Never Get Over You

“Oh my god, have you heard ’s new song? I want to cry I swear to god.” said sitting down on a chair in the office of BMG with the other 4 lads, , , and .
“It has so much emotion in it that girl has hurt so much over someone,” said making a point to get the hurt by someone in. Looking right at who looked down to the ground. If Shane thought that he wasn’t hurting for he was well and truly wrong but what could he do.
“Right guys this is the plan for the next week.” Simon Cowell said not even looking up from the papers in his hands.
“Your spending the week at the studio I have a great singer and songwriter meeting you there your bringing out a new song she’s just done.
“What’s his name then? Is it Brain Emo?” asked. “ No, and his a her. Just go to the studio tomorrow.” Simon walked out his office.
“ I’ve got the CD here of if you guys want to hear it.” Simon said as he pulled a promo CD out of his bag. saw the picture of on the front. She looked sexier than ever. With her eyes that sparkled and that look she did and never knew. A pink 50’s dress that just made her look like a princess
“Typical has to go for the pink every time right.” said sitting on the table ready to hear the track.
All the lads were good friends with and kept in contact with her more than and .
had dated for about 2 years then she got a contract for a 5-year album deal. was so happy for her but he couldn’t stand the thought of other guys wanting her and the crap she’d get for dating him so he broke it off, giving her a crap story that he knew she didn’t believe.
Simon popped his head in the door, “guys now would be good to go to the studio just heard she’s there doing some stuff.” “But we haven’t heard the track yet they have to hear it Si” Shane said pouting. “ You’ll hear it later move now.” Simon said back. They guys knew not to answer back so they did as they were told.
So the guys left and went to Westside Recording studio, they had to laugh considering that was their name when they first started out.
The lads walked in to be told that Caroline was just finishing a new version of a song and that she shouldn’t be too long.
The guys played around for a bit wondering whom this was. Then screamed “Oh my god that’s it the song that’s new song.”

“I'll never get over you
I turn around, I see your face, my head is just an empty space,
Your kisses fade without a trace,
Ooh I'll never get over you,
Precious moments we were one,
But you're life's changed n' you've moved on,
Thinking' about you everyday,
Ooh I'll never get over you

I need to feel you once again,
Close to me remember when,

followed the sound the rest of the lads followed. “ Not that I’m being blonde or anything but ’s real name is right and if that’s her in there then were meeting . man move faster.” said pushing forward.
They opened the door to the studio and saw standing at the mike singing. She looked up and saw them her eyes looked for he was there, the same old but his eyes weren’t the same they looked sad.
”Hi guys,” said in the mike. “I just need to finish the next verse and I’ll be with you, you can stay if you want.” hoped they would she wanted to hear the song, she wrote it for him, although her mate said that she did would never say yes its for . As the track started made a point to put all her acting experience into the emotion of the song so I’d hit home to .

My heart is restless like the wind, I'm missing' something from within,
Until you bring it back again,
Ooh I'll never get over you
Never get over, Never get over you
Never get over, Never get over you.

I don't believe I made you leave, when you are strong and I'm naive,
The feelings gone n' now you're free but me,
I'll never get over you,
Need some time to find my way waiting' for that brighter day,
Let my love just fade away,
Ooh n' then I'll get over you

Time has come I realize,
I shouldn't need you in my life
I need to feel you once again,
Close to me remember when,

My heart is restless like the wind, I'm missing' something from within,
Until you bring it back again,
Ooh I'll never get over you
Never get over, never get over you “

“That’s a rap honey,” Steve said smiling. “ I’ll leave you to talk to the guys.” Steve said walking out. walked out from the recording room. And hugged the guys. She went to hug then thought about it “ Come on give us a hug” She said hugging not wanting to let him go. It felt so good to be in his arms again it just felt right.

