Love of Dance

“Were late. We are so dead” said running down the corridor with the other four lads. The were meeting their new dance instructor but they got delayed
“Here it is.” said coming to a stop. They reached the dance studio and looked inside a girl was doing roundhouse kicks and back flips. “You sure this is the place?” asked, “ Go in and see then.” said opening the door the rest of the lads followed. Their track Turnaround was playing on the stereo. They just watched the girl beat the crap out of the air.

was letting off steam she had hormones and the group Westlife were late she had seen them in the bar chatting up some girls she was not a happy bunny they were two hours late.
She did a perfect 90-degree spin kick in the air when she saw the lads standing at the door. “ Playtime” She thought. “ Don’t stand by the door it’s rude.” She walked over to the stereo and turned it off. She saw the look that the guys gave each other.
“Right pull up a chair and I’ll talk you through what were going to be doing.”

She took of her sweatshirt to reveal a sprigtail strapped pink top. She put her hand on her hips turned round and pouted with her angry face.
“ Your late. I don’t want any excuse you have as I no you were in the bar chatting up some girls that are properly only after your money. I don’t see why I should hang around here waiting for you guys. It’s my time as well as yours. You have lots to learn and I hear your not good dancers. You have to please your fans as well as yourselves. Just because you may be one of the mot famous groups around well apart from in the USA. Don’t mean you can do what you like, as I’m not having it.
I expect you on time if your late you’ll have to learn the moves of one of the lads. Your eating plans going to change as well. No more drinking, or take away all the unhealthy stuff goes and you’ll eat salads and fruit.
I warn you I’m going to be hard on you and I won’t take your crap. If you don’t like a dance move will talk about it but I do not want a diva I’m not doing it full stop thing okay.
At times you’ll like me. And times you will hate me. I am your friend and here for you 24-7. I want us to get along and I hope you will talk to me about anything that is bothering you.” looked at each of the lads and saw the shock in their faces they wasn’t sure if she was joking or not.

screwed up the paper in her hand and threw it over her shoulder. “ I’m glad that is out the way, I’ll guess you will have to see what I was joking about and what I wasn’t. I do have a little treat for you boys today though so I can get to know you all. I’m taking us out on the town for a meal and then club. Is everyone good for that?” smiled. The lads relaxed.

“I guess I better tell you about me. I’m born 21st December 1981 makes me 22. I’m a saggie 5.3 medium, brown hair with natural blonde high lights. I have dark eyes. I’m single I love it. I can be moody in the mornings when I’m woken up. I’m as stubborn as hell and like to get what I want. Also I am fun loving bubbly girlie girl who is very easy going. I can drink everyone I’ve ever met under the table. I like to get on with everyone I meet and normally do there is always a good reason I don’t like some. If I knew I was going to talk this much I would have brought a bottle of water. Anything else you want to know?”

“No” The guys said together. ran through the track listing BMG had given her and talked through what kind of style they wanted. She also showed them some moves she wanted in and thankfully they agreed to it.
let the guys go an hour early to get ready for the night.
This was her 3rd big job in the last year. She had worked with Kylie, Britney spears and Justin Timberlake. She was so glad she had got the gig for Westlife she had always been a fan and had so many ideas for dance moves and tracks she would like them to do.

“You didn’t say that did you, oh my god they must have been freaked” ’s best friend said down the phone. had called to ask if she wanted to go out with her and the lads that night. was explaining the day’s events. “ I’ve already broken one of my rules, but I need to know how they move etc so this is the only way and hey you get to meet them.” said back.

“ I don’t know what to wear. Help” said changing the subject she wasn’t surprised by what had done it was so her.
“I’m wearing a short black skirt with knee high boots and a red halter neck top the one I got from top shop. So I’m hoping you’ll wear a skirt to so I don’t look weird.” ranted “Ok I better finish getting ready see you soon” They hung up the phones.

“So what do you think of then?” asked the lads. They were all waiting outside the restaurant they were meeting and . “ I love her, I mean at first I was like I don’t think so. But I can see we will have a right laugh with her. She’s funny. One of the lads.” said hands in his pockets freezing.
“ Yeah she is. Hello to the cuteness that is . Its like she knows us already. I think I’m scared to piss her off as well. I’ve never seen anyone move like her before.” said changing the subject on and off.

