“Ok this is weird.” said to her sister and their best friend .
and couldn’t argue. They were sitting in St Paul’s Church watching ’s ex-boyfriend Joshua Jackson getting married to Emma Bunton.

had dated Josh for 6 years from the age of 15 to 21. had always known that Josh wasn’t the one. didn’t understand that. Since her sister was with him for 6 years there must have been something. said it lasted that long cause he lived in the US so they didn’t see much off each other. didn’t think so but wouldn’t listen.

“I still say it´s weird, that could be you marrying him.” said dreamily snapped back at her she was fed up with sense to wish and Josh would get together she needed to get over it “Well I’m bloody not. When I meet my guy I will know. So drop it.” and knew to shut up, when gave them killer look.

The three girls shut up and watched the rest of the service bored out their brains.

heard the last few words of the service and jumped up trying not to let people know he was running to get out of the place. “Thank God it’s over” he said waiting for the bride and groom to pass before he headed out. “You’re not meant to say that.” said laughing.
was also bored and wanted to get out, so he pushed into to get moving, but crashed into a girl passing.
“Watch it” She said then stopped dead in her tracks. “Sorry my mate back there was trying to get out and I fell on to you and sorry.” said getting reder by the second.

The girl walked off. “Rude and droll much” said it wasn’t everyday a cute guy walked into her she didn’t mind when he was a hottie.

“Hey wait up” she heard shout and turned round just as the guy and his four mates walked past. “What are you starring at” asked her and all could do was point to the guy. “He is really fine” said and then looked at his friends, “and his friends are stunning too,” she added. “Let me see” said trying to squeeze past them to get a look. “Uuummmmm the one is sex on legs,” she said after getting a good look of the guy’s behinds. “ there are more than one , which one are you talking about” asked. “The one next to the haired guy“ she said pointing to him. “He is cute but I like the tall haired guy at the end” said and “I like the haired guy next to the likes” added. “Let’s go to the reception” said and led them out of the church.

At the reception the girls found their seats and sat down. “Look who is sitting over there” said and pointed to the guys from the church. After everyone had their meal and the first dances had been done, the girls got up to dance. “ go and ask her to dance, said to him as he watched him watch dance. “No way you go, and ask her friend” said back. The two of them stood and argued until they saw approach the girls.

“Can I have a dance?” asked . “Yeah sure” she said and took his hand. My names , what’s yours he asked . I’m . “It’s a pleasure to meet you ” he said and kissed her hand. They were dancing away on the floor when Christina Aguilera Dirty came on and then things started to heat up between them as they got down and danced dirty.

had enough of the other two guys watching them so she marched over to and said “ I’m and I want you to dance with me” she said dragging him onto the dance floor. “I take it you have a name so what is it” she asked him knowing very well it was from Westlife she was dancing with. My name is he said. “Nice to meet you, how come your at the wedding then?” asked him. “I know the bride through work,” he said, “how did you get invited?” he added curiously. “I used to go out with the groom,” said. “Cool and weird” he said.

was sitting watching her friend’s dance with the two guys and so wanted to join in but she was too shy to go and ask so she just sat and watched. really wanted to go and talk to , but nervousness got the better of him so he just sat and stared.

The night came to an end and and didn’t go near each other and the others had fun dancing together. The girls said goodnight to the guys and left. They went home to and house and went to bed.

The next day got up to find and had already gone to work and her dad was down stairs in a meeting by the sounds of it. Everyone else was out. She went for a shower and went down stairs. She went into the living room and almost passed out as the guys from the wedding where sitting on the couch. “Hi” said looking at her. “Hi” she said back. “Morning” her dad said coming in from the kitchen, “never knew you were in, thought you would be at work” he said to her. “No I’m off work today,” she told him. “I’m just going out” she said and left the room.

Once was outside she had to call . After three rings picked up. “Hi sis I’ve got some news for you, the guys from last night are in our house and will be all day and night, dad’s working with them.” said smiling, she was already forming a plan.
“ Huh what huh, I’m on my way. I’ll get .” With that hung up and was mission girl to get home.

After about an hour saw ’s car come through the gates. “Hi guys” said waving. “They are still here but I have a plan. We can pretend we don’t know they´re here, put our music on loud and change in to something sexy to get their attention.” continued looking at the two girls to see what they thought.

“So you mean you’re usual I’m home alone day.” said laughing. Her tummy was turning over like no ones business at the thought of seeing .

So the girls went upstairs, as quite as they could, then all of a sudden there was loud music though out the house. With and dancing and singing at the top of their lungs.

turn that down please her dad shouted up, but instead of turning it down the girls turned it up. Nadene Lynn Cowell I said turns it down now he shouted up again. The music got louder and louder. Cowell get down here right now her dad shouted up. He’s mad said to and . “I know, really mad he called you by your full name,” said. ran down the stairs into the living room. “You called,” she said as if she didn´t know anything was wrong. “Why haven’t you turned down the music like I asked?” “Oooohhh you said turn down, I thought you said turn up,” said to him, trying not to giggle. “No I said turn down, so will you please do that.” “Sure”, said and went upstairs. “ I was told to turn it down, but he never said you guys couldn’t turn it up”, said. went to the CD player and turned it up some more.

The girls sat giggling and dancing. “How does look”, asked . “What do you mean how does he look?” she asked her. “Well is he really fine looking she asked”. just started laughing. came into the room, “what you laughing at?” she asked. “ wants to know if looks fine”. “I want to know, as he looked really fine at the wedding”, said defending herself. “You never even spoke to him”, said. “You just stared at him she added”. “That’s cos I was so shy”, she told them. “Yeah I know you were so we have to work on that so you can talk to him”, told her.

