Coyote Ugly

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Chapter 1.

stood outside starring at the new bar with the signboard that had just been put up on the front of building with the written name “Coyote Ugly” with a little smile crepped on her lips, she almost couldn’t believe tonight was the night it would open. The night they had worked so hard to get everything ready for. She watched her 3 friends making their way towards her. Seeing them stumble over each other full of excitement out the door made her laugh lightly. The 4 of them had know each other for a long time, and each of them had one night agreed to pack their bags and move to London to try out new adventures together and see what would happen. And this were truely going to be something they had never tried before....
- does it look okay?... yelled clapping a hand on ’s shoulder
- I believe it does smiled
- It’s fab said in excitement jumping on her feets
- And it’s ours said dreamly
- Our bar stated smiling from ear to ear
- I think I’m nervous about it though stated
- Me too replied
- And me said
- Then I’m too said starring at the signboard with the others.

A few minuts before the opening...
- I can’t do this said feelling the nervousness fill her
- Me too, why did we start this again? asked tapping her fingers on the bar
- Hehe Of ‘couse you can do this, and we did this because it will be grand laughed
- Yeah that’s easy for you to say, your working in the back replied
- Yeah so? I’m doing the hard work with the economy and all answer
- Yeah and we’re the once serving drinks, dancing on the bar singing and all butted in
- Hehe yeah oohh I must find the camera laughed on
- 1 minut said tapping her nails on the bar like
- Hey we can do this said
- Okay get ready girls, I’m gonna go and let our lovely door man Theo know he can open our bar and let that amount of people in there are room for...
- Yeah yeah let’s see what amount who will actually show up blurted out
- This less people the less to sing for and etc. blurted out next.
- Girls show some optimism and we’re great at singing and etc. remember that, now I’m going to Theo laughed.
- Maybe we need a drink to do this blurted out looking at and who just nodde in agreement.

- Here you go sir smiled handing a beer over the bar before stepping over beside who were pouring a shot up in a shot glass for a guy
- There you go smiled to the guy who winked at her while giving her the money for the shot. Then turning around walking back down to a table.
- This is going great look at all those people whispered
- Yeah your right smiled
- Buuuu suddenly said behind and ’s back
- Aaagghh don’t you ever do that again and cried in shock
- Sorry just needed to see how it was going out here laughed
- It were going great until you spoked us said
- Sorry
- Hmm
- I better go out back again and grab my camera so we can get out first night on photo.... Ohhh and you should jump on the bar said before walking out..
- Hmm said looking first at and then at who then stepped over towards .
- I’m nervours doing that whispered
- Don’t be, shall we? asked and after a few seconds and nodde.
took a deep breath and then crawled up on the bar with her two friends. Standing up there she looked at the crowd in the bar. The amount had showed up to be pretty good. Then she heard talking in her mickrofone and took her own up.
- Heeyyyy... we hope you’re all having a blast yelled out in her mickrofone
- yeaahhh a bunch of people yelled back making everyone else laugh
- Now you might all know and you might not, but this place is a little special couse we’re not only going to be serving you drinks over the bar all night we’re also going to be singing for you right here on the bar, and if ya lucky we might dance too said making some guys cheer..
- So let’s jump right into it and get ya even more hyper yelled and bended down pushing on a button to get the music started.

Mean while by the door..
- Heeyyy Theo so this is the place for ya new job asked smiling
- It looks great from the outside grinned
- Yeah, then just wait ‘till you get inside Theo smiled letting the lads go in
- Wow Theo were right it came from
- Yeah it looks stunning inside too blurted out whiled his gaze wandred over the bar.
- Ummm so it’s not just me but theres actually girls singing on the bar asked popping his head over ’s shoulder. While just nodde in respond while his gaze went over the bar and landed on one girl and his gaze followed her up and down... “and they can sing too”.. heard but in somewhere in the distance.
- And if and the rest of you is done with the drooling then let’s find a table laughed slapping lightly on the back making him mumble something.

Finding table, the guy’s sat down but each had quickly their eyes fixed towards the bar, where 3 girls were singing...

>>I know you like me (I know you like me)
>>I know you do (I know you do)
>>Thats why whenever I come around
>>She's all over you (she's all over you)
>>I know you want it (I know you want it)
>>It's easy to see (it's easy to see)
>>And in the back of your mind
>>I know you should be on with me (babe)

- I already love this bar grinned starring at a long haired girl
- Yeah me too laughed with eyes swifting between a and a girl on the bar
- Hehe have trouble picking laughed
- Meee noooo, but hey it’s easier for you, you have there answer blankly
- Hehe good point smiled looking a beside him

>>Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
>>Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?
>>Don't cha
>>Don't cha
>>Don't cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me?
>>Don't cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me?
>>Don't cha
>>Don't cha

Starring at her while following every move she made, ’s breating skipped a beat when her eyes looked directly into his for a few seconds before she looked away again, but he had court the smile that now had crepped on her lips.
- So our is taked now grinned taking back to reality
- Umm um how about some beers simply replied
- Hm don’t you think we should wait ‘till their done with um that? asked
- Why? asked still starring at the girl on the bar
- Hm good question stated
- I’m going replied
- Ohh oh wait for me cried stepping after

>>Fight the feeling (fight the feeling)
>>Leave it alone (leave it alone)
>>Cause if it ain't love
>>It just aint enough to leave my happy home (my happy home)
>>Let's keep it friendly (let's keep it friendly)
>>You have to play fair (you have to play fair)
>>See I dont care
>>But I know She ain't gonna wanna share

Seeing go all the way up to the bar decided to stop just before they reached the bar to wait. Smiling he looked up and court the ’s gaze and he winked at her.Putting on his charm looked at the girl and court her attention. Giving her a sign that he wanted something from the bar she signed “wait” with her lips and he nodded smiling while watching her move her body around on the bar with the other 3 girls.

>>Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
>>Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?
>>Don't cha
>>Don't cha
>>Don't cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me?
>>Don't cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me?
>>Don't cha
>>Don't cha

Looking at and laughed lightly ending the song hearing all the people in the bar cheering on them. Then she looked down on the guy waiting in front her. Seeing him wink at her made her feel her cheeks start to flush. Still standing on the bar she squat down so she came in eye level with the haired guy.
- Hey stranger smiled at him still feeling the kick from singing on the bar
- Hey... great preformance... smiled
- Aww thank you, glad we could impress you, now what can I help you with?
- Mmm well first this is for you half ginned and with his hand he softly tucked a note in the border of her jeans. Then he looked into her eyes seeing her look away shyly which just made him smile even more.
- hehe um well thank you sir, tips are alsways nice smiled shyly at him
- So how about you having a drink with me? asked making her smile.
- Well I would love to, but I think it’s best we’ll save it a little... Don’t wanna fall down the bar already at the first night she laughed a little..
- Later then? asked hopefully
- Yes later... Mr? ... She asked
- Oh please don’t call me Mr. It’s and yours?
- It’s ... Now anything else I can get you... ? She smiled at him
- A round of beer for me and my friends please
- Sure I’ll just get down of this bar then smilled looking over seeing the other girls trying to get down too...
- Wow in the other end bursted out when she almost lost her balance, but was grabbed by a guy’s hands over the bar, which made her all shy..
- hehe guess I shouldn’t worry about falling when there’s guy’s to catch us laughed looking back at in front of her
- You’re right I would do the same as my mate, I’ll just catch you in stead winked
- Ohhh would you know... Youre mate you say? asked grabbing the beers.
- I would... Yes it’s my mate who court her...
- Well ain’t you all a bunch of hero’s grinned handing him the beers
- Oh yes we are laughed turning around smiling triumphant to him self feeling her eyes follow him when he walked away.

Chapter 2.

