Not Forgotten

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Chapter 1

looked at her watch for the hundredth time in the space of ten minutes she was waiting for her friend to arrive. When she felt, a tap on her shoulder spinning round thinking it was she got a shock of he life when she saw and standing there.

“In all the bars in all the world she has to walk into mine” said in an American accent and his cheeky boy smile.

“Oh my god and . Ahhhhhhh” screamed jumping up from her seat and hugging the two guys in turn.

“I think someone is pleased to see us don’t you replied as he let go of

“Pleased, I’m over the moon it’s been ages since I saw you guy. Last time was when you were at Click back in 2003.You both left with some girls, leaving me and heartbroken.” giggled trying to make a joke of the last comment but deep down inside knowing it was true.

and sat down in two of the spare seats both looking at expectedly.

looked at her watch cursing the London traffic that had held her up. So naturally, she could not stand sitting a taxi watching the meter go higher and higher, so she paid the driver and decided to walk the two miles to the Cocktail bar where she was meeting her friend.

felt her vibrate in her jacket pocket, as she pulled it out she looked at the screen and saw ’s name flashing.

“Hi Hun I’ know I’m late I’m like two blocks away. Please make sure I’ve got a Manhattan waiting, I’m dying for a drink.”

giggled at the other end of the line. “What’s funny?” asked frowning. “I’m two blocks away. You still speak as if you live in the states; you’ve been in London for a few years now. And your still only two blocks away.”

“Well now I’m one.” “Cool well hurry up, I’ve got two guys here waiting to meet you” With that hung up.

stopped in her tracks looking at phone, hoping and praying was joking about two guys being there she was in no mood to be set up especially after what she had heard that morning.

“So I’ll get the drinks in then.” offered standing up. “Thanks . wants a Manhattan and I’ll have a kiss me twice”

“And there’s me thinking you was aiming for a screaming orgasm” winked at her.

“Well no but you can give me one later if you want” smiled as innocently as she possibly could not daring to let that very thought of cross her mind no matter how much she would love that.

looked at her for a moment a bit shocked at her comment he had never known to say something like that. Granted they had lost contact for over a year but from the age of 15-22 they had been very close and she would never say that.

mate what you want?” asked breaking out his thoughts“Screaming Orgasm,” he replied looking directly in eye “I’m serious you can give me one later if you want”

felt his cheeks go red. Not knowing what to say back. “I’ll help ” With that stood up and walked over to the bar.

“Can you change mine to a blackjack?” said once he had reached .

“You ok you looked shocked when said that.” “Shocked I was totally stuck especially the second time. I had a really good comment as well.”

“Oh yeah what was it” replied raising his eyebrows then laughing he turned around and faced the barman then giving him his order.

“Well how about we get a sex on the beach followed by a screaming orgasm? I don’t know why I was so bloody stuck for words?” replied with a sigh he turned around and lent on the bar and grabbed a handful of peanuts and threw them into his mouth.

saw the bar just ahead she opened her bag and fished for her hand mirror smiling when she finally got her hands on it. She checked herself face as best she could she then grabbed her lip-gloss applying it to her lips. She turned to look into the window shop to make saw the rest of her was ok. When she was happy she opened the bar door spotting in her usual place playing with a straw nervously.

“Hey the party can start ’s here”, she laughed from next to making her jump.

“Someone in a world of their own.” She smiled then froze when she heard a very familiar voice behind her.

“Well in fact the lyrics are World of our own, but since it’s you I’m sure I can let you off for a hug that is.”

looked at to see if who she thought was there truly was not but she could tell that he was.

So she turned around and smiled her stomach doing back flips when she saw there with two cocktails in his hand.

wow and well long time no hear” “Yeah I no. Oh here is your drink” handed it over to her watching her take a mouthful before sitting down next to .

There was a long silence before any of them broke it all speaking at once then breaking into laughter.

“So how is everything going, with yourselves, the band we hear you’re breaking up after this album, your girlfriends” asked grabbing ’s cocktail and drinking the rest of it before could protest.

“Everything’s good, family, friends, the rest of the guys and their girls. And our girlfriends are good.”

“Great” replied with as much enthusiasm she could master. She knew the guys’ bloody girlfriends were great. She had interviewed them that morning, when she had asked them about and and never shut up. had also let slip off the record that her and was going to get married he was just waiting to ask her. And had also informed her that herself and was engaged.

“So is there wedding bells for you two then?” She continued knowing they would say yes. So when they answered she couldn’t help but chock on her drink

“No” said as fast as he could “yeah I’m with him no way. It’s far too quick for that”

looked at them baffled. “But, but, but. But I need another drink anyone” With that she was up and walking over to the bar. looked at and then followed to the bar

“Is she ok?” asked concerned “Umm yeah. She’s properly had a bad day at work or something.”

“So do you two have boyfriends?” shock her head “Us boyfriends. Like we have time to date. I was dating Joshua Jackson but that didn’t last. was seeing Lee Ryan but you know Lee.”

The four of them stayed in the bar for 6 hours before they decided to call it a night. They had chit chatted about what they had been up two in all their lives. There was still a bit a tension over them but all decided to ignore it and think it was because they hadn’t seen each other in almost two years.

“So you’ll call won’t you. The others would love to see you girls again. We don’t want to lose contact with you two again do you hear me” said handing her phone back after he had added all his contact numbers including the other lads and girls.

“Yes I will call ok.” said rolling her eyes. “Well how about we arrange to meet up in a few days? Were over doing some album recording why don’t you two come along.” offered.

looked at not sure what to say. They needed a girlie talk before they agreed to anything.

“We’ll call you. I need to check my dairy” “Oh ok. Well we’ve got your numbers and we will call. It was great seeing you after so long,” said a bit disappointed.

He stepped forward and pulled into a hug, then swapped and did the same to .

and stood there for a while watching as the taxi pulled away and turn the corner.

“That was bloody hard,” said letting out a huge breath. “Tell me about it.” replied with a sigh. “Too hard”

Chapter 2

“You want to stay at mine tonight” offered nodded her head. “You going to tell me what’s up Hun or do I have to guess”

“Just had a bad day. And I wasn’t expecting to see them two.” “I know I was oh my god when I saw them. Look will have a total girlie weekend right and we can talk about it all ok.”

smiled at her and looked out the taxi window thinking she was probably thinking the same thing as . ‘Why now when they were forgetting their feelings for the lads or even that they ever knew them, they had appeared in their lives again’.

The next morning woke up to find the sun just coming up she had only slept for maybe an hour the whole night. She could not stop thinking about seeing and . She knew it should not have been a big deal but it was to her and there was no point denying it. She still adored and there was nothing she could do about it. She could remember meeting the boys like it was yesterday. She had just moved over to London from Halifax to go to school and just try something new with her life. No one thought she could do it but since she was going over to live with her friend , she knew she could and that she had to.

