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Chapter 1.

walked into room and sighed. couldn’t believe was still asleep on the first day of their vacation.

marched over to bed and looked down at her. “ wake up.”

opened her eyes and looked at . “ Come on. Up now.” said with a forceful tone. She turned on her heels and headed out the door but not before stopping and throwing some clothes at .


After about 20 minutes walked out her room fresh faced and ready to hit the beach where they were meeting their friend .

“I can’t believe we have to meet . Were on vacation you’d think she’d want to party not surf. It’s not like she doesn’t do it nearly everyday at home.” stated with a bored tone.

She knew loved to surf she just didn’t get why she had to go all the time.

“She gets a sense of freedom.” said picking up her bag and sunglasses. “Lets go.”

It wasn’t a long walk to the beach just two minutes. The girls had wanted a Hotel on the beach in La and luckily they knew one that would cover all their needs.

The hotel belonged to uncle. It was one of the top hotels in the world all the big A- List stars stayed there.

was bored of sitting on the beach. It was nice to get away from everything but he liked to explore not sit on a beach all day watching the other lads check out the local talent.

As was looking around at something to take his mind off things his wish was granted.

what are you looking at?” asked from the side of him. But he didn’t answer him looked in the direction that was checking out and understood exactly what he was thinking.

“Hello to the hottest chicks in LA.” said nudging and speaking loud enough so that and would hear as well.

“Where?” said almost jumping on to get a better look.

“Look they’re walking pass go and speak to them” said from the other side of .

“I’m not going up to them,” said shyly.
grunted and stood up. He trotted up to the two girls.

“Hey” A voice said behind and who jumped a mile.

The two girls turned around. smiled at the mystery blonde guy. He was hot. “Hey what can we do for you?” said looking to then to .

She had to control herself not to laugh at the attraction that was going between and this guy.

“Well you see me and my mates sitting there” started to say he turned around and pointed to his three friends.

“ And we were saying how it would be nice to have some female company on this trip and you two gals walked passed. So me and the boys thought that maybe you’d like to join us?” looked to then back at with hope in his eyes like a little school boy who wants to be picked for the football team.

looked to .” What do you think? I don’t mind either way”? “I’m up for it and I bet will be ages yet. I can’t even see her.”

turned back to and smiled at him while pushing some of her hair behind her shoulder.

“Ok why not.”

“There coming over. is good.” said with excitement. As he watched walk over with the two girls he caught the tall brunette eyes and smiled. For some reason felt a heat run through his whole body.

“Guys I’d like to introduce you to our guest.” It was then that realised that he didn’t’ even know these girls names.

“I’m sorry what’s your names?”

laughed. “I’m this is .” “ Nice to meet you gals. I’m this is , and that grumpy guy is .”

“I’m not grumpy” “No of course not your just pissed you missed out on the last bored.”

and looked at each other with confused looks. picked up on it and smiled.

“ He surfs he wanted to hire a bored out but some chick got there and as says she’s properly totally crap anyway.”

“Oh god not another one.” whispered under her breath to not realising the others had heard her. “Excuse me?” asked confused.

“Our mate surfs she’s out killing some waves as you say.” blushed and sat down next to .

was getting fed up now. Every time she had tried to get a decant wave some stupid amateur got there and wasted its beauty.

“That’s it I’m going back to the beach.” said under her breath Ok she had been saying this for the past hour but now she meant it. As she paddled back to shore she heard her name being called out.

Naturally she knew it was and . more so than she wasn’t loud at all.

“Hey” said running up to her friends then looking behind them to see four cute guys.

“Hum been chatting up the local talent have we girls?” “Were not local and were chatting the girls up” looked at the guy. He was cute but not really her type.

“ Ok where you from?” “ Sligo” replied “ Excuse me I’m a Dublin lad” said with a matter of fact tone.

“Cool us too kind of” “We know. You and are London girls who moved to Sligo. is from Glasgow who also moved to Sligo and met you two leaving a long history between you three. And did that make sense” said laughing at himself

The other guys looked at him as if to say you dork.

“So anyway this is , , and he likes to surf.” said pointing to each of the lads.

Once had said surf ’s eyes lit up and focused on .

“You surf. Are you pro or Beginner?” “Intermittent.” said smiling for the first time that day.

“Oh god no please don’t talk Surf it’s boring,” said putting his hands over his ears and falling back on the sand.

“ Fine well maybe will go somewhere else and talk then we won’t bother you lot.” said as matter of fact then after he realised what he said he looked at with his puppy dog eyes.

“ Well I do need to change. You could come with me. I guess if you want?”

was up in a second “Ok. See you guys later.” and walked off together.

Chapter 2.

“See say surf to him and he gets a happy.” whispered to

“ It’s the same with .” Both looked at one another and smiled.

“Do you fancy going for a walk I could kill for a drink?”

looked to who smiled back at her and nodded her head. “ Go on. Leave me like did its fine. I have nothing better to do.”

“Ok see ya later” With that and jumped up and walked away as fast as they could.

looked to and and smiled. “I think I’ll go for a swim.” stood up she pulled of her hot pants noticing that was watching her every move and ran into the sea.

mate go away” looked at him hurt ”You guys are terrible” “ Well we are single unlike you.”

grunted he walked off leaving heading for the sea after .

stood outside the hotel room door. He couldn’t believe the girls had the penthouse, him and the boys had wanted it but told no because the owner’s niece was having it. As he stood there he felt stupid. He wasn’t sure if it was ok for him to go inside so he just waited outside.

“Hey come on in,” said holding the door open for him. walked in and gasped the room had been one of the most beautiful rooms he had been in. It was cream and gold. All the furniture was gold and the lights where chandeliers. “This is nice,” he said. “Yeah it is, why don’t you take a seat I won’t be a second” said and walked into her bedroom to change. sat down and waited for .

came out her room and sat down next to . There was a moment’s silence then they both started laughing. “So how long have you been into surfing?” She asked

“Oh about a year and half, I love it, it helps me to unwind and relax” he told her.
“I mean with my job its very hectic, to be able to be taken away from that for a few hours and just be at one with myself is the most amazing feeling” he continued. “What about you?”

“I’ve been in to surfing since I moved to Ireland, when we were having hard times paying rent and gaining money I found surf took me away from it all, gave me the air I needed at the time” said smiling sweetly at him. He was cute and so easy to talk to which was nice.

The pair sat for the next hour just talking about surf and the different techniques they use. “Hey maybe we can go out together tomorrow?” said with a sign of hope in her eyes. “I’d love to but I can’t, I don’t have a bored, some chick got the last one and she properly sucks big time,” he said wishing he didn’t have to.