I though I told you to turn that down”, her dad said as he walked into her room. “You said that I was to turn it down, but you never said anything about or turning it up”, she laughed. “Yeah well turn it down. I need to go into my office to get some paper work, so I was hoping you could go downstairs and keep the guys company and be a good hostess”, he said to her. “Sure of course I will dad”, she said. “Good I’m off”, he said and went out of the room.

The girls went down stairs and into the living room. “Hi”, said to the guys. “Hi”, they all answered back. just gave a shy smile and sat down next to . made sure she was right beside and sat on the floor next to . “Did you guys enjoy the wedding?” . asked the girls. “Yeah it was fun”, said. “I’ve never danced with such a sexy guy before”, she added while giving a wink. and gave each other a look to say trust to be the one starting to flirt with the guys first. “I’m glad you enjoyed it”, said smiling at her.

“Hey do you guys want a drink?” asked them. “Sure, a can of gunnies wouldn’t go a miss”, said to her. “Anyone else”. “Yeah I’ll have the same as ”, , and said. “I’ll have a tenets”, said. “OK, , want anything?” “Yeah vodka and coke for me”, said. “I’ll have a barcdi and coke”, said. “Cool I’ll go get them”, said. “I’ll help you”, said jumping to his feet. “Thanks”, said and led the way to the kitchen.

“They have been in there for ages”, said. “Guys what´s happing to those drinks”, shouted. No answer came. “I’ll be back in a minute”, said getting up and going into the kitchen. She stopped dead on her tracks when she saw that had pinned up against the kitchen wall and they were making out. “Excuse me”, coughed. No movement from them at all. then shouted “EXCUSE ME”. The pair jumped apart. “We were just getting the drinks”, stuttered. I’m sure you were”, said. “We were”, said to her while blushing a little. “ , you go and sit down, I’ll help cos if it’s left to you two we won’t get any drinks”, said to him and shoved him out the kitchen and closed the door.

“You didn’t waste anytime”, she said to . “It was just right; we both felt a connection and ended up kissing”, said to her sister. “Yeah and a whole load of other stuff to, I saw where his hands were going, and not to mention yours too”, said to . “I’ll just go get the vodka”, said pretending she didn’t know what was talking about as she went to the cupboard.

The two girls came out with the drinks on a tray. “Here you go”, said handing and theirs. gave and theirs and gave his with a small piece of paper.

“I’m back”, the girl’s dad shouted. finished her, “drink I better get going”, she said to and . “It was nice meeting you guys again”, she said to the guys and went to get her jacket. “I’ll gives you a lift”, said to her, “and I’ll come with you” added while lifting her jacket and putting it on. “We’re back soon dad”, the girls shouted and went out the door letting it slam shut.

After the girls had left and Simon was away to print something off, the boys decide to quiz on what happened in the kitchen. “What took you so long with the drinks?” asked him. “Well and me got on so well, we ended up kissing and got a bit carried away with each other”, he told them. “Did you ask her out?” asked him. “No not yet, but I will just give me time”, he said to them.

Once the girls were away from the house turned round to face , who was sitting in the back. “What the hell happened with you and ”, she asked? “I don’t know what you are talking about”, said to with a glint in her eyes. “Well if you won’t tell I will”, said to her. “They were all over each other, he had her pinned up against the wall and if I didn’t go in there, God knows what would have happened”, said. just looked at as she got more and more red. “What you talking about I’ve never danced with such a sexy guy before”, said to . “I was only flirting”, she said innocently. “Yeah like hell that was innocent”, said to her. “Oh look, we’re here”, said and got out the car. “Phone me with the arrangements for to night”, told them and walked into the house. moved into the front seat and drove off home.
The girls got in the house to find the guys had gone back to their hotel. “That sucks, we didn’t even get their number”, said as she flung herself on to her bed.

was just about to speak when her phone started ringing. “Hello”, she said. “Hi it’s me ”. “Hey”, she said to him. “Listen what you girls doing tonight”, he asked her. “Nothing much, just going to go out for a few drink, why”? “We were wondering if you guys wanted to come to my apartment and watch some movies with us?” he said to her. “Yeah we would love to”, she said. “Good come by about seven, my address is 46 Park Lane Road, oh and bring a change of clothes, cos you know you might not get home”, he said with a hint of naughtiness in his voice. “Bye sexy”, he said and hung up.

“Who was that?” said to her. “That was ”, said. “ , but how?” said as she suddenly jumped up off the bed. “I gave him my number”, said to her, “and we´re going to his apartment tonight to watch some films with him and the guys”, she added. “I’ll go phone ”, said while dancing out of the room.

and picked up in the taxi and off they went. and had come up with a plan to set and up. They arrived at ’s and knocked on the door. answered “Hi, come in”, he said and held the door open for them.

was the last of the girls to walk through the door. grabbed her arm and led her into a bedroom. “I just wanted to tell you how amazing you look tonight and I was wondering if you would like to go out with me on a date sometime?” he asked her. Instead of answering him, just kissed him. “I take that as a yes”, he said to her. “Yes”, she said and he kissed her again.

“Where were you two?” asked, as the pair walked into the living room. “I was just showing a tour of the house”, said to him. “Sure”, said.

“Where are and ?” asked. “They are with their girlfriends tonight”, answered. “Why don’t you girls make yourselves at home and we will be right with you”, said as the three guys disappeared into the kitchen. “So guys what’s the plan for this evening then lads?” asked innocently. “Well we have three sexy young ladies sitting in the living room, I’m sure we can think off something to do,” answered s question jumping up to sit on ’s work surface.
“Well, I know what I have planed for me and ”, smiled slyly.

“AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh” The lads looked at each other and ran into the other room. “What’s wrong?” started to say but stopped. The guys looked round but the girls were missing. “Where are they?”. “Come on they must be somewhere”.
The guys spilt up.
walked down the hall, and headed up the stairs, took the first floor and the second.

