Nothing Hurts Like Love

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Chapter 1.

looked at her script for the hundredth time in the past few minutes. She just couldn't get the words to stay in her head.

She leaned over and picking up her phone and dialing her friends number. and were working on a new Hollywood film that was being filmed in London.

They had met on set a four years ago and stayed friends. They didn't live too far apart and they were seeing two of the hottest young guys around. and from Westlife

and had both been offered roles in a new romantic film, Called Stupid Cupid. They loved it even more because they were working with Colin Farrell who had a huge crush on and Joshua Jackson who had liked ever since his Dawson's creek days.

" its me pick up". After a few seconds picked up. "Hey Hun, sorry I'm still vetting my calls"

"Its ok. Have you learnt your lines yet?" asked looking at her script and putting it down.

"Yeah I did and that's all I've done is look at it" "Yeah I can just remember my first line which is." thought for a moment but came to a blank. "See now I've forgot that" She frowned when giggled at the other line.

"See I need help, we've got three days to learn this and nothing." said somewhat annoyed.

"Ok I'll come round ok and will do a all night cram ok." offered "Great I'm going to call " put down the phone to and dialed 's number. "Hello 's phone, this is his girlfriend calling how can I help" put down the phone sat there in silence.
For a brief moment she was in shock until her brain caught up with her.

was the girl the whole world thought was madly in love with but the truth was he wasn't. It was just a publicity thing. It was the same for who was seeing Albert. To the world but really behind closed doors was seeing .
and met the lads three years ago at a an awards after show party, it wasn't until year months into their relationship and decided to drop the PR bomb shell on the two of them. But now three years later it was still going on it was driving insane. She knew the reason why she couldn't learn her lines she just didn't want to admit it.

Her and had been fighting non stop over his and 's PR thing especially since he told her he was going to be taking her away so the press could take some pictures of them.

The only place ever took was to his house in Dublin and that's where they stayed his house. At first she didn't mind the whole PR thing, but that was before she feel in love with him. And knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him but now she was starting to realize that may not be the case.

was even less impressed about that now it was stopping her from focusing on her film. Mind you it didn't help that the film was based on a love story that was similar to her own love life.

The truth was her head was saying to end it with for good, where her heart was saying she loved him and would she be better off without him in her life?

But she knew one thing for sure she need to make some peace within herself if she was going to get anywhere with this script.

picked up her mobile and texted on the way out to say she was going to 's and if he wanted her to call there.
She wasn't happy to get one back to say he was with , and and wouldn't be able to call as was staying with him in Sligo.

replied a bitchy text back then deleted it. She just couldn't be bothered. She knew the score when she sighed up to be 's girlfriend it just bugged her sometimes to think that another girl was over her man.

Sometimes was pretty convinced that and loved the whole two-girlfriend thing. It was like they were having an affair.

pulled up outside 's house she just stepped out when her phone beeped she looked at it seeing it was from .

"Can't see you for the next three weeks, Louie wants me and to go with and "

"Ok whatever have fun bye" replied back and turned off her phone.

heard 's car pull up and opened the door to her with a warm smile. Especially when she saw had brought Chinese.

Four hours later and too much drink inside them both girls decided they wanted to know what was important to their boyfriends. was up first. She dialled 's number and put him on loudspeaker.

She was thankful he answered this time.

"Hey how are you?" who wanted a straight answer couldn't be bothered with the hellos and how are you. So she jumped right in.

" pick me or your life with "? was silent for a few moments not sure what meant.

" I want you to pick either me and you being together and out in the open after you call off the PR thing with ."

"I can't Hun. It's not that simple you know I tried before. I can't just end it with her." bit her bottom lip to control herself from screaming at him over the phone.

"Were over." said simply. "Can you get for please.

"Ok" replied. sat there mouth open at the fact that hadn't put up a fight for her. He just agreed for them to be over.

" if it's the same thing as what was just asked well I'm sorry were over too. Your both being selfish. You knew the score before and well maybe its better this way"

didn't even get a chance to answer back and had put the phone down.

looked at seeing the tears in her eyes she pulled her towards her letting her cry on her shoulder.

handed the phone back to . "Ever feel like you've made a huge mistake?" asked putting his phone back into his pocket.

"Yes but this way it's going to be easier on them. You proposed to " said as he say down on the sofa.

"I was drunk and I was thinking of when I asked . Anyway what about you. You got pregnant." said turning the wheels on .

"Yeah I know does it seem cruel that I hope the baby isn't mine or she loses it. Not that it will change the fact that I cheated on ."
"We got ourselves in a right mess with this whole thing didn't we" said shutting his case and turning to look at seeing he looked how he felt.

Chapter 2

It was a few weeks after the break ups happened and the girls were putting braves faces for each other saying it was better this way and everything was fine. The girls decided it was time for a night out and asked their co stars to join them which they gladly accepted.

" , you ready?" asked walking into 's bedroom wearing a demin mini, gold flowly top and matching gold heels. Her hair was straight and make up soft.

"Yeah, just picking out my shoes" said looking in her closet.

"The white Dior sandals" said looking at who was wearing a demin mini and white corset top.

"You're too smart sometimes" said grabbing her shoes and heading downstairs with Brittany.

The girls were finishing a drink when the doorbell rang. It was the boys so they headed off to the club. The paparazzi was out in full force so camera bulbs were flashing like mad when the foursome arrived. Colin wrapped his arm around protectively as they made their way in the club. Josh did the same with .

"Are you dating?" one man asked.

They ignored the question and got themselves inside. The boys went to get the drinks and the girls headed for the VIP room. They were totally at the loss for words when they saw Westlife sitting there along with all their romantic interests. and smiled as the girls sat at the table across from them. They smiled back and hope Josh and Colin were come quickly.

The night was filled with tension even though the girls tried their best to just ignore the fact the boys were there.

and Josh were dancing so had a clear view across to and Colin. was cuddling up to him and he was whispering something into her ear. couldn't believe she was playing it up with Colin Farrell he was a player and everyone knew it. Plus he was her co-star. He could hardly take watching them but also could not pull his stare away.

had his eyes on and Josh. They were dancing too closely for his liking but he could nothing about it. He felt wrap her arm around him. He did not want he wanted more then anything but he just could not drop because she was carrying his kid and Simon would have fit and half. He wished he never got into this mess.

turned around in her seat her eyes locking with . She quickly turned back around. She grabbed Colin's hand and led him to the dance floor.

Just as she hit the floor a slow song came on. She wrapped her arms around Colin's neck resting her head on his chest the two moved in time to the music.

