First Impressions

Written By:
Brittany W and Caz M

and were sitting in their manager’s office waiting for him to get off the phone with news of a new tour. and were the new hottest thing on the charts and their record label said they had to get them out on tour as soon as possible to get the most exposure. David had been on the phone for the past half an hour and the girls were bored.

“I wonder who they are going to have us open for?” asked .
“Who knows, since they want us out there soon and have lots of exposure, it would have to be someone big” said “I can’t think of anyone right now though”
With that David hung up the phone and turned back to the girls with a smile on his face.
“International Tour headlining the Backstreet Boys with Devine as the opening act” David said “No need to clap”
“Wow, I didn’t even think of them” said smiling.
David raised his eyebrows at her. “Five lads?” and started singing Backstreets back.
just shrugged, couldn’t place them either.

Martin put the phone down to David and looked at the five lads. “Well we got you an opening act”
looked up from the paper with a frown. “You what. We don’t need an opening act.”
“Damn straight we don’t, who is it anyway?” asked pausing the play station game.
“Guys it’s the new band Devine, they are the newest group on the block and they’re amazing, they need more coverage and they’re opening for you, end off discussion.” with that Martin walked out the room, slamming the door.
“Fine, they can open for us, but it doesn’t mean we have to like it” shouted after him.
“God, we’ve got some stupid little girl band opening for us, just great,” said, sitting down in front of the computer to find out more about them.

“Found them. Very cute. is from and is from . They’re very popular by the looks of it”
“Yeah cute, but it doesn’t mean we have to have them open for us, I mean hello. How long have we been in the biz, and so what if we’ve just come of a break, it doesn’t mean we need two little girls opening for us.” ranted.

“I don’t want to go in there” said, looking up at the arena in front of her.
and had been brought to . “Come on girls you have to, they don’t bite they’re looking forward to meeting you.” David lied. Martin had called him to say the guy weren’t impressed, but both agreed they were still going to do it.

The guys looked up when the door opened. As soon as they saw the two girls, they went back to what they were doing. They still couldn’t believe they were having to have an opening act.
“They look friendly, NOT” whispered to , when she noticed the guys gave them all a dirty looks when they walked in.
“Well will have to show them how good we are, won’t we” winked.

“Right guys this is Devine, aka and . Girls, this is , , , and aka Backstreet Boys. The girls are going to show you what they can do, then you all can sit down and chat and talk stuff through ok?” Martin said smiling on the outside, but inside dreading it. He just hoped the lads would make an effort.
“Yeah lets go and start the run through” David said walking out of the room with the girls.

The guys had no desire to go and watch the girls, but Martin said they had to. They walked out to the stage and watched from the side. The girls were going to do five songs for their act and were also going to be the ones to introduce the boys, before they went on because it would just get them out there for a few minutes longer each night. The girls did their set and even though they didn’t want to admit it, the boys saw that they were pretty good.
“Guys, they are good” said smiling. He was really the only one who did not care that the girls were coming on tour with them, because he was just happy his wife and son were coming out for most of the tour.

“Hey Girls, song change, can you do Written in the stars before you go?” Matt their road manager asked.
“Hey sure” said, taking back her mic.
“Stay with me, don’t fall asleep to soon, the angels can wait for a moment. Come real close forget the world outside” sang sweetly. Both girls loved this song, even though it was cover of Westlife. It was known as their “power ballad”.

“Now come on guys” said when they finished “That was amazing”
“Whatever” said knowing full well it was “Lets go and get ready guys”
The guys walked away as the girls were coming off stage. They had hoped they had shown the guys what they could do but when they got backstage they noticed it was just Martin and David.

“You girls are amazing” Martin said “You sound so perfect live”
“Thanks Martin” said giving him a smile.
“Did the guys say anything?” asked.
“They thought it was great especially ” David chimed in.
The girls smiled knowing full well the boys said nothing because they knew when David was lying. If they liked it so much they could have at least stuck around to say good job. The girls watched some of the boys set before going back to the dressing room to talk.

“Girls, sorry but there is a problem with the other dressing room so you have share” Martin said directing them back to the boys’ dressing room.
“How lovely” sighed “Sharing with boys who don’t even like us.”
“I cannot believe they didn’t even say hello” said flopping down on the couch.
“I know like how rude can you be” said looking through a fashion magazine.
Before the girls knew it the boys were walking through the doors.

“Umm, girls this is our dressing room” said giving them a look.
“Actually we have to share it for today because ours has a problem with it” said giving him a dirtier look back.
Martin and David walked into the room before anything else could happen since they both knew them and knew what attitudes they could all have.
“Okay time to go to the hotel, you have tomorrow off but full run through of the show on Thursday” Martin said.
, , and , you’re in one car and , and are in the other one. Lets go” David said opening the door to moans and groans.

