Office Job

tossed and turned in her sleep. She was tired; her mind was in the midst of closing. had been working so hard lately; she’d forgotten her meeting with the executive producer of her company that day. hadn’t been working there for that long, only a few weeks and had already learnt the tricks of the trade in haste. She didn’t like being behind on anything, especially not her job, it was her life. Tomorrow was the meeting now she dreaded.
Her alarm clock stuttered to wake her half an hour early. ’s eyes opened in a flash, she hesitated for a moment before tossing her duvet aside on the bed. ‘I’ll make it later’ grumbled dismissively. She had to keep herself busy; she didn’t want to think about what was coming. preferred to do things as they came, but when one was so nervous that came with great difficulty.
Traffic again. The sounds of car horns buzzed around her, shouting people were waiting at the bus stop. paid no attention this time – which was unusual. The noises merely faded into the background of her sighs and impatient murmurs. Now the half an hour her alarm clock had wasted stuttering was slowly being burnt up in exhaust smoke. The silver Volvo had come to a halt in front of her. She registered the number plate having nothing better to read numerous times.
Something hit the boot of her car. held her breath. Her foot left the accelerator. The car rolled with speed towards the Volvo. She jolted forwards crashing into the steering wheel. Frozen in shock couldn’t move. Her palm rested on the sounding horn. Smoke was coming from the front of her car. was now facing the direction she’d come; her heart racing.
A stranger opened her car door in a hurry. He spoke words but she didn’t register them. The audio was muted. She replayed her hesitance once more. Everything had stopped. A faded sound of sirens awoke from shock. Her eyes began to flicker back to normal. The stranger removed her hand relieving the passers by’s hearing. Two doctors made their way through, she didn’t acknowledge their features. The stranger told her to release her breath – something she’d forgotten how to do.
“Miss, are you okay?” didn’t quite know how to respond to that particular question.“Who was driving the Volvo?” Someone shouted over the bustling bodies. Some of the area managed to be cleared but the smoke was still present. The stranger gave her a hand out of the car. It was harder than he’d imagined. “I was in the car behind,” began, her voice still shaky, the stranger took over. “The Volvo driver sped off. The other car’s fine, so is the driver.” His voice was husky but calm and cool simultaneously. The two ambulance men recorded whilst he spoke. Rose envied his attitude towards the incident.
She looked up at the stranger’s features, they were breathtaking. His hazel eyes glimmered in her general direction. “Put her here mate.” The ambulance man advised. She hadn’t realised he’d been supporting her weight.
“No one was hurt?” whispered.
“No, only your car was harmed so it seems was your ankle?” hadn’t noticed a swelling had already appeared. “It feels fine. Do you have the time?” ’s eyes darted around looking for a clock. “It’s half 8 the stranger spoke.
“I- have – a –um – meeting…”
“You’re in shock,” the medical said not realising the importance of her statement.
“You don’t understand. I have to be there!” The other man who also had arrived from the ambulance sympathised for a moment. “Come to the hospital straight afterwards?” He said. nodded in a sheepish manner. It normally wasn’t this easy for her to agree to something.
“Can I give you a lift?” The breathtaking eyes glanced her way once more.
“I only work up the road, thanks though, I’ll walk.” He gazed sown at the ankle with a questioning expression.
“I don’t think that’ll be a very good idea for you…” He whispered flirtatiously.
“I’m sure I’ll do just fine.”
“Excuse me for a second,” he picked up his phone answering to a shouting secretary. “Mr. ! Why aren’t you here? As chief executive, you should be present. You should have been half an hour ago! I’m sure I’ve explained this before!”
“I’ll be there soon enough, there’s been an accident. I’ll explain later.” He hung up.
“You’re the chief exec.?” asked hoping no more surprises would come her way.
“Yeah, why?”
“I’m the one you’re meeting…”
“You’re the designer?” His eyes paused as they met hers. She nodded slowly, but she was smiling.
“So that settles it, can I offer you a lift.. Miss…..?”
, call me , it’s nice to meet you…” her voice trailed off. “Yes that’ll be great, at least we’re both late.” He held out his hand, his touch; soft. She took it gratefully watching her car being towed away. Her nerves had subsided slightly relieving the tension in the pit of her stomach. At least she knew who she was giving a briefing to. His eyes glistened once more in the sunlight. “You alright? Do you want some water? You still look in shock?” He asked as they reached the building in his car. He rushed to help her out of the car.
“It’s okay, I’m good thanks,” responded.
“You know the manager couldn’t make it don’t you ?” Mr. told her.
“Yeah, I got a call last night, sorry about yesterday I completely forgot. So hang on, who am I briefing to then?”
“Just me.”
“So Mr. …”
“Call me .” He grinned.
“Here’s my designs, I’ll meet you up in the office.” Their hands touched, sending electrical impulses up her arm sending extra beats to her heart. It was working over time. paused then pointed out the direction of her office. He smiled a warm smile and walked away.

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