“Thanks, I’ll have you know I don’t suck I’m a pro” started to say pouting.
just looked at her in horror trust him to say something like that and it turn out to be the person he was slagging.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry. As you know I love to surf and I’m shutting up now” looked to the floor and blushed why was he acting like a complete fool.

“ Hey don’t worry about it. I’ll show you how much I’ve forgiven you by letting you borrow the bored anytime you want” said putting her head on his shoulder and looking up at him with puppy dog eyes.

“ Ok. Maybe you can show me a few of your moves?” Kian asked hopefully knowing that would properly say yes. Well he hoped so anyway.

“ I properly can if you can handle it. Not many guys can handle my moves I have you know ,” said with a sly smiled then winked at him.

had to control himself from saying or doing anything that would be held against him. The silence came back but it wasnt uncomfortable it felt really nice if he was honest.

“Do you want to go for a walk along the beach” Kian asked he was bored of sitting down now he wanted some fresh air. “Yeah sure I’d like that.” said smiling.

stood up and held out his hand for to take which she did.

and had been sitting in a café for the last hour. It was amazing how much they had in common. Their taste in music was similar and they both had the same favourite movie Armageddon. “Do you want to do something?” he asked her hoping she would say yes. “Yeah sure”.

“Cool I heard about this castle that’s suppose to be enchanted we could go and find it,” he said. “ Sounds like fun” said and stood up. quickly got up and off they went.

and reached the castle to find it was a toy miniature that someone had built. “Aww that sucks we walked all this way for that” said.

“Yeah sorry” said. “Don’t be I had a great time walking with you it was good fun, do you want to start walking back now?” she asked.

looked at and could see he was smiling, here she was disappointed about the thing been a toy miniature and he was smiling. “Hey you knew this was a toy miniature didn’t you?” she said almost laughing at the face he was making. “Yeah, but I wanted to spend time with you that’s why I never told you it was a toy”

folded her arms and gave him a hard stare. She could see that was uncomfortable with her doing that so she did it even more.

believe it or not I really like you, since I saw you I had an instant attraction, I just had to get you on your own for a while” he said and leaned in and kissed her. kissed back; boy was she glad he had said because she had felt the instant attraction too.

and had been messing around in the water for what seemed like ages. On servile occasions had tried to catch her just so he could have her in his arms but seemed to have caught on to his game and was doing her best to play hard to get.

“Why don’t we see if we can get a jet ski? I can drive” offered as he started to walk out the sea and back onto to the beach.

followed him she picked up her towel and dried herself off. As she turned around she caught checking her out.

“Excuse me what are you doing?” asked knowing full well what he was up too.

Realising that had caught him he didn’t know what excuse to come out with so he just said the truth.

“I umm. Ok I think you’re hot and I couldn’t help but check you out. I’m a bad man I know but I am a man after all.” said pushing his hair back and smiling at her boyishly.

half smiled. “Yes you are a man.” folded her towel out and sat down. She had no intention of jet skiing today.

looked at her. God he hoped he hadn’t blown it with her. So he sat down next to her.

“Tell me about yourself?” asked her. “There nothing to tell really.” “Ok so make something up.”

laid down on his side and looked up at . Who sighed and did the same thing.

told him about her life in Glasgow. Had she ended up moving to Ireland about her modelling, how she met and .
Ordinary she didn’t plan on telling him anything she didn’t even know him but the words just came out. made a promise to herself though she would differently play harder to get.

A week was a long time. And she hoped to have a little holiday romance. She properly guessed and felt the same.

Chapter 3.

“Right so here we are,” said leaning against her door.

“I guess we are. Umm can I see you again?” asked shyly but hopefully.

“Yeah I don’t see why not. We are both on vacation here so were bound to see each other around” knew what had meant but she wanted to take it out of content due to the fact that in a week they would be flying back home and properly wouldn’t see the guys. She didn’t want to have a just a holiday romance with him she wanted more.

“Oh. Oh ok” said realising what had said, “I’ll see you around”
held out his hand for to shake. She lent forward and kissed him gently on the cheek.

“Oh god, please. Do I have to get you a room?”

and jumped apart walking up the hallway was , and .

“We were I was” was lost for words She looked to who was smiling sheepishly.

“ I mean it do I really have to get you a room. Well more to the point does have to get you a room since so it’s her uncle place.” said trying not to laugh.

She knew how shy was about that stuff so naturally she had to make her worse.

“ Yeah I’m sure I can get something,” said joining in

“Your evil” said stepping back inside the doorway so she had some space between her and . She so had to kill her friends later.

and walked up to the door and winked at each other.

“Now put the nice man down and say good night” said laughing.

“Right there with you . thanks for dropping home. She does love to get lost and then she chats to strange men and.” was interrupted by ’s outburst

“Hey that’s your job you talk to strangers then you follow them home do I have to remind you of the Tube Guy”

could have died. She did die. “Hey that’s below the belt. That’s a secret and I didn’t go home with him.”

“NO you almost got on the same train with him when we were meant to go the other way,

“Well how was I meant to know he didn’t tell me did he?” “No of course he didn’t tell you he properly wanted you to go back for coffee and crumpet.”

and were brought out there little sketch show by everyone in the hallway laughing at them.

The guys and had watched the whole thing like Tennis matches their heads going from to to again then back to .

“ I sooooooo didn’t know that.” said laughing.

“I’m never going to forgive you .” said glaring at her. just smiled and poked her tongue out at her.

“What can I say I learned from the best?”

“Well your lessons are officially cancelled.” said pouting,

“ Ok not to break the show up but are you girls interested in coming to dinner with us tonight?” asked confidently

“Sorry guys were busy we’ve sorted out our weekly plans as you can tell we wasn’t expecting to meet anyone” stated as a matter of fact.

She could feel and glare at her but she knew they would see what she was up to and play along.

wasn’t expecting the girls to say no so when they did he was speechless had to take over.

“That’s ok. Will give you our hotel numbers feel free to pop along anytime you like. We have no life as you could tell. “ said smiley.

“Ok” said taking the numbers from and handing them to who put them on the side not even giving them a second thought as she knew she would be seeing tomorrow morning for a surf lesson.

The girls stood at the door and watched the guys leave. Once they were sure they had gone and were properly on the next floor they screamed.

“Oh my god.”

“Your bad said flopping down on the sofa and flicking the TV on.

“What? We need to play hard to get their pop stars they can have anyone they want.”

