Maybe Tomorrow.

sighed as he opened the street door he pushed it open, hearing the alarm beep he quickly punched in the four digits to turn it off. He slug his back pack over his shoulder and walked through to the living room. He saw the note left on the side with a box and her keys.
Why didn’t he take her more seriously when she warned him she’d go. He just pushed it a side arguing that if she loved him she’d stay. But deep down he knew it was his fault. She had been there for him ever since he had met her. He remembered the amount of times he would call her from a hotel room to say he was lonely or home sick or just needed someone to talk too. She never once moaned and groaned about it. Often she would just turn up knowing that he needed a hug or just someone to sit with. She knew him like no one ever had and he thought he knew her but he was wrong. He screwed up and now all he wanted was her back in his life. Looking through the box he picked up one of his shirts he had given her. It was his beige one. had loved him in it. He put the shirt to his nose taking in the scant of her perfume that was faintly on it.
He had worn it the night he told her he loved her and again when he asked her to move in with her. always said that shirt was his weakness so she had decided to start wearing it when wasn’t around just so she had that connection but that was all lost now. Why did he have to be such a screw up. Why didn’t he pay more attention.

Cant believe its over
That you're leaving
Weren't we meant to be?
Should've sensed the danger
Read the warnings
Right there in front of me
Just stop
Lets start it over
Couldn't I get one more try?

walked into the bedroom and threw his back pack on the bed he removed his shirt and headed into the bathroom. He turned on the shower before he got undressed and step inside letting the hot water rush over him the little beats of water making him feel a bit more relaxed. He put his hands on the wall and lent forward letting the water hit his back. He smiled to himself remembering when he and had got together. The gang had gone out for the night to the Met Bar. , and were all dancing while the lads were sitting round the table watching the girls dance. He hadn’t taken his eyes of all night He knew he was starting to look at her in a different light wondering what it would be like to be with her, kiss her but he always put it down to being alone.
and had got bored of dancing so left dancing away with who ever was around her then this bloke had appeared out of no where and started to dance with her in a very sexual way. could feel the blood boil under his skin. He jumped up from the table and headed over towards . When he got there the bloke was trying to drag her off the dance floor, was trying to get him off her but the bloke wouldn’t listen. had stepped in between and this bloke getting right up into his face telling him to get away from his girlfriend or there would be trouble. The bloke had tried to argue and say was well up for it so had punched him in the face. Grabbed ’s hand and led her out the club.
He and never spoke once to each other he put her in a cab and got in next to her telling the driver his address. Once he was back at his with safely sitting on the sofa being had ranted that she didn’t need him to look after her or lie and say she was his girlfriend when most people knew he was single. had silenced her by placing a finger over her lips then kissed her gently before telling her he wanted her to be his girlfriend. From that moment neither one of them looked back. He had never been happier knowing she was his.

Maybe tomorrow you'll say that you're mine
you’ll realize, I could change
I'm gonna show you I'm in it for life
I'll get you back someday
Maybe tomorrow

He didn’t know when or how but it changed, he found he was busy all the time when wanted to see him or she had time of work to go travelling with him he made some excuse. He didn’t mean to but it made it easier not seeing her when he was away. It hurt him to much to be apart from her he had played it all wrong. Then one night had an audition for a west end musical. had called him to say she had got the part and there was going to be a party. He had promised he’d be there to show his support but he lied he wasn’t happy. Yes he wanted her to have her own life but to do musicals meant she’d never have no time for him, she’d meet someone else fall for them and forget about him. So he didn’t go. He went out with his mates back in . had tried all night to get him, she had left messages on his phone sent him text messages that he even still had. But he didn’t care she was going to make a name for herself and leave him behind that’s all he thought about.

Then it changed
I forgot to be there
I was selfish
I can see that now

hadn’t spoken to her in ages he avoided questions from the others when he wasn’t working he was at his place in . Making excuses. But one night his phone rang he picked it up not even looking at the number to his surprise it was . She sounded sad and unhappy; he felt a pang in his heart. God he missed her. She had tried to talk to him to see what was wrong asked to meet up but he didn’t want to know. So in the end she cried he could hear her crying at the other end but was desperately trying not to let him hear. He wanted to reach out to her tell her it was ok. But she had just said it was obvious it was over and she would leave his stuff and keys at his and go. had agreed not even putting up a fight. Once the phone line went dead he cried and realized what he had done and what he had lost. That night he had got a plane home and here he was a week later standing in the place they shared once not that they had much time in it together.He couldn’t stand it he couldn’t live without her he knew that. He had got a ticket for that night’s performance he had to see her; he had to get her back

I should've got to known you
should’ve held you
When your tears fell down

had watched the performance loving seeing her all his feelings came running back to him he was stupid to let her go to act the way he did. Once it was finished he went backstage one thing about being a celeb he could get anywhere. He was led to ’s changing room and knocked on the door.

opened the door and gasped in shock seeing standing there she didn’t know what to say. looked at her she looked so sad she had lost weight her eyes were sad skin pale she looked miserable. Did he do that he thought. “Can we talk please” asked hopeful. nodded her head and opened the door wider for him to enter. “I miss you I want you to come back home with me I want us back together.”