“Girls you there?” opened the door on the right he was pushed inside. It was dark but he heard the door lock. After a minute or two the door unlocked and someone was pushed into him.” “ , I’m going to kill you”, said. She turned and looked at “. “Sorry” She said shyly. “Its ok, are you ok and what is going on.” “I’m fine. Don’t ask me, and were plotting something”.

“Oh, well at least we get time to talk,” said, he was going to take the plunge and ask out.

“That’s them sorted lets get and said with a glint in her eye. new that look, they were sisters so she should know that when had that glint it meant she was up to something.

“What you up to missy?” asked, “Nothing”, said innocently“Go and find .”

walked up the stairs, she watched enter the other room that had gone into.
?” asked. It was dark and she didn’t have a clue where she was going. She felt someone touch her hand, she was about to scream, but he put a finger on her lips. “It’s me”, said. “Hi”, started to kiss .

“What are you girls playing at?” asked once she entered the room. “Nothing why does everyone blame me?” she asked innocently.“I just get a funny feeling, you have the same look has sometimes”. “Oh well, it wasn’t me. As such and I wanted to get and together, as they are both shy, so I found the power box and turned it off. The lights should be back on in an hour.”
“Oh in that case we better make good on our time.” “What did you have in mind?” “First I want to say sorry for my boldness” grabbed kissing her, they feel back onto the bed.

Things between and where going so well that instead of talking, they were doing stuff on the bed. “We can’t tell the others about this”, she gasped. “I know it would be a bit embarrassing if we did”, panted. “So we keep quiet?” she asked him. “Yeah we keep quiet”, he said and kissed her again.

“Close your eyes”, said to once he had stopped kissing her. “Why?” she asked. “I have something I want to show you”, he told her. “Ok I´m closing them”, she said to him and shut her eyes. He took her hand and led her into a room. “Wait here”, he said “and keep your eyes shut”, he added and let go of her hand. He walked over to a set of French doors and opened them. He then went and took s hand again and pulled her over to the doors. could feel the cool air on her face and was starting to wonder where was taking her. “Ok open your eyes”, he said to her. She opened her eyes and the view she saw was amazing, it was London city all lit up, it looked beautiful. “Wow this is amazing”, she told him, “the city is beautiful”, she said. “Not as beautiful as you”, he told her and pulled her into his arms and cuddled her. put a small kiss on his lips and then started to chitter, as it was a bit cold in the night air. “Wait here I’ll be right back”, he said to her and went into the room and got a blanket. He came back out and wrapped his arms around her and then put the blanket over the two of them. The couple stood and stared out at the city and talked about everything they could, from him being in Westlife to her job as a model, even about the others.

and were doing the same apart from they were lying facing each other on the bed they had fallen onto. “So where do you want to go on our date?” he asked her. “Why not make it a surprise for me”, she said to him. “I like surprises”, she added.

and where just making themselves cosy on the bed while catching their breath, when the power came back on. “Shit, we have to get dressed as they will be coming to let us out”, said as her and jumped off of the bed and started to put their clothes back on in a rush.

“Damn, just as I was having fun the power had to come back on”, said. “Come on let’s go into the living room with the others”, said pulling him off the bed. “Don’t you think you should let and out of the room?” he asked her. “Yeah I better you go into the living room, I’ll be in in a sec”, she said to him.
, I’m coming in, so you guys better be decent”, said jokingly as she knew they wouldn’t have been up to anything. She opened the door and found them sitting on the bed chatting. “Hey you guys can come out now, on one condition”, she said to them. ”And what’s that?” asked her. “You guys have to be an item”, she said to him hoping they were. took hold of hand and kissed her. “Does that answer your question?” asked and walked out the room with . followed them into the living room.

“Where are and ?” asked. “Don’t know” said. “You guys don’t think they you know?” said letting her mind go into overdrive. “No we didn’t you know what, do you take me for a slut?” said walking in the room closely followed by . “No we were you know”, she said to them. started laughing, “yeah, I know”, she said laughing.

“What do you guys want to watch?” said sitting down and pulling down onto his knees. “Let’s get some pizza first”, said “I’m starving” he added. “Sure I´ll go and phone in our orders”, said while he moved and got up.
They ordered the pizza and sat down to watch the films.

The couples were going strong, the girls never talked about what they did that night, they all had their ideas. and slept together and and and and just talked. But the truth was, the only couple who did sleep together were and , they hadn’t told anyone.


It was 2 am at the Cowell house. was in her room on the phone to . While was listening to her music, while on the Internet to . Neither girl’s heard the noises down stairs.

The four men crept through the house they were all dressed in black and had masks on. They carried guns. They were looking for Simon Cowell.
The four men spilt up two went upstairs and the other two went to the living room. They saw Simon asleep on the couch. Man 1 crept behind him and knocked him unconscious. They carried him out waiting for the other two.

saw her door start to open she screamed “out go away, I’m talking to and its private”. She turned over and carried on chatting to . didn’t listen. heard her step further into the room. She turned around again came face to face with a man and a gun. “ I have to go. I’ll call you soon, I love you.” hung up.
was half way through her conversation with , when the Internet crashed. “Damn stupid computer”, she turned around in her chair and went to get . As she opened her door, she saw two men, one was heading her way, the other one had . shut her door and looked around the room, trying not to panic. She looked under her bed and dived under it. put her hand over her mouth to stop her breathing hard.
Her bedroom door opened and she saw two black boots step inside. As watched him walk into her room, she made a run for it. got down stairs, before she was grabbed from behind and her face was covered with chloroform.

was sitting in ’s living room with and . He had called and and left a message on their phones to say meet them at ’s place. That was two hours ago and they still hadn’t showed up.

