Maybe Tomorrow

>>Sometimes it takes loosing someone, before you realize how much you love that special someone, unfortunately that can also make it to late<<

Looking at the woman laying beside him still asleep. He stroke his hand down her cheek which made her eyelids flutter slightly but remain closed. Leaning over he brushed his lips over hers for a few seconds before he pulled back, and saw a bright smile appearing on her lips and her eyes slowly open. Seeing her brown eyes shine back at him, yet sleepy he felt his heart flutter.
- Morning babe he smiled down at her stroking her cheek with his finger.
- Morning... you stopped to soon she replied cheeky making him grin and leaning down brusing his lips on hers again feeling her hands go through his hair before pulling him closer, sending a siver through him. Deeping the kiss mean while he placed his whole body on top of hers he heard her moan into his mouth turning him more on by the minut.

Being roughly taking out of his sleep cursed the ringing phone, that had taking him out of his dream. The dream about his , when they had still been together. Still sensing the dream he tried to close his eyes to get back to it, back to that morning where he had woking her up in bed and made love to her.
Still not able to get back to his dream a few minuts later he called him self defeated and stumbled up on his feet. Looking over at the drawer he saw the picture still standing there of and him. Going over to it he stoke his finger over her face while feeling the tears string his eyes, “God he missed her”, and it had only been a week since she broke it off with him. Since that day he had tried to get her back, after realizing she was right in everything she had told as her reasons. Having the scene going through his mind once again


- you don’t mean that? said finally realizing she was dead serious
- I do, I can’t live like this anymore cried out feeling heart broken, she didn’t wanna break up with him, but she just couldn’t live like this anymore.
- Like what? He asked raising his voice yet again
- Like this, you’re never around, you never have time for me anymore, you don’t even have time to talk to me over the phone for five minuts...
- That’s called work baby he cried out frustrated
- I know you have to work but at least before you used to be able to call me when you were away, now there is nothing she cried letting her tears run freely down her cheeks.
- I know, I’ll do better sweetie, I promise he sighed knowing she was right, he had forgotten to call back, and sometimes he had even advoided too, not because he didn’t love her, actually he didn’t know why..
- Nooo you said that the last time I tried to talk to you about this, and you promised there too but nothing got better..
- Sweetie I’m sorry okay? He asked raising an eyebrow at her
- No not okay! You don’t love me anymore do you? She sobbed making his heart ache by the sight of her and the thought of her leaving him
- Yes I do, I love you sweetheart he replied trying to take her in his arms but she backed away.
- It’s not good enough this time she sobbed walking towards the door.
- NO don’t do this please, sweetie! He begged jumping over in front of the door stopping her from going out through it.
- Howie please let me go! She begged through her trembling lips.
- But I love you! He cried feeling the tears string his own eyes
- Please! Was all she could get over her lips.

=Flashback end=

Brushing a tear away from his eye, sighed, she had left him that day and at that moment in time he had realized what a fool he had been, he had taken her for granted and now she was gone. Heading towards his mini bar he poured him self a drink and slumped down on the sofa.
Starring at a blank piece of paper he finally grabbed a pen and started to write something down on it. Afterwards he nodde to him self, maybe this would get her back to him, just maybe.

That evening...
- I have talked to them and you can take the stage mate
- Thanks , is she here? asked nervous
- Yeah, come! said and grabbed ’s arm and leaded him further into the room and then nodded through the crowded room. felt his heart stop right away when he saw her. She was talking to her best friend but he could clearly see by her body language that she was unhappy even though she tried to hide it.
- So are you ready? asked pulling him back to reality
- Umm as ready as I ever be! replied walking with to the back of the stage. Shortly after walked on stage.
- Hey every one, we have a little extra song to night my friend turned up to night and had made this song for this special girl he loves, so without more talk I’ll give you my friend . said then stepping down from stage. Walking on stage took a deep breath, looking around the floor until he court her gaze right at him, and felt his heart start to raise. Sitting halfway down on the chair on stage he took the microphone in his hand. Then looking back into her eyes he spoke..
- this is for you, no matter what I did, I do love you! said softly notiseing the emotion in her eyes. Then clearing his voice he started to sing...

Cant believe its over
That you're leaving
Weren't we meant to be?

Should've sensed the danger
Read the warnings
Right there in front of me

Just stop
Lets start it over
Couldn't I get one more try?

Maybe tomorrow you'll say that you're mine
You'll realize, I could change
I'm gonna show you I'm in it for life
I'll get you back someday
Maybe tomorrow

I forgot to be there
I was selfish
I can see that now

I should've got to known you
Should've held you
When your tears fell down

Just stop
Don't make me beg you
Tell me that you'll stay the night

Maybe tomorrow you'll say that you're mine
You'll realize, I could change
I'm gonna show you I'm in it for life
I'll get you back someday
I will find a way

Wait a minute
Just hear me out
This time I promise, I'll put you first

Now seeing tears fill her eyes, ’s voice almost faded away but seeing her stand up to turn away, he made his voice stronger...

Turn around now
Your heart can't let you walk away
I'll do what it takes

Maybe tomorrow you'll say that you're mine
You'll realize, I could change
I'm gonna show you I'm in it for life
I'll get you back someday
Maybe tomorrow

There's so much I wanna say now
I just wanna make a life with you
There's so much I wanna do now
I just wanna make love to you

Maybe tomorrow
Maybe tomorrow

Singing the last line his voice faded away while feeling his heartbeat raise wirldly he’s gaze firmly fixed on hers. She had turned around and looked back at him again. Taking a deep breath he ruched down to her standing in front her.
- I love you, I meant what I just sang, please give me another chance he whispered softly while taking away the tears from her cheeks with his thump..
- Maybe tomorrow she replied in a whisper kissing his cheek before turning around walking away.

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