On the second night of her arrival, had decided for her that they were going out to party! Almost like a belated birthday party for . They took hours to get dressed then decided to hit up the celebrity hot spots in London. They were having no luck until they hit up Met Bar where they actually got right in. They got a drink and then hit the dance floor. There were a few celebrities mingling around but no one really caught ’s eye. on the other found Josh Jackson and was on her own. She was walking to the bar when someone bumped into her. She turned around to see who it was and she was met with a pair of beautiful blue eyes.

“Sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going” he said smiling

“No problem” said smiling back

“I’m ; can I buy you a drink?” He asked holding out his hand to shake hers, which she gratefully did. ” , sure you can”

“Would you like to join me and my mates at our table?” looked up from her glass feeling a wave sweep over her body.

“Umm yeah sure. I umm need to find my friend then I can.” blushed slightly

“Yeah sure bring her along too.”

had been looking for for a few moments when she spotted her in the corner with Joshua talking.

” she shouted over at her getting her attention right away. stood up kissed Josh on the cheek then walked over to her.

“Hi Hun you ok. Sorry I lost you in the crowd,” said hugging Brit.“I’m grand I met a guy called wants us to Join him and his mates at his table. Please come with me please”

saw the excitement in her friend eyes. “Well he has mates so I’m there.”

“Thanks Hun. Well I saw first well he saw me he walked right into me and oh my god there they are” smiled

looked over and smiled when she saw the lads sitting there. grabbed s hand and dragged her over.

“Oh my god its Westlife, Westlife, Westlife. Oh my god guys we are such huge fans. Oh my god its Westlife.”

The four lads cringed when they heard a girl’s voice screeching at them. “How does a bloody fan get into V.I.P” said gritting his teeth

“One that adores you looked up and smiled when he saw the girl in front of him

“Well, well, well I’m not moaning if you are a fan of mine” He winked.“Hi boys” waved

looked at then the four boys sitting at the table again she locked eyes with and got lost in them completely.

“You know them?” asked “Yep afraid so. Known them since I was 15” replied sitting down next to giving him a hug then pulled down beside her.

“How did you guys meet?” “Long story. My mum knows ’s mum I went to stay with the ’s when I was 15 and known the lads ever since.”

“Cool” replied feeling a little bit out of place.
looked at Brit and couldn’t help but smile she looked really sweet and out of place. “You want to dance?” asked smiled standing up. led her to the dance floor and automatically putting his arms around her waist and pulling her close to him.

rested her head on his shoulders taking in the smell of his after-shave, feeling her whole body shiver at his touch and the feel of his hot breath on her face.

“So you adore me then?” asked giving her his cheeky boy smile. “Umm, umm no I don’t. Anyway how you guys been didn’t know you were back.”

“I called your mum told her to tell you to call me” replied. “Oh I’ve not spoken to her. With coming over I’ve not had a chance to”

“How did you meet her?” asked looking over to “When I went to Halifax to do that work experience thing at the studio. So I’ve known her for a few years now she’s a great girl.”

“Yeah seems taken with her” replied picking his drink up

“He’s being friendly,” , snapped getting a weird look of the three guys. As much as she loved them, she knew what they were like when a new girl was on the scene she had been that new girl once and had fallen for the Irish charm and she didn’t want her friend getting hurt like she had. Not that anyone had known not even .

and had been glued together ever since that night. They had become the best of friends. Even when he was away, he would call her and see if she was ok.

Chapter 3

heard a knock on her door breaking her out her thoughts about the guys well mostly . After three years, she still had the same feelings for him.

Her and hadn’t seen them or heard from them. She was putting her feelings aside for away but now she had seen him today she was back to square one again.

you up Hun” shouted through the door. “Yeah I am come in.” opened the door and walked in holding 2 cups of coffee and two chocolate muffins.

“Oh my god you’re up dressed and you’ve been Starbucks what the hell has happened to the we all know and love that doesn’t get up before twelve”

“She couldn’t sleep that’s what. I’m so glad its bloody Saturday” replied handing her goodies then sitting down on the bed.

“I couldn’t sleep either” replied with a huge sigh she looked at the muffin then put it back on the side. “I’m not hungry”

looked at her knowing full well what the look meant deep inside her eyes as she felt it too but would never show it.

“Me either while I was in there they looked so yum now I’m like yuck”

The girls sat in silence for a few minutes before just could not take it anymore “So, let’s get ready and go to the shops? We haven’t done that in ages”

sweetie we went shopping two days ago” said giggling.

“Which is forever and come on I know you’re always up for some shopping. Oh and maybe we can pop in for a manicure and pedicure” started to babble on about what they should do. just laughed at her knowing was probably feeling the same way she was but with , she would not show it. wished she could be like her sometimes with her emotions but it was hard.

“Okay Hun, I’m just gonna jet home have a quick shower and I will come back and get you by half past nine” said getting out of bed and pulling on her own clothes.

“Sounds wonderful, we are going to be at the shops quite early beats the rush though since it is Saturday,” said straightening up the bed.

“Yeah and we have nothing better to do since we cannot sleep” said heading out the door “See ya in a bit love”

only lived a few blocks away from so the walk home was almost welcomed when cool breeze hit her face. She wanted it to clear her head but she knew it was not going to. Having to interview and threw her for a loop and then seeing and made it even worse. All she wanted to do was forget her feeling for . He made it clear he loved her but only as a friend and now, well they hardly knew each other anymore. swiped a tear from her cheek and tried to think about something else.

sat in her kitchen looking around thinking about how it needed to really be cleaned just to keep her mind off what she really was thinking about which was seeing after two years of no contact. They had been so close when they were younger and for that year after moved to London, she could not understand why it has fallen apart. Yes, the boys were busy but they normally had made time for the girls. Now with both of them having serious girlfriends knew her and did not have chance at getting back to where they were before with them. As much as hated all this, she knew was taking it worse because that was just . got up and went to bedroom to finish getting ready for her day out with and to keep her mind off the night before.

walked into yet another shop behind who seemed to be on a mission to buy out all of London. This was the last shop before they headed to the spa for their manicures and pedicures, which was the part was dreading because she knew that is when was going to want to talk about last night.

you don’t need that top you already have two like it in different colors” said taking the top away from her.

“I know but I like this blue!” picking the shirt back up. laughed and looked at other things in the shop before said it was time to move on to the spa.

and were getting their pedicures done when finally asked the dreaded question “Do you want to see the guys again?”

:”I don’t know . Even though it may have been nice to see them last night I’m not sure I can again especially if is going to be there,” said not even looking at “They both apparently just waiting for the right moment to propose”
“What?” almost screamed “But they both said no last night”

“I interviewed and yesterday that is why I had a bad day at work. I wasn’t even meant to do the interview but Kelly called in sick.” sighed waiting for to say something.

“Oh honey, you know how girls get sometimes” did not know what to say but she was saved by mobile ringing.