"I'm going to the bar" said standing up and marching over to it. removed 's arm and followed .

"You ok mate?" asked knowing it was a stupid question when gave him an icy stare.

"His a fecking arse, his going to use her and she'll let him I bet. She's always had a thing for him and its wrong. It's only been a few weeks and well I need some air you coming?" asked looking at who nodded and the two walked out the club.

"Do you want to come back to my hotel" Colin whispered in 's ear.

didn't really want to go back to Colin's place but she wanted to be seen leaving with him so would get the impression of what she was going to do.

"Were leaving too so will come" Josh said "Why don't we just go back to mine for a nightcap or something" offered.

Everyone agreed. and headed outside to get a cab while Josh and Colin went to the bathroom.

"I didn't think guys went to the bathroom together?" said giggling. "I think they have plans, mind you Josh is a hottie and his aftershave is driving me insane" smiled innocently.

frowned as he flipped his phone down. "Lou wants us to do a press conference to say your having a kid with and I'm marrying ."

"What" and turned around to see and standing there. 's mouth wide open. "What?" asked again.

ran his hand threw his hair and looked to then back to .

"Umm well." tried to explain but failed. He couldn't look at and say the words out loud.

"I heard I hope you'll be very happy together." spotted a cab pull up she jumped into it not even giving a chance to get in.

"Sorry" heard say behind her. was silent for a few moments. She knew was heartbroken over , she was so busy hiding her own feelings she forgot about what must truly be feeling.

was no angry she turned around looked right in the face pointing him in his chest as she spoke.

"Sorry you're a lying little Irish shit, bet you have a right laugh at her expense. You and deserve each other. No wonder you didn't want to call it off with . You enjoyed having on the side, god you men are nothing but the same."

" it's not like that" said interrupting her. "Isn't it? So 's pregnant is she? How far gone is she?" snapped back at him.

"She's umm well a month and a half" "So you slept with her while you were with me."

"See you two were with us coming out with all the crap you were saying while you two were with and telling them the same things or whatever. Do you know what were the ones who should be sorry for ever meeting you guys."

frowned finally shutting up. Now all she wanted to do was go back in to the club and get totally drunk and sleep with Josh or whoever. She wanted to let of steam.

"Where's "? Colin asked looking around for her. "Umm she went back to hers she's not feeling well. I said I'd wait to tell you."

"Ok. Is everything ok here?" He asked feeling the tension with , and . Colin had noticed look at nearly all night. And seeing the situation outside and the fact that was gone he knew there was maybe more to it than just finding hot.

"I'm going to hers so I'll see you later." stepped forward and brushed her lips over Josh's before getting into a cab.

ran up stairs as soon as she was in. She grabbed all her things that reminded her of , being anything from pictures to letters or even little tokens such a cinema ticket.

She put them all into a box took them out into her back garden and lit a fire tipping them all on it.

She felt a hand on her shoulder she knew it was . turned around and collapsed crying in her arms. Hearing start to cry as well. The two sat there crying holding on to each other for support.

Chapter 3.

The next morning woke up feeling awful. She went downstairs to make some coffee and was soon followed by .

"How are you?" asked passing a cup of coffee.

"Probably the same as you" said heading into the living room. grabbed her coffee and followed.

flopped down the sofa beside and flicked on the TV. They were confronted with the faces of , , and doing the press conference as much as wanted to change the channel she couldn't and 's eyes were glued to the screen.

They finally were shaken from their daze when there was knock on the door. went to answer. It was Colin.

"Hey just wanted to make sure you were okay" Colin said hugging her.

"Yeah Thanks Col" said leaning him into the living room.

"Hey , Josh wants you to call him" Colin said sitting down the chair across from the girls.

"Oh thanks I think I will go call him then" said getting up and leaving them room.

"Back to filming tomorrow huh" said giving Colin a look.

"Yeah I know" Colin said moving to sit down beside "How about me and you go out to dinner tonight?"

"Sure that sounds great" said smiling at him before he brushed his lips against hers.

"I'll call you later babe," Colin said getting up and leaving.

"Where did Colin go?" said coming back into the room.

"He left just wanted to ask me to dinner" said, "What did Josh want?"

"Dinner tonight at the Ivy" said smiling.

"Moving on" smiled at .

"That we are" said smiling back.

It was a few months back into filming the foursome were spending a lot of time together and even more in twosome, which the press loved. They even caught and Colin in a lip lock on the beach. As much as the girls were trying to keep everything a secret they wanted the press to see them so the lads would see how they were moving on and never needed them anyway.

and were meeting for lunch to get away from and who were driving them nuts. They were in foul moods almost everyday when they would see the Gossip sections of the newspapers because there would always be new pictures of their girls and their new boys.

"See the new ones today?" said sitting down and placing the newspaper in front of .

"Yes I saw kissing Colin on the beach. Did you hear Josh and might be moving in together?" asked nodded "Man I wish I could turn back time."

"I know what you mean" said, "I still cannot believe I cheated on and actually got pregnant"

"Yeah and I proposed to thinking it was because I was drunk" sighed, "We're pathetic "

"I can't argue with that. But at least you can get out of the marriage thing somehow I'm stuck with and a kid."

"You too moping around still?" and looked up and saw and standing there.

"You two are going to have to move on, the girls have. You’ve got your life's you've picked now get on with it." said harshly

and nodded knowing deep down they would never get on with their lives until they had closure with the girls whatever it was or how they even got it.

put the last of her belongings into the back of Josh's car. She looked up at her old place and sighed.

"I'm just going to have one last look around then we can go" said smiling weakly at Josh who nodded and got into the car.

walked around her house taking all the good and bad memories in. The truth was she only agreed to move in with Josh for a bit. had decided to take a break after all the promotion had finished with this film. had agreed with her the two planned to do their own thing for a while.

Although was seeing Josh and loving it but she didn't want to get to caught up in the two of them. She still wasn't over 's betrayal yet.
She picked up her bag on the side she closed the door behind her on the way out.

quickly put her other earring into her ear then checked her reflection in the mirror. She had gone for a black backless short dress with black shoes with silver diamonds. Filming had finished that afternoon and it was now time to have the goodbye party.

Everyone who was anyone was going to be at the party. just hoped that everyone wasn't a certain Dublin boy called .

Colin and had come out about their relationship; Colin even said was the girl who tamed him. But to she was just having some fun and see where she ended up. She really liked Colin but she did not think any woman could really tame him even if he said she did.

and Colin pulled up their limo after Josh and . was wearing a beautiful white dress with her hair a mass of curls, Josh was in a simple black suit much like Colin's expect his was navy. They were smiling for the press as and Colin walked over to them. They posed for pictures did a few interviews and then headed inside.

