First Kiss

turned round when she heard her named called as she looked round she spotted standing at the gate way being held by two security men. was just about to get on the plane back to London. Now she was unsure. All she could see was but yet she couldn’t forget what had happened a few nights ago, She decided to forget that. She looked at the planes door opening and looked back at who was screaming that he loved her and it wasn’t what she thought. As she turned round to go back to she knocked into a man reading a paper as she bent down to pick it up she saw the headline admits he loves Stacy Summers.

watched from the gate He saw turn round to come towards him but she bumped into some guy. She wrote something down and gave it to the airhostess who was now walking towards him. All he saw was get on the plane. didn’t understand what just happened. He tried again to get away from the security men but they were too much for him. So all he could do was watch the plane fly off with .

The airhostess who name badge said Lisa handed the front page of the newspaper had written over it. “I hope you will be very happy together. You never loved me and I never loved you.”
just sat in the seat and cried. The airhostess sat down beside him and put her arm around him.
“I remember how it all began. It was about a year ago I met .


“I’ve never kissed a guy before. I’ve kissed a guy in a peck on the check but never a full-blown snog. I’ve never done that before.” was confessing her most trusted secret to her two best friends and .

It was the first time in ages that they had all got together was always with her boyfriend well now ex boyfriend. So it was just normally and or and .
All three girls were a little drunk and were now onto the confession game. had just told the girls she had broken up with Gary because he was crap in bed and was too heavy in their relationship. confessed that she once had sex in Max house changing room.

“What do you mean you’ve never kissed a boy? How is that possible? I’m 21 your 18 when I was your age I’d kissed about 100 of them. Mind you I did start when I was 4.But why haven’t you kissed a guy?”
was looking at blankly she wasn’t a slag didn’t sleep round but when it came to kissing her view was it was only a kiss especially when your out at a club people tend to kiss a lot.

“Ok I could never imagine being a kissing virgin. Mind you I’m not even a virgin so I can’t talk. This is too much.” said leaning over to get another bottle of Sex on the beach that she brought from the local super market.

was not impressed she had told them something huge. And they weren’t even supportive mind you they were a bit drunk but it didn’t matter. knew that she would get her first kiss and it would be with someone special that meant something more than just a snog.

Across town there were five Irish guys sitting in yet another hotel drinking in the bar. They were all down in the mouth as their love life sucked well all apart from , and who was both married with kids.
They had just finished a tour and were wired. looked around the bar and spotted a few girls at the other side staring at them. “Don’t look now but if we play our cards right we just may pull.” “Do you know what I’m pissed off with all that? We don’t even need to speak to a girl anymore with out her falling us up to our bedrooms for yet. Yes you guessed it another one nightstand.” said with a pout.

Since the band started he had had one nightstand after one nightstand all the lads had, but he and were the worse. Why couldn’t he find a nice girl who wasn’t like that? But there was no chance of ever meeting someone like that too the band was over. And all the Westlife hype died down and people were like Westlife who.

“Well I’m up for it” said walking over to the girls picking his favourite and heading upstairs. got up and did the same thing with the last girl there.

“Great. I’m off to bed see you in the morning. Or afternoon. Whatever.” said getting up and saying his good bye to and .

As got the lift to his room he made a decision to find the girl of his dreams wherever she was he would find her.

“Guys wake up. Let’s go shopping. I’m bored,” said trying to wake and up. She had been trying for over an hour and wasn’t getting anywhere had moved a bit she had gone from lying on the bed to lying on her desk. well you could never wake up.
So went downstairs grabbed a bucket and filled it with water and made her way back up stairs where she poured the water over and . fell of the desk with a thud where jumped out of her skin and made a run for . Who almost got a black eye.

“Why did you do that? Are you crazy? You bitch” said glaring at debating what to do to her she was having a nice dream of Robbie Williams which was no change there she always dreamt of him.

was doing her best not to laugh. “I thought we could go shopping up London for a change Bromley is so boring.” said playing innocent as much she could.

“Ok” Both and said together.

woke up and saw that the girl he brought up the night before was still there. He looked at her and almost threw up. She was drooling all over the pillow her make up was everywhere? laughed to himself she looked worse than Jodie M. and Jordan. “Now Kian don’t be mean.
At least you had shag. Ok worse one of you life but still. Sex is better than no sex.” He said to himself as he went to have a shower. When he came out there was a note saying thanks for the great night won’t sell story to papers. It didn’t shack my world. Mind you that would make great story. Bye from Westlife.

Bitch thought but he knew it was his own fault he never learned.

As he put on his shirt John the new tour manger knocked on the door. ? Are you up? Downstairs now. Meeting in a few minutes.

opened the door and followed him downstairs. To his surprise the rest of the lads were there even who slept more than the dead.

“Great news lads. You have the day off. And tomorrow afternoon you have photo shoot in morning for your new single so the day is yours.”

The guys jumped up it wasn’t often they had a day off so they would spend it wisely.

would spend the day with ; would spend the day with . Where as the other three lads would go shopping.
As , and left the hotel they discussed their one-night stands well and did, just kept quiet.

The girls had been walking up and down all different parts of London. They were now walking down Bond Street. They were carrying loads of bags from every single store almost.
“We have to go in here. I saw Victoria Beckham with the most amazing shoes.” said looking up at the Gucci sign she had never been in here. But since she lost all her weight she was doing her best to make up for lost time.

As she entered the store she bumped in to a cute haired guy who smelled lovely. Had lovely eyes.” Sorry. My bad. I tend to be a blonde.” said laughing. The guy just looked at her as if to say huh but you’re not blonde. All three girls got that a lot it was there code word. None of them were blonde Nads had long brown hair, had hair and had long brown hair with blonde natural high lights. So she was kind of blonde. She used to be honey blonde before her hair turned on her and made her brunette she would never forgive it for that.

“That’s ok.” And he left without saying another word. As carried on she noticed the guy had dropped his wallet. She thought about handing it in but the guy was cute maybe she could give it back to him if he had a number inside. As looked inside her heart went into her mouth the guy did have his number in there and also his name .

and were sitting down the street in the star bucks they had left in Gucci.
“I don’t know why I drink this stuff. It does nothing for me” said with a sigh. looked up from her coffee cup “It’s ok. Do you want another one? “No I’m ok. I’ll wait for .” said. As she looked up she saw three guys walk in. As she stared at them she caught the ones eye and he winked at her. didn’t know what to do so she turned round in her seat and just looked at .

