Birthday Trouble

Putting up the final touches she danced around with a smile. She couldn’t wait for her birthday party. But most of all she couldn’t wait to see her boyfriend again, he had been gone for to long. Been busy all the time with everything else than her. The fact that she hadn’t even heard from him yet had made her heart ache for while but then she made up in her head that it was because he was going to surprise her tonight and wouldn’t ruin it knowing how curious she was.
Suddenly hearing a biip from outside she walked over to the window and looked down seeing her cab had arrived. With a smile she grabbed her bag and with excitement in her body she went down and was driven to the club she had been ordered to go to. Getting out of the cab she brushed her hand down her dress making sure she looked her best. Coming to the door the doorman smiled at her and let her in. Entering the room she heard a loud ”Happy Birthday” coming from her friends that laughed and hold glasses in the air.
- Heeeeyyyy Happy birthday . cheered and rushed over to hug her friend followed by .
- Thank you. beamed looking around behind her friend trying desperate to find her boyfriend in the crowd before she looked back at her two friends in front of her.
- Come, come let me give you a drink. grinned grabbing ’s hand and made a face towards who nodded. Looking around the room noticed her boyfriend in the crowd and headed over for him.
- Hey babe. ginned pulling towards him.
- Okay I’m gonna say this once and only once. Find . NOW!! hissed as quietly as she could.
- I tried babe he’s not here.
- What do you mean he is not here? He HAS to be here. If doesn’t see him he would ruin her birthday party without even being here.
- I know babe. I know. sighed watching how by the bar looked around to catch the sight of her missing boyfriend.

At London Airport, a few hours earlier.
- You got to be freaking kidding me. Come on it’s really really important I get on that flight. pleaded.
- I’m sorry Sir but your to late the gate closed five minutes ago. The woman behind the counter replied starting to get fit up with the guy.
- Please! It’s my girl’s birthday I have to be there.
- Sorry Sir but there’s nothing I can do.
- But there has to be. replied giving her his best puppy dog eyes.
- I can put you on the midnight flight.
- But that’s to late. He pouted
- Yet it’s all I can do. I’m sorry Sir.
- Fine. Put me on that flight. sighed deeply with a heavy heart knowing he would let his girl down again. Taking the new ticket he was handed he walked over to the chairs and let he’s bag fall to the floor while he sat down and hided his head in his hands. Feeling his heart crumble he knew he was running out of chances from his girl. At some point she would had had it with him for always being late or out doing stuff with other people but her. He had a scared feeling that if he didn’t turn up for her birthday she would leave him and he really didn’t wanna loose her.

Back at the party ’s attention was taken off by and who in a bit of a drunken state of mind had taken over the stage and tried on the karaoke machine.
After given up on standing straight had let himself fall down on his butt and was now sitting by the edge of the stage swaying his legs back and forth of the edge of the stage meanwhile giggling and pulling at ’s trousers to get him to look. Mean while tried his best to sing “Blue suede shoes” by Elvis.
- I don’t know him anymore! replied embarrassed
- You think he’s bad??? Look at , how can I have a boyfriend who acts like that? replied making a horrid face.
- Hehe because your as bad yourself. laughed almost falling down her bar chair after way to many cocktails.
- Hmm she’s right! agreed
- Hey ya ain’t nice! replied trying to step down her bar chair only to fall down and sit on her butt putting her two friends in fits of giggles.
- My point exactly. laughed while she suddenly heard something ringing.
- What’s that? I didn’t bring a bell. blurted out confused while pulled out her phone from her bag.
- It’s Mr. himself. mumbled looking at her friends watching how they went quiet. Putting it to her ear she waited until she heard his voice.
- Hey baby, happy birthday honey. replied in the other end feeling slight nervous knowing what was coming.
- Where are you? She managed to get over her lips. Finally hearing his voice made all her anger fly out of the window for a second.
- I’m stuck at the airport. I’m so sorry baby. I’ll be there as soon as I possibly can. I promise.
- You should be here now. You should have been here when I got to the club!! She replied raising her voice making him feel a slight panic raise within him.
- I know baby. I’m so sorry I’ll do anything to make it up to you.
- Don’t know if that is good enough. She replied and hung up on him. Turning around on her chair she looked up at the bartender who pushed a new cocktail towards her with a sympathetic smile.

Looking at his phone that had gone dead he felt his heart twist. She never hung up on him. This was really bad. Rushing over to the counter he looked at the woman with pleading eyes.
- Sir there’s still no plane.
- Please there got to be, it’s to London for crying out loud. There’s always planes for London.
- But there’s not room on one until midnight Sir.
Sighing loudly walked back to his chair while he suddenly heard his phone and quickly placed it to his ear.
- Baby I’m…
- Ah I didn’t know we where that close. laughed in the other end
- . sighed
- Ah not close anymore. pouted
- what’s she doing?
- is drinking cocktails with my girl. She thinks you’re at our airport and can be here any minute. Why didn’t you tell her where you were?
- I couldn’t get it over my heart.
- Hmm I understand, did you get her present?
- Yes but what’s the point if I’m not there now? She doesn’t wanna talk to me now.
- Yes she will. I’ll make sure she’s still here when you get here and then you make a different but funny lovely entry and she’ll forgive you.
- How can you be so sure? asked starring down into the floor not being able to stay calm in his body. He just wanted to be where she was.
- Because she loves you and that is what is going to make her forgive you as long as you prove to her you love her too. said proud of himself that he could be so clever while a bit wasted.
- Thanks . sighed while he heard yell and jump about in the background.
- Your welcome. Now just get here. Bye.
- Bye. replied quietly and hung up.

