Friends And Lovers

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Part 1

“I really wish you didn’t have to go”. “ I know babe, but Josh will be waiting on me and will be here soon,” said as she got up off the bed and started to put her clothes back on. lied in bed and watched her. Running his eyes up her body from her gorgeous legs, to a nice flat stomach up to her full firm breast and finally her face. She had the most amazing eyes that sparkled when she smiled. Her hair had natural highlights in it was in little ringlets at the ends of her strands. After she got dressed she walked over to him and kissed him, long and passionate. “I’ll see you tonight and I want a dance,” she said after she pulled away. “Babe you can have anything you want.” “Bye bye, miss you already, love you” she said and walked out the door.

“What you wearing tonight” asked as they sat down in star bucks with some coffee. “I'm going to wear my red dress”, “You know the one that’s really short with the splits up the side and really low cut”, “Halter neck style”. know exactly what dress was taking about, had got her it for her Christmas and loved it on her. “Isn’t that the dress loves on you?” “Yeah, got to show him what his missing and I want to pull some really fit guy”. “What you wearing”. “My blue boob tube that sparkles and my dark blue jeans, likes it when I don’t get too dressed up” She smiled while thinking of her boyfriend . They had been dating for almost a year and she loved him to bits. “Tonight should be fun”, “Yeah totally, I’m single so it should be even better” said with a giggle.

“Hey hun” said as she walked into her apartment that she shared with her boyfriend Joshua. “Hey, how was filming” he asked while turning to face her. “It was good” she lied. was an actress she was very successful at the moment she was working on a movie set in Ireland. What Josh didn’t know what that had made sure her film timing fitted in with Seeing .

Josh snaked up to her and pulled her into his arms. He looked at her then started to kiss her. “Have I told you how sexy you look today?” he asked in between kisses. “No but you can now if you want” she said pulling him closer to her, feeling his erection press against her thigh. “You look really sexy today”. “Did anyone phone when I was out” She asked running her hands through his hair. “Just your mum, told her you would phone her back” he whispered as he ran his hand up her thigh disappearing under her skirt. “I better go call her then” she said pulling away from him. “Hey no fair, you can’t just leave me like this” he stated pulling her back too him. “Sorry hun I’m not in the mood for sex, so why don’t you go sort yourself out while I phone my mum” she said and went to the phone.

walked into her and ’s hotel room to find , and watching football. She looked around at the mess they had made and groaned. “Hi sweetie, have a good shopping trip,” asked smiling at her. “It was alright” she said and picked up the rubbish off the floor. After she picked up the rubbish she headed for the door. As she walked past she felt him pull her on to his knee. “What you doing”. “Sit with me”. “No, I’m not interested in the game”. “Please, I missed ya”. “Ok only half an hour”. “That’s how longs left” he said happy as she snuggled into him.

walked into her apartment and dropped her bags down on to the table. She looked at the clock to see she had two hours before she had to get ready to go out. She grabbed a drink form the fridge and sat on the couch. She was flipping through a magazine when she seen a picture of her and together. It reminded her of how they use to be. The picture was taken a month ago at the vogue awards. as usual had walked away with almost every award. She had been modelling since she was 10 she was now 22. She was really famous that was part of the reason her and split up; the other reason was he didn’t want her posing for playboy when they offered her a contract.

At ’s place him and were watching a film but he couldn’t concentrate. All he could think about was and the way she made him feel. He wished they could be together but know they couldn’t because of and Josh. He felt move in his arms and looked down at her. He did love her at one time but now that love had burned out, and relit for . He forced himself to concentrate on the film and not , which was hard for him.


, Josh and walked into the club to find and at the bar. “Hey guys, where we sitting” asked them as she hugged them in turn. “Over there, what you guys drinking” asked as he pointed to the table. They told the guys their drinks and walked over to the table. “God I hope there isn’t a fight tonight” said turning to who had just given the bar maid the drinks order. “ Huh, what you mean”. “ and , its clear they still like each other, and if they hook up with other people tonight it could cause a fight with them”. “Well we just have to make sure it doesn’t happen”.

As the guys approached the table couldn’t help look at , he was wearing her favourite shirt. “He’s so sexy” she whispered out loud hoping no one heard her. “Hey guys” she said as she sat down next to . “Is it me or has it suddenly got really hot in here” asked as he stared at , she had caught his breath as she was wearing the red dress that looked perfect on her.

sat down across from and smiled. “Hey”. “Hey, you look amazing”. “Thank you, you don’t half scrub up well”. They started to play footy under the table. couldn’t help but notice that they kept looking at each other and holding hands for a second or two. She was happy as she had always hoped and would get together as they were so a like they suited each other.

The group sat for half an hour after and Shane had brought the drinks over to the table. They were all talking and having a laugh apart from who was making eye contact with a gorgeous brunette. “Excuse me guys but there is a brunette over there who has my name tattooed on him” she said and left the table. watched her leave the table. “Two can play at that game” he grunted and got up and walked over to two blondes who were standing in a corner. The rest of the table looked at each other and shook their heads. It was quite obvious that and were still crazy about each other and still in love.

one of those girls is into you, are you going to come over and talk to her for me, please” came over pleading to . looked round the table and noticed he was with all the couples; he then looked at who was dancing with that guy she had been talking to. “Yeah ok” he said and got up and followed .

Every one sat for another ten minutes when a song came on and and went to dance. Josh, , and were left at the table. They were talking when the strokes last night came on. “Hun can we dance to this, I love this song” Josh asked . “I’m not in the mood for dancing right now”. “ I’ll dance with you, if you don’t mind baby” said asking . “No go ahead, I’ll keep Company”. slid over to once and Josh were well on the dance floor. pulled her into him and started to kiss her. Things heated up and he pulled her on to his knee while she pulled at his trousers.

and were starting to straighten out their clothes when they heard shouting from the dance floor. They walked over to find and shouting at each other. “You are not going home with him”. “I can if I want you don’t own me”. “He’s only after one thing and your going to give it to him on a plate, over my dead body”. “ calm down, she’s right you don’t own her you’re not seen each other any more” said trying to appeal to ’s better side. “Well we’ll see about that” said and punched the guy on the face. watched in disbelief how could do that. She looked at him then ran from the club with tears in her eyes.

“Well done said shaking his head as if to say what is wrong with you. Then he followed Nads outside. looked around for but he couldn’t see her. He heard someone crying he knew it was he followed the sound.

was sitting at the edge of the curb by the side of the club. Her make-up had run all down her face. She looked up when she heard . He just sat down beside her and pulled her into his arms. She felt safe as if she didn’t need to put on a show.

“ Why does he always do this ? He wanted to break it off cause of my Job. Which I don’t get how he could be pissed at I’m fine with him being in Westlife. He don’t want me, but he don’t want anyone else to want me or me them.”
sighed. “I know it doesn’t make sense. He still cares for you. He just needs time, you both do.”

“I don’t. I just want him to leave me alone to get on with my life.” “ That’s going to be hard considering were all friends. Come on I’ll take you home.” stood up he held out his hand for and pulled her up.

walked out the club he wanted to talk to . He still loved her maybe if he told her she would understand. Instead he over heard the whole conversation with and .

It pained him to hear what was saying but it was true he couldn’t deal with her modelling. He was determined to get her back the only way he was going to do that was to give her the freedom she wanted.
went back into the club and walked right into some girl. Called . smiled he knew exactly what he was going to do.

“Thanks for bring me home. Do you want to come in for a coffee?” “No I’m ok thanks.” smiled and lend in to kiss on the check but he turned his head around and she ended up kissing him on the lips.
They pulled apart. stepped forward and kissed back. “ I can’t” said and pulled away from him and went into her apartment. Leaving a confused standing on her doorstep.

Part 2

Back at the Club

Everyone was having a drink and a laugh. was busy with and the rest were playing drinking games. “ So , what’s been your most exciting sexual experience?” asked her as the chat changed to sex. had asked her knowing she wouldn’t tell them but wanted to see her blush. Unfortunately for she had too much to drink and was totally out her face. “When we were on holiday and we had sex on the beach and the two fans saw us” she blurted out then giggled. Everyone watched turn a crimson shade of pink and then laughed. “What about you asked her best mate. “The one night stand I had with a guy two years ago before I got with Josh as it was in the middle of a hotel lift” said. What never said was the one nightstand was with and she could tell he remembered it as he was smiling as she told the story.

