Love Hurts

Part 1.

“I’m worried. I don’t know about you lot. But that certainly isn’t said as she watched dance by herself in the middle of the living room. had decided that they needed to party. They being herself, and her two best friends and flat mates. They had move to Sligo over four years ago. In that short time their lives had changed a lot.

On one eventful night the three girls met. , , and . Formally known as Westlife. The band just called it quits they were celebrating.Somehow they all ended up at the same table talking about anything and everything. From then they all became the best of friends.

and got it together 6 months later. and went through hell to be together because was with . He chose and they have been together ever since 2 years and counting. was seeing on and off, at the mo they were off. well he just dated who ever he wanted. At the moment he was with some so-called singer called .

had left Sligo and all her friends just over a year ago. She moved to LA where she dated Joshua Jackson. That hadn’t worked out; came home just under a month ago.

Ever since the group had noticed she wasn’t like she used to be. Sometimes she was happy and had a glint in her eye. Then she would be moody and upset. Locking everyone away, being wouldn’t tell anyone so they let her get on with it. Thinking it properly had something to do with Josh and him being over filming a new film. and weren’t so sure.

“Well she’s properly letting of steam or something. Don’t worry.” added helpfully pulling himself away from for a second.

“Well I don’t like it. I’m going to talk to her.” got up from ’s lap turning to kiss him then she marched over to .

shouted once she saw she was standing in front of her with her arms folded and a concerned look. She didn’t care she had no thoughts she was free she liked it.“My friend . How are you doing? How is still hot” laughed

“I’m good, ’s great as usual. How about you?” “Fab couldn’t be better. Well that’s a lie I could be better if I had a drink. Cause there are two of you in front of me it’s hurting my head.” She said confused and waving her finger.

this isn’t you.” placed an arm on her friends shoulder to stop from falling over from spinning in circles for hours.“What. you talk too much. I say more drink” stumbled over a bag and pulled out a bottle of Vodka cool. She unscrewed it and downed as much of it in one go as she could before took it from her.

“I want that give it back now” screamed trying to get the bottle back she tried to jump but she was to dizzy to do anything apart from stand where she was.

“No. You’re not having anymore.” pouted and walked out the room as best she could. Shouting back. “Party whatever downer”

“Make sure she doesn’t’ have anymore drink” said to everyone hiding the bottle behind the sofa. They watched leave the room.

When she reached the kitchen, which seemed to take forever she was almost sick at the sight she saw in front of her. More couples all over each other.

pulled out her mobile and dialled Josh’s number. If she weren’t so drunk she wouldn’t have called him. “But it was a party after all” she told herself.

“I want to go back to yours . I’m bored,” said. She was sitting in the kitchen with her boyfriend . She didn’t like his friend’s family or anything to do with him. Hell she didn’t even like him much either. The only thing that she did like was the fact that since she had been with him everyone knew who she was. She was now somebody instead of a nobody. So she played the little Miss innocent I love him character she had used some many times before, to someone better came along.

if you don’t come I’ll go back home to London.” She folded her arms in front of her. looked at her and sighed. He bloody wished she would go back home she never bloody did though. “I can’t they are my mates. Take my cars keys and go back to mine. I’ll see you later” took his keys and bent down and kissed him.

On her way out she passed and handed her a bottle of Vodka. “There you go. Knock yourself out.” smiled. didn’t notice the smile was pure evil.

There was a knock at the door and since no one was going for it got up from the sofa. As he opened it he came face to face with Josh.

“Why are you here?” shouted. “ called me. Is she ok?” Josh walked inside taking no notice of he stood in the hallway waiting for an answer. When he heard the music and singing at the top of her voice.

“I’ll take that as a no” Josh said giving a dirty look. “Are we doing Karaoke?” said walking out of the kitchen he noticed Josh was there he went to ask him what he thought he was doing. But he saw shake his head.

The three lads walked into the living room. They looked at who had on her Discman and was still dancing by herself but this time it was a slow track. And singing Groovy Kind of love.

and looked at each other then at the others. While Josh walked up to .

“Why is that Git here?” snapped she started to get up but stopped her. “She called him.” “Can’t you tell him she’s drunk and she didn’t mean it” added “Nope tried” Their attention was back on to who screamed.“Josh. You came.” put her Discman down then she ran jumped into Josh’s arms and wrapped her legs around him.

“I’ve changed my mind. I want to go back with you to LA. I don’t love you but I can grow to love you. I know that I would be happy. I don’t love him anymore. I swear I won’t love” Before could carry on Josh put a hand over her mouth.

“Listen to your Discman and I’ll get you a drink with lots of vodka my special.” Josh put back down she grabbed her Discman and started singing again.

“What the hell is going on?” asked more concerned now than he was before. “It’s a long story. Just make sure she doesn’t listen to Glory of love or all hell will break out.”

“You sound like she’s done this before?” asked she had one eye on and the other on Josh.

“Yes. Why do you think she came to LA? It had nothing to do with me. She was running away from someone. I only found a few months ago when she went like this for the 50th time and confessed everything to me.This is the only way she can escape from everything her thoughts feelings. I thought it would have got better considering she came back. But I can see it hasn’t”

Josh looked at to make sure she was still dancing, which she was and headed to the kitchen to get her coffee.

He wasn’t even gone a minute when he heard call him back in.But he already knew the reason why. had started to sing Glory of love.

stopped dead as soon as she heard the first bar of the song. She looked around for Josh. All she saw was the others looking at her. She could see the confusion in their eyes, and the pity.

’s lip dropped and she burst out crying. She looked around for something to throw but couldn’t find anything so she threw her Discman.

saw it coming and managed to dive out the way before it hit him. “That was close,” he thought

ran over to her trying to get in a bear hug but it wasn’t working.

