Love Of Fashion

Chapters : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11!

Chapter 1

rolled over in bed and slammed her hand down on her radio clock. She turned back over and was just about to drift of back to sleep, when it hit her today was her first day working as Westlife Stylist.

She couldn’t believe she had forgotten. She looked at her clock and saw it was only 6.30, which was good. As she wasn’t meeting Westlife’s stylist till 8.30 they would get a coffee and would talk over their day etc and then meet the lads.

hadn’t met the lads yet. They had left and Louie in charge of hiring another stylist. She was extremely nervous. Although she didn’t really know the group Westlife so well, as she had just moved over from Halifax.

Once had had a shower washed and styled her hair. She had to decided on an outfit. She wanted to make a good impression so she grabbed her black suit and wore a white vest top underneath with her heels.
looked at her make-up and decided to go for simple look she didn’t want to put too much on.

Time she was ready it was 8. She cursed under her breath. The train into Oxford Street was going to be packed solid.
Thankfully the train wasn’t that busy. walked the little walk along to star bucks she looked at her watch to see it was twenty past 8 just as she heard someone call out her name.

right?” turned around and smiled when she saw standing there. was a little shocked as to what was wearing. She was in nick tracksuit and Nike baseball hat.

“Yeah that’s me. But please call me smiled at her and opened the coffee shop door. “What do you want?” asked “ Umm just a mocha please with cream”

“Cool” turned to the waiter and placed her order. “That’s two grand mocha with cream and two muffins?” “You like muffins right?” asked turning to look at .

“Yeah” The two girls walked to the counter to pay and went to get her purse out but stopped her. “My treat a sort of welcome thing. And anyway we get morning coffee and muffin free perk of the job”

“Cool. How come?” asked. “I’m not a morning person so they bribe me by giving me sugar” laughed and Joined in

As soon as the two girls sat down looked at and smiled. “Right I’ll tell you a few things about what we can and can not do ok.”

nodded in agreement. “Right first off will start with what you’re wearing”
“I totally love it its great suit you and your colouring. But are you mad wearing heels. God girl you’re braver than me. I’m trainers all the way. You can wear whatever you want. So if you want to wear 6 inch heels you can.”

sighed with relief as soon as she had seen wearing a tracksuit she had regret her choice of outfit.

“We go shopping for the lads twice a week depending where we are and what type of things they are doing. Once I had to go out everyday to get them stuff. Once we’ve got them we take them to the hotel and get the lads to try them on and see what they think etc. Sometimes they come with us or I take them out personally depending on what they want etc. As you know you’re going to be trained up to travel with the lads and work with them alone. Like me.”

nodded and smiled taking in what had just told her. It sounded simple enough.

“Want to know the added bonus?” asked with a sly grin. “Dressing four of the most fittest Irish men alive. Wait till you see them in their underwear. Well a bit shy the others aren’t. Watch and . When I first started them two walked out on me wearing nothing but a smile. I’m glad they had their hands over their man hood.”

“Oh my god. That must have been terrifying.” said bursting out laughing. If it had been her she would have died on the spot.

“Nah well yeah but I’ve been obsessed with ever since” winked.

“So I sat we shop till we drop. Today were looking for casual stuff. I saw this really nice shirt in Gucci for .”

looked at for a moment noticing that had said his name servile times.

“You two dating?” stopped and looked at her. “What me and hell no. Gross his a mate. I’ve worked with these lads for 3 years I know them inside out. I guess I’m closet to . But I’m close to all of them there like my brothers. Were all a family. You’re the newest one.” smiled holding the door open for .

“Alright, that was a long day of shopping even for me” said placing the bags down in ’s hotel room.

“Yeah it was long but hey you did good in those heels I would have died when we were at Vuitton” said with a smile.

“I should be dead but when I was hostess back at home for a this restaurant I had to wear heels like this all night and I was on my feet of most of it” said “But I know I won’t be wearing them much anymore”

“Okay lets sort this all out for each guy then we will go and have a bite to eat” said getting the clothes out of their bags.

It took the girls almost an hour to sort all the clothes they bought for the guys. As soon as they finished they freshen up and headed downstairs to grab something for dinner. The two of them were chatting away like they had been forever which loved because she still was not really feeling at home yet she still missed Halifax so this was great to have a real friend around.

“Hey look there is in the restaurant” said pointing over to her “Oh that must be the new girl”

was not really paying attention to but turned when he mentioned that the new stylist was with . She was gorgeous she had golden brown hair, tanned skin and great eyes. She was laughing at something that had said her smile almost took breath away.

! Stop staring and come on to say hello” said laughing.

The four them walked into the restaurant and turned her head to see who was coming in “Well are you ready because here they come” she smiled at .

took a deep breath and turned to see four of the best looking guys she had ever seen walking towards her. Yes she had seen pictures of them but they did not do them justice at all. All four them where gorgeous men but stood out to his eyes met hers and she was not sure she was going to be able to speak.

“Hey said coming up to her kissing her cheek.

“Hey boys, this is your new stylist , this is Westlife” said.

“Hi, nice you meet all of you” said standing up shaking ’s hand and then so on until the introductions were over.

“So you’re the lucky lady who gets to put up with us” said with a smile “We really aren’t as bad as the papers make us out to be by the way”

“Well I actually wouldn’t know I just moved over from Halifax two weeks ago when she heard a new stylist was needed for you guys. I just finished working with Backstreet Boys so I hopped on plane and headed over here” explained “My mom wished I had of stayed home for longer but what can you do when Westlife needs new stylist”

“Exactly” said “That is cool you don’t really know though but also bad for you since you really have no idea what you have gotten yourself into” Everyone laughed. They all sat around and chatted for about and hour before said she had to leave. told her what was in store for the next day and when to meet her. When she left the boys all hugged her and said they were glad and Louie picked her. This was going to be a good time and was really happy she had gotten the job.

When got back to her apartment there was a message on her phone “Hey , its Nick I miss you call me back”

When had worked as head stylist for Backstreet Boys her and Nick became really close and even became a couple but it was not working for and that is why she left working with them because it was too hard and then she fled to London as soon as she heard about this job she was worried to though since it could all happen again. She really wished Nick would leave her alone though. She erased the message and went to have a hot bath.

Chapter 2

“I’m going to bed guys. I’ll see you tomorrow. Me and want a fashion show tomorrow” said kissing and hugging the guys in turn.

“I’ll walk you to your room. There’s a movie on that I want to watch” said standing up walking behind .

The other lads looked at each other and laughed.

Once they were at ’s door she smiled shyly at him. “You want to watch the movie in mine?”

