Falling In Love

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I had come to London 5 years ago to work. I had bought an apartment in the middle of London, with a little help from my parents. I got a job in the sports café at Wembley. Working there had helped me to meet a lot of famous people, footballer, musicians and other famous people. I took that job, to support myself and my little son, who was on vacation in at my parents.

Chapter 1 : In London

One day I stood there chatting with Caroline, who was my co-worker, she was a real sweet girl and only two years older than me. We had really fun that day. We had a real long and busy day in front of us. The time was 10am and we were going to have a lot of people in there in about 2 hours. A band called Westlife was having a concert the same night and they would be there for 3 days in a row. “ they are really good looking guys”! “Yeah I know and I like their music, but hi Caroline they are famous, we have met tons of good looking people before”! Suddenly Ronan Keating walked in. “Hi girls, I heard I had to come here to get some coffee”! I looked at him and then at Caroline, “It’s Ronan Keating”! I replied pathetic. Then he smiled and I got a hug, “My god, ohm we aren’t ready yet, because we heard that the first people would be here in 2 hours”! Caroline said. “Yeah I know, I am early”! “No problem we have to change and then we will make some coffee for them”! I said. “Just call me Ronan and that’s fine”! Then we smiled and went out in the back. “Caroline it is Ronan Keating, the man himself”! Then she started to laugh and said, “Here put on your shirt”! Then I put on the white English national shirt and Caroline put on the red. We then put coffee over and came out again. I took a coffee cup and went over to Ronan’s table and put it in front of him and then I went back and got the coffee from Caroline. I went over to him again and filled his cup, “Here you go”! “Thank you that was nice of you by the way you look good in that shirt”! “Thank you”! I replied with a smile and went back to the bar. “ he is flirting with you”! “No he is not, the man is Ronan Keating”! She started laughing and then Ronan took his coffee up to the bar and sat down, “Well can I keep you two beautiful girls company”? We nodded and I just smiled at him. Suddenly his phone rang and he talked for ten minutes. “It was Anto he wanted to hear if you would make the dinner ready for the crew, because they will be here in 20 minutes”! “MY GOD……Yes we will have too, wouldn’t we”? Caroline said angry. “I guess so”! He replied. I looked at Caroline and said, “Take it easy the dinner is ready I made it ready yesterday, so we wouldn’t have any hard work today”! “You are a sweetheart”! She replied and gave me a hug. Then we packed out the food and Ronan said, “Can I do anything to help”? “Yes please help us Ronan”! I replied. And 20 minutes later we were ready. Suddenly we heard a lot of noise and there the crew were. My god they looked good.

Chapter 2 : Westlife.

“Guys there will be food when you come in”! Anto said. “That would be lovely, I am so hungry”! replied. “You are always hungry ”! laughed. “Well and that is why I hope they make good food, because we have to eat here for 3 whole days”! replied. Then all the guys started to laugh. Then they walked into Wembley sports café. “ are you there”? said. “What……Yeah…Yeah I am here”! “What are you starring at”? He asked. “Ohm nothing”! “Are you looking at that girl over there”! “Yeah she is something”! “Yeah and look at that red shirt the colour fits her”! “WHAT… what are you talking about, I am starring at the girl in the white”! “Okay sorry”! Then they walked in. “Hi will you take a cola to me too, when you get something for your self”? asked sitting by the table! “Yeah sure”! replied and went up to the bar. “Hi”! He said smiling to me. “Hi”! I replied giving him a smile back, he was so attractive and had the most beautiful eyes. “I am ”! “Hi my name is ”! I replied. “Can you help me”? He asked. “Yeah with what”? I asked. “Can I have 2 colas please”! “Yes sir”! I replied. Then I opened them for him and said, “Here you go”! “Thank you very much”! He replied and sat down with the other guys.“ what do you think about him”? Caroline asked. “He is very cute”! “Yes he is, so you can have him”! She said. “I don’t want to he is famous, so he wont have time for me”! “Bullshit, you can be with him for one night and decide after”! “NO Caroline, look at him if I kiss him one time, I want to kiss him all the time”! Then she laughed and said, “You are crazy, here they come, two gorgeous guys and they both flirt with you, and you aren’t interested, what is wrong with you”? “Nothing, I am interested, every girl is interested in guys like them, but will you tell me when Beckham was here, that he liked me to”? “Yeah if he wasn’t married you could be with him now”! Then I started to laugh and I couldn’t behave my laugh.
“God she has a funny laugh”! said. “Nah I think it sounds cute”! replied. “You are lost man”! replied. “Sorry I just can’t stop looking at her”! “No we noticed”! said and the guys started to laugh.
why are you laughing I am not kidding”! “OH YES YOU ARE”! I replied still laughing. Then I noticed looking at me. He smiled sweet and I stopped laughing, “Why is he looking at me”? I asked Caroline. “I don’t know”! She replied. When the guys were finished eating they had to make sound checks, Caroline and I cleaned up the café while they were gone.
We could hear the music and we started to sing along. Then 10 minutes before they went on stage came in to me in the bar. Caroline was off for today and was going to the concert, so I stood there alone. “Hi , will you bring us some water and juice”? “Yes of course”! I replied and he went back again. I then filled up a basket and went backstage with it. “Thanks that was nice of you”! Anto said. “No problem, just call if you need more”! I replied and went back to my bar. came running after me, “ wait”! He yelled. “ what are you doing”? “I was wondering if you would like to go out with me after the show”. “No I don’t think that would be such a good idea, I am tired and I really need sleep”! “Oh Okay”! replied and went back.
“Well what was the answer”? asked. “She said NO”! He said sad. “I am really sorry”! replied. I went out seeing parts of the concert and it was really good and my god was fine. I fancied him so much, but he was famous and could do so much better than me, so why waste his time.
After the show the whole crew came ordering lots of drinks. Shane looked at me he looked very sad. I smiled and then came up. “You know he likes you right”? “Ohm yeah I guess”! I replied. “Well what do you feel about him”? asked. “He is beautiful and very nice, but he is famous, I wouldn’t be able to handle him”! I replied. “Give it a try”! “Sorry I don’t want to be hurt”! I said. “ , please leave her alone”! said, coming from behind. I looked at him and said, “I am sorry , you are a sweet person, but I can’t handle it okay”! He smiled and said, “Yes that is okay”! Then both of them went back to the table. At 3am the guys were very, VERY drunk. I had had a few drinks too and had joined them by the table. “ don’t you give a show”! said smiling. “HAHA what kind of show”! I replied laughing. “You know what I am talking about”! “NOOO , forget it”! I said a bit angry but still laughing. “ , stop it”! said. Then put his arm around me. I looked at him and said, “Hi where is ”? He took his arm off of me and said, “You can really ruin when a guy tries to hit on you”! “I sure can”! I replied. Then said, “AUCHH”! And the others started to laugh. looked at me and smiled. I smiled back at him and he said, “ can I talk to you”! I nodded and stood up. We then went out in the back. looked at me, and took my hand. “ how can I change your mind”? “ you can’t I am sorry”! “Please give me a chance”! I smiled and said, “Well I don’t know”! “If you like this we will go out tomorrow”! Then he leaned forward and kissed me. In my own surprise I kissed him back and we stood out there kissing for 20 minutes. “So want to go on a date with me tomorrow”? “YES”! I replied with a big smile and then we kissed 5 more minutes. “ I think we need to go back”! “Yeah you are right; you are such a smart girl”! Then he kissed me and we walked back to the rest of the guys. “So where have you guys been”? asked with a big smile, looking SO drunk! “Out talking”! replied. “Oh yeah that is why your shirt sits like that”! said making the whole crew laugh! “I really don’t know ”! replied. “Well are you guys going out tomorrow”? asked. I nodded and they all screamed “WAY TO GO ”!!! stood smiling and took my hand. Then he sat down and made me sit on his lap, I could feel his (you know) and I could feel he was thinking of sex. I looked at him and he smiled then he put his hand under my shirt and we started to kiss. At 5.30am I said goodbye to the guys and kissed goodnight and I went home and they went to their hotel.