Few hours later...
- God I could use just a 5 minuts break sighed
- Yeah me two said handing a drink over the bar then stepping back turning her head looking at
- Let’s just leave it to and find a table and chill smiled lightly
- Yeah that could be nice agreed standing beside looking at starting to stress over all the people that tried to get drinks and beers from her at once.
- I heard that girls... and that’s a BIG NO no... said just turning her head to look at her friends just for one second...
- Hmm, but this looks funny replied laughing slightly looking at running around..
- Help blurted out to her two friends..
- Sure with what? It suddenly came from a brown eyed guy over the bar counter
- Umm mmm mumbled servering someone else
- Hehe guess she wanted help with serving over the bar, you still wanna help laughed stepping towards the guy
- You know I could be good at it I think he grinned flashing a flirty smile
- Well you might do wonder for the women in here
- uuuhhh you think?
- Sure with a smile like that and all
- Mmm does it wonders with you too? He asked flashing a smile at her
- You never know do you? laughed shaking her head a little
- Hmmm guess I could find out...
- Hmmm maybe, now Sir what can I get you from the bar? asked
- You could stop calling me sir, ‘couse the name is and then you could get me 6 beers he smiled at then turning his head catching starre and winked at her.

went back to the table
- Gosh you took your time cried out
- Sorry but the bar is really fun simply replied
- Yeah we saw that said heading back to the table with
- Saw what? asked
- Do you wanna tell or shall we? asked
- Tell? Tell what? asked with an innocent look
- Hmm that you were chatting up not one but two of the bartenders laughed
- Yeah so, they are cute stated
- Which two? asked alarmed
- Not mine ? asked
- Hehe yours? laughed
- Yeah that long dark haired one, she’s called stated making the others laugh except
- can’t you seddle with one asked raising an eyebrow
- Ooohhh be carefull I think you have set eyes on the same one as said trying to look serious
- Butt of said
- Oh sorry mumbled

Some hours later the girls were beginning to close up the bar..
- Oh Theo says to let the guys over there stay a little while longer apparently their his old friends, they used to go clubbing together informed
- ooohhh the romeos smiled
- Yeah those laughed headed out to the back were were
- Oohhh girls hey I just though it was time I saw what the fuss was about the bar a blond haired guy suddenly grinned stumbling towards the bar with in his tale.
- Fuss? asked looking up
- What fuss? asked apparing behind the bar...
- Hehe yes my friends seemed to think there were some nice ladies down here, by the way what were you doing down there he asked looking at
- Umm just dropped something
- Oh.... oohhh I’m by the way he said flashing a smile at the them
- Well hey I’m ... are ya having a great night? asked
- Oohhh the best we love this bar, don’t we
- Yeah we do replied looking over the bar
- Looking for a new beer? asked raising an eyebrow
- Yeah how did you know? grinned
- I could tell... here you go.. smiled shaking her head at him
- Thank you! smiled
- Did you know that without God we all wouldn’t exist? suddenly asked making and share a look behind the bar
- Umm sure we did replied
- And did you know I’m a woman said making cough on his beer
- I think your drunk stated and clapped his mate on the shoulder
- I know but I do love you!
- Thanks replied
- Ummm no no we’re not gay suddenly said looking at and seeing them looking strangly at each other
- Nooooo but you don’t think that do you? asked nervous starring from one to another
- hehe no we didn’t think you were laughed and nodde
- Ohh good said with relief
- But Irish men are definitively the best lovers stated
- Hehe we actually are agreed laughing
- Hehe really? laughed while looked over to the table and court ’s starre and saw him wink at her and clap the chair beside him. She smiled back and nodde before looking back at the two in front oh her.
- Yes, we still sleep with each other, don’t we
- No we don’t sleep with each other replied
- Hehe sorry I’m just kidding, but ’s actually a really nice guy grinned
- Hehe we believe you replied nodding to then walking away from the bar towards the lads table. Seeing her go up towards sighed a little thinking that he was just having fun with her and her friend, but feeling pull in his arm he turned his face back looking first at then at who were laughing...
- What? Did I miss something blurted out...
- Yes, look look there is one more said excited nodding towards coming towards the bar with .
- Hehe yeah but didn’t Theo say something about that there were 4 of them... or did he? Hehe I don’t think I remember laughed
- Nevermind that look at her mate said still having a hold on ’s shoulder
- Yes yes I’m looking I’m looking replied making laugh at him
- She looks good stated
- Yeah but I like ummmm ended up mumble
- Hehe I already know what you like...
- Having fun ? asked
- Hehe yeah, say hey to Theo’s friends...
- Well hey there smiled
- Hey where have you been hiding? asked
- Out back where my job is! replied
- Hehe that’s same it’s not out here, right grinned making sending him a look...

Getting to the table smiled at the guy’s then looking at who grinned back her with a look in his eyes that were just as blury as his friends in the bar.
- Hey you, have a seat said flashing her a smile clapping the chair beside him
- Hey stanger, having a great night? asked sitting down
- Yeah and it just got better smiled making her start to blush slightly
- Yeah just forget the rest of us... Hey I’m , and I’m going... is back in the bar smiled cheeky and ruched away
- Hehe well hey and bye then laughed towards ...
- Oh I’m and that’s said looking at her
- Hey I’m...
- ! interfered
- Oohh so you remember she grinned
- Of ‘couse I did..
- Hehe sorry it’s just your mates in the bar seem to be to drunk to remember things smiled
- Ooohhh well you know that happens to me too but somethings I do remember...
- Oh yeah..
- Yeah... said almost in a whisper starring into her eyes
- Ummm we’ll go a grab a beer in the bar, suddenly said
- Yeah good idea agreed but not getting a responce from ..

Chapter 3.

Standing in the shower with the water running down over her body, images from last night after the close up off the bar, started running through her mind.
>>Gasping lightly she pulled away slightly starring into his eyes while seeing him smile cheekly back at her. Feeling his hands pull her onto his lap, she followed his move and adjusted her position, before looking back into his gaze. Just inches away from his face, she closed her eyes pulling him closer, and felt his lips brush up on hers. His mouth opened slightly and his tongue licked her lips, encourageing her to let him enter. She did and heard him moan into her mouth when their tongues collided. Feeling her heart beat wirldly when he pulled her even closer and sucked her tongue into his mouth a moan escaped her mouth into his. Finally pulling apart after a while they starred at each other breathlessly...<<
- !!! suddenly banged on the door and tore back to the present...
- WHAT?! finally yelled back shaking her head lightly under the running water trying to gain control over her mind.
- Need you in the living room...
- Why? sighed
- To talk!
- Fine! sighed letting the water ruch over her for a little while longer...