“Yeah ok” said smiling back at her. Once they were both in the safety of room. stepped towards her and kissed her passionately. “God I’ve been dying to do that all day.”

“Me to Hun” replied once they pulled apart. “Well you know what else I’ve been dying to do” said with a cheeky grin

“Oh yeah what’s that then?” “This” with that pushed on her bed and climbed on top of her kissing her again while letting his hand run up the side of her top making her giggle.

woke up early the next morning. She was going to the hotel to get the lads options on the clothes her and brought yesterday. She was extremely excited especially at the thought of seeing almost Naked.

All of a sudden she realised what she thought. She couldn’t go down this road again. Not after last time. She couldn’t. “Note to self under no terms do not fall for . Think of him as a friend. Think of his eyes. No don’t think of his eyes think friend.”

She told her self. She had repeated the same sentence over time and time again in her head. Once she was at the hotel she was pretty sure she had convinced herself that she wouldn’t fall for .

“Hey ” a voice shouted behind her. She turned around and came face to face with .

moved from foot to foot unsure of what to do. “Don’t look in his eyes,” She kept telling herself time and time again.”

smiled the best she could pushing everything inside her away. She was going to do this properly and not have a crush on one of the lads in the band.

“So may I walk you in?” asked holding out his arm for her to take. Which did.

On the way up to ’s room they chit chatted about her first day, and what type of styles liked and didn’t like.

They finally reached ’s room. When they walked in everyone was already waiting on them.

had a right laugh as the guys tried on the clothes, It was never this much fun when she work with the Backstreet boys. and pulled her into the bathroom saying they were going to give her a proper showing of what they really looked like. But thankfully they never did.

She felt like she had been working with them forever. She loved that.

“Right were off. You are coming to the bar later tonight aren’t you?” said more as a matter of fact than a statement

“Yeah she’s coming we’ve got to welcome her in properly with a drinking contest haven’t we” laughed

“Yeah be fun I need to go home and change first” said walking to the door.

“I’ll go with you if that’s ok. I need some fresh air” said shly.

looked to the others for help, but she decided to think friends and agree to it.

“Yeah ok.”

Once and were out the room. turned to them and smiled. “I think s got a crush”

“You’re not the only one who thinks that” said giggling.

and walked out of the hotel and waiting for taxi to pull up.

“So do you want us pick you up or what?” asked fumbling with his shirt.

“No, that is okay” said not looking him “I can meet you there”“Nah, we’ll come by pick you up at 8” said opening the cab door for .

“Alright see you then” said getting to the cab.

went back up with the others who started teasing him as soon as he walked back into the room.

LOVES the new stylist” laughed.

“Feck off you guys! She is nice but I don’t like her like that okay” said getting up and leaving the room.

“Defensive yup he loves her” said which caused everyone to laugh.

had taken a bath and now was throwing her clothes around the room trying to figure out what to wear. She had changed into at least six different outfits and finally decided on her dark demin jeans, pink dressy tank top and matching pink heels. She wore her hair with a loose curl and her make up soft. It was ten to eight so she went to wait for the others.

was in her room doing her hair and make up. Her hair was down and curly her make up fun but soft. She decided to wear her jeans and a baby blue corset top. She smiled at her appearance when she was finished. She heard a knock at the door when she opened it she found standing there wearing black trousers and blue shirt which made his eyes pop.

“Hey, you ready?” he asked coming into the room.

“Yup I just” cut her off by kissing her “That is always enjoyable. But we have to go. told me we getting at 8 and well it is 8 now” “Actually is off to get her already. We are meeting him at Click at 9:30” said kissing her again.

“Plenty of time then” said deepening the kiss.

jumped up from her seat when she heard the doorbell. She opened the door to find standing there looking gorgeous in a charcoal shirt and jeans both of which she had bought for him the day before.

“So you like what I bought you huh?” said letting him in.

“Of course I do” said kissing her cheek “You look great by the way”

“Aww thanks you look good too but since I picked out the clothes I couldn’t really say you looked bad” said smiling at him “Shouldn’t be be going”

“Yeah we should but we are going to dinner first” said smiling back at her “Just me and you though I hope that is okay”

“Oh yeah that is fine” said as her doorbell rang again “Just a second” walked to the door “Nick? What are you doing here?”

“I missed you and you never call me back” Nick said pulling into a hug.

held his breath watching Nick Carter hug before kissing her. He wanted out as soon as possible.

“Umm. I’ll leave you to it. Then” said from the hallway.

pushed Nick of her and looked at feeling really guilty. Nick looked at then back to . “Who is he?” He asked raising his eyebrows at .

“I work with him. This is his in Westlife. Were going out meeting up with the others in the band and the other stylist.” found herself explaining

“Cool. Well can’t you not go and stay with me please” Nick asked with puppy dog eyes.

“No. I only started yesterday and it’s a welcome me to the group. So I’m going. Ok I’ll call you later I promise” lent forward and gave him a little kiss on the cheek.
Then closed the door. Leaning her head against it feeling the tears appear in her eyes.

“Hey you ok?” asked walking up to her and laying a hand on her shoulder. As soon as felt s hand on her she turned around and cried in his arms.

led her to the living room and sat her down on the sofa with her still grabbing at his shirt.

They sat like that for an about half an hour when sat up and brushed her eyes. “I’m sorry.” She said shyly looking at seeing concern writing all over his face.

“Look don’t worry. Do you want to skip the club tonight we can do it some other time?”

“Please. Sorry it’s just I can’t go now. I need to think” took s hand in his and kissed the back of it lightly. “It’s ok and if you want to talk you can ok.”

stood up to leave he was just walking out the door when called him back.

. Look I know I don’t know you but could you stay with me please.” She asked going from foot to foot.

“Yeah of course I will. I’ll call the others and order take out what you think?”

“Thanks great thanks smiled and went to phone the others.

Chapter 3

“Their not coming” said walking back to the group table in click.

“Don’t tell me there at it all ready. He knows the rules,” said shaking his head.

“Something happened and she’s upset so thought it was best to forget tonight.” said glaring at .

“Where’s ?” asked sitting down and noticing he wasn’t there. “His dancing with some chick” said taking a mouthful of drink.

’s head shot over to the dance floor feeling sick to her stomach. she realised that her and were just fun. Well it was fun for him but for her it wasn’t it was much more than that. She had to get out before it was to late.

“You ok?” asked noticed that was staring at “Yep” She said smiling.

“Look guys I’m going back to the hotel. I’ll see you tomorrow. Were splitting you four up so I get two and gets two. “

“Ooo lucky us.” “No lucky me as I get you two” blew them a kiss and headed off back to her hotel room.

