Birthday Wish

“Go on , make your wish then.” Her sister said as if sitting through the celebration was causing her pain. closed her eyes, and took a deep breath, blowing out all the candles. She paused for a second, making her wish. They never came true to her dismay, but that didn’t stop her from trying.

“Thanks guys,” responded to their applause.

“Shall we get going then?” asked. All of them were late for work.

“I’ll take my car; I’m going in an opposite direction to you guys, thanks for the cake. I’ll see you guys later.” She blew them a kiss and walked out the door after putting the cake in the fridge.

Birthdays came and went, but nothing ever changed. put the car into reverse and sped out the driveway, making her way up to the office.

Late as per usual, she received many glares on her way up to her desk. worked at the reception area to the most powerful man in pop’s office. It was a tough job, but Simon Cowell was pretty sweet when it boiled down to it.

His PA came out to wish her a happy birthday. “Sorry , we need you to step in for the meeting with the Westlife boys,” he paused for a second, “is that okay?”

He watched her face light up, although she tried to hide it as much as she could.

“Yeah, yeah that’ll be great.” He nodded happily someone else could fill in and turned to leave.

“Wait, Tony, what do I have to do?” A worried tone left her lips.

“Just erm, well they know what to do, just ask them.” He left, leaving her nerves exposed.

“Speak the unspoken,” muttered to herself. Again once doubting her abilities, she checked the schedule, they were supposed to be arriving in the next 5 minutes. Her heart was pounding fast enough to hear it. She didn’t even time to text , to confide what to say! She prayed her feet would remain steady and she wouldn’t make a complete idiot of herself.

gathered her phone and other belongings and made her way to the office. Sometimes Simon had her in the palm of her hand. He knew what she liked; maybe this was a hidden gift. She hesitated out the door, waiting for her thoughts to calm down. Her senses were pushing past her. Knocking on the door, she found five seats at the end of the table. She took the one on the end.

She wrote down a few notes for some past work, she had to catch up with, whilst waiting. It didn’t do much help, it was all messy writing, her hands were shaking so much.

heard voices. She sat on the edge of her seat and smoothed out her hair. They knocked and entered. She did her best job of standing. They all greeted her, shaking her hand and introducing themselves.

She indicated the seats on the table, trying to be as professional as possible.

“Tony said that you’d know what I had to do? I’m just covering.” Shane caught her eye; she looked down, blushing slightly.

“Well, we were hoping to see Simon today, Tony said he’d be at the meeting.” stated.

smirked at something mouthed to him.

“Simon isn’t here today, what did you want to see him for?” asked softly.

“We needed a few days off, some of the backstage crew was wondering too. We need Simon anyway to test out the new songs.” added.

“How many days is a few?” She wondered where this was going.

“A week?” picked his moment with perfection.

“Hmm, do you mind if I go and get his diary, and then maybe I’ll see if I can do anything today?”

“That’ll be great.” said resting back in his chair.

“Okay then, I’ll be back in a second.” She excused herself and walked out. Tony asked her if anything was wrong, heading straight for her.

“They want a week off Tony, what shall I say to that?”

“Simon’s not coming back for two weeks, so yeah I guess it’s possible, if they work extra hard the following week, and they don’t mind the gruelling schedule, then fine. Yeah, it should work out.” He planned it in his head. “I’ve got other stuff to do , I’ll talk to you later.” He brushed past her and entered someone else’s office. looked around, even working here; it was hard to know whose office was whose. She picked up the diary bending over the desk and turned around.

“Is it ?”

was standing behind her. “Yeah, it is,” she confirmed. She didn’t quite know what to say. “Erm, Tony says it’s okay for you to have the week. Simon isn’t coming back from holiday for a fortnight, but it should be fine. Only though, if you guys promise to work really hard the following week, will I let it pass.”

, I’ve got something to show you,” he had obviously been ignoring everything she said. He led her in front of him. “Mr. , will you wait one second?” She looked into his eyes. It was as though, it wasn’t the first time they’d met.

“Call me ,” she grinned.

“Kay,” she made her way to the back of the desk. “Where are the other guys, shall I pass it then, if you promise?”

“Yeah, I promise, the other guys had to go downstairs though.” She hesitated before typing it into the schedule. He looked into her eyes, it wasn’t the first time. It was as if he’d seen her crying into the night, waiting for her to finally reach the light.

, have we met?” looked up from the computer screen and asked him.

“The way I’m thinking, yeah I think we have. I just don’t know where.” He seemed puzzled. glanced at him, he looked so nice.

“Are you going to let me show you now?” She shook her head teasing him. Standing, she took her jacket off, revealing her striped blouse.

“Hot are we?” He asked her. She said nothing, just smiled. “Come on then,” she made her way around the desk.

weren’t you the one when I was at school, the one who....” They’d crossed paths so many times; this was the first she’d realised, the first he’d realised. “ , you swore you’d come back, you never did.”

Reminiscing, they both relived their school years. “I can’t believe I didn’t notice before,” whispered. He was pretty close to her now.

“How’d you remember?” asked her.

“There’s only one person who used to look at me like you used to do. That didn’t make much sense, but you know what I meant.” She said laughing.

“It’s nice to see you again .” He waited. She was sure she heard a slight hint of joy out of the statement.

“And you. Wait, how’d you know it was me then?”

“How could I not?” He whispered, did he really feel like he used to. “I came back didn’t I?” He whispered to her, as someone walked past. Her stomach was going insane. “Yeah, I guess you did.” She told him.

“Come with me,” he held out his hand and she took it. His touch left a burning desire on her skin. He whispered something to her. She giggled.

Something dug into her back, pretending not to notice, she leant back on him slightly.

“Before we go in, let me give you something,” he said. She was about to ask what it was, but his lips came crashing down on hers. He held her in embrace, his fingers dancing on her back.

“We should finish that later,” she whispered. He nodded smiling, and led her towards the lift. She got in after him.

They huddled together in the corner until the elevator reached a stationary point.

“Come on babe,” the words rang out in her mind. She hadn’t heard those words for longer than she’d hoped.

He led her into a room. The lights were out. She looked up at slightly confused.

“Surprise!!!” Everyone jumped out, scaring her. They all sang happy birthday to her.

“Happy Birthday babe,” he told her they’d be going for drinks after, and for her to wait up for him after she’d had fun at the party.

He kissed her softly, until she wanted more and more. The more she got her more she wanted. He couldn’t stop himself.

One thing was for sure, she’d got her birthday wish.

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