Maybe Next Lifetime

Chapter 1

were you looking for someone?” His eyes locked into hers. She didn’t know what to say, they sent shivers down her spine making her tremble.
“erm, no I just thought would be in there... never mind.” “ knew she looked stupid and she’d just turned bright red but nevertheless at least she’d spoken to him and managed to hold a sentence. That was more than what normally came out her mouth.
“I need a word actually, would you mind?” ushered her back into the music room. He closed the door behind her. The sound echoed through the empty room. “There’s a dancing competition soon , it’s to represent the school.” stared back at him blankly as he reached to hand her a leaflet. “Shall I make it clearer?” He laughed, nodded slowly. “I’ve chosen you , to represent the school.”
“Oh my God! Really???” was ecstatic, what more could she have asked for, other to have been able to hold a conversation with him without her knees shaking.
“So is that a yes you’ll do it then? It’ll require sessions with me after school? Would that be okay?”
“Yeah, that’ll be great.” She responded trying not to sound too elated.

“He’s a teacher though , he’s like three years at least older than you,” spoke up. had rushed back to the flat to tell all of her friends, but they’d responded rather negatively. had known her for years, and knew her temptations, dislikes and likes. was one of ’s likes.
“” responded slightly confused where their conversation was going.
had moved into their flat about a year ago, he too had become accustomed with her behavioural tendencies. He rolled his eyes, “ , he could get the sack. You wouldn’t want that now would you?” was so gullible; it scared some of them sometimes. They caught the fear in her eyes and couldn’t help but laugh.
“Is this what you’ve been writing about in your diary?” asked searching her for the pink book which now was her life. couldn’t be ripped away from that book, she kept with her all the times. The others had been instructed to stay clear of it, but it was getting more and more tempting as had been spending more time writing on the pink pages.
“Well tomorrow I’m going to the after school session and you can’t stop me!” She said as harshly as she could. stormed off in a strop upstairs like a six year old.
The night went more slowly than ever. couldn’t sleep, she could have sworn she wasn’t well and had insomnia. There was no way of sleeping anymore, her thoughts kept drifting, and even in class she couldn’t stay awake.
Finally when morning arrived, looked over her words before her walk to school. She had fallen asleep too early the night before to practise; besides the others had told her to shut up before she’d even opened her mouth. had arrived from her party the night before. Nobody really liked her, she didn’t catch the hints though. , and didn’t really mind though because she was barely around. thrust a piece of toast in her direction knowing full well she wouldn’t get it herself. could have sworn she had heard mutter ‘lazy bitch’ under her breath, but said nothing. There wasn’t any time for arguing anymore. This was it, her chance to shine.
The day went at a reasonable pace, although that could have been because had missed the majority of her morning lessons. had been walking through the park and luckily spotted her on a bench ‘revising’ well that’s what called it. knew it more as sleeping.
... get up...” a poke had sat her bolt upright. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” whispered as she nudged her till she was standing. “It’s nearly four,” informed her. ’s mouth dropped open. “Are you actually kidding me? Why didn’t anyone wake me up?!” She grabbed her bag and ran from her friend into the building handing in a piece of coursework which was two weeks late on the way.
“Slow down girl!” shouted as he cut a corner past her nearly slamming into her. “Where you off too?”
“Oh , I can’t train tonight, sorry!” She shouted back to him halfway down the corridor. shook his head jokingly. had taken the liberty of helping out with her football. She had to complete one session of training to keep her stamina levels up for her dance. She pushed the digits in to the code machine to get into the music block, and ran in, her bag flying into the door as she rushed through muttering her apologies to the other students she’d knocked over on the way.
“Hey , I thought you had forgotten.” ’s voice rang out in her ears as she caught her breath.
“Sorry, I didn’t....” her explanation didn’t get very far.
“When you’re ready then just warm up and we’ll take it from the top.” He gave her a warm smile.

Chapter 2

They sauntered over to their belongings after an hour of hard work. “ , do you want to get a coffee or something? I mean I’ve got lots of stuff I want to ask you about this competition...” rushed into saying. He grinned.
“Yeah, okay, got nothing better to.”
“I’ll just get changed, give me 15 minutes?” He nodded and they separated. couldn’t resist thinking about how close she’d been to him. Her lips broke into a subtle smile. slipped into her blue knee high dress after she dried her hair. She tried to be casual about it, but this was the time when felt the butterflies in her stomach. glanced at her reflection and whisked her bag off the counter top and walked out of the door bumping into on her way.
“Where are you going? I thought we were all meeting back at the house?!” looked hurt.
“Nah sorry hun, I have got somewhere to be.”
“What like kissing again?” mumbled as she walked on past. ignored her and carried on walking towards the front gates. waited for her. He was dressed in black, his eyes were shining. “Shall we?” She grinned and followed him out the front gate.
Finding a coffee shop nearby, they entered and ordered their drinks. found a table in the corner of the warm shop. “What would you like to know...?” asked her bringing her back to Earth. His eyes were drowning her. “About what?”
“About the dance concert..?” laughed.
“Oh right, yeah sorry. Erm, do you really think I can do it?” She couldn’t think of anything else to say, but she had doubted herself since the day he’d asked her.
“Sure you can. I wouldn’t have asked you if I didn’t think you could.” He watched as her eyes sparkled.
“Do you mind if I do this?”
“Do what..?” whispered. His voice didn’t travel far, but she heard him. “This,” she whispered back and leant over the table placing a kiss on his cheek.
“What was that for?” He seemed slightly taken aback.
“Believing in me,” blushed not realising what she’d just done. “Come on,” gave the waitress a five pound note and took ’s hand on impulse. “Where are we going?” asked confused.
“Say yes for once , come on!” rushed out the door. They walked down the road. She had a bounce to her step. watched her scamper off and his eyes twinkled as he ran after her.
A fair ground grew in the distance. They stopped in front of the entrance panting. “Come on!” took ’s arm and they ran inside.