"You look great hun" said to once they were inside.

"You too babe" said smiling.

The girls were having a great time partying with their boyfriends and the rest of the cast and crew. Everyone and anyone was there. finally spotted her least favourite people. She chose to ignore the fact she saw them and just went on having her good time.

thought he saw notice them but he wasn't sure since she seemed to just turn back away. went to get himself another drink when pulled him back.

" , three is your limit remember" said, "Since I cannot have any"

"Oh right I almost forgot" said sighing. He really needed another drink if he was going to get through this party.

had been watching all night. When she spoke to Oprah smiled because he knew how much she adored her. His smile soon faded when Colin came up and kissed her. He couldn't take his eyes off her and was so happy had other plans so he could go alone. and both tried to talk to him and get him to just have some fun but he couldn't. All he wanted was her and all she wanted was anything but him.

was now on his 12th pint he was feeling it. He hadn't eaten that much earlier threw nerves about seeing .

He noticed walk out into the gardens alone he looked around to make sure and didn't see him get up and follow her out.

felt behind her. She had felt his eyes on her all night. When had taken one step into the party and she knew he was there.

"Glad the Irish so and so finally left you alone" said trying not to slur his words but not saddening.

turned around and rolled her eyes. "Your drunk . I think you should go home and sleep it off."

went to walk past him but he grabbed her arm firmly to stop her.

"Yeah I'm a little bit drunk but that's cause I've had to block out seeing you and Colin together for the past six months in the press then to have it in my face."

shock her arm out his grip. "You didn't have to come," She snapped back.

"I wanted to see you and talk to you. Look why don't we leave the back way out and go for a coffee and talk."
folded her arms and frowned. She couldn't believe was here asking to talk after everything that had happened and it didn't please her none that he was drunk.

"Ok how do you suppose I talk to you when you're drunk? I can just about understand you now."

stepped closer to making her feel a little unsure about the situation. She went to take a step back but had his arm around her waist pulling her close to him and locking his lips with hers.

Chapter 4.

walked over to Josh who was looking in the direction was she was a little bit worried as to why he was doing it. "You ok?" She asked concerned

Josh turned to look at her he brushed some of her hair behind her shoulder.

"Just thinking I know that girl over there" Josh nodded to the girl next to . And right away didn't like it.

"You know how?" why?" "I dated her for a bit. She was a nice girl I really liked her but she went with another guy for her career and I'm guessing that's him. But I did love her. We broke up about a year ago or just under. I hear there getting married now as well as having a kid," Josh said sighing

excused herself and went into the ladies making sure no one was in there she sat on a toilet seat and cried. She didn't know why she just felt like it. The thought that had been with Josh freaked her out. But it was the fact that was going to marry that torn her up inside.

After a few moments composed herself as she opened the door was washing her hands.

"Hi" said smiling. smiled back. "Look I know this is going to sound crazy but can I have your autograph for myself and my boyfriend please."

"Sure" said doing her best not to slap the smile of 's face. "His a huge fan. His always saying how much he adores you. He'll die when I give him this."

"Sweet" said when all she wanted to do was stand there and have a blue fit. She sighed a picture for and then one for .

"When's the baby due" asked as the two of them walked out the bathroom. "In about five months" replied. "And the wedding?"

stopped and looked at her confused "Yeah were going to be getting married soon. Real soon" winked.

jumped up from his seat when he saw and talking. He went into a blind panic at what she would be telling .

saw approach and left. handed the signed picture he smiled when he saw she had written love you. It gave him a little fire in his heart. "What you say to her?" He asked . "Oh not much when the baby was born and that were going to be getting married soon."

stopped to look at her. He hadn't even asked her to marry him and he had no intention to ask her for a good five years if he would ever, he hoped that would get bored or something would happen that would get him out the situation.

walked into the gardens getting a shock of her life as she saw kissing .

"Umm excuse me," said coughing lightly. pushed off her thankful she was rescued. Or was she really her head was still in a daze.

" you remember . Umm we have to go bye." turned around grabbed and they both left the party and went back to a hotel.

They were glad sometimes that being A-list stars meant they always got a hotel room at a click of a finger.

sat on the edge of the bed looking at with a questionable look.

"Don't give me that look or say a word. He kissed me. He followed me and well I'm not explaining myself to you ok" said angrily.

just looked at her not saying a word but knew from snapping at her she wasn't taking kissing her well so she decided to let it go and let open up when she was ready.

didn't sleep that night. She couldn't help but think about the kiss with and the fact that he wanted to talk to her.

Part of her thought it was because he was drunk but the other part wasn't so sure. Maybe he really did want to talk to her but they couldn't the press would find out for sure. and her never went anywhere but his house so what was she even thinking. She was doing stupid. It was 7 o'clock in the morning when left the hotel, leaving a note saying she would be with Colin. went to Colin's to find him sleeping peacefully. She changed into one of his shirts and crawled into bed with him.

"Hey baby" He said huskily wrapping his arms around her.

"Hey go back to sleep it is really early" said laying down on his chest and cuddling into him before closing her own eyes and finally drifting to sleep.

woke up a few hours later to find gone but she quickly found her note and headed home herself.

Josh was already awake and waiting for her.

"Hey Sexy" Josh said kissing her cheek.

"Hey Hun" said sleepily "I'm going to take a shower I would love you forever if you made me some breakfast"

"Sure thing sweetheart it will be ready when you come down" Josh said heading for the kitchen.

headed upstairs and went for her shower. She hoped the hot water running down her body would clear her head but it didn't. She wished she had never met . Now that she knew Josh had also dated made it even worse. She needed to find a guy that didn't know who was and who lived far away from the spotlight. She wanted to hide away. She could not wait until the promotion was over for this film so her and could go and try to be "normal" for awhile.

After and Josh ate breakfast just wanted to lay around the house and not think about the world or anything. She didn't want to see a headline about herself, or Westlife. Home was where she was staying today.

"Baby wake up" Colin whisper in 's ear "It's almost 2 in the afternoon"

"So?" said not opening her eyes "I would like to spend the whole day in bed with you"

"Mmm do you?" Colin asked rolling her over so he was on top of her "I really like that idea myself"

"I thought you would" said kissing him to which Colin deepened.

just didn't want to think about anything and just spending the day in bed with Colin would ensure that. She couldn't think anymore about and and everything else that was bugging her. She wished hadn't been there last night. When his lips touched hers all she wanted to do was kiss him back but she knew she couldn't.

was looking up at the ceiling when he heard walk into his room. " Hun are you awake. I umm need to talk to you."

started to sit up but his head was pounding. He laid back down again.