Soon everyone grew tired and it was time to go home. “Member my place tomorrow guys for our chill out day,” told them as her and Josh left.

The group had a chill out day one Sunday a month at some ones house, this months it was and Josh’s turn to hold it at their apartment.

went for a shower then went to bed. She couldn’t believe what she had done. She had kissed ’s best friend and to make it worse her old feelings for him had come back. s had a thing for before she had started to see but he had a girlfriend and she knew nothing would happen between them cos of it, so when asked her out she said yes cos she though he was sexy too.

woke up the next day and remembered it was chill out day and she had to go as it was at ’s place. She didn’t want to go the last thing she wanted to do was see after what she had done last night. She got dressed and went to work as she had a photo shot before she went to ’s.

woke up with a nice feeling in the pit of her stomach. She looked for Josh but couldn’t see him, and then she felt something move between her legs under the covers and couldn’t help but giggle. “Morning”. “Morning” she said and kissed Josh. The kiss got passionate and passionate.

“Come on we don’t have time. Later I swear” said jumping out of bed.

After about an hour everyone had turned up apart from was pleased. Well until 15 minutes later showed up with the girl he met at the club. walked in as if she had been around forever. was nice well she came across as nice. and were just worried about .

It wasn’t like the usual funfest they had there was a lot of tension in the air. Everyone knew it.

had had enough of this crap and went to get the karaoke.

“Right everyone. Singing time.” said plugging in the machine and handing the mic to .

“Why do I have to sing first?” She said pouting. “It’s your party” said with a smile. hated her not just because of she just hated her full stop.

“Well I want someone to sing with me.” said looking right at .He went to stand up but pulled him back down.

sighed and took the stage with . They performed I will survive over acting the whole thing.

Once the two girls had finished dragged them into the kitchen and left everyone else outside.

Hun are you ok?” said hugging her. nodded “I’m fine with . Yeah it hurts but whatever.” “ It won’t last. It’s just a fling. And hello she’s evil.” said. smiled it was always like to make her feel better.“Even more than ?” added. went to say something then changed her mind.

have you got some ice please?” said walking in from the garden.

just stood in the doorway not saying anything. and gave each other a funny look as if to say weird and hello what’s going on here.

“Here you go. Tell the others will be out in a moment.” shut the kitchen door this time locking it as well.

“Right spill?” said looking at . “ What do you mean?” “ Hello don’t give us that. You could cut the tension between you two then,” added

“I kissed last night.” Wow it felt good to get that out.“What wow. Details” added folding her arms.

“He walked me home after I ran out the club we talked. It was nice I kissed him. Then he kissed me back. I feel so bad cause of . .”

“ You shouldn’t feel bad about it’s his lost. And hasn’t been around for ages they broke up. Didn’t you know?” said looking out the window at on the karaoke.

“No I didn’t” “ Do you want something to happen with him?” said“ With who?” The girls turned round. Josh was there.

“I locked that” said, “I know I live here so I can unlock it. You girls have been in here for ages come and play.” Josh said dragging ’s hand.

Josh pulled close to him and danced. As he spun her around she saw and kiss. She hated it. It couldn’t go on any longer. She had to end it with him she wasn’t looking forward to that either. But hey she was an actress she would act it out so would agree.

Part 3

woke up to a text message it was from . Asking her if she could come down to the video shoot as they needed an extra girl and to bring beach wear.
What didn’t know was that the extra girl was going to be ’s girl.

woke up to find Josh had gone to work as Dawson’s Creek where filming a special programme in Ireland. Today was the day she was going to end it with , she had arranged to meet him; she had told him they had to talk.

went down to the video shot and walked into the green room. “Hey hun thanks for doing this for us” said when he seen she had arrived. “No problem, but what exactly am I doing”. “Ok it’s simple, your going to be ’s girl in the video and you guys are going to the beach to film your scenes”. just watched as face went really pale and a look of horror washed over her. “Oooook” managed to stutter. “ you ok” He asked her. “ Yeah I just need to freshen up,” she said while looking at to follow her.

“I can’t do this, I mean you seen the tension between us yesterday” said while looking at . “Calm down, everything will be ok and it might turn out for the best after all you do want to get with reminded her. “Yeah your right, ok I’ll do this, how do I look”? “You look fine now lets go the quicker you get this over with the better you will feel” said and led the way out of the toilets.

“Ok and lets get you two down to the beach.” The assistant director and cameraman said.

was on set she was nervous about breaking it off with but know she had to do it. “Hey hope your not working to hard”. She turned round to see Josh standing there. “What you doing here”. “I’m on a break and though I’d come and see you and also we need to chat,” he told her. “What about” cried out, alarmed by what he said. “Us”.

I don’t know if you have noticed the distance between us lately, but I have and I was thinking, are you happy in this relationship cos most of the distance comes from you” he asked her. “Aww hun of course I’m happy, I’ve just been busy with filming and work, I’m sorry if you feel I’ve been distant I haven’t mean to be” told him. “Tell you what I have to go see after here to night but when I get home why don’t we have an early night” she asked him hoping he would say yes. “Yeah ok” he said and kissed her and went back to work.

was using as an excuse to go and see .
Down at the beach the tension had eased off a bit and and worked well together. They were cuddling and walking a long the beach. “Ok guys this is great but can we have a kiss please,” the director asked. and looked at each other and just nodded theirs heads. “Ok on you go”.

leaned in and caught his lips in hers she kissed him back and pulled part.” That was great guys that’s us finished up we can go back to the studio now”, but the director wasn’t getting a response as and were in full lip lock.

“So, if I ask you out would you say yes” he asked her. “It’s a yes,” she said and they kissed again. “You couldn’t drop us off at apartment” asked when they got back to the car. “Sure let’s go” and off they went.

finished work and decide to give a phone to let her know she had told Josh she was going round to hers just on case Josh asked about it.

“Hello” almost screamed down the phone. “Hey hun, I was wondering if you could do me a favour,” asked while putting the phone back to her ear. “Yeah, Oooohhh, sur, sur, sure” managed to say. “What are you up to” asked amused by the noises coming from end of the line. “Nothing, it, it, it’s just , he’s aaaahhhhh, how can iiiiiiii put it”. “I get the picture, look girls night my place tomorrow night, see you then” said and hung up. Once she had hung up she burst into giggles.

“What are you laughing at” It was he had put his arms around her. “ and their together and” stopped her talking and kissed her. “God I’ve wanted to do that all day” He said smiling from ear to ear.

almost slipped up and then she remembered why she was here.

there is no easy way to do this. God I’m even thinking there is no way.” said turning around so her back was to ’s.

She took a deep breath. How the heck was she going to do this is she turned round and looked at him saw his eyes. His soul. It had to be done.“ I’m sorry for this,” She whispered knowing wouldn’t hear her.

“ Yeah well I haven’t. Do you know what I’ve been thinking all day? I want to go home to Josh I want to be with Josh.
I can’t do this anymore what’s the point it’s going nowhere. Personally it was fun just something to do cause it was fun. Now it’s over. So forget about it.”

just looked blankly at . He was so heartbroken.
“You don’t mean that. What is this some test or something? that kiss wasn’t a fun kiss that was a intense I want you kiss.” He said raising his voice a bit.

my dear I’m a actress. And it seems a very good one. I played you. So do me a favour forget this stupid thing. And run along to .” said walking away not daring to show she was crying.

“Well to tell you the truth. I’m glad. Cause at least I can marry without you going I’m going to tell. Thank god. You were just a good Fuck. Glad it ‘s over it saves me doing it now.” shouted.
“Well at least I was a good fuck. Unlike from what you’ve said.” ran to her car.
just stood there watching her go and dying inside.