, Guys a little help please. Josh.”

They all jumped up and walked over to calmly trying not to freak her out.

ran around to the table knocking chairs over on her way. It was no good she was surrounded by them all.

So she grabbed a cushion and threw it. This time she managed to hit someone. “That bloody hurt .” shouted at her. It made her stop dead for a few seconds. “I wasn’t aiming at you so move next time.” aimed another cushion but this time it wouldn’t move. She turned around; Josh was holding it stopping her from hurting anyone else.

She collapsed crying in Josh’s arms. “It’s ok . It will be ok.” “I tried not to love him it’s to hard. Josh he doesn’t love me. Oh god I can’t breath I don’t want to be like this but it hurts not to.”

That’s all the others could hear. They couldn’t do anything for it broke each of their hearts.

“Some party that turned out to be.” said standing in the door way with .

“You’re telling me?” blew a kiss to and closed the doorThey walked back into the living room. Josh had got sitting on the sofa but she was still crying. They needed to know why.

opened the car doors and everyone got inside. He was just down the road when he broke the silence.“That was weird” “You’re telling me mate. I’ve never seen someone act like that before.” said running his hand through his hair. “And poor . seemed to want to kill you tonight.” added turning to look at in the back of the car. just shrugged. He couldn’t even speak he was in shock over what he had just seen. “Yeah but missed him and hit me” rubbed his head where the cushion had caught him. The guys stayed quite in their thoughts.

Part 2.

woke up to a banging headache she turned over and saw that Josh was asleep on her bedroom floor. She knew what that meant. She had got drunk and freaked out in the mean time called him to help her.She just wished she could remember what she had done or said even. drifted back of to sleep again with thoughts of the only thing that ever played on her mind. Him.

“I know how you feel about me,” He said ’s eyes widen with horror. He couldn’t know. It would change everything if he knew.“How?” She asked taking a step backwards as he took one forward. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get away from him.He was now standing in front of her so close she could smell his aftershave feel his breath on her face.“Because you feel the same for me as I feel for you.” He lent in to kiss her but she woke up.

“Why do I always bloody wake up when his just going to kiss me. It’s bad enough that I will never no his touch in the real world. Can’t I at least have him in my dreams?”

“What?” looked up to see standing by the side of her bed with a cup of coffee and a muffin. saw look to the floor.“He had filming said he would call you later or something.” sat herself down on the bed and looked hard at .

How come her and didn’t notice the pain in ’s eyes it was obvious even going back the four years. Not once had any of them asked what was wrong. Now she was going to help her best friend put it right. But first she had to find out what that problem was.

stayed in ’s room for over an hour just sitting watching . Neither one of them spoke. read a book while just tidied up CD collection trying it in different orders but always going back to the same one. Which was how many CD’s of a certain artist she had.

finally decided to leave in peace she wasn’t getting anywhere. She walked into the kitchen and found a bottle of Vodka in the bin. knew that she had hid everyone after she took the last bottle of . So how did she get that one?

“So what did I do?” turned around and saw standing in the doorway. She still had on her PJ’S and fluffy Winnie the pooh slippers.

“Well you almost hit with your Discman after hearing that song that will remain nameless. Then you tried to get again with a cushion but ended up hitting instead. You told Josh you wanted to go back to LA. Oh and you can learn to love Josh and forget the other guy.” As looked at she realised she may have been too hard on her.

’s face feel when she heard what she had done. “God I could have killed them. I’m sorry. I can’t help it. It just takes over. I’m sorry, so sorry.” broke down crying. had her in a hug in seconds.

She was grateful that walked in with the lads in tow. They stood just inside for a few seconds before entering in the kitchen.

“I’ll make some tea.” moved out the way and let hug for a while.“Don’t cry girlie it means the end of the world when you cry.” Everyone knew that was not the kind of person to cry over anything unless it was in fact the end of the world.

stepped out of the hug and wiped her eyes with the back of hand. She looked up and wished she hadn’t as the guys were all standing in front of her.

“Hi guys. Yeah end of the world. I’ve just been taking over by aliens. No big I’ll be ok in a day just a hangover. sorry for hitting you.”She started to walk out the kitchen she knew everyone was staring at her. She turned back and looked at . “ sorry I almost hit you.” made her way upstairs numbering under her breath. “It would have been your own fault if I bloody well had idiot” whispered under her breath, not knowing that had in fact heard her.

“I’m getting unrequited love is a bitch” stated as a matter of fact.“Yes a bitch that is destroying her self in the process of some guy. I tell you what when I bloody get my hands on him I’ll kill him. “ said slamming the fridge door shut.“You can’t blame the guy. Maybe he doesn’t know or” started to say before he saw the look of the girls faces. “Or he’s a total prick head who needs to get a clue and fast.” He saw the guys laugh under their breaths and cringed.

“I’m sorry but it’s true. isn’t helping herself by getting drunk and flipping out she needs to move on. Get over this guy. He obvious doesn’t feel the same. Where is she going to get becoming an alcoholic?”

heard say inside the living room. She thought she better come down and make up for last night. and were in the kitchen and didn’t even know she was there. Neither did the lads by their conversation.

“I’ll be careful mate if I was you. The girls will kill you. and are not to be messed with.” said looking at the door.

“I know but be honest what do you two think.” asked and who looked at each and rolled their eyes.

“Personally I think that this guy is nuts. really loves him. She has so much to give. I know we’ve not seen her in over a year but it’s . She’ll make a great girlfriend.” said nodding his head to .