"What is it ?" fiddled with her fingers for a moment. "I've met someone else. And well I've been cheating on you. I thought it was just a thing but its not we love each other and well. Its over"

This time did sit up even though his head was banging. "You what? So were over the engagement everything."

nodded not really sure about 's reaction. "I'm sorry 's. I don't know what happened it just did."

"Hey no worries. It's fine. Take care of yourself and be happy."

had to control himself not to jump around the room and shout out at the top of his voice. As soon as said it his first thought was . Although he was mega drunk last night, he wasn't that far gone that he didn't know what he was doing.

He spent the next hour or so helping pack the rest of her things he called the lads round.

Chapter 5.

" can I ask you something?" Josh said taking her hand in his. "Yeah sure you can"

"When the promo is over can I take you away for a week to Vegas."

"Umm I'm meant to be going away with . "Oh ok I was going to ask you to marry me hope we could get married out there."

looked at Josh blankly. They hadn't even said I love you. Well Josh had she didn't. "Umm ok" replied regretting it right away earlier she was telling herself she wanted out and now she had agreed to marry him. Maybe seeing and had upset her more than she thought.

opened the door to see , and standing there looking at him confused. "Ok you call to tell us to get round here ASAP what wrong?" asked concerned as the four of them walked into the living room.

"Nothings wrong. Everything is right. and I are over." explained feeling really happy.

"What how the heck did that happen?" asked a bit to loudly.

"She's been seeing someone else. Thank god at least now I can focus on again."

"Don't you think it's a little too late for that mate" said turned to look at him. "No way I kissed her last night, she didn't stop me she was kissing me back. You'll see. will be Colin who" said as a matter of fact.

"I just need your guys help. and anyway. The girls won't go near me or you ."

and looked at each other and nodded. They knew if they didn't agree then they would never hear the end of it.

"Will help." said wonder if it would do any good, or .

"What do you think of Hawaii?" Colin asked looking up from a Holiday magazine.

"Yeah ok, But I'm spending some time with though" "Yeah if you get a chance Josh is going to ask her to marry him so you know."

looked at Colin in shock of what he said. "Cool" replied.

looked at her phone then looked up to see if was standing around her. "Hey how are you. It was good to see you yesterday. I'm going to get married. I'll invite you and of course. Were getting married in Vegas. Was wondering if you wanted to meet up for coffee."

quickly replied back. 'Yes' She had loved seeing Josh yesterday she wanted to have a proper catch up. She didn't have a chance last night with being in another foul mood. She knew he didn't love her in fact she knew the only reason he was sticking with her was because of the baby.

She knew if knew the real truth about everything he would kill her but that was a price she was willing to risk.

and had been trying to get hold of for the past two weeks; they even tried but got the same comment. "Messages would be passed on after the Promo"

had heard about a conference the girls would be having later that week. It was all very hush, hush; it was only cause his boyfriend had heard threw a friend of his that worked on the press.

So and himself was going to tag along and hope to get a chance to talk to either one of them. They knew if they couldn't get to then maybe they could threw .

At the Press Conference...

"Last question" said looking to her PR guy who nodded "David you get the last question"

"Thanks girls, you said you were taking a break after this what are you ladies going to do" David asked.

"Well I'm going away Josh for a bit then I have no idea" said "Just planning on spending some time on myself"

"Yeah I'm basically the same me and Colin plan on spending some time together" said "Then as said I really don't know"

"Thanks for your time everyone, the girls will pose for pictures then that is it folks" their PR rep explained.

The girls posed for some pictures and then headed down the hall before someone grabbed them and pulled them into room.

" ! What the hell are you doing?" yelled.

"You are ignoring us so yeah dramatic I know" said "But we need to talk to you"

"Talk quickly I'm going to an appointment" said pissed off.

" left and he really wants to see you" said looking to for a little support since a pissed off was not a fun thing.
"She was cheating on him . He's a mess without you" said.

"Aww too bad" said walking out of the room.

"Guys, we've moved on so leave us alone" said pissed off herself at them thinking would run back to .

walked out of her doctor's appointment and she felt awful. She felt sick she needed to talk to someone. She got into her car and drove. She pulled into a too familiar driveway. She walked to the door and knocked.

" ? What are you doing here?" asked.

"I need to talk to someone," said tearing up.

"Oh baby come here" said pulling her into a hug before leading her into the living room "What is wrong?"

"I'm pregnant" said trying not to cry "And I don't want to be"

held as close to him as he possibly could. He was stroking her hair; he knew it always made her feel safe. He knew he was right when looked up at him with tear stained eyes.

"Sorry. I didn't know where else to go. I just ended up here" said in-between sniffing. pulled her tighter to him. "You came to the right place Hun. I'll run you a bath. You can stay here the night"

felt to tired to argue with him. Not that she really wanted to.

picked up and carried her upstairs to the bathroom. "There's a towel a nice white fluffy one I know you like, and one of my t-shirts."

looked at the t-shirt and smiled. "You kept it" walked up to her he stood behind her. "It was your favourite thing to wear. It still smells of you. I kept it so I didn't lose you completely"

At that moment all wanted to do was wrap her arms around 's neck and kiss him passionately but she controlled herself. That would be one more confusing she didn't need.

left to have a bath. He went into the kitchen and ordered a Chinese hoping what he ordered still loved.

He was upset that the fact that she was pregnant but glad that didn’t want to keep it and more importantly that she had come to him.
just hoped it was a start for them to get back together.

Chapter 6.

walked into the kitchen and saw an invitation on the side. He e picked it up and almost pasted out when he saw that it had Josh and 's name writing on the wedding invitation.

" where did this come from?" asked walking upstairs to the bedroom where was sitting watching TV.

"Oh I met up with Josh, he gave it to me." looked at her confused.

"You know Josh?" "I used to date him, I was seeing him while we were doing that PR thing before we got together properly." smiled.

"So you were sleeping with him when we had that one night?" He asked.

"Yeah why? the baby is yours before you think anything of it. To tell you the truth I'm shock he asked . He didn't want that kind of commitment when I was with him."

turned around and went back into the kitchen. 's words running around in his mind. Maybe he could demand a DNA test and the kid wouldn’t be his and he could kick her to the curb and stop from marrying Josh. He even thought that maybe Josh and could get together again.