Chapter 3.

“BIP, BIP, BIP”! It was my wakeup call, it was 10am and I was late at work. It had biped lots of times but I had obvious turned it of two times. I took a fast shower and then I took on my jeans and my blue England shirt and then I drove to Wembley. Caroline was already there, “Girl where have you been”? She asked. I looked at her very confused, “I am really sorry Caroline, it turned late last night. Can you take my shift tonight, like I was alone yesterday”? “Yes why”? She asked. “I am going on a date”! I replied with a smile. “Good for you”! She said and then we started to clean up from yesterday’s event. “So did you have a good concert last night”? I asked. “Yes it is cool; you have to see it before you go on the date”! “Okay I will”! I replied.Suddenly came in, “So how are my girls doing”? He asked. “Very well and you”! Caroline replied. “Fine thank you, , will be here right away, he has used all morning to try to look good for you”! “He didn’t have to, because he is beautiful how he is”! I replied. “HAHA you have never seen him in the morning”! laughed. “No but I hope I will soon”! I replied with a smile. “Hi what is going on here”? Caroline asked confused. “ and are going on a date after the concert, they where together last night”! said. “WHAT, why haven’t you told me”? She asked. I smiled, “You didn’t ask”! Then came in. “Hi”! He said and smiled then I went over to him and gave him a hug, he then gave me a kiss on my cheek and then we gave each other a good morning kiss on the mouth! “I have missed you”! He said. “I have missed you to”! I replied. Then he kissed me again and said, “Want to eat lunch with me today”! I looked at Caroline she smiled and said, “You can take the day off okay”! Then I gave her a big hug and said, “ I would love to”! Then he smiled and said, “Great let’s go then”! When we came out there stood a lot of fans. signed a few autographs but didn’t answer any questions about, who I was, he just smiled. When we arrived to the café, we found a table in a corner in the back. smiled at me and said, “So what would you like”? “I really don’t know what about you”? I asked. “I don’t know”! He laughed.
When we had been there for an hour we decided to go for a walk. Not many recognised and we had lots of fun shopping. We stopped at a shopping window where there were lots of jewels and I stood admiring a beautiful ring, but I couldn’t afford it. Then we kept walking and at last we decided to go back to the arena. When we got inside, said, “ , thank you so much for a lovely day I really enjoyed it”! “Yeah me to”! I replied. Then he leaned forward to me and we started to kiss. “ I really like you, are you positive you still want to go out with me tonight, because I won’t force you”! “You don’t have to , because I really like you too and I would regret it for the rest of my life if I don’t go out with you tonight”! I replied. “Oh how sweet is that”? asked. “What are you doing here, are you spying on us”? I asked. “No I just wanted to look how many fans there was outside”! Then we started to laugh at him, “Yeah sure ”! said. “I am not kidding”! He said with a big smile. Then he looked outside and made all the fans scream and he signed a few and came inside again, “God there were lots”! He said. We couldn’t stop laughing at him, because he was so sweet, but we couldn’t keep our hands from each other either! So we started to kiss each other again. “Okay guys take it easy, oh no forget what I said, I won’t disturb you anymore”! Then he walked back to where the others were.
stood looking at me and said, “I don’t want to go on stage tonight, I want to spend the whole night with you”! I smiled and said, “Oh you are so sweet, but you have to and I will be right there looking at you”! “You will”? He replied. “Yes, I will never leave you out of sight”! “Okay great”! He said and kissed me. “ let’s go back to the others”! I replied. “Nooo, I want you all by my self”! He said crying. “HAHA you have to do the rehearsals or else Anto will go crazy”! “Yeah you are right, but please I would like if you were there, when I do the rehearsals”! “Okay I will”! I replied laughing at his voice.
We went into the others who stood smiling at us. “WHAT”!!! busted out. “Nothing”! said laughing. “You guys really look like you are in love”! said. “Don’t rush it ”! We both replied and smiled to each other. Then the guys went on stage and rehearsed. Suddenly a brunette came in and ran off the stage and gave her a big hug, “God I have missed you”! He said. “I have missed you too , how is the tour going so far”? The girl asked him. “GREAT”! He replied. “Good”! “Well I want you to meet somebody while we rehearse”! “Okay sounds cool is he hot”? “Anya it’s a girl, not a guy”! “Oh well I hope she is nice then”! Then they walked towards me. “Hi I want you to meet my best friend from home, this is Anya and Anya this is ”! Then I said, “Hi nice to meet you”! “Nice to meet you to, can the guys sing”? She said with a smile. “Yes or they are trying that is”! Then we both started to laugh. “Hi be nice now, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to introduce you to each other”! said. Then he smiled and walked up to the others. “Hi who is it, is talking to”? asked. “Can’t you see”? asked. “No if I could I wouldn’t ask you dummy”! replied with a big smile. “It is Anya from back home”! “NOOOOOOO”!!!! replied amazed. “Yeah it is she looks good right”? He said with a wink. “NO, she looks……amazing”! Then said, “ , close your mouth”! “Oh Mr. you shouldn’t talk”! laughed. “Hi you have misunderstood it, has his mouth closed but fill”! replied. Then all the guys laughed while went all red.

