Every Step Together

“She didn’t audition! We earned out place for years, and you’re telling me that didn’t audition?!?!?” Laura was having a fit! Everyone had waited years for their first audition to hopefully get their big break at this college. Who’d have thought they’d find someone who couldn’t even hold a dance together. She could sing, but no one had heard her yet.
“So , how did you get in then?” asked her softly as everyone else cleared from the table.
“He saw her at his best friend’s wedding,” Claudine snarled looking over at a teacher nearby.
“Must be good then...” said trying to cut her some slack. forced a smile and made her way out the door. Someone handed her a leaflet. Her heart had sunk already; this wasn’t needed to cut her confidence even further. rushed past her; he and a few others were the only nice guys she could spot for miles. The rest of them were stuck up and she couldn’t be bothered.
It was proving to be a difficult task settling in; Claudine hadn’t hesitated to mention it would be harder for because she hadn’t earned her place.
Next class, ‘great’ thought to herself, it was another chance for her to show herself up. Claudine managed to drop ’s belongings on the floor just as she left. bent down to pick them up. “Don’t worry about it too much,” he said in passing.
“Thanks,” she whispered, he didn’t hear.
To her dismay, dance was next. She followed Claudine’s shadow into the mirrored room to see the choreographer already angry. “Stretch out guys,” he ordered. did this through tears, she knew what was coming. They began the routine again. She ran her fingers through her hair whilst everyone else went through the routine with ease. focused her eyes to the floor as the choreographer came over to her. “You’re going to have to work a lot harder if you want to keep up .” Giving a silent nod she began to try once more.
It gave her pleasure but so much pain not being able to keep up. Claudine rammed her body into her purposefully sending her to the floor. The choreographer gave her a look of disgust before moving on. helped her up off the floor.
“Partner up, Claudine with , with , with Laura and you can go with Katie.”
This was the last time to make it right. smiled at her. The lift was demonstrated in front of their eyes. She could barely breathe. gave a worried look and waited for his count. “5, turn, 6, jump, 8,” fell onto . The choreographer rolled his eyes.“Sorry,” whispered to .
“Your showcase is tomorrow, and you’re telling me you can’t do that?” The choreographer exclaimed. and remained on the floor. Claudine sniggered as no response followed. “Again...5, 6, 7, 8,” the same thing happened. The bell went saving her. She grabbed her bags and left. The headmaster pulled her aside. “You know when I was younger I’d have wished that I’d have quit before they fired me. Maybe I was wrong to throw you in at the deep end ,” tears were welling up in her eyes.
didn’t want to quit, she wasn’t a quitter. The Head went off to run an errand. “ do you want to practise the dance again?” offered her. She nodded wiping her eyes dry. “Please promise you won’t drop me?”
They began to dance. “Take my hand, I’ll take the lead, every turn will be safe with me, don’t be afraid to fall, I’ll catch you through it all.” He sang as the slow bit came on. “Promise?” asked just before the lift. “Promise,” he lifted her, but she fell again. Instead of getting up she rolled over till put his arm around her. “I really don’t belong here,” she whispered.
“Recording studio requires , , Claudine, , , Laura, Katie and ,” the overhead speaker announced. Her stomach was tied up. “Come on; show them what you can do.” Shane encouraged giving her a hand up. They made their way to the studio; with every step she wished she had more confidence.
and you’re up first,” she smiled showing no weakness. They found their headphones and microphones inside. began. She closed her eyes knowing the song well. prayed.
“Sometimes I feel like the world is against me, the sound of your voice baby that’s what saves me...If you listen to these words know that we are standing tall... I don’t ever see the day that I won’t catch you when you fall....”
grinned at knowing she’d just proved her point. She could do it. Her voice was pure and rang out in Claudine’s ears. smiled to herself and sang the song of her dreams. Applause filled her ears after the last note. She was ready to be in control. Both of them were rushed off into another room to get dressed for the show later. An hour and they would meet once more.
pulled on her dress, terrified. She rummaged in her bag for her makeup. Claudine and the other girls had already entered and were virtually ready. began to brush her hair as the guys came in. Looking into the mirror, she caught ’s eye. “You okay?” He mouthed to her. She gave a silent nod. “You know if you’re not up to it we can leave the lift out.”
Claudine sighed as if she knew the moment had been coming. “No it’s okay, I’ll do it.” told him nodding. Claudine snarled a comment at her as she walked away. was followed by . “I can’t do it ,” her lower lip was trembling.
listen at the beginning we all had our doubts, but you have more talent than all of them put together. You can do it, I have faith in you. You’ve worked hard you deserve the shot.” She nodded her lip still trembling.
led her back inside the building, the breeze blowing cold against her skin. The girls and guys separated on either side of the curtain waiting for their turn. There was a while yet and was already getting put off. She thought she would fall again. She would bring her best, but she was scared. signalled to her from the other side, “you okay?” a worried face looked back and shook her head. had already begun to have flashbacks of times she’d fell.
Their call, she looked like a rabbit in headlights, scared out of her wits. grabbed her hand and spun her reminding her she was on stage. “Forget the crowd ,” he mouthed as his back turned to the audience. She managed to get hold of herself and do the steps, shakily first but then it didn’t seem as if she hadn’t auditioned. mixed with the rest of them pretty well. She was enjoying it, the dreaded lift would soon put a stop to it though.
looked up at from the floor in position. “You can do it,” he mouthed. She jumped into his arms and turned in shock she had actually accomplished something. Her heart was jumping. The applause once more filled her ears. She got led off stage hand in hand with , what more could she have asked for.
“That was really good ,” he stopped as her eyes began to flicker, “you okay?” She fell to the floor, faint.


“Yeah I’m okay now, thank you,” they walked up the stairs; held her back as the others went to party on the roof. He held her close. With every step together, it kept on getting better. “Told you not to be afraid,” he smiled into her eyes then kissed her softly on the lips. closed her eyes and began to sail into her dreams. With every step together, it kept on getting better.

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