“Have you got through yet?” asked walking in with some cans of coke. shook his head. “Did you try Simon? He’ll properly know”.
“Guys, why are you freaking out so much, they’ll be here. If I know and they probably went shopping,” said laying her head on s shoulder. “ ’s wigging out as told him she loved him and now he wants to kiss her to death.” added picking up his phone to call Simon.“ did what?” shouted not meaning to. “She told me she loved me, why, what’s up with that?” asked a bit hurt and confused.
“When says I love you, she’d only do it if she was on deaths door,” saw ’s hurt look. “Or she did mean it, but I mean, said it on the phone, weird but hey who am I to argue,” shut up, how come she was never good at getting out of things like .

“Ok this is weird, Simon didn’t go in to work today, he never even called”, said. “When does Simon ever call? They all properly went out somewhere”, said hugging closer.

turned on the television and turned the channel over to channel four to watch friends. They were half way through, when a news flash came up.

“It has just been reported that Simon Cowell and his two daughters and were kidnapped this morning. Police are searching for any evidence at the scene of the crime. They are interested in talking to the last people to see or hear from them, please telephone 0845 698547”.

shot up from his seat and dialled the number as fast as he could. started to freak out. just looked at the Television while sat down in the chair flicking straight over to sky news to see if anything else was there and there was. It was the CCTV and they were showing what happened. felt sick at the sight of the men carrying out then , he couldn’t think straight.

woke up it was dark and cold. She didn’t know where she was she saw laying by the other side of the wall. And her Dad hands tied and gagged against the wall nearest to her. She tried to move but found she was also tied and gagged.
slid over to her father, he had been hit on the head she could see the blood even in the dark. heard a noise and saw it was waking up.

moved over to and her dad. eyes widened and she moved her head towards the door trying to tell that someone was coming. Both girls laid back down again. There was a sound of two men walking in. One grabbed Simon and slapped him, he started to wake up. Man 1 ripped the gag from his mouth, “are you going to give us what we want or do we have to play dirty?” He looked at and lying down on the floor. “No don’t you dare hurt them, I’ll give you what you want, just let them go please”, Simon begged.
The man smiled a nasty evil smile.

The man dropped Simon back down and kicked him in the stomach. The other man moved over to and and ripped their gags of and untied them. “Ow” screamed winching at the pain and wishing she had kept her mouth shut. “You’re awake toots, wanna play”, man 2 said, leaning down in front of and running his hand over the side of her face. “Leave her alone”, screamed to him. He looked up at her and moved over to her. “Sounds like this one has a mouth on her own, maybe princess you’d like a mouth full of this”, he grabbed and threw her over his shoulder and took her outside.

Man 1 laughed, he replaced the tap over s mouth. “Don’t worry about your sis, we will take great care of her”, He winked and walked out.
was thrown on to the bed. “Right princess, this is what is going to happen, we’re going to do a tape and you get to be the main character. If you don’t play along, your brain will be all over this wall and I don’t really want to do that, I’d rather shag you.” felt warm tears roll down her face but she nodded and went along with what they asked.

None of the guys had left ’s house, and had both spoken to the police about the night before events, now they were just waiting.
It was 4 am when there was a news flash, “guys, guys, wake up they have heard something,” screamed.“We have just heard that the police have just been sent a video off demands from the kidnappers. The videotape is of the younger daughter of Simon Cowell”.

”, said tears rolling down his face at least she was alive.
came on the screen, she was sitting on a bed which made him feel sick, what were they doing to her. She had a cut lip, her hair was a mess, she had a black eye, which she tried to hide with her hair.

“My father and sister and I are alive at the moment, but if you do not give these men what they want, we shall be killed tomorrow”, tears ran down ’s face and a man shouted out. “Get on with it bitch” he sat beside her with a gun to her head. His other hand on her leg, “What princess is trying to say is, we want 25 million in cash and a get away car. We don’t want any bother, if we do we will kill them. Don’t think that we won’t because we will. We’ll call you with a meeting place. We just have one more thing to show you”, he grabbed and pushed her back and got on top of her, he started laughing, the video stopped.

“We now have inspector Lewis here. Detective Lewis these are very serious demands do you think that you can make them?” the news reporter asked. “Yes we can and we are already working on it, we are just waiting for a call to discuss further actions with the Kidnappers, we are more worried about the safety of the victims than anything else right now. We know that they are alive but are unsure of the state that they are in.” “Thank you Inspector Lewis.” “Thank you, I would also like to add if anyone noticed anything at all in this video tape at all, even if you are unsure, please call us, we will look into anything.”

was asleep when the door opened. “Come on you two, we’re moving. looked to her father as if to say where is .
tried to ask them where she was, but they just laughed. truly thought she was dead.

Simon and were blindfolded and thrown into the back of a van. After a few moments it drove off.
could hear the men upfront talking, but she couldn’t make out what they were saying.

The van came to a stop and the doors where opened. ”We are here” man one said. The man lifted by the wrist and pulled her out the van. He took her to a room with a bed in it and locked the door. Unknown to , was in the room next door to hers. The Men put Simon in another room. They went into a room to discuss what their next steps were, when they heard a noise outside. They ran up to the window to find the house surrounded by police. “This cause for drastic matters” man one said and him and man two left the room.

was in her room, wondering what had happened to and what they were going to do to her. The door to the room was flung open and two men came in. “Come on toots, time for your photo shoot” he joked and carried her out the room.

They took her up stairs to an empty room. One man opened the window while the other tied her hands behind her back. He then took her to the window and lifted her up and over the window. He was holding her by the rope round her hands and wrist. “This is it, I’m going to die”, thought. “We will drop her if our demands are not met in 10 seconds” man one said as man two dangled in mid air.

couldn’t watch what was going on. He was in shock. He couldn’t get the image of his girlfriend hanging out a window. He was pacing his hall floor. “Please don’t drop her, please don’t drop her,” he kept saying over and over. was sitting on the edge of s knee holding his hand really tight; she had tears streaming down her face. and watched the screen in complete shock waiting to see what was going to happen.