“Well I don’t think anyone is worth getting in this state for.” saw the look on the guy’s faces. “Ok I know I did the same thing a few years ago but look at me now. I have so it’s cool. will get over it. It’s properly just a phase.” said the words but didn’t really believe them to be true. If was doing this then it had to be serious. He thought that maybe he was the best person to talk to her about it. They had always been close.

As she heard the words she wanted to cry. It was real what she was feeling. But she guessed they were right she had to move on. The guy she wanted didn’t feel the same so what was the point.

“I don’t know . With away with who’s going to watch over ?” sighed. They were both sitting in ’s kitchen having a usual group together. Or more to the point a watch over day.“I can if you like” turned her head and saw standing in the doorway with a huge smile.

didn’t like her one bit there was something in the girl’s eyes. Evil. She knew that she didn’t love , but at the end of the day what could she do. looked at . He was doing the puppy eyes trick again. “Fine. is getting better she’s not gotten drunk in 3 months now and Josh said that’s great so. Yes.” jumped up from his chair and picked up into twirl.“Why mate you look like you’re the cat that’s got the cream.” said laughing. “So do you” said bluntly. “Well that is because I am.” “Do tell then” said she saw the shock in his eyes hadn’t really spoken all day. This was good.

”Well and I are back together. This time I know it’s going to last.” He saw the smiles on everyone’s faces even ’s who jumped up from the floor and jumped onto him.

I’m so happy for you. This is great. You are meant to be together. It will last I know it will. I say we go clubbing the weekend.” turned to face and . “I know you two will be away but will party again when you get back. You can bring . and and me and.” stopped talking she didn’t have anyone to take the love of her life was going with someone else. “Josh?” said behind her. “Yeah unless I meet some hunk.” laughed knowing she wanted to die instead.

“Have you asked Josh yet to go with you the weekend” shouted from her bedroom. She was packing her things and making sure everything was in older or more to the point would be ok without anyone here.

“Can’t he’s going home finished filming” shouted back from her own room. ’s head shot round the doorframe. “Oh but but” started to say. She felt really guilty. “It’s ok I’m fine. I won’t drink anything I swear.” walked over and hugged her best friend.

“Should I take my mobile with me?” asked he was standing at the front door waiting for . It was bad enough there were two hours late. “No. You don’t need it. It’s a break. I have mine. Can we go yet?” nodded smiling. She hugged “If you need anything” “Call me” The two girls turned around to see standing there with and who had appeared out of no where.

gave a hard look. She turned back to face . “Call me. Anytime.” waved bye and got into the car with . “She’ll be fine. Can we just worry about us please?” said holding out his free hand for .

Part 3.

looked at her clock it was 3 am. The guys had just gone. She felt really dirty. She knew why was trying to be buddy buddy. hated it. She hated her she was a bitch who didn’t deserve to be with . She wasn’t good enough to even breath the same air as him. opened the fridge and saw a bottle of vodka inside.She knew for a fact that it wasn’t there before. She pulled it out and saw a note underneath.

“Enjoy. It’ll get him off your mind. Love , Soon to be . Smiles.” ’s eyes widened with horror. She could feel the thoughts coming back. She knew she didn’t want the drink but she couldn’t deal with the thoughts. She walked into the living room and picked out her favourite song. She turned the stereo on full blast and started to drink.

I should call home” said laughing from under the bed covers. had taken her away to a really quite hotel in Cork.It was amazing so amazing she hadn’t even called home to see if things were going ok.

“Hey your not aloud yet. Not until you’ve answered my question.” clasped his hand over his mouth. “What do mean I can’t? What question?” mind racing thinking what it could be.

“Well now you’ve ruined the surprise.” He said pouting. He pulled the covers of him and walked over to his jacket pocket.“I did have this whole thing planned. Well never mind it’s about the answer, than where it is really. You see I called your Dad and asked him he said he would love that.” “ what are you talking about?” “This” bent down on one knee and pulled out a diamond ring. “ I couldn’t imagine my life without you not for a seconded we’ve been together over two years now. I want to be with you. Will you marry me?” smiled shyly.

couldn’t control herself. “Yes yes yes yes.” screamed at the top of her lungs. Jumping on and kissing him all over. He placed the ring on her finger.

“I’ll pick up if you like” offered down the phone to .“Are you sure?” “Yes. Me and could pick her and Josh up on the way.” “Didn’t you hear he’s gone home?” “What” found himself shouting. “Yeah so its just the five of us. But I’m sure will have every guy in the club after her.” “Yes she will. I’ll talk to you later.” He hung up the phone.

“You ok babe” he felt the arms of his girlfriend wrap around him. “Yeah. don’t have a date tonight. So can you please keep a firm eye on her please.” He said turning around to pull her close to him.“Yes of course I will. She really means a lot to you doesn’t she?” “Yes she’s my mate. She means a lot to me like all of them do.“ “Well then she means a lot to me too.” smiled and pulled close to her and kissed him.“I better go home and get ready.” She kissed him again and went home. Knowing full well she wasn’t going to watch as much as thought she was.

“She’s not coming. Wait here and I’ll use the key gave me.” said turning of the engine he was just about to put the key into the door when it opened. “Hey” She said smiling. smiled back to he felt a pang in his heart. She smiled like the old . Not the heartbroken that he had been seeing over the past few months.

“Hey said getting into the back of ’s 4x4. “You seem happy.” “Yes and thanks” smiled “Thanks for what?” asked getting in the drivers seat. “Nothing Hun it’s just between me and .” lent over to and kissed him.

and are meeting us at the club. said you have to dance with him.” just made a grunting sound. looked at through the mirror. She looked unhappy again. Nothing like the girl who had just came out of the door.

walked ahead of and . She just wanted to get inside hoping had got the corner table. She loved to sit there she could always hide and no one would ever notice she was around.