Part 4

pulled outside her house and dried her eyes. She went in to find the stairs had rose petals going all the way up to the bedroom. She didn’t need this right now but she had to act again.
“Josh where are you?” She called out. “Find me” opened the bedroom door to see Josh there.

As they were having sex felt numb. She had nothing inside her. She had picked Josh. That was that. didn’t even care.

looked at and smiled. She had a great night with him and she had almost forgotten all about .

She lent over picked up her bag, she had a text message from .
“Girlie night tonight do not forget? Call me when you get this message.”

slid out of bed quietly making sure not to wake up. Once she was down stairs in the kitchen she pressed call she didn’t have to wait long before picked up.

hey got your text. I’m not going to be coming tonight. I really don’t feel like it can we skip it?”
“What, why come on we all need to chat and catch up on things.” put on her disappointed voice.
“ Sorry. Say hi to for me.” hang up. She really didn’t feel like doing the whole talking thing they did about the guys etc.
She knew they would finally get around to talking about . All wanted to do was forget him, which she knew wasn’t going to be the case since they all hang together.

As soon as was off the phone to she went around to ’s place. She was shocked to see and were there.
As soon as she saw she went right over to him and kissed him. He pulled her into his lap.

“Good glad your here. The guys want to go out tonight, I said it was our girlie day that involved no men.”

“Well we can in fact go out with them lot tonight. Make it a group thing instead.” laid her head down on ’s shoulder and smiled when she saw ’s mouth had dropped to the floor.
isn’t coming she’s not in the mood.” added explaining to .“So I take that as a she wants to be with .” said realising that was sitting there and clapped her hand over her mouth. “Sorry just shrugged “It’s ok don’t worry.”

“ So night out then on the town?” asked looking at them all.
“I don’t want to.” started to say. “Yes come on babes it’ll be fun all of us” Josh said walking in and taking her hand.

looked at them all and nodded. “Only if comes.” “Well I still have a spare key so we can always drag her there.” said making a point to let them know he had her key as he knew it would get back to .

“ Fine I’ll go out but only cause really wants me to go.” said down the phone to who had called her about the change of plans.

This was going to be her first outing with as a couple. She was nervous about it. But she could always stay with since she wasn’t in the mood to party either.

we’re all going out tonight. Your up for that aren’t you?” shouted to in the other room. “Yes of course I am.”
“Yeah his up for it. See you then.” hang up the phone sighing.

walked into the club with hand in hand. She was still in the first state of ’s my guy. His all mine mood. She couldn’t hide the smile on her face.

“Well this is a real party isn’t it” said laughing they had found the gang sitting at the table they were always at, but no one was really there usual self’s.

and were sitting close together just making small talk. Josh and were chatting away; was just glaring at and . sat at an angle with his back to . Who had her arms folded and sat with a pout.

“I’ll get the drinks in. help please.” said reaching over and dragging up.

“Ok spill” said once they were far enough away. “Where we going this isn’t the way to the bar it’s the other way.” said turning around and pointing.
“Were getting the drinks after we have talked. We can sit in my car now move.”

looked around for at the bar but couldn’t see her. The bar was really busy tonight so he expected her to be a while.

” a girls voice said behind everyone looked up and saw standing there.
you made it. I’m so pleased. Dance?” said standing up smiling and dragging her onto the dance floor. Making sure he turned around and winked at them all.

“Well that sounds fun.” said smiling. “ ?” “No I don’t feel like it.” “I will” Josh offered taking ’s hand and leading her onto the dance floor.

opened the car door and the two girls got inside. started up the engine so they had some heat.

didn’t get a chance to say anything before was on the topic she wanted to know about.

“I know about you and . I saw you both that night in the club. The way you looked at each other. And the fact that you two had sex in the middle of it as well. But I take it something’s happened because you two are certainly not yourselves and drooling over each other from across the table.”

“How did you find out about me and asked, she was shocked that knew. “I just know, want to tell me what’s going on”. “I ended it, I decided I wanted Josh” said now letting her emotions and tears out.

“Why do I get the feeling that’s not what you want?” said. “I want , but I love Josh and Josh is who I picked”. “Now lets get back,” said. Both girls fixed ’s makeup and went and got the drinks.

“Hey hun, how are ya” asked as she sat down next to her. “Alright, I didn’t really want to come out tonight but and convinced me to”. “I’m the same but and Josh talked me into coming out”. “Looks like good at talking people into things” said and then both girls laughed. “Do you want to get out of here and go for a coffee?” asked. “Glad to”. The girls made their excuses and left.

Part 5

woke up the next morning to someone banging on her front door. “Ok, I’m coming, fuck sake” she shouted at the door. She opened it to find at the other side with his hand ready to batter the door again. He didn’t look happy.

“Morning hun” said and let him in. “Why has still got a key to this place” he shouted at her. “Oh I forgot to get it off him when he split”. “Forgot, forgot, how the fuck can you forget,” he screamed at her. “Well I had other things going through my mind when we split” she told him.

“He could walk in here at any minute and you don’t seemed bothered by that” he asked, his blood was boiling, had been winding him up about and when they were together and then he found out off of that still had a key to place. “But he hasn’t and he wouldn’t do that” she told him. “You don’t know that” he stated matter of factly.

There was a short silence. looked at her he could see the tears in her eyes ready to fall. “Don’t get in touch with me until you have got the key back and changed the locks” he told her then walked out slamming the door shut.

He stood outside and instantly regretted what he has said. He heard her crying and wished he hadn’t got mad at her.

managed to stop crying an hour after left. She decides to get ready then go and see and get her key back.

and Josh where out shopping. They were having a great time and Josh was treating her like a lady holding doors open for her and buying her things. She was happy as she hadn’t though of all day.

They were walking through the town centre when they bumped into and . ’s happy face quickly disappeared.

“Hi guys, what you up to” Josh asked them. “Hi we were just out shopping, had to buy a new outfit for ’s birthday party, didn’t I sweetie” told them. “Umm yeah” said quickly then looked to the ground. “That’s great, we are just doing some shopping ourselves,” Josh told them.

“We were just going to the hotel to have some drinks and meet with the others, In fact would you mind if I borrowed Josh for half an hour, I need a guys option on the present I’m going to get ” “Sure” said, she couldn’t say no cos then they would know something was wrong. “Good, why don’t you two go to the hotel and we will get you in there” said linking her arm through Josh’s then walking off with him.

and walked to the hotel in a deep-felt silence. Once they got to the hotel found a table in the bar and went to get the drinks. They drank one bottle of wine in silence but when came back with the second one she sat down next to him.

“I’ve missed you,” he told her. “I miss you too” she said and looked into his eyes. Before she could stop herself she leaned in and kissed him. He started to kiss her back and before they know it he was getting a hotel room for a couple of hours.

They went to the lift and pushed the button for the floor the room was on, while undone his trousers and got to her knees. She pulled down his boxers and trouser at the same time and smiled at what she saw, boy had she missed it. had just started moaning when the lift went ping and the doors opened.

They raced down the hall and opened the door. Once inside he pushed onto the bed and started to remove her clothes. knew she shouldn’t be doing this but she couldn’t resist him.

had been parked outside ’s house for the past 20 minutes debating what to do. Maybe she should just call him and ask for the key.

“ Come on girl just walk to the door say I want my key back and then you can leave.” took a deep breath and got out her car and walked up to ’s door.

For some reason it seemed to be taking forever. Like everything was in slow motion. knocked on the door. Well that’s if you can call it a knock. She placed her hand on the door and lightly tapped it.
10 minutes later was still there.

“Oh screw it.” said turning around to walk down the path just as called out her name.

“Damn damn damn. Shit” said under her breath. As she turned round she was speechless. was just in a towel and was soaked.
“ Sorry I was in the shower wanna come in?” “ The shower?” blurted before she had a chance to think what she was saying,

“Well you can if you want.” smiled wickedly.

“ No no shower. Hello . I want to talk” walked into ’s living room. She really didn’t want to turn around and look at him. But something caught her eye in the corner of the room. It was a box and had her name on it.

“ I want my key back.” said “ And what’s the box for?” looked over to the side.