Chapter 3

They’d been on every ride in the whole fairground. ’s head was spinning. She leant on a bench for support. “I have to get going now . We should do this some other time too, that was fun.” told her, she laughed giddily. He waved bye to after checking she was okay to get home. After the alleged nod he called a taxi to take him back to his house.
sat for a moment just beaming. Although something had been nagging her, had really got to her. ‘He’s your teacher , it isn’t normal.’ The words echoed in her hollow mind, but she didn’t care. He was so considerate, generous, romantic, thoughtful... could go for hours. She got her belongings and began walking in the opposite direction back home.
, and sat waiting for an apology from her. “Oh my god, I just had an amazing evening!” babbled on and on. “Oh my god, it was just the best!” She sat laughing to herself then noticed nobody else was smiling. “What’s the matter with you grumpy lot?”
“You were supposed to be here an hour ago...” reminded her. We were supposed to go practise our group performance.”
“But not to worry,” lightened up the mood placing the smile back on ’s lips. “We’ll go now.” ’s lips relaxed. “What now?!?!” nodded with a fixed smile.
“But I’m so tired, can’t we sleep, look its 10pm already!” complained
“You should have thought about that before shouldn’t you? We rested whilst you were out; we’re okay to work through the night.” gave her a false smile. It made feel uncomfortable.
“Right now, if you were a pick and mix, I wouldn’t pick you!” glared at her. That was the only insult she could think of there and then, but that was before she comprehended how stupid she sounded. muffled a snigger and made his way out of the door. made another comment sending fuming. split the two of them apart. “Listen, we’re going to go and do this whether or not either of you like it. Both of you are going to get along for the duration of this, okay?” didn’t wait for a response but nudged forward to follow out of the house.
A taxi was waiting for them. It took 20 minutes to get there. took this time to snooze. wasn’t helping matters though; every so often she’d pretend to cry waking with her whimpers. “Oh grow up !” They’d never got on, and it always resulted to childish behaviour between them. always found it hilarious and didn’t bother to stop them. on the other hand made it her mission to separate them. It got on her nerves. woke gently; she grunted and swung her legs out of the cab. It was nearly close to 11 when they got ready and had fixed the music system. After an hour’s practise all of them were tired and settled themselves to one side of the room. “Come on !” pulled her back up to the floor, the room was well lit. had made sure of that. It was also cold, had seen to that too. “We have to stay awake!” She ordered and they began again for another hour.
The time seemed to go too quickly for ’s liking, she thought of where she could be. Her bed would be warm, her pillow soft. glared at clicking her fingers in front of her face waking her from her thoughts. “Sorry,” she muttered.

Chapter 4

“Did you guys stay the night?” The head teacher found them on the floor. He chuckled. ‘Some of you work too hard!’ He closed the door and left to get back to some admin. As a few of them stirred, the bell went waking the rest of them. “We might as well stay here, we’ve got dance now anyway...” ’s voice trailed off as he went back to his dream.
rose from the floor and helped and up to go and get something to eat from the canteen. It was quiet. Everyone else was on a trip, besides it was Saturday. Their group had said they’d work that day to make their group performance perfect. The head teacher followed them to the canteen. “Guys, I forgot to mention, you might as well take the day off. ’s gone, so you won’t have any lessons today.”
“What’d you mean gone?!” asked frantically.
“He left to go back to Ireland, says it’s for personal reasons, he should be boarding now,” he said glancing at his watch. “Guess I better find a new dance teacher.” With a nod he walked off back into his office. froze for a moment then dropped her tray and ran.
Her legs wouldn’t travel as fast as she wanted them. took the backseat to a cab which had pulled up. “Airport please,” she gave him some money and he sped off. was doing it as she thought about it, what else was she supposed to do? Her heart was pounding. As the car crawled across the road as it drew to a stop, gave her thanks and ran out of the car and straight into the terminal. She headed for the booking counter. “Has the plane to Ireland left yet? When’s the next flight?” Her voice was unsettled.
“Sorry madam there is no more flights going out to Ireland today. The only one which is going is due to leave in the next three hours. There are no more flights sorry.” The air hostess spoke gently, but it didn’t break the news any softer.
“Erm, can you tell me if someone is on the flight?” She shook her head.
“That’s confidential information madam.” Her voice was irritating and wasn’t helping situations.
“Fine.” She turned on her heel bumping into someone. “ ?” His voice was one she’d grown to love. “ ?”
“What are you doing here?” He asked placing a hand on her shoulder.
“Why did you leave ..?” She whispered. A lump had formed in her throat preventing her to say anything more.
, I couldn’t do it to you. You would have ruined your chances. I would have rather gone whilst you were filled with hate for me, than go whilst you’d know that I didn’t mean to hurt you. Does that make sense?” A tear escaped from her eye.
When a glass is dropped, it makes a loud shattering noise. When a photo falls from the window, you hear it’s landing; but when a heart breaks you hear nothing, only silent pain. One would expect for it to be the loudest noise, but nothing can be heard when a heart breaks.
“I’m sorry ,” he stroked her cheek.
“Look me in the eye and tell me that you feel nothing for me. Do it .” She insisted. gazed into her eyes. “I do feel things for you , but I don’t want that to jeopardise your chances, I care too much. I’ll be back to visit.” left a lasting kiss on her cheek. “I do like you ,” he added as their hands broke apart.
Her heart was pounding as it shattered into a million pieces but her hope wasn’t broken. Maybe next lifetime.

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