“Hello, here” she answered

“Hey , its ” she looked over at “It’s ” she mouthed to .

“Oh hey , how are you?” she asked sweetly.

“Great, I was just calling to let you know and are having a get together tonight and they would love if you and came since they haven’t seen you in so long” hoped she would say yes.

“That sounds great but I have to talk to first so I will give you call back soon eh?” said trying desperately to get off the phone.

“Oh okay, yeah just give me a call back” said disappointed “Talk to you again soon”

“Bye said closing her phone “ and are having a party tonight and we are invited”

“I think we should go . I know it is hard but I would love to see and plus this means we could see everyone and then that would be it no more after that we could just make excuses after this and then the boys will be gone again and things will go back to how they were” said hopping would go for this idea.

“Fine, but you call and tell him we will be there I don’t want to talk to again today well until tonight” said taking a deep breath.

“I will don’t worry we will be fine tonight.” smiled at before taking out her phone and calling to let him know.

“They’re coming” said walking in ’s living room.

“They are? was suppose to call me when they decided though” “Well called me instead” said sitting down on the sofa.

“Who is coming tonight?” asked coming from the bathroom.

and are coming to your place tonight” said with a smile.

“Oh that is fab will thrilled” said “We haven’t seen them in like two years”

“I know” said, “How did I let that friendship get like this? I have missed her so much”

“We know we have all missed them” said patting on the back “But we have them back now.

Chapter 4

, are you almost ready? You’re worse then me tonight” said coming into ’s bedroom.

“Dark blue or light blue?” asked holding up two very similar tops “Light blue”

“Alright, just slip this on” said slipping on the blue off the shoulder top which she was wearing with dark blue jeans “You look nice”

“Thanks” said looking at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a pink light knit sweater with blue jeans and black pointy boots. After one last look in the mirror they headed off to ’s. The drive to ’s was silent. pulled into his driveway and looked at . All the others’ cars were already there.

“We’re gonna be fine” said giving her a smile “Now lets go and get it over with”

greeted them at the door with warm hugs, which led to more hugs from everyone else, that was there and to the surprise of the girls and were nowhere to be seen.

“You didn’t call me back” said slipping his arm around making her uncomfortable which she tried to hide.

“Sorry had her mobile out already so she just called said “Where’s and tonight?”

“They are over in New York for the week just having a girlie trip together” said taking his arm away from .

“Oh that’s nice for them. I’m going to go and get a drink now” said walking away from as quickly as she could. This was going to be a long night.

, how long do we have to stay?” whispered.

“Well we can’t leave now. Just relax babe” said trying to get to relax but she knew it was not going to help since all wanted to do was leave.

headed back into the living room leaving to get her drink. She sat down by .

“Where did go?” asked

“She’s in the kitchen” Before could say anything else was up and gone to the kitchen. shook her head and hoped could handle whatever was going to happen tonight.

:”Hey” said sitting down beside “Having fun?”

“It is great to see everyone again. I missed everyone” taking a sip of her drink.

“We missed you guys. We should have tried harder to keep in touch.” said rubbing ’s hand.

“Yeah maybe but we didn’t so let’s not focus on that” said moving her hand away.

“Yeah we should just focus on the right now huh,” said downing the rest of his drink.

walked into the kitchen and noticed that was out of the deck. She looked like something was bothering her. was just watched her for a bit before going outside.

, what’s wrong?” asked sitting down beside her.

“Nothing I’m fine, should get back inside” said going to get up but pulled her back down.

“We may not have seen each other in a couple years but I still know you like no one else” said looking start into her eyes which he so often used to get lost in “When I hug or touch you, you get uncomfortable. Why?”

“You’re crazy ,” said and before she could say anything else, kissed her. was shocked and ran into the house. She made an excuse she was not feeling well and fled from the house.

When she got home, she fell onto her bed and cried. Why did he have to do that?

, sure you won’t stay for a bit longer?” pleaded.

“I have to go and see if is okay” said putting on her coat “Call me and we’ll get together again”

hugged everyone and said goodbye. As she went to get into the taxi appeared “Tell her I’m sorry please” nodded and then sped off in the taxi. What had done?

searched through her bag for ’s spare key finally finding it she opened the front door.

Once she was inside she could hear music coming from upstairs. took the stairs two at a time, she opened s bedroom door to see her sobbing her eyes out.

“Oh my god Hun what did he do to you?” said rushing to her friend and pulling her into a protective hug

“Oh it’s awful. He, he, he Kissed me” said tripping over her words as she sobbed on ’s shoulder.

“He did what. Why? That is bloody out of order?” “I don’t know. I wish I never bloody met his ruined my life.”

After a few minutes had calmed down, she was just laying on the bed with Close your eyes on repeat.

“Hun do I still have some clothes here I want to get changed?” asked as she walked in with a cup of tea for .

“Yeah in the spare room. Think it’s your adidas tracksuit; your trainers are there to “Cool”

Once was changed she walked back into bedroom to see she had fallen asleep which was glad because she had something to do.

could feel his phone vibrating in his pocket he pulled it out and looked at the screen smiling when he saw ’s name flashing up.

“Hi couldn’t stay away from me” joked. “Is at the hotel or at ’s?” asked not even bothering to play nice she was in no mood.

“Hotel, we’re in the bar what’s up?” he asked now concerned. But didn’t answer

“Who was that?” asked looking up front his pint. “ wanted to know where you are”

looked back at his pint wondering what was going to say. But he didn’t have to wait longer as walked in about ten minutes later.

Chapter 5

spotted her first he noticed she had a set look on her face that meant business.

“I want a word with you .” nodded he stood up he and went to his room, followed behind.

Once they were safely in his room let rip.

“What the hell do you think you are doing bloody kissing ? Have you forgot you’ve got a girlfriend”

looked at “You kissed , wow” “Shut up if your going to talk piss off, your names not .” snapped but not even looking at him next thing she heard was the bedroom door slam shut.

“I, I don’t know. I missed her so much I missed you to but I missed her. In that moment I wanted to kiss her I didn’t mean to upset her truly.”

“Well you did. You’re so stupid. You don’t contact her for two years and when you see her you kiss her that is totally insensitive. I expect something like this from not you.”

“ I’m sorry. Look I’ll call her and say sorry to her.” said reaching for the phone

“You will do no such thing. Look leave it. Leave her alone just go back to portending she didn’t exist like you have done for the past two years. Why don’t you all just bugger off life was better without you. Forget

was dumb found how could he forget . Even in the whole two years they were apart he never once forgot her so why should he start now.

He went to protest but was gone.

As shut the door she rested her head on the door closing her eyes. Did she just do the right thing and tell to stay away from . Or was she using it just as an excuse for herself.
What if it wasn’t what really wanted. was broken out her thoughts by a voice she opened one eye and saw sitting on the floor opposite s door.

