Bunny Surprise.

- This is myyyy speech but.... yelled out through the arena but stopped abruptly as he was once more was interrupted by .
- Tonight he is sharing it with me. continued ’s sentence with a bright smile showing on his lips while tried to look seriously annoyed at his band mate cursing the arena to break out into laughter.
- Oh I am and when was that decided? questioned crossing his arms in front of his chest.
- Last night, remember? sniggered into the microphone before he let his arm fall to rest upon ’s shoulder making gaze at ’s arm and was about to say something when decided to meddle.
- I remember. said walking up beside his two fellow band mates.
- Ah well I give in, you’re both right. I guess most of you are wondering why isn’t on stage right now. spoke into his microphone and stepped over to the edge of the stage and looked at the fans in the first rows.
- Our dear lost a bet last night so get ready with all you cameras. chuckled as he and joined on the edge of the stage.
- Everyone get ready for a soft cuddly version of . smirked meanwhile backstage was close to enter the stage again but as he did he was already busy thinking of ways he would make his fiancé get payback.

>>Flashback – the night before<<

I tell you, I know my fiancé inside and out and she would never do that. spoke feeling sure of himself and his knowledge about his fiancé.
- I tell you she lost a bet to . said sincerely
- And that means that tonight she will show up at the club in town dressed in a big soft bunny outfit, dressed from head to toe as an Easter bunny and well later as a much cheekier Easter bunny. My girl told me so as had later called her telling her how nervous she was about doing it. laughed finding the whole thing rather amusing.
- I don’t believe ya, is too shy to do something like that. disagreed while taking a sip of his beer. They were sitting in one of their dressing rooms after the concert they had just done and now found his friends trying to spin him into believing that his fiancé would go do something like that in public and just didn’t believe she would. He knew she could be a bit wild and do some funny things but that was only when she was in a group of people she knew well and felt safe, not in a club filled with strangers.
- If you are so sure then why don’t you bet with me? I bet you will show up as an Easter bunny. declared and reached out his hand towards .
- What are the terms? asked raising an eyebrow.
- If you lose you will go on stage tomorrow dressed as an Easter bunny from head to toe but if you win I’ll do it. replied with a smile tugging at his lips while and had a hard time keeping their laughter in check.
- Deal but I bet you she won’t, I know my girl. responded shaking ’s hand.

The lads had been at the club for a while and started to get slightly annoyed that hadn’t turned up yet as he hadn’t seen her all day and he really wanted to see her step into the club dressed as herself and not as a bunny. If she really was to dress up as a bunny he wouldn’t mind but then he wanted it to be a private thing. Suddenly felt knock him on his shoulder and nodded towards the door.
- I think that is what I call a lost bet. laughed standing by the other side of but hardly heard his words as shock washed through his entire body. In through the door came a woman dressed from head to toe in a white bunny outfit making the entire room cheer as everyone spotted her. couldn’t see her face since her face was hiding inside the bunny head with big fluffy ears on top. They watched the bunny take a twirl around itself and make a funny sound when some guy pinched her little tale on her butt making frown by some guys nerve if indeed it was his girl and if it where never liked other guys getting to frisky around her. When she neared he felt a familiar feeling in his heart that always appeared when was near, nobody could make him feel like jelly like she could and as she passed him and leaned in to him for a second whispering “hey groom” he was sure it was her. immediately grabbed his beer from their table and drowned it feeling shocked she was actually doing this.
- HOP-HOP-HOPPING have a wonderful Easter everyone filled with happiness, joy, and of course...CHOCOLATE!!! cheered feeling rather warm and nerve wreaking inside her big fluffy bunny suit while she hopped over the floor towards the bar. When she got there she took a deep breath pulled out a chair and tried to climb up upon it but having her fingers hid inside the bunny hands it was hard for her to grab hold of something and steady herself but luckily plenty of people by the bar wanted to help her.
- Do you need another beer? chuckled towards having seen the shocked expression on ’s face.
- Maybe something stronger. muttered cursing his band mates to snigger.
- First you might want to go up there and help free her from her fluffy suit unless you want some guy to do it? smirked making shut him a stare after a moment when realized what had just said.
- How do you know if a bunny is a boy or a girl? questioned looking around her feeling slightly out on deep water not really wanting to remove her big suit mean while her words cringed inside ’s head not sure if he liked what he heard.
- I’ll love to check what you are!! Some drunk guy rooted but got pushed back by .
- I think I should be the one as she is privately my very own Easter bunny. stated as a matter of fact and stepped up on a chair right beside her.
- I can’t believe you’re doing this. whispered to her while taking hold of her bunny face and pulled it of coming face to face with the face of the woman he loved.
- Well I couldn’t have you thinking I couldn’t surprise you anymore babe. replied a smile tugging at her lips as slowly realized he had been set up.
- You never lost a bet with Henry did you? questioned as he zipped down the zipper on her back and saw her shake her head and his breath got court in his throat while the sight of her naughty bunny outfit came into sight as her big fluffy bunny suit fell to the ground.
- No I didn’t. I just wanted to show you I could still surprise you so I got the other lads in on it. whispered while she slowly turned around on the chair again and shyly bite her lower lip knowing the bunny outfit now showing on her body would show of her every curve.
- And you did but next time babe, let me have the view of my bunny to myself. smiled leaning in placing a soft kiss on her lips to the sound of a room whistling after them.

>>Flashback end<<

When stepped onto the stage it was to the sounds of laughter, cheering and a thousand flash lights from cameras from all corners of the arena as everyone saw him in a big fluffy brown bunny suit covering him up from head to toe.
- Have a happy Easter. , and beamed out through their microphones as they pushed towards the edge of the stage in slow steps as walking in a bunny suit didn’t seem as easy as in sounds.

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