Whatever happened would not let marry Josh, not without a pretty good fight to the death if he had to.

finally made an appearance an hour later. She smiled at when she walked into the kitchen and saw he had ordered take out and set the table up with two bottles of red wine.

"I hear one glass of red wine is good for you." nodded. “umm 's I know I don't have the right to ask this but I'm going to the clinic tomorrow to get rid of the baby. Can you umm come with me please?"

looked to the floor not really sure if would agree to go with her, but when he did she felt a ton of bricks lift of her shoulders.

While she was in the bath she had thought a lot about a few things. She was going to get rid of the baby, and break it off with Colin. Then she would see what would happen with . She knew one thing for sure she still loved him she just didn't know what that meant and what wanted or felt. She didn't want it to be like last time that's for sure.
woke up at about 8.30 the clinic opened at 9.30. They wanted to be there early.

had asked to stay with her, she felt safe lying in his arms safer than she ever felt with Colin. just made it feel all right.

She got up and got ready the two headed to the clinic. "Now are you sure about this. I'll support you no matter what choice you make ok" said taking her hand in his and kissing the back of it lightly.

"I'm sure. I don't want it. Its one of the three things I'm sure about"

"What's the other two?" "One of them is I'm breaking up with Colin and the final one is still a puzzle to me. So maybe I'm not to sure of it" laughed lightly.

"Well I'm here for you always you can be sure of that too" said giving her a smile.

After it was all over back to his place and she went back to bed since she left sick and empty. She knew this was going to be hard but not this hard. She started to think she had made a mistake but told her she did for the right reasons for her.

slept for a few hours before going to see Colin.

"Colin, where are you?" asked walking into the kitchen.

"Hey Baby" Colin said kissing her.

"We need to talk Colin" said blankly.

"You want to break up" Colin said, "You love that guy from Westlife"

"How did you know?" asked stunned.

"I'm not stupid. If this makes you happy then I'm fine with it" Colin said giving her a smile.

"Thank you so much Colin" said hugging him "You're a good guy"

"Thanks, you're a great woman no go and get back to your man" Colin said giving her one last hug before she left.

"I'm going to make her get a DNA test" said pacing around 's kitchen "I mean she was sleeping with Josh a lot more we only had ONE night"

"There is for sure a chance it isn't yours " said taking a drink of his coffee.

" , I'm back" said walking into the living room "Hey "

"Hmm what did I miss?" asked shocked when walked in.

"We're talking again" said "I'm helping her with something"

"Yeah he is" giving him a smile "I'm going to lay down again"

"Ok I will check on your later" said smiling back.

"Explain" said after walked away.

"You cannot tell anyone" nodded "She got pregnant she didn't know what to do and she ended up her last night and this morning we went to the clinic"

"Oh my god" said, "Wow"

"I know" said finishing his coffee.

"Well I will leave you too care of her" said standing up “I'm going to talk to ”

"Alright see ya later " said showing him out

"Bye "

was sitting watching TV when came into the living room.

" you need to have a DNA test" said flat out.

" I cannot believe you don't think this baby is yours" said getting upset.

"Have one or I'm leaving you I don't care how bad I will look in the press. I just need to know" said firmly.

"FINE! I know it isn't yours!" shouted.
"WHAT?" yelled back.

"Yeah I'm further along then I told you so this baby cannot be yours" confessed "It's Josh's"

"You bitch" shouted at her. "Do you know you've screwed up my life? What did I ever do to you?"

frowned she was afraid of this. "Well, you were never really into me, and Josh didn't want to comment to me so when we slept together it was a easy way out I didn't want my kid not to have a father."

could feel his temper rising he wanted to feel sorry for but he just couldn't do it. "Get your stuff were going to pay a little visit to Josh."

He was shocked agreed to tell Josh. couldn't get to Josh's place fast enough. He didn't speak to once in the car he couldn't bring himself to even look at her. He couldn't believe a person could lie about something so important. He was just glad he found out now before the baby was born.

opened the door, she wanted to past out when she saw and there. “Hey ” said as if they were the best of friends. "Umm hi how can I help?" asked questionably.

"Is Josh in we've got something to tell him" said pushing inside.

"Josh" screamed as loud as she could, she was officially worried as to why and was in now sitting in the living room. looked at and noticed he was angry she just wondered what it was about. But she didn't have to wait long.

"Right 's got something to tell you" said looking at with you better tell him or I will look.

"Umm as you know I'm pregnant well I said it was 's but the truth is its your Josh."

looked between , Josh and who was looking right back at her.

"What?" Josh said in shock. "I lied said it was 's cause you didn't want a series' relationship. I had a one night stand with so it was an easy option"

"Oh. Umm hang on. I need a word" Josh and walked into the kitchen. Before Josh could speak jumped in.

"It's fine Josh. You're having a baby together and you love her its fine. Ok. I'll get my stuff later or something ok" kissed him on the cheek and left the house the back way.

"Josh, and I are over I don't love her I was only with her cause I thought the kid was mine. I'm going to leave you two to talk." paused for a moment and looked behind him not seeing .

"Where's ?" "She just left" rushed out the door.

" " He shouted as he saw her get into her Car. "Great" said to herself he was the last person she wanted to talk to.

"Don't run away I want to talk to you. I love you I want you back" said at once. Ok it wasn't what he had always planned for a win you back speech but he was in rush to stop leaving.

"You can want me back all you want. Cause your not going to. Ok the kid isn't yours but it doesn't change the fact you still slept with ."

"We had a fight I was pissed off was there it meant nothing"

"Ok so every time we have a fight you'll run off and shag some other bird because you're pissed off. I don’t think so. I don't love you anyway"

put her foot down and speeded off.

Chapter 7.

walked up to the bedroom and opened the door quietly to see laying there in a daze.

"Hey. How did Colin take it?" He asked walking further into the room.

"He was fine about it. Really fine. He wants me to be happy"

smiled and brushed some hair out of 's face. "That makes both of us. I love you " The words were out before could stop them. He meant them but he didn't want to freak out.

"I love you I'm not going to say I don't but it's not that simple 's you hurt me. And I don't know if I can trust you. SO can we just be friends please and go from there?"

nodded his head. lent forward to kiss him on the cheek but she kissed him on the lips instead. Before either one knew it they were ripping each other clothes off.
'Maybe friends is a bad idea' thought to herself as kissed his way down her neck.

"You have no idea how much I missed you" whispered tucking a strand of hair behind 's ear.

"I have a pretty good idea because I missed you so much too," said cuddling closer to him.