“You know you’re really loud when you want to be” said looking up at her. realized he had heard everything she had said to .

“Yeah well when I’m in a mood yeah I am.” sighed she went to walk away but turned around and looked at .

“Look I’m sorry I snapped ok. Its just is really upset at the moment and she doesn’t need to confuse her”

“He only kissed her. A kiss can be just a kiss it doesn’t have to mean anything”

stood up and walked over so he was standing in front of now.

“Yeah don’t I no it” thought to herself. “Yeah well there is loads you don’t understand. Just keep away from his hurt her enough as it is.”

“ What about you do we have to keep away from you too?” he asked looking at the floor.

“Yes. Two years . You’ve both got your lives. You’re soon to be fiancés. You’ve got everything you ever want or need. And that doesn’t included or myself and the two year absent has proved that.”

“Your wrong you know. We don’t have everything we want or need. And I know one thing the two year absent has told me one thing.”

went to ask what it was but she was afraid of the answer so she turned around and walked away.

It has been two days since had kissed ; in those two days she has replayed it over and over in her head.

had told her about the visit to the hotel. She was kind of pleased that she had done it, but now she wasn’t so sure because had not called her once.

It just made her feel even more unhappy the fact that he didn’t even try to fight to get their friendship back. She had debated if to call him or not.

She grabbed her phone of the side she picked it up she searched down her phone for s number and let her finger hover over it. She closed her eyes and pressed the delete button. All ready she felt better. Well she knew that was a lie. But she had to move on two years hadn’t bothered with her and she was not going to let herself mope around for another two.

She was now a girl on a mission and she was going to take along with her. and would not cross their minds ever again. Even though never admitted anything about she knew there was something that went deeper than friendship as put it. She would drag it out of her and they can then forget and .

It was night to party and had just gotten back from New York so to say Hello to London again they decided everyone was going to Click. When they arrived and went to get the drinks while everyone else went to get their usual table in the corner.

“Man, look at those girls over there” some half drunken guy said “Oh my god” came from his friend.

could not help but look over at the girls all the guys were going on about. When he saw and he almost died. He hit and pointed to the girl. mouth fell open watching the girls dancing on the platform. They looked amazing. was dressed in a black mini skirt with knee black boots and pink corset top, her hair was down in curls and she just looked stunning. was in a demin mini, silver stilettos and silver flowing tank top, her hair was down but totally straight, she look fabulous. The guys could not stop staring.

“Hey Guys” Fran said coming behind the bar “I see you have found the ladies. and have been in here the past two nights driving the men wild. left with Robbie Williams last night and went with Nick Carter. Nick is actually back tonight has a watchful eye over .”

“They what?” asked “I cannot believe she left with Robbie! She is too for him”

“Nick Carter! Feck off Stupid American” said grabbing the drinks and walking away. followed behind and Fran just laughed at them.

The girls were having a blast dancing and knowing all the men in the club were watching them. spotted and walking to their table. She pointed them out to .

“Oh Westlife wonder what they’re like? Probably first class assholes” said smiling. just laughed at her “I’m going to see Nick” nodded and followed off the platform much to the dismay of the guys watching them.

headed for the bar and went to see Nick. was watching every move was making. He watched her sit down Nick’s lap and kiss him. It was making him sick. felt eyes on her and she knew they were ’s. She kissed Nick again before pulling him onto the dance floor. The song was fast and knew exactly how to jealous. She knew she was suppose to be forgetting him but this was revenge of sorts for hurting her to many times before. watched grind up against Nick who was loving every minute of it. His hands were all over her and he kept kissing her making more and more sick to his stomach.

“I’m going to get a drink Nick I’ll meet you back at the table” said kissing his cheek before walking away.

was chatting with Fran and looking tired. This non stop partying was becoming too much for both of them.

“Hey Sweets” said

“Hey Babe, I want some air come with me?” asked “Of course Bye Fran”

watched and head for the door. He wanted to talk to them.

can I have word outside” said getting up “Sure” said following out of the club. The others hardly noticed they left well the girls anyways. and gave each other knowing looks since they had seen and .

hurry up with your fresh air” said shaking from being cold.

“Oh come on cheer up I’m sure Nick will make you warm once we are back inside” said winking at her.

“You know you’re too good for him right?” closed her eyes and wished she had not hear that Irish accent.

lets go” said firmly.

“Yup back inside” said starting to walk away.

“Leaving with Robbie Williams huh?” questioned.

“That is none of your business” said grabbing ’s arm.

“Why can’t we be friends again?” almost yelled.

spun on her heel to face “Because you can just forget us like we never existed! You were my best friend in the world and then nothing you were gone. So were you . So as far as us being friends again it isn’t going to happen because I will not go through losing my best friend again!” and appeared looking for and “So please go with your girlfriends and leave us alone. As for Nick be jealous because he is better then you’ll ever be”

grabbed hand and plowed through and heading for the club’s doors. was close behind with in tow.

grabbed and turned her around to face him “Don’t you think for one minute I didn’t think about you everyday since we lost touch. I figured you moved on and didn’t need me anymore. You and meant everything to me and . You guys kept us grounded when we thought we were going insane. So whatever go off with Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and see if he will love you as much as I did I don’t fecking care”

eyes were full of tears. She had no idea what to say to . She turned and walked away waiting everyone outside the club to stop watching her. Nick was waiting for her with his arms open when she got back to the table.

“You really know how to upset her snapped, “Why the hell couldn’t you two listen to me! Leave us alone! We don’t exist to you anymore”

“Feck off shouted, “You will always exist to us” he replied grabbing in his arms trying to keep her from moving

let her go” said

“Shut up yelled. She pulled her arm out of ’s grip so hard she fell over herself and landed on her butt.

burst out laughing but soon shut up when gave her an icy stare. “You wanna be laughing the other side of your face.”

held out his hand for to take but being wouldn’t have any of it and got up herself.

“Don’t you dare say will always exists we didn’t for the past two years, so what’s changed. As far as I can see you two are still a bunch of assholes. And if you ever go near I will personally knock you out.”

walked inside to see crying. She felt sorry for she really did then all of a sudden the song from grease ‘There are worse things I could do’ popped into her head.

She walked over to and as soon as she saw she was in her arms crying.

“Let’s go.” said Nick nodded in one swoop he picked up and carried her out the club.

and was still outside had to look away quickly as they were kissing passionately making want to throw up then and there. She didn’t see anywhere so she guessed he’d gone home.

Nick had offered to stay but really didn’t want him to. She thought he was an amazing guy, but he wasn’t . No one would ever be and that was where the problem lied.

She couldn’t get over him no matter how hard she tried. So she decided the only one way to get over was to sit down and talk to him. Although she knew she would never tell him her true feelings, she at least could get some peace and forget about him.

Chapter 6

The next morning woke up with a fright. She didn’t know where she was. As she looked round she realized she was at ’s apartment.