“No there not pop stars. Their normal people who have a job.” stated as a matter of fact she hated titles and people being branded.

“Yes as pop stars.” continued. “Whatever” said standing up and going into her bedroom.

“What’s up with her?” asked puzzled. “I think I pissed her off” “You always do, what’s new.”
turned around and went to her room leaving sitting on the sofa.
“Alone with the TV what fun” She said to herself then she remembered she had s door number.

“I think I’m hungry” said smiling she went to her bedroom to change into something a lot better than what she was wearing now. She had some how made up her mind to make the most of this holiday whatever that meant.

Now that she was standing outside Marks door she wasn’t so sure this was a good idea. “Your meant to be playing hard to get not I’m desperate please take me now.”

was just getting out the shower when there was a knock at the door.

“ Guys you’re early” started to say as he opened the door to see standing there.

turned around and looked at trying not to droll.
He was all wet and had nothing but a towel on.

“ Hey sorry I’m not the guys it’s just me” smiled at him a matter of thoughts crossing her mind.

“ Well I’d sooner have you at my door than them lot.” laughed stepping aside so could enter the room.

casually sat on the chair and looked at who was looking back at her.

“Umm I hope you don’t mind me coming along. I was wondering if I could take your invite up about dinner?” shyly asked.

“Yeah that would be great are the other girls coming as well?” asked sitting next to her.

“Nope there busy I didn’t want to do what they were doing I can’t be bothered” laughed nervously.

“ Give me a few minutes to get changed” stood up grabbed some clothes from the wardrobe and headed back into the bathroom.

He just couldn’t wipe the smile of his face.

looked at the bathroom door where had just gone to get changed. For some reason she don’t know why she stood up and knocked on the door.

“What’s up shouted back.

“Can I come in?” asked. Then slowly the door started to open. was still in his towel and she was still drooling.

“Sorry but umm. Ok just to let you know I’ve never done this before in my life and I don’t know why I’m doing it now but I don’t want to go out for dinner I want to stay in here with you and get to know you in other ways if you get my meaning” said all in one go.

She looked down the floor and blushed.

“I would like that as well. And I don’t do this either” said walking to and lifting her chin up with his finger he lent forward and kissed her gently.

Chapter 4.

walked into see that was lying on the sofa watching a film.

“Hey is it any good?”

turned around and smiled at her “Nope total crap.”

“I love your uncle to bits but cant he get a better film channel.” laughed joining on the sofa.

“Where is anyway?” continued looking around.

“Don’t know. she’s not in her room I looked already and I’ve tried her room so I think she went with the lads.”

“Oh ok well why don’t we join them?” offered

“Cause were playing hard to get” stated as a matter of fact.

“I know but I’m bored and you know what forget it I’m going down to the beach want to come?”

nodded the girl’s grabbed there stuff and headed to the beach well that was the plan as they walked by the bar they heard their names called.

There was and .

“Hey girls we were just talking about you two.” said smiling from ear to ear

“Well we can’t have you boys bored now can we” said looking to as if to say remember the plan.

“So where are the other lads?” asked changing the subject.

he phoned to say he was doing something else. ’s gone home as is ill.” replied

“Oh god nothing series I hope” said worried.
“NO she’ll be fine”

“Good” and said together

“Anyway boys were off so see you around.” and linked arms and made there way out the hotel

and looked at each other and they ran after the girls.

“Hey wait up don’t leave us alone.” shouted out to them

and stopped and looked at them.

“How are you alone when you’re together?” asked already knowing what was talking about but she was playing little miss innocent.

“Yeah well we see each other all the time. Ifs not often we go away and have two sexy ladies around” said smoothly looking at at all time.

rolled her eyes and lent against the wall noticing was looking at her.

“What do you think shall we invite the boys along?”

“I don’t mind. Oh maybe they can chat with us about girlie stuff” said seriously.

tried not to laugh.

“Where you going?” asked

“Were getting a bite to eat and going to sit on the beach.” said turning to walk away.

“Will come if that’s ok. We honestly don’t mind about girlie talk isn’t that right ?” said turning to look at his mate.

“I make you correct.”

“Tell you what why don’t and I get the food and meet you two on the beach” stated and started to walk of with leaving and alone.

felt more nervous than what she did a few hours ago. She was trying to think of things to say so she just went for the obvious.

“I think really wants to be alone with her” laughed nervously.

“Well his not the only one.” said smiling.

looked up at him confused. “You want to spend time alone with as well?”

‘Great just great’ thought.

“Oh god that wasn’t meant to come out that way. I meant I wanted to be alone with you.” said running his hand gently through ’s long hair.

“Well that’s ok then.” smiled sweetly at him they walked to the beach.

“So this little game of playing hard to get how long is it going for?” asked bluntly.

stopped in her tacks and looked at him coyly.

“How do you know I’m playing?”

“Cause I just get that feeling.” “Oh ok. Well if you know I’m playing then maybe I better stop playing.” said stepping towards she could feel his breath on her face.

gently let her lips pass over when she stepped away and carried on walking.

just stood there his mouth to the floor and he ran after her.

“Now that isn’t fair is it” said laughing.

“What I don’t know what you mean?” said smiling to herself.

“ Ok well for that I say we ditch and on the beach and we go and have some fun in town?”

looked at him. She thought for a moment. She did want to get to know but leaving alone wasn’t right but then wasn’t alone was she and maybe would like the chance to be with .

“Ok why not I like to party.”

With that and got a taxi into town.

looked at her watch and sighed.

“I don’t think there coming back do you?”

“Nope me either. I guess will have to get something to eat by ourselves” said smiling cheekily at her.

looked at him “I don’t want anything to eat to be honest. I was kind of hoping we could stay here.”

smiled he took ’s hand in his and looked deep into her eyes.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking.”

looked up at and smiled. He looked so peaceful when he was sleeping. She was thinking what had gotten into her. She never did what they had done normally it was or to do it, she wasn’t a slut, well and weren’t either. All she could put it down to was LA.

She rolled over so she was on her back and in his arms and went to sleep.

looked at as he brought over the tray of drinks. He had got a pint for himself a vodka for her and 3 shots each. “Anyone would think your trying to get me drunk” shouted across the music to him. “Who me, never” He shouted back and handed her a shot. The pair slammed back all the shots in a row. “K Mr you want to have fun” she asked the music had died down for a second in the cubic bar they were in, it only played latino and cubic music. “Hell yeah”. “Well drink up cos I want to dance the forbidden dance” she said and downed her vodka.

looked at her as if she was mad, but quickly downed his pint and hopped off his seat. Hey if she wanted to dance he would, just so he could hold her close, but what had in mind was something wasn’t even prepared for.
and were sitting on a rock down at the beach just chatting. She was sitting in between his legs and the sun was beginning to set.