“You taking your coat off yet?” asked for the hundredth time in the past few hours.“I’m fine. ” “Here you go . Orange juice” said placing the drink in front of her. Watching as Caz picked it up and took a mouthful. She smiled to herself.

“Can I have this dance please?” heard a male voice say but she didn’t even bother to look up or pay attention to him. “Ouch” said jumping as poked her in the side. looked up at the guy. He had brown hair that was highlighted blonde and blue eyes. He was cute. Then it hit her. It was who used to be in Blue. smiled she had always thought he was a cutie. She had met him once before years ago at Party in the Park.“Yeah sure.” stood up pulled her back. “Coat” she smiled as handed it to her to reveal a pink skirt that came to her knees. With a black chiffon top that fitted her perfectly showing off her small figure.

As led her onto the dance floor she saw some guys wink at her and nudged their mates in the side. ignored it she always did.

After a few dances had asked her out but told him that she wasn’t looking for anything at the moment but she wanted to be friends. They swapped numbers.

“Wow. you look great” She heard behind her say. “Talk about Mission girl.” laughed, “You look like a princess. I love that outfit.” smiled shyly. “Thanks.” “What happened with ?” started to ask. “ leave alone she doesn’t want to tell us about her and and what they got up too.” “Well no I wouldn’t considering nothing did happen. He asked me out I said no. We agreed to stay friends.”

“Oh my god I hate you his sex on legs. You’ll be made for life if you got with him. are you mad. Think of the fame you would get.” said almost shouting at her. “Well I don’t date people for them for their fame or whatever I date them for the person they are.”

“Yeah but. Your still mad.” After she realised what she had said and the dirty looks she was getting she put on her Miss Innocent character.

“Good good just testing you. I don’t get people who do that.” She lent over and kissed full on the lips pulling her onto his lap.

“Where’s I wanted to see if she was ready to leave?” asked as he walked over from the dance floor with .

“Don’t know. Is that her orange juice I don’t suppose she’ll mind me taking a mouthful?” picked it up and took a mouthful spiting it out again.“Didn’t your mother tell you it was rude to spit” said then seeing the look in ’s eye he didn't want to know the answer to the question he was going to ask.

“What is it?” “Vodka and a dash of orange. She’s been drinking again.” “How she hasn’t brought the drinks.” turned to .“She made me. She begged and begged. She said it would make her relax and be happy. I didn’t want to but she said she could handle it.” had tears in her eyes. lent down and hugged her. “Well you still shouldn’t have.” said walking off to look for and stopped dead when she heard the men in the room cheer.

and were now standing behind her. There faces in shock as much as .

had somehow got herself on to the bar and was now dancing along to the music very sexual. Teasing the men in the club.She pulled one of the guys up and started to slide up and down him moving her hands all over his body. She pulled him close and kissed him.

“Right lads who wants to play” She shouted the room all cheered well apart from , and . heard a weak voice behind him. “I’m sorry I didn’t know.” said looking at the back of his head but secretly smiling she knew what she was doing all along. It had worked. They would never know.

walked up to the bar and jumped up on it. wasn’t looking his way so when she turned around at the touch of a hand her on shoulder she jumped. She smiled when she saw it was then pushed his hand away. “Don’t touch me. Don’t ever touch me.” just stood there hurt and confused as he watched her walk down the bar to she got to the end where he saw .

felt a hand pull her down and she accepted. Then she realised it was . “Hey . I’ve got a lot of phone numbers now. So I’m sure to love one of them right?” closed her eyes and picked her up.

The men in the room all started to moan and groan.” Bring her back. How much does she charge?” was standing right next to the bloke who said that before he knew what he was doing he spun around and punched the guy in the face. And followed out. Grateful that the others didn't see.

Part 4.

put in her bed and pulled the covers over her. Himself and had agreed to stay the night to came home the next day. “ what’s happened to you. Why are you doing this over some guy?”

As walked into the living room he saw just standing inside the door when he looked over his shoulder he was surprised at the state of the place.There were bottles everywhere. He counted 6 in total. “I can’t believe she brought all this. Let alone drink it.” started to say before walked in holding by the collar and pulling her inside.

“She didn’t.” and turned around taking the sight in. “Huh” they both said in unison.

“It seems here has been giving drinks, well putting it in the fridge or where she knows will find it. I just caught her coming in the kitchen and putting it in the fridge with a note attached that she promptly ripped up so I don’t know what it said.”

“Is that true?” asked walking up to . She wouldn’t look at him. “She asked me to do it. So I did.” “You bitch” pushed onto the floor. “Watch it,” “ shut up and tell me” now shouting at her. “Yes I’ve bloody been buying her drink. Can’t you see the girl needs help?” “And giving her it is going to help. I think not.” started to say but led her back to the kitchen. “ Let me at her.” “No” said shutting the door behind them. “Lets see if we can’t put the note together.”

“I told you I should have taken my phone but no. Not you.” snapped at . They had only been away for two days when had called asking for Josh’s number. wanted to know why. had tried not to tell her but she knew something was up she managed to get it out of him.Now they were on there way home. wasn’t pleased.“I’m not happy. Can’t we stay a few more days?” begged. “No we bloody well can’t I can’t leave her like that. There’s more to it than what said. You would want to come back if it was one of the lads” “Yes I guess but I wanted to ask you to Move in with me and if you wanted to be my wife.” It went quite for a few seconds ’s heart was racing. “Yes to moving in and yes to being your wife.” turned to her for a second then looked back at the road. “Good”. They both laughed.

As pulled his car into the drive ’s Car came along.“You’re back early” shouted out the window. “Got a call,” said turning the engine off. “Us as well” said walking up to his mate and gave him a hug.