The ride to the hotel was silent. David was disappointed in what was going on but he knew they would come around after awhile. The others go there before , , and and when they walked in they didn’t look happy.
“They fucked up the reservations,” said as walked over to him.
“What? How?” asked.
“Well we don’t have enough rooms and they won’t have rooms available for all of us until Thursday” explained “So some of us have to share.”
“Alright, please no one complain because it isn’t our faults but sharing well have to done” Martin explained “Since , , and are the youngest you guys are sharing. You three are sharing too. call and tell her to push her flight back one day because I’m sure you don’t want her coming tomorrow now.”
looked at giving her the I’m going to say something now look. But shook her head, she knew what ’s temper was like when she was wound up. She just hoped for the sake of and they kept quiet.

All of them went to their rooms. When , and walked into their room they stopped dead when they saw there was only two double beds.
“Could this day get any worse” said throwing his bag down on the bed he walked to the balcony and opened the doors.
“I would make a comment to that but I’ll make you cry.” said getting a little giggle from .
“Isn’t that what little girls are meant to do” snapped back. “Well considering how much you look like a girl I’d say that includes you” said glairing back.
They were just about to break into a full slag match when there was a knock on the door. opened it to see David standing there.
let him in the room all four of them waiting for more bad news. Catching on to it he smiled. “Guys don’t look so worried. Think of this as a learning experience.”
“Yeah on how to kick two big headed guys head in.” said she was not having some big shots think they owned the world.
“Look there is issues here ok. Can you at least try and get on ok.” “ Well why do we have to share with them I mean hello.”
please. You’re all around the same age ok. And there was one room for three people and one for four. So this makes sense we can’t have two girls and one of you guys cause you don’t know each other this way its better. It’s for a few days not the rest of your life. Now stop acting like kids and get on with it. For gods sake you’re going to be spending a lot of time together. So deal with it.”
With that David turned around and left. He knew the girls could handle themselves he just hoped it didn’t cause too much trouble that they would walk out on this tour.

“Them two are going to turn me back to drinking” said once he and was on the balcony.
“Hey how is it going?” The two guys looked around and saw looking down from the balcony above.
“Well were standing out here so what does that say.” spat back.
“Yeah. I feel for you. Were going for a drink and a bite to eat you two wanna come?”
“I will.” said jumping at the chance.
“I’ll skip I’m not in the mood” replied.

looked up when and walked back into the room. “You sure you don’t want to come. At least come for something to eat. Even though you can’t drink” replied.
“Awwww what’s the matter poor can’t handle his drink poor baby.” said in a baby voice pout.
“Oh my god you didn’t just say that please say she didn’t just say that.” said more to himself rather than .
“Shut up you stupid little girl what the feck do you know. ” stormed out the room slamming the door shut behind him. followed after him. just sat dumb found.

came running out when she heard the shouting. “What happened now?”
shook her head. “Well umm said he didn’t want to go for a dig I couldn’t help but make a dig about it and then you heard the rest.”
ran her hands threw her hair and sighed. “ Hun. Umm well had a drink and drugs problem a while ago. I mean his been clear for three years but well he can’t drink or anything.”
“Oh my god. I’ve oh my god. I didn’t know. And how do you know more to the point?”
blushed “Well I did a bit of research when I got home last night and I’m pretty much caught up about the lads.”
and ordered some room service. had decided to go for a walk while wanted to stay in her room. She made a few calls to her friends and family and she went out on the balcony the cold air hitting her skin sending shivers up her spine but yet she wasn’t cold. As she looked at the view she noticed a figure sitting down by the pool on the bench she squinted her eyes and saw it was .
She felt awful for what she had said earlier. She grabbed the room key and made her way down.

“Anyone sitting here” She asked once she got nearer to him. “Free country” He snapped back.
“Ok. I want to say a huge sorry for what I said back in the room. It was out of order and well I had no right, I didn’t even know about it. I just well I’m sorry ok.”
looked up from the floor so he could look at her. “Thanks for saying sorry, even if you didn’t know. It’s a touchy subject you know.” smiled gently.
“Yeah I should have known being someone who went through it themselves.”

was sure she was lost. She had decided to go for a walk but now had forgotten where the hell she had come from. It all looked the same to her.
‘Next time bring a map’ She said to herself. She noticed a bar up ahead and she went inside. She didn’t like it one bit it was quiet and nasty and the few people that were in there gave her a funny look.
She went to the bar and sat on the seat. “A girl like you shouldn’t be in a place like this” turned around expecting some psycho to be there but was shocked it was .
“Look if you’re going to moan and shout and make comments don’t I’m lost and not in the mood for it ok.” replied rolling her eyes at him.
“You’re lost and you’re the ?” said almost laughing.
“Yeah it is so funny! I never spent much time in Toronto so yeah I got lost” said “Now, I’m going to ask for directions”
“Sit down” said “There is car coming for me in like an hour if you want to wait. Are you old enough to have a drink?”
“Of course I am” said sitting down “But I don’t want one.”
“Alright, so why don’t you give me some information on yourself?” asked trying to make conversation.
“I’m 21, I lived in until I was 15 when I moved to where I met , then we went for record deal until we got one two years ago” said “How about you?”
“You lived in and unless you have been living under a rock you know about me” said “And I’m not trying to be an ass but I have splashed across press a lot in the past year.”
“You’re right so tell me something real about yourself” said “Tell me something the press would never say about you.”
“I love to watch people and try to figure out what the person’s life was like,” said taking a drink of his beer.
“Me too” said gave her a smile which she returned.
and sat and talked until the car came for them. David was freaking out since had been gone for such a long time but calmed down once he knew she was found and had not been killed by .

