Don’t Let Me Go

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Chapter 1

sat looking at her son playing in the garden, he was the true image of his daddy, hair and beautiful eyes. She never thought that she would have children this soon, but she never once regretted that she kept the child. She had met his father when she was at work. was a nurse at the pediatrician in . She loved that job and enjoyed being with the kids everyday, she never dreamt about having her own kids esp. not in the age of 25. That was now 3 years ago and she sat looking at looking back at the days everything was just easy.
can you help me with Michael, he needs to go to the bathroom, but I am just to busy, we are having visitors you know”! “Oh yeah, is that today”? said looking in the mirror. “Glancing in the mirror ay”? asked laughing making blush a bit. “Well no, I will go looking to Michael”! She said smiling and went to room 342 where Michael and 2 other boys were. “Hey you guys do you need to go to the bathroom”? Michael sat smiling, “Yes that would be nice or else you have to change my sheets”! He said making Andrew and Jacob laugh. “Well I need to do that anyway, but I would prefer you go to the toilet before I do it”! She took the wheelchair and went to his bed, “Now Mr. are you ready”? “Yeah I am”! Michael said and swung his legs to the side of the bed. “Good boy, how is the leg today”? “I think it’s fine, I am not sure though as its still in the cast”! Again the lads started to laugh, “You are really funny today”! “I know I am always funny”! After he had gone to the toilet, looked at them, “Do you guys know, who will come and say hello to you all today”? “Yeah those lads from Westlife”? Andrew said. “Are you guys excited”? She asked while changing their bed sheets. “Yeah it’s always nice, when famous people come to visit”! Jacob said. “Wish it was Beckham though”! Michael said. “Who knows maybe it will be next time”! “Well you suggest I go break my other leg to stay longer”? couldn’t stop laughing. “Oh god no, I couldn’t do with you for long”! “Oh come on you love me to bits”! “Yeah you are right”! She said looking at the 3 guys. Michael was 10, so was Andrew and Jacob had just turned 8. “Well guys I better look to the girls, you just call if you need anything or else I will be back to check on you later”! “Will you get us when the lads arrive”? Andrew asked. “Well I think they will come and visit you here at your rooms”! said and went to check on the girls. “Good morning girls are you guys excited”? asked and the girls almost screamed. “So who is your favorite”? “ ”! “ ”! “ ”! “ ”! looked at them, “So Amanda and Carol you guys will be fighting for ’s attention”! “Nah we are just happy, that we get to meet them all”! Carol said smiling. “So do you have your cameras ready”? “Yes, mam was with mine yesterday”! Jodi said smiling. “So you will chase a picture with ”? “Hopefully I’ll have a picture with all of them”! smiled, “Well I will be back and check on you later”! “ who do you like the most”! “Hmm, if I have to pick I would say ”! “That’s just because you want to be nice”! Katherine said. “Nope I like his looks”! said and went to find “So are our kids excited”? “Very much especially the girls”! said smiling looking at her papers, “So when are they arriving”? “In an hour”! “Well we better get ready then”!
are you done, we need to get going”! stood outside ’s hotel room. opened his door standing in just his boxers. “ it’s not a good time, if you know what I mean”! He said winking. “I really don’t care who or what you have in there, we have a job to do”! “Can’t you guys do it without me”? “ we are 4 members in Westlife and the children is expecting to see all four of us”! “Oh god, it’s the sick children”! “Yeah it is”! “Just give me half an hour to get ready”! just turned around and walked down the hall. “Half an hour not a second longer”!
went back inside the room. “Sorry lass you have got to go”! “Why, I thought we agreed to have a nice time all day”! “Well I have some sick children to visit another time perhaps”! She stood up and got dressed, when she was about to go out of the door she looked at him, “Just call me alright”! “Of course”! said well knowing he wouldn’t. When she was gone, he headed for the showers and made himself ready. When he came down the lobby, the guys sat waiting “Wow a new record , it didn’t take long to kick her out, are you going to call her”? asked. smiled, “What do you think”! “NO”! , , said laughing. “Nope”! said and they walked to the car. “I had fun though, but nothing I have never tried before”! He said smiling. “Well what about you start looking for the one you want to spend the rest of your life with”? “ just because you and have found and doesn’t make me search faster”! “I know but sometimes I think that would be good for you, you know all these girls you choose to be with just want to be with you because you are in Westlife”! just looked out the window, he knew his friend was right, “Well yes I know that, but I am not sure I am ready to settle down just yet, give me a year or two and I promise to start looking”! He leaned back in the seat and the others just started laughing, “What…meanwhile and you are sitting home watching a movie playing the perfect couple thing, and I will go clubbing”! “ tell him”! said. “Tell me what”? asked a bit confused. “Well and I are actually getting pretty serious; we have talked about her coming with us on the tour next month”! “WHAT”? said he hadn’t seen that one coming. “Well congratulation, I guess I’ll go clubbing myself then”! “Well I can still go clubbing with you, but probably not all the time”! said smiling at his friend, he seemed a bit lonely. “Well guys let’s stop talking girls we have a serious job to do”! said.