Coming into the living room saw and laying flat on the sofa not looking all to well, while had collapsed on a sofa chair.
- So what’s up? asked looking at them...
- What happened last night? finally asked
- We had our first night at our bar, which I really do hope you all remember?! replied sarcastic
- ddoooohhh... it’s not that, we had a great first night... it’s what happened after we closed the bar... mumbled with her head down in the sofa...
- Yeah it was, but didn’t except for it to end like it did! Really you don’t look good ? How much did you actually get to drink? asked
- mmm guess a lot but it’s not my fault they got me drunk! stated
- They? So you do remember something? asked
- Yeah a little mumbled
- She’s right it was and ’s fault it came from
- No it was ’s said holding a pillow over her head
- Hmm I see you do remember so what do you need me to actually say? asked
- To tell us what happened! stated
- But it’s not like I know everything, I didn’t have my eyes on each of you all night replied
- hehe no we know that started to laugh but then took her self to the head
- Meaning? asked starring at
- I saw you with that guy... oooohhh what was his name it came from
- !!! replied
- Yeah I don’t believe you two were innocent continued
- Oh really, but you and weren’t either! replied back making look up at her...
- Oh oh do tell!! It came from a curious
- Well, and I went up to grab a drink from the bar when we saw you too sitting on the floor up against the bar snogging away, and no it didn’t look innocent either. explained
- Nooooo that’s not true stated
- But it is! replied
- We weren’t sitting on the floor snogging replied
- Oohh were you snogging somewhere else too? grinned
- Umm um mumbled...
- Busted! grinned
- Yeah but you were busted too! said
- Umm that I know, just hoped you had forgotten that! said quietly
- And why’s that? asked
- Hehe because then I could tell how great it was snogging and to feel his tongue doing wonders... grinned
- Aaarrrgghh we don’t need to hear about ’s tongue and what it can do it came back from
- Why? Do you rather wanna talk about ’s? laughed making ’s cheeks flush lightly
- Would you stop? I thought we were talking about you guy’s? replied not willing to talk about yet and left to go into the kitchen to try and find a coke. When she came back to the living room she heard them talking about in stead.
- Really you’re wrong and I didn’t do anything like that, he was the perfect gentleman said with a dreamly expression on her face
- Gentleman? asked
- Yes! stated
- In what way? asked
- We just kissed a little nothing else? explained
- Who said the rest of us did? asked
- I saw the other guy’s hands, they were places ’s weren’t, let’s just keep it at that! replied..
- Wha’? suddenly asked almost spitting out the sip she had just taken from the coke
- Yeah I saw ’s hands on his way under ya top? stated looking up at
- You, you saw that? asked
- umm yes, sorry! said queitly
- Don’t worry , you know did.... started
- I’m not worried, I’m just.... something replied
- I’m something too mumbled
- Yeah and what’s that? asked
- Not completely sober yet said making the others laugh.

Later that night at the bar...
- Who took my coke? asked looking at at a fee moment
- Don’t look at me, this one is mine? sighed this was one hard night
- Here, you left it by my side said handing her coke before turning back towards the bar where a new guy asked for beers winking the best he could towards .
- I really shouldn’t had had that much to drink last night stated
- Me either! replied
- Really give me a break, just 5 minuts or so asked looking at and .
- Okay but you have to get back out here in 5, the place is packed replied and nodde. agreed and went out back collapsing on a chair beside .
- I’m never gonna drink like last night again when we have to work the night after stated weakly hiding her head in her hands making smile, before she got up and found a glass of water for her.

- Her you go smiled at the guy she handed some drinks. When he turned and walked away she looked down in the desk taking a deep breath and sighed.
- Hard night madame? A friendly voice came
- Yeah it’s... stopped right on her sentence looking up into the brown eyes from the night before..
- Hehe well it was also a hard night last night smiled softly at her
- Yeah it turned out to be, what are you doing here, thought you guy’s would chill today? asked
- Well yeah but we had some stuff to do, and then and I decided to stop by and say hi before we went home...
- Well hi then... smiled at him before taking care of an order from another...
- Looks very busy, why ain’t helping you? asked raising an eyebrow
- Well she just went out for a 5 minuts break, she didn’t feel to well
- Oooohh poor girl...
- Yeah but the poor girl is welcome back here it suddenly came from who grabbed a bottle from ’s side of the bar...
- Hehe well hey to you too
- Hey smiled weakly before turning back takeing orders...
- Well is her 5 minuts gone? asked looking back at
- Oh yeah their gone...
- If you like I could go out and get her? said smiling a little cheeky
- Guess that would be fine, as long as you remember to get her out here winked at him
- Yeah yeah ya cheeky one laughed while let him pass the bar to go out back
- Crap!! It suddenly came from making turn her face to see what happened
- Sorry I dropped it... sighed looking at the smashed glass on the floor and then up at ...
- Don’t worry about it, just hurry clean it up and I’ll take the orders mean while... replied weakly seeing hurry to get it cleaned up...
- Need any help Sweetie a soft voice suddenly came from over the bar and looked over coming eye to eye with and felt her heart skip a beat.
- Umm would be great, but we’ll manage smiled back at him while got back on track behind the bar.
- Hmm I could also help with something else winked
- I’m sure you could, seemed to thought so too, so he went out back to get but still ain’t back laughed lightly
- Hmm that’s probably because they are useing the time for some better things?
- Oohh and what would that be?
- mmm I could show you.... replied flashing her a flirty smile
- mmm I’m sure you could
- So what do you say, let me take you out for a break said leaning in over the bar towards her
- Aarrr but I can’t, then would be alone here...
- Hmm then let me go and get those two out back...
- Well if you wanna try
- I do replied winking at her before going out back finding working on something at a table
- Hey you where’s the other two asked looking around the room
- Hey, they went to the bathroom weren’t feeling well smiled
- Ooohh I think I’ve heard a quote like that before grinned
- Hehe right but she really weren’t
- Hmm I’m gonna chek, she is needed behind the bar, need a short break grinned heading to the bathroom. Stopping right on his track when he saw them a smile appeared on his face. Seeing had pinned up against the wall...
- So feeling better ? laughed while seeing them quickly pull apart
- umm yeah well yes mumbled
- I’m glad, you’re needed by the bar laughed
- Um okay I’ll be there in a sec
- Great replied still laughing lightly
- Here ya go, ya drink madame smiled at the woman in front of her right before she felt two arms wrap them selves around her waist...
- She’ll be right out... he mumbled against her neck before kissing her there making her siver
- Oh great smiled while softly getting out of his embrace.
- What’s wrong? asked looking at her a little disappointed
- Nothing, just don’t give them any good ideas said nodding towards some guy’s on the opposite side of the bar. One of them looking at her and leaning in over the bar..
- So what do you have to do, to do what his doing? The guy asked looking at but nodding towards
- You got be allowed by me! simply said
- Ohhh well I.. the guy started
- Not a chance it suddenly came from
- Yeah yeah okay okay the guy said while his friend went over to try it out on . Mean while came back out.
- Feeling better? asked looking at
- Um um yeah mumbled while her cheeks started to fluch slightly
- Come, is having a short break interfered and grabbed her hand and guided her out back to a quiet corner...
- Hey hey stranger, you can’t just... started to say
- Oh I can grinned and pinned her up against a wall brushing his lips apon hers.
- ... but... she mumbled
- Sshhh I want a goodnight kiss smiled before kissing her again.

Out by the bar turned to ...
- They should have taking with them said looking at with puppy dog eyes...
- Awww ... Mmm but I understand you...
- Yeah looks like cured you’re hangover a bit said a little sarcastic
- He did grinned looking over at on his way out of the bar.

Chapter 4.

A week later at a Saturday in the back room of the bar, grabbed an exstra wodka bottle laughing lightly at trying to make her stay there...
- Come on babe, they can deal without you for 5 more minutes pleaded pulling her close kissing her softly on her neck...
- As much fun as that could be babe, then I do believe I’m wanted out there she ginned making pull away sligtly and a grunt escaped him.
- That’s because all the guy’s out there want something to drool over snorted
- Excuse me, so what if they do? Ain’t there women drooling over you too? asked taking back by his words
- Sorry babe it’s just, I don’t know! sighed looking into her eyes trying to read her thoughts.
- It’s okay she whispered placing her lips on his for a second then pulling back smilling at him making his heart beat faster.
- So do I have a chance to see you later alone he asked raising his eyebrow sending her a flirty smile while pulling her close.
- You definitely might have that chance yes she ginned back kissing him again while feeling him pull her as close as he could...

Few hours later on top of the bar.
- So are yaaaaaaaaaaaa readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy screamed and everyone in the bar turned their heads to look at them while and grabbed their mickrofone too. Looking down at all the cheering people laughed lightly. Then looking at her two friends who nodde and they started the song.