“Really? You too?” asked.
“Yeah, I was 18 got into the wrong crowd. Thank God for though she made me go to rehab” explained “She was my life saver probably the best friend I could have asked for.”
“That is awesome, was mine. He came to my room and I wouldn’t let him in so he kicked down the door” smiled faintly “I have no idea what I would have done without these guys.”
and sat by the pool and talked about everything under the sun. They found they had a lot more in common than they thought. They finally went back up to their room at 3am. They found and sleeping.
“Well they didn’t kill each other,” said softly.
“No, I’m surprised hasn’t fallen into “lust” with her she is totally his type” said lying down on the couch.
“What? Won’t you sleep with ?” asked giggling.
“No he kicks” said trying to not to laugh.
just smiled and went into the bathroom to change. When she came out had fallen asleep so she crawled into bed with and went to sleep herself.

The next morning they were woken up to a thud. had fallen off the couch.
man, are you okay?” asked half asleep.
“Yeah but you are sleeping on this couch tonight” said getting up off the floor.
“Yeah man we will have to figure something out” said laying back down.
, you or me first?” asked without opening her eyes and hoping would say herself.
“Me” said getting up and going into the bathroom to shower.
“You have routine?” asked.
“We have been living together since we were 17 so yeah we have a routine for the bathroom” said still with her eyes closed.

came out of the bathroom 10 minutes later in her towel, which caused both boys to stare. She grabbed a pair of jeans and a pink tank top and went back into the bathroom.
“Please stop staring at the door she is changing into real clothes now” said laughing.
“I was not,” They both said together. “No cause I’m pretty sure that wet patch where you two are has nothing to do with .
Once was ready they weren’t sure what they wanted to do. “I say we shop” offered.
“Totally, why don’t you two come racing with us? I mean its more fun than shopping right.”
jumped up from the sofa totally excited about racing. “Down laughed. and both looked confused and a little scared at excitement.
“She loves racing kind of addicted to it.”
“What I like speed.” replied pouted.
“Well you’re going to lose cause we’re speed demons.” said smiling smugly.
looked at both girls gave each other a look. “You guys really think were total girlie girls don’t you” said raising her eyebrows.
“Yeah” and replied together.

A little while later all four walked down to the hotel reception to see the other lads waiting on and . They were shocked that and was laughing and joking with them. And even more shocked when said they were coming along.
“Ok either someone’s drugged them, or they fancy them cause I don’t get it.” whispered to who just laughed.
“So who’s on whose team then?” asked trying to be organized.
“Me and will be together and you can do what you normally do.” offered.
“No we have to give you some chance to win. So why don’t you have on your team” replied.
“No. Its fine. Call it girls versus the boys.” said firmly so would get the message. He gave the other lads a knowing look, which the girls didn’t notice.
“So if you lose you have to do anything we want.” said to the girls.
“Ok and if we win you have to do the same,” said shaking ’s hand.
“Right we have three teams. and are the girlie team. , and are the Man team and , and myself are the boys team.”
“Ok bored now can we just start. God and you said and I are the girls.”

All five lads were standing around pouting at the fact that and had just whipped their butts into shape with the driving.
It had finally come down to and and she had won by miles.
“Go us gals” said jumping up and down. “How did she win?” asked confused no one had ever beat hell even the guys had trouble beating him.
“She used to race. You should see her in a sports car and open road. Mind you life insurance will be needed.” She said smiling.
“Right I’m thinking the five of them give us a strip show.” said as soon as her helmet was off. All five of the lads looked at her as if she was insane.
“Now that I’d like to see it would be funny.” “Yeah so is that what we’re going for?”
“Well yeah I would but we have to work with them and I for one don’t want no crushes on them if I see something I like” said winking at them.
“How about Shopping I could do with some new music” said.
“Nah I want to go on a boat ride I haven’t been out on the water in forever” replied.
looked between them he personally didn’t want to do anything.
“Ok I’ve got it. Look loves shopping and music so he can go with . loves anything to do with water and boats so he goes with and we can all go out together later and will each pay half for the meal and that ok. And will buy you each a drink for a week.” looked to both girls thinking.
“Well I liked the striping idea but ok I’m up for it” said smiling.
“Great everyone’s happy” said walking back to the car.