“So you’re the person were working with then” said opening a can of coke “Yep I have a few ideas for some tracks I’ve done them as demos, I think Simon wanted to do a duet I personally would love to work with you guys but hey I’m a sucker for 5 good looking Irish lads.” said laughing.
was doing her best to act as cool and confidante as she could in side she felt like crying. had broken up with cause she wanted to get into the business. She knew had always known that. She could understand it in a way a new girl on the pop block is dating it screamed dating for the fame.
always swore she’d deny romance links to until they were engaged or something. She had to laugh. When she first saw she knew he was the one she was going to spend the rest of her life with and now they weren’t even dating.
“Ok on this track I want and to sing as you’re too quite for my liking. No scarp that and sing a whole track with you three guys doing the backing etc. Is that ok.” Caz said looking up at the lads with a puppy-eyed look.
“Do we have a choice?” asked half smiling knowing full well would get her way. “ No not really.”
handed them the lyrics she got up and put on the backing track. It was a cover that Simon wanted on the new album. Which made cringe but just because it was a cover it didn’t mean it had to suck. It was Level 42’s track something about you.
After about 8 hours in the studio it was now 11pm. They were all beat. said goodbye to the lads at least she thought she had as she put her things together to leave also. When popped his head around the corner.
“Hey can I have a word?” turned round and smiled. “ I was wondering if you wanted to go out maybe tomorrow night or something. On a date?” asked shyly. He had always liked since he first saw her but she was ’s girl and ever since they broke up he was kind of happy about that in a way it meant that maybe they could have a chance. “Sure that would be great” said surprised as much as Shane that she had said yes. “That’s great I’ll pick you up at 8. See you tomorrow. Shane hurried off with a huge smile on his face.
“So you’re going out with then. That’s new isn’t it?” asked her best friend . herself was dating they had been together know for about 3 years. She was hoping that it would last forever but who knows what life has in store for us all.
“Yep so please can you help me sort something out please.” begged at the other end She smiled when said yes.
we are going out tonight want to come?” asked while flicking through some CD’s in ’s apartment. looked up guilty he couldn’t say he was going on a date with not yet anyway. He knew that he should ask if it was ok but he wanted to go on a date with to see how they got on together date wise.
“I can’t mate I’m going to have a night in. To tell you the truth I feel a bit run down.” With that nodded and never heard anything more about it.
looked at her clothes laid on her bed. Why was she having so much trouble picking an outfit? It was 7.30 she wasn’t even dressed her make-up and hair was done just not the outfit for the evening. had gone about 10 minutes ago to meet . If was honest was properly stressed with for not picking something to wear thing changing after a few seconds.
knocked on ’s door he was really nervures. When opened her door with a huge smile he forgot about the butterflies in his stomach she looked amazing. In a pink 50’s style dress and shoes to match.
She looked great her blue eyes sparkling like the ocean her hair reflecting the moonshine. “Shane are you ok you look like your going to pass out?” smiled “ I’m great better than great. You look amazing. Like a princess.” smiled feeling her face blush. “Why thank you kind sir” curtsied.
Shane opened the door for Caz to get in he walked around the other side and got in. He was taking to a new Restaurant in Soho called Glitter.
“Where’s tonight?” asked “ His at the hotel his not well” said taking his eyes of for a second. “ Really. I bet he was disappointed having to cancel the date with " The lads looked up at then when came over they changed the subject. “What did you think then?” asked leading her into the club Show biz. “It was lovely. Even better company.” smiled shyly. Once inside took ’s coat. Then took her hand in his and they went to get a table. and were having a great time talking about everything under the sun. He never knew he had so much in common with maybe this was the start of a new relationship.
“Would you like to dance?” loved to dance. She knew that was a good dancer and knew how to move. put down his drink and dragged onto the dance floor. “ . ?” shouted from across the table “What” said back coming out his daze. “ Do you want another drink?” “Yeah. I’ll give you a hand” was bored. He really didn’t fancy going out tonight he was moping over seeing . He wasn’t over her and if he was truly honest he never would be.
He was hoping the fact that they were going to be working together would somehow help. As and ordered the drinks they heard a group of girls next to them start talking about .
“Yeah it’s from Westlife. I think I’d know if it was . I want to know who the girl is his dancing with. He doesn’t care who sees him.” Girl one said
“I’ve seen her before hanging round with the lads. I thought she was a cousin but it looks like she’s girlfriend. Weird as I thought she looked cuter with .” Girl two said. looked at and followed his eye line to the dance floor to see. That it was in fact dancing with .
His eyes filled up with tears. He shock it off. He left the club. could have sworn he saw . As he looked round he saw the rest of the lads and knew for sure it was him.
took over to the table. pulled aside to find out why left. It was what he thought had seen himself and together kissing.
excused himself and went to ’s place. As pulled in the drive was just getting out the car.
what you doing here” asked “ We need to talk” As soon as they were inside jumped with questions.
“ You saw me and together I noticed. How do you feel about that?” asked
“To be honest I feel like my whole world has come to an end. I know we’re not seeing each other. I just thought that she’d always be single and no one would want her.” “ That was a bit selfish I mean look at her she’s amazing.” “ I know.” sighed and sat down on the sofa, sat down next to him.
, I have to be honest, I’m crazy about really and truly I always have been but if you still love her then I’ll forget about it. “ said with tears in his eyes. Was he really giving up on this easily? He didn’t even know if still felt the same for . But something inside told him that was always going to be ’s girl.
The next day at the studio was messing around with they were throwing anything they could get their hand on at each other. picked up ’s bag and threw it at her but missed it and it fell to the floor and all her stuff fell out. Right in front of and .
looked down and was surprised to see a picture of him and together. He remembered the day like it was just happening. They were at Disneyland had hunted down Donald Duck she went to kiss Donald on the check but he ducked so she ended up kissing instead it was silly really but knew how much loved that picture.
noticed the picture looked at he knew what her face was telling him. So he smiled winked. “ come and help me get away from the fruit machine for five minutes will you?” looked at him confused there wasn’t any fruit machine in the building but after a few more seconds he got what had meant.
waited for the lads to go before picking up the rest of ’s stuff while she picked up the stuff nearest to her. Neither of them said a word. knew that had seen him pick up the picture.