>>God only knows how I've needed a friend
>>Who can see the boldness and pride
>>Someone strong enough I can put my faith in
>>Someone willing to let me inside
>>So be a man and be my man

- Uuhhh look at smiled from ear to ear
- Yeah a shame ain’t up there though stated
- Hey, you forget something? asked
- No no I haven’t forgot snorted

>>I dare you to need me
>>Like nobody else
>>I dare you to feel me
>>Like you've never felt
>>I dare you to want to want
>>To wanna be good to me

>>Baby you've got your reasons
>>Dangling from kite strings
>>But you can open your hands, let them fly
>>Oh I know you wont always say and do the right things
>>Oh but some things are worth a try
>>So if you can, be my man

Seeing look back at him singing the last lines, felt his heart quicken and smiled back at her. Before looking at seeing him eyeing up with a look in his eyes that was more than friendly tried hard to resist acting on it.

>>I dare you to know me
>>Like I've never known
>>I dare you to show me
>>That I can be shown
>>Dare you to want to want
>>To wanna be good to me

- YA SHAKE IT!! Some guy’s yelled to the girls making close to the egde to yell at the guy to take his eyes of . Hearing another one yell towards was close to loosing it now. Sensing what was about to happen clapped on the shoulder shaking his head as to say no...

>>Tell me I,
>>Tell me I'm the one who deserves you
>>Oh and every time, every time you know that you want to
>>I dare you

>>I dare you to hold me
>>Like you never will (again)
>>Kiss me and leave the world standing still
>>Dare you to want to want

The last line made the guy from before act this time and jump up on the bar placing him self close up to . Seeing him up there touching her like that made loose it. Running towards the bar, he grabbed a hold on the guy and pulled him roughly down from the bar. Full of rage hit the guy while and tried to pull them apart.
- STOP IT! yelled jumping down from the bar, hearing her voice he looked from the guy he just hit and into her eyes seeing the glam in her eyes gone, which made his heart beat, he wanted the glam in her eyes always. Letting go of the guy he felt take his hand pulling him out back while he heard and take back the control in the bar. Feeling tears pick in the back of her eyes starred into ’s blury eyes knowing he was drunk.
- You can’t do what you just did! She cried at him
- But he touched you! cried back still feeling the anger when he thought about it.
- Touched me?
- He can’t just jump on you like that?
- No, why not ? We’ve know each other for a week, are you my boyfriend?
- I... emm... mumbled wanting to scream yes back at her
- Even if you were, you can’t hit a guy like that, this bar is my work place and it need people to come here to keep running....
- YES IT’S A BAR!! NOT A PLACE FOR GUY’S TO COME AND JUMP ON YOU! yelled feeling the jealousy having control over him.
- GOD YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT! She yelled back now feeling tears run down her cheeks. Seeing that made his heart ache a little.
- Sorry I just, I just happen to really like you, and don’t want other guy’s to jump on you like that, is that so hard to understand? replied
- I, you AAARHGGGHHH it still doesn’t mean you can do that, and he just danced close to me, nothing would had happened!!
- How do you know that?
- Because I wouldn’t have let it, I wanted to leave with you, not some drunken silly fool! She cried making go quiet for a sec.
- I wanted that too, but babe I can’t watch a guy like that do that without doing something... For God sake ! cried...
- This is my job, bad things can happen everywhere! replied with a shaky voice
- FOR CRYING OUT LOUD ! yelled in frustration
- I think you should leave! suddenly said stepping into the room!
- What, stay out of this! replied in slight anger
- is needed in the bar, what ever you like it or not! replied firmly
- GOSH! replied frustrated sending a glance before going out.
Seeing him leave didn’t know what to say.
- Ya okay? asked quietly and just nodde slightly before walking towards the bathroom, saying she’ed be right out.
Hearing a knock on the bathroom door sighed softly before opening the door coming face to face with .
- What ya doing here? She asked surprised
- Just wanted to see if ya were okay? said softly looking into her eyes tenderly. Seeing him look at her like that, made her break. Next thing she knew she felt him wrap his arms around her holding her thight whispering calming words into her ear. Pulling back after a while she looked into his eyes.
- Sorry about that. She mumbled
- Don’t be! He whispered back stroking her cheek with his thumb. Without thinking he leaned in and placed his lips on hers. Feeling her stiffen in surprise at first he soon felt her kiss him back. Pushing his tongue into her mouth he moaned slightly feeling hers touch his.
Suddenly realizing what was happening she pulled back...
- No we can’t do this whispered starring right into his gaze for a few seconds. Nodding lightly smiled weakly before turning around walking back into the bar.

While later back in the bar, looked over at nodding towards that came out from the backroom after seeing .
- He looked sad! whispered
- Maybe something happen replied before another person asked for a beer over the bar. Looking at , had seen the look on his face too and sighed to her self, it wasn’t fun tonight.

Chapter 5.

Closing up hours later, were cleaning up by the bar...
- Hey, said softly and made slightly jump in shock
- Gosh, takling about giving a woman a shock replied smiling weakly
- Sorry, are you alone? asked seeming a little nervous
- Well yeah at the moment has gone home, which I guess you know and and are out back
- Umm so you can talk?
- Yeah, what’s this about? She finally asked raising her eyebrow at him
- ! He said softly walking over beside her taking her hand making her feel kind a nervous too now
- ?
- I um, about that kiss earlier... he started mumbling sligtly while feeling her take her hand from him
- Don’t worry, it’s forgotten! smiled lightly trying to get away from where this conversation where leading
- But what if I can’t forget that? asked pulling her close again pressing his lips on hers feeling her fight it in the beginning but giving up. Forgetting everything else around her, she found her self kissing him back, and not stopping until they heard a sound and pulled farstly apart. Looking around she didn’t see anyone though and looked back into he’s eyes...
- This is wrong! She stated
- It didn’t feel wrong. He replied
- I like your friend and you like my friend
- Right, well I actually I think I might like you both and besides that I’ve heard and did something too! said almost in a whisper
- You wha??? replied in shock
- I think you heard me.
- Well you’re wrong! She gasped back
- I’m I? asked inches away from her lips...
- Whatever ya doing stop it! It suddenly came from starring right at them with by her side
- We’re ain’t doing anything! replied taken back starring back at them
- Right, we don’t think you did but figure it out before anyone get’s hurt said
- BEFORE ANYONE GET’S HURT! screamed and made look small
- We’re not gonna hurt anyone! replied harsh
- Right, so your mate didn’t just fool around with me, without meaning anything with it? cried angry, making ’s mind work overtime.
- Ya talking about ?! asked careful
- You bet I am, he fooled around with me and you kow that, and then tonight he comes admitting to me he actually has a girlfriend! went on while tears started to form in her eyes.
- I well, yes but was it better he went on with you without telling you the truth? asked
- He, he should have from the beginng so I didn’t bloody start to fall for him! cried
- Please Hens it’s not ’s fault tried
- Maybe not, but he’s starting to mess with ’s head! went on
- Excuse Me! blurted out
- Yes and whatever you’re think ya doing then figure it out! I’m going home! cried turning around to leave just to see and standing there together starring at them. Which made stop right on the spot.
- Ummm how long have ya been standing there? asked breaking the silience that suddenly had filled the room.
- Long enough! finally said
- Which mean you know what’s happened? asked still high on her outburst
- We heard what you said about , I’m sorry to hear that ! replied sofly
- Right! simply replied biting her tongue off, trying not to say a word, but without luck.
- You can say it! said harsh towards but looking over at and
- Why, do you know? asked while silence filled the room once again while went quiet starring at until his gaze fell on ...
- You just couldn’t stay away could you? asked harsh
- Stay away?! asked trying to get out of it
- Don’t bloody give me that, you kissed my ! said angry making stiffen beside him
- Yours?! said quietly making look at her for a second
- She’s not really yours yet is she, besides you should talk? replied harsh back
- And what’s that suppose to mean? It came back from
- You and ! snapped back
- What? suddenly cried
- Yes, I know! said
- Know what? went on confused
- You too did something and I know it!
- OH GOD, GUY’S WOULD YOU STOP?! suddenly yelled trying to put reason in her friends. Having had enough of the whole thing grabbed her things and left the situation.!!