Chapter 2


had just cleaned up after the children’s lunch and stood in the reception to sort out what was next on the schedule. Suddenly she heard a bunch of Irish lads coming through the doors from the lift. She looked up and smiled when the guy she knew as stood in front of her. “Hi there, we are the lads from Westlife, I am , this is , and ”! “THEY ARE HERE, THEY ARE HERE”! looked down the hall watching Amanda looking out of her room telling the other girls that Westlife had arrived. couldn’t stop laughing, “Sorry they are just very excited that you guys are here”! “Yeah so are we”! said smiling nice”! “So where do we start and what do we do”? said interesting. “Well a guy from your management has been here, with presents and balloons and stuff, for you to give the children, it’s in here”! said showing them to the lunch room.
stood looking at the girl who showed them around, she was very beautiful, she had hair and the most beautiful eyes, which would light up her whole face when she smiled or talked about the children. He let the other lads speak while he stood admiring her. “AY are you with us today”? asked, he hated when was some place else when they talked to him. “Erm yes I am right here”! He said snapping out of his thoughts. “Well if you take the balloons”! said. “How many are they in each room”? asked not sure if she had already told them that. “From 2-4 aged 7-10”! She said and he could see on her face, that she had already told them that. “Sorry I wasn’t listening the first time”! just smiled at him; “It’s okay I am just happy you guys had time for this, I am sure you must be busy”! “Never to busy for this”! said with a warm smile. “Michael in 342 would rather it was David Beckham, but was still pleased you guys would come”! started to laugh, “I don’t blame him I would love to meet him aswell”! couldn’t stop smiling this guy was so caring. “Well just show us the way”! said smiling. “Well in here is Amanda, Katherine, Carol and Jodi”! She went in, “So girls are you ready”! When the lads came in Jodi and Carol started crying. “OH MY GOD it’s really you guys”! Amanda said she was very excited. The guys took time taking pictures and giving them autographs and pictures, They also sat talking to them in shift. “So Amanda and Carol like the best, Jodi likes and Katherine the most”! “ The girls yelled making them all laugh. “Sorry no girl for you”! said making the other guys laugh. “Actually likes the most”! started to blush. “So you are a fan”? asked. “Not really just like your music and the girls asked me who I liked the most and I told them ”! stood smiling he would rather have her liking him that the girls aged 10, “What are you giggling at”? asked looking at “Oh it’s nothing really”! said, he caught ‘s eyes and couldn’t stop smiling and was very relieved when she smiled back at him.
Half an hour later they went to the guys room, walked in front of them showing them the way. “ you are eating her up with your eyes”! said; “Nah but I don’t mind that I am her fave”! He said winking at . ” don’t make her one of your trophies”! “I won’t don’t worry”! said and followed the others into room 342.
“So here we have Michael, Andrew and Jacob”! said. She ran around taking pictures of the lads together with Westlife, just like she had done with the girls. “So you like David Beckham”? asked Michael. “ ….did you tell them”? “I guess I did”! She said smiling, “Well guys do you want some coffee”? “Yes that would be nice thank you, I can go help”! “No you really don’t have to”! “Well maybe the lads want a soda”! “Yeah maybe we want a soda”! Michael said. “Well okay thank you”! She said and followed her, “So I am ”! He said reaching out his hand, “ ”! She said shaking it, “Have you worked here for long”? “Yeah 2 years now, I just love it here”! “Yeah I can see that”! “Really”? She asked surprised. “Yeah I can see that this is your passion”! “Yeah I guess you can say that”! She replied. “So you ever go out”? She looked at him a bit carefully. “Erm yes I do go out, when I have the time or the weekend off”! “So is this your weekend off”? “Well yes, I am off at 4pm and then I will enjoy the weekend”! “Will you PLEASE have dinner with me”? She looked at him, “Erm are you sure you have time for that”! “If you say yes I am 100 percent sure I have time”! “I would like that then”! She said smiling. “Great I will pick you up at 7 if that’s time enough for you, we can go for dinner and maybe go clubbing”! “Yeah 7 is fine for me”! “Good”! He said with a huge smile. God he looked so beautiful those eyes which showed all his emotions and he had the most beautiful smile, that could just melt her. “Well we better get back or else they would start worrying”! She said smiling at him.

