Just Like Those Fairytales

"It's not like I didn't try!! What do you want from me - you're still here you **** get out of my house!"
"I'm sorry" he cried back.
He knew he'd messed up but what was he to do now knowing that he'd lost the girl he'd been chasing for what had seemed like a lifetime.

What more could Matt do? He'd apologized for the past week.. sent her flowers and teddy bears to her parents house where she was now staying after she discovered his secret. He was on his knees
"I saw the texts!!! What am I supposed to do? Just wait here for you every bloody night while you’re out chasing some random woman!!! What do you want from me?!? GET OUT Matt... just get out" she sobbed as she just reduced herself to a pile in the corner of the room.
He left unwillingly but knew he'd lost her heart.
What was she to do now? The voices in her head echoed. The phone was ringing... She just sat there looking at her wedding ring and thinking about all the memories they had built together The photos ... Urgh how could this happen? The phone was still ringing.. WHY CANT PEOPLE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE?!? She screamed throwing the ring and potential life with Matt, her conscience pointed out in her head. She was sure now she didn't want to be with a man like that for the rest of her life, but she couldn't help just break down- after all she had loved him.
Now a tap at the door. She thought about getting it.....then realized the complete state she was in. She felt worthless, completely worthless. She had no job, before she worked with Matt in his property business but she never EVER wanted to see his face again. It was as if he was just putting on a show to everyone but losing the person who'd always been there for him.
She was in her parents’ house now. It was on the outskirts of the city.. With a few neighbors but quiet. After realizing her fiancé was having an affair she went back to her parents house bringing everything with her- she still bought the photos thinking maybe he'd change yet she hadn't heard from him a week until after she'd left. This confirmed her decision that she wasn't getting married to him because he loved her but because it just felt like the easy option. How many times can you find love in one life? Sometimes you wonder if it will really get better than this. had always been like that- sacrificing her desires for the easy options.
After contemplating her thoughts for what felt like hours and it was getting dark outside which was meant that it definitely was late, it was summer. Great summer this is going to be thought to herself. The house was deserted. Her mum and dad were doing a sightseeing trip around the world and were to come back in October to help prepare for the wedding in December. Peace and quiet is perhaps what she needed to get her thoughts together but sometimes her and her thoughts weren't exactly the best of friends.

had planned it all out. She wanted the fairytale wedding with the snow and White dress. She smiled to herself remembering what she thought of love when she was young Reading through all those fairytales.
Get him out if my life once and for all. She said aloud. I need to tell someone- She rang her mums mobile subconsciously, explained what had happened.
"Well I always questioned what you saw in him anyway sweetheart. Don't worry it's ok - me and your dad will try and come home as soon as we can." her mother’s voice echoed in the oh so empty house.
"no no no!! Seriously don't I Need some time to myself."
Reluctantly after some thorough persuasion her parents decided to let her be as long as she called everyday. She smiled inside at the thought that somewhere, people did genuinely care for her wellbeing, and how lucky she was to have the family she did.
finally got up and went to look at herself in the mirror. She had never seen herself like this. This wasn't the same as a month ago the one that used to skip down the street with a jump in her step and always smiling at how her life was and would be. Now all she could see were puffy eyes and mascara running down her face. She felt defeated yet angry. By looking at herself she it just depressed her even more and she just cried more. She smashed the mirror with her hand wanting nothing more to do with herself.
"Ouch!" she yelped in pain.
"Oh for god’s sake!! Now I'm bleeding.. Could it get any worse?" she snapped to herself as she washed her now bleeding arm.
There was a knock on the door. Again. She sighed picking herself up to go and get the door. "hello" she looked at this man but only half opened the door, she didn't really trust anyone or anything after what Matt had done. And it was late... She had to be cautious "hiya," he smiled,
He looked handsome and subconsciously opened the door abut more letting the light out so she could see him more clearly. She didn't want to say anything but he looked familiar she just couldn't pinpoint where she knew him - just hoped it wasn't one of Matt’s schemes to get back together with him.
"I'm you're new neighbor, he smiled again an irresistible smile- she smiled back.
"Oh really? paused not quite knowing what to say to that statement. She didn’t want to invite him in." what bought you to this town then?"
"I just needed some time to escape - nice and quiet you know."
"Oh I know... This is my parent’s house actually. I'm just staying for a while" she whispered. "They're on holiday so umm thought I'd check in. Don't worry though this is quite a safe neighborhood."
He could see her clearer now. She was pretty... With short hair. But her eyes were so red and she looked as though she’d cried a river.
"Umm miss is everything ok?"
"Yeah everything’s fine... Thanks call me how are you.." she replied a bit taken a back by the question.
"you look like you're upset. I came earlier but there wasn't anyone here. I heard noises and just came to check if everything was umm ok?" He glanced at her arm.
She completely forgot the state she was in and put her hands to her face and her arm after following his glance.
"I'm fine - i .. Just umm i just cut it." she whispered.
"Shall I come back tomorrow?"
"Umm yeah that'll be good .. " she replied thankfully
Ok then he smiled and winked " see you tomorrow
The entire night couldn't stop thinking about . He hadn't even introduced himself. He slapped his head... Urgh and now you’re going back tomorrow ! For what? To tell her your name? He thought to himself aloud. But she had seemed thankful that someone was coming back... What was wrong with her... He'd never see anyone look like thes been crying so much. But he was just a complete stranger to her - in a way this was better- like normal people, she knows nothing about me I know nothing about her - this could work, he smiled but strangers don't just go and tell randomers their lives problems... So it was hardly like he was going to find out.