Chapter 4.

“So how do you know the guys”? Anya asked “I work here and well…”! “WELL WHAT”? Anya asked hyperactive, “I think I am having something with Shane, he kiss really good”! Anya smiled and said, “OKAY I am ’s best friend from back home”! “Okay have you ever been together”? “No and believe we will never be together, because we are to good friends, but I have always had a crush on , he is so cute. You know I haven’t always been pretty so he has never been interested”! “Oh I am so sorry, but maybe tonight, the guys are going out so maybe you can make a move”! “Tell me you are coming to”! “No I am not I am going out with ”! “Oh how sweet, I really hope you guys find each other then”! “Thank you so do I”! “Wow they are getting really good”! Anya said. “Yeah they are I just love ’s voice”! “Yeah so do I, but look at , his eyes, he is so beautiful”! “Yeah he is but my god, I prefer ”! “Good because you stay away from ”! Then we started to laugh. “Hi what are you guys laughing at”! said with all the guys behind him. “You of course silly”! Anya replied. “YEP”! I replied. “Well tells me we are going out tonight”! “Yes we are all of us except Mr. and Mrs. ”! said, cracking all the guys up. “I am glad you are having fun”! “Oh don’t let them get to you, let’s go for a walk, nice to meet you Anya, I am sure we will have seats beside each other”! I said looking at . “Yes I will make sure of that”! said. “Good , nice to meet you to ”! Anya said. Then I took ’s hand and we walked to the bar and made Caroline give us a cola. We sat at a table and I could see Caroline look at me with a big grin on her face. took my hand and smiled, “I want to be alone with you, I hate when the lads makes fun of me”! “Oh don’t they just enjoy that you are seeing someone”! “Am I”? He asked. “I don’t know let’s see after tonight okay”? I replied. “Yeah okay I can’t wait to go out with you”! “Why are you so sweet to me”? I asked with a smile. “Because I think you are a sweet girl who deserves a guy who is being nice to you”! Then I turned red.
The same evening when the show was about to begin Anya and I found our seats. “So it is soon”! “Yeah I know I am looking forward to see the show”! “How stupid are you, you are soon going out with on a date”! “YEAH…I knew that’s what you meant, but……”! “You didn’t know”! Then she started to laugh. “Yeah I did”! Then she laughed even more, “Are you looking forward to it”? “Yes I am just a bit nervous you know, he is so sweet and I am just arrrgh I don’t know how to explain it”! Suddenly we heard the music to Dreams comes true and everybody started to scream including Anya and me! It was a brilliant show and I could really see how the lads enjoyed it. I felt like I was one of them and I could feel that Anya did too! “ , look at he is so sexy and look at his ass in those jeans”! I started to laugh, stood there on the stage playing WILD THING. “Yeah Anya I have to say you are right, he has a fine looking ass”! Then she smiled, “ I want him I need him…”! Then we said in union “Oh baby oh baby”! And that made us crack up. After the show we went backstage again where we met up with the guys. I had a black knee long skirt on and black boots and a red shirt. When came out after taking a shower, he looked at me and said, “Wow you look good, we match you know”! He had a black suit on with a red shirt under he looked so hot! “You look stunning yourself”! I replied. Then held his arm out and said, “May I”? “Yes sir”! I replied and linked my arm in his.
He took me to a suite on an expensive hotel. When we came in there were a rose on the plate where I had to sit and candles on the table it was really beautiful and really romantic. When I saw it I got tears in my eyes, I was totally speechless. “So what do you think sweetie”? I just smiled and then a tear ran down my cheek. “Don’t cry”! He said with a beautiful smile. “It is just that it is so beautiful, I hadn’t expected anything like this”! He dried my tears away and said, “I wanted it to be special and I chose this place so we could be all alone”! I gave him a kiss. And then he said, “Thank you”! He held my chair and I sat down and he sat down in front of me. After 1½ hour we were finished eating and we sat down on the couch. “ I really want to thank you for this wonderful night, I have really enjoyed it”! “Yeah so have I”! He said. Then he moved closer to me and said, “Do you mind if I kiss you”! I shook my head and we started to kiss.

Chapter 5 : Same time at a bar

“So guys what do you think and are doing”! asked. “I think they are having fun”! said with a nasty smile. “Stop it guys I think they really enjoy each others company”! Anya said. “Guys do you want to bet if he nails her the first night”? said. “Yes”! They all replied. “Okay I say he does”! said. “Me to”! Mark said. “I am in”! said. “Defiantly”! laughed. “I don’t think so”! Anya replied. “Why not”! asked. “Because she seems so in love with him”! Anya replied. “Yeah but Anya this is every girl takes the chance the first night, they are afraid they won’t have the chance again”! said. “Let’s stop this discussion now because we will never get to an agreement”! said and then they drank and danced all night.