When left the hospital that afternoon she had just said goodbye to a bunch of happy children, she promised, that she would make all of them copies of the pictures, so they could take them home with them. When she came home she went straight to shower, she stood there for half an hour just thinking about what to wear.

sat smiling in the car. “What are you so happy about”? asked. “Oh it’s nothing, I just love when you can make kids happy”! “I can’t believe we have spent the last 3 hours visiting them”! said. “I think the hardest thing was to go to the cancer patients, they couldn’t do much”! said. “No but luckily they have some good nurses to take care of them”! said. “Talking about nurses , how long did it take you to bring that coffee back”! said and they all started to laugh, “Well I don’t know, long enough to ask her on a date”! He said blushing and smiling at the same time. “You promised me you wouldn’t make her one of your trophies”! said. “I am not going to, I actually asked her on a proper date, you know dinner and everything”! “When are you going on that date”? “I am picking her up at 7pm, we are going clubbing afterwards, why don’t you bring your girls and we can meet up”! They all looked at each other, “Well okay it sounds like you like her”! “I don’t know her yet, but she sure is beautiful and she’s a nurse, I am sure she has her own meaning of things”! He said.
When they arrived to the hotel, looked at the others, I’ll head for the showers and I will call you guys later tonight”! He said and went up to his room. He took a shower and put on his black jeans and a white shirt, a slim tie and a black knitted blouse over. He put some wax in his hair and messed around with it until it was the way he wanted it to be, then he put on his jacket and went to his car, which was parked on the four seasons parking place. He looked at her address and when he held outside her house, he started to get nervous, he never got nervous dating girls, but tonight he was, he had felt something different about her, something he couldn’t explain.


Chapter 3


She had given her address and was very excited about seeing him again, she couldn’t believe her luck, she was actually going out with . She looked at all her clothes and decided to wear her new tight fitting Diesel jeans and a black one shoulder blouse. She put on her black high heeled boots. She put up her hair very loos and put on a small amount of make-up. She had just finished cleaning up after herself when the doorbell rang. She put on her short woolen coat and opened the door.
“Hey”! He said smiling. “Hi ”! “Are you ready”? He asked. “Yeah I just need my purse”! She said and took it from the table in the hall.”Now I am all yours”! She said and walked outside and locked the door. “Wow”! “Wow what”? said when she turned around looking at him, “You look beautiful”! She started to laugh, “Thank you, you don’t look bad yourself”! He followed her to her side of the car and opened the door, “Here you go”! “Thank you sir”! She said and sat in, he ran around the car and got in and started the engine. “So are you ready, I hope you like Italian”! “I love Italian”! “That’s good”! He said with a smile and went they drove to a very fancy Italian restaurant.
“Hello Mr. , mam”! The waiter said when they came in, “Hi Andy, do you have a table for me”? He asked. “Of course I always have a table for you, it’s just like you asked it to be”! The waiter said and showed them to their table. “Can I take your jackets please”? He asked and took his off and gave it to him. “Oh yeah of course”! said and took hers off as well, “Sorry I am not used to this, the places I can afford we always hang our coats on the chairs”! started to laugh, “Well I usually do that as well, but I wanted to take you to the best Italian restaurant in Ireland and this is it”! He said smiling and helped her to sit down. “You are a real gentleman”! said smiling and he sat down, “I like to tell myself that I am”! He said winking. “So what would you like”? “Well I don’t know if you can suggest anything then I’ll be happy otherwise I’ll just have the lasagna”! “Well actually I was about to suggest the lasagna, it’s the best in Ireland”! “I can’t wait to taste it then”! She replied smiling a bit nervous. “Do you like wine”? “Yeah, yeah I do”! She replied. ordered the lasagna to both of them, a bottle of wine and a can of water. “Enjoy”! The waiter said when he arrived with the food.
“So”! are you from ”? “Yes Born and raised here, you”? “I am from actually”! “Okay didn’t know that, I have actually never been there”! “You should, it’s really beautiful, I have my own house there not far from my parents, I am never going to move away from there”! “I can understand that especially when you are hardly never home”! “I bought myself an apartment in London last year, just to have a home there as well, hate living in hotel rooms all the time”! “Yeah probably not fun in the long run”! “No in the beginning it was very exciting, but you don’t get much privacy like that, so I enjoy going to London, where I can stay at my own place, have you ever been to London”? “Yeah I have this Christmas tradition, I go shopping there every year to buy presents”! “Alone”? “Well I did it with my sister every year, until she moved to London herself, now I go there alone and we meet up”! “So you are close”? “Not as close as we used to be, but still closer than most I guess”! “That’s nice, do you miss her”? “Yeah I do, our dad left us, when I was 6 and she was 10 and our mom died 2 years ago”! “Oh I am sorry”! “It’s okay she was very sick, now she has peace and I go visit her once a week”! “It must be hard I can’t imagine my life without my parents”! “No it’s hard in the beginning, but we had such great times together, I am sad I never got to give her grandchildren, but my sister had just given birth to her second son when she died, so that’s better than none at all”! could feel that tears were on the way and could see it on her, “Well what do you say we change the subject”! “I would love that”! She said smiling, “Thanks”! “No problem, I am taking you to a very posh club tonight”! “Oh okay”! “You don’t seem excited”! “Yeah I am, but I really don’t care if it’s posh or not as long as we have a good time”! smiled. “I like how you are thinking, but we are going to the posh one, because I know people will leave me alone there, I have asked the guys to meet us there”! “Sounds good”! She replied.
When they got outside called telling them, that they were leaving the restaurant. “Well I just want to tell you that I enjoyed our dinner very much”! “So did I and you were right, it’s the best lasagna I have ever tasted”! They walked for a bit, “It’s getting quite cold isn’t it”! asked looking up at , “Yeah”! He said and slowly he wrapped his arm around her. just smiled, she didn’t say it to make him warm her, she just did it because she hated the silence between them, but she wasn’t going to remove his arm, it felt nice.