After about half an hour finally came back to the table “Where is everyone?” He asked concerned.

s with she’s upset and went back to the hotel.” replied
picked up a place mat and started to fiddle with it.

“So who was the girl you were with?” asked “Some girl. .” “You seemed keen” laughed.

gave a small smile his brain elsewhere. “It was just dancing. She gave me her number but will see.”

“So you lot want to go. I’m tried and me and ’s are shopping with tomorrow and you know what that mean” He said smiling

“You are. Can I come to want some new bits.” asked hopefully. “You and are with .” “Ok cool. Yeah I want to go back” The three lads got up and headed back to the hotel

was leaning out over the balcony of her hotel room she saw the lads come back she thought about shouting down like she normally did but she wasn’t in the mood. But she knew she had to shape up by the time she saw next.

She picked up her phone and thought about texting her friend Nads but decided against it. She wouldn’t be able to do anything. And at the end of the day it was her own fault for allowing herself to fall in love with him.

woke up the next morning with two strong arms around her. She looked up to see they belonged to . She noticed that the plates from the take away were still on the floor and that the DVD menu was playing over and over again.

She sat up gently but instantly woke up who smiled at her. “Morning. How are you feeling?” He asked stretching out.

“I’m ok thanks. Thanks for listening to me last night. I didn’t mean to do that to you. So sorry” said looking to the floor.

“Its fine. You needed it off your chest I’m a good listener.” “Yeah you are”

Two hours later and were at the hotel in ’s room. had to laugh it was the meeting point. She couldn’t help but notice that seemed a bit different in the way she was. She was wearing dark glasses and a hat that hide her face.
But put it down to a hangover.

“So , your with . You know the score and be nice.” and are with me. Lets shop.” said and headed for the door.

The groups had been shopping for a few hours now and the guys were all starting to complain since all day shopping really was not their thing. called and told her it was time for a lunch break and they should all meet at Café Rouge for a bite to eat.

and the boys were already there when other three walked in. heart went to her throat when she saw Nick sitting the corner. He did not yet seen her so she just went and sat down with the others. Nick looked up from his newspaper when he heard her laugh. He saw her sitting with Westlife. Without even thinking he got up and went over to her.

“Forget to call me again?” Nick said froze “By the way you didn’t go out last night”

“Nick, I was going to call you when I got home from work tonight” said turning around to look at him “And how do you know I didn’t go out last night”

“Because I went to Click and they were all there expect you two” Nick said pointing at and her “You run away from me to be him? Come on

“Nick, lets go to your table” said getting up gave her look but she gave him a faint smile.

The others hardly spoke trying to hear what Nick and were talking about they only got bits and pieces when Nick would raise his voice. Nick slammed his fist on table before storming out leaving almost crying. rushed over to the table and held her.

“Hey it is okay” said trying to reassure her everything was going to be fine even though he had no idea what had just done on but he knew he was not going to let anything happen to her.

After a few more minutes took a deep breath and her and went back with the others. No asked what was said or what happened, she would tell them when she was ready. said maybe she should take the rest of the day or sort it out but would not hear of it. Once lunch was over the two groups went their separate ways and would meet up at ’s hotel room once shopping was finished.

The rest of the day went smoothly. The lads tried on all their for both girls to make sure it did all really look good. Since they were all getting hungry they decided it was time to head out for dinner. declined and went home instead. She was tired and just wanted to go home.

The others were all sitting around the table laughing about nothing and eating.

“So you gonna give that girl a call?” asked.

“I don’t know I might” said feeling uncomfortable talking about other girls like that around , how was last night with ?”

“She was upset, she talked, I listened, then we fell asleep” said knowing what the guys were getting at.

“You’re sweet said “And a good friend to her” smiled at she always knew how to make the guys stop teasing him.

’s cell phone rang “Hello?” He answered “Help me

, what’s wrong? Where are you?” asked frantically. He got no response “

“What’s wrong ?” asked worried about .

“I don’t know” said running from the restaurant with the other close behind.

ran up the stairs to ’s flat leaving the other to pay to for the taxi. The door was open. He took a deep breath before opening it. He found laying on the floor in the living room barely breathing.

“Call someone” yelled when the others walked in. held “Hold on , help is coming”

“Who did this?” said crying.

“Nick” said with rage in his voice “She ran away from him because he was too possessive of her when they were together. She was scared of him since he was calling on stop since she left and now he is here”

“Who is here for Ms. ” the doctor asked.

“All of us” said.

“I have good news, she is going to be fine” the doctor informed them “Bruised but totally fine”

“Thanks so much Doctor, can we see her?” asked.

“Of course, she is down in room 432” he said. Everyone thanked him again before going down to ’s room.

“Hey said walking over to her bed.

“Hi” said weakly.

“You’re gonna be fine” said holding her hand “And you never gonna be hurt again I promise you that”

“Thanks ” “Rest you’re tired” nodded and closed her eyes.

“She can leave tomorrow” said coming into the room “She probably going to sleep until tomorrow now with the pain meds she had in her”

“Alright then we should let her sleep” said everyone started walking out of the room expect who sitting down holding ’s hand still.

“Come on , get some sleep and come back tomorrow” said softly “She is going to be fine”

“No, I’m not leaving her” said without taking his eyes off her “No one likes being in the hospital alone”

“Okay stay here” went over and hugged and they all left.

Chapter 4

Back at the hotel was sitting her room wondering if was actually going to call that chick. She knew she should be thinking about but she could not take her mind off and that girl dancing at the club.

decided she had enough of wondering what was going on with her and . So she decided to take the ball by the horns and speak to him.

was lying on his bed thinking of his situation. About and about . When there was a knock on the door. He stood up and opened it to see standing there.

“You would think that since you’d been shopping you would remember how to put some clothes on.” said looking up and down.

looked down and blushed he had forgot he was just in his boxers.

“Yeah but I’m not good at getting dressed myself that’s why we have you. And now ” He smiled back with his boyish smile making droll.

walked over to the chair and sat down while sat on the edge of the bed biting her bottom lip as she looked at the floor.

“Is everything ok?” asked breaking the silence looked up at him. Wishing she could say what she wanted to but knowing she couldn’t not until she knew.

“So I was thinking about you and .” frowned at her “What you mean you’ve been thinking about me and ?”

“You like her right?” “Yeah she seems ok.” “Well you got her number you should call her.”

looked at for a moment. “ But I’m not sure I want to. I mean I’ve been thinking about it but what about you?”

looked back at the floor fixing her eyes on a spot of dirt on the floor. “ What about me . What have we got here? Were a secret unless you want to come out about us?”

stood up and put his tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt finding himself getting a bit cold.