"You're never getting away from me again" said wrapping his arms around her "This relationship is going to be different this time and it is going to be so much better"

" shut up and enjoy this moment," said kissing him.

just deepened the kiss and let himself just enjoy being with her again.

went to 's house hoping she would be there. When she wasn't she called Colin who told her they had broken up. just wanted to know where her best friend was. She called hoping maybe he would know. He told her he had no idea but was there talking to and he let her know was at 's.

knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer.

"Oh hey " said answering the door in just a pair of shorts.

"Is here?" asked blankly.

"Yeah just a second" said letting in and going to get .

came into the living room wearing one of 's shirts looking concerned for her friend.

"What's wrong hun?" asked sitting down beside her.

"What are you doing with him?" asked.

"I love him . I won't be happy unless I'm with him" said "But what is going on with you?"

" 's baby is actually Josh's not 's" said sighing.

"WHAT?" asked shocked.

"Yeah Josh and were together like I was with and you were with " explained "Now thinks I will just fall back into arms like you have with "

" that isn't fair" said, "You have no idea why I'm back with "

"Because it is easier then being with Colin" said "You don't have to do anything but sit in 's house"

" I know you're upset right now but fuck off" said "You can come back and talk to me when you have calmed down"

"Whatever" said getting up and leaving. "Don't whatever me," shouted after her.

"I can whatever you if I want to. You told me to fuck off. Don't worry I will f off you can play happy couples with "

slammed the door and got in her car. She drove for a little while not sure where she was going as she didn't have a home anymore. She drove to Josh's house.

"Umm hi sorry to bother you but can I get some of my stuff" asked not looking at who had answered the door.

"Yeah sure" walked upstairs grabbing a suitcase and shoving as much as she could into it. went to the airport to see if she could get a flight anywhere but to her disappointment she couldn't. So she just found a quite corner and sat there.

"You ok?" asked walking back into the living room. "Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have told to fuck off but she just pissed me off. She's always got to be grrr and I didn't like her slagging us off."

raised his eyebrows at her. "We're an us then" smiled at him. "I think you know that already" replied wrapping his arms around 's neck.

"Well I do tend to be a bit slow, maybe you need to tell me."

"Or maybe I should show you" winked. "You don't need to tell me twice" had wrapped in his arms again.

"Hey dear how are you?" looked up and saw and 's parents standing in front of her.

"Ok." looked at her husband with a worried expression. "Where you going?" "Where ever the wind takes me. I have to go bye"

stood up to leave but put her hand on her shoulder. " you're coming back with us."

went to argue but wouldn’t have it. Once and got back to their home made them all a cup of tea while talked to .

"I say we go out and party tonight" said handing a sandwich "We call the lads and we can celebrate us being together and let the whole world know were together."

looked at him shocked. "You, you want people to know about us?" She stuttered.

"Yes. I told you things are going to be different I don't care what people say or do at the end of the day as long as I have you I don't care."

"Let's go out tomorrow night" said smiling at him "I just want to spend tonight with you"

"I like that idea too" said leaning over and kissing her.

was mad at everything so he headed to a place he knew he could unload and just relax. He pulled into the driveway of his parents house and went in.

"Hey Mom, Dad" called hanging up his coat before walking into the living room and seeing sitting with his parents "Why are you here?"

"We made her come over. She was alone at the airport with no where to go" said.

" why don't you come and help me with something to eat" said getting up to leave the room. nodded and went with him.

"She wouldn't let me say no" said looking at .

"Yeah no it is okay" said "I'm glad you can still talk with them"

"I'm sorry I freaked out but I cannot go back to you just like" said "I know can just deal but Simon will probably have you guys with new PR girls in like a week"
"No, and there is a lot more to and 's getting back together" said sitting down across from .

"Yeah I hear that since she told me to fuck off" said sighing "I hate fighting with her"

"Well you should really talk to her because she was through a lot today" said, "I would like to talk a lot with you tonight though"

"Yeah we should actually," said looking him right in the eye.

Chapter 8.

"Hey " said opening the door.

"Hey hun" said coming in the house " is out so I thought I would come and see . Great to see you here"

"Yeah we are back together actually," said smiling.

"That is so great " said hugging her "He was miserable with you"

" you don’t have to tell her that" said coming from the kitchen.

"I know but you were" said laughing. "Well 's doesn't have to worry about that anymore, Well as long as his a good boy" said smiling and winking at .

"Umm you wanna go for a walk down the Beach, it'll be easier to talk?" asked who nodded.

"Were going for a walk," told his parents.

and walked straight to their old spot on the beach. It was in the corner by the rocks. You could sit on there and have the sea splash around but never hit you.

"So how pissed off are you with me?" asked breaking the heavy silence between them. sighed, "It’s not that I'm just pissed off with you . I was hurt, I still am. I can't just forget what happened and be friends again."

"Ok I get that. Trust me I regret it more than you can know. But I think I paid for it by having tell me all them lies and see you with someone else. It tore me up really. I loved you, I love you now and I know I'll always love you. I only want to be with you."

rolled her eyes at him. "Saying I love you doesn't change anything . I don't know if I can trust you again."

looked out at the sea. looked at him she could tell he was deep in his own thoughts. "Look I'll let you know something. When I said I didn't love you I didn't mean it. But you can't expect everything to be ok again. Not just like that."

broke into a smile "You sounded like Mariah Careys song we belong together. So how about we become friends then. I win your trust back that way and maybe we can see about trying again."

"Ok" replied a bit unsure of her answer.

The next day went round to see . She was bit nerves as she knocked on the door.

"Oh hi. Your not here to have ago about me and again are you?" asked as soon as she opened the door and saw there with a fixed expression.

"No I came here to talk but if you don't want to fine" replied frowning.

took 's arm. The two walked into the living room. "No ?" asked sitting down on the sofa.

"Nope his gone to see the lads" fiddled with her ring. "Look I'm sorry about yesterday. I just didn't want to see you get hurt again. I was pissed off about my own life. I snapped and I shouldn't have. I'm sorry"

smiled at and leaned over to give her friend a hug. "I'm sorry too. I don't really want you to fuck off."

"Good. So is there something you need to tell me. How did you and 's get back together?"

sat back in the sofa and curled her feet under herself. "I was pregnant, I didn't want it. was the first person I thought off, he helped me threw it, looked after me. I just love him . I only want to be with him. Colin was fun but he wasn't 's. He makes me feel I don't know he just has this effect. Its not going to be like before. Were going to be open about us we don't care."

sat there just looking at shock written all over her face. She couldn't believe her friend could go through something so big.