Waking up late the next day, found her self in her bed that had gotten pretty messed up that night from the fact that she had been to upset to sleep. Images had keept going through her mind, and now beeing awake it started all over again. Images she just wished far far away, images of and , she haven’t even stayed to hear anymore of them all argueing, and she didn’t even know what to think for her self. Stepping out of bed still not completly awake she stumbled into the living room, not seeing anyone, except a note on the table with her name on it.

>> Hey , just thought you should know me and the guy’s are of for a week on promo with the band, maybe it will be good for us too. Not giving up on you though, see you when we get back... x <<

Reading the message sighed while dropping her self down on the sofa.

It’s been a week and the silence in their big shared flat could be cut with a knife. There weren’t spoken many words and when they were it was usually who tried to make things alright between everyone, but besides her effort it didn’t really seem to work.
- Ooooohhhh come on we can’t let it keep going on like this sighed
- Sorry , I just don’t feel like much talking sighed before they heard a knock on their door and jumped over to open it seeing there.
- Oh Hey said kind a disappointed
- Hey, is here? asked shortly
- Um yes, in her room! replied letting him enter
- Oh by the way says he’ll come by shortly smiled at her weakly before heading towards ’s room. Mean while jumped up and down cheerfully..
- Did you hear that , did you hear that? asked excited
- Yes I heard. laughed slightly looking at .

Hearing the fuss coming from the living room openen the door to go out to see what was happening only to be stopped by , who pushed her back into her room. Closing the door with his foot he grabbed her by the waist and pinned her up agaist the wall brusing his lips over hers. Feeling her heart beat faster and faster she now felt his breath close to her ear, whispering huskely “he can’t have you!”. Trasing a trail of kisses from her shoulder and up to her mouth he covered her lips with his own again but this time he felt her tongue asking for access to his, and it made him groan satisfied. No one was going to take her from him and feeling the way she kissed him back, he knew she liked this as much as he did.

Chapter 6.

Leaning up on his elbow he looked down at her into her eyes satisfied seeing the glam in her eyes he had seen before all the mess happened and smiled happely while stroking her cheek. Suddenly starting to grin lightly he stardled her and placed him self on top on her in bed again and leaned down and kissed her tenderly. Getting disturbed by a knock on the door, sighed against her lips, while senseing a light smile ceep up on her lips.
- ! yelled outside the door
- Ignore it mumbled kissing her again, pushing his tongue into her mouth sending a siver through him when he heard her moan when their tongues collided.
- ! yelled through the door again, making sigh pushing away softly.
- WHAT? yelled back.
- WE HAVE TO GO TO WORK SOON! informed through the door.
- YEAH, THANKS! sighed looking over towards .
- Take the night off sweetie and spend it in bed with me! said with a cheeky look appon his lips. Making laugh lightly at him while she this time stardled him by pushing down on his back before leaning down placing her lips on his pushing her tongue into his mouth plying with his. Wrapping his arms around her he groaned into her mouth. Pulling away slightly looking into his eyes she stroke her finger down his cheek, while suddenly those images she had before he went away came through her mind. Crawling away from him out of bed she grabbed her clothes and took it back on.
- , please don’t go sighed
- I have too!
- Why?
- Work!
- , what’s wrong?
- Nothing! She replied turning around looking at him
- I know something is, you pulled away from me to sudden! He stated seeing her biting her buttom lip.
- What Sweetie, do you regret what we just did? asked suddenly afraid her sudden reaction was because of his mate.
- Wha? Oh, no I don’t regret that, it’s not that! She sighed not knowing how to ask
- Good ‘couse I don’t either, I want you! He said starring right into her eyes making her heart beat ten times faster.
- You, you don’t want ? She finally asked uncertain. Making start to smile by the jealous tone in her voice, which he liked. Sitting up in bed, he reached his hand out for her to take. Slowly and uncertain she walked back over to him and let him pull her down on the bed.
- Sweetie, I don’t know where you have that from, but no I don’t want and she don’t want me. I want you and want ! said softly yet firmly
- You sure? She asked still feeling a little uncertain..
- Yeah, I could show you all night if you would let me?! grinned pulling her closer and brushed his lips over hers.

In the living room...
- You sure you told we had to go soon sighed looking at
- Yes, I’m sure she will be right out said but not being completly sure.
- I could go and get her! suddenly said making shooting him a look.

- God ! said sounding slightly annoyed
- What? asked pulling a tight top over her head, before heading towards the mirrow putting on some make up.
- Are you wearing that to work?
- Wha? What’s wong with this? She asked suddenly turning around to look at . While short a look up and down her. Normally he wouldn’t mind, actually he liked that skirt and top on her, but not for other guy’s in that bar to drool over her in.
- Nothing it looks great, but those fools in the bar will jump on you looking like that! stated making her laugh lightly.
- Oh that’s what’s wrong she grinned while turning around putting the last touch of make up on.
- What do you mean? He asked walking over standing behind her.
- Ya jealous! She said turning around raising her eyebrow at him.
- Well yes maybe I am, but so where you moments ago and I proved to you that you had nothing to worry about, now if I don’t have anything to worry about, I want prove! stated wrapping his arms around her waist.
- Well you don’t have nothing to worry about, but I’m sorry there ain’t enough time for me to prove it to you she grinned before kissing him softly. Pulling out of his embrace she walked over and openen the door...
- I’m still worried! said to her.

Walking into the living room, ’s heart stopped for one second when eyes met ’s gaze. Which didn’t go unoticed by who immediatly pulled her close from behind wrapping his arms around her. Kissing her neck he noticed she bended her face to one side giving him better acces which made him kiss her there again, before he looked up shooting a look. Looking into ’s eyes she so saw something there when kissed her.
- Okay, shall we go? asked getting everybody back into the present.
- Ya, if you are sure you’re not going to change clothes? said looking at .
- See I told you, you girls look to good. stated making hit him playfully
- You actually do! stated looking over at making her blush.
- Thanks but we’re going. replied walking towards the door.

By the back at the bar...
- Thanks for the ride hun, but you better go smiled
- What? Why? I should stay! stated
- Hmm No a friends but last time you hit one of the customer, so you should go! said harsh. Walking further inside.
- She has a very good point. replied
- Whatever... but what have I done to her to make her so mad
- It’s not what you have done, it’s what your friend have done. explained
- Oh! sighed looking over seeing starre at for a sec before turning his gaze at . Suddenly feeling hit him playfully he snapped back
- Are ya still here, or are do you wanna talk to ?
- I’m here, right here grinned kissing softly at first then more forcefully.
- Okay we’re otta here! yelled before kissing one more time.

Few hours later they were yet again for 6 night acting while working that nothing where wrong even though everyone that weren’t drunk would have been able to catch the tension between them. Walking back out to where was working sat down for a short break looking at her friend going through some papers.
- we got to stop this tension thing. It’s killing me. sighed making her friend look up at her. Sighing to herself she nodded knowing they had to all work the things out.
- Your right. Let’s make it a date after work hours to talk things through just the four of us. We need a girl night. Just us. replied
- That’s a good idea. Let’s do that. I’ll let and know, when I go back out.
- Good. And then I would like to have a drink. rolled her eyes.
- Yeah. I’m sorry about the thing.
- Thanks but it’s not your fault.
- Ah finally one thing that isn’t my fault. laughed lightly making laugh with her.
- Yeah you’re a real trouble maker.
- Yeah I’m a bad ass! grinned taking a hold of her phone.

