room and others without saying a word, she had suddenly realised why was so scared of this man, he and all his henchmen where not to be messed with and she could tell they all carried guns.

let out a gasp when Carlos followed into the room with ten henchmen. She was petrified, he was sure to kill her and the and the lads for helping her.

darling I have been so worried about you” Carlos said in a sweet voice that sent chills up and down her spine.

“Car Car Carlos” was all managed to stutter she was in shock and didn’t know what to say or do.

“What have you done to your hair you know I hate blonde” he said his voice sounding a bit more threatening as he approached her.

“Now get your stuff we are leaving” he said in a voice as soft and sweet it was as if he was talking to a child.

“No she won’t, she’s not going with you she doesn’t love you” spoke up, he wasn’t prepared to let her go.

please don’t” asked and said in a pleading voice and she wasp leading with her eyes she would be happy to go if it meant they were safe from him.

“Ah Mr , you see it isn’t just my wife who’s going, you all are” As Carlos said that his henchmen pulled out their guns and pointed them to the group.

“Now everyone move and before you ask yes they are loaded and are ready to fire at any time” Carlos said and grabbed a hold of , dragged her out to the car. The rest of the group got pushed and shoved out by his henchmen.
Once in the Car Carlos told the driver to take them to the airport, where he made them all board his plane.

Carlos sat down next to making sure she was directly across from .

“I told you sweetie you never escape, me, I’ve been watching you since you left the Spa , I know everything, and you’ll have plenty of time to make it all up to me once we get home.” He told her smugly.

“Carlos is you really love me, you’d let me go and be happy, why put me through hell” asked him although she should have known better than to question him. The blows from his slaps stung like hell and she had to force the tears not to come out her eyes.

felt sick watching him treat her like this and he couldn’t do anything about it as one of his henchmen was sat right next to him holding the gun pointing at him same as all the others.

“Don’t hit her you big bully” screamed out, she couldn’t sit back and watch him abuse like that.

“I suggest that you shut your mouth or I’ll give you a slap too and don’t think I will” Carols told her.

“Now sweetie don’t you ever answer me back you should know better by now, now I don’t want to here another word or I’ll do a lot worse than give you a slap” he threatened her, took note of his words and stay quiet.

Chapter 8.

The journey was uncomfortable and the atmosphere was terrible, everyone was glad to land even though they didn’t know what fate had installed for them.

Once they got off the plane two cars where waiting for them.

“Rusty, you Michael, Rock, Steve, Brian, Slickly and Bulldog will take these four to the house, put them in the office and do not let them out your sight” Carols said about , , and .

“You two will come with me” Carlos said and pushed and in the direction of the first car with his three remaining henchmen.

Once in the car was able to take in his arms he was so scared not only for himself but for her too, it was now the four of them dared to speak.

“Are you ok babes” asked making his embrace around her tighter.

“Yeah, what about you guys” asked, she was shaking inside and scared for her and the others life’s.

“Fine” and both said, both unsure about how they felt or what was going to happen everything seemed so bleak.
“I’m ok what do you think will happen to us and what about and I mean what he going to do to us all” asked the question that was on all their minds.

“I don’t know probably kill us for helping her and then kill but not before putting her through hell” said. The three men shuddered at her words and the rest of the journey remained silent leaving them all with their thoughts.

“Before we go to the house we have to make a trip to the doctors, don’t we ” Carols said laughing at the look of confusion on ’s face.

“Huh, what why” asked he was confused of why they had to go to a doctors and knew why.

“Oh dear, dear me, haven’t you told Mr , that’s not very nice of you. She pregnant by 7 weeks” Carlos told again in his sweet voice that was sicken.

“Omg your pregnant that’s great news” beamed he was going to be a dad he was so happy, then his situation came back to his mind and his happiness was gone.

“She’s not keeping it” Carlos told them as the car pulled up to the dirtiest, roughest, most run down part of town.

They got out the car to find themselves infront of a dirty and really old apartment block. Carlos grabbed and pulled her into the building followed by been pushed by one of the henchmen. The building was filthy inside and the stench was over strong it took all her strength not to throw up. There was rats and mice everywhere and god knows what other creatures.

Once down in basement, where the smell was worse and it was freezing cold and place seemed to be crawling. Carlos knocked on a door and a man about 56 answered. He was wearing a white doctors coat that had seen better days and could have done with a wash or three. His skin was black as mud, it was hard to tell what colour his skin underneath was. His hair was long and wild and he had a beard that was mucky and crusty looking. The smell off him was not bearable it was obvious he had never heard of a shower. When he spoke he relvaled a mouth of 6 teeth all black.

“Mr Demountgual” he said in a voice that would wake the dead.

“Come in please, everything is ready” he told Carlos.

“Good” Carlos dragged inside as was shoved in the door. In the room there was a metal table and a set of surgical instruments that were filthy and had dried blood on them. Carlos came up behind after inspecting everything and whispered on her ear,

“You didn’t think I’d take you to a proper clinic or hospital and risk everyone finding out what you did, did you”.

“Carlos please we can work it out we can raise this baby me and you please don’t do this” pleaded barely audible she now had tears in her eyes, she felt sick inside and the fear she felt was unbelievable.