“Wow is this beautiful,” she said smiling. “Yeah it is but not as beautiful as you” said gently moving her hair away from her shoulder so he could rest his chin there. He hadn’t used a chat up lines yet but thought they may help him win her over.

rolled her eyes and tried not laugh. didn’t even notice so she kept quite.

“You know if we started a holiday thing, Maybe It could be carried onto a proper relationship?” he said.

turned around and looked at him she gently pushed some of his hair out his face and smiled at him.

, I don’t know I mean how could it?” she asked. “Well you live in Ireland, so do I and when im away you could come out and visit” he said.

I don’t know, lets take it day by day see how it goes. Anyway as for a holiday romance you haven’t even asked me out. So there isn’t going to be one of them either” smiled she had out witted him.

was shocked she was right he hadn’t asked her out. He had jumped ahead of himself.

“Ok your right. will you be my holiday romance?” he asked been sincere.
If wanted to spend his time chasing then let him, he wasn’t going to miss out on some fun.
“I’ll think about it and tell you over dinner tomorrow night when you take me out”. “Yeah ok” he said and kissed her gently.

Chapter 5.

Next morning and where sitting having breakfast in the restaurant. “Morning can we join you” asked as him and appeared. “Yep” said and indicated to the two chairs. and quickly sat down on the chairs. “So you have a good night last night,” asked, while looking at then . “Yeah it was ok” said. “What about you”. “Yeah same it was ok.

“I can’t believe this, were just getting in” said as him and came up to the hotel. “Wait what if they see us,” he said. “And”, “Well we ditched them remember, they’ll want to know where we got to” reminded her. “Oh yeah, well let’s go in the back way and cut through the restaurant, make it look as if we were having breakfast” said and led round the back.

The pair where walking through the restaurant when. “Hey you two, where the hell did you disappear to” they heard shout. “Shite, double shite” said under his breath. and turned round and smiled. “We went into town to a cubic club really nice bye” he said and grabbed arm and ran out with her.

“Oh well that’s what happen to our dinner last night” said looking at and the pair burst out laughing while and looked on confused.

noticed the two looking totally lost and she explained the story.

and said goodbye to and and headed to their room.

“So did you go surfing this morning?” asked before questioned her about last night.

“No didn’t bother.” “What” screamed “You’re telling me you didn’t surf wow you must like this guy” said laughing.

“Well I didn’t get back to late. And speaking of guys what happened with you. I take it you went to see

stopped and looked at blushing.

“Oh my god you didn’t did you?” “Didn’t what?” A voice said from behind.

and turned around to see walking up the corridor.

looked behind to see wasn’t following her.

“It seems here spent the night with smiled sweetly at the side of .

“Oh my god we so have to have to the Goss.” said running to their room.

All the three girls sat down on the sofa. and were at the edge of the seat listening to .

“So I was sitting they’re thinking I could sit here go to dinner and do all the normal date stuff you do when it’s going to be something. But hey this is a holiday romance so I thought what the hell and what would and do. So I got up knocked on the bathroom door and took it from there.”

looked at to see she had the same shocked expression that she was feeling.
“Oh my god I can’t believe you did that. So how was it” giggled wanting to know the best part.

you can’t ask her that” said defensively.

“Yeah I can and why don’t you want to know?”

“Well cause you have to word it right. was he the best sex you’ll ever have or the worse?” winked at her while pushed her knocking her off the sofa.

“God you girls want to know the in’s and out don’t you. He was defiantly the best I’ve ever had and I know for a fact no man could ever come close to what I felt last night.” stated almost shyly.

stood up from the floor and sat on the arm of the chair were was sitting and pulled her into a hug.

“I think were going to have to make some rules with these guys cause I’m guessing from were going to want more than a holiday romance.”

looked up at her thinking.

“Well we won’t sleep with them and we won’t kiss them.”

“What are you nuts that’s the best part” shouted at her.

“No we just go in with our eyes open we don’t expect anything from them like more than a holiday romance. We won’t fall for them simple. You can’t fall for someone in week” added looking at her two friends.

“Fine” and said in unison.

“So last night was good then?” asked while throwing him a beer.

“Oh god yes. I wasn’t even expecting her to do that. It’s nice to know that she doesn’t do that with anyone and I’m her first” said smiling smugly.

“Well I’m pleased for you mate. It’s about time you found someone.” said walking back in from the balcony.

and looked up at him. “ what do you think is going to happen here with these girls?” asked concerned.

“What?” replied innocently knowing full well what meant.

“ This is just a holiday thing nothing more. It could never be something more. The girls know that” said not really wanting to believe his own words.

Deep down he didn’t want to be just a holiday romance.

“Tell me about it. I know we won’t see the girls again even if they do live right under our noses” said pouting.

“Yeah but your forgetting one thing. Aren’t you ?”

crossed his arms in front of him and looked at with a series look. “I know but I can have fun and learn some new things about Surfing.”

With that stood up from his chair and went to the bar.

Chapter 6.

, and walked back into the hotel with bags of shopping. They noticed a massive big sign saying hotel party tonight.

“How cool is that” said smiling “I know party, party, party.” said laughing.

“Right what are we going to wear?” asked with panic in her voice and pulling the two girls towards the lift.

looked at her clothes and sighed she didn’t no what to wear. So she walked into room to see her all ready and in the process of clipping her hair up.
“I don’t get how you can just grab anything out your wardrobe when I can’t.” she said frowning and sitting on the edge of bed.

All of a sudden they heard shouting.

“Damn, damn, damn” stood up and looked in her wardrobe and handed a pair of cropped jeans and a little blue vest top.

“Cheers gal” said smiling.

“ You get ready I’ll see what she’s’ moaning about” laughed.

She looked at her wardrobe again and grabbed a baby doll dress and walked into ’s room.

“It seems that I’m the fashion girl today so here you go” said standing in ’s doorframe.

“What oh hey. No its not that I don’t have anything to wear its just I’ve remembered I told he could take me out tonight.”

“Oh” said disappointed “ Well I’ll have to tell him I forgot as friends are more important” She smiled at .

eyed up the dress had brought in for her.

Go on wear it I know you want to.” said smiling.

“Cool thanks I’ll be five minutes”

left and to get ready.

walked along to s room and knocked on his door.

“Hey mate” said smiling. “Hey you are coming along to this hotel party tonight right? I bet the girls are going to be there” said smiling and thinking of .