“What’s up with her?” asked as she sat down in the chair with a sigh. She looked at the stuff she just brought and winced. She didn’t expect to spend so much money. “Oops.” “That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out but she won’t speak.” said still trying to get out of the daze she was in.

“What are you staring at you’ve been like that for ages.” asked. Looking round trying to see what he was looking at then he saw her the girl of his dreams. She was with two other girls. looked back at then followed his view yep they were both looking at the three girls at the other end of Starbucks.

“I take it you’ve seen the three hotties over there. Do you want to walk over and give it our best shot?” asked the other two lads.
They all looked at each other and walked over.

As walked over to the table he was trying to think of stuff to say. He knew and would work their charm, but he wasn’t very good at it especially in a group. He just hoped that neither of the lads went for the girl he liked.

“Hi ladies we couldn’t help notice that you were all alone.“ said but for some reason he was speechless for the first time in history. So he looked down and noticed that , and ’s cups were empty. “That you don’t have any coffee. Can I get you one? gave his best smile. “Yeah you can if you’re asking. Just as long as I can get you one.” said. Finally coming out of her daze she was gutted she didn’t have a chance to tell the girls that they were there.

“Let us introduce ourselves. I’m , this is and that is . He doesn’t say much but his cool.”

“Hi guys. I’m , this is and that’s .” “I’ll go and get the coffees.” said he put his hand in his pocket he couldn’t find his wallet. “Shit I’ve lost my wallet. Damn. That’s got everything in it.” was not happy he had over £300 quid in there his cards numbers.

“Oh god. Sorry I was miles away. I found your wallet right. Here you go. I was going to hand it in back at Gucci. But I saw your number and thought I’d call you as you just left.” said not even taking a breath; She couldn’t believe she had forgot. handed his wallet back he gave her the best smile he had in him.

“So what are you guys doing in a place like this? asked, “Well we thought we’d have some coffee as we were lucky to get a day off work.” said, “Oh” replied going a bit red.

They spent about an hour chatting before said come on girls we need to finish our shopping trip we only have 3 hours left, It was nice meeting you guys,” said shaking their hands.

and looked at each other with a knowing look of yes miss bossy. “Yeah your right god only 3 hours left what will the world come too if we don’t do every store in London.” said laughing and taking ’s arm.

“Bye” All three girls said. “Wait you can’t go” said jumping out his seat. “Well not until we have asked you to come out with us tonight. Were going click with the and and their girls. We would love it if you came as well.

“Tell you what give us the place and time. If were there were there if not. Maybe some other time”, said, flirting with .

wrote down the details and gave it to “I hope you come.” He said with a half shy smile.

When the girls were down the high street they burst out laughing, “Oh my god you whore he was so hitting on you.” said.
“Yeah he didn’t even pay attention to me like how rude.”
would never live that down but she didn’t care was cute and nothing like and he was nicer.

Part 2

“Do you think they will come I mean like they have to it’s a girl thing to do that. Right?“ was asking he was in such a flap that the girls may not come. anyway.

“Don’t worry it’s a girl thing.” said laughing. She hadn’t seen this worked up over a girl since he worked with Mariah Carey. “I’m sure she will come don’t worry.” said putting her hand on ’s shoulder. sighed with relief.

“Oh my god what am I going to wear?” screamed at and .“Why don’t you wear a skirt?” glared at “Ok don’t wear a skirt. “ I’m going to wear my tight trousers and red blouse.” said putting her hair up. “Ok, what is wearing?” asked.
“I’m wearing a black skirt and pink top.” said from the other room. “ and looked at each other and went into ’s room. “Wow you sixties girl.” said. “I know but it’s all the go and it’s cute. “ said back.Outside Click was walking up and down. “She’s not coming is she?” He said to himself. He had been outside for the past 45 minutes. He was just about to give in when he saw she was the tallest so he spotted her more than and .
walked over. “Good evening ladies.” He said taking ’s hand and kissed it. saw blush and tried not to laugh. Well not too much.

As they went through to the V.I.P bit saw an old school friend and walked over. “I’ll see you guys in a sec.” She walked off.

introduced and to , , and . “Where is said. “She is just talking to someone in the other room. “ Wow a girl that don’t do VIP.” said. “ mate can I have a word. “ said. He and walked off.

“Would you like to dance ?” said already taking ’s hand and leading her to the dance floor.

’s heart was beating faster. She was in shock a guy was taking notice of her. Normally guys were scared off her, but it seemed that she was more scared than .
was freaking out inside he had never had such strong feelings for a girl before. He took in his arms and they danced.

“No way really. That’s great Stacy.” was saying. Stacy was an old school friend of . They used to be before Stacy thought she was the bee’s knee. wanted to say hi as she had been through hell and back through school. She wanted to show off the new her.
saw Stacy’s eyes widen. “Oh my god Westlife is walking towards us. Sorry but I have a mission.” turned round it was true was walking towards them.

“Hi , how are you, do you want to dance?” Stacy said putting her hand on ’s arm trying to lead him off. “Excuse me do I know you? No I don’t think I do.” He pushed pass Stacy to where was watching. She could see Stacy’s face fall. “Hi babe I was wondering if you were coming back to the VIP bit as I’ve missed you.” said winking at . just nodded. spun her round and kissed her.

When the kiss had finished he had to focus that kiss was amazing. He could feel the elctric running through his body.
He took ’s hand and led her off. could see and sense all her old school friends looking at her.
When they were out of sight pulled her hand away from .“Don’t you dare do that again? I’m not easy thank you very much.” and she walked off and sat down next to who was chatting to .
“Ok” thought.

I was wondering if you wanted to go some place quite where we can talk.” asked. “Yeah sure this place is boring,” said back.She said goodbye to everyone and left with .

I was wondering if you wanted to get together again tomorrow maybe spends the day together to get to know each other more.”
smiled. “I would like that very much .” They carried on dancing.

“What has done?” asked she explained. “Oh, sounds like likes you, but he does seem to do that a lot, think he can have his way, normally he does but I don’t get that from you.”
saw walk over he took ’s arm. sat there alone she saw at the bar. She got up from the chair and walked over to him.

