Do You Believe In Magic?

“I believe snow is magic, because how could little small white snowflakes falling down from somewhere up in the sky be anything but magic? I believe in the magic of family, because no matter how much I can disagree with them, then I know they love me and they are the one sure thing I know will always stay in my life. I believe in the magic of a close friend, because how could it not be magic to find someone who will go through fire for you and understand what you say without you even saying anything? And I believe in love. Like snow love falls down and surrounds you. You can’t see love but you can feel it like the magic of a snow flake falling on your nose. It’s magic to find someone who makes your heart beat wildly and who actually love you back just as much. I think it’s magic, what you do you think?”

stood still bending her head back and starred up into the dark night that was lighted up by fireworks. A loud bang kept breaking out just seconds before another rocket broke free in amazing colours, making people starring exclaims “Aahhhhh”. A soft smile broke on her lips, in this very moment she felt happy, she had everything she needed right here, all she had to do was to reach out and even if she didn’t she knew she didn’t need too because those who loved her would turn to her if she didn’t reach out. She let a soft sigh escape her lips as her thoughts went two years back…

>>Flashback two years ago<<
Standing in her living room listened to her friend in the other end of the phone and she sighed deeply. It was New Years Eve tomorrow and all wanted was to party. The last couple of years it had always been a quiet event because her friends wanted to be at a quiet party with their family. It used to be okay, but had now reached a point where she wanted to try to be at a real, crazy and funny party celebrating the new years, just like she knew her siblings would and a bunch of the worlds other young people, so why was it her friends wasn’t up for it???
- Come on , we’ll make a party at my place it could be so much fun!! begged as she listened to the resistance in her friend voice.
- But how will I come back and forth? asked as annoyed let her head rest against the door frame.
- Right you know what, just forget it I can hear you don’t want to, so I’ll figure something else out. replied annoyed knowing her friend all too well.
- I do want to but I don’t know if I can. defended herself
- Yeah I know. Talk later . She replied and hung up feeling frustrated as this happened way too often. Feeling defeated for a few seconds her eyes landed on the photo frame on her bedside table and a smile broke free on her lips. Pushing the buttons on her phone she waited until she heard his voice and the butterflies filled her stomach like they always did when she heard his voice.
- Hey baby, what’s up?

Only ½ an hour later she where throwing things in her suitcase, determined to get a party and if the party couldn’t come to her, then she would come to it. Hearing her phone go off she grabbed it…
- Hey I’m….
- It’s !! huffed in the other end
- Oh hey , what’s up? asked feeling a lot more excited than when she talked to earlier.
- I was just thinking why don’t you come out to my place instead?
- Thanks but I want this year to be a party and not a family thing, I’m sorry.
- Oh okay.
- And I’ve found myself a party, do you want come?
- What party?
- The one the guy’s are having.
- that’s in ! replied rolling her eyes
- I know.
- So you’re joking?
- No I’m packing, as I’m going to catch a plane and go party with my boyfriend. replied and heard go very quiet in the other end.
- You know you could talk. grinned
- Sorry but . repeated
- Yes, and I haven’t seen him in a couple of months so it will be fab.
- But you can’t just go to .
- Of cause I can. That’s why he and I have a chance, we both want this so we make in work.
- And I can’t?
- You could, but you don’t want too.
- I do want to but I can’t just go off like that?
- No and that’s the different between you and me. If you really wanted then you could and you would but all you see is no I can’t. If you wanna go then come with me!
- I can’t just…
- Oh , let’s not do this. I know you so well we can talk about this for the next hour and you will still say you really want to but we both know you won’t do it, and I’m so so so tired of it. So let’s just settle with each our party unless you suddenly turn around and want to go. sighed.
- Oh right okay.
- I’m sorry but I just, I need something to happen. I need to do this and I would love for you to come but I know you. You don’t do things like this on impulse.
- True, have a good trip.
- Thanks, I’ll call you over there. replied and seconds later they ended the call

A short trip at home to visit her parents and an hour later she found herself alone in the airport. For a few seconds she wondered if had been right and this where crazy but she quickly shakes the thought of her as this was right for her. Sure she was scared to travel over there alone and she hadn’t been together with for long but it felt right and she for one wasn’t going to lose him like had lost . and never saw each other and never made an effort to travel out to see him and never understood that because if you love someone you’ll do anything, at least that’s what you would if your name where .

Landing in was in awe, the airport was huge and she felt slightly lost as she decided to just follow the others from her plane as she assumed they knew where to go. After a while she came though the arrivals hall and was at once greeted by a cheering woman who threw her arms around her.
- Hehe hey . laughed
- Heeeyyyyy OH MY GOD I’m soooooo glad you decided to come over.
- And I’m still in shock that you stole from and moved over here.
- Yeah I’m sorry about the first part but she even admitted to me that she didn’t want him enough to move here, so how much could she really have loved him?
- Don’t know but she didn’t want to come along with me, but then again it probably wouldn’t be fun for her to watch you and together. Still she’s friends with the others. Uhh it’s tricky.
- Yeah but let’s just agree that’s its decision. Besides I promised to get you as quickly as possible so ready to go? asked watching a smile grow on her friends face at the bare mention of his name.
- Yes, more than ready.
- OMG you got it bad. laughed
- But his so sweet. pouted
- Right, let’s go. laughed