over here”! looked up and saw the other lads sitting at a table with 3 girls. “So guys this is , you remember, , and , these are their girlfriends , and ”! “Hey”! said a bit nervous getting a hug from all the lads. “Wow you look good”! said. “Thank you very much, so do you”! “ what do you want to drink”? “A Smirnoff Ice wouldn’t hurt”! “Smirnoff Ice it is, anyone else”? He asked looking around, but they all just looked at the table where there stood 2 bottles of vodka and a few sodas. “Well I had to ask”! “ and walked to the bar. ’s eyes followed him he was well liked everyone said hello when they passed him and a blonde girl approached him at the bar. “So you had a nice dinner”? , “Oh, yeah it was really nice, he is a real gentleman”! “ …A GENTLEMAN”? asked and the rest started to laugh. “Well he has been until now”! “Okay”! said smiling. “Well how is he usually”! “Well not to hurt you , but he is the Casanova of the group”! “Okay, well it’s only our first date, so if he isn’t interested, I guess he will tell me”! She said. “What are you guys talking about”? said and sat down with a tray with 8 Ices. “It’s nothing, just told us that you’ve been a gentleman all night”! smiled, “And you told her”? “That you are the Casanova of the group”! said. looked around the table, “Thank you guys”! he said and they started to laugh, “Here you go sweetie”! said giving her a Smirnoff Ice. “Thanks”! She said smiling. After a while looked at her, “Are you having a great time”? “I am getting quite drunk”! She said. “Well you want to dance then”? He asked standing up and reached out his hand. “Yeah, would love to”! She replied and stood up and took his hand and they went to the dancefloor where a slow song started. She wrapped her arms around his neck.
“They actually look like a couple”! said. “Yeah, I know he is the Casanova of the group, but he looks totally different around her”! said. “She might be the one”! “ you heard him earlier, he needs a year or two to settle down”! “Yeah…I just want him to be happy”!


Chapter 4


“So I really think this was the perfect 1st date”! said looking at , when they stood in front of her house. “Yeah so do I”! She said looking down her feet. He lifted up her head and leaned forward. It felt soft at first when their lips met, but it soon became harder and more passionate. “ ”! said when they pulled away”! “Yeah”? “Do you want to come in”! “Are you sure you want that”? “100 percent sure, if you want to that is”! “I would love to”! He said and they went inside. locked the door and turned around, just to feel his lips on hers. “Follow me”! She said taking his hand to lead him to the bedroom. “Are you sure”! “Yes I am sure”! She said and they started to undress each other. They lay down on the bed and went on top of her. “God you look so beautiful”! He said starring into her eyes and started to kiss her. Slowly he spread her thighs with his knee, he looked into her eyes and she just nodded and moaned when she felt him inside of her.
The next morning, woke up feeling his arms around her. It was the most incredible feeling. “Morning”! She heard him say. “Morning ”! She said turning around so she could see him. “Did you sleep well”? She asked a bit nervous. “The best in a long time”! He said and leaned in to kiss her. “SO are you going to work today”? She asked. “Erm no, we have the weekend off, I was actually going to to visit my family”! “Okay”! “But now I am not sure”! “Oh why is that”? She asked. “Because I want to spend my weekend with you”! “Oh , I can’t take the time you have to go see your family”! “What about you go with me”! “Go with you to visit your family”? “Yeah, we can just tell them that we are friends, I REALLY would love to know you better and you have never been to ”! “OK”! “Seriously do you want to go”? He asked. “Yeah why not”! “When do you have to be back”? “I am having night shift Monday”! “Okay well I actually have the week of, do you think you can get your week of as well”? “I am not sure”! “Let me make the call”! “Okay”! She said and gave him her phone. -This is
-Hi this is from Westlife.
-Oh hey , what can I do for you, by the way isn’t this ’s phone?
-You got me there , well I would like to take on vacation, you know my schedule is really busy and I only have this week off for a long time, so I wanted to ask if I could take her with me!
-Oh, well I can figure something out I guess.
-Really that would be great thank you, we owe you big time!
looked at , “Pack your bags, we are going to ”! “Are you serious”? “Yep”! said smiling, he walked over to her and gave her a hug, “This will be my best week off ever”! ”! you don’t know me, maybe you’ll get sick and tired of me before the week is over”! “I really doubt that”! He replied. packed the stuff she needed and then both of them headed to the showers. “We just have to go by the hotel to pick up my stuff and say goodbye to the lads.