"Ok a lot of information to take in there girlie. Well I'm glad was there for you. I hope it works. I may have to remind him I'll kick his arse big time if it goes wrong and it's his fault"

smiled and hugged again. "Were partying it tonight you up for it?"

nodded in agreement. "Always up for it."

"So your going to be friends then?" asked who was picking out a shirt to wear to the club.

"Yeah, I don't think it's going to be as easy as you and . Not that it was easy but you know what I mean. I still cheated on her."

felt 's hand on his shoulder. "One wear the beige shirt always drooled when you wore that. Two it'll take time but if your meant to be you will be. It depends how much you love her and want to prove it"

"What do you think 's going to wear?" asked changing the subject. The other lads burst out laughing all Nicky had done was talk about it was like they had just started dating.

looked at her reflection in the mirror. She had gone for a pale pink halter neck dress with shoes to match. She had clipped her hair up but had two curly strands. She had gone for the girlie look that night. She made sure she remembered to wear the silver cross had brought her for her birthday the year before.

walked downstairs to see was ready and drinking a coffee.

"Ready?" asked as she placed her glass in the sink. "Yeah lets meet the boys, and try and be nice to ." replied with a don't mess him around look.

"I will were going to be friends. I explained it all to you don't make me do it again"

had his eyes on the club door as soon as they got to Lilies. He was dying to see . He still didn't believe they were back together he felt like he was waiting for someone to wake him up.
He looked down at his watch and sighed the girls were meant to have been there about an hour ago, he had tried but didn't get an answer.

" " whispered in 's ear. 's head shot up and smiled when he saw her walking towards him. He stood up to meet her.

"Hi drink or dance?" asked after kissing her "Dance then drink" said taking his hand and leading him to the dance floor. Grateful that a slow song came on. She really needed to feel him close to her.

didn’t go straight to the table she was too worried about seeing . She felt uncomfortable being around him for some reason.

She went back to his after talking on the beach the two of them had fallen asleep on the sofa while watching The Ring. had ran out and gone to 's so she didn't have to speak to him. What she didn't like was the fact that she had liked being like that with him again.

"Penny for them?" looked up to see a really cute guy smiling back at her. "Well there not worth that much, I'll be ripping you off," said returning the smile.

"See, she said will be friends and she's off talking to some guy. Has she even come to say hi no. Don't know why I even thought she'd change her mind." snapped he stood up and went to find a girl to talk to so he could ram it in 's face.

finally got away from the guy at the bar who's name turned out to be Ben.

"No ?" asked sitting down with a round of drinks. looked at then back to . "What?" she asked seeing there look. "His umm over there somewhere"

's eyes searched the club she saw in the corner with some blonde bimbo.

"His only talking to her because you were with that guy, he got pissed off." said thinking he was being helpful

turned to look at with an icy stare. "Yeah that's what he always does. Goes off with some girl when his pissed off. Well the thought of being with him has now gone out my head." downed the rest of her vodka and went off to find Ben.

Chapter 9.

“So I missed you today” said as he led to an empty table at the other end of the club.

“Aren’t you a cutie,” said leaning forward and brushing her lips over his.

“I love you,” She said pulling apart “I love you. I was thinking we could go away maybe soon” “Yeah sounds good to me”

“Great cause I’ve already booked it we leave tomorrow morning”

“What if I said no?” “I hoped you wouldn’t but I was going to ask one of the lads if they wanted to go”

“Well aren’t you Mr know it all.” “Yeah. Lets get out of here.” said taking ’s hand and leaving the club.

“Here you go” Ben said handing another glass of vodka and red ball. “His still talking to the skunk.” Ben rolled his eyes. “ look, can we go somewhere else? I’m in need of a shag.”

stopped her drink at her lips she looked at Ben over the glass “Huh?” “Shag me and you know come on. It’ll make you feel better.”

looked over at and the blonde he was now dancing with. “Fine”

Ben stood up and held his hand out for her to take.

saw and the guy he had called Mr Arse stand up and head out the club. He had been watching them all night hating it. He excused himself from the blonde who had attached herself to him he headed out the club.

“ Where you going?” asked before got in the taxi. “To get laid not that it’s got anything to do with you.”

“Your not” picked up and took her to his car and put her inside kicking and screaming.

He drove them to his place. Once the car had stopped jumped out and started walking away from . Who chased after her.

“For gods sake. Why are such bloody hard work,” said aloud.

“Cause you lied to me that’s why. told me you went off with Blondie cause you were pissed at me. You said you wouldn’t do it and you did.”

“I did it to get your attention. Which I think I did by the looks of it. You were with that guy which I didn’t like. So I talked to Blondie to see what you would do.”

spun around and looked at him. “You don’t know me very well do you. What I want is you ok. And I don’t want that and I don’t want to be admitting that to you either. I don’t like the fact that you can hurt me just like that either.”

smiled to himself pleased that he knew that seemed to still have feelings for him.

“Come back to mine will have a coffee and I would say talk but we do that a lot.. I want you to move in with me as well. See how we go ok.”

looked at him confused. “You want me to move in with you why?” “Cause I love you, I want to be around you and its more fun at mine than my parents house. You’re a friend, Ok I’d like you to be more than that but you want friends so it’s fine. “

thought about it for a second. She knew if did really love her like she knew she loved him that the friend thing wouldn’t last long it was bad enough she wanted to kiss him and just ask him to try again.

“Yeah ok.” smiled hoping that her saying yes would in fact lead them to getting back together.

and walked back to his place. “Ok spare room needs to be done.”

“I can’t be bothered I’ll take the sofa” “No” “Your not going on it.” said as a matter of fact.

“We’ll share my bed then.” “Ok” agreed They both got changed lent one of his shirts to wear, as soon as she was in bed she couldn’t help but snuggle into him. “I love you” whispered not realising she said it loud enough for to hear. Or see his smile.

“Where you taking me then ?” asked that morning.

“Someplace you love” said smiling at her “Now we have to get up and ready so we can leave otherwise we aren’t going”

They got up, got ready and headed for the airport. had a private jet for them so really couldn’t know where they were going. Once they landed a smile appeared on ’s face.
“Paris, this is wonderful” said kissing him.

“If you think this is wonderful it is just going to get better and better” said opening the car door for her.

They pulled up at Louis Vuitton “Go and get whatever you want. I will be back in one hour” said giving a smile.

“See you in an hour” said kissing his cheek before walking into the store.

shopped around the store waiting for to come back. She wondered what he was up too and what they were going to do next. She was so happy to be back with him and so happy that this time it was going to be different.