She climbed out of bed and knocked on ’s door she got no reply so she went downstairs. When she got to the bottom step she saw a row of sacks all lined up.“ called “In the kitchen.” walked in “What’s with the sacks?” she asked switching the kittle on to make her and a tea.

“Couldn’t sleep wanted to have a sort out. You’ll be shocked at how much junk I’ve got.”

frowned. When had a sort out it meant she was upset and she was trying to clear things up in her head and throw away baggage.

“You want this Dior bag?” asked holding up a pink and white bag. “Hello Dior, why you getting rid of it?”

“Cause nameless brought it for me” had to think for a moment to realize nameless was obviously and

“Well no thank you.”

“So how are you doing?” went to answer but there was a knock on the door so went to answer it.

heard a shout she went to rush to see who it was but stopped dead as she saw walk up to the kitchen with over his shoulder and the rest of the lads following behind.

“I can kick him out it would give me great pleasure” said through gritted teeth while she tried to wriggle out of s grip

“How you going to do that when I’ve got you over my shoulder” said seriously he was not in the mood for this he wanted to talk to and he wanted to do it now.

He had asked and to come with him and once had found out there was no stopping him.

“You’ll be surprised what I can do I’ve got moves you wouldn’t even no I had.”

“No I can imagine” said he tried to stop them but they flew out before he had a chance.

“Put me down she doesn’t want to see you you’ll upset her then I really will kick your butt. You guys don’t listen.”

it’s okay. I’ll talk to him” tried to turn around to look at and give her a do you know what you said look.

“You will. That’s great” smiled he gently put down on the floor

¨ “Yes. I was going to talk to you anyway but you’ve made it easier for me.”

turned to look at . “Hun can you leave us alone for a bit I mean I know it’s your house but”

“Its fine I’ll be right here. Call if you need me to do some damage.” smiled at her trying to give some courage.
She turned to folding her arms. “If you make her cry” “I will let you hit me.”

opened the kitchen door and gestured for himself and to go outside where the others couldn’t ear wig.

The others walked into the living room in silence. sat herself down on the sofa curling her legs under her.

There was totally silence amongst them. She could feel them all looking at her, she wanted to run upstairs away from this situation.

was the one to break it. “So you and Robbie is that wise he’s a player.”

shot him a look. “Yes I know and he plays very well,” said with an innocent smile that said but suggesting that she and Robbie got up to something.

“You’re too good for him” snapped. “I know he did have trouble keeping up but hey once I broke him in wow.”

“You’re another name on his bed post. You’ll never be anything special to him”

and looked at each other not knowing what to say or do.

“Oh yeah and you know all about that wouldn’t you” said under her breath but load enough for to hear as he was sitting next to her.

“What do you mean?” looked panicked she would not break now and especially with in the room.

“Nothing just wondering how and are doing cause if she’s crying I’ll kill him”

“Well at least the girl has feelings” said harshly looked at him with her don’t mess with me look.

“Are you saying I don’t have feelings?” stood up he couldn’t sit down anymore this was driving him insane.

“You saying I don’t have feelings. Well again you prove to me how narrow minded you are. Do you know what get out my house?”

went to argue back but changed his mind.

“With pleasure I’ve got to see my girlfriend anyway think I may ask her to marry me tonight”

“Good you two are made for each other. Hope she says no.”

The next thing knew the street door was being slammed. She stood there feeling the tears in her eyes but she wouldn’t cry. She hoped wasn’t either.

Chapter 7

and were sitting on the bench in the garden neither one not knowing what to say or how to break the silence. Finally could not yet it anymore

, I cant do this again I cannot have you come back into my life play nice and then be gone again. I just can’t live through that again.” said sighing “I can’t imagine losing you again so it is probably better if we just went on like we never knew each other”

“I can’t do that I can’t forget you. I know the past two years have felt like I can just forget you but I can’t and I didn’t” said getting up to kneel down in front of her “I miss you I missed you so much when we lost touch you have no idea”

“Why did you lose touch then if you were so miserable without me why didn’t you call, email, write a letter or just show up?” yelled at him “I called you I left a million messages and you never called me back”

did not know what to say because it was all so true. had called and left messages but he never returned her calls. He had just started his relationship with and she was insecure about having around because they were so close so he had planned to distance himself from for a bit but not this long he never meant to lose her.

“I know and I’m sorry” said taking her hands in his “I want us together again

that isn’t going to happen you cannot be that close to me again and have a girlfriend well fiancé” said with tears welling in her eyes.

“Please don’t cry baby” said “Scared of ” she said has a single tear slid down her face. wiped it away with his thumb “No, I just hate seeing you cry”

“So, you’re going to leave us alone go on with and have a happy life with her and…” did not know what to say anymore talking to maybe was not what she should have done.
“I don’t want to leave you alone.” whispered “I want us to be us again”

cut off by kissing her and to his surprise she kissed him back. deepened the kiss wishing it would not stop but pulled away from him “I can’t do this”

got up and walked back into the house. She headed into the living room to find , and but no . She could only wonder what went on while she was outside with .

, you okay?” said noticing her at the door just nodded. showed up behind her “Come guys let’s go”

kissed ’s cheek then quickly walked out of the house with and confused as to what was happening with their friends. and said goodbye to the girls and went after .

“What happened in here?” asked first.

“Me and fought, I told him to get out, he did but not before telling me he was going to probably propose to tonight” sighed hugged her “What happened out there?”

“Everything is a mess . wants us to be us again but that cannot happen with him being with shook her head “He kissed me again but this time I kissed him back”

looked at shocked “Why?” “Because I miss him, but look I’m going home for a bit. I’ll call and we can meet for dinner later”

“Alright, bye Hun” said hugging her smiled and left the house.

and had to walk pretty fast to keep up with .

wait up” shouted stopped and turned around to wait for them.

“What went on outside?” asked, “I kissed her and she kissed me back.”

“Wow. She kissed you. what do you want?” asked putting his hand on s shoulder.

“I want in my life again. But she said I couldn’t have her and . I don’t know what to do.”

“Well you need to think about what you do want.” said half smiling at him having an idea where ’s heart truly was.
Once the three lads got back to the hotel went straight to ’s room to see how he was doing.

opened after a few minutes. “Hi said opening the door wider for him.

“You and are bloody trouble. One can’t help but make one girl cry, while you can’t help but turn into a psycho chick”

“She hates me doesn’t she” said sitting down on the edge of the bed and putting his head in his hands.

“Every time where together we fight.” “It’s called sexual tension mate”

looked up at with a don’t be stupid look “Ok but, this is you should know her well enough to know that when she get defensive its because she’s hurting. And you hurt her so she’s going to attack you.”

“I didn’t mean to. It’s just with and the band I didn’t have time for as well.”

“So you pushed her out your life. You made your choice and that was to have a life without . Now you have to deal with it.”