“He really is the dad isn’t he?” whispered to who smiled and nodded.
“We are going back to the hotel right?” asked catching up with them after standing and daydreaming.
“Yeah why?” “I need to change into something else” “oh god no” replied and winked.
“What?” asked innocently “you spent forty five minutes and twelve seconds in the bathroom.
All of them turned to look at him. “You know the seconds?” asked raising his eyebrows and holding in a laugh.
“What I needed to get ready.”

“So I’ve got us a boat sorted whenever you’re ready said walking back into the room.
“Cool. I can’t wait I love being out on the water even though it is only a lake.”
“Yeah me to, guys we’re going see you later” and said.

and ran into and in the hall. asked to wait for a minute. went and waited by the elevators.
“Don’t get too close warned him “I have done my research on these girls and it is safe to say you should expect much okay.”
“Whatever said walking away.
“What did he want?” asked pushing the button for the elevator.
“Nothing, doesn’t matter” said not looking her.
“It was about me” said just knowing had said something.
“No, it wasn’t” said as the doors opened to the elevator.
just let it go and walked onto the elevator behind .

“Are you ready yet?” asked impatiently. “Yes, lets go” said coming from the bathroom.
“Finally” said opening the door for her. just rolled her eyes and walked out the door.
Even though both groups were big in and walked around the shops without really being bothered. They even had a fashion show at Holt Renfrew. They shopped for over 3 hours and then came back to the hotel to find and had not come back yet which really was not a surprise. They decided to head down the pool for a swim it was really hot and they had been walking around so much.
was standing at the edge of pool when pushed her in. came to the surface with a look on her face of pure disgust and all could do was laugh. pulled herself up and grabbed ’s arm pulling him in.

, and were watching from above.
“Seriously one day can change their minds?” asked “They for sure don’t have the story on those girls.”
“Yeah like needs to be hanging out with another addict” said.
“She has been clean for a while too added.
“And will fall for I can see the headlines now heartbroken leaves him for whoever” went on “She has cheated on all her past boyfriends.”
“Maybe they will just be friends” said, “You two are oldest so act like it.”
“We just don’t want to see them get hurt said.
“They are big boys they can handle themselves” said going back inside the room.

“I missed this” said sitting down on the front of the boat.
“I know what you mean” said cutting the engine “In a few weeks when we are down in Florida I will have to take you out on my boat.”
“Oh that would be great” said smiling moving over so could sit beside her “In , I will take you out on mine.”
just smiled at her. He was really starting to like her even though he almost did not want to. After fell asleep the night before did go and find out more about her and that she wasn’t perfect but he wasn’t either. He made mistakes he cheated so he really could not hold it against her. But what if he fell for her and she hurt him? He tried not to think about it and tried to just think of her as a friend.
“The sunset is amazing” said at who seemed to be lost in his thoughts.
“Totally beautiful” said without thinking he took her hand and to his surprise she did not pull it away.

Later that evening the crew of them went out for dinner and then decided to go out to a club. The girls were out on the dance floor as the guys watched their table.
“Anyone want to leave?” asked.
“Past your bedtime daddy” asked laughing.
and will be here early tomorrow” said “Any takers? Alright then I will see you guys later.”
“Where did go?” asked coming up to the table with .
“Back to the hotel, and are coming tomorrow” explained.
“Oh awesome” said taking a drink of ’s beer “Come dance with me.”
and went almost to other side of the dance floor so and could not hover over them. There was something between them whether it was just heat or something deeper it was growing.
“I want to kiss you” said wrapping his arms tighter around .
“Don’t yet is coming” said taking his arms away from her.
“We’re all leaving now, are you coming?” asked hoping the answer would be yes.
“No, we will be back later” said without asking but she did not mind.
“Fine, see ya” said giving a look.
watched as the crew left the club behind pulling close to him and brushing his lips against hers. wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips against his as deepened the kiss.

“So what do think is going to happen between and ?” asked coming from the bathroom just in his pj bottoms.
“Probably nothing really isn’t into dating guys she is working with” said going into the bathroom.
“Want to watch a movie?” yelled to her.
“Which one?” asked coming from the bathroom toothbrush in her month.
“Dirty Dancing is on,” said sitting down on the couch.
“Yes I will be right back,” said going back to the bathroom.
When walked out she was in a vest top and her little knocker PJ set. did a double take he looked her up and down doing his best not to droll.
“Do you know this is my favorite film ever?” said giving him a huge smile.
“No” lied he had checked up on the girls with he knew a lot even to the fact that of Westlife used to be her boyfriend.

An hour later and walked in and both were totally shocked to see and asleep on the sofa together with the credits of Dirty Dancing playing.