“What?” asked not sure she heard right “I want you back” “Get out” shouted at him and started to push him out the door. took her hand and looked at her “Please listen to me please” laughed at him “You’ve got a cheek get out” opened the door and pushed him out slamming the door shut and sliding to the floor closing her eyes as banged on the door.

Just stop
Don't make me beg you
Tell me that you'll stay the night

please let me we need to talk please. I’m sorry you won’t believe how sorry I am I messed up please” said begging as he knocked on the door. He thought she’d talk to him let him explain make them happy again. “I know what I did was wrong but I won’t do that anymore I swear let me explain” “Go away I don’t want to know” shouted back. sighed “You know where I am. I won’t be giving up not this time. I’ll get you back I promise” sighed as he placed his hand on the door before turning around and going home.

Maybe tomorrow you'll say that you're mine
You'll realize, I could change
I'm gonna show you I'm in it for life
I'll get you back someday
I will find a way
Wait a minute
Just hear me out
This time I promise, I'll put you first

sat on his sofa staring into space when he thought he heard someone outside on the gravel. He jumped up and looked out the window and saw packing up and down. He smiled and ran for the door. He screamed out as he saw her turn around to actually leave he sighed with relief as she stopped and slowly turned to him. “ please come in” stepped to the side and watch sigh and walk in he closed his eyes as she brushed past him the same perfume she always wore. Ck-one.

Turn around now
Your heart can't let you walk away
I'll do what it takes

went into the kitchen and made himself and a drink. He was nervous and so hopeful that she had come to see him. Maybe she did love him. picked up the cups and walked into the living room smiling gently at . “Thanks” said taking the mug of and taking a sip. Her eyes looked up at him and didn’t leave him as she looked at him intently looking for answers she longed to hear. “I’m glad you came really I am.” stood up and moved over so he was sitting next to her.
“I wanted to hear what you had to say. I need to know what went wrong closed his eyes he had missed her so much he missed the way she said his name he missed everything.

Maybe tomorrow you'll say that you're mine
You'll realize (realize), I could change (I can change)
I'm gonna show you I'm in it for life
I'll get you back someday
Maybe tomorrow

took her hand in his and took a deep breath. “I messed it up I know what I did it’s my entire fault. You’re the love of my life, and I didn’t fully realize it. I was jealous mad at you I took all my fears out on you, the one person who could stop them all” took a deep breath and told everything about the way he felt his fears everything. He looked at her nervously as she just stared back at him. “I love you , I’ve always loved you and I always will. I need you in my life I can’t live without please.”

ran her hand down the side of his face. “I don’t know you hurt me, I loved you so much I don’t know”

let the tears fall from his eyes he stood up and went into the kitchen. He looked in the side drawer and grabbed what he wanted.

There's so much I wanna say now
I just wanna make a life with you (don't walk away)
There's so much I wanna do now
I just wanna make love to you
Maybe tomorrow

was sitting back in the sofa thinking over what had told her. She loved him but could she risk it happening again. She looked up at as he walked into the room and walked in front of her.

He picked up remote control on the stereo and pressed play. “I wrote this for you” said “It’s called Maybe tomorrow” watched her as she listened to the song. When it was over he knelt down in front of her and took her hands in his.

“I want you . I want to make up for the time we lost, I want to make love to you I want to kiss you I want to wake up with you everyday for the rest of our lives. Will you please do me the honour of becoming my wife?”

looked down at the ring was holding up. “I can’t do this” said tears filling her eyes. “Oh right ok” replied sitting on the floor “No I mean I can’t pretend I don’t love you or that I didn’t miss you. That song every day I thought that maybe tomorrow you’ll come and find me and tell me you love me but you didn’t until now and I can’t portend I don’t care when I do. I love you so much I want you back I want us back and I want to marry you”

looked up at her smiling as he realised what she had just said. He jumped up and slipped the ring on her finger picking her up he spun her around kissing her with all the love in the world before leading them upstairs so he could show her just how much he meant his words and the feelings he had for her.

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