As they drove watched all the houses they passed by as she thought about what she was doing. She had always done some things by impulse but never had she decided to fly to another country only a few hours before actually going. It all felt crazy and great a once. She knew she where going to miss seeing her family at new year but on the other hand this felt right too and she felt like she needed to do it.
- Right we’re here babe. laughed as she picked in the side and looked at her friend with a smile. As they got out of the car and walked into the house felt the butterflies in her stomach act like maniacs. She was so nervous and excited to see him again, but as and she got into the living room she didn’t see him. She did see and however standing on each their chair trying to hang decorations up in the ceiling.
- HEY . They each cheered.
- Hey guy’s. She grinned back as she heard someone else scream “AUCH” and she looked over towards who now stood with his finger in his mouth.
- The poor guy pricked himself on a needle. laughed coming over to give a hug. - Auch! replied.
- Exactly, sympathy ! exclaimed as just laughed at him.
Suddenly a gasp escaped ’s mouth as she suddenly felt the guy cursing her butterflies place his arms around her from behind and place kisses over her neck.
- Hey baby, I missed you. His voice sounded in her ear. Turning around in his arms her heart leaped over as she gazed back into his eyes.
- I missed you more. She whispered back before their lips crashed together. As soon as she felt his lips she forgot everyone around them and all she felt where her beating heart and his tongue now entering her mouth to play.
- Okay and misses, ya can come up for air now, ya have been locked together for a few minutes now. declared with a laugh as he walked over and waited for them to let go of each other. When they did he let packets of balloons fall into their hands.
- Well we have something to catch up on! grinned back
- Yeah but not on my watch. laughed and turned around to go towards the kitchen and check up on things there.
- Balloons then? asked raising an eyebrow at her still not believing she was actually there.
- In a sec but first… grinned as she leaned in to kiss him again and in didn’t take more than a second to respond and kiss her back.

A couple of hours later they all sat around the dinner table having finished their dinner. looked around at her friends with a smile on her lips this was how she wanted it to be. A party with friends and she already knew that it involved lot’s of drinks, a karaoke machine and fireworks at midnight.
- Gosh I’m stuffed. gasped as he clapped a hand softly on his stomach, making grin and clap his stomach just that little harder making him gasp loudly.
- Hey woman move your hands from my stomach. exclaimed
- Hmm that’s not what you said last night. laughed as covered his ears.
- Seriously don’t want to hear about ya sex life. exclaimed putting everyone in fits of laughter.
- Hmm well I could tell you a thing or two about ours! grinned making everybody stare at him including with wide eyes.
- Don’t you dare! told him making laugh.
- As if I ever would babe. said a bit softer while tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.
- I wouldn’t put it past you guy’s of doing so. In fact I believe you have all said a thing or two when us girls aint around. said as she took a sip of her wine.
- Well and I believe you girls do the same. stated.
A giggle almost left ’s mouth as he watched his girlfriend turn to a little shade of red and he couldn’t help but feel a bit amused. though felt his gaze on her face and she didn’t dare to look at him as she knew the colour on her face would raise in grades if she did. It didn’t stop though as she felt him lean in close so she felt his breath on her cheek. With his fingers on her left cheek he softly made her turn her face to look at him.
- So baby what have you told them? He asked in a whisper and enjoyed the feeling of working her into a state.
- Nothing. She replied hardly in a whisper.
- Did you tell them I’m a tiger? grinned
- No. I only told something. She replied as she got lost in his eyes.
- Tell me later? whispered and watch her nod as he leaned in to steal a kiss.

>>Flashback end<<
The smile grew even more on her lips as she felt two arms sneak around her and pull her close towards his body.
- A penny for your thoughts. He whispered as he placed a kiss on her neck.
- I was just thinking on our first new years eve together.
- That were my best new years eve ever and do you know why? He asked as she turned around in his arms to gaze into his eyes.
- No why? asked.
- Because that’s when I knew we would last. smiled as he watched the surprised look on her face.
- How did you?
- Because you showed me you really wanted me by jumping on that plane to come and be with me. You would never have travelled that far just for a party.
- Actually I wanted both but now I just want you. She replied as she let a finger slide over his lips.
- You have me. He whispered.
- And you have me.
- Baby by the way what was it you told back then? suddenly recalled.
- I told her that you made me feel amazing in every sense of the word. grinned and her cheeks turned a little reddish making grin.
- Hehe I love that and I love I can still make you shy. grinned
- You will always be able to do that.
- Yeah??
- Yes. do you believe in magic? asked as he looked into her gaze trying to figure out what she meant.
- Of ‘cause baby, but what kind a magic do you mean?
- Us. I believe it is magic the way you love me and I believe our love is magic. She replied making him smile.
- I believe we are magic too. grinned and leaned in closer so he felt her breath on his face. Hearing fireworks crash into the sky and into his heart he could no longer stop himself from kissing her again.
- Happy New Year baby. whispered softly just seconds before magic rushed through both of them as their lips met.

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