Carlos laughed at her.

“Now strip down to you bra and panties or lover boy over there gets it” Carols told her and turned her round to see one henchmen was holding while one had a gun pointed to his head and the other his heart. let out a cry.

“Carlos please you don’t want to do this please, I’m begging you” she said tears now sliding down her eyes.

“Strip now or do I have to do it for you” he threatened her.

did as he asked with shaking hands. Once out her clothes he ordered her to lie down on the table. did this and started pleading with him again not to do this when pain stabbed through her. The crusty doctor cut her open with a dirty rusty blood stained surgical knife. cried and screamed as pain ripped through her body

After the doctor had finished Carlos ordered her to get dressed. Once dressed he turned to face her.

“Now for the doctors payment and thank you” he said and watched her pale even more from not knowing what was coming next.

“You have made him all hard with your hot body only fair you deal with the problem, you’ll have to get on your knees and suck him off” Carlos told her smirking he was back in control of her.

“No I won’t do it, you can’t I won’t” cried.

“Oh yes you will those guns are loaded and ready to shoot, he’ll die instantly” he told her and shoved her to where the doctor was standing with his hard cock out ready waiting on her.

“, don’t do it” shouted out as looked at him tears sliding down her cheeks.

I’m sorry but I don’t want you dead” she said before taking the cock in her mouth and doing the job in hand. Once the doctor had cum and was out her mouth she threw up everywhere. The doctor handed Carlos a jar with unborn embryo in it and as quick as a flash they where on their way to the house in the car.

Chapter 9.

Everyone looked when the office door opened and all sighed a sigh of relief as the watched helping in the room, she was pale and sickly looking she looked awful and as if she was in pain. Carlos walked in behind them and walked over to his desk, he put the jar with the embryo at the front of his desk for them all to see and took his seat with out saying a word. Everyone looked at jar and suddenly felt sick when they realised what was in it no wonder was looking the way she was.“Take a seat” Carlos ordered them. Just as was going to sit down she passed out and hit the ground.

“Rusty take her to our bedroom and lay her on the bed” Carlos said to his lead henchmen.

“ As for rest of you, you four will be locked up” he said to , , and . “And you Mr are coming for a ride with me” With that the four where lead away to a locked room and to the car.

“Rusty you will drive me and Mr , Steve Slickly you will be here guarding my prisoners and make sure my wife doesn’t try to escape, rest of you can go home and rest” Carlos gave out his orders.

“Yes boss” the henchmen said and went off with what they were told.

Steve waited until they were all gone and it was just him and Slickly before he knocked him out he hid him in the broom cupboard and then went and unlocked the door to the room and lads where in.

“Hi your ok I’m a cop see” he said holding up his ID card.

“Oh god you letting us out” asked him.

“Yes and there isn’t much time I have to go find Carlos before he kill Mr “ and Mrs will be needing to go to hospital” he told them.

“Well take her to hospital” said and ran out room with the other following to he found still passed out on a bed.

“I’ll go with Steve, I think I may know where he has taken thanks to describing places to me, I’ll get you at the hospital” said and gave a kiss and ran with Steve to a car while the others phoned an ambulance and took to hospital.

Carlos had Rusty drive them to the middle of nowhere. was shite scared and didn’t know what to do. Once they where out the car and realised where he was he knew he was going to be killed.

“I love her more than you ever could and she loves me just remember I’ll always have her heart” said before he heard gun shots go off, but for some strange reason he wasn’t falling there was no blood coming from him. He looked up to find Carlos flat on his front dead to the world, he looked up again and there was standing with a gun in her hands.

omg but how are you ok oh god” rushed to her and took her into his arms.

“I had to for I had to kill him” was all she could say. Steve introduced himself to then phoned his boss and police cars came from every direction. and “ both gave statements saying it happened in self-defence that Carlos had attacked them.

Two weeks later after had killed Carlos, had gone to sea to buried him knowing it was the one place Carlos feared the most as he hated water. tightened his grip on her as she said her good byes and had watched his coffin sink as soon as it hit the water she turned to ,

“I’m finally free”.

“Yeah you are, will you marry me” he asked her.

“Yes” answered and kissed him with all passion in her body.

Tow years later

rubbed her swollen bump as she watched her best mate getting married to , she was maid of honour she looked into first throw and seen her husband of one year smiling at her she smiled back.

“So you happy to be Mrs asked after all speeches had been and they were at the reception partying, they were in toilets chatting when she felt a contraction she had been getting them all day but had put them off as false she still had another month to go, then her waters broke.

“Shite omg my waters” was all she could say as panick set in.

go get and phone an ambulance” said then started to monitor contractions.

your giving birth here your contractions are to close their a minute apart now, you have to start pushing them.

arrived with the other lads and .

take her hard support her, some one get me hot water and someone else clean towels and blankets” “ s told them and went into action mode as everyone around her freaked.

had just delivered a healthy baby girl just as the ambulance arrived. Her and the baby and went to the hospital. Once she and baby where checked over they were finally alone.

“I love you, i'm glad your mine” told her.

“I love you to. I’m glad I went on the run and im more glad you where with me.” said before falling asleep in his arms.

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