“How did it go?” “Great. I asked to marry me. She said yes,” said smiling from ear to ear. “I asked to marry me as well. Looks like we have two weddings coming up.” laughed. They walked into the house ready for what had been going on.

“She was doing what?” screamed at . “She was getting drunk. Since the party ’s been buying her drinks.” “Well I hope you’ve told her where to go.” said handing her mobile that was on the side. She looked at it and noticed she hadn’t turned her phone off when she left she had 50 missed calls from josh and voicemail.

“Wonder what he wanted” said walking into the kitchen. “Hearing say yes of course I have. Well I will when I see her.” before she closed the door.

As listened to her message she felt sick. Josh had explained the reason why was being like she was. It made sense. She could have kicked her self for not noticing it before.

She walked into the living room. “You ok?” asked pulling her close to him and kissed her lightly on the lips. “Yes great I need to talk to and alone please. So if you guys don’t mind?”The guys all looked at each other and nodded.

“Ok what is it?” said sitting down on the sofa noticing that a few CD cases wasn’t shut probably. She stood up and picked them up and sat back down again not looking at them.“What does that say?” asked who looked at her and then looked in her lap. pulled the slips of paper out and read them.

“Umm guys I think I know for a fact was buying the drink for and also giving a reason to drink.” handed them to who then passed them to who put the back down.

“That’s what I was going to tell you. is head over heels in love with . Has been for years now. That’s why she went to LA to get over him. It didn’t work even though she tried. She would get drunk to forget about him. She came home to tell him but he was with who it seems from these letters was just dating for the fame and rubbing ’s nose in it making her worse. I always hated that bitch.”

“Hell yes” and said together. “So what do we do now?”“I say we tell the lads just not . See what they think.”

The three girls nodded in unison.

“I don’t know he could do we still don’t know who that girl was a few years ago. It could have been ?” said looking at the other two guys for support.

“We can ask him.” said standing up pulling out his mobile. grabbed it. “You can’t do that, Oh by the way do you or did you have a thing for . Not going to work Hun.” sat back down again.

“What are we going to do then?” “Do what about what?” a voice said from the doorway they all turned around to see standing in the doorway.

“A party. For our engagement” said a bit too quickly. “You’re engaged?” “Yes me and .” Seeing ’s funny looking she realised it came out wrong. “No not me and , Me and and . That made sense right” said with a half smile. Everyone nodded and smiled back at her. Noticing had fallen for the little white lie.

“That’s great. Can’t wait. I would jump up and down but I kind of feel ill. I don’t even remember anything or getting drink” “That’s because it wasn’t you. It’s been . Last night she spiked your drink.” blurted out. was in total shock. “Why?” “Don’t know” said looking around at the others.“ ’s gone to sort it out he went ape.” noticed look up. “Why? I mean oh ok. He didn’t have to. Umm yeah whatever.”

turned around and went back upstairs. had known all along it was . had found the notes she didn't even know why she kept them really. Just a reminder to show that although wasn’t with her love for him was stronger because she could have showed them to him at anytime and also that her love would keep him safe somehow.

had packed all of ’s stuff he could find and put it by the street door. He waited her. She didn’t take too long though after called her saying they needed to talk. He heard her open the door and walk into the living room.

“You’ve packed up my things. Don’t you think you’re over reacting? I only brought her the stuff no big deal.” said as if she had done nothing wrong what so ever.

“Yes. I want you to leave and get out my life. You can’t love me if you’ve done this. What you’ve been doing to is just plan evil. I don’t understand it.” “For gods sake. Poor little blah blah blah. What about poor . I have talent, I’m a total goddess and you know it. But what do I always hear? . Poor little is in love with some guy. Well who cares. Love is for idiots.” saw the look on ’s face. She could tell he was thinking.

“Yes love is for idiots, you think I loved you, you must be joking I’ve never loved you. Just been along for the ride and the fact that since I’ve been with you everyone knows who I am.”

“So bloody what. That doesn’t make up for what you’ve done to she’s done nothing wrong what so ever. You’re a evil bitch.”

“Yeah well love. Life’s a bitch; it’s going to get much worse.” smiled “ knew all along about me only using you. But she hasn’t told you or anything has she?” looked to the floor.” No she didn’t”

was smiling from ear to ear she walked to the door.“ Well it shows how much she cares. You’re standing here screaming at me for giving her drink, that’s sad. you’re a sad little man. doesn’t even think you’re worthy to tell you about me. Have a nice life. It’s not your fault never saw you as a friend” picked up her bag and slammed the door shut on a speechless .

Part 5.

“So will see if we can get it out of and you try .” said looking at everyone in the room.“Yeah I still can’t believe we didn’t know about liking . It does explain a lot.” added running his hand through his hair.

“I know were meant to be her best friends.” almost whispered god how she felt guilty and wanted so badly to make it up to her.

walked over to her and pulled her into his arms. “It’s ok Hun we know now we can sort it out. And at least she will know one way or another.” kissed lightly on the top of her head. He was just grateful he wasn’t in this situation. In fact he would have betted they all felt like that.

has slipped out the front door without anyone noticing she really didn’t feel like putting on a front and be happy happy even if did help along the way. It was still her choice and she had picked the drink.

finally came to a stop. She looked up and noticed she had walked all the way to the park, which was over 3 miles away from her and the girls place.She sighed and walked over to the swings. She didn’t think she didn’t do anything really apart from just be there. She was so far away she didn’t even notice the shadow of a man behind her.

“When were you going to tell me?” almost feel off the swing when she realised it was ’s voce she turned around to see him standing there.