Slowly a policeman took a bag and put it on the doorstep. “There is a get away car round the back of the house for you, please just put her inside and leave her unharmed” detective Lewis said through a mega phone. “Thank you” man one said and let man two lift back into the house. They closed the window and took downstairs to a room where she saw her dad and sitting.

they have taken her in, the police have met their demands” shouted. came running into the room. “Thank God for that, I though they would have dropped her” he cried. breathed a sigh of relief and cuddled into .

“Ok the police have met our demands, so you girls can go”, Man one said. “But Simon my friend, you haven’t given us what we wanted, so you can say goodbye to your daughters”, he added and walked up to Simon and put a gun to his head. “No, please don’t” said and held her breath. “Can I have a moment with each of them alone”, Simon asked. “Sure”, man one said and grabbed and took her outside.

hun, I love you and I want you to remember, I am always with you no matter what happens. Please look after your sister, I know she’s the oldest but you’re stronger than her emotional” Simon cried to her. “I love you dad and I’ll never forget you, I’ll do as you ask and look after her” sobbed as she cuddled her dad. “Times up”, man one shouted and came to take away. kissed her dad on the forehead and went to let in.

“Hey, my princess” Simon said to trying to lighten her up a bit. “Dad, please don’t go I’ll miss you, you can’t let them do this” sobbed. “Listen to me, I love you and I’m going to be with you no matter what. I want you to take your modelling as far as you can go with it. Do you remember the time you walked in on me and I was putting stuff in the secret safe” he asked her. “Yes” she answered. “ babe, you’re the only one that knows about the safe, I need you when they let you go to go home and empty it, keep the contains safe and don’t let any one know you have them” he told her. “I’ll do it dad,” she cried. “I love you and I’m proud of you, I’m proud of both of you,” he told her.

The door opened and the two men and came back in. The man with gun went up to Simon, while the other stood holding and making sure they where watching. “I love you both, don’t forget that” Simon cried. Then the man pulled the trigger. Both girls cried out and fell to their knees. “Let’s go”, man one said to man two and they left.

“You you I’ll fucking kill you” screamed out and tried to make a run for them. Man two turned round and pointed his gun at her and shot.
They ran out the back to come face to face with the cops.

tried to grab back, but she was up. She knew what the man was going to do as soon as he stopped. stood up so fast she saw stars she dived for . Both girls fell on the floor. looked down there was blood everywhere. She looked at who looked back to her. They hugged each other and cried.

A few seconds passed when the police came in some running out back Detective Lewis came into the room. He nodded for one of the men to cover over Simon’s body. Two police offers helped and up and outside.

“Look look they’re ok, and are ok. Where is Simon?” screamed to the others. “He’s dead” said, “How do you know that?” asked not taking his eyes of the TV. “Cause I just know”, was all could say.
what’s wrong with asked shaking ’s arm. The guys looked in horror as collapsed.

When they had got outside felt faint. She looked down and saw she was covered in blood. It was just her Dads blood wasn’t it? As she put her hand to her side there was fresh blood. She had been shot.
said pulling her arm. “What” she said back still crying.
, what’s wrong?” “I’m sorry ” with that collapsed in her arms. went with her screaming.

was waiting in the hospital family room with 2 police officers watching her. The door opened and walked in. jumped up from the seat and hugged her. “I thought you were dead. I thought I’d lost you as well”, said crying on ’s shoulder. “You don’t get rid of me that easily. It was just scratch it looked worse than what it was. Truly”, said trying to make a joke.

The girls left the hospital and were taken to house. That was the only place they could go, as they still wasn’t aloud home for another 24 hours. That made nervous, she needed to get the paper work from the safe.

opened his door and pulled to him. just stood there feeling out of place. “Who is it?” started to say walking out from the kitchen, when he saw there he had tears in his eyes, he had almost lost her. He almost ran to her he took her in his arms knowing that she would be safe there with him.

and ’s life was a wail wind for the first few months. So much so had forgotten all about the safe. They were getting by as much as possible their friends helped but they didn’t understand what they had gone threw. was dealing with Simon’s death, but she knew hadn’t. was never one with the emotions.
She asked to talk to her. He was probably the one who could get through to her after all everyone else had tried.

was tidying up in her father’s bedroom when she noticed some files hidden in a secret part of his draw. She remembered the files in the safe she had to get, she just hoped they were still there. She would never forgive herself if they weren’t. She ran down stairs for about 10 minutes she couldn’t remember the number then it hit her it was 22-23-45.

As she opened the door she was so pleased to see them in the same place her father had left them. She carefully took them out and put them on the desk. Just as walked in. “What are you doing?” hid the files under some paper without letting see. “Nothing just getting some paper, you off to see ?” asked changing the subject. “No, I’m popping round to ’s he wants my advice on something. Is that ok?” “Yeah sure it is. Have fun I’ll see you later”.

If was honest she was glad was seeing , not only for her own good but for as well. Things with weren’t great. She wanted to break it off. Well she was going to she just needed the right moment.

was sitting in the coffee shop down the road. She was meeting an old friend, an old boyfriend. She looked at her watch it was 2pm, he was meant to have been there at 1. was doing it again waiting for Jamie. She picked up her bag to leave, just as Jamie walked in.