, do you want to stay over the night”? “Yes, that sounds comfy”! Then he lifted me up and brought me to the bed. Then I took of my clothes except my underwear and he just lay there in boxers. I lay in his arms all night while we chatted until we felt a sleep.
The next day I woke up, I looked up at him and he just smiled. “Did you sleep well”? He Asked. “Yes thank you I slept brilliant, what about you”? “Yes I slept well too”! He replied and we kissed each other. “I have a question”! He said. I smiled. “Am I seeing someone now”? “If you want to”! I replied. “I would love too, if that someone is you”! I kissed him and said, “I hope it is”! Then we kissed and cuddled up until noon! paid the build and we went back to the arena.
“Hi guys, how was your night”? asked when he saw us. “Just perfect”! replied. “Yes it was brilliant”! I replied. Then he gave my hand a squeeze. “When are we going to tell them”? I whispered in his ears. He smiled, “Soon when we are all gathered”! “Okay sweetie”! I said. Then we came down to the stage where everyone was. “Guys listen up”! Anto yelled. “Lucky we were here in time”! said with a smile. Then Anto told them the schedule for the last concert on Wembley. When he was finished said, “Hi guys”! Nobody heard him because they were talking about the night before, when had tried to say something 3 times, I yelled, “HI GUYS”!!!! Everybody looked up and I just smiled at them then said, “Guys I have news for you”! “What kind of news ”! asked. “ and I am a couple”! Everyone went quiet. “Oh how cute”! Anya replied. “How sweet it is to see the two of you in love”! said. Then and started to sing, “How sweet it is to be loved by you”! We all started to laugh, “KISS, KISS, KISS”! All the guys said and Anya just shook her head. We then kissed and then said, “Well guys are we ready for the last show on Wembley”? “Yes it is going to be brilliant”! replied. “I am looking after girls tonight” said! Anya and I started to laugh and started to sing, “Looking for some hot stuff baby this evening”! went red and then said, “Yeah and for that sake you guys need girls in your life”! “Hi take it easy now, until yesterday you were single too”! said. “Yes but he isn’t anymore”! I replied with a smile.
That night on stage was the best concert I had ever seen, but okay I was totally in love with . Anya sat as the night before right beside me starring at , “ I really, REALLY want him”! “Then make a move on him tonight in the bar”! “Okay I will”! She replied and looked so in love with him.

Chapter 6.

After the show the guys took a shower and we met up with them in the bar except for . came 20 minutes after with 2 blonde girls and short after he snuggled up with one of them. I could see the tears in Anya’s eyes and then she said, “ I need to go to the bathroom, are you coming”? “Of course”! I replied kissed and went with her to the bathroom.
“What was wrong with her”? said. “I really don’t know she didn’t seem too pleased”! replied. “That is too bad, because she is a really sweet girl, if I wasn’t in love with my I could easily fall in love with Anya”! said. “Yeah she is a nice girl”! replied.

“I am so sorry Anya”! “Don’t be you couldn’t know that he would bring two BLONDES with him”! Then we couldn’t stop laughing. “I feel really bad for you because you like him so much”! “No I am so in love with him, and I have always been”! She replied all messed up. “I will be right back”! I said getting pissed off. When I came into the bar still kissed the girl. I went over to him and punch his arm, but he didn’t care. “I then punch it harder”! “HI WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU”??? He yelled. “ , stop it why are you punching ”! said. “What is wrong with me, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU”? I yelled. “What do you mean”! asked looking amazed I was this angry with him. “ who is this girl”? The blonde asked. “SHUT UP”! I said getting harsh. “ why haven’t you noticed”? I asked. “Noticed what”? He asked. “SHE IS TOTALLY I LOVE WITH YOU”!!!! “WHO”! He asked. “ANYA”!!!!!! The guys and I said at the same time. “What you are kidding right”? He asked. “No I am not, she is at the bathroom crying her eyes out”! “Oh no, I need to see her”! He said. Then he stood up and ran to the bathroom.

“Hi Anya, are you in here”? yelled. Then he, heard some sobbing from the last toilet, “It is me can I speak to you”? “Yeah”! She replied sad. Then she opened up the door and looked at her, “God you look so fragile”! “Yeah I obvious have a fragile heart”! “What is wrong with you”? “I am …I am in love with you and I always have been”! “I have been in love with you too since you stepped inside the arena, but I didn’t think you were interested”! He replied. “How could you believe that”? Anya asked. “Because I thought you were in love with ”! “No I have never been in love with ; he is my best friend, he is like a brother to me”! She said still with tears in her eyes. “I am really sorry that I hurt you”! He said and sat down beside her on the floor. “Well how long have you been in love with me then”! He said trying to make her smile. “Since you lived in Sligo as an unknown person”! “WHAT with that hair”!? He said making her laugh. “Yes I really can’t believe it either”! She replied. “Hi be nice now”! Then he learned closer to her and they started to kiss. “Anya we are going on tomorrow, we are going to Belfast, but before we leave can I take you to lunch”? He asked. She looked at him, “Are you sure”! “Yes I am, let’s go back in there and make Paul and Fran throw the BLONDES out of the bar”! “Brilliant idea Mr. , then I would like to go out with you tomorrow”! “Great”! He said and kissed her. Then they went back to the bar.
“Are you okay Anya”? I asked. She came over to us while talked with Fran and Paul and soon after the two blondes was back outside with the rest of the girls. “Yes I am fine”! She replied smiling at . Then he came over to us and made her sit on his lap, she looked much happier now. I then said, “God I have to pee”! “ , wait”! said running after me! “Thank you so much for opening my eyes”! “You are welcome”! I replied. Then he gave me a kiss on my cheek and he went back into the others and I went on toilet.
When I came back Anya had made the guys drink a few tequilas with her and they were now pretty drunk. “Hi babe, come here”! said and I went over to him. I sat on his lap like Anya sat on ’s and we kissed a lot. When it was 4am we all said goodnight and guess where Anya and I ended! Yeah in each our room which each our man.

Chapter 7 : At ’s

So are you sure you want me to spend the night in your bed, you know I can sleep on the couch”! Anya said. “No if you are afraid anything would happen I will sleep on the couch and you can have the bed”! “No, I would like to sleep in your arms”! Anya replied. “Okay and you can borrow a shirt from me”! He said and gave her a white one where there stood Westlife with blue letters! “Nice one ”! She laughed and he lay on top of her and started to tickle her! Then they began to kiss each other and started to get intimate with each other, but stopped and said, “I know I have done this before on the first night, but I am in love with you and want it to be something special”! She kissed him and said, “Oh sweet”! Then she cuddled up in his arms and they slept like that for the rest of the night.