“It’s your stuff. Your keys are inside. sorted the stuff out.” “ Oh why did she do it? I don’t want that cow touching my stuff how dare you .”

“ Well I didn’t think you would want to come round to sort it out considering how lovely you are with .” stepped forward so he was right in front of looking down on her.

“ Well that’s not the point. That’s stuff personally.” said folding her arms and looking at anything that wasn’t .

I’m sorry. I love you. I still love you. I always will. I wanted the stuff around but with it was hard. And your with what was I going to do. Hope you’ll come back to me?”

eyes filled with tears. She was still in love with of course she was. She didn’t really know how she felt about .

“I still love you . But” didn’t get a chance to finish what she was saying before was kissing her.

felt the towel that was hiding ’s man hood fall to the floor and that she was almost as wet as him. pushed her into the wall and was tearing at her clothes. quickly realised what was happening.
stop, I can’t do this, I’m with please don’t make me cheat on him, cos if you keep touching me or kissing me I won’t be able to refuse you, so please don’t” she said stepping away from him. “Ok I respect that, but just remember anytime you want me I’m here for you” he said and lifted his towel up off the floor and put it back into place.

put the phone down and rolled his eyes then he focused on and smiled.
“Do you sometimes feel like were the lucky ones?” asked “ What are you chatting about?” “ That was he had a freak out over still having key. He told her get the key or that’s it. So now his freaking.” pulled towards him and kissed her head.

“ Oh god I better call .” “ can wait for a while. I want to tell you something?” “ Oh no Mr been thinking again”

“ Fine I won’t tell you how much I love you, and how much I’m grateful you’re in my life. Cause frankly I couldn’t live without you.”

could feel her heart melting. Mind you she was always a sucker for romance.

“ I know exactly how you feel cause I feel the same.” smiled and slid his hands down ’s side and led her upstairs.

slowly opened his eyes and smiled. His girl was laying in his arms where she should be. He just lied there watching her. He must have feel back to sleep because when he opened his eyes ’s head was laying on his chest looking at him.

“ Hey” “ Hey yourself Mr . I thought you’d be asleep forever.” “ Well I would do if you would be with me.” “ Hey you Mr romantic.” laughed and poked her in the side making her fall off the bed.
.” shouted he looked over the side she wasn’t there. “ ?”
“Your going to pay for that said from behind and hit him with a pillow.

grabbed another pillow and they started to hit each other playfully.
“I need to get my breath back,” said laughing along with .

God how she missed him the past few hours had been bliss. Then her laugh faded along with ’s when their phones rang.

Both knowing it was and Josh by their personal ring tones.

Part 6

answered his phone and walked into the bathroom while just stayed where she was.

“Where are you both?” asked “ Hum well we got bored at the hotel waiting so we went for a walk. I did text you.” lied.

“Oh I didn’t get it. Well Josh and I are at the hotel but he wants to go and look for a ring for . He was going to ask you but I’ll go.”

’s heart stopped Josh wasn’t going to ask his girl to marry him was he? “ Is Josh going to ask to marry him?” He said hoping he didn’t sound heartbroken.

“No. God no. ordered it and his just going to get it for her. I think she forgot all about it as it’s been in the shops for weeks.”

“Oh I’ll see you tonight then.” said more relaxed. “Bye babes.” said then hung up.

walked back outside had tears in her eyes.

what are we doing?” “Not this again .” “ Well sorry for my realty check but this has to stop. I can’t stand the lies. We can’t live in this tiny little bubble of ours. We have to face the fact your with . I’m with Josh.”

“ I know that. Come on we’ve tried the whole not seeing each other. But we always end up in our birthday suits.

”That’s my point we always end up in bed together. We don’t even have a normal relationship. We don’t even bloody talk anymore.”
“ Well that’s not just me,” said as matter of fact. “ I know its me as well. Whenever I’m with you I just want to feel you inside me to know that closeness with you. But it doesn’t last for long cause were always brought back down to earth again knowing the truth.”

This time showed her true feeling and burst out crying. was at her side in seconds wrapping her in his arms.

“I know. I guess your right. I know your right; we have to call it a day. I still believe were meant to be. If its now or in some other life. You still my girl?” “Always”. turned ’s face to him both giving each other their last Kiss.

left ’s glad that she had sorted everything out with him. Yeah she loved him but they had spoke about that and knew unless he got use to her job they would never be able to be together. She had decided to go and see . She dropped into the local pub first to give herself some Dutch courage.

She walked in and up to the bar. She ordered her drink then had a look about to see if there was any one she knew in the pub. Her face turned a pail shade when she seen sitting in the pub in the corner, with his ex girlfriend. decide she would go over and ask him what was going on.

had bumped into when he had been out a walk after he came off the phone to . She had offered an ear for him, so they went to the pub where could talk to her.

“What the hell is going on” walked up to . “ hi, it’s not what you think we were just having a drink” said to her. “Not what I think, well it looks actually what I think” said looking at ’s arm that was round . “ how could you after everything I’ve been through with , I though you were different, well obviously your not” She said. She then took ’s pint that was sitting on the table and poured it over his head and then slammed the glass down and walked out.

and left the hotel and both went their separate ways. They know they would meet up soon but that would be with the group and it wouldn’t be so awkward as it had been last time.

walked into her house to find Josh was still out. She decide to have a hot bath and then phone and catch up on the Goss, maybe even get the girls round that night has they hadn’t had a night together with out the boys been there in ages.

went in to his apartment and had a message from his mum asking how he was. He decide to phone her back then he would see if the guys wanted to go round to his to watch the football and have a bit of a chat about a car wanted to buy.

woke up to her phone ringing. “Hi” she said. “Hey hun I wasn’t disturbing you was I” said cheerfully down the phone. “No I was just sleeping”, “You sound a lot better”. “That’s cause and I had a chat and everything be sorted out”. “That’s great news, I’m glad, now all we have to wait on his and sorting themselves out,” said. “What you mean and sorting themselves out,” asked. sat and explained the story to and that she was yet to speak to as had had other ideas. “Ok I’ll give her a call” said and hung up.

tried phone but there was no answer so she just left a message. She felt sorry for . Yeah she herself had problems but at least hers weren’t as complicated as as hers never involved Josh and together, where as involved and , ex boyfriend against current boyfriend.

sat down and put pretty women on, she loved the film and could play the part herself if given the chance. Well not the hooker part but the rest was cool.

was not amused one bit hadn’t even bothered to call her since she saw him in the pub with his ex. had informed her that knew and he seemed quite pleased about it, which cheesed her off more than she liked.

She was just about to step out the door when her phone rang. “Hello”“ darling this is Cindy from the Magazine Heat. You know you did a shoot a few weeks ago. Well my dear you got the job.” was speechless she didn’t know what to say she wanted the job so much.
“ What? You’re joking. That’s great.” “I thought you’d be pleased and also the best bit, which I know you will love, is that we want your mate as well. You know that it’s a months shoot in Barbados” Cindy carried on ranted about the job and that she was going to call .

opened the door to his place, he rolled his eyes when he saw another fashion mistake as always she was in a black skirt with a Patton coloured top and shoes that clashed. He couldn’t believe at one point he thought she was the one. Now he couldn’t do anything to get out of it especially since made it clear she wasn’t going to end her relationship with Josh anytime soon.
He had to laugh nearly every single one of the lads had a love life problem.

darling how are you” said walking over to kiss him on the lips. “ I’ve got a surprise for you.” She whispered in his ear.
blindfolded him and led him upstairs.

“ Are you sure said party at their place?" said to the others. “ Yes and its not there place its just 's she just stays there.” corrected giving a look of don’t worry babes.

really hopped that they wouldn’t open the door she didn’t want to be at a party with or . But sadly that wasn’t the case when opened the door with a shocked expression.