The next morning woke up she sat up and almost passed out again when she saw she had fallen asleep on . But she had to admit he looked cute.
“Morning” looked around to see sitting up in bed she looked to the bed next to him to see wasn’t there.
“She went for a run.” nodded she went to lie back down again and realized she would have been laying on .
stood up and grabbed her bits and went to get changed. When she came out was sitting on the bed talking to and .
Just then there was a knock on the door. stood up and answered it Martin was standing there. “Girls you ready. We want a run through with you two.”
“Ok” replied smiling. The two girls grabbed their bags and headed to the arena.

Once they were gone. fired questions at all of which did not answer. He had no desire for any of the boys to know what was going on with him and . Yes they kissed last night but that might be all that happens so no need to get the boys going over nothing.
“You know I could ask you the same questions” said coming out the bathroom “You looked pretty comfy on the couch with when me and got back here.”
“We just watched a movie” said heading for the bathroom.

“So what is going on with you and ?” asked just looked at her “ , don’t do it.”
“I didn’t do anything and I don’t plan on it either” said heading for the stage. She could not tell about her and .
was just about as famous for her singing as she was for her boy band boyfriends. She just hoped wouldn’t find out and run screaming the other way.

The girls were in the middle of their run through when the boys arrived. and were also there since they had arrived earlier that morning. was a fan of the girls so she watched them finish up before going to meet them.
“You girls are great” said shaking their hands.
“Thanks so much” said smiling.
“Hey big guy what did you think?” said playing with .
“Good” said laughing.
“Come lets go and watch Daddy” said taking him from “You guys coming?”
“No I need a shower so I will check up with you girls later” said walking off to the dressing rooms.
“I will come with you” said going with and .

After the boys finished their run through they all had a meeting about the tour and how many places they would be hitting and how much time they would have off. They decided the second run through was not needed today so they left them to have the rest of the day off. It was a week before the tour started so the rehearsals would be getting more demanding over the next few days.
When they got back to the hotel they found out they all had their own rooms, which was nice, but the foursome had liked their odd living arrangement.
lay on the bed looking up at the ceiling. Thinking of the kiss with she couldn’t let it happen again she couldn’t fall for another boy band member.She was going to have to keep away from her. Friends would be ok but that was going to be it.
“Hello earth to ?” said waving her hand in front of her face. Making jump.
“Huh sorry Hun. Was thinking” giggled. “ haired, eyed goes by the name ” she winked.
stuck her tongue out and threw a pillow at . Who caught it and threw it back at her.

“I’m bored,” said throwing the TV remote down.
“Do you know I had more fun with the girl in the same room.” replied looked at him thinking the same thing.
They jumped up and ran to the girl’s room.
When answered she was covered in feathers. “ Hi guys, pillow fight with .” She said smiling.
“Can we join in?” asked, “You can but I was just going for a swim.” “I’ll come” said jumping at the chance.
opened the door and the two guys walked in. grabbed her stuff and then went with to his before heading to the pool.

“What do you want to do?” asked who was just standing there looking at her. She was starting to feel uncomfortable.
“Well there is one thing I want to do,” he said stepping forward he held her by her arms and pulled her towards him brushing his lips over hers. They both fell back onto the bed.

picked up as soon as they were outside and threw her into the pool he jumped in after her.
They had a bit of a play fight when pinned against the side he lent forward to kiss her but stopped him.
“No . I can’t the other night was a mistake ok. We can’t let this go further ok.”
looked at her confused. “Why not? I like you, you like me. Why can’t we have some fun? Come on I know about your reputation. I know you’re up for it.”
couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Yeah she had dated a lot of guys who had been in boy bands but she wasn’t a slapper.
“How dare you. You know nothing about me,” snapped back grabbing the side of the pool and jumping out.
“Come on . I know the score I did my research. I know the score and I like you maybe we could have some fun.”
glared at him she grabbed her towel. “Don’t you dare come near me again .”
She turned around and went back to her room.
God she couldn’t believe he had said those things to her. She knew it, every guy she had liked turned into a pig. She was glad she didn’t like that much. Ok she thought he was a hottie but he was a pig like all her other boyfriends.
‘Officially never dating another boy band member’ She said to herself as she walked in her room. Stopping when she saw and making out on the bed.
“Excuse me” said. pushed off her in a way grateful had walked in before it got a little more heated.
She took one look at her and knew something was up. “ , do you mind if you have to go?” asked nodded he got up of the bed and left the room.
As soon as the door was shut sat on the edge of the bed and cried. She explained to about in between sniffing.
“Go and get cleaned up ok,” said hugging her. Once was in the bathroom went marching along to ’s room.
opened the door to see there he rolled his eyes. “Is there?” She asked calmly.
nodded and let her inside. walked up to him and pushed him against the wall.
“You is a pig, you had no right to say that to . You go near her again you’ll be sorry. You know nothing about .”
“I think we do” said from behind her spun around. “Oh and you, Mr. I have the knowledge. All you did was read stuff up on the Internet big whoop. You’re all small-minded people the only one who don’t judge is . The rest of you suck.”
Wit that stormed out the room back to her room. Wishing she wasn’t doing the stupid tour with the Backstreet boys and she knew felt the same.