“Yep. Was just going to come and see you. Want to get ?” asked walking to his bedside table and grabbing his keys.

“So ’s how far do you think your going to get with tonight?” said laughing

slapped him on the arm. “Hey watch it just because you got your leg over doesn’t mean were all thinking like that”

stopped and looked at with a ‘You must be joking right?’

“Ok stop with the third degree. I don’t know she is defiantly making me sweat. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.”

“Maybe she doesn’t want a holiday romance,” said knocking on ’s door.

“ Well I’m hoping tonight will change that we’ve only got two days left. I want some fun”

“Who wants fun?” asked opening the door.

and looked at him confused he dressed all smartly.

“What’s with the look?” asked walking into his room.

“I’m taking out on a date if you must no”

“But there’s a house party.” “I know I saw the sign.” said as a matter of fact.

“ Come on take her out tomorrow night. Please” begged. “No” said firmly.

“ Mind if we join you in going to the girls room?” asked smiling at him.

“Come on then”

and was on the balcony when there was a knock at the door.

pooped her head out the door and looked at them.

“Who’s that?” She asked confused they weren’t expecting anyone.

“Like I no” replied looking back at .

“Why do I have to get it?” She pouted.

“It’s your Uncles hotel” and said together and laughed.

folded her arms and walked to the door. She was totally surprised to see , and there.

“Hey what you guys doing here?” She asked polity.

“Well ’s taking out and were going to the hotel party. Wanted to know if you and wanted to be our dates?” asked smiling at while checking her out in her tight skirt and bra top.

“I don’t know come in” She said opening the door wider.

walked out her room to see standing there.

She couldn’t help but feel upset at the fact this was nothing more than a holiday romance.

“Hey what a nice surprise” She said smiling

the guys are here” She shouted.

walked in from the balcony. “Hey” She smiled at them.

“You look amazing” said walking over to her making blush at his comment.

“You ready?” looked to the floor then at with pleading eyes.

“Well you see we have a problem”
turned around and looked at her worried.

“The thing is. had already agreed to come with us tonight and we have a pact not to dumb our nights out for a guy or guys. So why don’t you come with us?”

looked back at trying not to show his disappointment. “Ok we can go tomorrow or something.”

smiled and lent forward kissing him on the cheek.“I better go and get changed” turned around slamming the door on his way out.

“I’m going to go with him” said running after him.

wait” stopped and waited for her.

“I’m sorry I totally forgot. I’ll make it up to you. If you wake up at 5 tomorrow I’ll teach you some surfing moves” She winked.

couldn’t help but laugh. “Ok. Want to come with me” He asked holding out his hand for her to take.

gasped as she walked into the bar. The hotel staff had certainly put themselves out on making the place look extra special. looked around, “nothing I haven’t seen before” she said to and walked past her to a table while everyone else followed her.

£Ok what do you girls want to do first, dance, drink or what” asked. “Bathroom check” said and the three girls got up and left.

“Ok are we still playing hard to get” asked while looking at . “What why look at me” she asked innocently knowing was looking at her because it had been her idea. “Do you want to sleep with him” she asked. “What no I, I, I just want to see where the night is going to take us and if we do end up in bed then so be it” said with a slight laugh.

“OOhhh is goin in for the kill, just you now , still gonna make sweat, poor guy is dying to get his hands on you” said using her matter of fact tone. “We will see” said and left the room with the girls following.

Chapter 7.

They were just making their way back to the table when the manager announced that there where to be a karaoke. The girl’s looked at each other and and smiled while looked blank at them.

you go back to the table we will be over in a minute” said and waited until she was out of sight. “Are you thinking what I am” asked . “Yep, lets do it”. Both girls made there way to the bar.

Let’s see what song will we put down for them to sing” Nads said browsing the catalogue. “How about a Westlife one, I mean they wont have the music and won’t be expecting to having to sing” said thinking it would be funny to see them put on the spot. “Yeah lets make it If I Let You Go” said and wrote it down next to their names and in the comments book she wrote that their was no music for the song and the boys would sing it acpellial.

Giggling both girl’s made their way back over to the table sitting down and lifting a drink that was now sitting at their seats.

“Where were you two” asked. “Oh nothing just got talking to one of the staff” lied and looked at who winked.

The group had been having fun for the past hour, dancing drinking and talking. They were just about to have a drinking game when their was announcement.

“Next on Karaoke we have three guys call , and and they are going to sing a song called If I Let You Go with no music”, “Give them around of applause as they come up on to the stage”.

The boys looked at each other in shock and then looked at the girls. “Well boys your audience is waiting” and pushed off his chair.

“The boys walked up to the stage and looked at each other. “ s you go first” whispered. “No you go first” whispered back. “Why can’t start” asked.

“Boo you guys stink” shouted just to make them a tad bit more embarrassed” started to join in laughing with as sat looking on embarrassed. Finely started to sing the song thinking the whole time I’ll get them back.

The boys finished up the song and came off stage. sat down next to . “Very funny” he said looking at her. “What” she asked innocently pretending she wasn’t responsible for what had just happened. “Well for that you owe me,” said with a cheeky glint in his eye.

“Oh yeah how” asked him. “Umm let me think aw yes I know” he said and leaned in and kissed her. His tongue playing with her lips in hoping they would part and let his snake into her mouth.

“You were good” said to . “Yeah well that doesn’t mean your off the hook, watch your back said laughing, he wasn’t really gonna get her back, but he’d let her think he was going to.

looked at his empty glass and looked at at the bar with and and sighed he was feeling something stronger that he never felt before and it was going to be over soon.

caught s look and new what it meant.

mate why don’t you and go off somewhere, spend the last two nights together.”

“You sure you guys won’t mind?” asked hopefully

“No go on.” said not even bothering about who was staring into space.

was leaning on the bar she turned around to look at the people on the dance floor and saw walking towards her.

“Guy 6 o clock”

and turned and looked at him.

“You ok ?” asked questionably.

“Umm yeah. Wondering if I can kidnap .”

“Be our guess” added with a huge grin.

looked at her two friends and winked she took s hand and they headed off out the hotel and down to the beach.

“So what’s on your mind?” asked not sure she wanted to know the real reason.

ran his hand through his hair and looked at her.

“ We leave the day after tomorrow.” said sadly

“Yeah I guess you do. Hey it’s fine right? We just make the most of the time we have here.” replied trying to sound as cool as a cumberer when really she wanted it to carry on.

knew something that or didn’t she knew that she was falling in love with , she didn’t know how or why but she knew it and she was powerless to do anything.

can I be honest with you?”

