Follow Your Dreams

‘Never give up on the people who mean the most to you, always give second chances and never forget what you had! Do what your heart tells you and follow your dreams.. don’t let anything get in your way.’

studied every word on ’s facebook status. She replaced her headphone with her mobile after finally plucking up the courage to tell him how she felt about him.

“Hey !” Her voice was muffled as she tried to withdraw her own hand.
“Hey.. everything okay?”
“Er, yeah i think so, you?”
“I’m good thanks,” he replied softly.
They’d had a whole lot of history. She grinned at his simple reply. “ .. i have to go to practice, can we talk later?”
“Er.. okay,” she responded slightly disheartened.
“Come..” he said quickly hinting the reluctance to leave the conversation till later. “I’m only going to the field to shoot some balls,” he explained.
“Okay, i’ll see you there.” He ginned as a sparkle had appeared in her voice. put on something more appropriate, with Christmas just round the corner it was nice to see the thin layer of snow on the tree branches. She made her way out and drove to the field in excitement. This was what her heart was telling her to do, if she left it for longer had thought that she could do more damage by not speaking the unspoken words. didn’t want to do the wrong thing.

She pulled up beside ’s car and sighed frosting up the window. pulled her scarf tighter around her neck making her way through the snow which had got considerably deeper and onto the field.

caught ’s figure in the corner of his eye as he shot another penalty straight into the net. He watched her walk towards him lit up with the floodlights alone. “hey!” He went to greet her, she came towards him.

“Hey, how’s practise?” she asked casually.
“It’s getting there,” he replied smiling.
“What’s that song...?” She whispered hearing the lullaby in the background.
“It’s just a song on my phone,” he showed her. “Dance with me...?” offered Rose his hand. She looked around assessing the situation, the stars in the sky provided them a perfect stare. She took her hand and came closer to his embrace. laughed her way through his waltz as he watched her smile reach her eyes.
Snow fell onto their shoulders. “what did you want to tell me earlier..?” he asked her quietly as to not disrupt the silence.

Lights. Camera. Action. The spotlight was on . “Oh er .. i can’t remember.” She told him softly.
“Yes you can,” he told her coming closer. She smiled gently.
“I was just going to tell you that i think i like you... but if you don’t feel the same way then...” she was cut off. He pressed his lips lightly against hers waiting for her response. She returned the gesture.

They had been dancing in the moonlight. He pulled away seeing the glisten in her eye. “Does that answer your question?” He whispered.
“Hmm,” she responded grinning knowing this was the best night of her life so far. “Guess I know what to get you for Christmas then,” he joked watching another big smile reach her eyes.

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