He had his car keys in his hand. She looked up and looked into his eyes. She could see he had been crying but yet there was anger creeping around.She could tell that just from his face that he was angry. She could always tell what he was thinking or feeling. Apart from that one thing she so wanted to know. Could he ever feel for her what she felt for him? She knew that would never happen with or without . She had to be friends or lose him forever.

jumped when he shouted at her. “I said when was you going to tell me?” He didn’t know did he please god don’t let him know if this was he reaction then she had in fact lost him as a friend.

found she couldn’t speak so she just shrugged instead and turned around. Taking a big breath in.

“I wasn’t going to. I didn’t think I should, as I didn’t know what you would say or do. I couldn’t deal.”

had seen her walking down his road and into the park, so he had followed her. He was upset about thinking of reasons why she didn’t tell him. Then the anger took over and the words had said span around in his head. When they had first met over four years ago they became really close. Each could tell each other anything. Then things changed between them left for LA. He was never really sure if it was him that changed or her. Maybe even both.

As looked at her he could have sworn he saw a small glint in her again then the sadness returned followed by fear and panic.

“So you weren’t going to tell me. Don’t you think that you should have? What were you going to do? Let me carry on as if everything was alright?”“Well things are alright really. I hope they are?” “No there not. You didn’t tell me the most important thing that I should have known. I thought we were friends.” “We are we were. I’m sorry but I did what I felt was best. I tried to hide it. You weren’t meant to know. What does it matter you know. I know how you feel end of topic.”

pushed the swing so hard that in swung around and did a loop over the bar.

was right you obviously don’t see me as a friend. As much as I hate to admit she was right. If you were you would have told me she was using me.”

“I do see you as a friend. I did see you as a friend.” said

Speaking over neither one really listening to the other. They stopped talking and looked at each other and shouted “What?” looked at she wasn’t saying a word. “Well you don’t because you would have told me. So I guess this is it then. I don’t think I’ll be able to trust you or no if your keeping something from me. So maybe in time we could get our friendship back. Right now I can’t even look at you without knowing you kept this from me.”

just stared at him in disbelief. Couldn’t he see what she had been doing to herself over him? Not that she blamed him. It still hurt to hear he didn’t want to see her. She tried her best to keep the tears back not to let him see how much this hurt.

“Fine” She whispered. She turned around and started to walk away stopping for a few seconds. “ you’re right about one thing. I don’t see you as a friend and I haven’t done for a long time.” ran as fast as she could away from and the hurt and the fact that if she stopped her heart would break right out of her chest and die in her tears.

just stood there he was heartbroken. He couldn’t believe he had told that he couldn’t be her friend for her to turn it back in his face and say she never did see him as a friend. That’s why she left that’s why she had been the way she had with him. She didn’t want him as a friend. Well at least he knew and he could move on.

came walking down the stairs not sure if she should panic at the fact wasn’t in her room. She had just got to the living room door when she heard the front door open and saw run up the stairs. After a few seconds the music when on. looked at everyone. It was glory of love which was a big oh no.

some how was the first up the stairs. He tried to open ’s door but it was locked.“ open up now. Please we need to talk. What happened?”

“Go away I’m fine. I’m dealing with it.” He heard shout back. Then the music turned off.

“Is that good or bad?” said behind . “I don’t know” said turning to look at then back to the door.

come on open up.” begged to there surprise ’s door opened. She held a box in her arms.

”I’m dealing with it.” said walking pass them all not looking at none of them for fear of breaking down.

She opened the kitchen door and shut it behind her. She made sure they hadn’t followed her. She walked to the end of the garden. Seeing the metal bin she smiled a bit. She took the lid of and tipped all the contents of the box inside.She pulled the bottle of Vodka from her Jacket she unscrewed the lid taking a mouthful and then pouring the rest in the bin.

“Well I just want to take this moment and say goodbye to you. I’ve ruined my life over my feelings for you for long enough. You don’t want to be my friend I don’t want to have feelings for you.” pulled the box of matches from her jean pocket and lit the match. Looking at the flame for a few seconds before she threw it into the bin watching as all the contents go up in flames.

“Rest in peace my love for you . For now I’m over you.”

watched ’s actions for a few moments before walking over to her friend and pulled her into a hug as she watched and put the fire out.

Part 6.

It had been two weeks no one knew the main reason and had stopped talking or even noticing they were even alive. Every time they saw each other they would just walk off or do something else.Each of them had tried to get a reason out of them but it didn’t work.

Frankly they had enough of their friends not talking. They came up with a plan to at least get them to be in the same place for a while.

“So we all get in the Limo pick up and we start talking and then say aren’t you being stupid over this not talking thing. Get over it.” said making sure he had the plan right.

“Yes sweetie but a little bit more carefully.” said kissing on the lips and wrapping her arms around him pulling him close.

“I swear I can’t wait for you two to get a room of your own.” said laughing as she walked in on them.

pulled away and gave her a sheepish smile hoping she didn’t over hear.

“Yes but with me and both moving out you’ll be alone here.” nodded her head to to carry out his side of the plan.

“Yes but this is good as you’re both with the guys you love and love you back.” looked at her friend hard. “You’ll find someone to love and love you back just the way you want.” “I thought I did” “I know said knowing as she had hit a nerve. No one had told that they all knew about her love for or even the notes found, Or Josh calling none of it. They thought it was best and wait for the right moment and tonight would be that they hoped.

“How do you know?” asked shocked led her into the living room explaining everything they had found out.

couldn’t believe they knew and was just telling her today. Then part of her wasn’t that shocked really she guessed they properly would find out or find the notes or something.

could see she was getting somewhere with she just had to ask the question about the eventful night.

and rolled their eyes. They wanted to kill for being a stubborn butt head that he was sometimes.