At ’s:
“Oh Love come over here to me”! said. I then went over to him and lay down on top on him and we started to kiss each other wildly. Then started to put his hands under my shirt, which I could handle, but when he put it down my pants I had to say stop. “NO ”! “What”! He said. “STOP IT”! “Why you like it don’t you”! He asked smiling. “Yes but you are drunk so please stop”! I then started to cry and turned around and lay with my back to him and he lay with his back against mine as well, what way to spend our last night together. I cried the most of the night, because I missed him holding me close and I knew it was the last time for a long time. When we woke up there was a weird feeling between us. I looked at him and he just looked away. I then stood up and began to put my clothes on. “Hi where are you going”? He asked. “Well if I am not worth holding through the night, then don’t waste your time on me today. I can earn money at work instead”! “ I am really sorry about yesterday I was a real ass, but I was drunk, I really care for you I am in love with you and you know that”! He said. “Yes I know but I was scared of you last night”! “I understand and I am really sorry, but I was drunk. I don’t want to lose you now”! He replied. “No and I don’t want to lose you either, but promise me you will never act like that again”! “I won’t I promise you, I hate that our last night was like this”! “Yes me too, I am going to miss you so much”! I said with tears in my eyes. “Hi love, come here”! Then I cuddled up in his arms under the duvet. Two hours later we woke up again and he said, “Thank you this did rescue some of the night”! “Yes it really did”! I replied. “ I am going to miss you, I will call you every day okay”? “He said. “Yeah you better do that Mr. ”! I replied.

Meanwhile and I had been cuddling up, Anya and had been to lunch. “Hi Babe what would you like for lunch”? asked her. “You”! She replied with a smile! He smiled and said, “You are so beautiful when you smile you know that right”! She nodded and said, “ONLY when I SMILE”? Then they started to laugh. “No but I just realised how beautiful you was smiling there in that right moment”! He said, looking really much in love with her. “You know what you look quite beautiful you self”! “Yeah I know, girls all around the world have told me that”! He said touching his hair and they laughed again. “Well I think we got away from the real subject”! He said. “YES you are so right Einstein ohm I would like a chicken and bacon sandwich and a cola”! “Cola light”!? “NOOO what do you think I am, I have taste you know”! She replied playing insulted. “Yes look at me”! He replied. “Yeah that is what I talk about”! She said. Then ordered the food and sodas for them. They had a real good time and after they had eaten they walked hand in hand down the main street in London, it was Sunday and there weren’t that many people there. “You know that I am going to miss you when we go to Belfast”! said. “Yes and I am going to miss you too”! She replied. Then he kissed her and she said, “But when you have been in Belfast you will go to Sligo and I live in Sligo, we are lucky, it would be a lot more badly for and ”! “Yeah you are totally right, it is too bad that she lives here in London and works here”! replied. When they had walked for an hour they decided to go back to the arena where they had to meet with the others and when they came there all the guys was ready to leave.

I stood holding and I couldn’t stop crying. “ , don’t cry or else I would start too and we can’t have that”! said. “I am so sorry but I love you”! I replied. He looked at me and said, “I love you to”! “ , think about the nights we spend together we won’t be able to do that for a long time”! Then a tear moved down his cheek, “Come with me”! “ you know I can’t, but if we are meant to be together, we can do this until your tour has ended”! I replied. “Yes I know god I can’t believe that it will be that long before I can hold you in my arms again”! He said now crying as much as I did. When the guys got on board on the bus sat looking out of the window until I couldn’t see him anymore. I now stood crying and Anya stood there comforted me. “Well I am sorry that I can’t stay any longer, because I need to catch the plain to Dublin in 1½ hour”! She said. I looked at her and said, “Why are you so lucky to live in same town as ”? “I have been living in it since I was a little girl, I am so sorry that you have to go through all of this”! She replied. “Well Anya, take care of your self and give them all a hug when you meet up with them in Dublin or Sligo”! “I will and promise me to take care too”! She replied. “Yeah I will”! Then she gave me a hug and took a cab to the airport.

I stood there with red eyes didn’t know what to do about myself. I went home to my apartment and made some tea, sat down in the couch and watched Armageddon, so I could cry a bit more. I put myself and in Ben Affleck’s and Liv Tyler’s position and it didn’t help me from stop crying. Soon I felt a sleep and woke up at 11pm and decided to go to bed. I lay there all by myself and couldn’t sleep. I missed so bad and at 1.30am my phone rang:
-Hi love it is me, did I wake you? (It was )
-No I couldn’t sleep I miss you badly
-I miss you too, I really wish you were lying here beside me, but believe me I am not the only one feeling this way, is a mess too that would be a pretty sight if we shared room.
(I couldn’t stop laughing at the thought of the two of them sitting on each their beds crying over their girlfriends)
-It is nice to hear you laugh!
-Yeah I guess but I want to laugh with you I don’t know how to get through this month!
- you said it your self if we are meant to be together we can handle it
-Yes I was right ha? (Then he started to laugh)
-Yes you sure was I love you honey
-I love you too sleep tight okay
-Yes as much as I can without you by my side
-Oh that is so sweet, I love you!
-Love you too by sweetheart
Then we hung up.
It was really nice to hear his voice, even there hadn’t even past a day. After 3 weeks I couldn’t wait to go to Sligo, where I had to spent 2 weeks with him and meet up with Anya and too. I had called Anya and arranged that she had to pick me up, when I arrived the week after.

Chapter 8 : The week after

I arrived to the airport in Dublin at the time and there Anya stood waiting for me, “Well hello there”! She said and gave me a hug. “Hi how are our men”? I asked. “They are okay, really misses you and is so charming all the time he has sent me flowers and when he arrived home he had taking this big Winnie the pooh bear with him, it was so sweet”! I started to smile at the thought of that, I would never have imagined that could be that romantic, but something came over him when he was in love. “Well how have you been”? She asked. “So awful, I have really missed , but the last week I have been looking forward to see again I really can’t wait”!
We went out to the car, “Well borrowed ’s car”? I asked. “Yes it drives a bit faster especially when I am behind the wheel”! Then I started to laugh. “Well Anya can I ask you something”? I asked. “Yes of course what”? “Have you guys you know….”? “Hmm…Yes we have, we couldn’t keep away from each other when he got home, so the first night after he returned we did it yes”! “Cool good for you guys”! I replied a little embarrassed to have asked her about the sex issue! She smiled and said, “Well are you hoping something will happen while you are here”? “Yes I am, because I really need to feel like I am his one and only”! I replied. “I can tell you for sure that YOU are his one and only and no one will never ever replace you, he is so in love with you”!