The girls never spoke to the lads well apart from . There was a lot of tension and bitchy comments whenever they had to speak to each other.
Frankly the girls were ready to say to hell with it but it was their career. There was still a few days before the tour started and the girls knew they were not going to be happy. They decided to talk to David.
“So what is troubling you girls?” David said sitting on the couch.
“We don’t want to be here anymore David” said looking out the window “We are sick of the way we are being treated.”
“Well me and Martin will talk to the guys about that” David said knowing full well the girls were getting fed up.
“No David, we want to quit it all” said looking him straight in the eye.
“You can’t right now” David explained “You will lose too much money if you pull out now. Do the first leg of the tour then decide.”
“David are you listening?” asked “We want out of everything!”
“Well you can’t! If you do everyone working with you loses their jobs!” David fumed, “You’re not being treated perfectly because you’re not perfect! Both of you can be super bitches. So you’re doing this tour” David walked out the hotel room and slammed the door. The girls just looked at each other.

~4 Months Later~

There was 2 months of the tour left and nothing had changed, well now even was not talking to the girls. The girls were miserable and even begun to fight with each other which just did not happen. They were in London so both girls stayed at ’s instead of the hotel just to get away from the boys. After the show everyone headed to Click where everyone from Robbie Williams to Blue to Westlife was there tonight. wanted to throw up when they walked in. was an ex, she had a fling with when he was on a break with and what really threw her for a loop was being there. He was a former boy band known as 5ive and he was the guy who scared like no one else could.
looked around and saw , Robbie and Joshua Jackson all of which were her ex boyfriends. She could tell by the look on ’s face she did not want to be there either. grabbed her arm.
“We’re gonna be fine” said smiling. tried to smile but she couldn’t. She just looked in the direction of . was shocked when she saw him “It is going to be fine don’t worry.”

The girls and boys sat down together but no one spoke. David and Martin got the drinks and hoped maybe tonight would be the night they would finally break down and start talking to each other. They knew it probably was not going to happen, but they could hope right, even if they did the same thing every night.
“I’m gonna go and say hello to some people” said going to get up grabbed her arm and gave her the don’t leave me look “I will be right back” got up and walked away.
was extra quiet tonight and almost seemed scared noticed. When she reached for her drink her hand was shaking. looked at her and she just looked like a frightened little girl. shook it off as nothing and walked away to the bar.

“Hey Baby” whispered in her ear making her jump a little “How are you?”
“Go away” whispered. “Come dance with me and then I will leave you alone” said smiling.
“No please just leave me alone” pleaded.
“Come on” said grabbing her hand. looked around the table at the others guys with pleading eyes but no one was paying attention as pulled her away.

, how have you been?” asked.
“Okay, I don’t think the music business was quite right for me and though” said taking a drink.
“Sure it was” said “You and were made for this business. I hear you’re touring with the Backstreet Boys.”
“Yup, but I would much rather not talk about them” said looking over at their table and noticing was not there anymore and neither was . looked around the club she found at bar but where was .
“Guys, look around the room for said scanning the room again and again.
“I can’t see her said “Maybe she is in the bathroom?”
“I will be back” said getting up and almost running to the bathroom “ , are you in here?” got no answer.
“Was she there?” asked shook her head.
“Look around the room for said not being able to find him anymore “Fuck where is she?”
walked back over to her table “Where’s ?” she asked.
“Right here” said turning around to find the spot empty where once was sitting “I don’t know.”
“We have to find her now” said starting to get really worried.
“She’ll be fine” said placing a hand on ’s shoulder She turned around and looked at him.
“Did anyone go outside?” She asked shook his head. rushed outside.
“What’s going on?” asked walking back to the table with the drinks.
’s gone missing and is freaking” paid more attention now thinking back to earlier when he thought something was wrong. He could have kicked himself.
“Where did they go?” He asked, “I think outside I don’t know” frowned “I’ll help you look” offered the two of them went outside they heard some shouting.

“Where is she” screamed at who had a smug smile on his face. “I don’t know what you mean” He replied.
turned around when she heard someone was behind her she saw it was . “Can you look around the other side for please.
nodded. was curled in a corner in the ally. She had managed to get away from but only just. She had managed to find a spot she wanted to come out she could hear and but she was too afraid.
” she heard her name shouted she realized it was . She stepped out of her hiding place.
too one look at her, she had a cut lip and bruises were already showing on her arm. He didn’t like it he wanted to look after her. He couldn’t believe how badly he had treated her.
He walked up to her and gave her a soft smile. “It’s ok” nodded all of a sudden everything went black.

had to step forward quickly and catch her. He carried her back out the ally. When saw her she lunged for but was there and he held her back.
leave it, he’s not worth it.”
“Yes he is and I don’t care” smiled at her and walked off.
let her go she debated about going after him but she needed to see how was.

