Morning After

A firework display had been organized for that night. It was perfect; the sky had got dark quick enough to see the display from miles away. It was beautiful. Three of ’s friends had invited her along to see them together, just a ‘girlie’ night out. She’d had a hard week and needed the time to wind down. A cool breeze was blowing into their direction.
A BMW had pulled up beside their car, four guys on a night out; destined to end in trouble. The girls tried not to glance in their direction, but it was hard. They were pretty hot, even could admit that. Instead they giggled like something was continuously was funny. She perched herself on the back of Katie’s car.
“Hey! Dreamer!” felt something land in her lap, a gift from the other car. The crumpled paper made her smile. She opened it up, a telephone number, typical. grinned and glanced back, but said nothing. Her eyes met his. Even his stare made her melt.
The last firework was a bit of a ‘let down’ going up in smoke as they made their way to the bar. The guys led the way. “ , nice to meet you,” one of the guys introduced himself.
, and you,” she whispered back huskily. Her heart was pounding, but was still smiling. They all took a seat in the pub alongside the car park.
“So are you girl’s angels or something else?” asked after a few drinks.
“Wouldn’t go that far!” pushed the comment back. She felt ’s hand slide as looked away to order some more drinks. “What can you do then?” urged.
“That’s a secret you’ll have to find out,” she whispered into his ear thrusting a piece of paper with her number on it.
“Come on girls, let’s go.” Katie led them towards the car. held back. His lips met hers as another firework went up into the sky. Like magic, something she’d never experienced. Maybe tonight she’d go further with him considering it was only a first date.
“You know they say you don’t know a girl till the morning later....” insisted. She grinned as his hand slipped lower.
“You know what, Katie you go ahead, I think I’ve got some unfinished business to attend to. I’ll call you tomorrow.” seemed happy with her decision.
“Alright babe, see you tomorrow.” Katie said more than slightly tipsy.
took ’s hand and they rushed down to the hotel down the street. ’s eyes glimmered in the night. To the room was as far as they needed to get. He was getting hot under the collar. patted the bed beside her. The vacant space looked too appealing to resist. He slipped his jacket off and laid it onto the chair next to the bedside table. turned on the television to drown out the sounds. His lover raised an eyebrow. He found her tongue in his mouth playing a sweet type of game.
He pulled her closer to his body as she shut her eyes. Her heart was racing, waiting for the finish line. began to feel hot as something hot found her stomach. He leant on top of her, the mattress underneath them. “Relax baby,” she did as asked and relaxed her muscles feeling his hands up her back. His t-shirt soon found its way off and onto the floor. Pretty soon he was undressed. had got the easy way out and had avoided his attempts to undress her.
“You’re turn first,” pulled her hand away from his boxers as she began. He turned on top of her again breathing heavy. He rubbed against her, kissing her neck till she was begging for more. wasn’t having any of it and pulled down her mini-skirt revealing her black thong. His eyes lit up but let his hands do the talking. Her back was arched as he pulled off her low cut top. She was burning up, touching and teasing. She kept telling him ‘no’. ’s fingers sent shivers up her spine. She felt wet. He moved his hands higher first unclipping her lingerie letting her breasts relax. He sucked on them letting one hand tease her down below. Something was digging into her, she wanted to see to it. He massaged her breasts roughly moving his mouth lower. She was groaning. She wanted a ride and to lose control. The lights were turned down low.
Her legs however were tightly crossed over, not allowing him entry. He helped turn her over. She sat groaning as he worked up her back till she was on all fours. took her thong off and let her take off his boxers. There she was stark naked and he wanted her. First things first, he placed his fingers up first letting her separate slightly for him. Her breasts needed support. could feel his member on her back and his knuckles digging into her. There were only two places he saw. She was screaming his name, his fingers made entrance. Her legs needed slight more separation. He kissed her and licked her clean making her legs fall wider.
He took his chance and began to thrust into her. They built rhythm till it was smooth before he managed to release into her.
“Told you, you only know a girl till the morning after,” grinned and kissed him.

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