“I wish you would”

“Well is there any chance that maybe you know we can see each other again in Sligo. You no see how we go on our own turf?”

smiled at him she wanted to jump around screaming yes, yes, yes. Thankfully she thought better of it.

“I would like that very much ” She lent in and kissed him.

looked at then at the dance floor and smiled.

“Hey fancy a repeat of last nights performance?”

“Oh what performance was that then ?” asked laughing the drink now going to her head.

“ I did the forbidden dance” said as a matter of fact.

burst out laughing. looked at her confused “and what is the forbidden dance?

gave a sidelong glance.

“Well my boy I’m just going to have to show you.”

jumped up and walked over to the DJ and asked for a song. She walked back to the table winked at who stood up and looked at .

“Will show you what the forbidden dance is.” blew a kiss to while did the same to and the two girls headed for the dance floor.

As and watched the two girls move on the dance floor they knew they couldn’t just sit and watch so they got up and joined in.

As got to he pulled her towards him, at least he had a idea of how to move with her. He was grateful he had a preview last night.
As moved her body close to he couldn’t help but feel a pang in his heart he was going to have to give her up and he wasn’t sure if he really wanted to.

He had commitments at home, which he was fine with, until he met . He knew he had to tell her but he wasn’t planning on doing that until tomorrow night.

lent close to and whispered in her ear.

“Want to go somewhere quite?” nodded and let lead her off the dance floor.

“I don’t think they could handle us?” said laughing

“No and you think you can?” said with a flirty tone in her voice, which picked up on.

He grabbed her hand and they ran out the hotel bar and to his room.

“Right you stay here I’m just going to freshen up and be right out” said to as he sat her down on the bed and kissed her gently.

watched go she grabbed her phone out her bag and set her album for 5am.
She placed it back and sat back onto the bed waiting for .

walked out the bathroom fifteen minutes later he was just about to say something to when he noticed she was laying on his bed as he walked over to her he smiled.

She was asleep. He moved the covers away gently and made sure she was covered up he grabbed a blanket and headed for the sofa.

Chapter 8.

As opened his door he let walk in first.

“So what did you have in mind.” asked walking over to her and holding her in his arms.

looked up at him and pouted. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him towards her.

They pulled apart both breathless. “Lets say we make this a real Holiday romance” said with a glint in her eye that matched ’s.
jumped out her skin when she heard her album go off. She reached out for her bag but it wasn’t where it normally was. She sat up and looked around the room.

“Looking for this?”

smiled when she saw appear with her bag.

“Do you always get up this early?” He asked and sat down on the bed next to her.

“Well only if I’m teaching some guy some of my moves” replied and leaned in and kissed him.

“Oh and how many guys do you teach your moves too?”

“Well there was this one guy and then there was oh and I can’t forget.” said innocently.

just looked at her a bit shocked.

you’re the first” smiled and lent in and kissed her again “ Good.”

got out of bed and noticed that there was a blanket on the sofa.

“Didn’t you sleep in the bed?” asked a bit shocked

“No you fell asleep and I didn’t think it was gentlemanly like to do otherwise.

just smiled at him she made her way to her room to grab her stuff and meet downstairs in a few minutes.

opened her eyes and blinked a few times. It took her all of ten seconds to remember her and s conversation.

“What are you doing here?” looked up and saw that and were standing there looking at them.

She poked in the side who grunted turned over and pulled to him.

beach blinked his eyes the words rolling round in his head.

laughed when she saw s expression change.

“What are you doing here?” asked sitting up now to look at the all.

“We were just asking you” said smiling.

“Well we came to talk and stuff.” “Oh and its stuff now is it.” said laughing at them blushing.

“Well were here to surf so will leave you to it I guess.” said starting to drag off.

can I have a quick word please” asked standing up and dragging off.

sat down next to and looked at him.

“We didn’t do anything just talked. Were going to carry on and see each other in Sligo but where going to go to Ibiza going to get a flight.”

gave his mate a half smile. “We thought this was going to be easy. Mate its up to you what you do, if you feel this is right then great”

I think I love her” “ I know what you mean” said under his breath he turned back and looked at and sighed this was not going to be good at all.

“So you’re leaving me and . That’s nice isn’t it” pouted playfully.

said a bit upset. “ I’m joking its great truly. Make the most of it and hey it could last and then when you tell the story to your kids and how you met it will be romantic.”

smiled sweetly and hugged her friend. She turned and ran back to who stood up and held his hand out for her to take.

made his way over to . “ Ready?” I am but are you are you?”

nodded and two headed to kill some waves.

rolled over in bed and came face to face with who was smiling at her.

“Hey, what’s the time?” She asked moving a little bit closer to .

“ 12” “12 we’ve slept in how long.” asked shocked

“Well what can I say? you must have been tried”

“ I guess. So this is your last day right?”

“Yep leave tomorrow morning”

“So we better make the most of it hadn’t we.” said climbing on top of and leaning down to kiss him.

They were just getting into it when her phone rang.

She lent over and grabbed her phone out the bag. She saw ’s name flashing on the screen.

“This is love goddess and I can say that as I have a very bad man between my legs so this better be good.”

“Ooops sorry. Just wanted to tell you I’m leaving to go with to Ibiza.”

“What” shouted shocked. She climbed of and grabbed her clothes.

“Meet me at our room in two”

and are leaving.”

and ran along to her room when she burst through the door , , and were there and ’s hair was wet so she guessed they had just got back from surfing.

“ What have I missed” asked confused.

sighed and explained about her and .

was surprised took it well. didn’t believe in Holiday romances being more than what they were so her words shocked her a bit.

“Well if you feel it’s going to work that’s great. I’m pleased for you both.” said hugging them in turn.

“Yeah and look out for her cause if you don’t I’ll kick your arse.” said seriously.

“So when are you guys leaving?” asked sitting down on the sofa.

“In a few the taxi is picking us up. So I’ll guess I’ll see you boys in a week then hadn’t I.”

picked up his and ’s suitcase and the group headed downstairs.

“Right so give us a call when your back and will meet you at the airport” said to as she pulled her into a hug.

“Yeah and send us a postcard ok” said smiling.

you ready the cab” said holding open the door for her.

“See you later have fun” They all said together and laughed.

They stood there and headed back inside.

pulled to one side. “ later on can I have a private word with you if that’s ok.”

looked at she could tell it was impotent by the fact that he wouldn’t look into her eyes.

“Yeah sure. How about I kick out and you come to the room say bout 7.”


and walked to the lift hand in hand.