Part 7

“ Um mate is this a underwear party?” said half laughing
popped her head under ’s arm “Oh god no sorry I forgot about the party.” She laughed with a wicked glint in her eye.

wanted to deck her but thought better off it. She just linked arms with and gave her a half smile.

was sitting on the sofa with they were decusing the modelling shoot they would be leaving to do in a few weeks. They still hadn’t told anyone yet they were going to keep it that way to the last minute.
They were brought out their discussion but shouting over.

where is J?” “ Joshua is on his way” snapped back she hated people calling him J it was either Joshua or Josh but never J, knew it. stood up from the sofa and went outside she was only out there for a few moments when was standing next to her. She looked at him he had the cute boyish look he did oh so well.

”I’m sorry about the thing earlier.” ran his hand threw his hair and gave a puppy eyed look. “ don’t even go there were not together in any sense she’s your girlfriend it has nothing to do with me. I have sex with Josh you don’t hear me say sorry do you.”

“I know but I don’t like you seeing it.” This time he stepped closer so much so could feel his breath on her face. God how she wanted just to kiss him she had to control herself.

“Well it don’t matter anymore I won’t be around to see it” shut up quick placing her hands over her mouth gave her a sly look.

“What’s that mean?” “Nothing don’t worry” walked back inside and collided with Josh who was talking to .

“Hey Hun didn’t know you were here yet?” said her mind racing what if they saw her talking to and the closeness what if they guess what had happened with them.

“Just got here, was saying you were outside I was going to come out in a sec.” Josh kissed on the head taking her hand and leading her into the kitchen to talk.

scanned the room there he was, standing in the corner looking right back at her.

“Great just great. Thanks for leaving me” She thought to herself.
She gave him a half smile and looked the other way to see also looking at her. couldn’t take it anymore. She stood up and went outside.

“Everyone comes out here to talk to have a breather.” heard from behind her. She knew it was even before he said anything,

“ Look before you say anything I want to explain. I was talking to yes but I wanted advice were still friends but.” stopped what he was saying and looked to the floor.

turned to look at him “But what?” “ Do you really want to know?” gave a hard look that suggested yes of course.

“ Well the thing is I’m in love with you and I got Jealous that still had a key I know you two were great together and in love.”

“Yeah but that’s not the point me and broke up for a reason you don’t need to get mad you know mine and ’s relationship was hard you didn’t need to freak.”

“I Know that now. Look I love you and the past days without have been so hard.” “Well you never called” “No I know that’s because I wanted to ask you something.” “Like what?”

“Well if you let me get a word in I will won’t I” said laughing slightly. “ I love you I want to know will you marry me. I understand if it’s No.”

was quite for a moment she looked away and saw looking out the window. Yes sure she still loved but they didn’t have a future and he was with now so end off.

“I don’t know . Look the thing is I’m leaving for a bit and I.”

“What do you mean your leaving?” had raised his voice now that the others were walking out to see what was going on.

“You can’t leave why and what’s got to do with it?”

shut up. Look I’m just saying I’m going away for a bit with in a few weeks I will tell you when I get back I need to know if you’re the one and I can’t do it here with everything and everyone.” turned around and walked back inside. To see a pouting .

“Sorry I didn’t mean to he asked me to marry him I told him we were going away and he flipped.

“It’s ok but everyone’s going to want to know now. Might as well tell them now.” and told everyone to take a seat and they explained about the contract. They weren’t surprised that the only people who were happy for them were , and .

and had been away for a week now. They didn’t tell anyone exactly when they were going just left a note for them. They were chilling out on the beach, as they had the afternoon off.

“This is great, it’s so warm and lovely” said looking at . She had been really quite lately, in fact she had been quite ever since had asked her to marry him. “What yeah its great” she answered. “How you feeling today, not been sick again have you” asked . “Nope just this morning”.

hadn’t been well for the past week now. She had been sick in the mornings and had dizziness sometimes. She was feeling a little sick that afternoon but just put it down to the smell of the sea and the food.

started laughing. “What’s so funny”. “Wouldn’t it be funny if the guys showed up tonight”. “What no it would be terrible” cried out alarmed. “I’m not saying they are going to come I’m just saying it would be funny if they did”. was doing a cat walk show that night and was going with Cindy to watch.

“It would be great to see , oops I mean Josh” she said while hoping hadn’t really been listening. “What do you mean , you have a thing for him don’t you”. “Yeah ok I’m busted please don’t tell Josh”. “Don’t worry I won’t”.

what would you say if I don’t go back with you, if I moved to LA” asked. She had been thinking about it for a while now as she couldn’t make her mind up about and he would be wanting an answer and then there was to think about how would everything affect him.

“No, your coming back to Ireland with me weather you like it or not, I know your going through a tough time at the moment but you can’t run from it”. “I’m not running I just need more time to think about what I want and who I want, I’m confused at the moment and can’t make my mind up”. looked at and could see she wanted to cry so she moved over and pulled her into a hug.

are you mad, you can’t go over there, you said you would give her space” was shouting at . He had just announced that he wanted to go and see and that he had booked a flight. “I know what I said but I miss her I have to go”. gave him a hard look. “Ok fine if your going then so are and I” she told him. “You can count me and in to added and looked at . “Me and will come to I guess,” he said. “Let’s go see if we can get the same flight as ”, said.

sat on the edge of the bath looking at the little white stick, please don’t turn blue she kept saying over and over again. Her and had come up from the beach and where getting ready to go to the show.

Part 8

She looked at the stick it had turned blue that meant positive and positive meant pregnant. “Great this is all I need what am I going to do” she though. Then another though came to head who was the father or Josh. “Shit I’ve really got myself stuck in a corner” she said a loud.

She lifted her phone to try and phone but there was no answer. “Great where’s when you need her”.

was sitting on the plane getting ready to take off. She was holding s hand really tight, as she didn’t like the take off. She looked at who was sitting next to her as well and seen the smile on his face. He looked really happy.

knocked on ’s door and she answered with in to minutes. “Hey just need to lift my bag”. lifted her bag and they got into the car to go to the show.

Everyone stepped of the plane hours later. “ I’ve bloody got crap” moaned. smiled “ I’m not surprised honey you were sleeping in a weird way” pulled into his arms and kissed her noise “ Well I was trying something.” He whispered pushed him off “ Don’t go there Mr.”

“ Hey we have to wait for Joshua” said tugging on ’s sleeve. He turned to look at her confused. “ What do you mean Joshua, did someone call him then?” looked to the others who spooked their heads “ No I totally forgot.” said knowing full well that would hate Josh being there it was bad enough for having and here.

“I did dummy he was at the back he got chatting to someone on the plane look there he is.” let go of ’s arm and walked over to Josh. “ Your late come on” linked arms with him pulling him along to so she was in the middle of both.

gave her a dirty look as she walked pass thank god wasn’t there that’s all she could say really.

An hour later they were all checked into the hotel. They had decided to meet downstairs and head to a show the manager had said and were at.

“ Good luck girl” said hugging . “Hum” Was all said. “ I’ll give you some good news if you stay in LA I will too.” said walking off to meet her other friend out front.

was beaming from ear to ear but she couldn’t hide the nagging feeling inside wondering what had happened to get to stay as well.

couldn’t get to there seats fast enough he was so excited to be able to see his girl again. “ you look like your going to burst any second.” said laughing, “ Well I’m going to see my gal.” “ She’s not your girl yet she hasn’t said yes” shot back not surprised by the looks he got but he didn’t care he loved he wasn’t letting her go that easy.

Yes they had broken up over her career but he didn’t care anymore he just wanted her. He didn’t tell the others the real reason he came was because 1- he wanted to break it off with in style and 2- to win back the love of his life.

we need you now” Cindy said as soon as got outside. “ What well Justin just called they are short one girl can you go back and do the bit with please.

rolled her eyes she was an actress not a bloody model “ Fine” She walked backstage she found and told her was more relaxed that was going to do it. She didn’t like Lisa the other model.

The clothes the girls were moderling were D&G was wearing very high heels naturally a long black dress with gold down the front it was gross but some celeb would buy it.

poor laughed to herself was put in very tiny gold dimond knciker shorts with a blue open coat she did look good but she knew was not into it much. She knew would just act the part.

“Ladies and gentlemen we have a change to our timetable. Lisa is out sick so we have a big treat for you. I won’t say just yet.” Justin laughed.