“You know a guy just saved my life a few minutes ago, I was going to thank him and buy him a drink but I did this thing were I bit his head off, so he left. Can I get you one instead?” asked. smiled she knew she hadn’t blown it.

sat and chatted to telling him all about her life and child hood. listened to her with interest and told her all about his life. They were having so much fun chatting they didn’t realise the time until and came up to them.

hun am going to go, I’ll phone you tomorrow” said hugging . “Ok babe talk to you tomorrow” giggled as she saw take ’s hand.

“Why don’t I take you home” said nudging her back to reality. “Sure I would love that” said and they got up and left.

and walked home in silence. “This is me,” said as they turned to the front of her flat. “I had a great time to night, would you like to meet up tomorrow and go shopping or something” asked her. “Sure I would love to” she said to him. “I’ll pick you up at 1 said and leaned in and kissed ’s cheek. He then turned and walked away. stood and watched till he was out of sight and then went into her flat where she went for a shower and couldn’t stop thinking of .

have you heard from yet?” asked over the phone. “No I’m dying to know what’s gone on with them two. I wonder if they kissed or anything.” “ said that is really shy but is a true gentlemen so add that to ’s character and you have the answer.” “Yes a big fat No.” “Anyway how did you get on with ? “He was lovely he took me home were seeing each other tonight. I know this is crazy but I really like him. I could easily let myself fall in love with him his so amazing. Words can not describe the lushness that is I can tell you.” said smiling from ear to ear.

“What are you like, I thought you didn’t believe in love?” “I don’t or I didn’t and I didn’t say I was in love with him hello don’t know him I’m just saying its weird I just feel that his the one I’ve been waiting for my whole life. It’s hard to explain.” “No its not I get ya, I kind off had fluffy bunny feelings for as well his a hottie even hotter in bed.” laughed. “You what” “Yes I know we only met but it felt right. He stayed over the night what can I say.” “You could have told me this before talk about saving the best to last.”

was looking in the mirror trying to think of something to wear. She went for a black and pink corset top that she had just brought with ’s approval. Since pink was ’s tag. She wore it with black pair or trousers and new pointy boots. She was so nervures about her date with she couldn’t think straight she looked at her clock 7pm wasn’t picking her up too about 8. She didn’t know what to do in the meantime.
So she put on some music and read a magazine.

knocked on ’s door at 7.55pm he was a bit early but hoped she wouldn’t mind. heard the knock on the door and lifted her bag and went and answered it. “Hi” she said. “Hi, you look amazing” he told her. just blushed. “Let’s go have a nice evening,” she said to him.
The girls had been seen the guys for 3 months now and then were all sitting in Starbucks café having some lunch as they were out shopping.

“So how far have you and gone, I mean have you kissed yet?” asked as she took a sip from her coffee. “If you mean kiss as in you and type of kiss then no, we haven’t, but kiss as in my type of kiss then yes we have,” told her. “I can’t believe you have been going out with him for 3 months and you guys still haven’t kissed” said a little shocked. ”I want it to be special something I’ll never forget” said. “Wow I couldn’t wait that long, I mean go out with a guy and not kiss him that’s impossible, well for me any way” said. “Hun going out with a guy and not sleeping with him is impossible for you” said and all the girls laughed. “You trying to say you and haven’t done it yet?” asked . “Nope, not yet, we are waiting till we both feel its right” said. and looked at each other and then at . “You must really like him” said. “I do and I don’t want to spoil what we have by going to fast with him,” said. “Any way that’s enough talk about the guy’s let’s talk about something else” said.

The girl’s had been sitting for an hour when phone went off. She took it out looked at the screen. “ ” it read, so she quickly hit the cancel button and turned her phone off. “Who was that?” asked. “Just me boss, but hey it’s the weekend I don’t need to answer the call” lied. “Hey it’s about time we left,” told them. The girl’s paid their bill and then left each going there separate ways.

walked in her apartment. She couldn’t shake off the feeling had lie about who was phoning her. And the fact that she hadn’t talked about all day, when her and couldn’t stop talking about and . The feeling quickly disappeared when she heard the phone ringing.

“Hello” said down the phone after she had picked it up. “Hey honey, how are you” ’s charming voice said. “I’m good sweetie, how are you” asked him. “I’m great babe, listen there is something I want to ask you and seen as I won’t be alone with you tonight I though I would phone and ask you” he said to her. “Go ahead, ask me,” she said. “Hun how would you like to go to Ireland with me and meet my parents?” he asked. “ ’s asked and ’s going to ask ” he quickly added. “I’d love to go” almost sang down the phone, as she was so happy, she couldn’t believe he had asked her. “I’m so glad you said yes, you have made me so happy” said while letting out a sigh of relief as she had said yes.

The couple sat and talked on the phone for the next hour and a half when realised she had to go and get ready for the night. She said goodbye and hung up the phone.

Part 3

walked into the hotel bar to find the guys missing and . “Hi guys. Where’s and ” she asked as she sat down next to who kissed her cheek. “ ’s outside trying to phone , and , well we don’t know where she is” told her. “Apparently hasn’t been returning ’s phone calls, in fact she’s not been answering her phone to him” stated in a matter of fact tone. “The last time he heard from her was last week when he asked her to go to Ireland with him and apparently she said she would think about as she didn’t know if she could get time off” told . and looked at each other. noticed had a look that said I’m going to kill her. “I’ll go” said to and got up and walked out leaving to explain where was going.

As walked the short walk to apartment, she though about what she was going to say to . She and both know had a thing about commitment and now had asked her to go to Ireland, would see the relationship as getting to heavy.

Before realised it she was out side apartment. After a few seconds opened the door.
“And what do you think you’re doing missy?” asked before could say anything.
“I don’t know what you mean” “ ” “Oh you know then?”
just gave a hard look.
“I’m scared. What if he wants more than I can give him.” “ honey it’s a trip to Ireland not your wedding.” “I know but still big with the commitment he must want something from it.” “Yes he does want something from it you. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Anyway me and are going to be there so if you feel freaked one of us can come home with you or something.”

“I guess your right. Ok I’ll come.” said half smiling jumped up and gave her a hug. “ will be so pleased so come on lets go and tell the lads.”

“Well here we are ladies Sligo. Our hometown. We’ll take you out and about tonight. First we introduce you to our folks” said winking at . “Fun” said freaking out inside knowing that would also be wishing to get back on the plane.
you’re with me, and , and . We’ll meet the rest of you later on.” said taking ’s hand and leading her to the car.