We arrived to a big House almost like a farm. I stood looking at all the beautiful horses running around on the field. “Well Anya thank you for the lift”! “No problem, I will see you soon”! “Yes say hello to for me”! “Yes I will”! Then she drove away. I saw a guy come out of the stable, “Hi my name is can I help you”? He said. “Yes I am do you know where is”? “Yes he is out riding Carlton Clover”! replied. I smiled and pointed to the field, “Is it him out there”? “Yes it is”! He replied. “We can get closer to him, if you like”! He said. “Yes thank you”! I replied. We went into the stables where I got riding boots on and then we walked out on the field where was taking some jumps with Carlton Clover. “God he looks so beautiful”! I said out loud, which wasn’t my intention. “Are you in love with my brother”! said laughing. “Yes you can say it like that”! I replied. When we got close was taking a jump and when he was about to take one more he looked at me. He stopped Carlton and said, “ will you please hold him”! took Carlton Clover and ran as fast as he could over to me with open arms.
He swung me around and when I looked at him I saw the tears running down his cheeks so we both stood there holding each other tight while we cried of happiness over being together again. “How long has it been since you two have seen each other”? asked with a weird expression on his face. “A month”! “I replied. “God I love you so much, will you please stable Carlton, because I have to cuddle up here”! said. “Okay”! replied. Then we walked back to the house holding each other tight. When we came in there was no one there. We went upstairs and started to kiss there. I pulled away and said, “ is it okay if I take a bath I really need it”! “Yes of course”! He said and made me a hot bubble bath. I lay down there and soon after it knocked on the door, “Yes”! I said. Then came in, in his boxers only and said, “I need a shower too”! “Then come on love”! He sat down behind me. We lay there for about half an hour. When we came up he wrapped me in a towel and then he dried me. He was so sweet. We went into the bed and made love and afterwards I slept in his arms, I have never slept that well as that night.

Chapter 9: At ’s.

“Anya, are you coming”? yelled from downstairs. “Yes babe I will be there right away”! “Anya you don’t need all the makeup you are beautiful I natural”! yelled. “I know, but is definitely going to look amazing, you know she always is as long as is by her side. So why not look just as pretty as her”! Anya replied and went downstairs. “Wow babe, must be looking incredible tonight if she looks better than you”! said and gave her a peck on her cheek. “Oh you are so sweet”! Anya said. “Yes Babe I know”! Then he did one of his perfect famous smiles.

At ’s:
Everybody was at ’s place except and I. “Hi guys what do you think they are doing”? said at the same time he winked. “I have an idea”! said with a smile. “Nah Anya, would they do that”? asked. “Yes I think so, because they have really missed each other so they could have had sex”! Anya said. “So that is what they are doing”! said. “Sorry guys for being late”! said while we walked into the living room. I went over to and kissed him on the cheek, “Thanks for inviting us and sorry we are late”! “That is okay I enjoy having you here”! “Thanks”! I said and gave him a hug. “Wow you look stunning”! said and got a punch from a dark haired girl beside him. “Thanks , hi you must be ”! I said and gave her my hand. “Hi Yes I am, how come could you guess that”? She said with a smile. “Oh sorry girls, this is my lovely girlfriend and this is ’s girlfriend and ’s girlfriend”! I said hello to the girls and gave the rest of them a hug, “The guys are talking about how come you guys were late, just a warning”! Anya whispered into my ear. “What”! I said and sat down beside . sat in front of me and I could feel feet at my feet and it wasn’t ’s I looked at him and he smiled cute, he was really sexy but he just wasn’t ! I took away my feet and looked at me like a puppy. “ can I please speak to you”? I asked. “Yes what’s up”! He replied with a smile and I pointed at the door, “NOW”! I said and all the guys started to laugh. I didn’t think found it really funny.
“So sweetie what’s up”? He asked. “YOU ”! I replied really insulted. “Are you angry honey”! He said with a smile. “ please don’t”! I said almost begging. “You just can’t show up in that dress and don’t expect I will make a move on you”! He said still with his sexy smile. “Well yes I can, the other guys behave, even behaves and he hasn’t a girlfriend”! I replied. “Sweetie, I am sorry I just think you are beautiful”! Then he leaned forward to me and kissed my lips soft”! “DON’T do this I am not doing this against and you aren’t either”! “No sorry it was only meant friendly”! He replied. “GOOD, nothing else”! “No you don’t have to feel bad, nothing else”! He replied. “Good”! I said and we went into the living room, everybody was starring at us. “WHAT”!!! I replied and just laughed behind me. “ she is all yours now”! “Good”! said smiling at me. I sat down again. “So guys what did you two do, since you weren’t here at time”? said laughing. “We had to make ready, look at her, she is beautiful and she couldn’t decide what to wear”! “No but you look gorgeous and so do you Anya”! said. “OHHHHHHHH”! and said. “Well and the rest of you”! said fast. still looked at me I could feel ’s hand on my lap and held it, I loved his hands and I loved to hold it. When we were finished eating said, “Well honey are we going home now”! “Yes”! I said and could see what he was thinking! “So what are you going home for”? said. “What do you think”? I said and clapped ’s ass. smiled and went a bit red. looked at me a bit sad but tried to smile and I smiled back and gave me my jacket on, really gentle.
When we had said goodbye we went home to ’s.

Chapter 10.

, can I ask you something”? He asked. “Of course honey”! I replied. “Well what did you talk with about”? “He was hitting on me and I told him to stop, he then gave me a friendly kiss nothing else”! I replied. “Okay, I really thought he was madly in love with ”! said. “He is”! I replied. “Okay”! replied and kissed me! We then lay there and ended up having great sex. “You are really good at this”! said. “And do you know what”? I asked. He shook his head. “So are you”! I replied. He then gave me a kiss and then we felt to sleep. When I woke up I was still laying in his arms. He slept but was really beautiful. I tried to get out of his arms and I could feel his grab getting tighter, “Please stay here with me”! He said. “ I really need to pee, but I will be right back”! I replied. I then went to the bathroom. I looked into the bedroom afterwards and saw he was there with his back to me. When I was about to go downstairs he said, “Hi you, come here”! “Damn it”! I replied and we both started to laugh and I ran to the bed and he just lay there with me in his arms. “This is my favourite position”! He said. “Yeah mine too”! I replied.