“You know we can’t. Were fun.” said word out before he could stop them.

looked up at him it was what she thought. He looked at her as fun while she was falling in love with him.

“Yeah and you’ve got someone who is interested in you. So you know call her you know she maybe the one. You can have fun with her.” stood up and went to the door.

were still friends aren’t we?” asked hoping he hadn’t lost her completely.

“Yeah of course we are. We’ve always been friends.”

was resting his head on his arms when he felt someone stroking his hair. He looked up and saw looking at him.

“You should go home and rest. You don’t have to stay with me” shock his head in protest. “No way. I’m not leaving you. I promise I’m going to take care of you ok.”

smiled at him. Knowing that she was falling for him and powerless to stop herself.

Chapter 5


Nick had finally left alone thanks to Jake Westlife Bodyguard having a few words with him. and her had become really close he would always look after her and make sure she was ok. Everyone around them could see how much they thought of each other, but business did not mix with pleasure. So Louie would always say he even had and in to his office just to warn them about dating.

But was happy with the way things were. But she knew if ever did ask her out she would be saying yes. They had come close to kissing a few times but one of them would stop it just at the right moment.

had become distant from the group especially . She would do her job, sometimes she would go out on the town with them but then she would disappear no one knew why and she always said she was fine and a busy woman. But the truth was she was fed up with bring everywhere with him she felt he was rubbing her face in it.

Everyone was getting ready for a Promotional tour in Miami. They would get two weeks off before it started. They had booked a private villa on a beach. , and naturally were taking. , and . So that left , and but everyone knew and would hang together. So when announced she was bringing someone everyone was shocked. wouldn’t say who it was either.

Everyone was waiting in the hotel lobby for ’s mystery man to show up. Five minutes later he walked in mouths dropping to the floor when they saw who it was.

“Robbie William. Your guy is Robbie William.” whispered under her breath.

turned around and smiled. “What can I say I’ve tamed him” walked over to him and kissed him feeling all the eyes on her back.

was sitting next to on the plane he noticed that she was nervous.
“Don’t you like flying?” he asked her taking her hand. “No not really. I hate the take off and the landing.”

“Well talk to me and you’ll be fine. You won’t even notice.”

felt someone shake him gently. He made a grunting sound. “ come on where here.” opened one eye to see laughing at him

“We are. How did that happen?” “ You feel asleep. Talk about make a girl feel like she was boring you.”

“Yeah you were hence the falling asleep.” slapped him gently on the arm.

pulled her towards him. “You never bore” He kissed her on the tip of her nose knowing that he shouldn’t but he didn’t really care.
After an hour drive the two jeeps pulled up outside the Villa everyone jumped out taking the view in. It was huge, and right on the beach. It was completely private.

Everyone picked a room. had managed to beat everyone to the biggest room on the 3rd floor that looked onto the sea front but was disappointed to no that and was on the same floor.

“I better not see them on the balcony” thought to herself.

and had picked the two rooms downstairs. While and and their girls had picked the two rooms on the second floor.

“Anyone fancy going shopping for some food?” asked opening the fried door to see it empty.

“I will” and offered together they both burst out laughing.

“Okay, so the three so will be back with too much food probably” said walking out with and .

“Robbie, when did you meet our ?” asked.

“We met at Click about a month and half ago” Robbie said “She is great girl”

“I know, just remember there is one of you and four of us. Hurt her and we’ll kill you” said glaring at Robbie.

Robbie laughed and walked away from to go and find . She was unpacking her stuff from her suitcase when Robbie walked in.

“Did you and ever have a thing?” Robbie asked her while opening his suitcase.

“Oh god no, Louie would have a fit and a half. We used to be great friends but you know things change” said going into the bathroom to change.

“You would think you were together by the way he just threatened me,” Robbie said calmly.

“HE WHAT?” yelled coming from the bathroom in her pink bikini.

“Yeah, just said if I hurt you they would kill me or something,” Robbie said, “You look amazing in the suit. Just let me change and we will head down to the beach” Robbie kissed her cheek and went into the bathroom.

put on a little mini, grabbed her sunglasses and towel and headed downstairs to wait for Robbie. was in the kitchen when she got there.

, threaten Robbie again and I will have your head” said sternly “I don’t need you to protect me”

, you know he a player and he is probably using you” spat “I cannot help but want to protect you”

“Feck off and protect spat back before Robbie entered the kitchen and took by the hand to lead her outside.

“Don’t let him get to you. It didn’t bother me,” he said.

When , and got back it took them 3 trips to bring all the bags of food in. Everyone had to help put it all away. Once that was finished they decided it was time to make dinner so after a flip of the coin it was decided the girls would make dinner and the boys would clean it up.

“Oh I’m so full” said “Girls, you did well”

“Thanks Sweetie” said kissing his cheek “Girls we did do a great job”

“Damn straight we did” said taking a sip of wine “The boys even did an okay job cleaning up” Everyone laughed.

“Who wants to watch a movie?” asked looking at some DVDs.

“Me” came from almost everyone.

, you don’t feel like it?” asked

“I want to go for a walk on beach actually” said getting up.

“Okay, can I come?” smiled “Sure you can”

In the end no one could decided on one movie so they all took the one they wanted and went their rooms to watch them.

Chapter 6

took off her shoes once they reached the beach. She took a deep breath looking out at the ocean, which looked gorgeous under the moon light. They walked for a bit before took ’s hand. It was natural for them to do this but this time felt a bolt of electricity go through him. stopped and looked out at the water.

“There is nothing more calming then the ocean” said looking over at .

“There is for me” said smiling “Nothing calms me like your voice”

, don’t be cheesy” said softly pushing him away.

“I mean it” said cupping ’s face in his hands

“We can’t do this” said in a whisper. brushed his lips against hers which sent a shiver down both of their spines. pulled back and looked her in the eyes before pressing his lips against hers. wrapped her hands around ’s neck as his moved down to her waist to pull her closer to him. deepened the kiss and fully accepted him doing so.

finally pulled away “I wanna be with you

Back at the house was sitting in bed listening to Robbie snore. For being such a player he was actually quite a bore. wished she was there with instead but no was flitting around like an idiot and just annoying . Even though it was going to be a nice vacation knew it was going to be long one.

was lying in bed with sleeping on his chest. She was nice girl but she was not . knew he felt something for but he could act on it. Louie would kill him. knew Louie had already warned and about dating so how were and suppose to see if something could really happen with them if they could not even come out in the open. sighed and tried to go sleep. This was going be a long vacation.

opened his eyes when he heard the gang downstairs making loads of noise he looked next to him and smiled. was lying in his arms.
He had never had something feel so right before. He knew he had fallen for her. Never in his life had a woman had this effect on him before. The words from Louie jumped in his head. ‘If you date you’ll regret it. Both of you.’