The show had been on an hour and the gang were getting bored now when Justin announced D&G “ Finally hopefully this will be I couldn’t find said over to and but making it out to be Josh who again was with .

and .” Everyone screamed

? Did he just say ?” Josh said standing up. “ Yes he did. Cool” said a bit to keen

As the two girls did their thing they noticed a group just to the side that looked like their mates back home nodded over to who winked as to show she had seen them. said the look in her eyes it was the same thing she was feeling dread they had come to LA.

“You Jinxed it its your fault you said wouldn’t it be funny for them to come and they bloody are you’re a witch.” said flapping.

“Its not my fault.” thought for a moment. “ Get changed quick will get out fast.

The two girls got changed as fast as they could. in jeans trainers and a vest top in a tracksuit that was pink.

The two girls claimed out the ladies toilets as they did so they came face to face with who was passing by in a strop.

“What are you two doing?” asked as he walked over to them to give them a hand up. noticed that was still holding onto hands and she wasn’t stopping it.

“We we were.” started “ We were leaving to escape Cindy. So we need to go bye” grabbed and made a run for it.

was calling after them when the others came out the door as well and saw the two girls running and following.

“ Weird” said looking to who shrugged. “Shall we follow?” He asked.

car keys now” gave the keys to and she made a run for the car she started it up and went after and . Someone had to rescue them and fast.

pulled up in front of the girls and opened the door she moved over and let take the drivers seat. If anyone could get out there fast it would be her.

“WHAT DID YOU DO” shouted to as soon as he had caught up.

“Me why is it always me why not you. They were making an escape for it and they ran. I was if you hadn’t noticed trying to stop them.” said standing right at ’s feet.

looked out the rear view mirror and finally decided they were safe she pulled up at the side of the road.

“So what was that about?” asked looked to her then .

“Well we saw you and I freaked I didn’t want to see or I didn’t know what to say or do So suggest we leave. We just didn’t bank on .”

you’re going to have to talk to him or should I say them at some point its unfair really loves you he was smiling all the way over here. Look I’m not being a bitch but you and aren’t together wants you. You need to make up your mind pretty fast.”

“I have” snapped back at . was fed up with ’s high and mighty attitude. “ I’m staying in LA for a bit longer with . I will talk to and at some point just not now.”

your staying why” said turning her attention back to her other friend. “ I need to I’ve got my reasons” went to protest but saw the look on ’s face she turned to look at who had the same look.

“I’m going back to find . See you girls later.” got out the car she was just about to call and ask for help, as she was lost when by luck the guys pulled up in two four by fours.
“ I won’t ask” said laughing as she got into the front seat with .

Part 9

and got back to the hotel and ran up to room. “ we have to leave right now” said. “I can’t stay here I mean im so confused I just can’t do it please don’t expect me to do it” she continued. “It’s ok babe I feel the same but first I need to talk to Josh I can’t just leave without talking to him”. Ok I’ll be in my room come and get me when your ready to go”. “Let’s leave it till tomorrow morning” said and left the room.

She was walking along the corridor when she bumped in to . “Hey you”. “Hey why did you and run away” he asked her. “ is a bit stressed with and here and couldn’t face them yet so we left sorry”. “Do you have a minute I need to talk to you”. “Sure let’s go to my room” he said and led the way.

open up we know that’s your room so come on open up” heard shouting through the door. She had to answer it she couldn’t leave him standing out there. She opened the door to find that wasn’t on his own, was with him and one was holding up two bottles of red wine and the other three glasses.

“Come in” she said and moved aside to let them in. “You don’t have to talk to us about what’s going on till we have had a drink or two” said looking at her. They sat down on the sofa and opened a bottle of wine and poured it.

“Let’s go get married, right now, I don’t care if no one is there” said looking at . She had taken him by surprise this wasn’t normally like . “Are you sure”. “Yes please I don’t want to go through what everyone else is going through I just want us to be together, please can we I seen a chaple down the street”. “Let’s go” said jumping up off the bed. He lifted his cards and passport and ’s passport and they left. They grabbed two strangers from the bar to be their witnesses.

and reached his room and could here giggling. “Sounds like she has someone with her” said to him. He nodded his head and opened the door. The sight that greeted them wasn’t a good one. It was in bed with a guy but not just any guy it was Josh. They had no clothes on and he was on top of her. looked him and quickly pulled the covers over her and pushed Josh a side. “ , ” she screamed. “What the fuck is going on here” screamed at them. “It’s you see, umm, we were attracted to each other and one night we ended up in bed and since then we have been having an affair” Josh said in one breath”. “ please forgive me” whipsed. “No I wont and as far as I’m concered me and should have never have stopped seeing each other too” he told them. “I’m staying with said and lifted his suit case it was just as well they hadn’t unpacked yet. “Josh I can’t believe you would do this to me but I guess if I can do it to you, you can do it to me” she said. She followed ’s lead and left the room she was in shock.

In room they had drank the two bottles of wine and was extremely drunk. leaned in and kissed her. As he done that slid his hand up her trousers and started to slid them off . took her top off and lead them into the bedroom.

and came out the chaple laughing they had just got married. She was Mrs . “It’s our wedding night lets go celebrate and certifiy our marriage” she said leading him back to the hotel for a night full of hot passion

and where sitting in her room in silence both thinking of something to say. “ , I’m pregnant and I think its yours in fact im positive its yours” she said breaking the silence that had fallen over them. looked at her a smile forming across his lips. He leaned in and kissed her. “You have just made me extremely happy, marry me you are my girl, always have been always will be” he told her and kissed her again. “Yes I’ll marry you I love you and you’re the one I want to be with” she said and pulled him over to the bed.

, stop I know am drunk but I also know this is wrong” said jumping out of the bed. She grabbed her clothes and put them on, Then she lifted her key and left the room. This was the last thing she needed. She left the hotel hopping they weren’t following her.

She walked to the beach where she clasped down and cried. She was sitting on a rock when she heard voices. She looked up to see Duncan from blue and some of his mates walking along the beach. He walked over to her and sat down next to her.

woke up in ’s arms. She looked up to find him smiling at her. “Let’s get dressed and go down to breakfast” he said and kissed her lips lightly.

and where sitting eating breakfast when and came in. They joined them and and explained to them about what had happen and how they were now together. was really happy about them been together. and came down and and decided to tell everyone about their marriage.

“Guys last night we went out and well, we got married” said looking to see what their reactions where. stood up and hugged them, as did . gave a kiss on the cheek and a cuddle. was happy by the reaction of their friends.

came down and missed the announcement. He had been at room standing outside for the past 10 minutes but she hadn’t answered the door. “ hasn’t come down yet has she” he asked, he was scared he might miss her. He desperately had to talk to her. “No mate not been down yet, have you tired her room” said. “Yeah she’s not answering the door” he said and sunk into a chair.

was having a blast with the boys from blue. She didn’t feel like she had to be something she wasn’t or worry about her feelings.

“So where’s your bloke?” Lee asked who was play fighting with Duncan. “ At the hotel I guess. Can we not talk about it please?”

“Yeah sure. Sorry” Lee added sheepishly. “So when you boys leave?” asked “ Tomorrow morning.” “Can I come with you?” asked she hadn’t even meant to ask that but when the guys said yes. She went with it. She made arrangements to meet the guys tomorrow morning at 7.
Now all she had to worry about was getting away from and .

walked over to who was still sitting in the sofa in the hall of the hotel.

man when wants to disappear she will.” looked round to and gave him a dirty look. “ I can’t believe she escaped out the window. God what have we done.”

“You really love her don’t you?” “Yes I do. More than anything.”
“You’ve treated her better than I ever did. I give you my blessing. I hope it works out for you.” said patting on the back.

What neither of them knew was that was standing just in the door and heard everything.

She tried ’s door but didn’t get anywhere so she went along to ’s.There wasn’t an answer there either she was just about to give up when came running around the corner in tears.

“Hun what’s the matter?” asked forgetting her own problems for a moment.