When we went down to the kitchen ’s parents sat there, “Hi you two”! said, “Good morning”! said. “A very good morning”! said and gave me a hug! “Yes defiantly”! I replied and kissed him.
“Well want some breakfast”? asked. “Yes please”! We both replied. We sat down by the table. sat looking at me and said, “ I have really been enjoying these days”! “Yeah so have I”! I replied. ’s parents looked at us and then at each other and walked out of the kitchen!
, please stay here with me”! said. “What”? I asked. “ I want you to come here and live with me”! replied. “ you know I can’t I have job in London, an apartment and memories”! I replied. “ what do you want me to say or do, you know I would do anything for you”! “Yes I know and I love you for it, but I have a great job there and I have lots of friends”! “And they are more important than our relationship”? asked sad. “NO and you know that, but you are away all the time”! “Yes I know, but I will be happier if I knew you were safe here in Ireland, in our own house, I want to buy a house for us”! “ I know but it is a new country what do you want me to do”? I asked. “Spend some time with and go with me on tour”! “Okay I give up I would love to stay with you”! “Great , we can go to London today and then we can pack”! “No let’s do that tomorrow and then I can go say goodbye to Caroline”! I replied. “Okay we will honey”! said and kissed me.

Chapter 11

The next day we flew to London. went to pack all my stuff in the apartment, while I went to the café to say goodbye to Caroline. When I came in Caroline said, “Hi girl, yesterday I met someone who would like to say goodbye to you, I didn’t believe when he said he really remembers you”! “Who is it”? I replied. “You have to wait and see he is coming right there”! She said. “In that car, the only guys I know with such expensive cars are Westlife”! I said. Then she smiled, “Go down there”! She said. I ran down to see who it was. When I came out I saw the man himself David Beckham! I just stood there while he smiled at me. He didn’t drive the car himself because of his broken leg. He looked really good. “Hi sweetie”! He said. “Hi Becks how are you”? I asked. “I am great thank you, but a bit sorry that you are leaving London, who am I supposed to talk to now”? “You can still talk to me, I still care about you, don’t doubt that because we could have had something great together”! I replied. “Yeah and you know what babe we still can”! He said hugging me. “David I have a boyfriend now”! “Yeah I know I have seen you and together, great couple you know”! He said smiling. “Thank you let’s go inside”! I said. “I helped him all the way holding him, he smelled like he did that time”! “You haven’t changed your deodorant”! I said smiling. “Yeah I have, but I use this one when I am seeing you, because I remembered that you liked it”! I then gave him a fast kiss. “Don’t stop, , please don’t move away from me”! He said. “Becks please stop okay”! “ I still love you”! “David you left me, not the other way around”! I replied.
Suddenly came in, “ why haven’t you told me that you are pregnant”? He asked. “Oh god”! I replied. “What are you pregnant”? David replied. “ this is David Beckham, as you can see and David this is my boyfriend ”! The guys said hello to each other. “ , I am not pregnant. I had this affair with a married man for half a year and I got pregnant, he left me and I got an abortion”! “Did he leave you because of the baby”? said. “No he didn’t, because he didn’t know about the baby and he would never have left her if he had known about it”! David said. “David I am so sorry, but I couldn’t ruin your marriage, you have this beautiful wife and a beautiful boy”! “So David was the one”? replied. I just nodded and David said. “ can I please see the picture of my baby”? “Yes of course” said giving him the picture while he went back to me. David sat by the table and started to cry, “ go over there and talk with him”! said kissing me, “Are you sure”? “Yes I am I will get some dinner for us and then I will be back”! He said. “Okay I love you ”! “I love you to sweetie”! He replied and went out.
I went over to David and gave him a hug, “How long were you”? He asked. “3 months”! I replied lying. “ , can I keep this picture”? He said. “Yes you can”! I replied. “I will be right back”! I replied. I ran down to the parking place and found . “ I need to talk with you, I told you a lie”! “What about”? He replied. I started to cry and said, “ I have a little son”! “WHAT”!!!!!!! He replied furious and started to cry. “I am so sorry ”! “Is it David’s”? “Yes”! I replied. “Well does he know about it”? He asked. I shook my head. “Well go up there and tell him”! I looked at him, “ I am not happy, but I love you so much and I am sure I will learn to love your son and I can’t wait to meet him”! Then I gave him a big hug and said, “ I love you more than everything”! “What is his name”? “Cody James and I hope he can be called Beckham, but it is not easy when David doesn’t know”! “Well go tell him and where is Cody”! “At my parents in on vacation”! I kissed goodbye and went up to David again. “I am sorry I had to talk with before you”! David looked at me and said, “Have you been crying”? I nodded and said, “David I have something to tell you”! “Oh what is it sweetheart”! David asked sweet but a bit confused. “Ohm god this is hard, Ohm I didn’t have an abortion”! “What are you saying that I have a child out there, did you adopt it”? He asked with tears in his eyes. “No David our son is at my parents in ”! He started to cry and I went over there and he held me. “A son, what is his name”? “Cody James”! “His last name”! He replied almost screaming. “I want him to be named Beckham, but I wasn’t sure I could”! I replied crying. “Of course, I will tell Victoria and she have to kick me out if she can’t accept it”! “Okay”! “I am sorry I am just thinking about myself, how did take it”? David asked. “I took it better than expected”! replied smiling with pizzas in his hands. “Oh that looks good”! David said. “Yes , thank you”! I replied and we both sat down at the table. “ when do you think I am going to be able to meet our son”? “To both of you he will come home next week”! “ didn’t you see his room”? “No it was locked I couldn’t find the key”! He replied. “I am really sorry if I have hurt the two of you”! I said. We had a great night there all three of us chatting up.