But who was Louie to tell him what to do or not. But he knew if he wanted in his life her being his styles was the only way.

gently got out of bed and headed to the kitchen to get some juice for him and .

When he went back to his room wasn’t anywhere to be seen. He walked along to her room and knocked on the door.

“Come in” A voice shouted from the other side. “You’ll have to open it for me got drinks”

sighed when she heard ’s voice. She couldn’t believe she had slept with him. She never slept with anyone unless she was in a relationship. She knew there was a connection with . Last night was a one-night stand she knew that and she knew only saw it as that.

She opened the door and smiled “Hey” “Hi I got you juice.” said handing her the glass. “Thanks.”

They both stood there looking at each other neither one knowing what to say or do.
was never one for silence so she broke it.

“I’m going to get ready. See you later.” With that she closed the door behind her.

stood there looking at the door realising that he had made a mistake with he had fallen for her and she didn’t feel the same. Yet he was pretty sure she did.

babes you coming to the beach” said walking in the living room in the worlds most tiniest Bikini.

looked up and choked on his drink. “ Umm yeah I’ll be down in a little while. Want to go surfing.”

“Cool you can rub some sun cream on me” said smiling she stepped forward and kissed him on the check. “Love you babes” didn’t know what to do so. He knew he didn’t love her he kissed her instead and smiled. “ I’m a lucky man to have you”

turned around and looked at who was now hidden behind a magazine. “You want to come surfing with me?”

“No not really. Got better things to do” snapped “God pmt or what” said walking into the living room. stood up and glared at . “I am not pmt” She shouted.
As walked out the door she crashed into who looked how she felt

“Hey Hun. You ok?” asked “Yes and no. can I talk to you about something please?”

nodded the two girls headed out to the jeep where took them to a tiny little coffee shop she found with Robbie the day before.

“Ok what I have to tell you, you have to promise A- not to get mad and B- don’t tell Louie”

nodded as she picked up her coffee the waitress had just brought them.

“Oh god. I’ve got a problem and I don’t know what to do. I’ve fallen in love with someone I can’t have and I’ve slept with them but nothing can happen cause of the situation” said tears in her eyes

“Ok firstly I would never tell Louie anything. And I’m not mad oh and before I forget I know your talking about you and .”

sighed with relief at what had just said. “ They suck don’t they? Get you to fall for them but they have no attention to follow through on anything. And the whole we can’t date cause of Louie is just a easy way out. Stupid male pigs.” said slamming her cup down on the side.

looked at in shock something she didn’t notice before making its self very clear.

. Oh my god.” looked up in a panic “ Yeah . He decides it was fun and he’d sooner be with . While I’ve fallen in love with him”

“I tried not to fall for . Especially after Nick. I worked for him and fell for him. But with his different his so caring.”

is an amazing guy and I can’t believe he would use you like that.”

“Yeah well you know the power of the moonlight” replied trying to make a joke of it.

“We should make a pact not to get involved with and again. We can swap guys. I’ll have and , You can have and offered hoping would say yes so when she did was grateful.

Chapter 7

It was 11.30 time and got back to the villa everyone was in a panic over where they had got to.

“Where have you been? I’ve I mean we’ve been worried” said in as rush as soon as the door was open. “

looked at . “I don’t think what we were doing has anything to do with you .” said defensively making take a step back he knew that knew about him and .

Over the next few days and spent more time together much to Robbie’s annoyance. was just coming back from the shops with she walked into her room to see Robbie packing.

“Why you packing?” Robbie turned around and looked at her. “Cause we haven’t spent no time together what so ever. We’ve not even slept together since we got here. I need sex.”

“I’ve had stuff to do.” “You’ve not spent anytime with me what so ever.” He said slamming his suitcase shut.

“Sorry I didn’t know that I had to follow you around like a little puppy dog.”

Robbie went to say something but changed his mind. Robbie walked out the door and down the stairs to where there was a cab waiting for him. He put his stuff in the cab then turned and went back inside.

“Were over just in case I wasn’t very clear. Oh and by the way I’ve been shagging another birds. You’re crap shag anyway. Stupid tart”

Robbie went to leave when he feel back onto the floor. He was then picked up and thrown out. When he focused he saw standing there glaring at him all ready for a fight but he got in the cab and left.

walked over to and put his arms on her shoulder. “You ok?” broke out her daze and looked at him. She shock of his shoulder and ran upstairs slamming the door shut

was sitting down on the rocks at the bottom end of the beach her chin resting on her knees. When she felt a presence behind her.

“Hey I’ve been trying to get you alone for ages but you’ve been glued to .” said sitting next to her.

“Yeah girlie stuff.” took a deep breath he turned her head to look at him. “ I’ve missed you being around me. I don’t like this tension. I’m sorry about the other night, I thought it was right at the time. But I want us to be friends. I miss us.”

held back the tears shocking herself that she was in fact doing just that. “I miss us being friends too. it wasn’t just you it was me as well. Can we just go back to the way we were before? Please?”

nodded he took her hand in his and brushed his lips over it.

“BRIT” called to her

“What is it ?” said standing up.

is really upset” said frowning “She won’t talk to anyone”

“I’m coming” said looking down at “I’ll talk to you later” nodded and went off with back to house.

‘How can I just be friends with her?’ thought to himself.

sweetie open the door” said softly, she heard the lock click open and she opened the door. was sitting on the bed with red puffy eyes. closed the door before going over to hug “What happened sweetie?”

“Robbie left and called me a tart and other things then came over and that is what made me cry because I didn’t want him to see Robbie leaving me calling me those names and then telling me he was cheating on me” sobbed “I just wanted to miss what he was missing”

“Oh said soothingly “Remember we do not care about the lads like that anymore. I know it hard but we have to stop. Tomorrow me and you are gonna go off for a few days to get away from them okay?”

“That sounds good. Where should go?” said calming down a bit.

“Where else would two stylists go?” said smiling “New York City”

smiled “That would be great , thanks so much.”
“No problem I’m going to go and get everything ready for us to leave and you go and have a nice lay down in the bath” walking to the door “New York isn’t going to know what hit them”

smiled and nodded. It was going to be good to get away from the lads especially and .

“Is she okay?” asked coming from his room.

“Yeah, we are gonna go away for a few days to New York” said walking downstairs.