“Let me know what says later on” With that got up and walked out along to his room. He picked up his phone and dialed ’s number.

sat on her sofa thinking of the kiss and ’s words. On her walk home she had decided she wanted in her life. Even if that meant she had to forget her feelings for him.

was important to her she had never had a friendship like that with anyone else before and she knew she would only get that from .

How was she going to tell that? She knew was only looking out for her and trying to protect her from getting hurt but she was already hurt and the only way to fix it was by her and being friends again.

sent a text message to to say she wouldn’t be back as she was tired and wanted to sleep. She was glad that said it was ok and she would go clubbing herself.

ran upstairs to get changed. She settled for jeans and a vest top. She decided to wear trainers instead of boots. She looked at her self in the mirror and smiled. She would do.

About half an hour later was standing outside the Conrad pacing was this a good idea what if told her to get lost.

She was just about to turn around and go when she heard shout at her from across the road.

cursed under her breath. ran over to her and pulled her into a hug.

“Hi you ok?” He asked concerned nodded smiling.

“What you doing here?” He asked already leading her inside the hotel. Her head was telling her to run and was right. would hurt her again but her heart was telling her this was how could she turn away from him.

“I wanted to talk to ” “You what” replied shocked “I’ll take you to his room for you Hun.”

Chapter 8

looked at her wardrobe deciding what to wear but she couldn’t focus. was going to ask to marry him and it was killing her.

Part of her cursed herself for not being a talker and hiding her feelings. But the other part of her wasn’t it kept her safe. Well to people faces anyway. Who cared if her heart was being ripped open inside her chest she didn’t.

took to s room and knocked on his door. opened it standing there shocked that was standing there with .

“Look who I found outside.” nodded his head not sure what to say. didn’t know what hit her she stepped forward and hugged him tightly.

smiled at he went along to his room. looked at waiting for her to say something because he was loss for words. He never thought she was going show up at the hotel or ever speak to him again.

“I want to be friends again” finally said.“Really?” asked with great excitement in his voice

“I guess I think it is the lesser of two evils. You were best friend and I know we may not get back to that but we have to at least try” smiling at him “But until I can tell her we have to keep it a secret from . You know she will kill both of us”

Yeah of course no problem” said hugging . This felt so perfect to him; he totally forgot he was suppose to meet .

, can we talk please” said sitting down the bed in his hotel room.

“Sure babe” said sitting down beside him hoping that this was going to be it.

“You know I love you more then anyone else” said with grinning from ear to ear “But I think we should take a break”

“YOU THINK WHAT?” shouted at him

“We need a break said, “I need some space”

“Fine you can have your space!” grabbed her purse and ran from the room.

“Feck” yelled. He got up from the bed and went to ’s room. When answered the door almost fell over from shock “What are you doing here?”

“We are going to try again. This friendship means too much to just let it go” said.

“That is great but aren’t you suppose to be having a romantic dinner with ?” questioned.

“Oh my god I suppose to meet her over an hour ago! I just lost track of time talking with ran around the room grabbing what he need before running out the door well shouting good bye.

“Are you okay ?” asked worried about him.

“Yeah I’m fine, wanna come and have some dinner with me?” asked not wanting to explain what just went on to “Sure lets go”

was chatting some guy up at Click when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to see and standing there.

“Can we chat for a bit?” asked. nodded said her good byes and followed and to their regular table “What do you want?”

“We want you to make friends with all of us again including and said with a pleading look in his eyes “They are not the only ones who miss you”

“Well you have a great way of showing it had already had couple of drinks and was in no mood to fight tonight “I’m going back over there since I don’t have the energy for this tonight.”

With that stood up and walked back over to the guy she was talking to before and had another drink with him. was yet again interrupted

feck off” said spinning over to face him but she was faced with a crying .

“Have him! I don’t want him anymore! This break is so guys can get back together I guess” screamed at her before running away.

sat on the seat looking dumb found for a moment. What did mean? Normally if she wasn’t out of it she would have asked or even called but she was not herself.

So she turned her attention back to the guy she had been talking to trying to remember his name but not succeeding.

“Want to come back to my hotel room?” he whispered in her ear. nodded she took his hand and walked out.

“Shane is leaving with that guys stop her” said in a panic but time was up and out side the club was already gone.

rushed into the restaurant his eyes searching for he couldn’t see her. “So you finally show up over and hour late. Where were you?” snapped

turned around and winched. face was set in stone and if looks could kill he would surly be dead.

“I umm. Well the thing is. I” started to say but found he was tripping over his words. “For gods sake spit it out will you.”

showed up at the hotel and we were talking and I lost track of time. Its only cause reminded me”

shouted, “So she’s more important than your girlfriend.”

“No she’s important to me just as much as you are.” said holding in his arms.
“Your forgot about me cause you were with her. I can’t do this. I want you to tell her not to bother you again. You cannot have me and her. It’s one or the other.”
looked at taking a step back. “You want me to pick?” “Yes , Come on we were going to get married. You were going to ask me. Don’t let her ruin our relationship.”

All of a sudden everything fell into place for him. He knew where he was meant to be.

Chapter 9

“No you’re the one who ruined a relationship. I picked you over two years ago and I lost my friend. Well more than that. She’s my soul mate. So there is no question as to whom I’m going to pick. It starts and end with .”

stood there tears in her eyes at comments. “But, but. You’ll regret letting me go” shouted at him

“No the only thing I regret is letting in the first place.” stepped forward and kissed gently on her forehead. “Sorry” With that turned around and went back to the hotel.

Thinking over what he had just done. What if never felt the same as him? He decided not to tell her just yet that he loved her. He’d get their friendship back first then tell her and hope she didn’t knock him back.

was just opening his bedroom door when he heard a giggle at the end. Normally he would ignore it thinking it was a fan but something inside made him look up and what he saw shocked him no end.

and a guy he had her pressed her against the wall and was kissing down her neck as he tried to take her shirt off.

“Hey get off her,” shouted walking over to them. “ Hey mate you wanna join in?” The guy asked. had to count to ten or he would have hit him.

“No I don’t she’s my mate now leave her alone” grabbed ’s arm pulling her away from Jude. Who grabbed her other arm.

“She my shag for the night. Give her back. You think I got her like this for no other reason.” The guy snapped back.

As was being pulled about she started to feel sick and dizzy. “Let me go I’m going to be ill” said shaking them off her.

“What did you do to her?” asked grabbing the guy by the collar. The guy could see the rage in ’s eyes and he freaked out. “I gave her a tablet” went to hit him but put her hand on his shoulder.

I don’t feel well.” With that passed out caught her in his arms. He carried her to his room and laid her on the bed.

and was sitting in the noodle bar around the corner from the hotel. could tell there was something up with but she didn’t know what it was. She knew well enough to no he wasn’t a talker.

“So what you getting. You can have anything my treat” said smiling at her.