They took to the hospital. She came around about an hour later she only had some minor cuts and bruises but all in all she was fine.
, were all sitting in the waiting room when the rest of the Backstreet boys walked in with the lads from Westlife.
As soon as saw them she was up and crying in ’s arms. Making frown he realized he really did like after all.
“Is she going to be ok?” asked concerned looked at him she wanted to snap at him but she truly couldn’t be bothered.
“Yes but she’s going to have to rest” said before had a chance.
Just then the door opened and the doctor walked in. “ can go home soon you can see her if you want. One at a time.”
“Thank you doctor” said smiling and followed him out.

She opened the door to s room to see her sitting up in bed. “Hey you gave me a fright. I’m sorry I left you I didn’t think,” She said sitting down on the edge of the bed guilt written all over her face.
its fine ok. It wasn’t your fault. I’m glad he didn’t do anything else to me.”
“I would have killed him,” laughed gently.
s really worried about you they wanted to know the full story but I didn’t tell them anything.”
“He is ok, not that I care” looked at her “You don’t? ok if you say so, that’s why every time you look at him you drift away to cloud number 9 he did find you and catch you when you passed out.”
mouth fell open and looked at her in shock. “I do not. He did ok I remember seeing him and then everything went black.”
“Yeah. Shall I tell him to come in?” “I’m going soon” “yeah I know up to you” nodded she could at least say thanks she guessed.
opened the door to the family room everyone looked up. “She’s fine. She wants to see you next .”
and both stood up and looked at each other. “Sorry ’s I meant as in .”
“So how have you been?” asked moving closer to . “Grand, apart from the bad stuff. You seeing anyone?” asked wanting to know if he was dating.
“Nah not got the time. You?” “Yeah totally you know me got a guy in every town I visit” giggled.
“Yeah sounds right and breaking every guys heart no doubt.”
“No that only happens to me” She said not really meaning to she just hoped didn’t pick up on it.
“So how long you and in town for?” asked.
“A month” filled in when he noticed that didn’t have a clue. She smiled warmly at him.
looked between the two he knew there was something there between them but didn’t know what. The truth was he didn’t want to date anyone else other than . He hoped that maybe now she was back in town they could maybe see if there was something there. He knew was going to be a problem. Well that’s what he thought.

stood outside ’s room for a few moments before knocking and entering when she told him to.
He smiled and walked up to the bed he stood there looking at her his hands in his pockets.
had to smile to herself he looked totally cute standing there totally unsure about himself.
“I’m umm sorry about the way I’ve treated you I had no right and well. I umm. Well I’m sorry I was insinuative.”
“Yeah you were and judgmental amongst other things” she replied simply “But thanks for helping me tonight.”
“It is fine anyone of us would have helped even though we have been quite the assholes for the past few months” said sitting down in the chair by ’s bed.
, lets be friends again,” blurted out.
“Really?” said nodded her head “Yeah I miss hanging out with you.”
“I need someone other than to lean on. We are in London for almost a month and I’m scared all the time in here because of . I can’t help it” said almost crying.
“Why?” asked, “What happened?”
“He beat me up a lot” said letting a few tears fall down her cheek which wiped away “His group fell apart when me and were getting started so yeah.”
“He is never going to hurt you again” holding her hand.

~End of the Tour~

It was the last night of the tour and they were wrapping it up in Orlando, the boys hometown. and were really close since the night at Click and became best friends over the month they were in London. and started seeing each other again much to the dismay of for a while before had introduced him to one of her friends and then he got over pretty quickly.

“I cannot believe we are finished tonight” said getting the final touches on her hair and make up done.
“I know it is crazy,” said looking over at her “What are we doing after the show?”
is throwing a party at his place for everyone” said smiling.
“You like him huh” asked.
“Yeah but just as a friend” said and before could say anything David walked in with two huge bouquets of roses for the girls.
“Oh wow thanks David” said smelling them.
“These for you from ” David said pointing to the red ones “And these are for you from ” passing her the card from pink bouquet of roses. took the note from her roses to….

‘Hey Babe, It is your last night and I hope it is wonderful. You have no idea how happy you have made me the past few months having you back in my life. Thanks for everything. I love you more than anything.

PS Let me in please’

looked confused and looked to David who looked to the door. walked over and opened the door to find standing there. screamed and jumped into his arms.
“You didn’t think I was going to let you have your final bow without me being here right” said smiling.
“I’m so happy you are here,” said kissing him.

smiled to herself to see how happy and were together. She wanted that. She then pulled out the note from and read it…

‘It is our last night together and as happy as I am that the tour is over I’m going to hate not seeing you everyday. You’re my best friend in the world and I have never been so close to someone before. I love you since we missed going out on the boat last time we were in Orlando tonight we will go run away from the party for bit ;) Have an amazing show.


smiled and picked up her cell phone and texted a thank you. She wanted something with him but knew she probably shouldn’t let anything happen. She had to put it out of her mind anyways; it was time to hit the stage.