“Oh” said “We just need some space before the Promo tour starts smiled and walked into her room.

walked down to the beach to see everyone in the water or lying on the beach. was whining about something to who did not seem at all interested. was not the girl for him he just needed to figure out how he would get rid of her without looking like an ass.

“Hey , is okay?” asked.

“Yeah, I guess so her and are leaving tomorrow I guess for a few days” said sitting down by .

“What? Where are they going?” asked shocked they were leaving since him and had just made up.

“New York” said staring out onto the ocean.

got up and walked back to the house and right to ’s room. She was making the final plans for their flights tomorrow. He did not want to go. He knew they could only be friends but he wanted to her to be a friend that was there all the time. must have needed to leave since wouldn’t just say she wanted them to be friends again but then leave right?

“Oh , you scared me” said placing her mobile down.

“Sorry, so you’re leaving tomorrow morning?” asked blankly.

“Yeah needs to get out for a bit and we will do from shopping for you guys. I promise to bring you back something nice” said laughing.

“As long as you come back I’m happy” Mark said softly.

“You’re such a dork said kissing his cheek. wrapped his arms around and pulled her closer to him.

“I know it will be hard and I knew I might get rejected because I have no idea how you feel but can we try to make something with us” the words just flew out of ’s mouth without him even thinking about it.

“I have to go and check on said pulling his arms from her.

“I’m sorry said after she left the room “But I love you”

Chapter 8

knocked on door and as soon as she had opened it she was in her arms crying. “Oh my god what’s wrong?” asked concerned.

he, he said he wanted us to give it ago. He was I don’t know how you feel about me he said he wants me .”

pulled into a hug. “Well I say we go to New York and you see how you feel. It’ll give you time to take in what he said and see what you want ok Hun “

“Ok.” “ You want to stay in my room tonight?” “Please that would be great. Thanks .”

“Hey don’t thank me. I’ll go and get us some drinks.” said standing up

walked into the kitchen to see standing there with a beer in his hand staring into space

“You want to talk about it?” broke out his daze and looked at her. “ Oh hey. How are you? Is ok.”

“I’m ok, and will be ok.” “ it’s a mess.” looked at him tipping her head to the side.

“Come on will go for a walk and you can tell me about it.” smiled at her.

”Thanks. I just want to change my top.” nodded her head she made a drink and grabbed a tub an ice cream from the freezer.

“I hope your not going to eat all of that?” said walking into the kitchen.

looked at him. “No it’s for .” She went to walk past but he grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

“Look I’m sorry about Robbie and I’m not going to say I told you so but I am going to tell you one thing. What he told you was a loud of rubbish. Me and you have been together and I know for a fact, your amazing and you don’t even know it.” said stepping closer to her.

“I’m ready” said walking back in. sighed with relief when he walked in.

“I’ve got to give this to then I’ll be with you” run upstairs to her room.

“Here you go Hun. wants to talk “ “What to me” said jumping up from the bed.

“No I said I’ll talk to him, he seems really down Hun. I’ve never seen like this. I think his for real.”

“You, you do” replied shocked. “Well something’s up with him”

left her room a few minutes later her and walked along the beach. explained to her about his feelings for how he has fallen in love with her.
How he knew she didn’t feel the same way.

She wanted to tell him that she didn’t but it wasn’t her place. Then a thought crossed her mind.

“Look . Will go to New York for a few days give her time to think then see how it goes ok.”

But what didn’t say was that if neither of them told each other there true feelings they would be getting locked in the room until they did sort it out.

She always was going to make it her mission to deal with Louie if he did or said anything to them about it.

“So how come us girls didn’t get a invite to New York” said pouting as she rested her head on ’s shoulder.

“Cause they needed a break they got things on their mind. And they’re getting us lads some bits as well.” said for what seemed the hundredth time that day.

“Well I think there being selfish. We all could have gone. Bet it was that jumped up cow”

“Who?” asked knowing if she said he would personally kill her

. Miss I’m going to sit around and be a moody bitch. She has issues don’t know how you lot put up with her. I’m dying for her to say something to me then I can give her a slap.” said as a matter of fact.

and burst out laughing they got a confused look of .

“ I’d pay to see that. you don’t even know . And trust us If you touched she would kick your arse into the next year.”

“Well I don’t like her” “Well maybe she doesn’t like you” said feeling his temper rise inside him.

stood up having enough of . “ I’m going to call see if she got us anything Want to ask her to get me something.”
went to his room he picked up his phone and dialled ’s number. After a few rings it picked up but it wasn’t ’s voice it was a man. promptly it back down.

“Hey give me that back,” shouted as Lee answered her phone.

“They hang up.” Lee replied throwing her phone back. “You know you blue boys are a pain.” said laughing again.

When and got to New York and checked into the Hilton they had bumped into blue. had worked with them when they were in New York and had worked for them when Westlife had a few months off after touring.

And some how and had got collared into shopping with them again.

As looked at her last called number she was disappointed to see they had withheld their number.

“Who was it ?” asked

“I don’t know the number or name didn’t come up” said putting her phone back into her purse.

“Can’t you guys stay longer?” Duncan asked pleadingly.

“No, wish we could but we have to get back. The lads have a Promo tour starting soon so we have to make sure they look great” said picking up a shirt “Which lad ?”

said “Lee, here is a shirt for you”

“So you leave tomorrow morning?” Lee said coming up behind to take the shirt.

“Yup, this was just a short trip to clear our heads” explained.

“Well want to come out with me tonight?” Lee asked

“How about we all go out?” said “But I want to alone with you”

shook her head “No, all of us”

“Fine” Lee said taking the shirt.

“Girls come back tomorrow night right?” asked.

“Yup, they will get here about 10pm” said slumping down onto the sofa.

“How are they?” asked
“I don’t know didn’t answer” said with his eyes glued to the TV screen “I’m going to bed”

it is only 9pm” said.

“Yeah I know just really sleepy today,” said getting up and leaving them room. The three lads just looked at each other giving a knowing look.

“I cannot believe the Blue boys didn’t show last night,” said packing her suitcase

“Lee was mad at me so he probably got them not to come” explained.

“Why?” asked

“He wanted to go out alone last night him and me,” said giving a look.

“Ohhhh, yeah no not happening those boys are PLAYERS” said closing her suitcase “Looking forward to getting back?”

“Yes and no” said walking into the bathroom to get the rest of make up.

“I know I feel the same” said “But lets go and do some girlie shopping enough with the boys”

“Yes, VUITTON here I come” said laughing.