“I’ll have anything I’m starved” smiled “Cool I’ll get the specials then you get everything.”

smiled as the waitress placed a bowl of prawn crackers onto the table.

“So you’re going to try this friendship thing with then. Does that include me to?” asked picking up a cracker.

“Yeah I wouldn’t have come here if I didn’t. Not telling though she’ll go ape.”

“Yeah she’s very anti talk to us. I’m shocked at you as well.”

“Yeah well means the world to me. I mean you all mean the world to me its just.”

“Its just its . I got you. He really did miss you. We all missed you both”

“Yeah well we can try again. See how it goes at least I know what I’m letting myself in for if and when it happens again.”

“It won’t won’t let it. None of us will. We want you back in outlives.”

nodded hoping that was true and wasn’t going to break her heart again as she wasn’t sure she could cope with it again. She had accepted that her and would never be anything more than friends and she was ok with that.

“Wasn’t you meant to be asking to marry you tonight?” asked pushing her luck while was on a roll.

“Well I didn’t. I’m pleased your going to give a chance well all of us.” said changing the subject.

“Yeah and I know you just changed the subject. I’ve been mates with for years she’s a pro at it. Yeah me to” laughed lightly but was interrupted by ’s mobile

went back to his hotel room and knocked on ’s door. He wanted to tell him about . As he stood there a few moments he remember and were going for a meal. So he called him instead

mate where are you?” “Noodle time. Why what’s up? Why aren’t you with wasn’t she there?”

“No she was we broke up but don’t tell I want to tell her. Be there in five”

put his phone back in his pocket and looked at . “Well we have one more for dinner s joining us.”

felt a wave of nerves hit her all off a sudden. She didn’t even no why. She excused herself and went to the bathroom to check her hair and make-up. When was coming back from the bathroom is noticed was sitting with . She wanted to run from the restaurant because she stomach was in knots. She took a deep breath and walked over to the table.

“Hey, what happened with dinner?” asked down by and across from .

wasn’t feeling well” lied. The three chatted and finished their meals. excused himself once they left the restaurant leaving and alone.

“I hope is okay, you probably should have stayed with her said trying to sound worried and caring at the same time.

we have to talk” said, “I have something to tell you”

“Okay well lets go and sit down in the park” bite her lip knowing something must have happened with . She told him that had to go and was here to tell her that this friendship was over before it started again. She down on the bench and faced “Alright what have to you got to tell me”

“I love you” said taking a deep breath “I love you more then my best friend, you’re my other half and want us to be together not just friends but a couple”

“What?” asked totally confused.

“Me and broke it off tonight because she wanted me to choose between you two and I realized that I wanted you more then anyone else in this world.” said taking her hands “You mean everything to me

“I love you too said “But are you sure?” nodded his head and brushed his lips against hers before kissing her make her understand how sure he was.

walked into the hotel knowing he was going to have to tell someone about what happened tonight before going totally insane. He headed to ’s room since he knew was with her family tonight. He knocked on the door and waited for to answer.

“Hey Man” said, “Have you seen ? I have called her like a hundred times”

“She is with . He broke up with tonight” replied “Can I come in mate?”

“Oh yeah sure” said stepping aside. walked in and saw passed out on ’s bed “What the hell happened to her?”

“Jude Law, bastard gave her something she is out cold for the night. I already had a nurse that was downstairs look at her and she said all she could do was sleep it off.” said

“I’m gonna go and kill that fecking ass” said going for the door before got in front of him “No you’re not

“Okay but I ever see him I’m gonna knock him out” said sitting down beside , you can have my room I’ll stay with her”

“Okay mate I’m actually gonna take off and get and go to the house” said grabbing a few things “Call me if you need anything”

“I will don’t worry” said “Bye

knew he should have talked to before he left but he had forgotten all about it when he saw . She looked really vulnerable lying there on the bed. He could not believe she had been drugged. He wanted to go and find Jude just to kill him. He watched her sleep for a bit then lay down beside her. He stoked her hair and smiled to himself because he was finally realizing this is who he wanted to wake up next to not .

“I think me and are over . I went to propose to her tonight and then I told her we should take a break” whispered “She freaked out and told me to take all the space I needed then she ran out on me. I love her but not as much I love you I guess. I need you

Chapter 10

picked up and the headed to click to see if and were still there. They found them in the regular spot in the club.

“Hey , said, “So what is going on?”

“You have no idea how much is going on said with a laugh “ and are done and he apparently gonna tell how he feels, was drugged by Jude Law but she is going to be okay so don’t worry”

“Where is she? Shouldn’t be with her or at least someone?” freaked out.

is with her” said, “He looks kind of off tonight guys.”

“Something happened with him and because plowed in here yelled at and then left as quickly as she came in,” explained.

“Maybe we should check on them ,” said getting out her mobile.

She dialed number first after a few rings she answered. “Hello its . You ok Hun?”

“I’m fine. Seems and both think and are more important than us” snapped at the other end of the phone.

frowned “What you mean about . Has he broke it off with ?” She asked then realized that must have been the reason why was in here earlier.

“Yes he asked for a break, so put him straight and said there break was permanent.”

“Oh. Well I don’t know what’s going on with them but I am sorry.” said sincerely.

clicked her phone down and saw everyone was looking at her. “It seems and have broken up as well.”

looked at and smiled. “Think the group maybe back together soon” said pulling closer to him

and looked at each other confused. “What do you mean?” asked

“You’ll see. All this arguing has been sexual tension. Now maybe they can sort their feelings out once and for all.”

pulled closer to him as they made their walk back to the hotel. couldn’t believe how happy he was. He couldn’t believe that he had let two years go with . He was just glad they could make up for lost time now.

“So what we going to tell asked “Your so scared of her aren’t you?”

“Yep” laughed. “ She’ll be fine. We love each other and where together now right?” asked still not hundred percent sure this was really happening.

lent down and kissed her gently. “ We very much together.” He pulled against him again. They walked into the hotel and up to s room.

opened his door and let in. “There’s a good movie on tonight,” said walking over to the edge of the bed where was sitting looking at him smiling from ear to ear.

“Oh yeah what’s that then ?” She asked with raised eyebrows. “Well it’s your Fave Notting Hill. Thought we could snuggle in bed and watch it.”

“I love that Idea” smiled lent forward and kissed her again he stood up after a few minutes, he got a t-shirt out the wardrobe for to change into.

About ten minutes later both and were snuggled together in bed both sound asleep.

opened her eyes then shut them again. Her head was banging like mad, she felt sick to the stomach. She moved a little bit and felt another body lying next to her and their arm was over her holding her tight to their body.

swallowed the lump in her throat trying to remember the night before but failing miserably. All of a sudden the person next to move, She closed her eyes, She felt the person move some hair out her eyes then kiss her on the cheek.