“Here you go” said smiling handing her bag back. didn’t look up she just said “thanks” and walked into the studio thinking and hoping that wouldn’t follow. How was she going to explain the picture in her bag? She couldn’t tell him the truth that she still loved him and wasn’t even close to being over him. sat on the sofa in the room. She laid her head on the arm of the seat and closed her eyes. “ Why did she have to work with Westlife? She would have been fine. Stupid Simon Cowell. Or was it fate she had to be mad at.
heard the door open and knew it was even though she didn’t have her eyes open. sat down in the chair in front of her.
we need to talk.” said softly. lifted her head up and looked at him. In the first time in ages she noticed how much she missed looking in his eyes. She could always lose herself in them and .
“ What can I do for you” said trying her best not to let on to she knew he had seen the picture. “ Why do you still have the picture of us in your bag I mean its been months. Its has in fact been 10 months four days 2 hours and 34 minutes.”
“Well remembered” said trying to make a joke of it. But in fact her stomach felt like there was a disco going on inside her.
“ Don’t change the subject why do you still have it what does it mean?” “Why does it have to mean anything? Maybe I forgot to take it out or something. I haven’t used that bag in ages it hasn’t gone with anything I’ve worn to today.” lied.
“ Don’t give me that. It’s pink you love this bag and I’ve seen you with it before you know. I know you too well. Just tell me be honest.”
That got ’s attention. “ Be honest be honest. Fine I’ll be honest with you . When you are.” “What the hell does that mean.” “ What gives you the right to go all Dawson on me. Why do I have to show all my fluffy bunny feelings when you don’t share? “ you’re going off point and I don’t go Dawson I’m more Pacey.” pouted. “ Yes sure only cause Joey end up with Pacey” looked at . “Well in that case I may be Dawson depending on why you have the picture?”
sighed she wasn’t getting out of this no matter how hard she tried “ Damn you why do you always have to be so stubborn? Fine I’ll tell you.” crossed her arms in front of her. “ I kept the picture because I still love you. And the fact that I’m not over you when I know that I should be. Do you know I got rid of everything I had of yours apart from this stupid picture. And my new song is about us. Well my feelings. Blah blah. “
felt the room spinning loved him she still loved him. He stood up and reached his hand to who took it reluctantly. and were now face to face. They hadn’t been this close for so long but it felt so right to be in each others arms. felt tears in his eyes. “ I love you. Ever since we broke up I wished I’d done something different and wasn’t such a fool. I’ve not got over you not even for a second. I love you too much. You’re my soul mate.” said searching ’s eyes for anything.
looked down then back up. “ Do you know that were both wrong. Your not Dawson or Pacey. Your just , and my at that.” said honestly.
smiled he lent forward and Kissed it was the most amazing kiss ever. They were back in each other’s arms like it should be and would be forever.

I need to feel you once again,
Close to me remember when,

My heart is restless like the wind, I'm missing' something from within,
Until you bring it back again,
Ooh I'll never get over you
Never get over, never get over you