Chpater 9

Everyone was in the kitchen having drinks when they heard the door open. The lads rushed to the foyer to help the girls since they knew they would have a load of stuff, which they did.

“Thanks Guys” said hugging them. noticed how held onto longer.

“We missed you two” said.

“We were only gone two days” said laughing “But lets get this up to my room since it is the biggest. We have sorting to do

“Too much sorting we never should have said we were going to shop for you guys.” said.

After everything was up in ’s room the girls sorted out everything and chatted about nothing even though they both knew they had to do something about what was going on. knew if and talk within a day she was locking them a room. wanted to help get together with but she had no idea how she was going to do it since she knew Louie would have a fit. She always had no idea what she was going to do about . The trip to New York did not help at all in that department.

“So when are you going to talk to him?” finally asked.
“I don’t know I know have to but I really don’t want to.” said getting ’s and ’s clothes “But I’m take these to and ’s rooms.

“All right Hun maybe you should talk to him now” said giving her a supportive look.

“Maybe” said leaving the room.

walked downstairs she knew she wasn’t going to talk to yet, she just wasn’t ready. She didn’t even know what she was going to say to him.She knocked on his door didn’t get no reply. So she knocked a bit louder. She went to turn away but the door opened was standing there in a towel and dripping wet.

felt herself start to blush and the night they spent together flashed in her mind giving her butterflies.

“You ok?” asked her noticing she was staring at him. “Umm oh yeah sorry, was thinking” replied feeling her cheeks going redder.

“ I brought your clothes for you. I got you this as well.” handed him a Yanks cap.
broke into a smile. “Thanks you didn’t have to do that.”

“I saw it and thought of you, I remembered you saying you had lost yours its nothing special”

“Yes it is. You got it.” smiled at him shyly god she wanted to tell him she wanted to give it ago but she couldn’t. Could she?

looked threw the bag she placed on the bed loving everything she had picked for him. He still had the burning question in his mind but was so afraid to ask her. He wanted to give her time but he didn’t want to give her too much time that she’d go with someone else.

“So did you meet anyone while you were in New York?” “Umm no. Met up with the blue boys but that was it. They wanted some advice so and I went shopping.”

“Oh right so that’s who it was then.” looked at him confused. “What do you mean?” She asked sitting on the edge of the bed and unpacking some of the bags and handing them to .

“I called you a guy answered. So I thought that you’d met someone”
“ That was you. Why did you with hold your number? I would have called you back. Lee was being a jackass.”

“I well I, I wasn’t sure you would speak to me” said honestly.

“Why wouldn’t I speak to you? Were friends aren’t we?” “Yeah but cause of what I said I wasn’t sure if you’d be ok with me”

stood up and walked over to taking his hands in hers and looking deep into his eyes.

you mean a lot to me. I don’t want to lose your friendship. I can’t imagine my life without you in it”

broke into a huge smile his heart beating a million times faster than ever before.
He pulled towards him hugging her tightly, he knew she was the one and he was going to make sure she was his. He didn’t care what Louie said.

dropped ’s stuff off in his room then went to ’s. She knocked on his door, she heard shout out. “Who ever you are go away. Were busy having sex.”

wanted to make a comment but decided against it she just walked back to her room and sat on the bed and cried. Feeling stupid. Of course and would have sex they were a couple, that’s what people do have sex.

woke up the next morning to find she was still in the same outfit as she was the night before, she realised she had fallen asleep crying.

She had a quick shower and changed into her Bikini she picked up her towel and sunglasses and headed out. When she got downstairs was sitting on the sofa looking very pleased with herself.

“Hi” said as best she could. Since last night she had decided that her and was never going to happen and was going to be around for a bit longer yet.

“Hi . I’m glad someone is up. I’m dying to tell someone” looked at her puzzled.

told me he loved me last night isn’t that great.” felt her world come down around her. No would be around for longer than a bit now.

“Cool. I’m going to the beach buy” rushed out as fast as she could. Once she hit the beach she sat down and cried. She pulled out her mobile and called Louie.

“Louie can I take some leave please?” She asked trying to hold back the tears.

“Why. the lads start Promo soon you can’t. No” Louie said back “Screw the lads. Do you know what I quit?” pressed the cancel button picked up her stuff and rushed back to the villa. She was glad wasn’t there no more.

She packed all her stuff left a note for and was gone before Louie had a chance to tell one them.

picked up the note on the side her eyes widening with horror.

hey Hun. I’ve just quit. Long story but something’s come up and I’ve got no choice. I’ll call you sometimes ok. Loved working with you. I’m sure you and will sort yourselves out his got something to tell you. Just make sure you give him a chance to ok.
told he loved her but that’s not why I’ve gone. Love

As soon as saw the last line she knew that was the reason she had left. She just wished had called her to talk.

No one understood why had gone, but they had a job to do. Then after they could try and find her out.

Chapter 10

was sitting in the dressing room when walked in holding a bunch of flowers.

“There nice” smiled. “Yeah and there for you” looked at him questionably. “Why?” placed them on the side. “ I’ve not had a chance to speak to you. I maybe hanging myself here but I’m going to take the chance. I was hoping you would come on a date with me?”

’s mouth shot open in shock. “ What but, what if Louie finds out he’ll kill us.”

stepped forward hopeful that was the only reason she didn’t want to go out with him.

“Screw Louie. His not going to stop me. At the end of the day you’re more important, He can like it or lump it.”

hugged him “You really don’t care?” “Nope. So is that a yes then?” “Yes” almost shouted feeling extremely happy.

and walked back to the stage hand in hand the other lads all looked at each other then back at and .

“Care to explain?” asked looking puzzled. Yeah they had held hands before but this was different their bodies were more closer both looked extremely happy.

“Were going on a date.” said looking at again and smiling.

“Your what. Louie his going to kill you” shouted

frowned at him. “Look mate I don’t give a bloody toss about Louie, says or you or anyone else for that matter. At the end of the day my happiness and ’s is what is important. I’m not having him tell me who I can see or who I can’t and I’ll be telling him that as well. And anyone else who has a problem with it. Get it got it good”

All the lads looked at each other. sank into his seat feeling a world of regret.

The promo tour was over and everyone was back in London for a bit. and had just been on two dates so far since the promo tour was much more hectic then they thought it was going to be. was never so happy in all her life but she was still worried about . No one had heard a word from her since she left. Louie was trying to find a new stylist but said no to all the people that came in because she knew she wanted back. As soon as they got back to London dumped . was vivid and made a huge deal of it in the press saying had used her for sex and what not. watched become almost depressed and she knew it was because was gone.

was looking around Gucci for some things for and herself when she saw walk into the store.

said walking up to her and hugging her.