“Look mate I know you said you don’t want to see or speak to again. I would say I get it but I don’t as you or her won’t bloody well say. Were all friends who hang with the same people you’re going to see each other at some point even talk? Especially at the wedding when you’ll be escorting her up the aisle”

“No I bloody well won’t” snapped at “Then you’re not coming to mine or wedding then. Ruin it then why don’t you.” stood up and walked out the door before he bloody told what for.He bloody hoped this worked. “Or mine” said following outside. Well lets hope this works mate” said putting his arm around ’s shoulders in a manly way. “Said the same thing myself.”

“Are you next then?” said to who was still sitting on the sofa.“No I’m not getting married yet so I’m fine” laughed. “They have a point don’t you think?” looked up and sighed “Yes they bloody have a point but I can’t see her knowing she don’t want to see me.” opened a can of Gunnies then threw one over to who had a small smile creep onto his lips then it went back to a look of concern but just shrugged it off.

“Well she must have changed her mind then.” almost laughed when shot his head up and looked at him.“What she said she wants to see me?” “Well yes and no. We said about going out tonight said you would be there would she mind seeing you. She said no she wouldn’t. She had a huge smile on her face.”

“Really, Why didn’t you say so? So when and where?” said really excited at the thought that maybe him and could become friends again.

“I’m not sure this is a good idea anymore” said inside the limo with and on the way to pick the girls up. “Why not mate?” asked a bit confused.“Well you didn’t see him. When I said wanted to see him he was so happy like never before. I almost slipped up about the whole thing I felt so bad. I swear to god he was happier about this than anytime we performed on stage or anything in his life. I think we should tell the girls this is a bad idea.” just looked at his two mates for an answer.

“Lets just see what happens she may come?” said hopefully for his mate’s sake.“Do you think that maybe likes a bit more than his letting on?” asked looking from and . Who nodded their heads ‘Yes’

looked in the mirror and sighed she was looking forward to a night out it had made her day when said wouldn’t be going. She wouldn’t have to look at him knowing about her old feelings ok not so old but when she wasn’t around him she could cope. When he was she wanted to drink herself stupid. But she had changed yeah it may have been just two weeks but still she had changed.

added the last touches to her make up and headed downstairs.She smiled as she looked at her tree friends. “Well you gals look great, the guys will flip big time.” was wearing a short black dress that was backless, had on black trousers and a blue halter neck. was in black trousers and a pink corset style top. had gone for a satin red dress that came to her knee’s it was boob tube style at the top and came out and the bottom it was very 50’s and fitted her figure perfectly.

“Thanks guys” laughed walking over to them and pulled them into a hug. “For everything” “Thanks for what?” asked looking at and as if to say does she know.“For the whole freak out thing I’ve been doing. , drinking helping me through this. For not being here tonight”“But he is” cut in before she could think “Busted” thought as she saw ’s eyes fill with tears.

“What you said you said he wasn’t.” said looking at for a reason felt sick.

“Well he wasn’t but he wants to see you” lied. “No he doesn’t don’t lie I can tell when your lying and I know he’s stubborn as hell.” “Like you then” snapped. “Hey leave it out you too.” said standing in front of blocking her from attack. Which made the two girls shut up and look at her.

come please you don’t have to speak to him. Were picking him up on the way so you have time to get it in your system. Hell I’ll even dumb for the night that is and we can go out somewhere.” looked at her best friends and sighed.“Fine I’ll come but don’t think I’m speaking to him and please don’t let me drink anything but water.”

Part 7.

smiled when she heard the Limo pull up. “Well lets go then” The four girls linked arms. They just opened the door to see , and just about to knock. They looked surprised when they saw was in fact ready to go.

“My ladies you look lovely tonight” said bowing and looked at each other and did the same.

“How did you get her to come?” whispered into ear. “I didn’t did. I have a feeling she knows something I or we don’t” said stepping inside the limo.

felt sick as the limo pulled away. She looked out the window and sighed running her hand through her hair. She looked at her 6 best friends they were all looking at her with a half smile and a look of success.

had in fact been ready for over an hour now, which surprised him. He had been thinking of things to say to since said she was looking forward to seeing him. He had really missed her. He still didn’t understand the whole thing of why she didn’t tell him. All he wanted was for her to be in his life. For them to be friends again.

He heard the Limo pull in his drive. He grabbed his keys and ran out the door. He took a deep breath smiling from ear to ear he opened the door and got inside. He sat down next to .

As he sat down he looked for but he didn't see her. He felt a knot in his stomach or had his heart stopped.

isn’t in the front is she?” asked hoping that they would say yes or anything but what was about to say.

“She was coming, we got half way here and she demanded to leave.” “Even opening the door as it was still moving I might add” added cutting off in mid flow.

“Why? She wanted to see me. You said she wanted to see me.” was now looking at he could feel his eyes well up. Then he got it had caught on to him saying didn’t want to see him so he used it against him.

“Thanks mate thanks a lot. I told you she didn’t want to didn’t I” jumped out the Limo and kicked the floor.

“Well do you blame her?” turned around to see was standing there with her hands on her hips glaring at him.

“What do you mean blame her for what?” “I don’t know the fact that you had a go at her for not telling you about using you. The fact that you said you couldn’t trust her or even be friends with her. The fact that you took something that said and used it against after everything she did to her. Could that be the reason perhaps? Or shall I continue?”

Everyone was quite for a few moments processing what had just said. “You told her you didn’t want to know her anymore. God are you just plan stupid or is there a reason you’re a fool.” snapped.