“Hey check out the car pulling up,” said as a Skylight Nissan pulled up. It was hot pink with the same colour lights on the windscreen and underneath the car. “Not seen one like that before” said, “ No I can’t say much about it” added.
“That’s because there is only two that was made. My uncle brought it for me, as I’ve wanted one since I was kid. It’s a turbo 4.2 it purrs like a kitten and moves like it’s on air.” said getting out the Car. “ The guys were shocked as hell. The car belonged to and she talked car speak. “ She likes cars what can she say.” said stepping on the curb shaking the guys hands and almost passing out at touching .

“This is this is , , , and .”

They were about an hour into the meal. was watching and she was so pleased they were getting on. “ What do you do then ?” asked taking another bite of the steak he had ordered. If he was honest he fancied the pants of and didn’t know what to do. “ I’m a customs officer at Gatwick.” “ Really that’s great. You don’t hear many people say they want to do things like that it’s normally. I want to be a star. You must enjoy it?” smiled shyly was talking to her and was interested in what she did. She felt like screaming. “Yes I do. I love it it’s all I ever wanted to do. I’m up for promotion as well so I should be manager fingers crossed”

They finished up their meal and went to the club bar flux’s.
was drinking the lads under the table while and danced. They all had a laugh danced with each of the lads making a point to keep her dance with short so he could go back to . had a good idea on how the guys moved and what to do with them. Sadly the night ended to quickly for all.

In the dance studio the guys were all messing around playing fighting and what not. When ran in. “ Am I late or something I know I’m cutting it fine.” walked right up to her and hugged her tightly. “ No were early. To tell you the truth we wasn’t sure if you were joking or not. So we got here early to find you not here.” “ What time did you leave?” asked helping with her bag. “ 7” She replied “ 7 but its 9 now. That isn’t fair” “ My dear life isn’t fair especially since I’m paying for it now.”
turned to ’s popping down later. You ready to get going”

“What are you doing its left foot back right front” was running through the song Turnaround they had spent 6 hours on it so far and wasn’t doing very well. She had to admit it was funny to watch the guys.They really weren’t dancers especially sober.
“Will have a break come back and try again. I also want to do Obvious which is easy you just stand with a mike.” She said laughing.
The guys looked at each other then back to “ Now would you be taking the piss?” said in a very strong Irish accent. She looked up trying not to laugh but it was no good was a giggler. She was off. “ Right get her” shouted making a run for .
“Don’t you dare I’ll kick your Irish butts easy” It was no good had her she feel to the floor while the guys tickled her. “ Get off you freaks don’t I can’t stand it. Stop. I’ll get you back I swear.” “Promises promises” said “Ok there was me thinking that you would be slaving away. Instead your attacking .” “ said standing up from and walking over to not knowing if to hug her or not. “ Thanks for the save girlie” said still laying on her back on the floor. “ You would have been fine I know you can handle 5 guys by yourself, I’ve seen it. And that Came out wrong” said after the guys gave her a funny look.
held his hand out to who took it and he pulled her back on her feet.

They had finished today’s rehearsal was surprised how much they had learnt considering this morning they were behind.
“See you guys tomorrow” shouted out. walked over to with a huge smile on her face. “ I wonder why you look like a cat who got the cream. Tell me?” “ Over tea.” “Take away”
“Noodles” and headed for the noodle bar they always went to.


was so happy the lads had learnt all the routines perfectly without any complaints about moves. and herself had become really close to the guys, which was great. She was watching them run through on stage. The start of the tour would be starting the following day she was a little bit wigged 4 months on the road with Westlife sounded fun.

can I have a word please?” asked nodded and walked over sheepishly. “ You know . His single right?” asked “ Yeah.” asked not sure where this was going and hoping it wasn’t going where it sounded. “ Good. Do you know if he likes anyone? As in really like. Date like?” “ Do you like ?” blurted out. “ No. God no I love to bits but me fancy no very much no.” said laughing
“I know he likes more than likes. He is always talking about ” “Do you fancy setting them up?” “ I’d love to” and smiled
and spent every second they could together planning and plotting every detail. People thought they were dating and not telling anyone.