“I’m sorry I’m late the traffic was bad”, Jamie said leading back into the coffee shop. “Well I’m not surprised at all, just shows you haven’t changed” folded her arms.
“Yes I have , that’s why I’m here. I’ve changed so much, but still there is one thing that hasn’t.” “What’s that then apart from you lateness”, she snapped back. “No, I understand where you’re coming from. The one thing that hasn’t changed is my love for you. I’ve not once stopped loving you. I understand if you don’t want to give it another go but I want us to get back together”, Jamie said with begging eyes.

looked at him and knew that he was being for real which scared her. “I can’t do this J, I really can’t”, she got up and left.
When she got back to her car she called to see if he was in thankfully he was. She reached s place in about 15 minutes as soon as he opened the door pushed him inside and kissed him then lead him to the bedroom.

walked down the stairs and into the living room to see and talking. She could tell something was wrong right away, so she decided to wait in the kitchen. As she got inside she was grabbed and was kissing her. “Stop please”, begged “ What can’t I kiss my girl now?” “Look there is no easy way to say this but I don’t love you, I don’t feel anything for you like I thought I did, I don’t want to be your girl anymore. Friend great, but that’s it”

stepped away from he was hurt, but not as broken as he thought he would be. “Fine whatever friends. It seems everyone is breaking up.” said picking up his can of coke and taking a mouthful.
looked at him weirdly. ”What do you mean everyone’s breaking up?” She asked innocently. “Me and you, and .” “What” screamed and marched into the living room.

“Why are you dumping , who do you think you are, she loves you, you pig what did you think you could just use her then get rid of her when you wanted you male.” screamed in ’s face.
calm down it’s not like that. and I have come to decision together and anyway it was me who said it”, said putting her hand on her sister’s shoulder. “What do you mean?” “Well you know ’s cousin well I’ve seen the way that they look at each other. They love each other and neither of them would say, so I’ve done it for them. It’s fine truly it’s fine” said and smiled and hugged .
was a little hurt but the way she saw it was that there was no point getting upset, as wasn’t the one which meant he was still out there waiting for her to meet him. Then a thought entered her head what if I already have and didn´t know it or I do but don’t want to see it. Just then she caught ’s eyes, he smiled back. just turned back to not thinking anymore about her soul mate.

It had been two months since the girls had broken up with and . and ’s cousine Gillian got together, thanks to the help of . and still continued to see each other without letting anyone know.

walked into and house. She had decide to tell them about Jamie and how she loved him and that her and where no more. Unknown to was already know that had broke up with .

“Hey gals” said. “Hey you, long time not seen,” said to her. “I have to tell you guys something big” said. “Do tell” said. ”I got back together with Jamie, and I broke up with .” said. “Are you happy” asked. “Yes I’m very happy” told them. “Well am happy for you too” said and gave and big hug. “I’m glad you found your dream man”, said while giving a hug.

After left went up stairs to phone . “Hey babe I was thinking why don’t we tell the others about us” asked after he answered the phone. and had decided to tell everyone about them, but where just waiting for the right moment. “Are you sure that’s what you want?” he asked her knowing had put off telling everyone cos of the past he had with . “Yes I’m sure lets do it tonight, I’ll invite everyone round” told him. “Ok babe if you want then your wish is my command” told her. The couple sat and talked for the rest of the afternoon.

was getting the house ready for when everyone came round. She had sent shopping to buy in some food. She was really nervous the butterflies in her stomach where making her feel sick. “ I’m home can you give me a hand” shouted from the front door. “Sure” said and took some bags off of . Both girls finished cleaning up and then went to get ready for the gang to come.

Once everyone was sitting with a drink and decided it was the right time to tell everyone. “We have an announcement to make” said standing up and taking hand. “We’re dating” said. “For how long” asked. “For a few weeks” said. “How longs a few weeks” asked before had a chance. and could see this was going to end up in the worse possible way so they lied. “ For 6 weeks” said. “Ok cool” said and hugged them both in turn.

Everyone was sitting talking when the door went. “I’ll get it” said jumping up form next to .

“Hello detective can I help you” asked detective Lewis. “Is your sister in Miss Cowell and I’m sorry to disturb you,” he said. “Yeah she is come on in” let them in and told them to follow her.

, detective Lewis is here to see you” said. “Hi” said to him. “Miss Cowell I was wondering if we could have a chat, “ it appears you have something that could be vitals to the court case,” he said. “I don’t know what your talking about” said to him. “I believe you have some documents that belong to your father. went really pale. “Can we step into the office” she asked him and led the way to the office.

After had given detective Lewis what he wanted and left decided to ask her what he was talking about. “What was that all about” asked “Nothing” said and walked into the living room where everyone else was. “DON’T LIE TO ME, IT WAS ABOUT SOMETHING I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN ABOUT” screamed at . “OK IF YOU MUST KNOW DAD HAD A DEAL WITH OUR KIDNAPPERS, THEY HAD A CONTRACTED SIGNED AND THAT’S WHAT HE WAS WANTING,” screamed back. “What type of deal” whispered. sighed and then sat down next to . “They wanted our hands in marriage,” she said. “They also wanted £5 million each,” she added. stared at her in disbelief then she ran from the room. followed her.

wait please” begged running after to her room. opened her door and threw herself on her bed. “Its my fault . Why didn’t they tell me we could have sorted something out?”

sat down next to on the bed. “ it’s not your fault. Say if you did marry one of those guys you wouldn’t have been happy and I wouldn’t have found the love of my life.”

sat up. Well it doesn’t make me feel better. I love you to. Could I stay at yours tonight please.”

and went downstairs. was crying on ’s shoulder.“Oh here she goes water works. DO you I get sick and tried of you. I’m going to stay with . I don’t know when I’ll get back.
I was stupid to think it was my fault but it’s your fault you knew you could have done something. I will never forgive you for this.”
turned around and left.

started to say. “Get out please just everyone go I want to be alone.” screamed. Everyone left.

Over a month and didn’t speak. Even when the others tried to call she didn’t answer the phone.

was ill very ill she wasn’t eating sleepy and drinking a lot. was doing her usual day of drinking. There was a knock at the door. opened it to see there.
“Hey handsome” started to say and she fainted.