At a pub down the road looked at the clock again.
- Ah come on mate. Drink your beer. She’ll still be there later ehh?! grinned pushing to his mate.
- I know it’s just.... trailed of feeling his phone vibrate. Seeing who it was a cheesy smile spread over his lips making laugh and clap his shoulder. Looking at the message his smile faded a little. “Hey babe. Miss you already ;P But I’m sorry I can’t see you after work ‘couse I have to have a girly night with the girls and talk things through. It’s important but I’ll see you tomorrow. Enjoy your night with the lads. Xxxxx ”. Pushing the reply bottom he heard sigh loudly and looked towards him.
- A girly night, how can that be better than spending it with me??? cried confused as to how that could be better.
- Ah your girl dumped you for three other girls. laughed loudly.
- Hey. He’s not the only one. and burst out only to make laugh even louder.

After letting the last customer out Theo walked into the bar where he found sitting on a chair with her feet resting on the table in the middle of the room, while sat across on another chair with her head resting on her arms on the back of the chair. Meanwhile and where grabbing a few drinks from the bar bringing them to the table.
- You enjoying yourselves. Theo laughed
- We intend too. replied slightly sleepy.
- You want a beer? can get it for you. said.
- Hey hey hey would love to get up and get one for you the lazy sod. laughed.
- Hehe no no that’s fine ladies. I’m beat so I’ll head home.
- Okay, well thanks for tonight Theo. smiled placing the drinks on the table and dragging a chair to her.
- Yeah you too, night ladies. Theo replied and walked out while all four yelled night night back at him.
- So! sighed sitting down.
- Well I’m good. I just want the tension away from our group. sighed
- Well it’s simple really and get things straight about and and we’ll get peace. Oh and we take the thing afterwards. said
- The thing. ginned making a face.
- Hm anyway if just keep her hands of I’m good. huffed
- I am keeping my hands of him! sighed
- Oh yeah that’s why ya were kissing. replied raising her voice slightly.
- It was a bloody mistake. I don’t want . I’m satisfied as long as I have . huffed crossing her arms in front of her.
- Ah then ya agree. keeps to herself and keeps satisfied. laughed.
- Yeah really we didn’t need to know that about him. But yeah it’s good news. grinned making a face at her all the while felt her cheeks start to burn.
- Okay stop will ya?! So we’re good ? asked rolling her eyes at her friends.
- Yes I guess so! said quietly.
- Oh right and now about the thing. Do you want us o go and kick his ass for you? Because you know I’m very sporty so I’m good with that kind a thing! said eager.
- At first I would have said yes but now he can keep his bloody girlfriend and just stay away from me. hissed.
- Ah maybe he’ll come on a white horse and choose you. said dreamy.
- Um yeah maybe. mumbled starring at her friend.
- You’ll always been a dreamer . Be careful that won’t come back and hunt you. warned her.
- Ah it’s good to dream it puts colour on your life. smiled.
- That’s true actually. So that’s why I’ll be dreaming about ’s lips and stuff until someone better who’s not a cheater comes along. stated.
- Good for you. stated taking a sip of her drink
- Now that that’s settled let’s empty our own bar. grinned.
- You know that’s not good for our money… started
- Ah forget that for tonight. Remember earlier you said you needed a drink. pointed out.
- Ah your right. replied grabbing a drink and drowned it.

Chapter 7.

The next day before knocked on the door he heard ’s voice.
- So have you told her? asked looking on the door watching ’s hand stand still in the air.
- No. Have you?
- Not yet. I’m going to now. sighed
- Me too. whispered and finally knocked on the door.
- COME IIINNNNN!! ’s voice sounded from inside. Walking into the living room they watched her lay flat on her stomach on the floor holding on to a water bottle in one hand and in the other a coke.
- Um are you okay? asked raising an eyebrow.
- Drinks happened. She mumbled
- Drinks happened? questioned
- Yes. Lot’s lot’s lot’s of drinks. She mumbled back
- Hehe oh your having a nice hangover? started to laugh.
- Not nice. Not nice at all. replied
- Um why are you on the floor? asked
- I like the floor. She mumbled
- Um yeah okay! Where is ? asked
- In her room. in her room too. cried letting her face fall down resting on the floor again making both guy’s stare at each other holding on to a laugh.
Walking over to her room knocked on the door softly just to hear a raw voice tell him to go away. Laughing to himself he however opened the door and walked inside closing the door again.
- Go away. moaned pulling the duvet over her face taking hide under it.
- Ah babe but I miss you. pouted going over to the bed and sat down.
- I don’t miss you. She moaned feeling her head hurt like someone was hitting her.
- Ah you can’t mean that. He said taking hold of the duvet trying to pull it away from her face but she wouldn’t let go of it.
- Come on let me see you. I’ve missed you all night.
- Drinks, to many many drinks. I look horrible. She cried under the duvet making laugh.
- Yeah I saw that is washed out on the floor in the living room and by the way you look adorable. He grinned letting his hand run under the duvet further down where she didn’t have a hold on it. Feeling his smile broaden he felt his hand run over her stomach and felt her wriggle under his touch.
- Hmmm have my baby forgot to take her nightie on. He grinned. Watching her slowly let the duvet fall from her face.
- I didn’t know what I was doing when I came home. She mumbled while taken hold of his hand under the duvet.
- Well in that case I’m glad to find you alone in bed then. He replied.
- Ah, I would have known if someone was with me. She replied making a face at him.
- Oh I’m glad to hear that. He said letting his free hand move hair away from her face before he let his fingers stroke her cheek. Leaning down he wanted to kiss her but she turned her face away making him feel disappointed.
- Sweetie. He questioned.
- My breath is terrible. She cried. Just to see him smile and with both his hands he softly placed them on either side of her face leaning down close to her.
- I really don’t care. I just need to kiss my girl. He whispered before he let his lips crash down on hers.

A few hours later lay watching her sleep and pulled her body closer to his. Letting his lips plant a kiss on her shoulder he sighed content. This was how he wanted to spend his nights. Instead of being alone or out in a pub with the guy’s like last night. Just one night apart from her and he missed her. The thought only bringing the thing back in his mind that he had to tell her. If only she could go with him then it wouldn’t be that bad. Letting his hand stroke over her body he started to feel her awake slowly. Turning around in his arms she blinked with her eyes before she opened them and looked sleepy into his.
- Welcome back. He said softly before kissing her gently. It took her a few seconds to respond to his kiss but when she did she felt a shiver run down her spine by what he was doing to her. Gently he pushed his tongue into her mouth and felt hers met his and his whole body came alive. Rolling her over on her back he kissed her more forcefully and a soft moan escaped her mouth turning him even more on. Pulling away moments later he looked into her eyes and watched the love shine in them and then the words came rolling out of his mouth before he could stop them.
- Come to Asia with me.
- Ehh huhhh what? mumbled totally confused.
- Sorry it wasn’t supposed to come out like this but please come with me. I can’t bear to be without you. He replied softly and closed his eyes for a second feeling her small fingers stroke over his back.
- Babe you know I can’t just go to Asia. When is it and for how long? She asked watching hope flash in his eyes.
- We have to leave in a week. We’re going to be away for three weeks. He replied softly watching how she closed her eyes and felt her fingers stop on his back.
- Three weeks. She uttered
- Yes baby. He replied leaning down stealing a kiss before he looked into her eyes again for an answer.
- Your leaving me for three weeks. She replied feeling her breath get court in her throat. How could she possible go without him for three weeks.
- I really don’t want to that’s why I want you to come with me baby. He pleaded while feeling her push him off her gently and sitting up in bed.
- I can’t you know that. She cried feeling her heart crumbled just as much as his did. Closing his eyes he leaned down his face letting his lips touch her shoulder while his hands found hers.
- I know. I just wished you could. I love you. He replied softly. Feeling her heart flood over hearing those words she turned around and faced him.
- I love you too. She replied in a whisper letting her gaze fall to his lips before she leaned in and kissed him hungrily.