“What if your folks don’t like me ? Are you sure it’s ok for me to stay at yours.” asked nervously “ it’s fine and they love you already by just what I told them about you. I love you so they will love you.” looked at to see if she noticed that he had just told her he loved her but she didn’t say anything at all. Just nodded her head and looked out the window. smiled and looked back to the road.
“Don’t panic don’t panic.” said down the phone to .
It had been two hours since she had got to place and met his family. They were lovely. just wanted to call and to tell them what had just said. She couldn’t get but was so happy to get through to .
“I can’t believe us two your freaked by commitment, I’m scared of the words love marriage and kids. We have two great guys and were freaked by them. I think is the only sane one out of us.” said whispering down the phone.
“How do you feel about him?” “I know how I feel please don’t make me say it. Once I’ve said it a thousand things can go wrong.” “As would say talk to him about it.” said smiling at as she walked into the kitchen.
“That wouldn’t involve talking about feelings so I’m just going to forget it sorry. How are things at your end? asked changing the subject.
“Great is taking me to the stables soon. Maybe you and can come I’ll ask and text you.“ and said their goodbyes.

“Hey” said leaning his head on the door to ’s room. looked up from her suitcase and smiled. It was amazing how made her feel. “Hey yourself. Your mum is great. She’s made me feel right at home. She wants to take me shopping later.” said laughing.

“She likes you. You’re lucky she normally doesn’t like any of my girlfriends.” said closing the door behind him and walking over to . “This is good.” thought for a second “So you’ve had lots of girlfriends back here then.” laughed. “No you’re the first can I kiss you.” blurted out to surprise. “Yes you may.

This was it the moment had been waiting for forever her first Kiss and it was with . She was so nervous about it but she felt great as well. lent forward and kissed . After a second they pulled a part. smiled and pulled closer to her and kissed him again.
It was the most softest, passionate kiss ever and for a first kiss.
In that kiss said something she thought she’d never say.
I want you. I want us to you know.” pulled away from and looked hard at her. “ that kiss was amazing I never ever felt anything like that before from a kiss. Believe me when I say I want you too. But are you ready ready. I don’t want to put any pressure on you or anything.” said softly. looked into his eyes and knew she loved him and wanted to do this.

I wouldn’t say anything if I wasn’t. I want to do this I am more than ready.” said smiling. “Ok if you’re sure” “ is there usually this much talking.” laughed and kissed .

“I’ll get the horse set up and you can ride him if you like” said to who looked like she was going to pass out at the chance to ride ’s best horse. “You can take that for a yes mate” said walking off to help .

“Shall we leave you two alone or something?” said walking over to “What?” said “Your drooling over the Horses as much as . Maybe we’re with the wrong people.” “Excuse me. I love horses. You know that. God this is so typical of you . Hit on everyone’s boyfriend” snapped back. “What is that meant to mean?” shouted back “It sounds like me you want my boyfriend. And you want to make something over me and when there is nothing to make.”
I was joking about the horses you know.” “Whatever” said folding her arms. “ said. “What” “What is up with you? I don’t even fancy and I wouldn’t do that.” look softened. “I know I didn’t mean it just I heard and his mum talking. “And?” “ told his mum he could see us getting married and having kids.”
“That’s huge” said smiling.
“Are you going to ride this horse or what?” shouted over.
turned around and smiled. “Try and stop me.” said and ran over to get on Carlton Flight.

and where lying in bed. “Thank you” said and kissed him. “What’s that for” he asked. “For everything, making my first kiss magical, making my first time a remediable experience” she said to him. “I’m glad you feel that way cos even through it wasn’t my first time it was still special to me” he said to her. “I love you” said to him meaning it with all her heart. “I love you too” said and kissed her passionately.

That night the boys had agreed to meet up and take the girls dancing. and where standing outside the club when and came along. “Hey guys” said. She looked at and saw a big grin across her face. She was just about to say something when and appeared. They went into the club. They found a table and sat down. “We’re just going to freshen up” said and gave and a look that said we need to talk.

The girl’s walked into the toilets and shut the door; luckily they were the only ones in the toilet. “Ok spill” said looking at . “There’s nothing to spill” said. “Yeah right you can’t take that grin off your face” said to her. “Ok I’ll tell just stop hassling me” said to them. and leaded into so they could here what she had to say. “Me and , well you guys know” said blushing. “OMG you’re kidding right” said. “No we did” reassured her. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH the girls screamed and started to hug . “Did you like it” asked. “It was special” said. “This is great, now we can talk about different sexual positions and you’ll know what we are talking about” said to her. “Is he quite big” asked, she couldn’t help it she was curious. “He’s not bad” said. ”Let’s go the boys will be wondering what’s kept us” added and walked out the door. “We’ll be in a sec,” shouted as the door shut behind . “You ok” asked . “Yeah I’m great, its you I’m worrying about” said to her. “Me, why me” asked. “Well was talking about asking you to move over here and it’s a big thing,” said to her. went really pale “I can’t move over here it’s too soon” told her. “By the way ’s gonna talk to you about marriage and kids” told . “Shit what am I going to do” asked . “I don’t know babe I don’t know” said. “Lets get back or they will be thinking we got lost,” said and the two girls left the toilets.

As and walked out the doors they walked right into who was just looking at the bar. “ what are you doing?” asked. elbowed in the side and nodded her head to the place was looking at.

was talking to a girl but not any girl Stacy. She had a reputation as a right slag that tried it on with every celebrity then sold the story to the paper. She claimed she had changed as was looking for Mr right but you’d have to be a fool to go with that.

Somehow seemed to be he was laughing and joking and whispering in her ear. couldn’t take it anymore after what they had just been through together she thought it meant something but she was wrong.
She ran out the club then home and cried into her pillow.
She had heard and calling her but she wanted to be alone.

“Where is ?” asked an angry looking and . “She’s gone home no thanks to you.” snapped putting her coat on.
“What do you mean?” was confused they were both happy what had gone on. “Here we go Mr I didn’t do anything wrong. We all saw you and the slapper of the year. What wasn’t low enough for you so you went with scum? I thought you were a nice guy guess I was wrong.” said standing right in front of s face. pulled on her coat they left the club.

Well that was a week ago. had explained the whole thing, that it was innocent. was ok with that but and especially were on the look out.