“Hello, said shaking to try and get her to come round, but when she didn’t he took his phone and phoned an ambulance. He then phoned . “Hello” said answering his phone. “ , has clasped and an ambulance is on its way, Ki she looks terrible really pale and thin” almost cried down the phone. “Wow calm down, I’ll get you at the hospital and ill bring with me he said and hung up.

get down here” shouted up to . She came down the stairs as if she had no care in the world. When she had seen put on his jacket she asked him what was up. “ s just off the phone, we have to go to the hospital, he went round to see and she clasped and hasn’t came round” told her. “OMG is she going to be ok” cried the reality of her losing her sister hitting her. Yeah she hated for what she had done but she didn’t want anything bad to happened to her and she loved her as a sister. “Lets go she said grabbing her jacket and walking out the door.
They arrived at the hospital to find sitting waiting on any news. “Did they say what’s wrong with her” asked as he and sat down next to him. “They have taken her for scans and blood tests, they said she put her self into and a comma, that’s why she hasn’t came round” he told them. “This is all my fault if I had never fell out with her we wouldn’t be here,” cried on to ’s shoulder.

“Damn right its you fault, if you weren’t so selfish we wouldn’t be here and I would have the girl I love in my arms and not in some room getting test done to see what’s wrong with her” snapped at . “Don’t talk to her like that, its not all her fault” said in ’s defence. “You love her,” said looking at . “Yeah I love her, I love her so much but don’t have the guts to tell her. See the day you two had that fight at your house and she was crying on my shoulder, I didn’t want to let her go. I love her and I don’t want anything to happen to her,” cried. didn’t say anything she just walked over to and gave him a cuddle. “You have to tell her,” told him, thinking this could help a lot if he did.

was just about to say what was thinking when a doctor came up to them. He recognised and started to talk to her. “Miss Cowell, your sister is in a very critical condition, we are going to have to operate on her,” he told her. “What’s wrong with her” asked. “She has a stomach infection and hasn’t eaten for days by the looks of it, also the amount of alcohol in her blood is very high” he told her. “What’s her chances of pulling through” asked him. “It’s hard to say but I would guess about 25% out of a 100%”. “That’s very slim” said. “I know when she comes out of theatre we are going to have to put her in intensive care and have her under 24 hour surveillance” he told them and walked off.

Once the doctor had left sat down and cried. He couldn’t believe this was happening, the girl he loved could die and all he could do was sit and wait for news. He looked a crying in ’s arms. This must be hard for her, first losing her dad and now she might lose her sister he though.

“I was going to tell her I loved her,” he said softly. and looked at him. “I was even thinking about asking her to marry me, but now I don’t know what to do, I can’t do anything to help her” he whispered.
He felt sit down and pull him to her. “It’s alright, you’ll see” is a fighter,” she said positively even though she didn’t feel it.

1 month later

had recovered and was out of hospital. She still wasn’t eating very well and everyone was still concerned about the weight she was still losing. and had insisted that she stay with them.

One night they went out leaving sitting in with . He still hadn’t told her he loved her but was happy just been close to her.

“Where we going” asked a little excited about the surprise he had for her. “Out for dinner, now come on I didn’t get over to stay the night for nothing” he said while dragging her out side, only for her to see a limo waiting no them. “What you up to” “You’ll have to wait and see” he said as he sat in the limo next to her. “He gave her a kiss and they sat and talked till could hear the see. The limo came to a stop and got out had a look around then leaned over and got a piece of black material from his pocket. He slowly tied it round her eyes. “Can you see anything” “No not a thing” “Good” he said and lifted her into his arms.

are you going to put me down yet?” “Just a sec” said he put down and untied the blindfold. When opened her eyes she was surprised.

had taken her to the beach. There was a blanket with food laid out and a stereo with some Jazz.

it’s amazing. What’s the occasion?” “Pretty much you are” stepped forward and kissed his gently at first then more passionately they laid down on the blanket making love to the sound of the sea.

do you need anything? Is this film ok?” said running around like a headless chicken. started laughing.
“It’s good to see you laugh again” said softly he was standing at the doorway looking at her. He hoped he wasn’t giving her his puppy dog eyes of droll.
“It’s good to laugh. Thank you” said with tears in her eyes.
“What’s wrong?” walked forward and sat next to her taking her hand.”

“I don’t know. I just feel weird. Guilty for putting everyone through this.”
“It’s not your fault you were going through stuff.” “I know but still.” smiled. “Your ok now . You’re with the people who love you and want to take care off you. Some more than others.” shut up quickly. gave him a funny look. What was he saying?

“What do you mean . Some more than others.” “Nothing it doesn’t matter. I’ll get you a drink and put Titanic on.” walked out into the kitchen. He could have kicked himself. Why didn’t he just tell her how he felt? He almost had. He hoped was having more luck with .

“Wow” said was lying in his arms they were looking up at the stars. “What are you like?” “What?” asked turning to look at her.“Your all lalala cause we just had sex. It makes me laugh that’s all.” smiled. “Well my dear this was more special than ever before.”“Ok.” thought about it for a second. “Why?” “No reason just is that’s all. Look a shooting star. Make a wish.”

“What was your wish?” asked, “I’m not going to say. Or it won’t come true.” “My wish was for a yes.” “Yes what for?” “ you ask a lot of questions” laughed and nodded she looked back up at the stars then back at he had to take a double look.

He was holding a ring just looked at him. “ you know how I feel about you. I love you more than life itself. I want to spend the rest of my life with you showing you ho much I love you. Will you marry me?”

took a deep breath and waited for ’s answer. “Your wish is my command” smiled pulled her close and put the ring on her finger and kissed her. They stayed like that to morning.