Morning came quickly and again went to knock on 's door. She answered quicker this time and seemed happier although she still had those puffy eyes. She was wearing a black summer dress which complimented her, he thought.
"Hiya" would you like to come in for some breakfast or a drink?"
" I would love to," he smiled walking through the door. He looked around .. "wow what a beautiful house"
"Thank you" she replied. "I helped my parents decorate." She chatted to him while making some toast and coffee for them both.
"How long are your parents away for?"
"Oh umm till November" while in her head she reminded herself to tell everyone else about the wedding. The fact that there was going to be none so they could change their plans if need be. That would be awkward telling everyone she thought slightly panicked. "You ok?" asked, concerned realizing she appeared withdrawn, staring blankly.
She snapped out of her trance and looked at the man sitting opposite, he was wearing a black shirt and jeans. smiled at how handsome he looked. He made her laugh and forget about everything.
"Yeah, I'm ok thanks. Would you like anything else to eat or some more coffee?"
"No thank you" he smiled getting up.
There was a knock on the door.
"Coming.." tvs next door if yu want.. I'll be right back."
She opened the door. It was Matt.
She slammed the door in his face having nothing to say to him. Not out of shock. She’d passed that stage, but out of anger and disbelief that he'd come back. He knocked again, she opened the door just a crack. She rolled her eyes fed up with his games ...
"What the hell do you want?"
"You" was what he replied
"Well... frankly I hate you so can you just leave me alone and get our of my life. She hissed at him not wanting to hear. "I have guests."
He tried to come into the house.
"Get out" she raised her voice warning him.
"What do you want?" She questioned him again.
"You - I know what I did was wrong and I'm sorry! You have to forgive me!"
"No I don't! This is my life.
My decisions. And you're no longer part of my life." she replied trying to keep her cool.
"But we were going to get married!"
"Oh so now you recognize that... Maybe you should have thought about that before sleeping with that slag!"
"She's not a slag!"
She tried to keep calm and not breakdown.
"What?!? What did you just say?!?"
"I said she's not a slag." he whispered
"Oh! So you're defending her!! What the hell is wrong with you! You’re just defending the girl you had had an AFFAIR with and know your coming here telling me you still want to get married."
He didn't know what to do. He just stared blankly.
could hear all this arguing and didn't know quite what to do either, it seemed pretty heated. He understood now why she had been so upset the day before. He went to the door and saw Matt. He instantly disliked him for what he'd done to .
" I think you should go now..." directed to Matt.
"So this is who you're spending your time with?"
"Yes- while you spend time with Slag. Problem?"
Matt tried to grab her arm. She pushed him back but he was determined that she was to come back with him. Matt got behind her trying to grab her arms. "Let go of her" said forcefully and firmly. took the chance, grabbed Matt and pushed him out of the door. took the door in her hand. Looked at him one last time, "Go to hell." and she slammed the door.

She went straight to the bathroom not knowing what to say to . He just stood there dumb folded not knowing quite what to do or say.

just cried her broken heart out.
" ?" called outside the bathroom in a hushed tone.
"It's ok, he's gone now and I don't think he's coming back."
There wasn't a reply.
" ?" he went to open the door, it was unlocked.
"Oh .." he looked down at her crying. He crouched down next to her and looked her in the eyes.
"He won't hurt you anymore. He's gone he's gone. I won't let him hurt you."
He sat down next to her, pulling her close, giving her a shoulder to cry on.
Words weren't enough so he just hugged her.
"Thank you" where all the words she could muster after what felt like an eternity.
"Look I'm not one to judge or give great advice but I'm here whenever you need me- just next door in fact." she smiled.
"But you have a life."
"I want you in it."
smiled, from within realizing that this wasn't the end. This was simply the beginning of a new chapter. Perhaps like one of those fairytales she used to read...

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