It was almost time for the girls to go home but the guys had a few ideas to make them stay.

had just come back from shopping with his Mum but she had seen ’s mum so decided to for a cup of tea at the café.
As walked in she heard shout at her to wait there.
“What are you doing?” called. Then all off a sudden popped his head around the side. “Come in close your eyes”.
did as she was told. “You can open them now” When she did was kneeling in front of her. “ . Will you marry me?”
could feel the tears in her eyes it was perfect. The room was alight with candles. There was a lovely meal all set up had a white rose in his hand. “Yes” was all she could say before had the ring on her finger and then was kissing her.
couldn’t wait to tell the others but it would have to wait right now she needed to be apart of .

was sitting on the sofa reading a book when walked in. wanted to jump up and run but she couldn’t not for a few more days anyway. Ever since had told her that he wanted her to stay she couldn’t stand to be alone with him. She had to tell him but she was so afraid.

“ Hey Hun” said forcing a smile. “Hey yourself” bent down and kissed her. “We need to talk?” said sitting across from .
was worried now seemed a bit weird.
“You’re leaving in a few days right?” nodded “Well I don’t want you to. I want us to move in together. I love you and the thought of you in London makes me sick.” mouth dropped open she knew it was going to come but still she was shocked by it.
“I can’t I can’t” stumbled out.
“Can I ask why or aren’t you going to tell me again,” asked if he was honest he was getting fed up with being there but never really being there.

was silent for a little while. had told her to tell him how she felt maybe she should it could only get better she hoped.
“I’m scared of you looked down to the floor. She felt sit beside her. “What do you mean?”

“I’m scared of commitment. I know that it will go wrong and I’ll get hurt. To be that close to someone is freaky. It’s hard to explain I’m just scared”, cupped face in his hands.
“I am too but I love you and I know it won’t go wrong. Even if it does I won’t let you get hurt. I’ll take all the hurt. If you don’t want to move in ok maybe we can do it in little steps that maybe you come stay here for a few weekends then months then years and before you know you won’t want to go back to London.” smiled cheekily.

had to laugh telling made her feel so much better. “Ok” lent in and kissed . “Wanna know a secret” asked after a few minutes. “Hell yes” When told he could see the fear in her face. “We need to go there now”, said jumping from the sofa.
“I don’t get it” said following her picking up the car keys on the way. “I’ll explain in the car now move”

“What are you up to ? asked. had blindfolded her and was leading her down the beach well it felt like the beach anyway.
“Wait a little bit.” could tell he was smiling. After a minute took of her blindfold.

It was beautiful she was right it was the beach. There was a blanket with food drink and a stereo. “Wow what’s this for?” asked kissing on the cheek. “You are. I’ve been thinking.” “Which is always a bad thing for you” said laughing. “Come and sit down will yeah” took ’s hand and pulled her down. “The thing is I love you and I’ve been thinking to the future and I want us to get married and have kids.” said smiling.

’s face fell she couldn’t breathe “What” She screamed “Us getting married and kids” “Now?” “We’ll get married this year and start for kids after. Why don’t you want to?” “ I’m 22. I’m not ready to get married and have kids yet. I’m too young and so are you.” “ and had kids when they were 21” “I’m not ready to marry or have kids.” “Well I am. I want you. I love you don’t that count?”

“I love you too but I’m not ready it’s ok for you to say you want kids you don’t carry it for 9 months.” “Fine we won’t then. I guess you don’t want that either?” said pointing over to the side.

turned round and saw a black horse with a white star on its face.
“Black beauty” She whispered it was her dream horse. “You brought me a horse?” said feeling a little guity but she couldn’t marry him yet let alone have kids.

“Yes well since your not gonna be my wife you don’t want to my girl so I’ll give it to .
“I didn’t say I didn’t want to be your girl.” “Yes you did, well good as. Just forget it”, said taking a mouthful of drink.
“Fine I will.” said standing up and running off. When she got to the car park had just pulled up. jumped out the car.

are you ok?” shock her head “Can you take me home please” asked begging almost. “Yeah I’ll take you back to ’s “No I mean home London home. I do need to pack first.”

was grateful that no one was home at ’s she didn't feel like explaining. She packed her stuff as quickly as possible she wrote a note for . “ can you give that to him please not yet but when the time is right.” “Yeah sure were going to miss you.” said hugging her. “ I’ll be home in a few days I’ll call you later.” said crying.
“What’s in this envelope?” asked. “Nothing much just something to let know something.” left for the airport. She was lucky to get a seat on the plane the only down side was that it was going to be 4 hours.
walked round the place got a few bits and bobs that she didn’t really need but brought them anyway. She looked at her watch thank God she didn’t have long before she had to be on the plane.
She started singing away to a song over the stereo she realised it was Westlife’s Song Obvious. She started to cry.
“Are you alright?” a guy at the side of her asked. “No I broke up with my boyfriend because he wants marriage and kids and I’m not ready.”
“That’s awful what a git” he said. ’s head shot up the guy had on sunglasses hat and if she was honest looked really scruffy. “No he’s not a git how dare you. You don’t even know him. He is wonderful man. He’s amazing. words can’t describe him.” said. “Thank God for that,” the guy said. looked at him confused. The guy took his glasses off and hat. To ’s surprise it was .

She smiled and jumped in his arms and they kissed. “I’m sorry and explained everything to me and I was a idiot.” said in between kissing his girl. “When I got your letter and ring I could have shot myself.” “Don’t worry about it you’re here now that Is all that matters.” said smiling. “You’re right about marriage and kids we are too young.” “Yeah, we will have to see where we end up.” said still in ’s arms. “Will you come back?” “Yes I will.” led back to his home.

Part 4


was now living with . and had gone to London. had moved into ’s other house, which was nice as it was just them.

woke up to find wasn’t there. She remembered he had gone out for the night with and in Dublin.

decided on a lazy day so when there was a knock at the door she pouted. She put on a dressing gown and went down stairs.

When she opened the door Stacy was standing there.
“Oh is there?” Stacy asked “No what do you want?” bit back.
“I’m sorry to have to tell you this but me and are having an affair behind your back and it’s not fair on you so I thought I’d tell you.”

“I don’t believe you” stuttered. She was in shock after what Stacy had said. “Though you might not, so how do you explain this” Stacy said while holding up a picture of her and , he had his arm around her. “I think I better come in so we can talk,” she said and barged right past to tell her the story she had made up.

After half an hour of Stacy gibbering on had heard enough, her heart was breaking inside as she loved so much and though he loved her. “L L Leave now” managed to stutter out while fighting to hold back her tears.