Chapter 12

The week after and I went to ! When we arrived I got a bit nervous, what if didn’t like him? When we came in I introduced to my parents and then I heard Cody, “MUMMY”! He ran into my arms. “Hi sweetheart how have you been”? I asked. “Great”! “Spoiled”? I asked looking at my parents. “Of course”! They both replied and Cody started to laugh. “Who is that”? Cody said looking at . “Cody this is , he is mums boyfriend, we are going to live with him and tomorrow all three of us are meeting your daddy”! “ , have you told him”? My mum asked. “Yes I have, made me”! I said looking really in love with while I had Cody on my arm. “Mum has missed you”! I said to Cody. “I’ve missed you too”! Then we gave each other a kiss. had tears in his eyes. “ he is beautiful”! said while we were at our way back in the airport. “Thank you ”! “But you know what”? He asked. I shook my head. “If you haven’t told me who his father was I could have seen it my self he looks a lot like David you know”! “Yes I know”! I replied and putting my head on ’s shoulder.
When we arrived to London again we went to the café and I sat on ’s lap with Cody sleeping in my arms. Suddenly David came inside, “Hi”! I said turning to him. “Hi”! David said a bit nervous. “What did Victoria say”? asked. “Ohm she didn’t take it as good as you, she was very upset about the affair and want to get separated. “Oh my god David I am so sorry”! I replied, “Yeah me too”! said. “I really hope Cody will cheer you up”! I said with a smile. “He sure looks a lot like you”! added. “He does”? David asked anxious to see his son. “Baby wake up, daddy is here”! I said kissing his forehead. “Daddy………”! Cody said tired. He looked surprised and very confused and so did his father. “David this is your son Cody James Beckham and Cody this is your daddy”! stood behind me to support me all the way, which I was very grateful for. David looked at me, “God he is so beautiful”! “Yes he is”! “David I know this is the first time you see your son, but we really need to get settled down in Sligo”! “Yes I know”! David said holding his son. “David if you want to help us getting settled in our new house you can have more time with Cody”! said. “Thank you so much , you have been really nice to me and I appreciate it, so if it is okay with all three of you I would love to go with you and help”!
Well all four of us went to Sligo and and David handle everything while I was playing with Cody. After a week of hard work for the lads, , , and arrived. walked in first he looked at David and said, “Is this David Beckham standing in your house, IS IT”? “Yes , David this is a former keeper for Leeds United and a huge Manchester United fan and then it is , and ”! “Hi lads nice to meet you all”! David said with a huge smile. came into the living room with Cody on his arm. “Who is this we have here”? asked. “He sure looks a lot like David”! said with a smile. “So this is Brooklyn”! said. “No, No this cute guy here is Cody James Beckham, he is David and ’s son”! told the guys. “WHAT”! asked. “Yes this is my son, and he is David’s son too”!
When David had enjoyed a whole day with his son alone, he went back to Manchester trying to sort everything out with Victoria. sat on the floor playing with Cody. “Well I really like your kid”! “He likes you to”! Cody nodded. “ I will do anything for you, I love you and I love Cody too, like my own son, but has been a bit hard with David here, with the three of you playing family”! “I know and I am so sorry ”! “That’s okay love”! We then put Cody to bed and went to bed.

Chapter 13

3 months after was in love with Cody and I more than ever and David had sorted everything out with Victoria. She knew he loved her and that he would stay with her and Brooklyn no matter what.
Cody and me sat on a swing while pushed us then he said, “ I love you more than I have ever done and I love Cody too, I would do anything to have the two of you in my life and I really hope there will be one of my own on the way soon and if there is I will treat him the same way as Cody, what I am trying to ask you is if you will do me the Horner and become my wife”! I looked at him with tears running down my cheek. “YES YES”! Then he kissed me and gave me a ring on, “This is my grannies ring I hope you will wear it”! I kissed him and nodded. “I have something to tell you too”! I told him. “What is it”? He said. “I am having your baby in 6 month I found out yesterday, but I waited for the right moment to tell you”! He gave me a big hug and we kissed. “You are an angel do you know that”? He asked. I smiled and said, “I love you too Shane Filan”! “I love you so much”! He replied.

Chapter 14

6 months after I had a baby boy. Anya was furious at me because she had been out travelling and she hadn’t heard it before I delivered, so she wasn’t home. She arrived at the christening. We called our son Casey Scott .
Anya and I went to Dublin to shop for the wedding gown while and looked after the boys. They had a really men’s night at home. Anya and I was walking around in Dublin, “So it was really nice of you to invite me here”! “Oh shut up Anya, I didn’t want to disturb you on your journey”! “Why not”? She asked. “Because I knew you would act like this and come home”! “Have you talked with David lately and does he know that you have a son more”? “No he doesn’t know because I haven’t been able to get hold of him. We walked around and walked into, Victoria, David and Brooklyn. “ aren’t that the Beckham family”? Anya asked. I nodded. “Well go talk to them”! “Anya I can’t she have never met me”! “SOOO WHAT”! Anya replied. “HI ”! I heard David’s voice. “Hi you”! I replied and we gave each other a hug. “ I want you to meet Victoria and our son Brooklyn and Victoria this is , Cody’s mother”! David said. Victoria looked at me and smiled, “Well nice to meet you FINALLY do you have Cody with you”? “No he is home playing with, , and Casey”! I replied. “Casey who is Casey”? David asked. “I tried to get hold of you, but and I got a son a couple of weeks ago”! David smiled and said, “I am so happy for you guys”! “Thank you”! “Well what are you doing here in Dublin then”? Victoria said. “She is getting married soon, so we are trying to find a wedding gown”! Anya said. “Oh guys I am sorry this is my best friend Anya”! I replied. “Nice of you to introduce us”! Anya said. “Getting married, well what more can you have a great fiancé and two lovely sons and great friend”! David said. “And don’t forget Cody’s dad he supports me good too”! I replied. We all said goodbye and Anya and I went on. We didn’t found “THE DRESS”! So we went back to Sligo. When we came back the four lads was laying in the living room sleeping it looked really cute and we got a good laugh of it.

Chapter 15

Finally the day came, where we had to get married. I had found the most perfect dress that fit me very well. Anya had to be my made of Horner and Caroline was my second made with and . We had a great time and when said yes a tear ran down my cheek I was happier than ever. David, Victoria and Brooklyn was there too. David was one of my best friends and I talked well with Victoria.
For the party we had rented this big castle where everybody could stay the night, it was so beautiful and we had a great night, with speeches and everything. After the party we had to go on Honeymoon we had decided to go to Los Angeles and then Cody and Casey stayed at ’s parents. Before we had to leave I had to throw the bouquet. I stood with the back to a bunch of excited women and throw. When I turned around I saw that looked pleased while he was kissing his bride to be.

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