The clock turned three in the night and had said goodbye to the last guest except and who were still there. Needless to say that by now where sitting on a chair leaning in over the table half asleep while were running around refusing to go home. Looking at him she sighed. All she wanted to do was go home and go bed. Pull the covers over her head, close her eyes and try to wash away the feeling of being dumped on your birthday. Even if kept telling her would be there any minute now and that he loved her oh so much. By this point she had a hard time to believe that.
- Bri come on let’s go home. cried
- NO NO no no no not yet. We’re having fun!!! cheered running over towards her showing her an award winning smile that lighted up his whole face and made her smile at him while her heart cried at her to go home.
- Please even you can see the fun is over. Look at she almost sleeping over the table.
- Please . Stay just a little longer. He pouted
- Why ?
- Just because, please. He pleaded mean while suddenly the light in the room went out making wave a hand in the air saying “thanks and goodnight”.
- Okay, now that’s it. sighed
- No no no wait for it. said grabbing her hand making her look up at him.Suddenly hearing a loud noise she watched how a big cake came sliding in over the floor, lighting up the room with the lights going around it. Hearing voice suddenly too made look around but couldn’t see him anywhere which made her start to doubt her own sanity.

I’d give anything and everything and I will always care.
Through weakness and strength, happiness and sorrow,
For better for worse, I will love you with every beat of my heart
From this moment life has begum
From this moment you are the one
Right beside you is where I belong
From this moment on

Hearing the words sang push at .
- This isn’t funny, he’s not here, so why are you doing this? She cried with tears forming in her eyes while gently turned her around and forced her to looked at cake while she still heard voice sing.

I give my hand to you with all my heart
Can’t wait to live my life with you, can’t wait to start
You and I will never be apart
My dreams came true because of you
From this moment as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
There is nothing I wouldn’t give
From this moment on.

Closing her eyes she listen to his voice and felt her heart beat pound in a high speed. Suddenly seeing the top of the cake being pushed off her heart got court in the throat seeing there starring back at her with blurry eyes singing to her meaning every word he said.

You’re the reason I believe in love
And you’re the answer to my prayers from up above
All we need is just the two of us
My dream came true because of you

Stepping out of the cake felt his heart pound of nervousness and love. Going towards her he gently took her hand in hears and looked in her eyes. While had got up and quietly pulled away while protested slightly wanting to see how it ended. Starring at however took no notice of her two friends disappearing.
From this moment as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
There is nothing I wouldn’t give
From this moment
I will love you as long as I live

Looking away from her eyes for a second took a deep breath and look at her again watching tears run down her cheeks. With his fingers he softly brushed them away.

- I can’t live this life without you by my side, so please stay with me. I know I messed up. I sorry baby. Look into my eyes and see I’m screaming that I’m sorry. Forgive me again. I never meant to hurt you. Baby your still the one that I love. The only one I dream of. Your still the one I kiss good night. I love you. blurted out in one go only to see more tears run down her cheeks.
Opening her mouth nothing came out. His gesture had made her anger disappear. Made her speechless and her heart flood over with love. So instead of talking she leaned in placing her lips on his softly while she felt him hold on to her tightly so she couldn’t leave him. Pulling away a moment later she looked up at him smiling.- I love you too. She replied quietly watching a smile form on his lips.
- I’m I forgiven? He asked in a quiet tone.
- If you tell me what kept you so long?
- This! He replied pulling up a little box from his pocket.
- Wha? ? She mumbled stunned
- I remember you said you liked it once we we’re in London. So I went and got it for you but I missed my plane and couldn’t get back until now I’m so sorry honey. He explained laying the box in her hand.
Opening it slowly she saw the silver ring with small red precious stones on it. Looking up at him with an open mouth in shock he grinned back at her.
- You shouldn’t have, it’s… you really shouldn’t but I love it. She grinned throwing her arms around him holding on to him tight.
- I wanted to. Because this way you will always have a piece of me with you when we can’t be together. He whispered placing a kiss on her shoulder holding on to her relieved she was still his.
- Ah when you say things like that it makes me loose me brain. She laughed slightly.
- Hehe don’t worry baby. Here let me. He replied. Taking the ring out of the box he slide it softly over her finger and placed a kiss on it.
- Happy Birthday baby. He smiled and she leaned in placing her lips on his where they belonged. Thinking the end, where worth the birthday trouble after all.

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