“Hey I was confused hurt angry. said knew all along about her. And she didn’t do anything because she didn't see me as a friend. I know what did to was bad but.” “You don’t even know half of it” shouted back

don’t” said “Don’t what? Tell me” begged. He looked at his friends who looked at each other all the looks ended up back at . “Great leave me to do it,” He whispered.

“What means is. just didn’t buy the drink she drove her to it. She’d leave notes on or around saying stuff about you and her getting married how she is using you and couldn’t do anything, as you wouldn’t believe it. How you could ever never love . how in fact you didn’t even like her.”

’s eyes widened with horror he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.“What are you saying? Because I’m thinking one thing but I’m not sure if it right” “ has been in love with you for over four years now. That’s why she went to LA. That’s why she’s been getting drunk, that’s why succeeded in tearing you both apart. That’s why is at home now. Everything has ever done has led back to you. I guess now you know you need to think what you’re going to do.” scream turning around walking into s arms.

They all got back into the Limo leaving behind to think.

“What do you think will happen now?” asked “Hope for the best” said taking her hand in his.

opened her front door and entered the dark house. She headed straight to the kitchen and pulled out a tub of ice cream. She walked back into living room and picked out Pretty Woman her favourite Chick flick. put the sound on mute sat down on the sofa and pressed play on the CD player. Her head shot up when Glory of Love started. “Great bloody great. F-off you stupid song.” shouted to the stereo. She wouldn’t cry she wouldn’t.

She was just going to call the radio station to scream at them for putting that song on every time she changed a channel. When she heard the doorbell ring.Thinking it was one of the girls she opened the door her mouth fell to the floor.

stood in his drive for all of 10 seconds before running back inside to get his car keys.How could he leave it like that with ? He was nuts. He knew the answers to the questions that had played on his mind for ages. Well almost all the answers. He could do something about it now one way or another.

parked the car just outside the house so wouldn’t hear it in the drive. Every step closer to the door he made he felt like turning back and dealing with it tomorrow. He knew he couldn’t do that he had left it long enough as it is. He knocked on the door.

and just looked at each other for a moment before she turned around and went back inside leaving the door open for to either come inside or leave it and go home again. heard the door close and walk into the living room standing by the door.

She was not going to say one single word to him. No she refused to why should she make the first move. She didn’t know what he was doing here. She didn’t care. Well her head didn’t but her heart sure did.She flicked the channel over on the stereo and again had glory of love, which made her blow her top.“For gods sake I told you once to leave me alone. Can’t you bloody leave me alone?” “I just wanted to talk but if you really feel that strongly.” turned around she saw the hurt in ’s eyes and on his face. He looked how she felt.

“I wasn’t talking to you.” said softly. “I was talking to the stereo every time I change the channel or turn it on it keeps playing Glory of Love. It won’t listen to me when I tell it to shut up.” Hoping that the radio stations would hear her. looked at her and saw she was giving him a half smile. “Maybe it’s trying to tell you something.” Feeling a bit better at the fact that wasn’t screaming at him a seconded ago.

“Well I’d like to know what. Because I can’t think of a reason.” She turned it off and sat down on the sofa with just the flickering of the film lighting the room.

“I can” walked over to and sat down beside her.“I can think of a million reasons why.” “Well I would ask what but I don’ think that’s a good idea since that would mean us talking. You don’t want that.” wouldn’t look at him she was scared at what she may see in his eyes, scared to feel hope.

“You honestly thought I couldn’t speak to you ever again. I was so excited about seeing you tonight a chance to become friends again. said you wanted to see me. I was really happy. So happy I was ready an hour early.” That got ’s attention. was always late because he had to do his hair or something. “Wow you became a man tonight . Got rid of the girl in you then? About time.” said trying not to laugh but failed.

laughed too. Then got serious again. “What I did was get you in me.” looked hard at she had stopped laughing and was looking forward again.

“If I asked you something would you be honest with me?” asked moving from the side of her so he was kneeing in front so he could look at her. “Yeah when have you known me not to be?”

“Do you really not see me as a friend.” “I see you as a friend .” “You said you don’t what did that mean?” went to say something then changed her mind. She stood up and walked over to the lights and turned them on. She stood there not moving.

sighed and looked at the back of her “ Forget about the whole thing. Forget the park forget everything. Just tell me what you meant by not seeing me as a friend?” wasn’t getting anywhere and he knew it was a stubborn as he was but he couldn’t afford to be anymore.

“You know I did what you did. Got myself totally hammered everyday and night to hide my feelings, to deal with what I felt inside. I know how you feel to love someone so much it hurts to breath. To know or think they don’t feel the same for you. To see you as a friend and you not to. To watch the girl you love being used as an emotion pawn by a stupid relationship I got into to get over her. For her to say she don’t see me as a friend and not know what that means.To know that you feel the same way about me as I do you and have done for over four years.” took a deep breath in he didn't realise he was going to ramble on about feelings and things that had been unsaid but said in their unspoken actions.

turned around to look at her heart stopping and beating every seconded to finally stopping at the words she had dreamed a thousand times before.

“You did what I did?” said it wasn’t really a question more a statement. “Yes. So do you see me a friend?”

“No I see you as more than that. I see you as my friend, soulmate, heart body and soul. Even the air I breathe.” said shyly she was putting her heart out there just like had done.

“I feel the same. I can’t breath when you’re not around. It was like hell when you went to LA.” and walked closer to each other. every step that little bit more intoxicating so close but yet so far. Until they were both finally in front of each other. “I love you ” “I love you as well” and lent in and kissed each other. pulled away and smiled. “I think I understand what the song Glory of love was telling me.” said smiling. “What was that?” “That my heart was right along” smiled “ Finally the girl gets it.” went to hit him but he pulled her towards him and kissed her passionately.

An endless Kiss and Endless love that they had waited so long to do.