When they arrived to the hotel went to the reception to get his key. “ I have been waiting for your call”! looked around to see the girl who he promised to call back 2 days ago. just started smiling, not knowing what to do. “I am sorry, Lauren”! “LAURA”! “I am sorry Laura, but I am quite busy at the moment”! said and got his key. “Come on ”! looked at the girl, “I am really sorry Laura”! She said smiling and they went into the lift. “You really are a Casanova”! said laughing. “Well I am glad you find it funny, I was a Casanova and then I met you”! “I am very flattered Mr. ”! She said making him laugh, “I promise you I have never wanted to spend a week with a girl I have just met, so you are very special”! leaned into him and he wrapped his arms around her. When the elevator stopped, and stood in front of them. “ AND ”! said very surprised. “Yeah, we are going to get my stuff and then we are heading to ”! “WE”? asked. “”? be nice”! said. “Yeah I am taking her to ”! “Already”! “Not to present her as my girlfriend, just to have time together to get to know each other”! “Okay, okay you just surprise me ”! “I am glad I do”! said smiling and pulled towards his room. “Hope to see you guys soon”! said smiling trying to keep up with
, “I can’t believe this is happening”! “ and what is happening”! “You love to gossip don’t you”? “Yes I LOVE to gossip”!
“Wow it’s beautiful up here”! said looking out of the window. “I told you didn’t I”? “Yeah you did, I can’t believe I have never been here before”! “No neither can I, I actually can’t believe that we haven’t met before now”! couldn’t stop smiling, “I can’t see you as the Casanova they say you are, except for that girl at the hotel”! “Well I guess they are right, I have never been good with relationship, but I like you. I am not saying I am ready for a relationship, I just want to get to know you”! “You don’t have to explain , I understand what you say”! She said smiling. put his hand on her knee feeling her tiny hand slipping into his. “I am glad you do”! said.
“Well here we are this is my house”! said and drove up the driveway. “Oh my god it’s huge”! “Yeah I know”! said smiling his beautiful smile. “I love it here, so I had my dream house build and this is it”! “Yeah I can understand why”! “Well let’s get inside, we have dinner at my parents tonight”! “Only your parents”? “I don’t think so, usually the whole family is gathered when I come back home”! “Sounds like fun”! said making laugh, “Are you nervous now”! “Yeah I guess I am”! “Well come on let me give you a tour”! “I would love a tour”! “Oh you would, well let me show you my bedroom first”! couldn’t stop laughing, she knew exactly what kind of tour he wanted to give her in the bedroom, but she gladly followed him.


Chapter 5


“This is my bed”! said smiling and they started to undress and ended up under the duvets. “Well that was nice”! “Yeah and then in your own bed”! “Yeah, but your bed isn’t bad either”! He said kissing the top of her head. “So what am I going to wear tonight, jeans or a dress or what do you think”? “Well I am sure you can turn up in whatever you like, they don’t judge people on the clothes they wear, my family is really down to earth”! “Sounds good I’ll just put on my PJs then”! “Well if you want to meet my family in your PJs, then go ahead”! “Okay thanks”! She said and went out of bed. “I want you bad”! “ you just had me”! “I can’t get enough of you; you are so beautiful, nothing like the other girls I’ve went out with, you are so normal and so perfect”! sat down on the edge of the bed, “I am not beautiful, you are, you have such warm eyes and a beautiful smile, I love those lips of yours, they are so soft, I have never met anyone who makes me feel like you do ”! He kissed her and sat up beside her, “Thanks sweetie, we better get ready”!
had decided to wear a pair of jeans and a shirt in Western style. “You’ll fit right in”! “I really hope so”! She replied kissing him and they went inside.
“Hi guys”! yelled and they took of their shoes and went into the living room where all his family was gathered. “Guys this is and this is my family”! went around shaking all their hands getting all their names, “I am sorry I am not sure I will remember them all just now”! She said smiling a bit shy. “So , who is this girl”? asked his younger brother. “Oh by the way, she’s my girlfriend”! said proud. looked at him a bit surprised and he just put her arm around her waist and held her tight, “If you want to be”! He whispered. smiled, “I would love to be”! smiled and kissed her on the top of her head. They had a really good time and there were no doubt that the whole family was happy to see him back home and they were all really nice to .
After a perfect week ran around very busy on the hospital. “ you seem so happy lately”! said, “Well he is just so amazing, I think I am falling in love with him”! “I can understand that, look at that”! She said pointing at a man with a big bouquet of flowers. “ ”? He asked. “Yes that’s me”! She replied and signed for the flowers. She took the card and read it, “What does it say”! asked. “Hi Sweetie, just want to tell you how much I miss you, hope you’ll have a great day at work, I’ll see you next week. I can’t wait Love ”! “Oh my god he is in love with you”! “I don’t know I really hope so”! “So where in the world is he right now”`? “They are in London”! She said a bit sad, “You miss him”! “Yeah I miss him all the time”! said smiling.
are you coming with us”! asked. “Where are you going”? “We are going clubbing”! “No I have to go calling , maybe tomorrow not tonight”! “I would say you are in love ”! “Yeah I guess you are right”! said smiling, “What is it with you”! asked. “Well I have never felt like this before I am thinking about her all the time and I am afraid if I go clubbing I will end up doing something stupid and I don’t want to, I’ve told my family that she’s my girlfriend and she is and I don’t want to ruin that”! “Well I will come over tonight and we can have a movie night instead”! “Really will you do that for me”? “Yes I would love to, I am so thrilled that you have met a nice girl, you know we all like her”! “You do”? asked pleased. “Of course, she seems so down to earth, you go home and call her and then I’ll show up later”! “What about clubbing”? “Just leave and ”! “No problem”! He said.
drove back to his apartment, he sat down on the couch and looked around, it was going to be good to have a night in, he really didn’t want to mess things up with , so it was better to stay in so he wouldn’t risk anything. He took his phone and called her.
-Hi sweetie it’s me how are you?
-Hi , I am fine, thank you so much for the flowers they are really beautiful!
-So you got them?
-Yeah why are you sounding so sad, is something wrong?
-No not really, I just miss you so much, I wish you were here!
-I would love to be there as well, but I have to look after the kids you know, but I miss you as well, people at work tell me that I look so happy lately and I know for a fact, that it has to do with you !
-I am glad to hear that, is coming over tonight, we are having a night in!
-Why it doesn’t seem like you , I haven’t known you for long, but I know that you love clubbing.
-I am afraid I’ll do something stupid that will mess up our relationship and I don’t want that to happen, I really love you!
-What did you say?
- I love you!
-I love you too , if you love me why are you afraid to hurt me? I love you to and I trust you, really I do!
-Okay, but still I’ll have a night in with , I think I need it, but I will maybe go out tomorrow then!
- I have to go I have taken a night shift!
-Haven’t you just had the moning shift?
-Yes, but first of all when I work a lot, time will go faster while you are away and 2nd I’ll get more money and maybe next time I can afford to go with you to London.
-I would love that!
-Me to I have to go now tell hello from me, I love you!
-I love you
He sat looking at the phone when the line went dead. He couldn’t remember ever telling a girl that he loved her, but it felt good and he was sure he loved her, she was the girl he had wanted for so long, but he had given up looking for her and found it easier with one night stands in stead of relationships.