Fiddling with his fingers stood watching still collapsed on the floor.
- Listen. Me no state right now to give clever advice. mumbled lifting her face from the floor and looked up at .
- But is it possible to talk to her when it’s me?
- You’re a big boy. You put yourself into the mess and you messed with my friend and there by hurt her, so why do you think I wanna help you?
- Because she’s your friend.
- Exactly! Get yourself out of the mess. That is if you really want to. replied and with a moan she rolled over on her stomach so she didn’t have to bend her head back to look at him.
- What do you mean?
- Well you have a girlfriend and your not about to get rid of her, so why don’t you just leave and let be?
- Ahhgghh woman!! hissed
- That we are but you didn’t answer my question. simply replied
- Because the rest of you are dating my friends so wouldn’t it be clever if and I could be friends?! replied watching how his words slowly got into her head.
- Sorry I’m a little slow. Hangover. She moaned
- Yeah so I noticed. rolled his eyes
- Just go talk to her but don’t expect much. She mumbled and sighed and left her looking for ’s room.

Stumbling out of ’s room a while later laughed stumbling into in the hall.
- Watch yourself will you? huffed
- Oh Sorry. What’s with you? asked
- THAT WOMAN! hissed
- YEAH THAT WE STILL ARE!!! yelled from inside the living room making laugh.
- It’s not funny. You can’t talk to . No matter what I say she’s eating my head off.
- I’m sorry mate. Yrk guess it won’t be like that? said nodding towards their other mate seeing in fully contact with .
gasped feeling her tongue play with his, mean while he felt her hands wandre over his chest under his shirt. Pushing her body as close to his as she could, she gasped feeling the need in him! Suddenly hearing someone clear his throat, they breatlessly pulled a bit apart and came face to face with and . Blushing embassered tried to hide behind .
- Having fun? asked trying to suppress a laugh with .
- Yeah I am actually!! stated while disappeared into her room.
- Shy are we? yelled after before him and fell over each other laughing.
- Hey thanks mates. rolled his eyes walking after .
- Any time mate. grinned.

A week later at the airport.
- There weeks. sighed against his lips.
- Yes and then I’ll be right back here. smiled while stroking her cheek with his hand.
- COME ON, WE DON’T HAVE ALL DAY!! yelled from the escalator.
- Yeah chill. moaned making laugh slightly. While came by and patted her shoulder.
- Could you please talk to for me. I want this to work for all of our shake. sighed.
- I’ll try. smiled
- Thanks. I’ll make sure your man is good boy while we’re away then. grinned making slap him on the back while he walked towards the other lads.
- I’m always good. pouted at her. Instead of answering she leaned in and kissed him. Pulling away a moment later he rested his head against hers.
- Love you.
- Love you too. She replied quietly getting a last kiss and watched him walk away.

Chapter 8.

A week had passed and the girls had just had their breakfast and were sitting in the living room trying to get the sleep out of their eyes.
- Okay I had a dream last night. suddenly said making her friends moan rolling their eyes as an reply.
- Oh no it’s too early for your creepy dreams. moaned.
- As is if yours are so much better about . hissed
- Oh but they are because their mine and his mind and….
- Oh shot up. moaned throwing a pillow at
- What was it about? asked looking at
- and God was he yummy.
- Oh . said softly
- Why don’t you talk to him? asked
- He only want’s to be friends and did you not hear me? He’s soooo edible.I could have him for dinner. said seriously making her friends groan in dislike.
- Oh sweetie please don’t tell us those things. We have to be able to look at him again. sighed
- Babe. We know you feel like that but isn’t better to have him as a great great great friend than not at all? asked more seriously.
- I guess. sighed
- He want’s you to be friends. He told me so you know. said softly.
- He did?
- Yes. Call him. Give it a chance. You can’t run away every time you see him and you are going to see him honey.
- Okay. I’ll call him.
- Good now when that is settled we have a special night tonight. grinned.

- Yes yes that’s it. Thanks Theo. replied excitedly watching the big cocktail glasses being put up.
- The kids are gonna drool seeing you in one of these. Theo replied
- Hehe I know. It’s gonna be fun.
- Oh you crazy girls. Theo laughed walking away. While heard her mobile and pushed the bottom.
- Hey babe. She grinned knowing who it was.
- Hey baby I miss you. ’s voice sounded in the other end. Looking at his mates he sighed. They had been so busy all week that the phone calls had been too short for his liking.
- Ah I miss you too.
- What are you doing? He asked hearing her giggle while he heard something being poured.
- Hehe I’m watching three big cocktail glasses being filled up water where there in some colour added to the water to make it look like a real drink. She giggled
- Sweetie I’m not following.
- Oh oh we have gotten three big cocktail glasses where one person actually can stand in. it’s much fun.
- Are you saying my baby is going to be playing in a big cocktail glass? asked smiling imagine it in his mind.
- I so am hehe wish you could see it.
- Me too baby. Me too. He sighed
- You okay honey? asked picking up on his mood.
- I’m just tired and missing you.
- Ah babe I’ll make it all better when you come home. I promise.
- I’ll keep you up on that. Sweetie I have to go. We’re being called out again. sighed
- Okay. Take care okay?
- You too. Bye sweetie.
- Bye. She replied softly feeling her heart ache.

The night was on full go. The three glasses were standing by a wall and for once Henriette were out working by the bar serving drinks. Looking over at her three mates each of them splashing in their own cocktail glass she couldn’t help but laugh.
Grinning felt the coloured water being a bit sticky against her skin. But being put in a cocktail glass then what else could you expect? Looking towards the bar she noticed a guy acting wired. Leaning in over the bar she watched how he tried to grab something before yelled something at him. She had a lot to do by the bar and a few of the guy’s didn’t seem to be very patience. Suddenly feeling someone splash water on her she turned her attention towards who glared at her with a scared look. Getting the hint that she should sniff, she suddenly smelled the smoke too. Looking around in despair she tried to locate the smell from somewhere. Feeling her body froze she noticed the smoke come from a fire that were starting out by the bar.
- We’re gonna get people out! Get out of this thing and get Theo. He can’t let more people in. ordered while got help from some guy to get down. Splashing water over at who didn’t seem to notice anything sighed when just thought it was for fun.
- WHAT??? yelled back and took her hand to her head before she pointed towards the fire. By now people were starting to scream while the fire where spreading. Suddenly out of the blue saw with a fire extinguisher which she placed in the hands of a big guy who used it towards the fire. Running in came now Theo who pushed people out. Standing like in a daze watched how people went into a panic even be her side were freaking out.
- THEO!!!!!!!!!!!! yelled she had to get Theo. Yelling again he turned around and came running over.
- Get out of here before she hurt herself. ordered and Theo nodded grabbing hold of . Seeing a microphone behind her which they had hung up in case of them wanting to sing she grabbed it and turned it on.
- ALL RIGHT EVERYONE TRY TO STAY CALM. DON’T RUN OVER ANYONE. GET OUT AS CALM AS YA CAN!!! cried down into it. Hearing a loud crash she watched the cocktail glass beside her had been in crash down by being pushed of people in panic. The fragment of glasses where now spread around on the floor. Hearing a woman cry she saw she had gotten a fragment into her arm. Looking at the glass she was in she felt the tears run down her cheeks when she looked back up and around the room. It was chaos. She had to get out of the glass otherwise she could get killed if it smashed with her in it. Starting to feel the panic she knew she needed help to get down from the tall glass but everyone were no were near her. Everyone where pushing into each other by the door. Seeing grabbing a glass out of the hands of some guy weakly heard her yell at him that is was like putting petrol on a fire if he tried to kill it with alcohol. Yelling her name over and over again herself panic even more by the minute since didn’t hear.
- Need a hand babe! A voice suddenly said close to her. Looking down her eyes met the gaze of the guy had knocked over some time ago. Taking his hand greatfully he helped her down.
- Thank you. She cried now feeling the safety of the floor under her feet.
- It’s fine. Let’s just get out of here. He cried before storming off towards the exit. Shaking the event of him helping her of her. She looked around but couldn’t no longer see anywhere.