“Thank You Orlando for being such a great crowd” yelled.
“You have been really amazing! Now it is time for our last song it is a cover by Westlife… this is for you” said “Lets go .”
Stay with me
don’t fall asleep too soon
the angels can wait for a moment,
come real close
forget the world outside” sang.

was waiting at the side of stage when and came off. He picked up and spun her around “You did amazing and you did good too .”
“Thanks said walking away leaving the couple alone.

“I’m so glad you came,” said smiling at him.
“Me too” said smiling back “You know I love you more than anything right?” nodded.
“I want to love you forever and try to make you as happy as you make me. I never want to lose you again. I need you in my life forever” dropped to one knee “Will you be my wife?”
was shocked she never expected this but it could not have made her more happy “Of course I will marry you.”
slipped the ring on her finger and kissed her. Both of them were crying as they went to tell and call everyone they knew.
“Oh my god !” screamed, “I cannot believe it!! I’m so happy for you”
hugged both of them and then started helping them call everyone. Once the show was over they all headed to ’s for the party.

had been hanging by the front of the living room for the past hour waiting for to arrive. He was pulled on it a few times and naturally denied it. But most people knew he was waiting for .
the biggest hater of had warmed up to her and even he couldn’t deny the spark and had. had been a changed man the past few months.
As the daddy of the group he was pleased. Even he had gotten to like . Just shows you first impressions aren’t always the right ones.
“She’ll be here soon,” said taking a mouthful of his drink looked at him innocently.
“Why don’t you just tell her mate? I’m pretty sure she feels the same way as you do.”
shrugged “Were just mates” he replied wishing that wasn’t true.
“Yeah but when she leaves, you’re going to miss her. Just thinking maybe you should do something before you regret it.”
Just then walked in with and behind her they were all laughing. looked at and laughed to himself when he noticed ’s eyes light up.
He rushed over to her and pulled her into a huge hug. “Hey you were great tonight, well great doesn’t cut it amazing totally blew me away.”
gave a knowing look and the two of them wondered off leaving and alone.
“Hey. You were grand tonight yourself” said smiling at him, for the first time in ages she felt butterflies in her stomach and her head started to spin. There was something different in ’s eyes and it was making her legs go weak.
“Are you ready to go?” asked hopefull nodded. “Cool let me make a phone call then will go ok” hugged her again before walking of.

was in the kitchen nibbling on some of the snacks when found her.
“Hey lets rock and roll” He smiled noticed he had a certain naughty boy look expression she couldn’t help but smile and find him lush.
After about twenty minutes pulled his car in the dock car park the two of them stepped out and walked along to the boat.
“Evening Mr. ” The captain said once they were on the boat.
“Evening Caption you got the drill” The caption nodded and went to start the boat.
handed a glass of champagne and the two sat down at the back of the boat.
“This is amazing . I’ve never been on a boat ride at night before.” said happily.
“Yeah but not as amazing as you” smiled shyly at him then turned away to look at the town lights started to fade away.
“You want something to eat?” asked after about ten minutes nodded.
led her inside the boat and gasped when she saw that there was a candle lit dinner set up with rose petals and a box on the table addressed to her.
“Go ahead it’s for you” said nodding his head in that direction. walked over to the table and picked the box up. She took the card and placed it on the side then opened the box and gasped when she saw a white gold heart locket. “Oh my god you shouldn’t have. I love it. What did you do that for?”
walked over to her he took the locket of her and placed it around her neck.
“Well if you read the card you’ll know.
did as she was told.

I hope you like this when I saw it I thought of you. I love you and I hope wherever you are in the world you’ll know I’m with you. You’re my best friend but you’ve become more than that to me. I love you with all my heart.


As read the note tears sprung into her eyes. She turned around to face . She stepped closer to him so his breath was on her face. She leaned up and pulled his face towards her and kissed him wrapping her arms around his neck while he placed his around her waist.
felt a tingling sensation run through her whole body. She had never experienced anything like that before in her life. She deepened the kiss.

When they finally pulled away kept her arms around s neck, “ I love you and I want you in my life. I don’t want you to go. I was hoping that you’d stay so we can get to know each other better. I guess what I’ m asking is can we give us ago. I love you.”
tried to keep a straight face as she spoke. “Well the thing is I had plans to just go away somewhere quiet and hot. So you know staying here wasn’t really an option” saw the disappointment cross over s face and she knew she couldn’t torment him anymore.
“But you can always come with me you know” s eyes lit up. He lent down and kissed her again. “I love you ” She replied finally knowing she had finally found someone she would be happy with and maybe one day marry.

After they had eaten the two of them went back up and sat on the chair looking up at the stars. Both making a wish on a shooting star.