Chapter 6

After being together for half a year, the fans started to recognize as ’s girlfriend, she found it funny that kids on the hospital wanted pictures together with her and loved when she called telling him the stories.
you look a little pale”! said looking at her, “I don’t feel really well”! “What’s up”! “I have no idea, sorry I have to…”! She ran out to the bathroom and threw up. “For feck sake”! She yelled when she finished. “Are you okay”! “Oh I have no idea what’s up with me”? “Might be pregnant”! “Don’t say that, he isn’t ready for that”! “Are you”! “I haven’t thought about it, but I wouldn’t mind, I love him ”! “Yeah let me get you a test”! She ran out of the bathroom and sat down waiting for her and she soon arrived with a test. “Here you go, take your time”! just smiled and went out again. starring at the test, “Oh my god I can’t do it here”! She said and went outside. “I can’t do it”! “ I think you should call in sick and I’ll make sure there will be someone to cover for you and if you have to go to London, to visit Shane just do that”! “Thanks hun”! said.
When came home she went to the bathroom. 3 minutes later she looked at the positive test. Her eyes went from the test to her phone, “I can’t just call him”! She said and she decided to write him a text.
your phone received a message”! ”! said smiling. “You are so in love”! “Yes . We need to talk, not on phone, but face to face”! “ what’s up you look pale”! “I think she’s going to break up with me”! “What don’t be silly she loves you”! “Yeah, but she want to talk face to face”! “Yeah that sounds serious”!
That same night the guys went clubbing. “I can’t believe she’s breaking up with me, I would have done anything for her”! said drunk and very sad. “ you don’t know what she is going to say”! “No but be honest it sounds like a break up”! “Yeah I am sorry mate it does”! chatted up a girl in the bar. “So you are from Westlife right, you want to go back to your hotel”? looked at her, “Yeah why not”!
When they came back they kissed all the way up the elevator and when he opened up the door he had her around his waist and closed the door with his food. When he turned on the light he looked straight into the eyes. “I really can’t believe I trusted you”! “Oh my god, what are you doing here”? “I told you I had to talk to you face to face and obviously I couldn’t, It couldn’t wait”! “Oh sorry you really have to go NOW”! said looking at the girl in front of him. “No it’s okay I am leaving”! “No , please stay”! The girl went out and closed the door. He looked into ’s eyes now full of tears. “I am SO sorry I thought you were going to break up with me”! “ you are drunk, I would never break up with you, but now you leave me no choice, I thought I could trust you”! “You can, I love you”! “You really messed things up”! said and went to the door. “What was it then”! “ it doesn’t matter, I will take care of it myself, don’t worry about it”! She kissed his cheek. “I am going to miss you”! “You don’t have to, I love you and want to be with you”! “ you cheated on me, you just came to the conclusion that I was breaking up with you and it was so far from the truth, you don’t contact me anymore”! “ ”! “Don’t ”! She said and went out of his room and down to the reception where they called her a taxi.
“My god what happened to you, you look like shit”! said looking at his friend, “So she broke up mate”! were in my room”! “WHAT, why the hell did you bring a girl back to your hotel”! “Because I thought it was over”! “And it isn’t”! “Yeah now it is”! “So she wasn’t breaking up with you, what did she want then”! “I don’t know she told me not to think about it”! “Why don’t you call her”! “She said not to contact her, god I have really messed up, my mum is going to tell me off”! “Yeah I can understand that, that’s the most stupid thing you have ever done, I thought you loved her”! said. “I did, I do, she’s the love of my life”! “If she was, you would never have done that to her, I understand why she doesn’t want to see you again”! said. “I know”! and started crying. “ you need to dry those tears we have a job to do”! said. “I am sorry I can’t work right now”! “You have to ”! “ I CAN’T WORK RIGHT NOW”! yelled angry and sad at the same time. “Okay, okay we will say that you are down with a fever”! said and went to his bed. He didn’t work all week, and cried more tears, than he had ever cried before, he tried to call and text her, but she never answered.