’ She waited until they were in the bathroom she stood up feeling the room spin, she found her boots in the corner she grabbed them and ran out the room.

was just washing his face when he heard the hotel door slam he marched out ready to shout at for slamming it shut when he noticed wasn’t on the bed no more.
Cursing under his breath he grabbed his trainers and ran after her but crashed into and coming out his room laughing and joking

Once was outside she jumped into a taxi. She tried to call but had no luck. She was officially scared she didn’t even no who the person was that she had been in bed with.
Once she was in her house and behind closed doors she burst out crying. She dialed ’s number but getting no reply from him either. She burst out crying even more leaving a message on his phone about him leaving her when she needed him the most.

She decided to take the phone off the hook and her mobile and go and have a bubble bath to make her feel better while hoping never got the message.

“What’s the rush ?” said pulling closer to him.

, she’s gone” said getting out his mobile but to find it was dead.

spent the night with you?” asked shocked “Wait that is ’s room?”

“She had drugged last night by Jude Law fecking asshole and she just had to sleep it off and I stayed with her so could go and be with and I just got up to go to the bathroom and she’s gone” said in one breath.

“Oh my god she must have gone home” said frantically “I have to get to house now. You guys stay here okay. I will call if I need you”

kissed and went to the elevator. She jumped into the first taxi she saw and sped off to ’s house. She banged on the door seeing as she didn’t have the extra key with her. Finally opened the door.

“Babe are you alright?” asked.

“My head is pounding but whatever” said walking into the living room and flopping down on the sofa “I wish I could remember last night though”

“You remember nothing?” asked just shook her head “Sweetheart you were drugged last night and stayed with you. found you but stayed with you all night”

was shocked she was with he was the one holding her “I was with ? Oh god I left him an awful message.”

“Call him at the hotel, tell him to come over, tell him you didn’t know and then forgive him because admit it you need him like no one before him.” said passing the phone.

“Okay one question first why are you so bloody happy and lovely?” said watching the smile on ’s face grow.

“Me and are together like official couple together” said almost not believing the words coming from her own mouth yet “He loves me

“That is great babe but if he hurts you” “I will let you kick his ass but I don’t think that going to happen and isn’t going to hurt you anymore I just have a feeling”

shook her head love did a number on and it was funny and great to see her in this mood. But would kill if he hurt her again. looked down at the phone in her hand and dialed the number for ’s room.

Chapter 11

“Hello?” his Irish voice came over the phone and it just made smile “Hey it’s me sorry I ran out I didn’t know”

“Hey , no problem I was just worried about you” said breathing a sigh of relief

“Can you come over?” asked hesitantly “Sure, I can oh wants to know if ’s still there?” said laughing.

“Yeah she is tell him to come and get her” said before hanging up the phone.

When the girls were waiting for the boys to arrive explained what happened between and and how they came to be back together. tried to remember what happened that night but nothing was coming to mind. Then there was a knock at the door. answered it letting in and leaving herself so they could be alone.

“So what do think it going to happen with them?” asked once they were at ’s place.

“I think we are going to have a happy ending on all fronts” said kissing .

“As long as were happy, but the others can be an added bonus” replied pulling closer to him.

walked into the living room to see standing there biting her bottom lip. opened his arms for her to fall into which did as she burst out crying. Knocking for six. But really liking the feeling that was crying in his arms.

“Hey your ok babes” looked up at him tears still falling down her face. Which wiped away gently with his thumb.

“You going to tell me what happened?” asked, “I don’t know. I can’t remember anything about last night. Its scaring me. I could have done anything to him. explained the part and you staying with me. By the way thank you.”

“Like I was going to leave my girl alone” closed his mouth shut tight but it was too late the words were all ready out he couldn’t take them back. Not that he really wanted to.

moved out his arms standing up she walked into the kitchen wanting to be anywhere but with .

“You got a charger?” asked from behind her. grabbed one from the drawer she plugged it in then held out her hand for ’s phone, which he gave to her.

“Can you do me a favor and make the coffees I feel sick again I left my tablets upstairs.”

nodded his head. He looked at his phone and switched it on, after a few seconds he heard beeping, he looked at it to see he had two voice messages and a text.

The text was from telling him that the break was officially a break just deleted he really didn’t care about at all.

He pressed the voicemail messages the first one was from from the night before.

just to inform you that I’m officially over you. I’m in a club with a very nice man. And I’m over you. I don’t care if you marry . And I don’t care if I never see you again I don’t need you. I’m over you and I don’t love you.”

couldn’t believe what he was hearing he didn’t have a chance to think about it as the other voice message kicked in again it was .

where are you. I need you I don’t feel well and I want you now. You’ve left me again. I want you to be with me please . You make me feel better. How can you leave me again? You always leave me.”

put down his phone as walked back into the kitchen. Seeing ’s face she knew something was wrong.

“Oh my god what is it? and aren’t over already are they? Cause I’ll kill him””

“No. You left me messages on my phone one from last night and one today,” lent against the counter trying to steady himself.

“Oh god what did I say? I’m sorry I didn’t mean it”

“You said you were over me and you didn’t love me and you didn’t care if I married . I’m not with I was going to ask her but when it came to it I broke it off cause of you”

stepped back a wave off memories hitting her hard and fast. She put her hand over her mouth.

“Oh god. I remember you and broke up she came in a little while later after I left that message. and were there but I didn’t want to no. You, you stayed with me you told me you loved but you needed me” said all in one go and wishing the ground would open up and swallow her whole.

took a step towards her at arms length so he could look at her.

“ I don’t just need you I want you. I love you. I’ve always loved you. You’re my girl; it’s taken me years to admit it. I want you in my life. I want to wake up everyday with you next to me as long as you don’t wake up and run” gigged lightly
“ Please tell me you didn’t mean what you said that your over me and you don’t love me.”

shook off ’s hands and placed them around her waist she stepped closer to wrapping her arms around his neck.

“ I love you and I deferentially didn’t mean what I said.” smiled he lent forward and kissed her with all the love in the world.

“I love you, I’m never ever letting you go again you’re in my life to stay forever.”

“Good because I’m not letting you go without a fight”

and stayed at hers for a few hours, when they decided they would go and see the others.

had called them to say to meet them at ’s place. They had tried to get some information out of him, but he didn’t say a word.

The gang was all waiting for and to arrive, when they did rushed to the door, when she walked in with and behind her she looked disappointed.

“So what went on with you two then?” asked looked at and shrugged.

“Nothing were going to be friends again.” Everyone looked at each other in confusion they were sure they would have got together.

sat down on the sofa and automatically pulled down on to his lap he pulled her towards him and kissed her.

“Oh my god” said jumping up and down with excitement. “ Your liars ” shouted at them throwing a cushion at but it hit instead. “Hey watch my girl”

“So you two are together, and are together. Were all together again so everything is perfect” said her eyes sparkling.

“Yep and got her happy ending after all.” said kissing on the tip of her nose. Both smiled at each other.