“Josh. I’ve just seen him he wanted to sort things out with me, I said no and that I’m pregnant and its ’s. Then Josh decided to tell me he hasn’t been using protection. I’ve been having sex with him and his not had on anything and I wasn’t taking the pill. I’ve told its his what am I going to do?” collapsed in arms.

Part 10

“I’m leaving tomorrow with the guys from Blue you can come as well. Give you some time to think and work it out” offered.

agreed. The two girls got their stuff packed they ordered in room service so they didn’t need to see anyone. In the morning they left.

What they didn’t know was that Ant had seen the night before and had asked him about and that she was leaving to go with them that morning. was at the airport waiting for .

Yeah he had given his blessing but the thought that was going to run away broke his heart he loved her and he could never let her go even if it killed him.

and arrived at the airport at the same time as the blue boys. They put their luggage on to a trolley and Duncan pushed it inside.

“You guys don’t mind me bring do you” asked them. “No of course not the more the merrier” Simon said to her and put his arms round both girls. As they were walking up to the desk face fell there at the desk to check in was .

” was all could say as she pointed to standing looking straight at her. “What the hell is he doing here, how the hell did he find out we were here?” said. “Oh that was me I met him in the pub last night and we got talking, why weren’t they suppose to know” Ant told them. “No, no I didn’t want them to know” said to Ant, she was angry with him.

“Guys can you hold off for 5 minutes I have to talk to in private” asked walking towards and taking her hand. “Sure go a head” Lee said and watched lead away before she or could say anything.

am not letting you run away again”, “ loves you and you deserve to be with him don’t walk away from the best thing in your life, he loves you don’t break his heart” said looking at her.

, , , why is that all people think about, what about my feelings or don’t they count” asked. “ what if I don’t want to be with , I don’t love him as much as I love you, so why should I pretend that I love him more than you” she asked.

wanted to tell her he wanted her to but he had to stay true to after all he gave him his blessing. “You know we can’t be together, you know I can’t stand you job and the way some guys talk about you, can deal with it and be able to support you, I know your feelings have to count but if you go away today you’ve walked away from a good thing and you will have walked away from me, be with I want to see you happy and I’ll always be there for you no matter what please don’t ruin that promise” he said to her.

“Ok I’ll stay but first I have to talk to ” she said and kissed his cheek. “Ok I’ll wait here on you” he said and watched her walk over to and the blue boys.

“Guys I’m staying here sorry” said. “That’s alright see you around” Ant said and hugged her. “ said looking at her. “If your going to stay then I guess I am too” said. “Sorry guys she said. The girls took their luggage and walked over to .

drove back to the hotel in silence, as both girls wouldn’t talk. They walked in the door and where greeted by and . walked over to and hugged her. “I need to talk to you,” she said. He nodded his head and walked off with her hand in his and her luggage in the other.

“Where’s ?” asked . “He’s out with should be back soon I hope.” “I’m sorry I snapped at you in the car , I didn’t mean it my head was just messed up” said. “It’s ok I shouldn’t have had a go at you” said and the too girls hugged.

had been sitting outside ’s room for about an hour now. When finally she heard him talking to . stood up and brushed her clothes down.

was just ahead of when he spotted he stopped dead. He and thought he has lost her. He ran up to her and picked her up in his arms and kissed her.

“God I’m so glad you’re here. I missed you so much” said with a warm smile on his face.

smiled back. She did kind of love not as much as but he didn’t want her. He wanted her to be with and that was what she was going to do.

“ Sorry for being kind of weird but I needed to collect my thoughts and my answer is Yes. I would love to be your wife.” hoped she came across as happy as was.
His eyes were sparkling. “ Really oh I’m the happiest man alive.” said kissing and pulling her into a hug. What didn’t see was that had appeared and was standing next to looking on heartbroken.

opened the door to his and ’s room. followed behind not knowing how she was going to break the news to him.

sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at he could tell something series was wrong he just wasn’t sure what.

“Ok you going to tell me what up?” “ I am I’m just trying to think how” “Why. you can tell me anything it doesn’t matter. I love you and nothing will change that you should know that by now.” said honestly standing up to walk over to he took her in his arms and she started crying.

Josh wants me back, I said no and that I was having your baby and he said its not yours but his cause he wasn’t using protection and I wasn’t using the pill.”

let go off he was just standing there looking at tears fall from her eyes. He couldn’t breath the kid he thought was his may now not be.

“He could be lying. Do you want Josh back?” walked forward and lifted ’s head up. “ If I wanted to be with Josh I think I wouldn’t have fallen in love with you and be standing here right now.”

“I guess. I need to go out for a bit.” said walking out the room not even looking back at .

Part 11


had found out that she wasn’t pregnant after all. The test had been wrong. had tried talking to but he never got back to her. She had left a nasty message not so long ago telling him about his attitude, while and herself were having an affair she was still sleeping with Josh like he was with .

later on found from that was in America looking at some apartments and wouldn’t be back until the wedding but promised to tell him about the baby.

was still wondering if she was doing the right thing and marrying . Her wedding was just a day away; still she wanted to run away with .

That night and where staying round at . They were just sitting watching a film when got up. “I’m just going for a walk,” she told them and put on her shoes and jacket and left. “You don’t think she’s backing out do you, having second thoughts” asked . “No I think she just needs to be on her own for a few minutes” told her then turned her attention back to the screen.

walked through Sligo she wasn’t sure where she was going but she didn’t care. It wasn’t till she ended up outside ’s house she realised what was going on in her head and she had to sort it. She knocked on ’s door and waited till he answered.

opened his door and didn’t get a chance to speak as was kissing him full force. He hesitated at first then started to kiss her back. He pulled her in out of the cold and she led him up stairs to his bedroom.

was sitting in his living room he was going through photos of himself and . When he came across one with the group together.
He was pulled out his thoughts by a knock at the door.

relationally got up and answered it. was standing there.

“Hey mate what you doing back early?” asked opening the door wider so could come in.

“I thought you’d need me with the wedding only a day away now.”
smiled then tears started to fall from his eyes.

“ What’s wrong?” asked but he came to his own conclusion when he saw the picture on the side. It had been taken in LA when and had said they were getting married. knew what had upset ; was looking at she was looking at him.

“She loves him like I love her. what am I going to do I can’t make her marry me when she doesn’t really want to.”

“ She wouldn’t have said yes if she didn’t love you . You can’t let the one you love go.”

looked up at . “I can and I have to I guess. You let go and you loved her didn’t you?” just looked at him. “ She’s back with Josh and they’re having a baby.” started to say as a matter of fact.

shocked his head. “ No I left you a message ages ago. wasn’t pregnant it was a false alarm. She never got back with Josh he moved out. loves you not Josh. Don’t go through what I’m going through please.

nodded and hugged his mate he had to help him some how. picked up his Jacket and car keys and went to see . She was best friend she would be able to shed some light on the subject.

was freaking out big time hadn’t come home she had tried her mobile but still nothing. So several messages later her and had decided they would go home. They both hoped she was at ’s. was going to call him but decided against it just in case wasn’t there it would mean that was in fact with .

said bye to and continued walking home as she rounded the corner she was surprised to see the familiar Porsche outside her door and the man leaning against it. “ whispered not sure on what to she couldn’t run away it was her house. So she took a deep breath and walked up to him.

“ Hey what you doing here?” asked making jump.

“We need to talk I’ve just come from ’s his in a right state over . He thinks she doesn’t love him.”

sighed she was afraid of this. “ Come in.” opened the door she walked straight into the kitchen she made two coffees. “ Your place looks empty” stated looking around. It was much nicer without all Josh’s stuff around.

“ Well it would do. You know what Josh was like he had to have everything out I like things away.” half smiled feeling butterflies in her stomach.

“ So and well I don’t know what’s going on in her head? She’s confused. She does love and will marry him.” said looking down at her coffee.

“ Why do I sense something has gone on?” couldn’t lie to him could she? had told her the whole ’s story and now it looked like she was going to betray her trust.

made it easier for to pick. You know we I mean she was going to run away when we were in LA. wants to be with so she will.”