, ”! yelled from her bedroom. Her sister ran to her, “What is it, are you okay”? “I am sorry to wake you up, but the water just broke”! “Oh god, well I will get ready and tell Bruce that we are going”! had spend the last 2 months of her pregnancy at her sisters place, so she was sure that there was someone with her when it was time.
“I have made the car ready can you walk out there yourself”? “Yeah, yeah”! She said and went slowly to the car. “Don’t worry we will be there soon, Bruce has called the hospital and told them, that we are on our way”! “Thanks I have no idea what I would have done without you guys”! “I still think you should tell him”! “I know, but he doesn’t have the time to be a dad”! “I am sure he will take the time, he made an interview where the headline was ‘My heart is broken’! I am sure he loves you”! “ he cheated on me”! “Yes I know, but I just don’t think it’s fair, he should be here when his child is being born”! “ I don’t want to talk about right now”! They soon arrived at the hospital, where they were ready to take a look on her right away. “ you are ready, you have opened as much as you have to”! 5 hours later sat with her haired son in her arms. “Oh my god , he is so beautiful”! “Yeah, he looks like his daddy”! “Do you have a name for him”? “ ”! “You want him to have ’s name”? “Yes, it’s his child he would have wanted that”! “I am sure he would want to know, that he’s dad”! “ we have had this conversation, it’s not the right time”! “When is the right time, what if he has a wife and children before you tell him, I know you love him, why not tell him”! “I just can’t”!