The next morning the lads where huffing around the morning table.
- I want sleeeeepppp. moaned
- Ah you cry baby. laughed
- But I’m tired. snorted
- Me too. groaned sipping on his coffee.
- BLOODY HELL!! yelled spitting out the sip of coffee he had just taken.
- Ah cheese mate. replied grabbing a tissue to dry off ’s coffee from his hand.Feeling his heart beat wildly in his chest pushed his chair back and grabbed his phone and pushed it to his ear.
- Pick up, pick up, pick up baby. PICK UP! cried
- Easy tiger. What’s with you? asked taking the paper had been looking at.- See that’s what too little sleep does to you. grunted
- Bloody hell. replied making and look over his shoulder. The words in the paper screaming back up at them. “Coyote Ugly – Bar in London court on Fire last night!!”.
Lifting his gaze looked over at seeing him freaking out.
- Baby pick up please. cried hearing the phone go to answer machine again.

Chapter 9.

Sitting in the waiting-room at the hospital felt her phone vibrate in her pocket again, but the shock that had taken over her body stopped her from reacting and picking it up. She couldn’t believe what had happened. She looked at who sat rocking back and forth in shock with only a few wounds to show from the night. Everyone had actually been lucky so far. Looking ahead she watched come back in with some water in her one hand and the other in a sling. She had explained how her arm had broken while she had helped a guest get out and they had stumbled into something she couldn’t recall what was but the pain had shot right through her. They were waiting to hear about . Looking down on her foot watched the bandage on her foot; it was sore. By all the pushing people she had taken a fall and twisted her ankle.
- Girls! A doctor said coming in looking at the three girls. Looking at his face tried to read his face.
- How is she? managed to utter.
- She going to be fine. She has got a smoke poisoning and a twisted wrist. We’re just going to keep her over night to observation to make sure she get it out of her system again.
- Thank God! muttered
- Can we see her? asked
- Sure, but she’s asleep and properly wont wake up until the morning. We gave her something to sleep on to calm her down.
- Okay. Thanks. whispered.
Getting up on their feet they followed the doctor towards her room and with a smile he left them there. Sitting down on the chairs beside the bed, they sat there in silence. They couldn’t talk anymore, they felt like they hadn’t done anything else since the accident happened and by this point they were too tired to think.
Starring at her friend laying in the white hospital bed felt drained from energy. There were so much they probably should be doing now but either of them moved. She knew had been calling none stop all morning which meant he probably knew something had happened. She didn’t know why either of them hadn’t reacted towards their phones and called the lads to tell them they were all right. At this point she didn’t know anything. Looking towards and she watched them drift into a sleep on their chairs. She wasn’t surprised, could sleep anywhere and where just plain exhausted.
Getting up carefully she limped slowly on her foot outside the room. Leaning against the wall she finally took out her phone and saw all the missed calls. Dialing his number she pushed the phone to her ear and faster than she had ever heard him pick up his phone she heard his relieved voice on the other end of the line.
- Oh baby finally. I was so scared something had happened to you. We saw the news in the English paper they have at the hotel. He rambled on and felt tears sting her hers. She had been holding back the tears since the accident happened and now she just couldn’t hold back anymore.
- Baby what’s wrong tell me, don’t cry. smoothed feeling the panic raise once again by the sound of her crying. Listening to his smoothing words calmed herself down after a while and breathed in heavily.
- Sorry. She whispered the first word out of her lips since she made the call.
- Ooh don’t say sorry. It’s not your fault sweetie. Just tell me your okay? He said almost with a begging tone in his voice.
- I’m fine, only twisted my ankle. She finally told him and noticed the reviled sigh in his voice.
- Thank God. How are the others? The guy’s can’t get hold of them. asked watching his mates stare at him impatience.
- Their okay. has only got a few wounds. has broken her arm and has got smoke poisoning so the hospital is keeping her overnight to make sure she’ll get it out of her system.
- Good. So you where lucky? said while he raised his thump towards his mates telling them they were going to be fine.
- Yes but I don’t think we have the bar anymore. replied in a whisper.
- I’m sorry sweetie but it can be build again. The most important thing is that you’re okay.
- We are but I’m just so tired. She uttered feeling her whole body ache for rest.
- Then get some sleep sweetie. Now I know you’re okay you can sleep. He smiled
- Okay. Tell the others the girls will call later. They have fallen asleep.
- I will.
- Thanks. Night hun. whispered
- Night baby.

A few days later saw the cab of that been driving to Coyote Ugly. Slowly she turned around looked towards the bar. With tears in her eyes she limped in on her bad foot and took in the sight of the bar that had been a lively place which were now turned into ashes. Standing on in the ashes her eyes gazed around until they landed on their signboard. With slow steps she walked towards it sticking out from the ashes she watched the darkened letters of Coyote Ugly appear. Feeling a tear run down her cheeks she saw the dream of their bar had disappeared with only the signboard left to show they had been there. She knew it would never be the same and at home in their flat the girls had talked about what was now to happen. They didn’t have the fond to rebuild the bar and even if they had they weren’t sure they wanted to.
Seeing the place that had been their back room where had worked she noticed how a bit it if still stood, she walked over there. Something that used to be called a chair and a tabled was covered it grey and black soot. Still she sat down and for once she didn’t care at all that it meant her behind would turn black. In silence she just sat there taking in the result of the accident.

Watching the sad aura that surrounded his girlfriend let out sigh. He knew she had loved this place even if he hadn’t been too happy about the way the girls worked there but still it was the place that had brought them together and that did mean something.
Walking over slowly he watched the sad eyes look up at him.
- Hey sweetie. Was wondering where you had got to. He said with a smile.
- I just needed to be here again. We had put so much of our energy in this place and now it’s just gone. She replied with a wobble in her voice.
- I know sweetie but maybe you can rebuild it! He said kneeling down in front of her, resting his hands on her thigh.
- We can’t.
- I’ve thought about it and I talked to the guy’s we would like to help. He replied and watched a small smile creep onto her lips while her hands softly stoke over his cheeks.
- Thank for the offer baby but Coyote Ugly won’t open again.
- Why, you girls loved this place? said confused raising an eyebrow.
- We did but we don’t have the will to start over again. Besides this place didn’t leave us any spare time and we want that especially now.
- Why especially now?
- Because we have others to think about now.
- Others?! replied with a grin ready to break free on his lips.
- You! She smiled softly before she closed her eyes just in time before his lips crashed down on hers.

With ’s hand in hers watched her friends gathered around the living room in the girls flat. Leaning back against she felt him wrap his arms around her making her heart beat just a little faster while the rest of her felt safe in his arms.
The bar had been an adventure and she wouldn’t have missed it for the world and she wished it was still here but she was a believer that everything happens for a reason. The sadness of losing the bar with her three mates had made her realize how much you should appreciate what truly matters. Being surrounded by her boyfriend and their friends was what brought her happiness every day. It is people that matters and just in this moment in time, she felt blessed.