“Hey , how are you?” asked she looked tired and alone.

“Great me and are together keeping it on the quiet side though” said, “How are you?”

“Good, I’m so glad to hear you and are together I was going to lock you guys in a room and make you sort things out if you didn’t” said laughing a light went off in ’s head.

“Will you come and see everyone tonight or even just me and ?” asked.

“Just you and okay” said

“Alright, ’s hotel room at 7pm” said smiling.

“See you then sweetie” said leaving the store.

pulled out her mobile and called telling him what she had planned. He thought it was great idea and that he had something planned for her too so he would meet her at her place once she locked and up. wondered what was up to and decided to get and involved so she could actually and meet .

It was almost 7pm when showed up to ’s room. had told him she got him some new things and that he had to try them on. When he was in the bathroom showed up. told her she had a few things to show her in the bedroom area. was about to turnaround to look at went she saw coming from the bathroom and the bedroom doors being closed and locked.

! Open this door right now!” said firmly.

“Not a chance in hell . You both love each other so WORK IT OUT” said “You will be let out once you’re sorted! I know you still love him and you have been so depressed since left. Please work it out” “ I’m going to kill you” said looking at .

“No you are going to thank me” said “Call when you want out and he will come and check on you. Now I’m off to see

With that left the room. and just looked at each other somewhat in shock of what they just heard from .

“You love me?” asked.

When opened the door to her place it was completely dark expect for the candle on the hall table. She walked over and saw a note saying, “Go to your room”. So walked upstairs and in her room was a gorgeous black dress with a note saying put me on. changed into the dress, which fit her perfectly, and she saw another note saying come to the living room. She could see another candle and note when she got near the room. This note said, “Now why don’t you turn on the light” flicked on the light to find standing there in a black suit. smiled at him.

“You look so beautiful,” said walking over to her.

“You look pretty good yourself and I didn’t even get you this” said kissing him.

“Remember the night we were suppose to go to dinner just you and me” nodded “Well, here is our dinner”

led into the dining room, which he had set up with a candle lit dinner.

“Oh said turning to face him “You’re so amazing. You promised nothing bad would happen to me ever again and you have kept it. I love you so much”

“I love you too,” said kissing her with more passion then he had ever before.

“I know this dinner is probably perfect but can I have my dessert first?” asked him with a look in her eyes.

“You can have whatever you want,” said kissing her again.

do you love me?” asked again. frowned folded her arms and sat on the floor her back leaning against the door.

“No” replied harshly. She was not going to make a fool of herself even if what said about had caught her imagination.

“Oh” replied extremely disappointed. looked at him noticing that he looked rough, he hadn’t shaven, his hair was a mess he had on his baggy jeans, which she hated, and a loose t-shirt.

sighed “You know I hate them jeans” looked at her half smiling that she had broken the silence.

“Yeah I do. But you disappeared and gave all her attention to , which by the way I have, issues with. I mean what’s wrong with me” he said hurt but smiled when giggled

“I’ve missed you so much ’s needed you around and you wasn’t there. It’s not been the same without you. And I officially don’t like you not being around. I’m going to take a stand and say its not good. ”

looked up at him. “You had .” “We broke up she told a pack of lies to the press.”

“Yeah I read. That’s got to hurt when the girl your in love with does that” said not even looking up at but texting to get her out or else he would pay by telling everyone about his fetish.

She smiled when he replied back ok.

I never loved . Where the hell did you get that from?” ’s head shot up.
“ What you mean you never. She told me you told her you loved her.”

“It was lies how the heck could I love her when I’m head over heels in love with you.”

looked to the floor for a moment. “ I thought you did. I thought you wanted her”

looked at her he could tell was opening up a bit to him he had an idea that was right that she did love him.

“I went with her cause you wanted us to end. Anyway can we forget that? I love you . I’ve been a mess without you in my life. Ask anyone. I only function when you’re around.” said lifting ’s chin up so he could look into her eyes

“Do you love me?” “Yes” As soon as she said that ’s lips were on her kissing her passionately. Just then the door opened and fell back taking with her.

raised his eyebrows at them. “I thought you wanted rescuing?” looked at and smiled. “Nah I’m ok now thanks .” winked feeling like her life was full again.

Chapter 11

and were lying in bed he had her wrapped in his arms. “I’m telling Louie about us tomorrow” rolled over onto her stomach looking up at him.

“You sure, I mean what if he kicks off like before.” “ if it came to it I’d leave the band for you. I don’t care.”
smiled at him. “Love you” “Not as much as I love you”

The next day went to see Louie. He walked into his office to see Simon there as well.
“Hi what can I do for you?” Louie asked, “I’ve come to tell you and I are together. And I don’t care what you say or do. Were going to be together. Its not going to end, it’s not going to affect the band. The only way it will affect it is if I’m not with her. So do what you want. I don’t care but mess with me and and you’ll regret it.” said all in one go.

Simon looked at Louie his expression showing shock. “Well we have rules for a reason. What if you break up? It’ll affect the band. We don’t like change” Simon said sternly.

“Neither do I. that’s why were not going to break up. Look we both had feelings for each other and we kept it under wraps and it didn’t affect anyone. This is my happiness and ’s the bands now. ’s forever”

Simon rolled his eyes and looked at Louie. “ Fine whatever.” Louie said not really caring. If he was honest he was pleased for . He liked and he had seen something from the start he trusted it wouldn’t affect the band.

Once was outside he called to tell her too meet him at the hotel. Which she said she would as she had a surprise for them all.

“Ok what is it?” asked getting stressed now.

“I don’t know. How it go with you and sorry I’ve forgot to ask” asked .

“Great where together. She had some stuff to do so I’m seeing her later tonight.” He smiled feeling on top of the world

walked in looking at . “Hey how did it go?” She asked wrapping her arms around him.

“ Great Louie Is fine with it we can see each other.” “Really?” “Really. Like I’d let him get in the way of the woman I love like mad”

“Good. I love you too” looked between them. “Right not to sound rude but I hate waiting and surprises you going to tell us what this thing is?”

laughed.”Fine I’ve got a new stylist for you. Please be nice she’s shy”

She walked outside then came in with in tow. The lads looked at each other.

” they said together “yep I’m back. If you lot will have me.” She smiled sweetly.

“Damn straight” said standing up and going over to her kissing her on the top of her nose.

“Don’t we get a say in this?” laughed “Nope” he replied simply.

pulled on to his lap putting his arms around her. “ Well this is going to be fun isn’t it?” “Totally. The way things are meant to be.” She smiled