Two Months Later

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH, have you seen my hairbrush” said while running around the living room. had to laugh it should have been her not . It was and ’s wedding day and the girls were round at house, as was at his house with the boys.

“What you all shouting about” asked as she walked down the stairs and into the kitchen where was sitting with two cups of coffee on the table. “You nervous”? “No, just excited, I never though I would be the first one to marry out of us”. “Thanks”. “You know is my dream guy I love him to bits”. “Awwww hun I’m happy for you”. “Thanks”. And the two sisters hugged.

“So mate you ready for this, I mean it’s the big day,” said as he walked into ’s room with a cup of tea. “No, is the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with, she makes me whole”. “Yeah you’re lucky to have that with her, and I wish you the best of luck”. “Thanks mate, you know if you just told her you would be as happy as I am”. “I know it’s just hard that’s all” said and left the room.

“I’ll get it” shouted as all the girls came down the stairs. had asked her mates , Claire, Tessa and Lucy to be her bridesmaids and was matron of honour. “ you look good” said as she opened the door to . She had asked to give her away. “You look stunning, Ki is going to faint when he sees you” said giving a hug. ’s dress was white/pale pink it had long sleeves with a point at the end it had. It came in like a corset at the top, at the back it came in at he bottom so it look like the chain was extra. It was very glam and Celtic like.

The girls left for the church to greet guest. The bride wasn’t due for another half hour. The girls where out side looking around and talking to people, “ honey, is that you, you look so pretty”. turned round in her baby pink dress that was halter neck style and came down in length; it had a split up the front to her knee. “Excuse me but do I know you,” she asked as the women about 40 something came walking over to her. “It’s me your mum,” she said. couldn’t think what to say. Her mum had walked out on her dad when she was a year old, had just been born, and they had never seen each other since.

“What you doing here” she managed to whisper. “Well you didn’t think I would miss my daughters wedding do you”. We haven’t seen you since you walked out”. “I know and I’m sorry about that, I sorry to hear about your father and that fact that you have had health problems” she went on to say. couldn’t stop the tears from building up in her eyes and turned and ran away.

She ran into a room in the church and turned round to find with . “ what’s wrong” asked alarmed by sudden entrance to the room. ”My mum’s here, she’s here and I haven’t seen her since I was a baby, then she mentioned my dad and everything I’ve been through and” she never got to finish what she was saying as her sobs took over. took her in his arms and cuddled her.

time to go, don’t want you to be late,” said as he walked into the living room to find looking at a picture of her dad. “I miss him”. “I know you do”. “Lets go” she said putting the photo back down this was supposed to be her day.

The car was in fact 10 minutes late, which made her nerves even worse. When she stepped out the car there was a crowd standing about. “People love a wedding don’t they?” said taking her arm.

saw and step out the car. She felt better after she had spoken to . She still didn’t know what to do about her mother. Should she tell or just leave it. wouldn’t know who she was anyway. She sighed and walked over to .

“You look like a princess. Better than you was this morning” laughed. “You have to say that you’re my sister. Thanks. Are you alright you’ve been crying?” “Yes just been thinking about Dad.” She lied.“Me to”, the two girls hugged.

“Are you ready you’re late enough and looks like he’s going to pass out with fear of you not showing up”, said standing at the doors.

Everyone got into place and away they went. As soon as the doors open and ’s eyed locked and didn't part once.

While the vows were taking place looked around at everyone she heard and say them so many times before it didn’t matter.
It was funny to look at everyone’s faces. She saw her mum at the back crying. wanted to walk right over there and slap her she had no right to cry.

As she looked back to the front and caught looking at her. She smiled. didn’t smile back he just turned back to the front. wished she knew what was up with him.

“I know pronounce you man and wife.” The vicar said. watched and kiss. She saw how much they loved each other more than ever before. She hoped that someday she would have that kind of love.

“ Since I’m now your brother in law I think we should dance?” said holding out his hand for . He had been looking for her for ages after couldn’t find her either.

He had found her sitting outside on the steps miles away.
“Yeah sure” said standing up. “Everything will be alright trust me.”

When they got on the dance floor had brightened up. They were talking about all kind of things. Then said something that totally confused her then left to find so they could cut the cake.

saw heading over and waved. “Hey girlie what’s up?” “Everything. said to me that when they get back from the honeymoon that he hoped that would have a brother in law soon.
has been really funny with me acting strange saying stuff then back tracking.”

“Well would since so his in love with you would he” said then realising what she had just said clapped her hand over her mouth and looked at who eyes were widen. couldn’t make out what she was thinking.

“He what” managed to say after what seemed like forever but was a minute. “He loves you, he’s been trying to tell you but hasn’t found the right time, just forget I said anything” said now panicking. “Excuse me I have to go and talk to him” said and walked off.

went off to find while went to tell Jamie what she had done.

“Can I have your attention please” ’s voice boomed out of the microphone. “Before me and my lovely wife gallop off into the sun set I just want to say thank you and” he stopped mid sentence when he seen and standing in the far corner talking. When an idea came to head, just needed a push to tell her and he was going to give him it.

look will you just tell the girl you love her so we can cut the cake” he said over the mic. couldn’t help but laugh. and suddenly felt everyone’s eyes on them.

“Is it true” asked while looking into his eyes. “Yeah I didn’t know how to tell you” said shyly. leaned forward and kissed him. It took a minute to realise what was happening but started to kiss her back. “Does this mean you’ll be my girlfriend?” he asked with hope in his voice. “Yes she said. They kissed again and every one cheered.

and cut their cake and it was time to go they said goodbye and got into the horse and carriage.

the flowers” shouted. “Oh yeah, here we go one, two, three” she said and flung them. She turned round in time to see catch them and then wrap his arms around her.

“Any regrets” she asked as the galloped off into the sunset. “None I’m with the girl of my life for the rest of my life” he said and kissed her.

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