“I can’t believe were going to be saying goodbye tomorrow. It’s been fun right?” asked looking deep into eyes.

“Yeah it has been. So say maybe next time your in Dublin we hook up?”

was shocked in all her years she has had a holiday romance they had never wanted to carry it on. She didn’t no what to say.

“You can get my details from

stepped into the lift with not taking her eyes of until the door was shut.
The two girls walked back to their room in silence.

Once they were inside and looked at each other.

wants to see me again I think. Well he said next time I’m in Dublin to give him a call” said with a slight frown.

looked at her and smiled.

“And that’s a bad thing because?” “ I do want to see him again. Last night was amazing. I know we don’t even really know them but. I want him more than anything .” “Well you’ll have to make sure you have some time together won’t you.”

“Well you’ll have to make sure you have some time together won’t you.”

“Yeah. What about you and . I don’t know he wants to talk to me. Will see.”

“Cool so you two sleep together last night?” asked wanting to no the real gossip

“No I fell asleep on the poor lad.” looked at and the two girls laughed.

Chapter 9.

and headed for the bar once and left them. could tell something was on ’s mind and he had a idea what it was about.

ordered two pints and joined at the table he had got.

“Here you go mate” looked up and took the drink of he drank half of it before even had sat down.

“I’m telling tonight” said sadly.

“Oh. It’s for the best mate.” replied placing his hand on his mate shoulder for support.

“Is it? I mean I’m going to tell her I have to, but I don’t want to I want it to be more. mate I love her I truly do. I knew it from the moment I saw her. But I’m going to have to give her up I’ve got no choice in the matter have I”

looked at his drink then back at . “No you don’t.”

“Maybe you can still be friends. What with and and maybe me and

looked up “ You and .” nodded and laughed

“Some holiday romances these turned out to be. We’ve all fallen for the girl.”

“I no but at least you two have a chance with yours. I’ve not and I can’t”

and sat there for a good 5 hours drinking and talking.

made his way up to his room to get sobered up before seeing .

While went along to see if wanted to go for a meal.

looked up as she heard the knock at the door she stood up and answered she wasn’t surprised to see there.

“Hey said stepping forward and giving her a big strong hug.

“Hey . Nice to see you too.” laughed.

“Sit down and I’ll get .”

walked to Nads room and tapped on the door. There is a young sexy Irish man out here for you and its not .

walked out her room and smiled.

“Hey . You couldn’t keep away I see”

stood up and looked at her and smiled.

“Fancy going out for a bite to eat. I was told about this nice little place down the road and I thought we could have a walk along the beach and see where the night takes us.

looked over to who nodded.

“Give me two minutes and I’ll be ready.”

likes Italian doesn’t she?” asked once he was sure was in her room.


“Right I’m ready” said from her doorway.

turned around and his mouth fell to the floor.

had changed into a white halter neck dress that fitted her perfectly.

and walked along the beach hand in hand. She was feeling really happy. “ see what I said to you today about meeting up when you’re in Dublin” he asked. “Yeah”. “Well here’s my number and it would be great if you did keep in touch” he said and handed her the sheet of paper. took the piece of paper off of and put it in her bag. “You know what it would be great to stay in touch” she said and kissed him.

kissed her back and they stood kissing while the waves crashed over their feet.

“Hey you up for a swim” asked while taking off her dress. “What you mad”. “Nope come on the waters freezing need you to heat me up she headed from where she was in the water. shook his head and then stripped off to his boxers and joined her.

checked her appearance in the mirror she walked back out to the living room and checked everything.

Since it was her and ’s last night together she was going to make it special.

Ok she had ordered room service but she set everything up. She always knew it was handing knowing people in high places. She was just lighting the candle when there was a knock at the door.

She opened it her breath caught in her throat at how sexy looked tonight. He was in a jeans beige shirt and leather jacket but he looked sex on legs.

turned around and realised was staring at him.

“You ok?” He asked his voice trying not to break at the thought of what he was going to have to do.

nodded and stepped aside for to enter.

He stopped when he saw the table and everything.

“ Wow that’s amazing”

blushed looking at it now she could have kicked herself she didn’t even no why she done it.

turned around and looked at her he took her hands in his and sighed

we need to talk so we can do it before we eat or after?”

“Well how about we eat then we can talk outside. I hope you like stake.”

looked at her “Yeah how do you know that?” “I didn’t but it sounded nice on the menu” laughed shyly.

All through the meal and were silent was starting to get nervous.

So when they walked out onto the balcony she was kind of happy about it.

turned to face . He took a deep breath.

this past week has been amazing. To be honest I wish it didn’t have to end but it has to I have commitments back home. I have a girlfriend.”

tried to hide the hurt she felt inside her heart.She just smiled weakly at him.

“It’s fine . It was what it was ok. It doesn’t mean anything.” looked to the floor then back up at him.

“I did want this to be more but I can’t. It’s hard to explain. But it just have to be what it was.”

“Then don’t its fine. Look its late you better go you’ve got a early flight”

nodded he step forward and kissed one last time.

Once was gone she burst out crying.

Chapter 10.

ran back to the beach and collapsed in the sand.

soon joined her. He lent over and kissed her passionately.

“What time do you leave tomorrow?” asked a bit breathless.

looked t her watch. “Well its 12am now so how bout we have some fun.
“And what kind of fun would that be then?”
“I think you know” stood up then helped Nads up they headed towards his room.
didn’t sleep a wink that night. He had to see once last time. He looked at his watch it was 6 himself and had an hour before they left.
headed for the beach he looked at all the people surfing but none of them were . He stayed there a little bit longer in hope she would show up but she didn’t. He made his way back to the hotel room grabbed his bags and headed along to ’s room where was just walking out.
“Morning . See you around” said happily.
and were silent until they were on the plane.
“So how did it go with ?” asked finally.
“She was fine about it. Said I didn’t need to explain or anything. I wanted to but I just have to forget it.” sighed and looked out the plane window.
“You and spent the night together I see?”
“Yep and were going to see each other again.”
smiled and went back to looking out the window.
shock his head this was going to be a fun flight.

walked in and noticed standing out on the balcony.

“What’s up?” asked copying in leaning over the rails and looking at the sea.

“Nothing just thinking that’s all.” “ Let me guess over some blonde Irish man. I think his name is right?”

turned to look at her friend and smiled. “ Kind of.”

“So explain yourself then?” asked quizzically

“He has a girlfriend,” said feeling her voice cut out.