“Tonight’s the night,” said poking in the side “ Yep” She smiled.


“Good luck guys. I’m so proud of you all you should be as well. You have done great. Enjoy yourself. And don’t forget tonight party at my place.” winked at . “ Group hug” said pulling everyone in including . and watched the show. They were both hyper. Nothing like the fans was though. She was even happier the guys didn’t make one mistake, which meant nothing had to be changed or worked on tomorrow.

“So what’s the dirt on you and then?” asked putting on a clean shirt. “ Yeah you two have been glued together at the hip. Does our have a crush on ?” said while dialling ’s number
“Were not dating. and me are friend’s good friends. And ok maybe I have a thing for her. I can’t act on it though can I she’s our dance chirographer. I don’t think she likes me like that”
“Whatever. I’ll meet you guys later” said storming out the dressing room. “ What up with ?” asked, “Maybe he has a crush on too.” said.

’s going to be here tonight right.” asked in the backseat of the car. “ Why?” asked “No reason” “Ok. Why ask?” “ Cause has a crush on . Its crush city round here with and both liking the same girl.” cracked up laughing. “Ok I’m lost. And yes is going to be there.”
“Put a different CD.I can’t stand this song any longer.” said changing the subject.

When they got to ’s place she left them so she could get changed. “ What to wear? Black trousers and a 50-style top?” asked herself.

“Maybe doesn’t have a crush on after all.” said seeing walk in with Joanne an actress from family affairs.
“ Or it’s his way to say he don’t care. You know “ .” said while looking out for .

wants you for the min” said heading to the stairs “ Why?” asked a bit worried “ She wants to ask if this shirt she got for your brother was ok.” said thinking quickly he wasn’t expecting to ask so many questions.

They knocked on ’s door she opened it to see and there “Hi guys, go in I need a private word with for the second.” stepped outside as she did so she pushed inside and shut the door then locked it.
’s in the room as well . You two sort yourselves out and ill get you out later.” said laughing with .

ran for the door. Please God no, locked in a room with . Help. “ Let me out I swear to god I will kill you.” She said screaming “ Hey don’t you want to spend sometime alone together?” asked sitting down on the bed.
stopped the banging and screaming looked to she sat down in front of the door.

“Where are and ?” asked when and came back downstairs. “Hopefully getting it together?” said nudging in the side. looked to but saw she was looking somewhere else and didn’t even notice. He followed her view and saw what she was staring at and sighed.

“ We ready to go then?” said walking over with Joanne hand in hand. “ No I’m not going someone has to let and out. Go on without me” said, “ I’ll stay with you” offered but shock her head and waved the guys off.
“I think has a crush,” whispered to . “ Shut up will you don’t you ever think of something else to say?”

Two hours later and neither nor had spoken to each other. “ Ok this is silly we are both adults and were acting like children. and locked us in here for a reason to sort out whatever reason they think they need us too. Do you have any ideas?” asked looking at the floor the whole time playing with her mobile.
“ Why don’t you ask your mate? It’s her room. Ok I sound like I’m 5.” They both started laughing.

“Look, do you fancy going out on a date sometime?” asked shyly looking up at who was staring right back at her.“ We could but we have kind of done that already. So why don’t we skip that part and go right to next stage?” stood up and sat next to on the bed she kissed him.

“Where the hell is .” his late?” was pacing up and down the stage. When and walked on the stage holding hands. “I see you two got together” stated the obvious
“ Yes we did” answered back kissing . “Have you seen on your way.” asked looking at her watch. They were meant to be rehearsing but wasn’t here so they decided to do it without him.

After about an hour and half showed up. went marching over to him. “Where the hell do you think you’ve been?” “ I slept in late then had to take Joanne home.” said taking his coat off and throwing on the side of the set. “ Oh Joanne. Sod your fans and the rest of the lads as long as Joanne is ok and you had good shag. That’s ok then. Learn what you have to off the others I can’t be bothered with you and your attitude.
walked off stage she had finished anyway normally she stayed but she wasn’t in the mood and she was a bit freaked that she had just been a class A bitch to .