Once Stacy had left leaving the photo of her and together, picked up the newspaper that had been lying on the floor. She turned it over and there written in big bolded print was saying he loved Stacy and a copy of the picture Stacy had shown her. broke down into tears, she couldn’t cope anymore she decided to leave go back home to London. and would take her in till she sorted herself out. She ran up stairs and started to pack her bags when she saw the photo of her and from their one year anniversary. She picked it up and threw it against the wall till the glass had smashed. She hated him, but also loved him.

wrote a note and then left to go to the airport to go home. She checked into the airport and managed to get a seat on the first flight to London. She had 3 hours to wait till her flight was due so she went and got a coffee and something to eat even through she know she wasn’t hungry. She sat and stared at her coffee and broke down the tears that showed how hurt she was kept coming and coming and she couldn’t stop crying.

She phoned to tell her she was going back to London and was extremely happy to get the answer phone, as she didn’t want to face what had to say. She then left a voice mail on ’s phone to tell her she was on her way over and was hoping to stay with her and .

that can be an important call” said to him trying to get up from bed where he was holding her down. “It can wait its probbly just or wanting a gossip,” he said to her pulling her back underneath him. “But it might be really important it could be Louis or my boss” she said to him with puppy dog eyes. “Louis would phone my mobile and I’m your boss remember” he said looking at her as if she had flipped “Look the answering machine has got it, you can listen to it later” he said kissing her.

woke up and turned on her phone to find on voicemail. She listened to it and then walked into the kitchen to find making breakfast. “ ’s coming over for a few days” she said to him. “UUUmmm is coming with her” he asked “don’t know, she never said” said and sat down to eat the breakfast had put down in front of her. After breakfast got dressed and was making the bed in the spare room for coming. “Babe has just phoned to ask if we had heard from , he sounded distraught,” said while pulling into his arms as he sat down on the bed. “Did you tell him she was coming over” asked him. “Yeah he asked me to call him when I speak or see her and then hung up” “Maybe they have had a mismatch of communication” said to him and started to kiss and undress him.

knocked on the door and waited. She was greeted by a half dress . “Hey come in” stepped aside to let her in taking her bag. He took it upstairs.
walked out of the kitchen. As soon as saw she ran into her arms crying they clasped onto their knees on the floor.

knew for sure it was about she just didn’t know to what extent. came down the stairs. He saw crying he nodded to he took his Car keys and phone.

turned over and played the message. She looked at it with horror. She was on the phone within seconds.

“You sure you don’t want me to come over. I don’t mind.” said to . “No it’s ok, I’ll take care of her. I need you to watch and Stacey if you see her kill her for me. I better go I’ll speak to you later.” said hanging up the phone.

woke up.” cheated on with Stacey.” shook his head. “No way would do that. One he loves to much two Stacey is a fan.” “There was pictures its in the paper” “ Stacey is a fan we saw her yesterday at the signing we all had our pics with her. Although she wanted only.

“Well won’t forgive or believe to she has proof. I’m going to look for her. Maybe if I get a confession it’ll help.” said getting out of bed.

laughed. “You’ve been watching to much Charlie’s Angels.”

popped her head around the living room door. was armed with shopping bags.
He looked into living room. wasn’t there so he guessed she was upstairs.

pulled towards him and tried to kiss her but she pulled away. “What did you get?” “I got girlies goodies. Ice cream, choclate, chick flick, face packs.”
smiled. “You’re well tranined. Thank you were going to need it after what I tell you about .”
“Speaking of . I called him. He’s coming over but the plane he was getting is cancelled until tomorrow. He should be here by the afternoon.

looked at . “What, you’re looking at me as if you’re going to kill me.” nodded.
cheated on .” “No way would do that.” “He did.” shoved the paper in ’s hands. “All men cheat it’s a matter of time.” stormed upstairs.

left the airport, he didn’t feel like going home so he went to see , hoping wasn’t in so he didn’t have to deal with her shouting at him.

“Hey mate how you feeling” asked as he opened the door to . “I feel terrible, I love her so much and wish this had never happened, I never cheated” sobbed. “I know we just have to make sure knows that” said leading into the house. “ isn’t in is she, I don’t think I could deal with her shouting at me”. “No mate she’s out and she wouldn’t shout at you I have a feeling she knows you didn’t do anything”.

had made herself scarce, she had a feeling wouldn’t want to go home and though he might go round to see so she went shopping. She was walking down the high street when she decided to go into the Carlton cafe for a coffee. She went in and found the place empty apart from one person sitting behind the counter. Just the person she had been hoping to see Stacey. She smiled and hit the record button on the tape recorder she had just bought.

“One coffee” said to her. “Is Mrs in”. “No I’m the only one here, that’s £1.50 please”. Good though. “When did you start working in here”. “Two weeks ago”. “Do you like your job”. “Yeah I do why”. “Well my boyfriend’s parents own this place and I could get you fired”. It was then Stacey realised who was. “You’re ’s girlfriend”. “Yep correct, we have a little business to discuss so shut the café up”. I can’t”. “Well you can kiss you job good bye”. “Fine” Stacey said and went a locked the door. She needed this job as she was still in debt the pay off she got from the papers wasn’t enough to pay off all her debts only half.

“Sit” nodded to a table. “Why you do it Stacey, why did you say had an affair with you” asked once they were sitting. knew she could get the truth out of her as all she had to do was threat to fire her and she would talk. “I needed the money”. “You did it for money, you broke up a couple cos you needed the money” said shocked. “Yeah and the fact that I liked , ok I wanted to marry him and couldn’t stand seen him happy with her”, ”She’s a slut and I hate her, wish she was dead” Stacey spat out the words. “Yeah well you know what, you’re a sad pathtic fan, and If you truly loved you would want him to be happy, but instead you just a money grabbing freak, who likes to break up happy couples”. “You know what you’re right maybe I do like to break up happy couples, you girl’s don’t deserve the boys any way, and guess what sweetheart you and are next” Stacey laughed evilly. “Now would you please leave I have a café to run” she said to as sweet as an angel. “Guess what, you fired, get your stuff and get out and if you step in here again you’ll regret it” ads told her and walked behind the counter.