“What but you’ve been flirting like nothing and he kissed you and the surfing thing?” said trying to make sense of the way had been with .

“Well its true. He told me. Said he has had a great time and he really liked me blah, blah, blah but it couldn’t be more than what it has been cause he has a girlfriend back home.”

“That bastered.” said with pure rage.

“Hey it doesn’t matter. Were on vacation so it was nothing more than a holiday romance” said trying to make herself feel better.

“Tell you what lets make the most of this trip. Why don’t we hit the town and shop?” smiled


The two girls had been back two weeks and still hadn’t returned she had phoned to say her and were going to go to London.

was sitting on the beach watching surf when she heard her name being called.
She looked up and was surprised to see the and was jogging towards her with walking slowly behind them.

Which was glad about she wasn’t sure she could keep her mouth shut about .

“What are you doing here?” asked shocked

“I live here” said standing up to face them.

“Yeah I know but in all the years you’ve been here we’ve never met you and now.”

“Well life funny like that” continued and looked at and totally melted.

“What brings you boys here?” it was turn to ask questions now.

here invited us along said he’ll treat us to breakfast.”

looked behind to see looking out at riding the wave.

“She shouldn’t be out there” said concerned.

“What do you mean she shouldn’t be out there?” snapped

“There was a warning on the radio just heard it. Said anyone who was out to surf today not to as there is a killer wave.”

“Yes but don’t you go for that?” asked confused.

“Not this one.”

looked at then back at . She didn’t get surf talk one bit.

“I’ll get her” said as he reached the sea he saw start to paddle towards the wave coming.

The next thing he knew was the wave going over ’s head and then there was nothing.

looked on in horror.

ran into the sea he saw ’s bored come to the top he ducked under the water.

looked to and .

“His got her” said running to where was carrying out the sea.

laid on the sand and looked at her. He tipped her on her side and she coughed out a load of water.

“You ok?” asked her helping sit up.

“Yeah some wave that was.”

, just shock his head. “Thanks” smiled weakly at him.

“Come on I’m taking you home” said with a no nonsense tone of voice.

and started to walk to the car when caught them up.

“Umm look sorry but I was wondering if I can see you tomorrow?” asked with hope in his eyes.

smiled and walked on a bit. She couldn’t help but look over to where was standing. Thinking of what ifs.

walked back over to the lads and smiled. “I have officially got a date with tomorrow night.”

laughed and slapped him on the back.

“So does this mean you can go home now? You’ve finally found her and got a chance to ask her out. I just don’t get why you couldn’t just ring her” replied laughing

“Cause that would take the fun out of finding her.” laughed.

looked at his two mates a thought crossing his mind.

“Guys go and have breakfast its on me I need to sort something out.”

Chapter 11.

woke up bright and early the next day. She was totally excited about her date with .

She got washed and dressed and headed to get the morning paper and a muffin for her and .

As she looked at the morning headlines she stopped dead at what she saw. She brought every paper there and ran home.

As she ran through the door was already up drinking a cup of coffee.

“Didn’t you go surfing?” asked shocked

“No didn’t feel up to it” looked at the bag was holding was full of Newspapers.

“Why do you have newspaper there?”

“Cause its good news”

put the bag on the side and grabbed the Irish Sun.

She read the headlines aloud.

dumps girlfriend . has finished with his girlfriend of two years due to the fact that he doesn’t love her.
admits that him and weren’t right they wanted different things.
When asked was there another woman in his life shyly remarks that there is someone that he likes and now the path is clear to maybe make something of it.”

looked over the paper at whose expression was total shock.

“Hum I wonder who he could be talking about?”

“ I don’t know.” said innocently but deep inside she hoped it was her but she doubted it.

laughed when he saw the morning paper.

“I can’t believe you got out of it” said to in total shock.

“Well it was simple I went to the press told Simon then told .”

“So I take it this other girl is a surfing chick” winked

“Yeah I just need to see her again.” sat back in the chair thinking.

jumped when the she heard the phone ring.

“I’ll get it” shouted to who was walking to it.

“Hello” said happily.

great just the girl. A change of plans” replied

“Oh ok” replied a little hurt he was phoning to cancel their date.

is having a party. Wanted to know if you fancy going to that and you can bring . Then tomorrow we can have a date that involves you coming to Dublin with me and us going to dinner then a club later on”

“Ok sounds good to me”

explained all the details to . Once she had finished she walked up to ’s room.

“Get ready you’ve got twenty minutes”

“Huh?” asked confused

“Just do it were going to a party.”

walked downstairs to see standing there with .

Now she was confused.

said smiling at her friend.
“Where we going?” asked, “ you’ll see” said holding his arm for .

It only took them five minutes to get to ’s house

had told them they were an hour late but that was a good thing.

As the three walked up the drive opened the door and let them in.

introduced them to everyone. As introduced her and she couldn’t help but notice no .

was sitting in the corner of the room hidden away from everyone.

and were in a corner kissing and not coming up for air anytime soon.

had chatted to ’s wife for a bit. She was now bored so she picked her bag up and headed home well she didn’t go home she headed for the beach.

She had been sitting on the beach now for about ten minutes when she heard someone cough behind her.

When she looked up she was totally surprised to see standing there.

He slowly walked to her.

“I hope your not thinking of going in there as I’m not dressed to rescue you”

smiled at him she didn’t know what to say.

“ I broke up with my girlfriend. Well she wasn’t my girlfriend really something the record company wanted me to do. I couldn’t get out of it until I met someone else.”

“Oh right. Bet your glad you’ve met someone then” said turning to look at

“Well it depends if she feels the same. The thing is if she doesn’t I’m going to need a favour from you. You know since I saved your life and all.”

“Oh yeah what is that then” said catching onto ’s game

“Well if she doesn’t feel the same way you may have to portend you like me just so I don’t have to get back with .”

frowned and looked to the floor portending she was thinking.

She looked up at who had hope written all over his face.

“Well we couldn’t have you doing that now could we” smiled.

moved a little bit closer to her so much so she could feel his breath on her face.

“On a night like this I asked you if maybe we could have a proper relationship when we got back to Sligo. Well were back in Sligo and I still want a relationship with you. You said you’d see.”

lent forward and kissed him pulling him back onto the sand with her.

“I’d love nothing more said finally coming up for air.

and were dancing in the middle of ’s room.
how would you like to see me everyday?” asked hopefully

“I’d say yes please. Why?”

“Cause I’ve brought a place in Sligo”

looked up at him and smiled. She rested her head on his chest again

She smiled to herself. Who would have thought that their holiday romances would have lead to the real thing.