For the next month just did what she had to, she didn’t bother hanging out with the lads or anything she had drifted apart from them and she didn’t know why. She was glad that tonight was the last night she would have to see the guys.

“We would just like to say a huge thank you to our dance chirographer for all she has done. I don’t know if you guys out there have noticed that we don’t have two left feet anymore.” said smiling when the fans screamed back at him. “ Lets bring her on stage then” said grabbing ’s hand and pulled her on stage “ say a few words”

“ Well I want to thank the guys for taking me on to do this job I’ve had fun all the way. I hope you lot out there had a blast?” The fans screamed yes back to . “ Good good. I also have something for the guys she bent down to pick something up then turned round and sprayed the guys with water. “ See I told you I would get you lot back.” She smiled and ran off stage.

you got my wet. Thank you I love him wet and his. Ok I’m shutting up now.” ranted. smiled” Yes please do. your love life is something I don’t want to know about thank you.”

“ Ok then lets talk about yours why have you not been hanging out with the lads, ’s missed his playmate” “ What is that meant to mean? I’ve been busy” “Busy avoiding the guys. likes you more than like, but it’s not you like is it. is the one you like. Come on were best friends talk to me already I know you better than you think.” said looking right at trying to read her face.

“What. What in a what? No hell no. Did I say no.” said panicked. saw ’s face and thought she would drop it.
“Ok breath. I just thought you did since you’ve been a bit weird to . I’ll drop it.” “Yes drop it. Maybe “ I’ll date someone just to prove a point.” “What like did with Joanne” clasped her hands over her mouth she didn’t mean to say that she was watching and not paying attention to what she as saying.
“Huh?” said, “ I didn’t mean to say that” “ Are you series that’s just dumb. And what’s the point?” asked “ Yeah. I don’t know what point it had”

“ Does anyone want a lift home?” asked standing by her car “I could do with one you’re the only one going my way” said looking at . “ Get in and I’ll drop you off.” smiled.
once got in looked back at and gave her I swear I’m going to kill you.

“So how is Joanne?” asked not sure she wanted the answer “Don’t know don’t much care” “Oh but I thought” “Well you thought wrong didn’t you. I was just letting of steam cause I couldn’t have who I wanted.” “Oh ok” “Here you go. You can get out now” “Talk about kick you out” laughed “ Well you know me I say what I think” “Yes that’s why I like you so much. Do you want to come in for a coffee?” “Yeah ok”

and were sitting on the settee talking. “ So your time to confess then. Who do you want?” asked innocently. “Don’t you know?” “If I knew I wouldn’t ask would I.” looked at her watch. “Is that the time I have to go I need to speak to my sister and she’s in America at the moment.” “What” “ Well your coffee is really bad and I didn’t want to seem rude”. said trying not to laugh.” walked to the door. “Why don’t you call her from here I don’t mind.” “Why do you want me to stay all of a sudden?”
“Because it’s nice spending time with you alone. I’ve not really spoke to you since you told me off for being late. “ True. I didn’t mean it I was just. I don’t know to be honest.”

sighed“I did lie about it though. I didn’t sleep in late or drop Joanne off home. I got rid of her as soon as I could. I was pissed that was getting all of your attention.” “ didn’t get all my attention well after we set and up. You get all my attention.” shut up quickly.
stepped forward and kissed . She pulled away and ran out. “Well done .”He thought

“Her sister isn’t in America” said at the other end of the phone had called her as soon as ran out. “I’m confused. Maybe she doesn’t feel the same about me as I do her”
“Or she freaked out because she does and she ran. That sounds like .” “Maybe. Thanks I’ll talk to you later.”

stood outside ’s door debating if to knock or not. She decided that she wouldn’t she was just about to turn away when opened the door. “Damn” said
went to say hello but spoke first. “ Ok I’ve had lots of guys kiss me before and guys saying they like me etc. including but how come when you just kissed me I wanted to die? So I’m thinking what does that mean?” asked shaking from head to toe. “That you feel the same about me as I do you.” “Yeah I think I do but I’m scared ” “ Me too. But we can make it work together.” kissed and he closed the door,