Chapter 7

“Mum can I have something to drink”? looked up from her thoughts, she looked at her son who was very dirty after playing in the garden. “Well I think it’s time that you go wash your hands, we are going to visit at the hospital”! “Okay, but can I have something to drink”! “Yes of course, go wash you hands and I will find you some Lemonade. When had washed up he went to drink his Lemonade, found some clean clothes. “Mum can I wear my Irish shirt”? started to laugh he loved that shirt. With number 11 and written on the back. “Sure”! She said and put it on him.
”! yelled when he saw her in the hall: “Hey hey hun it’s good to see you”! She said and gave a hug. “So how are you guys”! “Go od right mum”! “Yeah we are doing just fine”! “ he is here”! “Who”? asked. “ , Westlife is here to visit the children”! “What right now”? She asked getting all nervous. “Mum what’s wrong”? “It’s nothing ”! “Can I go see what the guys are doing”! “What guys”? asked. “Those from last time we were here”! “ they aren’t here anymore, there are some new guys here instead”! “Well can I go see what they are doing”! He said and ran down the hall. “I guess so”! She said laughing. looked at room 342 the door was closed so he knocked on it.
“Did you guys hear that”? asked. “What”? stood up and opened. “Hi, who are you”? He asked letting the haired boy inside. “Hey I am , I just wanted to see what you guys were doing”! “Okay why don’t you sit down then”? said laughing. “So you like Ireland then”? on the Irish team”! looked at said and the guys started to laugh. “Well I better go see where my mum is”! “She’s probably a fan”? said. “A fan of what”? asked. “Maybe she’s a fan of ”! “Well I guess so, I have seen pictures of him and her at home”! started to laugh, “Well that’s good, here you have an autograph you can give her, what’s her name”! “My mum’s name is , but I really just call her mum”! When heard that name he had tears in his eyes all over again, he had tried not to think much about her the last 4 years, but it had been hard. “Well once I knew a girl with that name, she was really nice”! “So is my mum, she’s very pretty as well”! The lads started to laugh. “Well tell her hello then”! “I will”! said, took the paper and his jacket. “It was very nice to meet you guys”! “You to ”! said giving him a smile. “God he was very cute”! said. “Yeah he actually looked like you a bit”! ”! said. “Well it’s just a coincident, I thought I was over her, but when I heard that name again, guys I still love her”! “Oh my god it has been almost 4 years”! said. “Oh my god , how old do you think that little lad was”? think about it, what if she wanted to tell you, that she was pregnant that day”! “What day”? asked very stupid. “The day, where you thought she was going to break up with you, what if she wanted to tell you that she was pregnant”! “Wow said. “Guys it’s just a coincident”! “He is the true image of you”! said. “Well lucky lad isn’t he, but he is not my son, she would have told me, wouldn’t she”? asked very confused now. “She told you to leave her alone didn’t she”? stood up and ran out the door.
“I’ll see you soon , it was great seeing you again”! “Yeah you to , don’t let it be to long”! “No I promise you I will be back here soon”! “Here mum I have something for you”! said showing her the piece of paper he had in his hand. “What’s that sweetie”1 “To , what a sweet kid you have here, love ”! Her heart skipped a beat. “Oh so you met him did ya”? “Yeah we can go say hi to them now if you want to”! “No I think it’s time to go home now”! “ ”! When she heard his voice she could feel the tears in her eyes and she slowly turned around. She had tried to avoid this moment for 3 years. “Hey”! She said smiling and then a tear ran down her cheek. took her hand, “Mum you are crying”! “Yeah I know sweetie”! walked closer, “I can’t believe it’s you, wow you look so good”! When they stood close he wrapped his arms around her, it was so good to feel his arms around her again. “So this is your son”? “Our son”! whispered still holding close, so he couldn’t see her cry, “Our son”!? He asked and looked at her, “Yeah our son, I am sorry, but we have to go…come on ”! said and they walked away. stood looking after them trying to take all the information in. Before he knew what to do he ran after them,
…. wait up”! said almost out of air when he saw her beside her car. “ I can’t do this”! She said looking at the most beautiful man she had ever seen. “You have to, I am not letting you go this time, we have to talk about this”! “What is there to talk about, I don’t expect anything from you, you can live your life as you used to”! “ I don’t want to, I still love you, I haven’t been with a woman for almost 4 years”! looked at him, “Why”!? “Because I loved you and I still do, no one could ever take your place”! “ don’t”! “ I want to be there for you and for ”! “I don’t know if you can”! She said and sat into the car and they drove home.
“Mum did you know that man”! “Yeah I did, mum will explain when we come home”! When they got home ran to the swing, “You know that man is in Westlife right”! “Yeah and I know you have pictures of him aswell”! “Well that’s your daddy”! “Oh okay”! said. “Where is he now”! “Back at the hospital”! “Why can’t he stay here with us, if he is my daddy”! “Because”! “Don’t you love him”? “Yeah I love him with all my heart”! “Can’t I ask him to eat with us tonight”? “You want that”? “Yeah”! took up her phone from her pocket. “Here you just have to push the green”!
- - started to laugh when he heard who it was.
- Hey
-Can you please come eating with us tonight!
-Erm have you asked your mum “Of course he has he is 3 years old”! thought for himself.
-Yeah and daddy please hurry mum is inside crying.
When heard him say daddy his heart skipped a beat, it was the most fantastic sound ever and he promised to come as soon as possible.
“Guys I am going out for dinner”! said when he reached the others at the hotel restaurant. “Okay where are you going”? felt a tear run down his cheek. “Well my son just called and asked me to join him for dinner”! “Wow, does he know you are his father”! “ asked smiling at his friend. “I better go”! said smiling and ran out of the door and hailed a taxi which drove him to her house.
someone’s at the door why don’t you go open it”! He ran as fast as he could and pulled up the door. “DADDY”! He yelled and bend down and picked him up, “Hey buddy, so what are we having for dinner”? asked when he closed the door behind him. “Don’t know mum is in the kitchen, but usually it’s eatable”! started to laugh, but stopped when he saw her, “Hey”! He said almost whispering. “Hi She said turning around, he could see she had been crying. “So what’s for dinner”? “Lasagna what else”! She said trying to smile. “Not the best in Ireland though”! “Tonight I think it will be the best in Ireland”! He said and put down . She turned around again and looked out the window, suddenly she felt his hands around her waist. “Oh , I am so sorry”! She said turning around facing him, “Don’t be I was a jerk”! “Yeah but still you deserved to be a part of your sons life, my sister tried to get me to tell you, but I kept avoiding the subject”! “ if I had just listened to you in stead of going for conclusions, I would have had the perfect family now”! “Would you have stayed”? “Of course, god sweetie you are the love of my life if you give me one more chance, I promise you, that I will never leave you again or do stupid things, this is where I belong”! looked into his eyes, “I love you”! “I love you to”! He replied and kissed her soft.

2 years later:

“Push , push”! “I can’t believe you are putting me trough this again”! “This time I am here babe and we are doing this together….arrrggg”! He screamed when she squeezed his hand while pushing. “It’s a girl” the doctor said and started to cry, “ it’s a girl, I knew you could do it”! He said kissing her forhead. “I can’t believe how lucky I am”! “ I am the lucky one to have you in my life”! “Not as lucky as me, I have the most beautiful wife and 2 beautiful kids, I couldn’t ask for more, I can’t wait to bring you home, I am ready to start a new chapter”! “And what better place than to do that”! said and they kissed, looking at their little baby girl.

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