“Hey Baby” said coming up behind her “Get some shopping done?”

“I’m in Louis Vuitton of course I did” said kissing him.

“Alright, lets get your stuff then time to move on to the next surprise” said taking her hand.

, wake up” whispered in her ear “It is getting late”

“I don’t Wanna” said rolling over.

“I’ll make you breakfast” said.

“Get me when it is ready” said pulling the blanket over her head. laughed and went to make breakfast.

, breakfast is here” said walking into the room.

yawned and sat up seeing had made her French toast and coffee “Thanks

“No problem” said smiling thinking about how said she loved him last night “What are you going to do today?”

“I have no idea yet” said sipping her coffee “Let me wake up some and then I will decide”

“Ok well can I ask if you want to move in with me again” raised her eyebrows over her coffee.

“I don’t want to be around when you have to bring you PR girls back here so everyone thinks your together or whatever. Cause we both know you’ve done that plus more”

sighed he took s coffee of her and placed it on the tray which he put on the floor. He took both of her hands in his and looked deep into her eyes.

“The only girl I want to be dating or having anyone see me bring back is you, I don’t know how many times I’ve got to say it so you believe me.”

“Till I trust you won’t sleep with someone else or hurt me again. Were just better as friends it’s better ok. I’ll move in with you until I get somewhere else. That’s it “ said seeing the hurt cross over Kian’s face.

She felt like she was the one in the wrong. was her soul mate she wasn’t that stupid not to know that, but what she was afraid of was her heart being ripped out, she just wished she were getting on fine like and were.

“Are you ready yet?” shouted threw the bedroom door to .

“In about two seconds” she replied back. “SO that’s another hour” Just as said that opened the door caught his breathe.

was standing there in a long yellow dress her hair up in curls she looked amazing. “Umm ’s you ok?” asked seeing ’s face turn white.

“Yeah just you look wow, you ready to go?” asked holding out his arm

When they got outside gasped had hired a limo for them. He opened the door and let her get inside to find Champagne and rose petals all over the place.

“Your going all out aren’t you” said before leaning into kiss him.

nodded before pulling back towards him as he lent back a box fell onto the floor both turned to look as soon as saw it her heart stopped it couldn’t be could it?

“Ok that’s not meant to happen” said picking it up. “Oh yeah what’s that?” asked acting innocently

opened the box and held it in front of . It was a white gold ring with a little diamond it was just breath taking.

“Oh my god I love it” “Well that’s a good start to get me on my speech cause I love you, I don’t want to go another day without knowing you’ll be in my life Will you marry me?”

Chapter 10.

“Hell yes.” slipped the ring on her finger.

“Thank god for that. It wasn’t meant to full out my pocket I had the whole thing planned but I guess we can skip dinner and go straight to dessert” teased

“It’s perfect and it doesn’t matter” cupped ’s face in her hands and kissed him.

couldn’t get hold of so she decided to go for a walk some reason she ended up at the beach as she climbed down she saw a familiar figure sitting on the rocks. She smiled to herself.

She was soon brought out of her thoughts when her phone started to ring, looked to see ’s name flashing on the screen.

and were standing at the top of the Eiffel tower ’s arms wrapped tightly around her.

“I’ve got to tell finally said unable to hold it in any longer. just smiled at her and held her tighter.

“Hey said, “I was looking for you”

“Hey , sorry I’m in Paris with said.

“WHAT?” yelled, “You didn’t tell me”

only told me last night and we left this morning but that doesn’t matter right now” said “Because I have better news”

“What is your news” asked excitedly

“I’m engaged” said turning and snuggling into .

“Oh My God” said, “That is great!! Congrats sweetie. Let me talk to

passed her phone “Hey

“Congrats said, “I really mean it but if you hurt her you know I will kill you”

“Oh I know and you have nothing to worry about” said rubbing ’s back “I will never lose this one again.”

“Good to hear” said “Can’t wait till you guys come home”

“Tomorrow night we will be back” said “Get everyone together at our place and we’ll have a little party”

“Okay I will” said “Let me say good bye to . Have fun Bye

“Bye said giving the phone back to .

“Bye Hun I will see you tomorrow night I guess” said.

“Yes, have a wonderful night see ya tomorrow hun” said hanging up her phone.

was so happy for and but she also hated it because she was so miserable in her own life right now. All she wanted was to be as happy as was with . She wanted so badly but she did trust him she couldn’t trust him. She sighed and walked down the beach until she reached him.

“Hey” said sitting down beside him.

“Hey” said not taking his eyes off the water.

and got engaged” said “We are all meeting at their place tomorrow for a little party”

“That is great. I’m really happy for them” said.

“I wanna be happy again like said flatly.

“I wish I could help you” said turning to look at her.

“You can help me” said looking him in the eye “It is going to take some time but you are the one who makes me happy”

“Really? Are you really saying what I think you are?” asked nodded “Oh I love you so much”

brushed his lips against hers and she deepened the kiss. She had missed it so much.

stop” said laughing “Wait for just a few more minutes”

put his head on ’s shoulder “This elevator is going too slow”

The doors opened and picked up carrying her to the room. Once they were in the room laid her down the bed before climbing on top of her.

“I love you so much” whispered.

“I love you too,” said kissing him. deepened the kiss with has much passion as he could. He was never letting her go again and tonight she was going to know how much he really loved her.

“So you sure your ok with waiting till tomorrow or that about telling everyone were back together?” asked a bit unsure.

it was my idea I don’t want to steal the thunder from ’s and .”

smiled and pulled towards him and kissed her gently on the lips. “Love you” “Ditto” replied just before walked in.

“Right what’s the story with this thing then?” rolled her eyes. She had called and a few hours after she had spoken to and told them to meet at ’s house at 8.

“It’s just a welcome back kind of thing” lied

It was 11pm the party was in full swing and had turned up at 9.30.

looked over to and smiled she nodded her head. walked to the middle of the room and got everyone attention.

“Right I want to thank and for getting everyone together. And I’m glad to see you two are back together.”

and ’s mouth dropped to the floor in shock. “We saw you outside all over each other.” winked everyone cheered. Totally embossing and .

“Anyway moving on to the matter at hand. come here please” stood up from the sofa and walked to wrapping an arm around his waist as he did with her.

“I want to say how much I love this woman and how I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her. While we were away I asked her to marry me and she said yes.”

“Oh my god your engaged that’s amazing” shouted in her seat excitedly.

“Yeah we are” replied feeling truly happy. She looked around at all her friends and family she had never felt so happy before in her life.

Yeah love hurts but there is nothing like being in love.

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