“ That isn’t fair on if she doesn’t really love him.”
“ She does just not like she loved . Look I don’t think its fair that were discussing something that we didn’t really know about. So if you don’t mind I rather you leave. Tell if you must loves him and she will sort it out not me and certainly not you.”

picked up her coffee putting it in the sink. She couldn’t turn around to face . When she saw him outside her door. She really thought that he had come back for her. She could have kicked herself for being so stupid. All wanted to talk about was and .

waited for the street door to close before she turned round with tears rolling down her face.

After a few moments her mobile rang. She looked at it. name was flashing on the screen.

“Hello” said down the phone. “ hi, you phoned” she heard say down the phone. “Yeah where the hell are you, you’ve been gone for so long and I have gone home” said to down the phone. “I’m just out a walk that’s all I’m clearing my head and then I’m going to see lied. “What you can’t it’s the night before the wedding you can’t go and see , it’s bad luck, it’s your night before the wedding”, “Look just go home and I’ll be round with in the morning, I’ll let us in with my key” she said and hung up.

looked at the phone then turned round and looked at . “Well” he said. “She didn’t suspect a thing so I’m yours for the night” said and walked over to the cd player. She hit the play button and then walked over to stand in front of , she slowly started to strip for him watching his eyes as he watched her and grew harder.

let in after he had came back from ’s. “Look mate everything is fine loves you and she wouldn’t have agreed to marry you if she didn’t” told him and sat down. handed him a beer and sat down next to him. “Go on tell me what happen between you two” he said and looked at .

“She didn’t talk about us just you and told him. “What if I can get you two together at the wedding” said knowing one of his best mates was at a real low. “How” asked getting a little more cherrful at the thought. “Just wait and see” said and smiled.

Part 12


woke up and looked at the clock she had 5 hours to get up get ready go round to and get her ready and at the church. She got up and jumped into the shower. She came out and phoned to see if she was up and to inform her she was picking her up in 25 minutes.

was up and ready as was he was just leaving to go and see when phoned. “Good I can tell is bride is in safe hands” joked and kissed and left.

woke up to the smell of baking. He got up and stumbled a long to the kitchen to find making breakfast, he was already dressed. “Morning mate after I’ve made his I’m going to go round and get the bride, I can’t believe she asked me to give her away” he said and he smiled at . “You sure this is what she wants” asked him. “Positive mate now get that down you”, “That will be and your brothers so I’m off and I’ll see you at the church.

picked up and they got to apartment. let them in and shouted to let know they where there but there was no answer. checked the bedroom while checked the bathroom but was nowhere to be seen. “She not in here” said. “Her bed doesn’t looked slept in,” said. “Where is she?” and turned round to find standing behind them. “She’s umm she’s umm” said. “ where is she” asked knowing she would tell him the truth. “If she’s not at ’s then she must be at ’s” said. “Right” said and left the apartment.

made his way round to ’s, he was going to put a stop to this and make sure stayed true to .

As he got to the door walked out crashing into him. “Damn” She said

“ What the hell is going on ? Your meant to be marrying in a few hours and you’re here with .” shouted at .

had heard him and came running out. “Don’t you dare shout at her, what gives you the right.

didn’t answer she just let and shout at each other. She started to walk away not noticing the car that was coming towards her. “ move” she heard shout then the next thing she knew she was laying on the ground. She looked over and saw a lifeless lying on the ground. She moved over to him and started shaking him crying out his name. came over to her and pulled her away from the body. She was shaking with sobs. He pulled her into his arms and let her cry. He held her with one hand and took out his phone with the other. He had to phone everyone else and an ambulance.

He took into ’s and managed to calm her down enough to go over a story with her. He didn’t want to know she had spent the night there. He told her the story was they were driving past ’s and popped in to say hi, came out to see how was but didn’t see the car.

came running down the hospital hallway. had phoned him and explained about . All he could think about was what must be going through.
As he rounded the corner he saw everyone sitting outside in the hallway. He ran right up to and pulled her into his arms. Hoping she would feel safe.

didn’t even notice pull her into his arms she was in a state of Shock, had saved her life. It should have been her laying in the theatre not him. She felt awful.

Everyone had been sitting in silence for the past few hours a nurse had moved them into the family room. None had said a thing.

“ Why was you at ’s?” asked it hadn’t crossed his mind until now. looked to and then down at . She wasn’t saying a thing.

“ Well you see I wanted to drop in on as I got him this DVD set he wanted from LA I was just dropping it off before I forgot.” lied.

gave him a puzzled look. had a feeling was lying but he couldn’t be sure.

“I’m getting a drink does anyone want one?” asked. Everyone said no so he headed out to find a drink machine. He was just putting the money in when he heard a voice from behind him.

“ Why did you lie to , why didn’t you just tell him. What happened?” demanded

sighed and turned to look at her. “ What was I going to say oh yeah by the way the real reason I was there was because I was getting . As her and spent the night together. I could see that going down so well.”

went to say something then changed her mind this wasn’t the time or place to pick a fight with him. One of her best friends was in theatre.

started to walk back when she heard a scream then a few seconds later running out the room she tried to stop her but pushed her away. She was just about to fall backwards when two strong arms caught her. It was .

“ Umm thanks” blushed she ran outside to see If she could find when she got outside she was standing in ’s arms crying.

“What’s wrong” said looking at . “ ’s dead, the nurse just told us” he told them. gasped and then she felt pull her in to him. The area was silence until spoke up. “It’s my fault I killed him, I should be the dead one not ” she said. “ don’t be silly” said looking at her. “I’M NOT BEING I KILLED HIM I WAS THE ONE THE CAR WAS GOING TO HIT, HE PUSHED ME OUT THE WAY”, “and this wouldn’t have happen if I didn’t spend the night with him” she said tears streaming down her eyes. She was in shock and didn’t know what to do or say.

“I know” looked up at if she was confused before she was now.

“ I know you were at ’s I went to your house last night, I saw you leave, so I followed you to ’s.”

“Oh god Shane I’m sorry. I” started to say before placed a finger over her lips.

look I’m going to be honest with you. I’ve always known I won’t ever get close to your heart the way did. Just know that I love you and if you can find it in your heart to love me back. I would love nothing more for you to marry me.” stated he had tears in his eyes one for his best friend and possiabley the fact that he may lose .

looked at they both nodded to each other. Code for we better leave them to it.

“ DO you want a lift home ?” said from behind her. drew her attention away from the sky. “ No I’m ok I want to walk clear my head. do you think will end up with ?”

“ I think if their meant to be then Yes. Sometimes you have to lose each other to find each other.” smiled before walking back to her love .

No one had seen or since the day at the hospital. It was the day of ’s funeral and everyone hoped to see them their together or apart. had betted they would be together while everyone else said they wouldn’t.

was picking up for the funeral. He beeped the horn and waited on her coming out. He was planning on asking her to be his girl again, since had died they had been spending a lot of time together just as friends, he hoped she would change that.

put the finishing touches to her outfit then went out to the car. She got in and sat down. “You look nice” said. “Thanks, you look good too” she said.

“Look before we go any through I want to ask you something and please be honest with me” said looking straight at her. “Ok I’ll be honest with you” said. “I love you and I want us to be together as a couple” said. stayed quiet for a minute then she spoke relaxing . “ I love you to and I’ve been waiting on you to ask me to be your girl, truth is I never stopped loving you. was so happy he leaned over and kissed her hard a passionately. “Wow , we have a funeral to go to” she said laughing.

and arrived and got out the car hand in hand. They walked over to where and where standing. or aren’t here yet told them. They went in side and sat down. Unknown to them and were sitting down the front with ’s family.

After the chapel the funeral party went to the gravesite where the body was getting buried. Everyone stood in silence as they watched the body getting buried. After words the whole graveside emptied leaving standing.

Hey , I’m sooo sorry this has happened to you, I owe you so much.” “I love you always will always have. I wanted you to know your wish came true am now ’s wife, but that’s doesn’t mean ill stop loving you cos I wont. Bye .” And with that kissed her fingers then pressed them on the gravestone.

then turned and walked away into her future with and leaving her past behind her.