After Stacey had left phoned she had to tell her what had happened and see what she had to say. Once she had phoned she would then phone , she had to explain to him about what she had done.

rolled over in bed and looked at the clock it was 5am in she tried to get back to sleep but she just couldn’t.
So she decided she would get a drink knowing it would be alright with and they always said their home was hers and to help herself.

As she crept downstairs she was surprised to see sitting in the kitchen.“Hey” she said looking up from her coffee. “How come your up so early?” asked grabbing a cup from the side and poured herself a cup.
“Couldn’t sleep” “Ok what’s up?” asked her she always knew when something was up with .

“I don’t want to talk about it. Anyway you have enough on your plate.” took a gulp of her coffee. She went to the fridge and got some chocolate cake she had made a few hours before she put it on the table with two plates and another pot of coffee.

“We should call she loves this cake you make. So tell me?” said taking a huge mouthful of the yummy ness that was the cake.

is coming round tomorrow morning about 10 she’s got something for you.” said. “Better save her a chunk or three,” The two girls laughed.

“Well its nothing really. I was thinking about all of us. And what’s happened where was going. Do you think you made a mistake dating ?”

was taken aback from the question had just asked her but she had a simple answer. “No I don’t. I hate the fact his cheated on me and I won’t forget or forgive that. I loved him. I’m glad I’ve learnt a lesson be careful who you trust when it comes to men.”

“Ok why this question? Do you regret getting with ?”
“No God no, well I don’t think so. Ok I have a confession to make. Come on we better go and chat upstairs” said grabbing the coffee and cake.

looked at her confused. “ ’s asleep in the living room and I don’t want the chance he will hear this.” “Why is he in there and not upstairs?” “Cause I said all men cheat he wanted to know what that meant I said it means what it means.
He kept going on and on. So I told him to pick the bed or the couch. He said couch so I threw the pillow at him and told him to mind his own business.”

“Oh ok so I take it you have a confession to do with that.” thought for a moment. “You still came down stairs though to be close to him.” said with a half smile.

“Ok well. I used to date Joshua. As in Joshua Jackson I’m not going to tell you just yet of why how etc I’ll do that another time before you ask.” said looking at ’s shocked expression. Well he cheated on me. I fell for him big time. I completely trusted him, I mean as friend as well as a boyfriend. And he threw it back into my face. When he came over I was going to surprise him and do his hotel room up. Well I walked in on him having sex with some girl.”

“Today when you showed up and told me about the thing. It really hit home. It made me realise how much I trusted and loved him. Its way deeper than what I had with Joshua. When said wouldn’t do that I said everyman does it its just a matter of time. I don’t want to get hurt again like that. So I kind of regret getting with I never thought we’d be like this. I don’t want to lose him either.”

“I know I’m the same with . I want him back even after this. I want to give up but I’m not sure. I won’t give up if you don’t” said.

Part 5

had tears in her eyes. lent in and gave her a hug the two girls cried together. Not knowing that had heard every word of her regretting getting with him. He felt ill. What did she mean?

“What the hell” shouted from the front door. and came running from the kitchen.

When they looked over his shoulder his BMW was smashed it had white paint all over it and writing that said. You will pay I said you’ll pay.”

knew it was Stacey. She still hadn’t told yet.
“I think I know who did this and why. You better call the police they need to hear this. I’ll call and get them around here.” said starting to walk to the phone.

won’t come if she knows I’m.”

didn’t get a chance to finish what he was going to say. As jumped down his throat. “Shut up and deal. It’ll work out.”

walked into the living room. “That was something’s up. We need to go round there.

stood up and looked at who wasn’t moving an inch.
, hello” said waving her hands about. came out of her daze. “What who said who what.” laughed and shot him a look that would have killed him.

As and walked out grabbed ’s hand puller her back inside the living room.

’s going to be there should we tell ?” shock her hand out of his. “No or she won’t go. Lets just see what happens first before we say anything.” went to walk away again but wouldn’t let her.

“What is your problem? You’ve been funny with me ever since got here and told you about ?” Although he kind of had an idea he still wanted her to tell him and he didn’t hear the full story so he was out the loop a bit. If he was honest his heart was breaking.
“Nothing. We need to go.” walked off grabbing her car keys off the side.

looked out the window to see and walking up the drive and just behind. She turned around to face .

“They’re here.” ran to the door. “What the hell happened?”
and said running to to hug her.” Are you alright?”

nodded.” Yes come in and we’ll explain everything.

The two girls followed by and walked into the living room where was sitting with and and and .

Everyone was in a circle and there was a tape recorder in the middle on top of a table.

“What’s with the change around ?” asked.
“Better ask .” Everyone turned to look at her.

rolled her eyes. How was she going to bring in when she knew would freak.
“Ok well Sam don’t be mad. But there is someone here that has to hear this as well.” said looking guilty as she felt.
She could tell from ’s face she knew she meant . took a step back but stood next to her and held her hand and gave her a look. “ what did you say yesterday?” said.

“Fine whatever but don’t think I’m speaking to him” folded her arms. Just as walked in.

“You don’t have to. Just listen then talk perhaps.” He said nodding to and . Then looking back at . God how he wished he could just take her in his arms and kiss her and say he was sorry for everything.

jumped 10 feet in the air she ran to the other side of the room. As she stood there with looking at her she had to admit he looked terrible even for him.

She just wished she knew what the heck was going on. She didn’t have long.

“Well” started standing up and moving to the middle of the table.“Well as you all know is meant to be in love with Stacey and cheated on . But I have this that will prove other wise.” She said pressing play on the tape recorder.

’s eyes widen with shock.

“I fake the whole thing. loves her and I hated it. I want him she shouldn’t have him. So yes I broke them up. I sold an old photo when I met them. The paper believed everything. I got heaps of money.” Stacey was saying on the tape.
“You broke a couple up cause you wanted him,” was saying.
“Yes and she believed it. and are no more I couldn’t be happier. I’ve still got you and and and to go. But that’s going to be easy.” Stacey laughed.
“Get out you lying cow” was saying before she turned the tape off.

“She has started. It was her that smashed ’s car up and she put some Ann summers gear under the seat. She’s trying to ruin our lives and happiness. Thankfully we have this. And the police have Stacey in a cell.” stated as a matter of fact.

couldn’t believe what she was hearing. didn’t cheat. He loved her and didn’t cheat. How could she have been so foolish?

“How could someone do that? Well at least you didn't cheat so I guess that’s one good thing right?” said

“Cause she’s a sick twisted bitch witch who needs to learn some manners.” said standing up ready to hit anything that moved. She thought for a seconded then turned around to look at who was looking at the floor she could tell she was crying.

“I think we need to leave and alone don’t you guys?” said dragging off. The others all followed.

“Will you bloody well stop pulling me everywhere I’m not your God damn property you know that you can pull about?” said storming off to sit outside.

“Is it that time of the month or what?” said laughing. But shut up when shot him a look.

“For Christ sake what is it with everyone and their relationships why can’t you people just talk about it. Me and always do.” said with her head in the fridge grabbing a Mars bar and taking a bite.

“So how have you been?” asked still standing where he was.

“Ok I guess considering what’s happened. You really didn't cheat?” said looking up at him.
“No I did not. I love you I wouldn’t do that ever? I came over here to talk to you and hope we can work it out. Then got Stacey on tape. Now I’m hoping we can get back together as I’ve missed you like mad.” confessed walking over to .

“Me too. But but…I I need to think .” ran out the room and the house. She didn’t hear calling after her.

Everyone was now standing in the kitchen. Listen to explain what just happened.
“She needs to be alone to think. She’s had her heart ripped out and now she knows the truth. She’ll need to think and put things together. It’s hard when you think the love of your life has cheated on you cause he didn’t love you enough. Then to find he loved you enough not to. It’s all a bit freaky.” said looking into space. She didn’t even realised she was talking aloud to everyone was looking at her especially .

“You sound like you know?” said Before spoke up.

“Is that what you think. Is that why you regret us being together?” asked not caring that everyone was in the room.

looked at him in surprise. Oh god did he hear her talking to about Joshua. and just looked at each other.

“Ok I think we need to leave this room as well now. Does anyone else want to put dips on any of the others before we get there then have to move again?” said.

stepped in front of breaking her gaze. whispered to her.” not again. Be honest don’t make a mistake that you’ll regret. Speak from the heart trust it.” walked off.

was waiting for her. “We have to change rooms again.” He said shaking his head. “Oh no who now?” “Us” He said smiling.
“We have the bedroom.” laughed with a sigh or relief.
“I love you. You know that right?” said stopping on the steps to look at .
“Yes I do. I love you as well.” smiled and took a step to where he was standing and kissed him.

They ran the rest of the way upstairs both determined that nothing or no one would break them up.

“Do you regret us getting together?” asked as soon as he was sure everyone had gone.

He wasn’t sure if he wanted to know really but yet he had to what else could he do.

“You heard me talking to didn’t you?” said sharply.
“To be honest no. Well not all of it. Just the regret bit with me and how you loved Joshua. So I’m kind of lost as what to do or say. Or even feel.”

“Well that will teach you to listen to someone’s else’s conversation.”

can you stop being like this and tell me the truth. What’s going on in your head? No not head, heart. If you don’t then we’ll call it a day.”

sighed. She looked at and saw the tears in his eyes.

what am I doing to you. This is the last thing I want I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to leave you. I’m scared.I don’t regret us getting together at all. The thing is I was hurt badly in the past.”

“By Josh?” “Yes by Josh. I thought I loved him. I did but it’s nothing compared to the way I feel for you. It’s like I can’t breath unless you’re with me. I don’t want to be like this if your going to leave, or even cheat cause I know that I won’t be able to take that. So when I said regret I meant if I get hurt.The whole thing started it off.”

“It made you realise how deep your feels were?” “Yes pretty much.”“Well can I speak now?” said standing up so he was in front of . He put his hand under her chin and lifted it up so they were looking at each other.

“I feel the same as you. I’m freaked that you’ll meet someone else. You’ve never really told me much about Josh just big love big loses. There was always that shadow over me. What if he came back?” “Yeah but” went to say but put a finger over her mouth to stop her talking.

I’m not going to cheat on you or do anything to lose you. I would die if I didn’t have you. You’re my soulmate. I don’t want to hurt you I want to make sure you’re not hurt. I’d sooner die than let anything happen to you. Tell you what. Will make a deal that we will be honest with each other and say what we are feeling. Ok?”

“Yes that’s more than ok. Wish I told you sooner” She said hugging him. “Well things happen for a reason so maybe I was meant to know now.”

“I love you Mr ” “I love you too Miss . That doesn’t sound right.” “Huh” “I know this isn’t the most romantic place but I want to ask you to be mine forever. Will you marry me?”

“I’d be the happiest girl alive to become Mrs .”
lent in and kissed her. She put her hands around his neck and pulled him close to her.

“Come on let’s go” said dragging off back to their place. When they got to the door the police were standing there.

“What do you mean she’s been let out? You let her go and now you need to find her.
That doesn’t make sense.” screamed at the news that Stacey had been set free to her court hearing.

“I’m sorry but we can’t talk about that. If you see her please call us.” The officer said.
“Yes well we would have to since she is a nut job.

“We better find . As she’s not picking up her phone or ours.” said picking up her keys and heading out the door.

couldn’t sit down for a second. She couldn’t get over hadn’t cheated on her. It was just a lie by some crazy fan.
What did that say about her? She loved she knew that, everyone knew that.
The only thing she could do was talk to and not run off this time.

After about 6 rings finally got through to .
its me. Can I see you?” She asked hoping he would say yes.
“Do you really need to ask me that. I’ll meet you at place. I’ll get rid of them,” He said with a smile.
. I love you” “I Love you too sweetheart.” They hung up their phones both smiling.

felt good. She knew she would feel better after she saw . She ran out of the house leaving a note for and .

wasn’t that far from ’s and place ever step she took she had an extra butterfly, but good ones.

It was all a road away. She smiled to herself and laughed promising that she would never believe another person about her and s relationship and the trust and love they had.

“What the hell is going on?” screamed from the drivers seat. Her and had been driving around for ages.
The road ahead to get back to her place was blocked off.

said wasn’t listening to her. “ shouted. “What?” “I don’t like this.” She said getting out the car. caught onto what she meant and jumped out the car.
As they did they came face to face with and .
“What are you doing here?” asked taking ’s hand.
“We heard a crash or something and came running to see you here.”

The group walked up ahead. A large crowd had gathered. saw the officer from earlier ahead and nodded to the others. and walked off.

They were half way there when they heard two load screams they knew it was and right away.
When they reached them they didn’t know what to say or do.

was lying in the road. Unsure if she was dead or alive.
“Call , get here now.” screamed.